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1 Player

Game Type


Mem. Card

Review Date

Aug 1996

Setting the Scene

Well, let me start by saying that I had every intention of giving this game a bad review...I really did. With that said, Tokyo Highway Battle is a car racing game where you select mid-priced Japanese sports cars and race your ass off on some of Japan's more notible highways. You get to weave in and out of traffic that consists of buses, 18-wheelers, 4x4's and other "slower" moving cars.




A strong point of this game is the doubt about it. I would easily compare the graphics to Ridge Racer. The cars are very detailed and the textures in the roads and tunnels are very well done. The old poly popup is almost non-existant. With the exception of a few background buildings here and there, everything else just flows very smoothly. The 18 wheelers and buses are also very well depicted. Overhead signs are almost readable and generous amount of light-sourcing is used throughout the game.

Sounds and Effects

The sound effects of the cars are dreadful. All you get is an annoying, high pitched whine from the engine. The crashing sounds when you hit another car or smash a wall is also not very good. The thump, thump sound your tires make when it goes over bridge seperators though is a nice touch. Overall though, bad sound effects. The music is another matter though. Really nice techno rock soundtracks that really get your blood pumping. My advice: Turn down the sound effects, crank up the back ground music and enjoy the tunes!


Here's were it counts...playability...When I first popped this game in and started racing I was very disappointed. The car felt like I was driving it through quicksand. There was absolutely no sense of speed at all. I almost took the game back right then and there but decided to give it a little more time...Glad I did...Here's the scoop: Upon start-up you are given 4 choices...Scenerio - which let's you race six other drivers. If you beat them you get the "honor" of racing the legendary Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya (whoever that is?). The next option is the Vs. CPU - this is a one on one battle on a traffic free road. Forget this one until you got your racing down. The computer opponent is ruthless. Next you have practice - this let's you modify and race six cars on any of the three tracks and set the number of laps for each race. Last is the option menu for sound, music, controllers settings, etc. I have spent most of my time in the Scenario mode of the game. I have beaten 5 of the 6 drivers and expect to be racing the drift kind any time now...The really interesting part of this game is the fact that you get to add options to your cars as you win money from racing. You can add different engine and transmissions. Ground effects, mufflers, intake and exhaust parts. There is a ton of stuff to choose from. By the time you get your car the way you want it, with the nice turbo motor and no govenor on the engine, you are literally ripping around the course! Ah, the feel of speed really is there! Anyway, I find myself coming back to this little gem just to try a different car with different parts just to see how it will handle on the courses. With all of the options available, the re-play value, especially for a driving nut, is very high.

Value for Money

A very good game if you choose to stick with it awhile. This is the first racing game I have ever played where it is actually easier to drive from the cockpit view instead of the over the car view. A few other additions would have made this game perfect: A rear view mirror would have been nice. Better car sounds. Damage detection on the cars (ala destruction derby), a split screen, two player option. There are twelve cars to choose from (I have only seen six so far) and from what I can see only three tracks. Overall though, a very good driving game. If you can't wait for Ridge Racer Revolution, go out and pick this baby up. You won't be sorry.





Lot's of options and lot's of fun!








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