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Azure Dreams
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1.Race Track Cheat:
At the race track(circuit)look at the odds for 
3-4 to win. If its not higher than 30 or the odds 
you want, exit then enter till your satisfied.In 
the race try to block jockey #2's path.if successful,
then just finish the race in last or 3rd.

2.Avoid Kraken's Electric Shock:
When you encounter a Kraken (floating spark-plug thing)
wear an Earth shield. You should be invunerable to the
shock and recieve less damage due to the element domination
of the shield.

3.Find More Of An Item:
To find more of an item in the tower simply keep 3-5
in your safe. If you find an un-needed egg, store it.
You will find them more in the future.

4 Raising Familiar's HP Permanently:
When your familiar's HP is full give it Medicinals.
It will raise 1 HP every time you do this.Unfortunatly
this only works with the tower Medicinals.

5.Rare Items:
There are some items that can found in a certain way.
In the tower(16,26,36th floors) You will find an
orange monster with a fur cape on its back. If you
toss an item at it,it will vomit another. Keep
throwing things at it and you will probably get an
item that in very rare~see my rare items section~

6.To Get A Troll Bow Easier:
Have a troll sword with you by the time you get to
the 10th floor(valcano palace). When you encounter a 
Troll throw the sword at it. It will gladly pick it up 
and drop it's bow!

7.Blue Collar:
When you reach the 12th floor you will find the blue
collar somewhere.

8.Slot Trick:
Build the casino and go to the slot machine.When
the reels start spinning concentrate on the seven.
It is easy to spot since it hase a huge gap and stands out.
Keep practicinf on getting them three in a row.
Once you get the timing right switch to the maximum wager.
Get three in a row and that's 60,000g.Not 1,000,000g
like the girl in the upper left corner says.

9.Easy Level Up:
Go into to the tower with a strong sword and a strong 
ice shield. I'd suggest a sword above lvl.15 or so.
The ice shield should be good till floor 12. Keep fighting
on every floor until it collapses. Remeber just you.
By floor 5 you should be lvl.10 or higher.At floor 10, around 20.
It may take long but you will last longer.

10.Shield Tip:
It is very helpful if you have an elemental shield
or a diamond one. The elementals will reduce the
damage if it dominates over the type of monster.
Such as if I were using a Fire against Earth. It will
reduce it's physical attack's damage as well as a damaging
spell. The diamond is useful for absorbing physical attacks mostly.
If you find a Mirrior shield you could reflect spells and its rust-proof.
I really can't reccomend this because it is so weak.

11. Sword Tips:
There are many swords. In the beggining you 
might find copper or steel. These are good in the 
beggining but aren't useful further on in the game.
I'd suggest that you keep a gold sword and buff it 
up with a whole lot of red sands. It proves useful 
because it has no element and is rust-proof. I wouldn't
upgrade elemental swords because you have to carry
three in your bag.

Rare Items List:
Holy Sword~ atk7~ none~ Devine protection
Dark Sword~ atk10~ none Cursed sword
Slow Seed~ none~ Slows speed
Tovar Seed~ none~ Brings good fortune
Mazzar Seed~ none~ Increases atk
Shomoru Seed~ none~ Increases def
Alchemic Scroll~ none~ Turns all items on the floor into gold
Flat Scroll~ none ~ Levels the ground
Trained Wand~ atk1~ Can be tempered with red sands
Roche Fruit~ none~ Turns target monster into an egg

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Lil Troy


Take a holy scroll and throw it at any enemy. It will follow you but won't now
attack you. It will attack your enemies instead.
[this is very useful on the higher stages of the tower]  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: brandon tan


try fusing an arachne (or ashra) to a block (or metal) this will give the
resulting familiar the hard trait and the combat trait so it will
eventually kill everything in one hit and only take 1 or 2 points of
damage itself >=) also a naplass and a block works well since it will have
a hell of a lot of hp as well as incredable defense. clowns and deaths
work well as back-up since thier magic is double thier skill level, fuse
them to a cyclone to make em last longer as cyclones have the half mp
consumed trait

Submitted but NOT tested By: L. Diablos


Ive played azure dreams in a weird way,  in the beginning in options you
can change dungeons colors.  In different colors you may get more of rare
items or you mau get different eggs than usual,"I recieved a maximum egg
on the 12 floor while testing re and green" some of the characters will
have slight differences too.  The best thing ive discovered is if you fuse
a troll around with other monsters while moving the colors for the
dungeons around you will be lucky.  And some cases I the fused troll
monster were lucky enough for you to find up to 7 holy and dark swords in
certain floors, about 3-4 are usually cursed so use truth glasses.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Shane DeCrevel


Now, i have heard all sorts of ways to make cash but i came accross a much
better way of making money for all those buildings and thangs. All you
have to do is save your game with mother dear. go to the casino and
instead of playing the first game go to the other room and play the
roulette wheel. Here bet on the blue number wich gives you 60,000g every
time you win. Just ride your luck until you win a decent amount. If you
loose all your cash just hold in the select button and the start button
for a few seconds and then you will be taken to the title screen and you
can load up and try, try again. doing this has earned me 760,000g so far.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: BIGYIN ii

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Quick Level Up
800834d0 ffff
Infinite Money
80012BB8 E0FF
80012BBA 05F5
Infinite HP
80089480 FFFF
Max Defence
800894BC FFFF
Infinite Money
80012D5C FFFF
80012D5E 05FF
Max & Infinite Health in Battle
800834E0 FFFF
1Level 99
800834D0 FFFF 
2Level 99
80089468 6300         

Submitted By:: Niclas

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