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A.P.I Review: Street Fighter Coll 2
Developer: Capcom OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Capcom 1-2 Player
Game Type: Beat-em-up Memory Card
Review Date: December 1998 Dual Shock/Analog Compatible

Setting the Scene

Street Fighter 2 (SF2) is where all it all began, where all the street
fighting started. Without SF2, we might not have Tekken and most of the new
generation fighting games. This game got our juices flowing and shaped the
wave of things to come.

This disc brings back a lot of good memories of going to the arcade and
spending hours there, leaving with sore fingers and squinting all the way to
the parking lot. The games contained on this collection disc are as follows:

Street Fighter II: Turbo.
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

All of your favorite characters are still around and they haven't aged a
bit. That's one thing I love about these games. Ryu and Ken are still going
strong and Chun Li has still got what it takes.


Street Fighter Collection 2 is a series of 2D fighting games that you can
play alone or with a friend.


All of the characters and backgrounds are 2D hand drawn Sprites. The colors
of the fighters and backgrounds are very bright and alive. The backgrounds
are somewhat interactive. You have various characters jumping and waving
things. I feel this can easily distract you which can help you get thrashed!
So don't watch the clouds, the elephants, or the drunks. Pay attention to
your opponent! 

Yes, it lacks some of the newer bells and whistles but manages to retain a
nice balance throughout.  This game is pretty basic compared to what we've
been spoiled with.

Sounds and Effects

The music in the game is very consistent from start to finish and is
somewhat repetitious. It did keep me going due to the fact that it changed
from country to country. I particularly like the grunts and groans each
character made as he got slammed down to the mat or got kicked in the head.

I also felt that the voices of each character fit them well, even though you
only heard from them after a fight was over.


I felt SFC2 played fairly easy and controlling the players was quite
effortless unless you were getting thrown all over the place. Characters
became sluggish only due to the fact that your stamina was being depleted. I
think that both novice and experienced players will enjoy SFC2, it was laid
out very well considering you have a choice of 3 versions to play. I liked
the fact that as your skill level increases, you can also increase the
difficulty of the game. The updates to the original game include dual-shock

SF2 is a collection with The World Warrior Champions edition turbo hyper
fighting game being my personal favorite on the disc!  Each one of these
games though is a challenge and fun and also shows Capcoms approach to
making small improvements and minute progressions from one game to the next
in this series.  It's interesting to see how in the first game you can't
play as Boss characters and then the next game you can.  It's these little
improvements from one title to the next that always made things interesting.

I particularly like the versus mode where I can challenge my friend and feel
like I'm putting something extra into it when I say some funky stuff and
slam his head to the ground. As I said, this is a collection, you need to
defeat a minimum of eleven players in each game to claim the championship. 

You pick through a collage of fighters and must learn a variety of moves
with each new character.  To help you along the way you can select the
Training Mode, where you can kick any opponent's butt because they are
static.  The game will track your moves, combo's and strings for you.  Very

There is quite a bit of variety you can control. Your punches and kicks can
either be light, medium or heavy. I personally like to throw the kitchen
sink in everybody's face right from the start. You can also work your player
through a variety of crouch, jump and blocking positions in any direction. 

I especially had fun picking my moves, whether it was a kick and punch,
double punch, flailing like a maniac or flipping over my opponent's head and
ripping out his throat. The combinations seemed endless.   

Value for Money

I felt that SFC2 is a good value for the money only because it is a
collection. It is not a long game unless you are very uncoordinated or you
totally stink at fighting or strategies. This game is fairly challenging
until you get to know each player's moves and then it becomes fairly
GRAPHICS: 13/20 As I said previously, I enjoyed SFC2 because it brought back a lot of good memories and also reminds me how far the newer games have come. If you compare these older Street Fighter games to the next generation, there is of course no comparison. If you are looking for a game that is basic in its design, not real complicated and will hold your attention without getting you too frustrated, SFC2 is for you.

Now enough already Capcom, get some more new fighters out there!
SOUND: 7/10
VALUE: 17/20


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