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Test Drive 6
"The combination of racing on traffic filled roads while eluding chasing cops, means that every race is NEVER the same."
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Developer  Pitbull Game Type  Racing
Distributor  Infogrames Preview Date  Jul 00
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Setting the Scene:
      Time to play out the ultimate fantasy of every boy racer out there.

Take your pick from several of the worlds hottest sports cars, then take to the roads in a completely unauthorized street race that will see you screeching past some of the world most famous landmarks on your quest to become the ultimate driver.

Watch out though because there are cops and other ordinary drivers that need to be negotiated too and driving on the wrong side of a road at over 100 mph during rush hour takes nerves of steel and lots of skill.

So buckle up the seat belts and get ready for a fast-paced wild's time for Gumball Rally.err, I mean Test Drive 6!!

Type of Game (Genre):
      Test Drive 6 is a pure arcade racer that sees you competing on normal roads full of traffic.

Sound and Vision:
      The first thing that you'll notice when you load this game onto the console is the music. The Gary Numan 80's classic "Cars" is blaring in the background. It's not Gary's original song, someone has redone it, but the same familiar electronic techie sounds are there and very familiar.

Overall, the in-game sound effects are excellent. You will instinctively start looking around when you hear that dreaded siren from a distant police car trying to chase you down. You're ready to knock off your competitor when he bumps into you from behind after you hear and feel the first impact. There's also a very good assortment of tire squeals, crunching and crashing sound FX that are very realistic. When your car gets some air (and boy will you get air) you hear that crunching sound of the suspension getting the jolt of its life when you land.

Visually, the developers have done a great job too. Both the car models and backgrounds are all rendered using polygons, the quality of which is right up there with the best arcade racers on the PlayStation. Both 'pop-up' and 'seaming' were kept to an absolute minimum even at high speeds, with lots of traffic on the roads.

The other cars on the road are also well thought out and modeled on those that you'd expect to see in that particular city. For example, in New York you see LOTS of cabs, and they are mostly Crown Vics.

Unfortunately, the cars show no collateral damage. Most likely because manufacturers are currently not very happy seeing their vehicles being smashed up by videogame junkies (hehehe).
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