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Final Fantasy 8
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Here is an answer sheet for tests 1-30 in the tutorial menu,
each test will raise your seeD rank by 1.
1. Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N
2. Y N Y Y Y N Y Y N N
3. N N Y N Y Y Y N Y N
4. N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N
5. N N N Y Y N N Y Y Y
6. Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y
7. Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y N
8. N Y N N Y Y N N Y N
9. N Y N N N N N N Y Y
10. Y N N N N N N N Y N
11. Y Y N Y Y N Y N N Y
12. N Y N N Y N Y N Y N
13. Y N N N Y N N N N N
14. Y Y Y Y N Y Y N Y N
15. Y Y N N N N N Y N Y
16. Y N N Y N Y N N Y N
17. Y N N N Y N N Y N N
18. Y N N N Y N N N N N
19. Y N N Y N N N N N N
20. Y Y N Y N Y Y Y N N
21. Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N
22. N N N Y N N N Y Y N
23. Y N N N N Y Y Y Y Y
24. Y Y N N Y Y N N N Y
25. Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N
26. Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N
27. N Y N N N N Y N Y N
28. Y N N Y Y Y N Y N N
29. N N N Y Y N N N Y N
30. N Y N N N N Y N N N

A couple more tips for the seed rank, you have to be that
certain level to do that certain 'SeeD' test. Once your done with
29 go test once more and after finishing the 30th you won't be
allowed to take any more. and once your done with all 30 you'll
get 30,000G every time that white message at the bottom of
the screen pops up.


The 'S' mean 'SeeD' and the number is your ranking on the right is
how much Gold your giving.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brett Andrews and Mark Martinez


It works for Shiva, Ifrit, and Quezacotl.
You press select when summoning the GF and tap
square as fast as you can stop when it has an X on it
It should cause more damage 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Pho


the tip that pho gave is a phony!  to do this trick, you first have to
teach your gf the "boost" ability.  then you can hold select and tap
square to increase the power.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Paul

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WARD-Challeng DR.Odine to a game of cards Disc#3.

KIROS-Not available until you've completed a portion of the
Queen of cards sub quest.A man dressed in Black,who stands
across the street from the shops in Deling City's shoping District.

LAGUNA-Ellone has this card must get this card while on the Lunar
Base:If not you must get it on disc#4 from the Card Queen.

SELPHIE-Selphie's freind near the Gargoyle Statue has this card Challenge
her after your first visit to Trabia Garden to get the card.

QUISTIS-You can win this in Balamb Garden Challenge the two girls in the
2nd floor classroom called trepies.

Zell-Visit Zell's mother in Balamb whith Zell in your party challeng her
to get Zells card.

SEIFER-Challenge Cid Disc#1 Before your first mission.
Those are all the cards I've found.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kevin Cowley


To some people this GF was really hard to beat for them.
 Me, I have strategy. To beat him draw ''demi'' on him
At first they really damage him, but as you use them the hit
points will go down so you must use them wisely.
 Every so often when your life is down use a demi
 and he'll cure you, also use gf and the highest
cures you have (cure cura or curagas).
 If the draw doesn't work, keep trying.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Mark Martinez


First, make sure you have three characters maxed out in MAGIC and
VITALITY (value 255 or close).  The best way to do this is by using GF
items to learn new
abilities.  You may have to use AMENESIA GREENS if all your GF's
are maxed out. Don't bother euipping the GF command on your characters.
Instead use the MAGIC, ITEM, and a third ability of your choice (
revive, recover, and treatment).  Then use THREE STARS to teach one GF per
character the EXPEND 3-1 ability and equip it on each of your three
The best abilities to use in the final battle are MAGIC +60% and
Upon entering the chamber of the sorceress, she will choose three of the
in your party to begin the fight.  Let any character you don't want die,
and he/she will
be replaced with a new one.  While waiting, you should try and cast triple
on anybody
you want to stick around for the fight.  Once your party is set, use HERO
or HOLY WAR to
make your party invincible and then begin hammering away with the meteor
This should cause around 35000 damage per turn (except on the first
version of the sorceress)
Watch for your HERO or HOLY WAR to run out, and use it again as soon as
If you don't have invincibility, simply keep your party healed and watch
for negative status effects.
At some point Ultimecea will begin using hell's judgement, which brings
your characters to 1 HP.
Simply cure and continue with METEOR.  You may have to protect your party
against PAIN, DEATH,
and HOLY attacks.  If you don't have the spells listed, you may want to
visit the islands closest to
heaven or hell to stock up from hidden draw points.
Oh, and one last thing... have your VCR ready for the ending, it is
undeniably impressive.  Good luck!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brian Vespaziani


You can get Ragnarok again at Disc 4, Go out from the Third teleport door
at Altemisha Castle, from there get to the top center of the Island and
the Chocobo from the Choco Forest, and ride the chocobo to the  Cactuar
your Ragnarok marked with the Red Dot in the map

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Danny

First, use the Blind magic on it and when it effected
by your magic, It can't hit you  easily so you can easily evade from It's
Use your Special moves or draw demi from it and cast on him, Vioolla!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dann

Have a trouble for getting G.F Doomtrain?,  Here's the solution:
First You need these Item:
1. 1 Solomon Ring = Get it at Tear Point before the Lunatic Pandora event.
2. 6 Remedy Plus = Use skill"Medicine Plus"to Remedy.
3. 6 Marbolo Tentacle = Get it from Marbolo
4. 6 Steel Pipe = Get from Wendigo

After All this item Complete, Use the Solomon Ring at the Inventory
and name your new G.F...

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Danny

To get the Angelo Card, you have to challenge Watt(the one collecting
info). You have to challenge him in the train before the mission to kidnap

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Patrice Loiseau

Ragnarok Auto-Pilot
While in the Ragnarok, press select to bring up the map. Move the cursor
over the place you wish to go. Press X then select yes. The Ragnarok will
automatically fly you to where you want to be.

