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Digimon World
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If your virus meter gets full when your Digimon is a champion, it 
will say it wants to DigiVolve and it will Digivolve into Sukamon!
Then(if your like me), if you kill the Sukamon, EVERY SINGLE LAST 
TECHNIQUE WILL BE ERASED, except for the Spit Fire attack, so be

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kristin

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Digimon not listining to you when you trying to feed it auto pilot,sm
recovery,etc. do you think that keeping his discplinary bar really high is
the solution. well think again. here are the steps to make your digimon
listen even if its displinary level is ZERO.i will do this in examples

1. i will give a digimon a auto-pilot to go to file city

2.he doesen't eat it.

3. I scold him 

4.HE LOWERS HIS HEAD instead of his usual groans. This indicates he's

5. I stand still and i give him the auto-pilot

6. he eats it

7. i warp to file city

NOTE 1: you'll notice that his happy and discipline bar raised after step
4 NOTE 2: you can do the steps even if your Disc. bar is 0% and your happy
bar is 100% NOTE 3: if you ave no disc. and your doing this it can effect
your digivilution


Unimon: spore valley[mt. panorama]: give him a medicine
Greymon: File City: after finding 15  digimon talk to jijimon and go
outside he'll challenge you. TIP: make sure your digimon is STRONG
drimogenmon: after defeating Meramon go back at the entrance and go left
youll find drimogen mon diggin yet another hole. wait til he is done and
go to him. bakkemon: overdell cemetary: go there at night and talk to him.
gabumon:misty trees: you'll find him at the first path on the left.
centauromon: in amid forest you must pass his gunning maze. vegiemon:after
awile a plant will appear somewhere in tropical jungle. go to file city
and get the blue rain plant when it appears and give it to the plant.
elecmon:gear savvana: near the entrance of factorial town you'll see a
digimon. when you talk to him he will shock you. talk and get shocked 3
times and he'll join the city.TIP: after shocks heal your digimon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Luis Landrian


there are several ways to get a champion digimon to 
evolve to the ultimate level.
#1- you can wait until the champion reaches the age
    of 1 year and 9 days (39 days). I have never had
    a digimon live that long, but if you're good enough
    you might pull it off.
#2- you can raise it's happiness or discipline
    (try both)to the maximum. This worked with the
    Centarumon to Andromon digivolution so I'm sure
    it works with others.
#3- if you can find the rare digivolution item 
    (ie: Rainbow shell, Grey Claws) use them on your 
    monster to evoke an evolution.  (if you can find
    a rare card and show it to ShogunGekoMon in the 
    volume villa then he'll give you points you can
    buy these rare items with).

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris C.


take your digimon to the green training gym and keep training it on each
station until it needs to go to the toilet then after going to the toilet
move to the next station.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: James Bond


This is very simple, when you go into training mode immediatly
 press triangle to end the training mode and you will still 
get the same training stats! this goes great with the digivolve
quickly tip!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Luke


Get Digimon cards by getting the following to go to your city:
Piximon (mostly appears in Item Shop as soon as night falls.)
Monochromon (Works in Item Shop only in the nighttime.)
Biyomon (morning only)
Patamon (afternoon)

After getting these digimon you will find a strange looking machine
beside the green TV thingy. Hit X at it and you can get random Digimon
Cards for only 100 bits! TIP: Have an Ultimate when you fight Piximon or a
super strengthed champion to beat him!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Craig Navas


pick the second egg and make sure you get penguinmon then train it til
hp1000+, mp1000+,and everything else over 100. then you will get whamon
then keep training it til oppfense 400+ defense 300+ speed 300+ brain 400+
and 15 or more mistake then wait for one month and nine days and you will
have mamemon. note: your digimon might away so becareful how you train it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: HolyAngemon


to get bakemon in your city go to overdell cemateray.
answer his questions in the following yes,yes,no.
then bakemon will go to your city!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: zero


when the man asks if you want a digvise and you say yes, and he asks you
if you want day or night pick night then you got gabumon .                
Submitted and FULLY tested By: gino


When at Green Jym fight about 100 times on each stion your Digimon should
Digivolv. It works I did that to my Agumon and it Digivoled to Maromon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: AJ


if you would like to  learn a new attack with out fightining get your
champion or ultimates brains sometimes  to  155, 355 and most of the time
555 . so actually i should say every 200 brains up 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jerrel 


When you get a Sukamon go to the king Sukamon at trash mountain and 
when he asks you a question say the bottem answer and he will turn 
you back to the previouse digimon

Submitted but NOT tested By: Brett Smith

ANY Digimon You Want:

Start a new game.  Answer in the way you want and when the clip appears 
hold triangle, circle, square and then press ex.  You will then be asked
what Digimon you want.

