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Special Ops Stealth Patrol
"This is one of the new ultra-low-cost series of games that has been released, so you'd expect the bare minimum when it comes to playability, but it is quite complex and difficult."
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Developer  RuneCraft Game Type  Shooter
Distributor  Take 2 Preview Date  Aug 00
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Setting the Scene:
      You are one of the most highly-trained soldiers in the world... a U.S. Army Ranger.

You are expected to carry out highly difficult and dangerous missions with little support using just your wits and what's on your back to get you through. If you accomplish your mission, many lives will be saved, if you fail, you bring shame upon the Rangers and the U.S. Army.

Type of Game (Genre):
      Special Ops Stealth Patrol is a 3D character based shooting game along the similar lines as Metal Gear Solid although much more simplistic in both gameplay and visuals. It doesn't try to be anything other than a shooter - pure and simple.

Sound and Vision:
      Overall, the sound quality is excellent in this game. It has good stereo background music and voices. There's a limited amount of speech clips, but your Ranger doesn't need to say much anyway. The gun sounds are realistic and definitely differ among the different types of weapon chosen. A shotgun is discernible from an M-60 from an M-16, etc.

Unfortunately the volume control of some of the incidental sounds are way off. To give you a quick example, there are several generators that your character will come across. As you approach the sound of them suddenly kicks in at full volume, then as you pass it it just suddenly cuts off... Sounds picky I know, but trust me, it gets on your nerves very quickly.

Visually, there are some really good parts and some weak parts. The characters are all rendered using a minimal number of polygons and so look very dated when compared to more recent releases. Everything looks ragged and at times just pure ugly. Even the backgrounds are so undefined that at times it can be difficult working out exactly where you are. Thankfully you can still spot an enemy from quite a distance so all is not lost.

The night-time missions are so dark that they only way I could keep track of what was going on was to turn all the lights off in the room and crank the TV's brightness up to almost maximum. Using the night vision goggles (NVGs) helps, but it is still dimly lit.
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