Obtaining GF Tonberry
After beating Odin in the Centra Ruins, stay in one place and fight 20
Tonberries. After you kill the 20th one, The Tonberry King comes to gain
revenge. Kill him and he will join you.

Obtaining GF Cactuar
Go to Cactuar Island, just east of Centra Ruins, and catch the cactus when
it pops out of the sand. Beat him, and he joins your team.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Anthony Morris


After you get briefed from Laguna on how to defeat Ultimecia (disc 3)
and are on the Ragnarok, challenge Laguna to a game of cards, He uses
this card about 50% of the time.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brett Andrews


Head back to the place where you beat Cactuar (Cactuar Island)
You will earn 20 AP for each Cactuar that is defeated.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Edwin


GF Eden is a very powerful GF that can deal damage above 9999
and can be boosted up to as much as 250. You get him by drawing
him from the hidden boss Ultima Weapon. This is a well-known GF.

HOWEVER. . .if you can't get to Ultima Weapon, or you're just too
scared to try, It is possible to draw Eden from Tiamat in Ultimecia's
castle. I discovered this by accident.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Grenadier


you can get Edea's card from her @ her house in disc 3 on your first visit
You can also challenge cid to get seifer's card, if you don't already have

Submitted and FULLY tested By: J.T.M.


hidden draw points:make sure you have Diablos Enc-none then go
to Islands closest hell and heaven then rapidly press X to find them

Submitted and FULLY tested By: lamar jordan


To defeat Diablos extremely easily, just cast reflect on all three
characters, then wait for him to use Gravija, it'll reflect onto him and
damage him greatly. This is the easiest way to defeat him.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Plague


In the game, it might seem like forever when you try to build up your
levels for all your characters.  For some, this will never happen, but
with my "tip" reaching level of 100 for all your characters wont seem so
impossible anymore.  First, put Quistis in your party and drain her HP
till her HP turns yellow (critical condition).  Once she's in this state,
go to either the island closest to heaven or the island closest to hell.
These two islands are located at the corners of the world map (You'll know
your there when your enter a fight every couple of steps)and contain some
of the worlds strongest monsters.  Anyways, have everyone skip their turn
till you can use Quistis's Blue Magic Limit spells.  Then choose the
degenerator spell.  This will cause the monster to be sucked into a vortex
and instantly be killed.  This will give you around 1300 exp. points each,
which is sometimes two levels gained for one fight.  If you dont have the
degenerator spell for Quistis yet, you can!
 get i
t from using a black hole

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan Gaskill


In Timber where you saw the 3 Galbadian soldiers
and the train tracks in the background there
will now be a man there. Talk to him and he will give you
a potion. Repeat this process to get as many potions as you want.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Shadowed Face


On the southwest corner of the world map there is some hidden ruins that
has a place to land the Ragnarok. (This is where Bahamut can be found).
The trick to get Bahamut is simple. Once inside the ruins walk the the
center where the computer is. (Every step you walk is a random battle).
Once there you'll hear Bahamut growl and you'll get two options, so answer
the first one. You'll fight a red dragon. After that you'll be given
another two options and answer the first one again. The second one will
transport you outside the dungeon. You'll fight another dragon and after
that you'll be given two more options and a hidden 3rd option. (Note:
Sound familiar? The Shinra Mansion letter when finding Vincent in FF7?).
Of course answer the third and you will fight Bahamut.

After that you'll not only have the Bahamut GF but a hole will appear in
the ground. Now when I did it I could not enter the hole until a long time
later in the game. (After I got Laguna to hang out with the party.) I went
back to the hole later and saw a huge plant that I used to climb the down
the hole. This part is pretty tricky. Ok once your in a computer it will
say something about 2 locks, and it will show you a diagram of 20 squares
which 16 them are filled. You'll know what I mean when you see it. Now
there is a door on the floor that'll open up when the computer is
finished. Go down. Now when you get down the floor there is a computer at
the bottom of the stairs that will give you three numbers which are 4,2
and 1. Answer 2. You see a display that subtracts 2 from the 16 filled
squares on the display and the door to the next floor. Now go down and
you'll see another computer at the bottom of the stairs, but IGNORE IT FOR
NOW. There is another computer to the left. go !
to that computer and it will subtract 4 off of the display leaving you
with 10 squares left. (The trick is to get the number 10 twice. You'll see
how in a second.) Now the door in the center marked "0" will open. Go
inside and go to the glowing yellow computer to the right. It'll add seven
more squares to the display givin you 17 squares. Now leave the room and
go back to the computer that I told you to ignore. It will give you 3
options, 2,1 and 0. Answer 1 and the door will open that'll take you down
to the next floor. (Repeat this step for every floor down, and the final
room will take 4 Squares away leaving you the 10 again.) Now all you have
to do is make your way to the bottom and fight the Ultima weapon. (MAKE

Submitted and FULLY tested By: shiznic


At Timber,you must take either Rinoa or Quitis in your party then talk to
a man at the bridge,
he will give you a potion.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tan Boon Hong

After getting GF Odin , (needs to be after cuz of the timer involved in
needing to kill GF Odin)
carry on walking around the Centra ruins.You will be attacked by
Tonberry`s, you need to kill
around 20+ of these annoying monsters (GF Diablos (with boost) works very
well 3500+ damage) after
the last battle , Tonberry King will attack immediatelly. GF Diablos DOES
NOT!! affect this boss.
After beating him he  will join you
Good Luck!!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tony Regueira