It works cause I have gotten a Jijimon (even though he doesn't appear in
the pictures of the digimon you have/get.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: N.


after your digimon dies, you'll get your new digimon. 
go to the item shop and he'll give you a discount 
just for being a fresh or in-training digimon.

P.s. if you want to make your digimon an ultimate, 
just wait till he's 11 years old with high stats.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Ritchie V. Nazareno


to digivolve faster go to the green gym and train until you get
Brains,offence,defence & speed up to 100. for hp and mp get them up to this when you start the game and when you get a digimon to come to
the city and every half hour(real not game time).

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Patrick Allen


first, with the amazing rod go to the Dragon Eye lake at early Morning, so
trhow your bait by tyhe three floating on the water .you willsee a big
shape. now catch him.More come soon.

Submitted but NOT tested By: mauricio


First you have to have a couple auto pilots,(this is a must have) then buy
as many medium recoverys you can, then go to freezeland and trade with the
moyjoman furthest to the left, he will give you super discs, you can sell
them in your city for 2000 bits a peice!  and you can keep doing this till
you have max bits(999999) then you will get a medal for doing this.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: archdog70


 You MUST have an elecmon, or this won't work. When you have an elecmon,
 DO NOT praise or dicipline it! Feed it only when it is hungry,
and train it alot. If you have done it correctly, he should digivolve to

Submitted and FULLY tested By: DigiGirl


When goburmon (or something like that,green dude) appears sell stuff for
the sad face,not the happy face or mad.You will have an easier time that

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Matt Miller 


when in battle press select to see your enemys hp. a good code when
fighing digimon for example( Metal Greymon because he has very high hp

Submitted and FULLY tested By: john rekuciak


When jijimon ask "do you have a digivice,"say yes.Then he will ask 
which do you like better day,or night say day. Then he will ask what
is your name type in jasen(all caps) then he will say what is your 

Submitted but NOT tested By: Andrew


get biyomon then train him next fight and lose you will get kokatorimon
train him then fight and lose you should get phoenixmon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tom


All you have to do is raise a baby to a patamon.NOW heres what his
stats/parameters should
be.Mp:000+,Hp:1000+,Off:100+,Spd:100+,Intel:100,Def:150+.And thats it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Digimon Master


get a agumon get his hp to 2000 then get his brain in the eightys his
speed should be 100 and do the rock training the in 4 or 5 days he should
be a tyranomon

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Talon

GET Nanimon and Bakemon the easy way:

Make a lot of care mistakes to your rookie digimon and lose in a 
battle for higher chances of getting bakemon. Speak to the bakemon in your
city and ure digimon will translate what he is saying. Scold or praise ure
rookie digimon so that the happiness and discipline gauge is at zero to
get nanimon.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Y2JeRIChO


Pick any egg and raise it to a rookie digimon the give it a metal armor it
works evey time. I now it works because I have a Metalmamamon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: DuoMaxwell05

GET Piedmon, Puppetmon, or Metalseadramon.:

While the end credits are running press Circle 10 times, then hold 
select, triangle, and ex.  Then press ex.  Then hold start, square,
and circle.  When the credits are done, defeat Machinedramon's des-
cendent.  Get the digiegg in ogremon's hideout.  When he starts to 
digivolve hold R1,R2,L1,L2,circle,triangle,square,and ex. It will ask you
who you want your digimon to digivolve to.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: David 


simply get the items fire ball/grey claws/metal armor and white
wings and train in the training room near jijimons house and put all the
armor on and after a month it will evolve into metal grey mon.this code
has only worked once for me so care for extra specail.

