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1 Player

Game Type

Sports Sim

Mem. Card

Review Date

Sept 1996

Setting the Scene

Are you ready for some football? Well if Hank Williams Jr. is talking about The Playstation then I think we all are. The Playstation has many offerings this season to quench our football thirst. Madden is out, Q.B. Club is out, and every fan is waiting for the new Gameday. But today I am reviewing a lesser known football game, Tecmo Superbowl for the PSX. Tecmo has been around since early 8-bit times. Some of us have watched it evolve to the 16-bit systems and finally to the 32-bit. Tecmo is a great game with an almost cult like following. Just search around for all of the Tecmo league pages, there's quite a few.


American football


Compared to some of the games out (Resident Evil, Tobal .1 ect...) the graphics in Tecmo are far from outstanding. But compared to other football games there good. If anyone has a 16-bit version of Tecmo you will be happy to know that the players are bigger and better detailed as they should be. When selecting which player to control, the players name, number and picture are displayed, nice feature. One nice thing about the game are the different camera angles aerial view, Q.B. view and my favorite sideline view. I have noticed that various signs pop up depending where your playing I was playing the Colts at home when I noticed the Captain Comeback sign, when I played the Eagles in Philly a sign said Run the Watter (referring to Ricky Watters the Eagles R.B). The stat screens, league info screens ect... look Excellent. Oh yeah, I have no idea why but at the beginning of the game under the option "game info" a preview of Tecmo's Deception is available. It looks like a Resident Evil want to be, but the point is they could have Crammed more into the football game if they left the preview out. Oh well. Everything loads quickly, without slowing down during the actual game.

Sounds and Effects

The sounds are decent and the commentating is okay, but the crowd noise could be much better. How about the crowd shouting Mooooose whenever Aikman hands the ball off to Darrel "The Moose" Johnston. The crowd does Boo when the visiting team scores on a two point conversion, but most of the time it's just noise. I guess it could have been worse, but I was looking forward to the crowd chanting DEFENSE, DEFENSE or something. The hits sound pretty good and the commentating is okay, but repetitive.


A bunch of new offensive and defensive plays have been added to the playbooks. Controls are very good and quick responding. I have yet to experience controller cramp after 10 finished games. Calling plays are much easier than Madden (I think). Easy, Normal and Difficult levels have been added to the game (Finally). Tecmo was one of the first football sims to allow player trades. Back in the 16-bit versions you could trade, but it was a pain. Trading is no longer a chore, Free trades are easily done before and during, yes During, the season. You can create your own player and edit the stats to what you feel is appropriate and now you can also edit player stats!!!! Too cool. I think this is the best feature. If you think Marino was shafted when the Tecmo programmers put in his abilities, then change them. On the same note if Deion Sanders is a little too good then slow him down a bit you can even change a players jersey number, picture or name. It's entirely up to you. The new league leader data base is cool but they left out number of tackles per defenseman :( Oh by the way have you ever wondered how Barry Sanders would be as a Corner back? Well this is the game you can find out with. That's right ANY PLAYER CAN PLAY ANY POSITION! Just like Kordel Stuart. You can save your data via memory card but it takes 11 blocks.

I (literally) toasted my 16-bit Tecmo game from playing it so much. When I traded it in the save feature was shot. Hee hee hee, sorry Funcoland. And so far I like this one even better. With all of the NFL teams and so many players to choose from I doubt I will get tired of this game anytime soon. And when I do I can create my own players.

Value for Money

If you like football games and you own a playstation then buy this game. Trust me you won't be sorry.





One of the better football games on the market.Worth keeping with the collection.








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