This is a sure way to beat any boss.  First, on the final battle of
the third cd, have every character draw 100 auras.  Next, have
one character attain immunity to Death spells.  Last, limit your
party to Squall, Irvine, and either Zell or Rinoa.  When you go
into a battle, summon Cerebus, and use the triple to haste,
protect, and aura everyone.  Next, flip through the characters with
the triangle button.  When you switch characters, you recieve that
chance for a desperation move, without expending an action.  The
only problem is that one character must be inactive at all times to
provide immediate support with cura and revive.  Any and all
damage has to be healed, and any character who dies should have
the three spells immediatly recast on him/her.  This is just about
the only method that will beat Omega Weapon.  Use Irvine's AP
shots, as they will do 9999 damage every time and can be shot
between 3 and 10 times per desperation move.  The other attacker
should be Rinoa (her final move is deadly), but Zell will do.  DO
NOT link elemental spells or holyto your attacks against Omega

Submitted and FULLY tested By: W. Litchfield


First draw Demi from him, don't cast it,
stock it, get at least 15 of them.  Next you'll
cast them from magic 'till you run out of them
then just hit him 1 to 8 times with the sword
(every time you cast demi from your magic he'll do
curaga on you)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Claudio


When you are fighting Edea for the first time,have someone cast carbuncle.
With reflect cast on everyone, Edea will spend the entire time taking it
off of you. Just keep casting it and have everyone else attack.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: wizkid


 Equip the Fire Ring on your 2nd person. Then
equip the dragon Armlet on the 2nd person.
Have your people attack Schizo (Left) the Ice half until they either die
or destroy it. Make sure to cast MPBarrier on your party.
Then if your 2nd person has over 768 HP you cannot lose because every
other attack is a fire attack
and it will keep healing your second person. Watch out for when Schizo
(Right) dies because it will take away 699 on your 2nd member.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Odin


Simply beat her dad in his mansion (in
Deling city)


Even though Ultimecia iz made out 2 be
da best sorceress around she iz actually
a bit of a weed!  Finish her off with
some GF'S, keeping ure health up with
recover.  Finally when u beat her she
brings out da GF on Squall's sword
(Griever).  2 kick this guys ass just
use KAMIKAZIE!!!!  Cactuar gives U this.
This can take off 45/46 thousand HP
and I think this kills griever but i'm
not sure coz my brother hazn't told me
if it kills him yet!
Good Luck!!!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Funky Diva

1.JACK,he walks past the directory to&fro.(you must
be good enough for them).
2.CLUB,he walks around the top part of GARDEN(around the dorms).
3.DIAMOND,the two girls hanging about the directory.
4.SPADE,on floor 2,next to the lift.
5.HEART,is Xu on the third floor(can only be done when garden is flying).
?.JOKER,(you do not have to play this guy)In the training
centre(he gives you a GF meter)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Rudd


The first way to get this GF is, when u go to the Deep Sea
Reasearch Center to get Bahamut, u must fight it then continue the sub
quest there and find Ultima Weapon. When u go into battle use the draw
comand and draw Eden. The other way(which I think is the best way) is when
ur in Ultimeca's castle u have to battle her last sevent Tiamat. In this
battle u can also draw Eden from it. Make sure if u use the 2nd way, to
leave her castle and go to the island closest to hell/heaven and battle
till Eden levels up and learns the Boost comand. When all of this is done
u will have a deadly GF to battle in the final battle, make sure u have a
healthy stock of Hero soo the bosses can't kill Eden. U can get a 100 of
them when u go and use Card Mod and use it on the Laguna card. That's all
u really need to know bout that GF. If u need help on ne part of this game
email me: thankz!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ashlee


When selphie reaches her critical level. The slots limit break will be
activated. Normally you would have to search through all the various
methods of attack but if you open the playstation lid the game freezes and
then you can take all the time that you want to select an attack. Then
once the one you want to select is on the screen, close the lid, the game
will resume and will perform the task that you asked

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brad Anderson


This is a way to win all your battles easy including ULTIMECIA. 
Simply start your battle by casting meltdown on Ultimecia which will lower
her defences then throw an aura stone at the person with the highest
amount of strength or cast aura on them i used squall because on my game
he can take away 9999hp off every hit. Now that squall has aura on him his
limit break will now appear on the menu so if you have squall's best
weapon you can do the strongest move in the game the lionheart which can
take away up to 230,000hp on my game. And also to get meltdown on your
magic list you have to fight gaylas (the big white and black flying thing)
and they will drop mystery fluids. You can refine these into meltdowns but
sorry I don't remember which ability you have to refine them with. To get
aura stones just use tool refine on steel pipes which you get from
fighting wendigos. Now with the squalls limit break working well you will
be able to beat any boss in the game with ease. This strategy against
Ultimecia pretty much works on anything you battle in the
fantastic! game of FINAL FANTASY 8. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Leigh O'Donell


Go to Winhill (as Squall, not as Laguna), once inside go to the shop where
Raine used to work, and talk to Raine's spirit who's wandering there,
she'll give you 100 pieces of all the items in the game!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Prime


All u have to do is get the GF Cactuar from Cactuar Island. 
Then have him learn the Kamikaze ability. 
You also must have the Revive ability to revive ure character with
Kamikaze. Junction Cactuar to someone you do not want to battle Tonberry
King. Just keep using Kamikaze to Tonberries then Revive them next battle.
This worked easily for me. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tris3d


Before giong into battle, make sure your characters' speed, strength and
HP are as high as possible. In your Magic inventory, you must have al
least 8 Shells, 3 Meltdowns, 3 Auras (or 3 Aura Stones in
 your Item inventory) and around 50 Flares. In your Item inventory, you
 should have plenty of 
recovery medicine (preferably Hi-Potion+). At least one of your characters
should be equiped with the Item ability and the character whom you've
junctioned Cerberus to should have the GF ability equiped. I'd advise you
that you take Quistis and Zell with you because Quistis's "White Wind"
Limit Break ability can be useful for when the party's HP is low and
Zell's "Dolphin Blow"  and "Meteor Barret"  moves can really kick the crap
out of Adel! As soon as the battle starts, the first thing you should do
is to cast Shell on all party members and then on Rinoa. Summon Cerberus
who'll cast Double and Tripple on all party members and then cast a
Tripple Meltdown on Adel. After that use the Aura to activate one
character's Limit Break (preferably Zell, if he's in your party) and have
the other two cast Tripple Flares on Adel. You should avoid using Squall's
Limit Break because he might use a finishing blow to harm all opponents
and that'll hurt Rinoa. DO NOT USE HOLY MAGIC ON ADEL, she'll just absorb
it and since she keeps sucking away Rinoa's HP, you'll need to keep giving
Rinoa some medicine so that she doesn't die (medicine's better because if
you've cast shell on Rinoa, recovery magic won't be as effective).
need to keep giving  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Zainab Siddiqui