Submitted but NOT tested By: curtis mcdonald


first you must go to misty tree early morning you can see there a two way
[r/l]go to right and you can see there two fugamon  and a two way one
right  and one straight go to the right then you will see a kokatrimon
running around in the dead end and he will fight you.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: GIRARD 


First of all, do not diciplin it or praise it unless it refuses to eat
 an item. Now, if you have a patamon and have no caremistakes, and high
 brain or mp, he might digivolve to angemon..

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Hawkmon


First, when Jijimon asks"Do you have a Digivice say yes
Then he will ask which do you like better day or night
say day.
Now he will ask what is your name put TAIMON
After that he will ask what is your digimon's name put

Submitted but NOT tested By: Andrew


fist get a agumon then go to greengym and train till hp1500+

Submitted and FULLY tested By: JOSH NICHOLES


Get an Airdramon. Make his HP 3000, MP 5000, Attack 500,
Deffence 300, Speed 400, and Agility 400. Make sure his
Happiness meter is at about 75%

Note:The first time I did this I got a PHEONIXMON Because
I didn't make AIRDRAMON fight!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: SS4Andru


To get megaseadramon get a sedramon,coelmon,Garurumon,whamon, shellmon.
then make it's hp 3000 mp 5000 off 200,def 200,speed 200,brains 500.It
should weight 30lb 3 or less mistakes.

To get get phoenixmon get a
birdramon,airdramon,kokatorimon,angemon,unimon. then make it's hp 5000 mp
3000 off,200,def 200,speed 400,brains 500 30lb 5 or less mistakes.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Ray Parker


the card shop to the west of gear savanna ripps you off if you buy the
pack. i have also noticed that the card seem to be either sukamon,numemon,
nanimon,vegiemon,other easy to find ones,and the three rare cards,
pheonixmon,h-kabuterimon,and megaseadramon.sometime you will inbetween but
not very often.the three are more common than in the shop but it is a ripp
off,3cards for 500bits,rather than 100bits a card.the only real good is
that you are more likely to get one of those three,you decide witch is
best for you.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Monfanatic


If you're like me, then i'm sure Waruseadramon has given you a little
trouble.  (If you don't know, Ogremon whips him out in your battle at the
secret beach cave.)  Well, there is also Ogremon and a Gabumon to deal
with at the same time!  I found that you should first carry a lot of
restore floppies and recovery floppies (hp and mp), and if you can help
your Digimon pinpoint a victim, focus all attacks on Waruseadramon ONLY. 
Trust me; when W.Seadramon uses his attacks, it hurts all Digimon on the
screen, including his allies.  This will take out the Gabumon fast and
eventually Ogremon, too.  Plus, don't go with really powerful attacks, the
faster ones are MUCH more effective.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: David


to get mojyamon first get a happy mushroom, which you find in tropical
rainforest. then, go to the place in freezeland with the three mojyamon.
talk to the first one.  he will ask to trade a happy mushroom for a hair
grower. do it. give the hair grower to your digimon. they will turn into a

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dabomb


for your firs digimon chose agumon.  train him to meramon with HP 1000 to
6000 Mp 3000 to 5000, Attack at 100+ Defense 100+ Brians at 200+ speed at
100+ and equip it with spining sgot and magmabomb switch techniques ONLY. 
raise him up to about 9 days and use him in battle.  feed him only when
he's hungry and prais him but NEVER scold him.  make sure he's never tired
and at 8 to 9 days old he may digivolve to Vadamon.  (you may get Meatle
Mamamon instead their is a 50% chance

Submitted but NOT tested By: james


to get the rookie digimon kunamon let any in trainy digimon sleep in
kunamon's bed.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jame


Get Agumon and train on hp mp and offense and defense
then on day 20(if he hasn't evoled it will say Aren't you tired of Agumon
say yes and he will digivole if this is done right you should get

