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Alundra 2
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at the start of the game where you need a fair bit of money to buy
herbs/weapons/armor & the like, (posibably you will later in the game (i
have only just got it)). a fairly good & easy way to get money is to go to
kindra forest & just cut down as many bushes as possible,also when you
leave the area & then re-enter it all of the bushes will be back. the only
downside is that it takes ages, & is fairly boring. but it does help. you
can also kill the monkeys & goblins for money (but killing the bushes is
easier & quicker)...i just hope that this makes sense to everyone who
reads it....

Submitted and FULLY tested By: aron


Ok when he is runing around you head to the inside and hit him while he
runs. When he is doing his power hit just run around him and when he
throws it jump away. When he starts his dive thing do a sliding hit thing
to dodge him or hit him.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: James Ivey

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Infinite Health 80067710 03E7
80067712 03E7 Infinite Money 80067704 FFFF Max Money 80067704 423F
80067706 000F

Submitted and tested by: Picket

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