You can make a little extra Gil with Edea's letter, to board the white
seed ship.Take it too a shop and you can sell it for 125 Gil. It's not
much, but it can help if you're short on cash. Return to Edea's house and
speak with Edea again. She'll scold you and then hand over another letter.
You can continue to sell her letters and get new ones to your heart's
content. Granted this isn't a great money maker, but it's kind of

Submitted and FULLY tested By: lyrical lance 


get 100 zombie spells, and learn levianthans recover abiality.  you can
either junction them to status attack or just cast it on oppenents to
zombify. then just cast recover on them.  the damage will say 9999 but
even if they have more they will die.

p.s. make sure the creature is a zombie or you will fully heal it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jeff


Here's a few  things  to make your final battle a little bit easier:
1) At least 25 Hero medicine (the Laguna card can be refined into 100
Heroes). 2) About 8-10 meltdown magic. 3) At least 20 mega-elixers (the
Bahamut card can be refined into 100 mega-elixers). 4) Zell with strength
level of around 200 (or more). 5) 5-10 dispel magic. 6) 20 Aura
(preferably stones, because magic might get blown away during battle). 7)
At least three characters' HP maxed out to 9999 (Zell included). There
will be a total of 5 monsters (4 of whome will be different versions of
Ultimecia). You won't be able to use Demi on any of them, except for the
first version of Ultimecia. They will all be easier to beat if you bring
their vitality down to 0 with meltdown. When fighting the second monster
(Griever), once you've cast meltdown on him, have Zell attack him as much
as possible because a single punch from Zell can deliver upto 9999 damage!
Cast aura on Zell and make it all the better (his most effective moves 
are Dolphin Blow and Meteor Barret). Also, Quistis's Twin Homing Laser can
cause some MAJOR DAMAGE! Once you defete Griever, Ultimecia will junction
herself unto Griever.
 Beat this creature using the same technique. The fourth monster will be
 Ultimecia and "Helix". Don't waste your time trying to fight any Helixes
 (they won't attack you, they'll just magnify Ultimecia's magic). Finally,
 you'll fight Ultimecia while she's absorbing any and all existance.
 You'll need to use your invinsibility items because she'll use "Hell's
 Judgement" on you, which will bring party members' HP down to 1. Good

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Zainab Siddiqui

VASE FRAGMENTS (and extra items) :

Visit Winhill when you are free to move around, taking Zell and Quistis
along You can now enter a large manor on the village square.Talk to the
owner and listen to his complaints about about a missing vase.In fact, it
has been broken and all over Winhill by choc/chicobos'.If you collect it's
four fragments and take them to the owner he will reward you with a Holy


WHEN QUISTIS IN YOUR PARTY.YOU WILL BE surprised to see a chicobo run out
and leave a vase piece in the armour press x again and find one. 2)Enter
Raine's house and talk to the woman upstairs and go back downstairs and
look at the flowers at the bottom right of the screen to gain another.
3)As you draw near to the elderly ladies flower house she will hurry
inside follow her in and examine the white flowers at the bottom of the
screen. 4)The fields is no longer empty in Winhill near the caution sign
as you approach you will see a chicoborunning to and fro stop in front of
it and press something and you will kick it each time you do this the
chicobo will drom an item (a pheonix pinion a gyshal green and finally
your last vase fragment.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Nick 'Da Rock DJ


use cactuar's kamikaze to practicly kill adel without
hurting Rinoa (note use the  spell regen on Rinoa just in case adel
survives kamikaze and revive that character to if adel survives because
use kamikaze

Submitted and FULLY tested By: john angiolillo


Equip all your 3 main players with as many Mag + %% as you can.
Give autopotion to another, and get rid of every potion but mega-elixir.
(They will use this on the final ultimecia that does Judgement.

When you first get into combat, get rid of the other 3 players
that you aren't using.  When you have your 3 good players, cast triple,
haste, regen, shell, and protect on them quickly.

Then start hurtling triple meteors indiscriminatly.  Heal only when
you are below 3-4000 HP.  (Everybody should have 9999)

I took out the first Ultimecia in 3 attacks of 3 meteors.  Then
the first Griever I took out in 2 rounds.  (Cast Doom on one player)

2nd and 3rd Griever I just rained meteors before he could hit me
very much.  Healed to max for final Ultimecia.

Rained more meteors (each hit out of 10 it does did around 1000-1200 each)
and let the mega-elixirs heal me when she did Hell's Judgement and
eventually took her out in less then 4 rounds.

