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1-2 Player

Game Type

Boxing sim

Mem. Card

Review Date

Jan 1997

Setting the Scene

Considering that there is hardly a week goes by without some sort of boxing title contended on TV, it is amazing that there hasn't been more boxing games released for the Playstation. I tend to think that many developers will wait and see how Victory Boxing, by JVC, is received by the public. If it is perceived as a one round wonder, then they will return to concentrate on the kicky-fighty karate type beat-em-ups, but if it proves a knockout, then the flood gates will open.

Lets get one thing straight immediately, if you expect to pick up the control pad and perform a 16 hit combo or hit six buttons rapidly and knock your opponent into the sixth row, then you are going to be sadly disappointed. I am glad to say this is not martial arts, Victory Boxing is the old school of fighting with a jab, jab.....jab, jab.....jab, punch. Sounds boring? Nothing could be further from the truth. In Tekken 2, you can select a character and defeat all challengers in a dozen fights, well imagine being able to select King as a young cub and groom him through the ranks, building him YOURSELF into a champion fighter capable of the skill, speed, stamina and special moves to make it to the top. This provides the satisfaction and lastability that keeps you playing Victory Boxing.

The opening intro shows two well formed boxers feeding each other with bone crunching combinations, as the ectatic crowd roars their approval, baying for blood.


The first Boxing simulation on the PSX. Presently only available on PAL but NTSC distributers showing interest.


The motion captured technology used to create the boxers, is way ahead of any other boxing game and the use of gouraud shading gives the boxers a lifelike appearance. I took a heavyweight boxer from bottom ranking to become Heavyweight Champion of the World and was amazed as his body structure increased with each visit to the gym during his rise to the top. When he was crowned King, he had muscles on his muscles, they were bulging out all over his body and he looked absolutely awesome. Watch your boxers body as he take a hammering (and he will), and you will notice it becomes bruised and bleeding as he is subjected to a good hiding.

All the ranking fights take place in a floodlit stadium, so you can watch the crowds grow as you climb the ladder to success. Your sparring and training rounds take place in a gym, on the streets and even in a forest, all featuring brilliant graphics and lighting effects.

After each fight you may wish to view a replay to study your moves, well Victory Boxing includes an excellent facility, using a floating camera to view all the action in fast or slow motion.

Sounds and Effects

The music runs suitably alongside the training and the action, but I feel as though an 'Eye of the Tiger' or 'Rocky Theme' should have accompanied my World Title fight.

The sound effects are extremely realistic, with the special punches in the higher ranking bouts making you jump if you are caught unexpectedly. The small crowds create only a murmur in the early bouts, but this grows to a deafening roar as they pack out the top ranking fights, while a press of the jibe button provides some amusing name calling alongside gloating actions.


A pick up and play game this isn't. The opening menu offers you two ways to play the game, Exhibition, which is straight into an arcade style fight against the CPU or a mate, or Main Event , which is the core of the game and is definately the place to begin your career. The first thing you do is create your own gym, I called mine Sweaties, but you will need to name your own gym and save it on a memory card. Each gym contains up to 8 boxers, so the next step is to create your first fighter by selecting the boxers sex, left or right handed, and weight class from fly to heavyweight. Next up is the boxers looks, height, weight and shorts color. Now name your boxer and set their speed, power and stamina. This is an important part of the set up as a fast boxer will have less power and lower stamina so will probably struggle to knock out an opponent in the earlier rounds, whereas if you select a powerful boxer, he will floor most opponents in the first round, but if he fails then he will probably run out of steam. I suggest you play around with a few similar weighted boxers but adjust their set ups and study the difference in their performances.

It is time to meet your promoter, Edward King from Golden Ed's Promotions, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain Don King and rambles on in a similar fashion. He will help select your next opponent and advise you on your sparring partners, which is helpful at first, but I felt a skip button would be beneficial after a couple of bouts as he does tend to go on, and on, and on....

Seconds out, Round 1, Ding, Ding ! Now you will probably hit the canvas within a minute or two, wondering what the hell hit you. You are then sent packing off to the gym to adjust your training, and as a penalty for your defeat, you must face a chosen sparring partner in a one round bout to regain your fitness and then you must suffer your promoter droning on and on. Now this will happen over and over again unless you learn from your defeats, and don't go charging in thrashing away at fresh air and as the fun does not really begin until you win your first bout, I'll give you a little tip on how to win your first fight. As soon as the bell sounds, tap up twice and hold, which will charge you into your rival. Attack him with a straight left then back off. Repeat this manoeuver for about 1 minute, then move in and hit him continuously about 10 times with a straight left to the BODY followed by a right hook. Watch how much his damage meter falls, now I'll leave the rest up to you. This worked perfectly with my prize boxer 'Stew Pete Wat', who incidently went on to win the crown and defend it 3 times but failed to win again because he became too slow after 40 fights, stupid twat!

As you move up the ranking, you will be shown five lethal combinations by your personal trainer, Snake, such as the V grind burst, stealth knuckle and the lethal Corkscrew, which must be seen to be believed, a crunching straight right that would fell an oak tree. The ultimate objective is to win the championship and defend it 5 times, which will allow you to face the special opponents (see Cheats) and finally knock the stuffing out of your promoter. If that is not reason enough to stick with Victory Boxing, I don't know what is.

After each bout the statistics are shown for punches thrown and connected and a report in the daily rag. When you finally win the World Championship, the credits run over the action replay of the final minutes of your bout, presented in a TV standard feature and the Daily Placebo proclaims your fighter as the new champ on its front page. If this does not satisfy you enough, your man is entered into the hall of fame, but don't forget to defend your crown for five fights for some special matches.

Value for Money

A first class boxing sim that differs from the normal crash, bang, wallop of beat-em-ups. Accurate sounds and suitable music. Smooth motion captured technology that allows you to watch your boxer grow in stature. A gameplay that grows on you, rather than smacks you straight between the eyes. A fighting game that requires thought and tactics.

A thinking man's fighting game that gives much pleasure and many disappointments on the road to the top, just like the real sport. After winning the championship, the ambition to defend the title will keep you enthralled. There is also the realism of building a boxer that will never reach the top and having the courage to retire him. If you are skilful enough to take a fighter right to the top then the challenge remains to succeed with in a different weight division.





This has got to be the best beat-em-up I have played, requiring a great amount of thought in selecting opponents and tactical fighting. If you are struggling to make it to the top, then take this advise. Ignore all the promoters recommendations and move up the rankings one place at a time, as this will guarantee that you do not face a stronger boxer too early in your career. It may seem a slow rise, but you should eventually make it to the top. When you become champ, check out the Exhibition boxers to reveal one of the six secret characters (Jack in the box is amusing). When you find a standard boxer is winning fights too easy, then try building a fighter in the lowest weight division who is short and really light. This should provide a challenge, as your boxers arms are really short and just managing to land a punch on your opponent will take a great 1 of skill. In addition to all this gameplay you can invite a mate around to load up his best fighter from his memory card, then enter the ring and sort out who really is the champ at Victory Boxing.











At last, a beat-em-up with brains. This is a great variation on a theme that Namco should take a long hard look at.








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