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Andrew


birdramon-go to the great canyon and to the fork in the road, take the
left. when you reach the elevator go up, and make sure your digimon is
pretty strong, because birdramon is like 3000 hp. patamon-go to the place
where you found elecmon, and take a right. a patamon will be there and if
you beat him 3 times, he'll join the city. Tyranamon- after you get
through centarumons gun maze, go through the door. your digimon has gotta
be SUPER strong, and you'll fight tyranamon. Skull Greymon- go to the grey
lords mansion and do all the crap with myotismon and that door with the
mysterious force will be unlocked sukamon- go talk to the last sukamon
before the king: he just critizizes th toilet Ninjamon-he sometimes
appears around the digimon bridge Ceolmon- ceola point at late day, and
when he faries u across, go back and he goes to the city Biyomon- gear
savana- chase her, and finally stop and dont move. your digimon should
chase he toards u.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jeff


to use the pigs about halfway through the level, with the lowering
platform,get 3 pigs, one at a time, and whip on the platform after each
one, so you will be able to get down the hole in the floor with the metal
plug. Also, on the beginning with the pig chute, try putting one on the
chute(whip next to it) and going down with the lever. Your pig will fly
through the air and land on the goldfish's head so you can get through!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Robbie Pine (age 10 1/2)


if you have a etemon to get metal etemon just get mp 5000 hp 5000 off 500
def 500 speed 500 and brains 500 plus you have to have etemon just get him in your city 
and he talks about him geting kicked out then get 50,000 bite buy going to mojymon must 
have 25 med recoverys buy the 2 one off him and ceep on bying till you have 25 s dicks 
go to shop sell them for 2000 then go to etemon gives you a golden bananer trane him you

Submitted and FULLY tested By: cheat master 2000


when you have any in-training digimon, simply wait 
until he's sleepy and sleep in kunamon's bed.
when you wake up there is a 50-50 chance that your
digimon will digivolve into kunamon!

must recruit kunamon for this to work, if he doesn't
digivolve straight away try again (me 'n' robert needed
to sleep in kunamon's bed three times.)

Submitted but NOT tested By: Bobanator


get a seadramon and raise his hp to4000+,turn into sukamon ,change aback 4
times it will say,isnt this annoying.enter no and get a gabumon,yes will
get you a giromonor possibly a machindramon

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brian


Get a fresh stage Digimon, and take realy bad care of it, such as
not taking it to the toilet, or feeding it.  Your fresh stage should
digivolve to a Sukamon or another care mistake champion.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Will Ryan


get the digiegg with pink spots on it let it poop on itself 1-3 times do
not wait till tanamon is just about to digivolve or you will get a 
sukamon i waited and i got a stupid sukamon when tanamon digivolves you
should have a palmon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Emily


in orer to get into the ice sanctuary u need a vaccine type like agumon or
greymon. in order to get into the dark sanctuary in the great canyon u
need a virus type lie metalgreymon or bakemon or kunemon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dude


After the fmv there will be a blank screen hold square circle triangle and
there will be a huge selection and choose a item and feed it to your
agumon at gane start

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MATT


Sometimes when your Digimon wake up, you see poop where they slept.
I find this really anoying when trying to make a certain champion 
Digimon. But if you sleep near a toilet it doesn't seem to happen.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Digipal


get tyronomon and make its disapline full, happiness don't matter and
train him so he has 500 strength 

Submitted but NOT tested By: viper


Go to the Monochrome shop (great canyon). Now... I'm not sure if you have
to work three times or make 3000 bits.... but any way try to make 3000
bits and he will join the city

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Nathan Hazelwood


If you chase Nanimon around enough he will give you two key chains...these
allow you to carry 10 more items each. Someone told me that in order to
get Nanimon to join the city you have to have a Nanimon as your partner

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Nathan


When you battle an opponent time seems to not go on while your battling so
I like to bring a few sm recoveries into the tropicle jungle when i have a
strong digimon, then i fight as many people as i can before my digimon is
almost dead.I earn about  30000.It also helps to have a fast digimon.After
I do that then I buy some med rec. and trade them with the mojymon.once I
get the sup.disk. I sell that and get more med recoveries. go to the
mojymon, trade, sell the super disks, and repeat until I get bit
maxed.then I buy 20 more med recoveries and any other things i need.I
repeat the same process for about 2 hours(real time) then I go recruit as
many digimon I can on one trip w/out useing birdramon to go anywhere

Submitted and FULLY tested By: kookoo


When you are trading med.recoveries with MOJYAMON, sometimes he gets
wild and starts to do a dance and when you talk to him again, he will sit
down and everytime he does that, he comes closer to you. and after you
trade about 50 med.recoveries you and him get stuck together! So before
you trade with him, BRING AN AUTO PILOT!!!!!!! OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!
You can still feed your digimon, but you will be expecti- ng the reset
button pretty soon!!!!    