After this sit back and watch the cool ending.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Marquoz


what you do is when you have the mission to go and see if you can help out
at fisherman's horizon after the crash sequence of balambon fisherman's
horizon go to mayor dobe's house and serch the walls of the first and
second floor and you should find a hiddendraw point with utima on the
right wall of the 1st or second floor. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ZicoEX


If you have the lionheart gunblade you should have no problem, but
just in case you should follow this strategy! Sorry about all the 
talking!Ok, If you have an aura stone/magic this is most important!
first have someone cast an regen on Rinoa, then use an aura on squall,
Then if your trigger is not on auto get a perfect combo this will increase
the damage, after you get the combo keep pressing the R1 button then you
know the rest! And make sure you don't use a GF or kill Rinoa with any

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Xavier Chaney


to beat adel easy, make sure you already have the ability "recover".
Have Squall at level 55 or so and your two friends around level 20-30. Get
the lion heart and start the battle.  Cast aura on Squall and use
renozuken on adel, using recover on Riona after each time he steals some
of her life.  As soon as your finisher for renzokuken is the lionheart
attack, Adel will lose.  Even if it is your first time getting it beccause
his level is the average of the 3 people you're using at that time.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Fleeto


build squall, irvine and zell up to or past level 5. use all gfs but not
quezacotl. raijin absorbs this. once they are all dead or low on health
use mad rush.they should die easily.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Heath


ok this is in ultimecias castle when u first enter it go all the way in
the area right before u enter the room with the weird black cload then
enter the green switch point ok switch to your other party dont worry u
can run for all your battles if u dont want to waste time now with your 2
team make them go up the stairs and do not go in the door take a right
enter that room on the side here u should see a rope on the far left side
of your screen go dow the stairs and press x the words monsters can be
heard from far away or something and a timer should pop up 1:00 run to the
green switch point switch to your first team now run all the way up to the
black cload but this time a giant monster should be there go all the way
up to it and fight it. OK this is for the players who really have guts but
if u not wait until this section is done ok expert players like me hehehe
this monster should have 1 million health and i am not joking it may take
u a couple of hours straight to kill this beep hole ok u must have aqua or
whatever makes u have limit breck put this on squall as many chances as
possible if u have hero drink it will save your life this dude has one
attack that can kill u compleately u must have hero at this time luckly he
has a attack attack then big boom i dont know what the order is so u can
figure it out u must have hero or something at that time and the limit
breck on this person oh before u fight him make sure all the charters that
are fighting him have 100 death juction at the last setion so because he
cast a level 10 or something death at u that can kill u in the start. ok u
little wusy people who like the easy way not the man way lol ok u can kill
him by make sure u have selfie and her level is 100 put limit breck on her
and open the lid while it is her turn dont worry it wont hurt your ps or
it has never hurt mine it may hurt yours but i dont think it will it
should frezze the game and selfie should have slots as her limit breck u
can move through the slots while no one is moving so no one can attac

Submitted and FULLY tested By: squall


Go in to the place where is the big church. you get the doomtrain from the
guy who is hidden in the left corner.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Kari Pallari


When in battle, have Selphie on your team and have her H.P on yellow. Keep
pressing O until her limit break appears.  Wait until the monster does a
magic attack and put the lid up so he can't attack you.  On Selphie's
limit break, keep choosing cast over until you see The End. This defeats
all monsters except for Omega Weapon and Ultimecia 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Selphie


have your party have the squire skill accumulate as a secondary option and
have gain jp up on everyone.have a knight with power break ability (or as
secondary ability) and a monk with charka. change your members to the job
you want to train and go into a battle.firstly kill all enemies except one
and then use powerbreak ability on the last enemy and untill he does very
little or no damage. have everyone using accumulate and the mony healing
with charka when needed. after 30 minutes of this you should have enough
jp to master that job classor very very near to it.this is an easy way to
get some awsome skills very early in the game and is very worth it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: PUR9E


When you're on the world map, open the Playstation lid.  When you are
supposed to go into a battle, the game will freeze, close the playstation
and let the game reload, then open the lid again.  You can do this all the
time on the world map. P.S it doesn't let you get hidden draw points, and
make sure the lid is closed when you go into a town etc.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Sumo Ji


To do this you have to have completed the CC Card quest then 
all the CC members will be on board the radorandak with all your
missing cards. Then you can challange the card king (Quistis)
in the airlock. If you have the gilgamesh card use the card mod 
ability to get 10 holy wars from the gigamesh card. As long as you
don't have the Gilgamesh card in you deck the card king (Quistis)
will always have that card in her deck. It's simple win gilgamesh
card, card mod it (I suggest you save your game) then play Quistis 
again. Repeat prosses until you have 100 HOLY WARS and a gilgamesh 
card on the side. (A holy war makes you inviceble for about 3-5 min
in a battle.)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Laura


1.on the 1st disk, goto the 2nd garden where you get Irvine. go
upstairs where you sit in the room to find out about seifer supposedly
being dead and keep talking to the guy on the wheelchair infront of the
reception door(make sure you keep moving in his way so he floats off the
chair, then talk). once you have talked to him loads of times and he has
left the screen. go in the opposite direction off the screen so that you
go into a new one. go back and you see the wheelchair guy. again keep
talking to him until he leaves the screen. he will eventualy say 'have
this and LEAVE ME ALONE!'. you will see yourself draw something from him.
you get 100 of each magic! very helpful when you are still on the first

2.when you go to fishermans horizon and you get to the mayors house,
enter it and keep tapping X around the walls(check every part!!!).
do it on both 1st and 2nd floor and you will find an Ultima draw
point! keep leaving the house and going back to that same draw point
until you get another set of Ultima. if you get fed up of doing it,
then do the mission of saving the FH, and when you come back, find the
draw point again(remember to check all floors and all walls) and you get
more Ultima. leave the house and enter it again and you will get loads
more. when you have 100, it is good to put it all on ELM-ATK or DEF!! it
helps alot ! ! ! !

Submitted and FULLY tested By: paul


If you desperately need to get GF's you have missed or anything else than
you will probably need the Ragnarok to get around. I DID!!! Anyway, go
through the portal nearest to Ultimecias castle and the you will be in
Esthar-Grandidi Forest. Use Diablos encounter -none ability. Walk about
and you will find dum dum dum!!! The holy chocobo nesting site. Go inside
and ride the chocobo towards the red dot on the big map. Believe it or not
that is the Ragnarok. Save it and Go in the Raganarok. There is a guy
called Joker who has shop and Junk shop-cool huh!. Then fly the Ragnarok
to wherever u want.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ziggi


aura: In Trabia Garden  in the screen before the basketball court, examine
the rocket which crashed on the stage on the highest level. thundara: Near
Timber there is a sort of dead end on the map in Shenand Hill. Search the
area. life: Near Winhill there is a sort of dead end on the map in Winhill
Bluffs. Sarch the area. dispel: In the middle of where Galbadia Garden
used to be. Can only be done after invading the Galbadian Garden.
blizzara: Near lallapalooza Canyon( galbadia )  there is a waterfall.
Examine it.     

