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Tenchu 2
"This is a very challenging and interesting game which will take much time to master - its not a speedy run-through-the-levels game"
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Developer  Sony ME Game Type  Strategy
Distributor  Activision Preview Date  Sep 00
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Setting the Scene:
      You are a young Ninja in training. You have been trained in the ways of the Ninja since birth. It is time to show your skills and help defeat the enemies of Lord Gohda and preserve the lifestyle that has become their heritage.

And so it all began. For those of you that played and enjoyed the incredible first Tenchu game, Tenchu 2 is a prequel of sorts that takes place 10 years before the original and throws down some serious background information on the two lead characters, the Tenchu universe and the lives that will be effected by a sinister force that you will discover.

Type of Game (Genre):
      Tenchu 2 is a third person 3D Action/Adventure title presented much in the same way as Tomb Raider and other titles in this particular type of genre.

Sound and Vision:
      Picking up where the last Tenchu left off, T2's music flows and ebbs right up there with the first title. The distinctly Far Eastern flavor of the tunes brings gamers right into the environment that is being presented here.

As you journey through this title your auditory sensors will be delighted by the many flavors of oriental styled music that this game has to offer. Following the plight of our hero's, the score plays a major role in drawing you deeper and deeper into the world that is Tenchu 2.

On the sound effects side, you will be pleased to know that all of the little nuances that made the first title so engrossing (the dogs growing, people whispering, swords clanging) are back. There is also a nice background ambience that includes locusts buzzing, and a heartbeat that feeds back on the PSX controller when your enemy is near, but hasn't spotted you.

The graphics of this game can be a little crude at times, but this is because there is a full 3-D engine at work, so it is sacrificing somewhat in the "character deployment" area in lieu for a more realistic "go almost anywhere" playing environment.

Of course one of the tricky things that are done to keep the graphics rendered in real time and keeping up the frame rate is to somewhat limit viewing distance. When you look around, you only see the immediate surrounding area, not distant objects. I found this to be noticeable in some areas when a tower would pop in and out when it was on the fringe of the viewable area. This does have a negative effect that it limits your ability to associate completely with your surroundings. You may on occasion find yourself backtracking on the same areas and having trouble remembering where to go. I found the best way to deal with this is to follow the fringes of the environment. After you play a scenario enough, you will get an idea of the lay of the land. But you may never fully grasp the total layout. After saying all of this, pressing select on the controller will bring up a map.

Overall the graphics are pretty similar to the first Tenchu game.the look though just seems a bit more solid and flows better.
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