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chan Han


when a digimon fades away, choose the orange-striped egg. it will 
hatch into a poyomon. after 6 game hours, it digivolve into tokomon.
after 24 game hours(1 day), it will digivolve into patamon(it must
have 50+ Brains). After 72 game hours(3 days), it will digivolve
into Angemon(it must have 1000-2000 mp and 100-200 brains). Then
keep praising it until it has 0% discipline. Fight a strong digimon.
when it loses one life, it will have a 50-50 chance to digivolve
into devimon.(deposit all your items at the item bank so your items
won't get stolen!) 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ralph M.


Most of the time, when I explore alot and battle about 30 times, my
champion digimon evolves into and ultimate. Usually the lower box
which my champion digimon can evolve into. The upper box however,
I got them by doing the money cheat and getting 9 of every ultra-rare card
from the item shop card machine. And after that, I trade them with SHOGUN
GEKOMON to get state chips about 7 of every chip(average) after that I
keep collecting till I have 50-70 then I feed them to my digimon till
their stats all range up to 999 on everything. When it is eleven, it asks
for food, then when it's full, all of a sudden it evolves into an
ULTIMATE!!!! Right now, my digivolution chart is full, and I got all the
medals in the game. So I think you should try it out!~!~!~!~!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chan Han


when digimon digivolving press select start triangle square circle square
then when name flashing press square

Submitted and FULLY tested By: metalveemon


get a dgmon that can use dgdimension and use it when battling. If your
digimon is fighting a digimon lower or a champion they will die within
less a minute

Submitted and FULLY tested By: coolguy


go to dragon eye lake. use meat or sirloin for bait. look for a big fish
and catch it. if it is a digi sea bass, feed it to your digimon. it will
raise it's hp,mp, anddouble it's lifespan. 

Submitted but NOT tested By: joseph01


to get piximon to the beach near the digimon bridge you first go there in
tropical jungle. then on the next screen over you will see a tree house.
and keep going back an forth from the screen by the digimon bridge and the
treehouse tell piximon apears at the treehouse.(DONT give up I did it and
it took me probably an hour]also he is the strongest digimon I know about.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MAGNANGAMON


when you get a rookie digimon make sure you treat it really bad.then let
it poop alot. when that happens shortly after it will digivolve into
numemon or sukamon!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Stephanie


When you Go to Birdramon's Transport thing there is a shortcut to it
all. Get to freezeland for 1000 bits say great canyon and freezeland is to
the right of the screen! next say gear savanna and geko swamp is to the
left for only 2000 bits! Or use whamons farey and go to factorial town and
the main entance is behind the gaurdomons front door,that road looking
thing go down and the door is in that room to gear savanna! 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Thomas


as soon as you beat meramon in the lava cave, simply go to the tropical
jungle and beat tyrannomon and he will give you the metal parts!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: DigiBoy


I am Going to tell you a easy way of getting greymon.
In the begining of the game start off with agumon. 
(note! the only battles you can make your agumon have
are with the agumon in the native forest and the first
modikibetamon that apears there after you have beten
agumon at the top of the screen)The next prosces I 
about to tell you might be long and grouling.You need
to train at the gym at each 1 time. Then check your 
agumons stats. Then try to plan out his stats by training 
at certain places. Here comes the good part on the digivolving
guide at this site it says that to get greymon you have
to have 100 speed, 100 defence, 100 brains, 100 offence,
but actuly you can have up to 111 defence, 111, brains, 
111 speed, and 111 offence.But the stats cant be under a 
hundred. Its basicly the same for any digimon like birdramon 
all you have to do to get it is work on biyomons speed no stop. 
Just make sure your agumons weight is in the range of
26-30.(cation!!! do not over work you agumon more than once
because even if you do chances are you will get a centaruemon
.It only takes about 1-2 days to get the stats that you 
need so you can not go to the training gym or battle to 
speed up time.So in the meen wile just gater mushrooms
and keep agumons disiplent bar at 90-95.This is what I
did and it worked.If you can get greymon then you can
get any digimon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan


