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Tomb Raider 4
"With more twists and turns than an Egyptian Labyrinth, Lara Croft begins her Last Revelation." Image Loading...
Developer: Core Design
Distributor: Eidos
Game Type: Adventure
Review Date: Nov 99
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The Story Unfolds...
      Love her or loathe her, you simply cannot ignore her (not with breasts that size). Lara Croft returns for a fourth instalment that takes the trail of her her three previous expeditions almost full circle.

Image Loading...Based entirely in Egyptian locations, Last Revelation's plot revolves around ancient mythology and the alignment of the stars at the millennium.

The legend of Ancient Egypt tells how the evil God Set was outwitted and imprisoned in a secret tomb, warning that one day he will return....

While exploring in Egypt, ace adventurer Lara Croft discovers a lost tomb and unwittingly unleashes the ancient evil, fulfilling the prophecy that threatens to plunge mankind into eternal darkness!

In a race against time, Lara must use all her wit and skill to re-imprison Set and save the world from Armageddon!

Image Loading...Ammo... Check! Six Pack... Check!:
      Inserting the disc I settled back for a few moments to view the rolling preview in Demo mode. There was something hypnotic as the camera offered a panoramic perspective of a carefully preserved Egyptian tomb accompanied by the sweet music we all know and love. So haunting... so soothing.

Of course many will cry out that this is "simply more of the same"... "a quick cash-in"... "they're bleeding the young wench dry!" Perhaps these thoughts passed through my own mind until I ran the original game alongside. The smooth textured scenery, realistic lighting effects and detailed environment of The Last Revelation held no comparison to the chunky blocks of frozen glazier from Lara's debut adventure, which incidentally was released less than three years ago (is that all?). My first few moments with the fourth installment had already offered a brief insight into how far the Tomb Raider series of games have evolved... and in so little time.

Before beginning The Last Revelation I noticed that there were no options to browse through. Sony logo... Playstation logo... New Game! Where had Lara's mansion gone? Had it been demolished in a cost cutting exercise? Maybe its disappearance was part of the new plot? Perhaps it has been sold off and exported to some rich American tycoon to be reset in a boulevard alongside Old London Bridge?

Image Loading...All of the above is total and utter nonsense. Tomb Raider has been fully redesigned. No longer can the obstacle course be skipped past because you thought you 'knew it all'. The training mode has now been incorporated into the first two levels. So it's back to school for everybody... including a tender young child who you may already be familiar with.

It all begins when the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was brought up in the secure world of aristocracy - wanting for nothing she was surrounded by servants, social events and high society....

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