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Wu Tang
"'Thrill kill' gets re-named, re-themed and beefed up a little to become one of the most original fighting games out there." Image Loading...
Developer: Paradox
Distributor: Activision
Game Type: Fighting
Review Date: Dec 99
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Setting the Scene:
Image Loading...      Imagine a rare art of fighting that is passed down secretly from generation to generation onto devoted disciples. This martial art is an offshoot from the deadly Kung-Fu and is called 'Wu-Tang'.

This lethal fighting technique is now being sought after by an evil Warlord who believes that if he can possess the knowledge of Wu-Tang he can use all his combined powers to enslave the free world and become the ultimate master.

Get ready to enter into this secret society known all too well by that mysterious rap group The Wu-Tang Clan. Your job is to rescue your kidnapped Sensei and defeat the Warlord Mong Zhu. Think you're up to it?
Sound and Vision:
      I will go on record right now and say that I am not a big fan of Rap music. Never have been and most likely will never be. That does not however effect my view on the music as playing a very important in the music industry today. Rap has shown that is has staying power and that it continues to grow as a mainstream product. I just don't get it though.

Image Loading...Being that the game is modeled after the members of Wu-Tang the music of choice is of course Rap. Surprisingly though, the selection of tunes in this game are extremely well performed and executed and fit in perfectly with the setting of the game and the atmosphere the developers were trying to go for here. Hey, it shocked the hell out of me that I actually enjoyed the music as I played through the game.

The sound effects are nice and tasty and feature some sickeningly realistic sounds for the crunching of bones, the cracking of backs and the sound a knife would make as it enters the flesh. There are also a good deal of Wu-Tang sound bytes thrown in throughout the game as well.

Image Loading...The graphics in Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style were much better than I had expected and are a good deal above average for a Playstation fighter. The character models are nicely constructed and resemble their real life counterparts quite well. The animation for the Clan members is smooth and flows throughout the matches. I also liked the fact that you can get four fighters on the screen at once and suffer from virtually no slowdown, surprising considering the level of detail in the characters and the nice 3D backdrops.

The whole background is made up of polygons and portrays a good sense of depth and style. While I thought that the actual fighting arenas were a bit small (especially when four fighters were out there at once), the overall presentation of the levels was well done.

Image Loading...There is a decent amount of special effects that take place during the game. I really like the blurring effects that occur when you are getting ready to execute a finishing move. The blood is nice, although I've seen better…but the game is certainly not shy about letting it flow.

Overall the music and graphics were much better than I had expected.

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