Pick the pink spotted egg and make the yrnamon digivolve into tanamon then
make tanamon digivolve into batamon then rase batamon in hp,mp,and brains
he will digivolve into shellmon rais shellmon until he has at least 3000
hp,and mp then battle drigimon in the res idantal area after you beat him
you go into the under ground pond and the dreigimon will ask you if you
will carry dirt say yes after you have done what he has told you 10 times
go to the drill tunle 2sd floor and then go back into the under ground
pond there will now be a path where drigimon was go up you will see a big
rock you need a champion digimon to move it out of the way after it is out
of the way go up you will then be in the lava cave go up and you will
still be in the lava cave but in a diffrent part keep going up and then
you will see a meremon beat him and he will go to your city and open a

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MikeRafuse


Start a new game and answer however you want.  When you get to your
name, enter it as TAIMON.  Name your digimon AGUMON.  Then go to the
training area and train on that station until your digimon has to go
to the bathroom.  After doing every station, go and recruit Agumon. 
Right after the battle, your AGUMON will want to digivolve into

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Mitch


when you go to choose an egge pick the one that eventually gets you
biyomon. Once you have your digimon train it so that it in speed and
only in speed till it's a champion once there you should have around
800spd start training a little bit in the other stats till there
around 150(1500 for HP and mp) if it works you should get phoenixmon.
You might think it's crazy and so do i. I figured it out while trying
to kill my digimon. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Magnus Canon


Well you first get a amazing fish rod.Then you go fishing at the place
with the clost view.Then youll see a long digimon swiming in the same
pattern. Then you get him by the fish rod.He ask what you want and the
say i want to be your friend or something like that.He gives you a
blue flute and then you use it to get to bettle land.Also he never
join your team in the first place.He just get you to bettle land.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: will


Enter a name.After answering all Jijimon's question, there will be a
story. You can skip the story by pressing " Start " if you want to.
After the story ends, there will be a black screen.Quickly you hold
triangle + Circle + Square. Do not let go. Let go of the three buttons
if you see a menu which is full of item. Then feed your digimon
something.If your digimon hates it,quickly hold triangle + Circle +
Square again. Then a menu should appear. Then feed your digimon
again.( Now feed him with something else) If your digimon eat
it,quickly hold triangle + Circle + Square.Your digimon will involve
into a champion. If you are not satisfied with the monster, feed your
digimon with something else. Your digimon will involve into a ultimate
while you are holding those buttons.Now if you are satisfied, you can
let go of the three buttons.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Farheen


All you have to do to not get a Numemon is when you have a
rookie make sure you don't let it poop on the ground and fight at
least once with the rookie. If you follow this you will never have
Numemon ever again.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: DiGi KiNg


Rip Centaurumon Off!
Whenever you get sick and you have to use the clinic waste all
your money in the stores first then when he ask's for money you
and you don't have enough he'll take all you have left(if you have

Submitted and FULLY tested By: andrew 


Birdamon- Top of the Great Canyon. Use elevator to go to the top.
Vegiemon- Once you are able to recieve the Rain Plant from Tanemon
          go to Tropical Jungle and look around. You will soon find an
          odd looking plant. Go up to it and use the Rain Plant it.
Monzaemon- Once you have a Numemon train it hard then head over to
          Toy Town. Go into the Costume House on the left and talk to
          the empty Teddy Bear like creature. Numemon will go inside
          and you will have Monzaemon. Go to the robot house and talk
          to the top robot. He will open the question mark door. Go
          into the top building and manuever your way up the building
          until you reach the small and big box. Pick small box and
          you will fight Warumonzaemon. After you destroy him you will
          get a gear. Go back into the the Robot House and talk to the
          oven like thing at top. After the conversation you will get
          Monzaemon to join your city.
Garurumon- At the side of Freezeland and Misty Trees is Garurumon.
          you destroy him he will want a rematch. Go back at the
          designated time and kill him again. He will become a second
          cook in the restaurant.
Mamemon- Keep checking around the afternoon where all the Mudfrigimon
         at Mt. Panorama. Eventually he will show up and go to your
         city. Train hard though because he is very hard.
Ninjamon- After you get 40 digimon in your city go to the Digimon
          and go south. He will challenge you and say yes to him.
Centauromon- Go to the Amida Forest (east of the tropical jungle) and
            to get to the end of the maze. Go to the O without getting
            any items. He will open up a clinic.
Etemon- After 50 digimon in your city go to the unknown door in the
        Forest. He will fight you there. Train though because once
        again he is very strong.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: DiGi KiNg