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Moomba


1.complete the card club quest this means deafeating the cc king... FH have a card rule that is easy for you to win(i suggest 
  without the ramdom rule)continue until disk 4...
3.once your on disk 4 go inside the ragnarok you'll see XU..
4.used up any card, after the card is gone challenge XU for a game.
 keep challenging XU until you get your card back.(this method can also be
 use as a money trick,card mod bahamut to get 100 mega elixir and sell
 it,and win the card again and use it again and win it again.......

NOTE:this don't work for the card that you from the queen of card quest.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: michael alzate


When you're on the world map, open the Playstation lid.  When you are
supposed to go into a battle, the game will freeze, close the playstation
and let the game reload, then open the lid again.  You can do this all the
time on the world map. P.S it doesn't let you get hidden draw points, and
make sure the lid is closed when you go into a town etc.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Sumo Ji


When you push square button to play a card game with people, then he/she
will ask you to combined the rules. Answer NO to them, keep answer NO
until he/she stop asking you to combined the rules. Now you can play it
without spread the rules that you don't like. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Raymond


Secret G.F. "CLOUD" 
To get "Cloud" take Irine and Zell with Selphie to the missile base and
avoid battle as long as possible until you have to fight the guards. You
must have got the G.F. "Diablos" and his ability "Mug". Use this on the
guards to get X-Potions but if you use this on the red guards then you
will get an item that appears "????" in the inventory. Use this agaist the
large blue Machine Boss at the end and it will blow it up imediately. Kill
the guards after the Boss and you will receive a "Buster Sword". This item
summons "Cloud" from "Final Fantasy VII" (Who uses Omnislash on the
enemy). Use this item on "Odin" when you fight him in the Shrine and when
Seifer kills him at the end of disk 3 you will get the G.F. "Cloud"
instead of "Gillgamesh". "Cloud's" attack is the brilliant "Omnislash" (he
can't learn any abilties, so go back Timber and visit the Petshop or the
Itemshop in Estar to buy Abilty Scrolls for him) 

Submitted but NOT tested By: Liam Patterson


the end works on all bosses except Ultimecia "true" "proably cause shes in
outer space and how the heck are u sappose 2 get 2 a feild in outer space"
so just wait till Omega uses a magic make sure Selphies in ure party and
in yellow health "perferably 3 digit" open the lid and search for The End
then say Bye Bye 2 Omega and get the proof ive done this 5 times because i
kept forgetting 2 draw the 100 Ultima

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tj White


when squall and quistis first enter the world map give each of them a gf. 
ur goal is to have quezacotl get summag 10,20,and 30%.  also card and
thunder refine.  to get this fairly easy before fighting ifrit go to the
beach on forest.  on the beach are fishs that give u 6 ap a pop.  in the
forests are t-rexs which give u 10 ap a pop plus a lot of exp. hint: when
fighting t rexs use shivas, he is weak against that.  when u are on the
field exam(dollet) and are at the communications tower u will fight biggs
and wedge.  they are easy.  after them u fight a flying thing. draw siren
from him.  after this u fight the spider robot.  this is why u got sum
mags 10,20,and 30.  u also want boost.  whoever is 1000 compatibilty with
quezacotl should be the only one that attacks.  use the gf and boost its
attack on the robot.  when it falls on the ground zell will tell u to run.
dont. use the gf two more times then run.  u will gain 50 ap for "killing
it".  it actually only has 5000 hp per battle.  u can repeat this 7 more
times by getting caught by the creature for a grand total of 400 ap!! at
the end.  if time starts to run below 3 minutes. though get out of there. 
keep in mind that u will lose points to ur seed ranking if u keep gettin
caught but it is not that much.  good luck.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kevin Olcese


simply modify all the useless cards and voila each time you play a card
game, u only get the g.f and player cards which is quite good as this way
you won't lose them because of the weaker cards

Submitted and FULLY tested By: King of cards


when you are in the school controled by the sorceress and are worried
about how litttle damage you'll do against her, seifer or cerbeus then
hang around on the hockey pitch and you will fight 3-4 hockey players.
they each give 3ap and after each battle you nearly always get a level up.
they are easy to kill with under 1000hp and their max attack is 900 (with
me, you may be on a different level(i was on lv26))All you have to do to
kill them is cast a gf and they all die. the first time i did it i was a
little dissapointed at how easy in was, but it is an exelent place to wait
if you are weak and need more exp you also get 1-6 hi-potions ( +1000hp) 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Robin


to do this a couple times, at different places, (which
is fun), you must open the menu, go down to 
CONFIGURATION, and switch SCAN, from once, to always 
(doing this, you can do this over and over, with lots 
of fun). Make sure you got some Scans stocked up. Then
get into a battle, (make sure there is no time limit, 
that'll be a killer) select magic, and go to scan, 
instead of scanning the monster, move the curser over
and select one of your players. You'll learn something
new about them, but, something i found out recently,
is you can zoom in and zoom out, make the characters, 
run, and i heard you can make them do there attack.
What you do is to zoom in, hold both R1 and L1 buttons
and press the down button, this will bring the character
closer, press up, push it away, and so one. Hold R2 and
L2, you will make your character run, hold 
both R buttons, to make him/her return to their normal
postion. If you find anymore koo stuff about this, 
please e-mail me. thanx. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jeremy


The ultimate GF is diablos at lv.100 because he takes away damage %
equivilent to it's level. The way this works is when he is at say level 9,
he will take away 9% of their health. The bad thing is you can NOT do more
than 9999 damage this way. :(

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Seifer Almasy


When you fight Seifer at the end of disk 2, make sure that you have
Diablos Junctioned to Squall and make sure his compatability
with Diablos is at its highest. Have one of the members of youre 
group have HASTE. once you start fighting Seifer, have that member 
cast haste on you, once that is done, use Diablos on him and it will deal
about 5,000+ HP damage to him. Once you have defeated seifer, go down to
the auditoreom to fight Edea. When the battle begins Seifer will jump in
again(Poor fool...:) to help Edea. just do the same thing again to him and
he should be defeated in less than 2 hits! Once that is over with you will
fight Edea. Cast Haste on yourself again and use Diablos 4 times and it
will deal about 4,000+ HP damage to Edea!       

