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Developer Capcom Options
Distributer Capcom 1-2 Player
Game Type 2D Fighter Memory Card
Review Date January 1998 Standard Joypad
Screenshot No.1
Screenshot No.2
Screenshot No.3 
Setting the Scene
Ki-Ya! Arguably the best 2D fighting game franchise to date -Street Fighter- is now available in a 3 in 1 package. Capcom has decided to release two 99.9% arcade perfect ports and one previously unreleased SF version in the US, all in a two CD set for your mass consumption pleasure.

Now you can experience the larger characters, vibrant colors and animation's, the arcade sounds (for the most part) and the pure speed that you remember (maybe) from the arcade originals right here on the Playstation.

2D Fighting at it's best. Street Fighter, the grandaddy of fighting games is finally here for the Playstation!

The graphics in Street Fighter Collection are a pleasing, hand-drawn blast from the past. I really love what they are doing today with Polygons, but the artwork that the old Street Fighter games exhibited was always highly detailed and colorful. Better than polys? No. Not really. Different and pleasing to the eye? Definitely!

Of the three titles presented on this "best of" CD I like the detail and movement of Super Street Fighter Turbo the best. The character art and animation are top notch. In fact all of the titles looked to be "arcade perfect" ports in the graphics department. The characters are larger, better defined and move better than the old 16-bit conversions.

The background design and animation are excellent as well. Take SF Alpha 2 Gold for instance. There is always something going on in the background enemy aircraft moving about, etc. While I didn't really like the character art as much in SSFA2G, the backgrounds are certainly more active than the other two fighters on the disc.

Overall, the graphics are refreshing and vibrant if not just a bit stiff when compared to their polygon cousins.

Sounds and Effects
All of the classic Street Fighter sound effects have been duplicated from the arcade. All the grunts, character comments and attack sounds are faithfully reproduced and as enjoyable as I remember them. The 32-bit processing power of the Playstation has really done these conversions justice in the sound department.

The music is also well done, but I seem to remember the opening and some of the character scene tunes to be different from what is presented here. Maybe it's just bad memory on my part, but I recall the music being a bit more engaging on the arcade versions. This is not to say that the music isn't good, it's just that it is not 100% the same.

I was never a really big fan of the old Street Fighter games. The movement was never fluent or realistic enough to grab hold of me and convert me into a big fan of the series. I don't mean to say that I didn't like it at all, that would not be true, I just wasn't as fanatical about it as some of the devotees out there.

Well, guess what? After not having played a 2D Street Fighter game for a good number of years now, I was pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyment this package brought to me.

First of all the games are FAST! I had totally forgotten how much of a challenge it was to put together a string of hits all while trying not to get pummeled by the opponent (human or computer). Yeah, the 2D movement is a bit dated now, but it doesn't mean that it isn't fun to play. Instead of being so critical of the realism, I was now able to look at the moves with humor and enjoyment. What happened? Who knows, but I do know that the games are a blast to play, especially with another human opponent.

The games offer the player options galore. The first two, Street Fighter II and SF II Turbo give players the option of the wonderfully translated Arcade mode, a Vs. mode and of course the game configuration mode.

In Arcade mode, it's you against the computer in an attempt to reach the finals and be the ultimate Street Fighter champion. On the Turbo game, if you have the Speed option set to "free" you can even choose between 3 levels of Turbo speed once you have selected your character. Of course, a second player can join in the fun at anytime by just pressing the Start button on their controller.

Vs. mode is your standard two-player fighting fare. Once again you can select 3 levels of Turbo speed in the SF II Turbo game. New characters can be chosen at the end of each match if so desired.

The Option mode allows players to customize the game a bit. Here you can set the difficulty level (8 selections!), the time limit of each bout, speed, quick start mode (labeled Shortcut), button configurations can be changed and screen adjustments made. You can also sample the various music and sound effects for the games.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold (where do they come up with these names anyway?), gives you a few more options.
In the Arcade mode you now have a choice between Manual and Auto modes. In manual you must perform all of the blocking functions yourself. In auto, your character will automatically block unless you are attacking,
The Vs. mode is your two-player fighting game.
Survival mode is a one-player mode, which will really challenge your survival skills. You fight a successive string of opponents. After each battle the number of hits and time it took you to dispatch your opponent is added to your recovery bar and carried into the next match.
Akuma mode is pretty neat. Here you battle the character Akuma in all of the different battlegrounds from SFA2G. If you are victorious you get to have a final showdown with Akuma on his home turf
The Option mode lets you set the difficulty of the game from 1 to 8, the time limit for each round, the number of rounds you wish to play, damage handicapping, turbo settings, controller button configurations and sound configurations.

This is standard, very well executed Street Fighter fare here ladies and gentleman. So depending on your love (or hate) for this series will ultimately dictate the necessity to purchase this title. Personally, I believe that for any fighting fan, this is a must add to your library. It's truly a timeless work of art and a damn fun fighting game to boot!

Value for Money
From a pure blast from the past perspective, you can't beat the deal you are getting here. Three Street Fighter games on two discs in one package (phew!), all for the price of one game. There are over 20 characters to choose from some you may never have seen before, and fighting options galore should keep any gamer coming back for more.

GRAPHICS: Very Good An excellent idea on Capcom's part to bring this series home to the 32-bit consoles. To date, it is the most accurate home conversion of the Street Fighter series. Lots of options, loads of characters to choose from and beautifully rendered artwork make this a very attractive bang for your buck. A must have for any self-respecting Street Fighter and a game that is enough fun to play that anyone should really check it out!
SOUND: Very Good
VALUE: Very Good

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