Well will I be damed. I found the best stats to put your chapion
digimon in. This is the folling: HP:4672 MP:4324 OFF:354, A very good
one. DEF:435 SPEED:376 Brain:420

thats the best ever I like got every ultimate that way.
Hope it helps u.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: William


when you have a monocromon keep on training it in the green gym after
you train it it will digivolve to metal mamemon 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: scotty too hotty


When you are in the drill tunnel,and u have to take the dirt out i
recomend using a young digimon so it will digivolve faster and be
stronger.this helped me beat tons of digimon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: digimatt


To get an easy metal etemon first you have to have been to toy town
and to invinity mountian and have an etemon. First fight skull greymon
and free myodismon then talk to him and go to toy town and defeat
warumonzaemon then your etemon should digivolve into metaletemon.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Weregurumon


Get Monzeamon costume in your city:
If you get the monzeamon costume for the first time then talk to the
robots in toy town they will ask you to rescue there friend from war
Monzeamon.  After beating war MOnzeamon if you give the Item that you
get from W.Monzeamon it will be called gear, bring it to the robots. 
The robots will get all happy, then they will tell you a story, then
you will see something appear that sais, Monzeamon has joined the
city. Then go to Jijimon's house and his house should look different
go inside his house and go to the back room and you will see a costume
of monzeamon haniging on the wall.  This coad I guarentee you works
and now when you get Numimon you just go to jijimon's house and go and
digivolve into Monzeamon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: JoBoy347


This is how I did it...Get Gabumon or Agumon and treat them right to
make them Digivolve to Tyrannomon. Make it loose 3 fights and you'll
get a Tokomon. Tokomon with digivolve to Patamon, and then, after a
day into Angemon. If you make one care mistake with Angemon it'll
Digivolve into Darkmon-Devimon. The second time you do this, you'll
get an Elecmon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MagnaAngemon


simply recruit centarumon and go to the place in mt. panorama with all
the funny mushrooms(Spore area)he might not be there so try going back
at a diffrent time. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: T.K.


Back Dimension is just like Mt. Infinity. The location is random on
every game. It will be in either the Ice Sanctuary, Greylord's
Mansion, or Ogre's Fortress. If it's in the Ice Sanctuary or
Greylord's Mansion you wont need a vaccine type or virus type. Instead
of going to the green panels go to advance to the next screen you go
to the red ones. At the end of the Backdimesion you will have to
battle Machinedramon again. This time he has about 9700 hp.  After you
defeat him it turns out to be a brainwashed Muchomon. I hope this
helps you in your game.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: IceDemon41


meet shogun gekomon give him some amzing cards like
skull greymon or a metal mamemon or others rare kind digimon
card.If you earned 300 points you can give it to shogun gekomon
and he will give you a amazing rod

Submitted and FULLY tested By: GLENN


First recruit veggimon from tropical forest.Then make sure that you're
digimon is rookie or above now don't take the sirloin for the day and
wait till you're digimon is sleepy now go and take the sirloin then
put the digimon to sleep when it wakes up get the 3 sirloin for today.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: digidestined 9

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INFINITE LIVES: 80155824 0003

INFINITE HP:801557F0 270F
            801557f4 270F

INFINITE MP:801557F2 270F
            801557F2 270F






Submitted and FULLY tested By: Inferno


3013D47D  007F

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Collin Hill


All Medals Cheat 
All Attacks Cheat 
30155800 00FF 
30155801 00FF 
30155802 00FF 
30155803 00FF 
30155804 00FF 
30155805 00FF 
30155806 00FF 
30155807 00FF 
Have All Digimon On The Chart/All Evolved Cheat 
301BE00D 00FF 
801BE00E FFFF 
801BE010 FFFF 
801BE012 FFFF 
301BE014 00FF 
All Digimon In City Cheat 
301557C5 0037 
801557C6 0037 
All Digimon Raised Cheat 
50000801 0000 
301BE00D 00FF 
Have Key Items Cheat 
301BDFD2 00FF 
301BDFD3 00FF 
Have All Cards Cheat 
50002001 0000 
301BDFAC 00FF 
Best Happiness Cheat 
8013848A 0064 
Best Discipline Cheat 
80138488 0000 
Maximum Bits Cheat 
80134EB8 E0FF 
80134EBA 05F5 Press Circle To Beat The Game Cheat 
D0135450 FFDF 
80134EB4 0003 