Submitted and FULLY tested By: apumpa


Go to island of hell/heaven, put Diablos's enc-none ability on, collect
all the magic you can. Once you get 100 ultimas and full lifes, put it on
you defense for elemental, and you'll absorb the magic by 40%, so lots of
magic won't hurt you. Then fight monsters, use aura on quistis (having her
on low hp means she may die straight away by the monster)then use
degenenrator so the monster dies straight away. This can help you get rare
items. If you go into battle with a malaboro then let yourself die, so you
get rebirth flame, so you can kill him straight away with quisists
degenarator, since you couldn't before because you had beserk, snd silence
and all that stuff. Go to Cataur Island, put auto-haste on Squall, not
other members cos they often miss the cactuar, and have his strength very
high so you kill them with one swipe.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: SOMEBODY STRANGE


after defeating Xu, talk to nida(garden driver) on the commander room and
then talk to Doctor in the infirmary and then you HAVE TO have quistis as
part of your team (go back to the save point in dorm and use switch in the
menu to put quistis in) and examine the bed to ask them to leave. exam the
bed again to take a rest. quistis will then appear in your sleep. if you
are already alone or have other members in your group, quistis will not
appear in your sleep. this is what i discover for the pc version of ff8.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bryan


When you are in the yellow zone (low life) and you do not get a limit
break during battle, KEEP TAPPING CIRCLE until the limit break option
appears. This can be used on any character in the game!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brooksyboy (Richard Brooks)


before you start a battle, go to the menu, and got
to the config. Go down to battle speed and max
it out. exit the menu, and start a battle. Look down
at the ATB guage, and see how fast it moves? and
remember, you're not in haste! I haven't tried it
under haste yet, but i'm sure it'll be pretty fast.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jeremy Gray


Here is the best answer you can get:
First yo need this: The Card mod ability - The Gilgasmesh card or
Laguna card - about 10 auras (for each character, you can get'em form the
closes Island to Hell or heaven using the non-encounters abilitie or
refining them from items) and 100 death spells for each character. Now go
to Ultimecia's Castle and take your main party to the green switch point
near the fountain, now with your secondary party go to the save point that
is inside Ultimecia's castle (not the one just before Ultimecia) save and
get ready with 10 holy wars or 100 heroes and  go to the room before the
art gallery (it should be a green point there) press X yo have 1:00 to
find The Omega Weapon. Go to the green point and switch to your main party
now just keep on going to the Piano (Where there was a Black hole or
something) and Omega Weapon will be there be sure to equip the item
command. Now cast Aura on your party and then The Heroes or Holy war. Be
sure to Use all power posible you won't need much energy because Holy war
is going to protect you.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Wil


When your fighting Adel put shells,protects,and curagas on your party and
on Rinoa.Be sure to have Zell in your party.Put Zell's limit break on Adel
then use Kamikaze wich is learned by Cactaur the G.F.This should kill Adel
without hurting Rinoa. 

Submitted but NOT tested By: Allen J. Shipe


first get rid of unneeded magic (fire,blizzard).Use these non-command
abilities Return Damage ,Auto-haste,Auto-shell,Auto-protect.Have some
esunas ,aura/aura stone,Phoenix Pinion,Megalixirs,Hero/Holy War
ready.Junction 100 Shells& Ultima to at least 1 person(sqaull).Once the
battle starts get rid of the 3 unneeded characters summon Eden and Bahamut
to finish the first form of her .Cast meltdown on Griever and Eden twice
to finish of Griever ,then STOP using G.F.s.Cast meltdown on ultimecia
cast aura on Squall and Selphie ,if you get Selphie's THE END or Squall's
LIONHEART that will finish it .Once the final battle starts cast triple
meltdown aura squall press O until his Limit Break comes up keep using it
have someone standby to use a megalixir when ever she uses Hell's Judgment
or APOCALYPSE .Use phoenix pinions and holy war and hero drinks .Triple
ultima will teach ULTIMECIA a world of hurt.When she starts to talk she is
just about done for.(Have your VCR ready for the ending )

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Nikhil O. Singh


in disk 1, you need to get the lionmheart right away to obtain cloud, you
ask the guy in a hawaiian shirt in balamb. he gives you the things to make
lionheart. you go to a nearby town and go to a weapon store and the sword
"lionheart" will appear on the screen. go to timber and look for a guy
that looks like cloud and talk to him he will join your party, because you
have the lionheart. this will allow you to take off squall in your party
but you have to replace him with cloud. they will share the same weapon
only cloud can't pull the trigger onthe gunblade.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: chester rover


get squall's ultimate weapon and about 20 aura stones or magic. keep
using squall's limit break in battle until you get the "lionheart"
limit break.providing that you already caused about 1000 points of 
damage to her, it will kill her instantly.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: garnet


debuchobo-the man sitting on the bench in front of the balamb garden
library. angelo-from wattson the forest owls train. gilgamesh-from the
cards club king. komoguri-from the boy in a blue shirt about
balamb.gardens hall. quetzocohuati-fisherman horizons male station master
on the second floor of the station house. shiva-obtained from zoon after
giving him the tonari no kanojo. ifrit-defeat him. siren-second floor of
dollets pub.walk east to battle the card master. minotaur-after defeating
bros. pandemonium-from the man standing in front of the balamb hotel.
alexander-from piet at luna base. ward-from doctor odain in esthar.
kiros-from the man in black gear in derring city. laguna-from elone in the
luna side base. selphie-from selphies friend in travia garden. quistis-in
balamb garden. irvine-from the female station manager of f.h. zell-from
zells mother in balamb. rinoa-from rinoas father in derring city. you have
to lose the ifrit card to him. back to ifrit-after you lose him to rinios
father you will get him from dodona in f.h. edea-from edea. seifer-from
sid at edeas house. squall-from laguna in the esthar presidential

