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1 Player

Game Type


Mem. Card

Review Date

Oct 1996

Setting the Scene

With the recent flurry of quality games that have just decended upon us lucky Playstation owners, Time Commander seems to have gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle.


This game offers an interesting premise; time travel through various virtual worlds in an effort to repair a serious computer virus that threatens to cripple society. It seems that a super-computer has been developed that is capable of generating virtual worlds covering humanities past, present and future timelines. A rival company does not want this computer to succeed and has therefore inplanted a virus that will ultimately destroy the computer thus making things rather unpleasant and killing you in the process. Your job is to go to these virtual worlds and find non-infected computer chips and upload them to the computer. To make matters worse, it seems the virtual inhabitants of these timelines are all hostile and bent on stopping you from completing your mission.


The pre-rendered graphics of the characters are very well done. This game deffinately has that initial WOW factor when you first glimpse the screen. The backgrounds intergrate well and move along with very little clipping. It kinda looks like playing Cyberia, but with total control of your character.

The animation is another story. Movement is rather sloppy and requires you to think a bit ahead to execute the proper movements. I suppose with the detail of the characters graphics, they couldn't quite get the movement down. All of this is soon forgotten though as you get used to playing the game. I really think the graphics for this type of game are a small step forward. The playstation never ceases to amaze me with it's graphics potential. They just keep raising the bar...

Sounds and Effects

The sound effects in this game are really good. The birds chirping, background noises and characters noises are all well done and add much to this game. The music is also fitting...For instance, when you are journeying through the prehistoric timeline, the music and sounds give you almost a sense of serenity. Kinda hard to explain unless you experiance it.


There is a minor learning curve with the game controls. As I mentioned earlier, you almost need to anticipate your movements or you will constantly find yourself getting killed or frustrated. There are eight specific timelines that you must travel. They are: Prehistoric, Roman, Feudal Japan, Medieval, Conquistador, Western, Modern Wars and the Future. Each timeline has several levels to it and then you get to the Virus level where you actual have to defeat the infection. You begin each virtual world with only your hands and feet as weapons but are able to pick up weapons from the timeframe when you defeat an enemy or manage to find one hidden somewhere. The weapons can only be used for that timeline and are lost when you complete that world. I actually found the game to be relaxing to play. It all just kind of flows along at a nice smooth pace. You really get a feel for each timeline you enter. This is one of the few games that I don't mind getting killed and starting at the beginning of that level again.

Value for Money

For me, this game is one of my favorites. I love the concept and enjoy traveling around the different time periods. The game isn't really easy, but I never got a sense anxiety trying to finish a level. It has that proper balance of difficulty and enjoyabilty that make for a pleasureable trip. I would highly recommend a rental on this one as it won't appeal to everyone, but give it a surely does grow on you.





Currently my most played game, even over Die Hard and Madden...








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