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A.P.I Review: R-TYPES
Developer: Irem OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Agetec 1-2 Player
Game Type: Shoot-em-up Memory Card
Review Date: March 1999 Dual Shock

Setting the Scene

If you long for a return to those days where the arcades were jam packed 
with finger pumping shooters and being on top of the high-score charts 
actually gave you an identity, then rejoice at the news.  Two classic 
side scrolling shoot-em-ups from this era are about to be re-released 
on Playstation format.


This is a compilation disc that contains two of Irem's finest arcade 
games from the late eighties: R-Types and R-Types II. 


The fact that a couple of 2D, side scrolling, blasts from the past 
have made it onto a 32-bit console may seem remarkable to our younger 
audience, but in their day these games were tops for one thing, and 
one thing alone - pure unadulterated gameplay. 

To disguise the harsh realities of time, R-Types developers have 
included the now customary CG intro, thus giving the old book a new 
cover.  I suppose this is a bit like slapping a picture of the Spice 
Girls, semi-clad, on front of the novel Little Women and then expecting 
teeny boppers to make it this years best seller.  In some cases this 
may work because, although in principle you may only fool them once, 
should sufficient numbers fall for it, once may be enough.

In summary - should you be passing a games store and see this superb 
CG intro packed with realistic explosions, stunning use of lens flare, 
frightening alien monsters, heart stopping sound effects, action packed 
space battles and gripping title music - then wait a few more seconds 
to see if the title pops up.  If it says R-Types, then take care because 
the in-game graphics are over ten years old.  Excellent for their time 
but a little dated compared to today's standards.

Sounds and Effects

The music seems to have been bottled up back in '87, transported eleven 
years forward and then released within this Playstation version.  It's 
exactly as I remember it - a few bars of constantly repeated, high 
pitched, electronic tunes played mostly on a harpsichord.  The sort of 
thing that Lurch would play in the Adam's Family.

All of the sound effects have been preserved from yesteryear - 84 blips, 
beeps, bings and bongs to be precise.  Anyone remember the racket that 
surrounded the immediate area of a gaming arcade?  
Well, its back with a vengeance!


Ah, gameplay!  Those were the days.

Before you begin to play you are faced with an option menu that is worth 
checking out for a few minutes.  Here you can watch a rolling demo of the 
forthcoming game R-Type Delta.  Now this looks really cool and certainly 
next generation, but it left me wondering why the original games are being 
re-released now when a more modern version would have been more suitable.  
Delta certainly looks near completion and thoughts rushed through my mind 
that this R-Types compilation may be nothing other than a 'quick cash in'.

Another attraction worth mentioning within the options menu is an R-Types 
Library which is divided into three section documenting the genealogy, 
data and history of the game.

Once you have customized the game settings to your liking it is now time 
to decide between R-Types and R-Types II.  If you have never experienced 
either of these games then I suggest you take a look at the original 
version first.  If you don't, you may never return to play it because of 
its more dated appearance.   

The controls are similar to the arcade game with buttons being allocated 
for a normal shot, rapid shot and force.  The rapid shot is ideal for 
spraying the whole area with bullets.  The normal shot may be more tiresome 
on the trigger finger but if held down for a few seconds produces an 
almighty surge of power that clears anything in it's path.  The force may be 
used to disconnect and relocate your shield.  It's probably worth mentioning 
that both games are Dual Shock compatible - slightly shaken, but definitely 
not stirred.

The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has witnessed a side scrolling 
shooter.  Moving from left to right across the screen you must blast your 
way through hoards and hoards of oncoming alien enemies.  Many wonderful 
power-ups and shields will appear on the screen and if collected will 
increase your firepower many fold.  At the end of each level there is a 
rather large Boss to defeat which grows in both difficulty and stature as 
you progress through the game.

I must finally mention that although this is an excellent package there 
is one important element sadly missing.  It is that component which is 
instantly removed when an arcade conversion ends up in the home.  Coins, 
cash, currency, dough, legal tender... call it what you will, but as soon 
the gamble of playing for hard earned money is removed from the equation, 
something is lost from these types of games.  The fact that you can enter 
up to 99 credits with 5 continues for absolutely nothing 'slightly' takes 
the edge out of playing.

Value for Money

Definitely for those who still have wet dreams about arcade 
shoot-em-ups from the eighties.
GRAPHICS: 10/20 In a nutshell - if you want a shooter with next-gen graphics then give Einhander a try, but if you crave for another shot of highly addictive, 1980's arcade magic then look no further than R-Types.
SOUND: 6/10
VALUE: 17/20


GRAPHICS: 18/20 Well now, here is a game I totally enjoyed. If you enjoy playing arcade type shooter games this baby is the real deal. You not only have R Type 1 but R Type 2 and 6 modes of playing levels all included one disc!

Before I start stumbling over myself let me tell you just how cool this game is. First of all, I love video clips and this game has got some awesome ones that are sure to start your mouth watering. Depending on which mode you will play you will find a host of creatures that are quite intense and formidable (not to mention downright butt ugly). The creatures are called the BYDO. They attach themselves to every living thing and began multiplying like wildfire. You pilot a warship called the R-9 that is capable of blowing away just about everything that breathes or gets in your way, but there is one catch. While you are blowing away all these nasty looking things they are looking to do the same thing to you.

There are hosts of colored crystals/powerups you can pick up along the way. Along the way there are also wall mounted defenses that can fire in an array of directions, and believe me these things are coming at you from every direction. You can use your memory card to save your game, which is highly recommended (trust me on this one). I really enjoyed the dual shock capabilities of this game also. The sounds and the music in R-types were very good as well. It never got boring and kept you going from start to finish. The graphics were also terrific and did a fine job depicting this raunchy environment. The 3D look of the various levels was quite good. The thing that impressed me the most about this game was not only the coloration but also the vibrancy of the colors and how they seemed to jump out at you. The handling of your R-9 warship was one of the better experiences in maneuverability as compared to some other games in this genre...control is thankfully spot on. You had still better be quick on the trigger though to stay alive.

If you like games to get out your frustration after a hard day at the job, school, or a heated discussion with your mate you will feel a heck of a lot better after blowing away 3 or 400 BYDO scum's. Believe me this game will be hard to put down. I know that each time I achieved my next mission there was just no stopping me. I think you will feel the same way.
SOUND: 9/10
VALUE: 18/20


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