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Street Fighter EX2 Plus
"Has some of the components that made the original a great game and also improved on a few things"
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Developer  Arika Game Type  Fighting
Distributor  Capcom Preview Date  Jul 00
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Setting the Scene:
      What started many years ago as a fairly basic two dimensional fighting game, populated by a bunch of colorful characters each with their own fighting techniques, has, over a period of time, turned into a phenomenon.

The 'Street Fighter' series may have evolved in many ways since those early days, but it has still managed to remain faithful to its basic concepts as a fighting game: impossible kicks, super punches, incredible strangle holds, and each player possessing at least one extraordinary power (throwing a fire ball, teleportation, electrification, turning your body into a projectile or even twisting and stretching your limbs into ridiculous shapes).

With so much success Capcom has released a number of different versions of this popular title. The 'EX' series features 3D graphics, making it similar to games such as 'Tekken' and 'Dead or Alive'. The mainstay characters of Ryu and Ken are still featured in the game. Joining them are characters returning from the original series. Guile with his devastating Flash kicks learned in the military. From South America comes Blanka with his electrifying personality. Zangief the Russian wrestling nightmare, who will slam any and everybody. Chun Li with those legs. Returning characters from the EX series are back like Pullum, Darun, and Doctrine Dark. With any new game come fresh characters like Nanase, Area, and Vulcano Rosso.

Type of Game (Genre):
      Street Fighter EX2 Plus is a standard fighter with some 3D elements and polygonal characters to set this apart from the typical Street Fighter titles.

Sound and Vision:
      Graphically speaking the characters are polygon based as they were in the original EX, stepping into a quasi 3D arena. They are of a low resolution but are filled with bright colors and flow smoothly from frame to frame. The backgrounds are similar to the previous games and are still flat with no depth, giving you a nice reminder of those old 2 dimensional side scrollers, however, honestly speaking, when compared to games like Tekken, the graphics would have to be considered sub-standard. The special effects are typical Capcom-esque flashes of colorful explosions and huge projectiles, but I've seen it all before.

The music consists of several up-beat tracks that are neither great nor poor. I would have liked them to have been a little less repetitive and little more hardcore, just to fit in with the combat theme a little better. Even the sound effects used during the fights lacked imagination, with many of the characters voices seeming mumbled.
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