Submitted but NOT tested By: Craig Menuge


fire ball      : 3013d477 0048
grey claws     : 3013d477 0047
metal armor    : 3013d479 0068
white wing     : 3013d478 0051

Submitted but NOT tested By: rully


Age modifier-301384ab 00?? (00-27)only

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tri Do


beetle pearl-301BDF7E0063:

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Simon Archer



Submitted but NOT tested By: Mew


1st Item

3013D474 00XX
3013D492 0063

2nd Item

3013D475 00XX
3013D493 0063

3rd Item

3013D476 00XX
3013d494 0063



Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kevin


digimon modifier-D0134EE4 0020,801557A8 00??

00 - ???? 
01 - Botamon 
02 - Koromon
03 - Agumon 
04 - Betamon 
05 - Greymon 
06 - Devimon
07 - Airdramon
08 - Tyrannomon
09 - Meramon
0A - Seadramon
0B - Numemon
0C - Metalgreymon 
0D - Mamemon
0E - Monzaemon
0F - Punimon
10 - Tsunomon
11 - Gabumon 
12 - Elecmon
13 - Kabuterimon 
14 - Angemon
15 - Birdramon 
16 - Garurumon
17 - Frigimon
18 - Whamon
19 - Vegiemon
1A - Skullgreymon
1B - Metalmamemon
1C - Vademon
1D - Poyomon
1E - Tokomon
1F - Patamon
20 - Kunemon
21 - Unimon
22 - Ogremon
23 - Shellmon
24 - Centarumon
25 - Bakemon
26 - Drimogemon
27 - Sukamon
28 - Andromon
29 - Giromon
2A - Etemon
2B - Yuramon
2C - Tanemon
2D - Biyomon
2E - Palmon 
2F - Monochromon
30 - Leomon
31 - Coelamon
32 - Kokatorimon
33 - Kuwagamon
34 - Mojyamon
35 - Nanimon
36 - Megadramon
37 - Piximon 
38 - Digitamamon
39 - Penguinmon 
3A - Ninjamon
3B - Phoenixmon
3C - H-Kabuterimon
3D - Megaseadramon
3E - Weregarurumon
3F - Panjyamon
40 - Gigadramon
41 - Metaletemon
42 - Myostismon
43 - Yanmamon
44 - Gotsumon
45 - Flarerizamon
46 - Warumonzaemon
47 - Snowagumon
48 - Hyogamon
49 - Platinumsukamon
4A - Dokunemon
4B - Shimaunimon
4C - Tankmon
4D - Redvegiemon
4E - J-Mojyamon
4F - Nisedrimogemon
50 - Goburimon
51 - Mudfrigimon
52 - Psychemon
53 - Modokibetamon
54 - Toyagumon
55 - Piddomon
56 - Aruraumon
57 - Geremon
58 - Vermilimon
59 - Fugamon
5A - Tekkamon
5B - Morishellmon
5C - Guardromon
5D - Muchomon
5E - Icemon
5F - Akatorimon
60 - Tsukaimon
61 - Sharmamon
62 - Clearagumon
63 - Weedmon
64 - Icedevimon
65 - Darkrizamon
66 - Sandyanmamon
67 - Snowgoburimon
68 - Bluemeramon
69 - Gururumon
6A - Saberdramon
6B - Soulmon
6C - Rockmon
6D - Otamamon
6E - Gekomon
6F - Tentomon
70 - Waruseadramon
71 - Meteormon
72 - ?????
73 - Machinedramon
74 - Analogman (LOL)
75 - Jijimon
76 - Market Manager (LOL)
77 - Shogungekomon
78 - King of Sukamon
79 - Cherrymon
7A - Hagurumon
7B - Tinmon
7C - Master Tyrannomon
7D - Goburimon (Twice?)
7E - Brachiomon
7F - Demimeramon

Note: With this code, you can change your Digimon! But you won't be able
to complete the Digimon Chart this way.. To use this code, Press Circle
then immediatly go and save your game. Most of the times, this glitches or
freezes the game.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tri Do

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