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1-2 Player

Game Type


Mem. Card

Review Date

May 1997

Setting the Scene

The time-travelling Viking brothers, Erik the Swift, Olaf the Stout and Baleog the Fierce have once again been captured by the evil Tomator, teleported aboard his spaceship and then warped through time to spooky Transylvania.

Using any means possible, you must guide our Nordic friends through the five enchanting and crazy worlds to find the time machine that will return them home where they can once again rape and pillage to their hearts content.

Lost Vikings 2 is the sequel to the 16-bit Super Nintendo game from four years ago. The game includes 31 brand new levels, although I am led to believe that it is almost identical to the original in both visuals and gameplay. Unfortunately I never did find the time to play the original Nintendo classic therefore I can review Lost Vikings 2 as a brand new Playstation title and it will be judged accordingly.


Lost Vikings 2 is essentially a platform game but with a slight difference. Instead of guiding a single multi-talented super-hero across a series of hazards, you get to control three partially talented stooges who must combine their skills as a team to complete the levels. No single character will be able to complete a level alone therefore you must switch from one Viking to another, using each of their individual powers to progress. Each level contains a number of varied puzzles and it is your task to decide which of the characters talents are best suited to each of the problems in hand.


The story is explained by a rendered introduction sequence that bring the characters to life. Opening with the terrible trio aboard their longboat their bickering and arguing is brought to a sudden halt as they are snatched from their ship, Ragnarok, and plunged into their latest adventure. The intro sets the scene nicely showing the larger than life characters in all their glory.

The graphics may not be ground breaking but are bright and colorful with each themed world varying in appearance. The Transylvania world has a purple landscape that is overrun with sword wielding skeletons, fire breathing dragons and magical wizards. The Pirates ship is mistaken for home by the Viking as the moon light shines across the ocean, but they are soon awoken to reality when they face the cut-throat pirates and flesh eating piranhas. The Jungle is obviously set in a lush green landscape that is riddled with tricks and traps, swamps and rivers, while the dangers lurk in many forms, especially the spear throwing locals. A visit to Hell glows red with the fiery wrath of the undead before reaching your goal in a fight to the death with their evil captor, Tomator and his mechanical warriors.

The characters are nicely animated with the three main characters sporting long Nordic beards and although they have an individual appearance I was often mistaking Olaf the stout for Baleog the fat, I mean fierce. The two new characters are unmistakable as Scorch is a emerald green dragon and Fang is a camp wolf.

Sounds and Effects

Although there are many different sound effect within Lost Vikings 2 (mainly crash, bangs and wallops), the whole game is kept alive by the many humorous conversation between the five characters. Sarcasm may not be a strong enough word for the hurtful comments that they constantly hurl at each other, actually taking the piss is more suiting.

The remarks are not only thrown at each other, the player can come in for a bit of stick too. If you fail to complete a level then you may restart using a given password, but after two or three failures the characters become a little disenchanted and are not afraid to let you know. Eric will say "By the time we complete this level Lost Vikings 3 will be available", at which time Olaf will chip in with "Cool, the new Vikings may be able to help us out". Take a few more attempts and the characters will appear to be out of breath, puffing an panting before Olaf praises "This player certainly knows how to push our buttons", followed by Eric bursting the bubble with "If that was so, we wouldn't still be here". This goes on and on and the longer you take the more hurtful the remark.

The game is backed by a selection of pop/rock tunes that compliment the gameplay.


The gameplay is eased along by the inclusion of several information boxes that will offer you helpful advice. If you are new to the Viking style of play then these tips will prove essential to your progress. Just press the circle button when standing over the question mark to receive a helpful hint.

The game opens with the Viking trio teleported to the first Transylvania level that allows you ample time to get used to each characters special skills. Eric can jump in the air and fly using his rocket boots. He is also the only Viking that can swim underwater, while his helmet will destroy solid walls if he charges into them. Baleog can slash enemies in two with his trusty sword but he will rarely get to use it as he also has an extending bionic arm that will floor an enemy long before they are within range. His arm has many uses such as punching out of reach switches and swinging from ledge to ledge. Olaf holds a shield that will protect the team from enemy fire, it can also be held over his head for his mates to stand on to reach higher ledges. He possesses the ability to shrink and in tiny form he can crawl under rocks and collect important items. Olaf can also fart, yes he can blast open floors with the strength of his bottom wind. He can also fart in mid-air to majestically glide to the ground, but make sure you keep Olaf away from the flames or he might just blow up your Playstation.

One or two Vikings will decide to go walkabout during the course of the game and your numbers will be made up with the two new characters, Fang, the wolf with a perm and Scorch the luminous dragon. Now Fang will be extremely helpful if you allow him to join your gang as he has the ability to leap up and cling to walls and can handle the enemies with his razor sharp claws. Scorch can flap his wings to fly to the highest point while a breath of fire will roast most enemies to toast.

On each level you will be given a task to perform that usually involves collecting items for your friendly witch (doesn't she sound like Joan Rivers). The only way that you will make it to the end of the level is through teamwork. You must help the whole gang to overcome obstacles set in your path as each persons skills are required during the level. Eric can swim to the bottom of the lake to collect a key then hand it over to Olaf who can crawl under a rock where the keyhole is situated. So you see, if you leave someone behind you will be unable to complete the course.

If at any stage a character dies, then you must restart the level and try again. Each character can take a number of hits before death and may eat some of the food that is lying around the level to replenish his health.

Lost Vikings 2 has a gentle learning curve but some of the puzzles can become quite taxing so you ain't gonna finish this game in a couple of days. The control pad is simple to use with the directional pad used to move the Vikings across the screen. The face buttons will activate switches and operate their special functions. The shoulder buttons are used to switch character control, while the select button enters the inventory to highlight a collected item for use.

Value for Money

Lost Vikings 2 is a decent platform game that is jam packed with humorous quips. It's flat 2D looks do no justice to the power of the Playstation but then again there are many titles around that have next generation graphics and the gameplay is crap. If you have played the original Lost Vikings then it may be worth checking out before buying and if not then give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.





Lost Vikings 2 is a decent platform game that is jam packed with humorous quips. It's flat 2D looks do no justice to the power of the Playstation but then again there are many titles around that have next generation graphics and the gameplay is crap. If you have played the original Lost Vikings then it may be worth checking out before buying and if not then give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.








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