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Jan '96

Rapid Review

Hi-Octane is a futuristic racing game that is set in the 21st century. Select one of the six vehicles to race around the nine available tracks in a multitude of racing options. Championship is a contest against five other cars in a series of races. Single race allows you to select a car and a track to race it on, as does the split screen two player mode. Hot seat is a team contest where a countdown is given before the control pad is handed over to a waiting player. Death Match is a last man standing battle. Clone Race is a time trial practice where your best lap is recreated in the form of a ghost car.

Hi-Octane uses Bullfrogs Magic Carpet game engine which means that rather than be surrounded by impressive scenery, you are once again treated to a misty drab background.

Each car is loaded with a chain-gun and a limited amount of missiles while upgrades become available depending upon your performance.


This is not a bad racing game and the huge list of playing options should keep you occupied for quite a while. The split screen option is a waste of space because of the annoying slow down in the 2 player mode therefore Hi-Octane is reduced to an average game.

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