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Adam


make sure to have squall with 100 zombies junctioned to his status
attack. give someone else the recover and/or revive abilities. then go to
the island closest to hell and fight the big monsters. have squall attack
and turn them undead, then revive them to kill instantly. NOTE: this works
best if the two characters performing this have the "Initiative" ability

Submitted and FULLY tested By: BJS


at the dollet control tower on disc 1, run around and around in the 
tower until you find&fight a monster called the ''golden orb''. It has an
HP of 990. After you defeat it, you will be asked if you want to pick it
up as an item, say yes. Go to your menu and select item. Use the golden
orb on Squall. Instantly, there will be a flash of light and you will see
Squall rise and transform into Golden Squall(He looks really cool). Squall
is not a real character now, he's a GF. Give him to Zell.

Have a good time!!!!! 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: The Cheatmaster


when you receive the "magic lamp" (which contains diablos) do not use it,
instead use it on "disc 2" when the garden is in chaos.Make sure that
siren has learnt the ability move/find and go to the "cafeteria" and draw
"demi" from it you should receive 7. split the demi between two of your
party members and go to your dorm and save then use the magic lamp. first
use carbuncle then cast demi on diablos it should only take 7 to kill him
and as a bonus he casts curaga on you every time you cast demi. use your
other member to cast your gf's on him. It shouldn't take long if you
follow my tips because he only has 16000hp. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: The FUZZ


Play a LOT of card games and have the card mod ability. When u card-mod
make all the items nessery. And there u go! (if u have all the items
needed for the next weapon it will be makable. books only tell you what u
need so make sure u know what u need!)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kyle Payne


first of all you have to wait till your garden is mobile and head north
untill you reach the last island on the world map. then go to shumi
village once inside go straight ahead and down the elivator.then go to the
last screen and go up the stairs into the hut, run to the back of the hut
and you will see a statue , behind the statue is a draw point, after you
have drawn talk to the statue and "sculpture" will talk to you and tell
you to go meet the "eldar" leave the hut and go to where to momba is and
go inside the eldar will ask you if you could help "sculpture" to finish
the statue. head back to the statue and talk to "sculpture" he will tell
you to go get some "blue stone" which is up against the wall behind the
statue and talk to sculpture.then wind stone which is in the screen after
the tree in the big pile of rocks outside the hut and return to sculpture
he will tell you to get life stone go to where the tree is and look at the
tree and return to sculpture he will tell you he needs shadow stone which
is outside the elivator where the shadows cross water stone go to the hut
beside the one the statue is in and go to where the person is standing and
go to your left as much as possible and face the sink and have a look and
you will receive water stone and return to sculpture  and he will tell you
to go see eldar again and you will receive a speical item.


first of all you have to wait till your garden is mobile and head north
untill you reach the last island on the world map. then go to shumi
village once inside go straight ahead and down the elivator.then go to the
last screen and go up the stairs into the hut, run to the back of the hut
and you will see a statue , behind the statue is a draw point, after you
have drawn talk to the statue and "sculpture" will talk to you and tell
you to go meet the "eldar" leave the hut and go to where to momba is and
go inside the eldar will ask you if you could help "sculpture" to finish
the statue. head back to the statue and talk to "sculpture" he will tell
you to go get some "blue stone" which is up against the wall behind the
statue and talk to sculpture.then wind stone which is in the screen after
the tree in the big pile of rocks outside the hut and return to sculpture
he will tell you to get life stone go to where the tree is and look at the
tree and return to sculpture he will tell you he needs water stone go to
the hut beside the one the statue is in and go to where the person is
standing and go to your left as much as possible and face the sink and
have a look and you will receive water stone and return to sculpture  and
he will tell you to go see eldar again and you will receive a speical

Submitted and FULLY tested By: The FUZZ


The ragnorak on disk 4:
first go in to the middle portol and equiptgf diablos with the ability for
having no monsters and run up to the chocobo forest,to get a chocobo. then
go down to the beach near edas house and run over on the shallow waters.
then run west to the hills and through the small passadge then go to the
ragnorak, on the ragnorak are the ccclub members ready the have a card
battle, you can roam around the world but you can't get into the citys so
theirs not much to do.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Gazza


Firstly have Squall, Selphie and Zell as you main party.
Have the other party ring the bell in Ultimacia's castle. Then switch to
the other party and have them walk up to omega weapon and press x on him.
You will now fight omega weapon. To defeat him have squall (255 strength)
and selphie 255 sterngth) to be knocked out then have zell use 2 lifes on
selphie and squall. Then have anyone use the item holy war(get it from
gilgamash card). Then have squall use his limit break (hopefully with
lionheart) and selphie to cast the end as here limit break. Once selphies
is casted just have squall use his limit break and omega weapon is

Reward for defeating him:
0 exp
255 Ap
1 x 3 stars.
and a special award viewable in the info section of help.                 
Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jacob


You need the following 5 cards-Iffrit,Angello,wedges+biggs x2 And 

Now get into a card game.
put iffrit in the bottem left squere.
then put Jumbo Cactuar in the bottem right squere.
Then put Angello in the bottem squere.
Then use the Biggs+Wedge in the Other Squeres.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris


Irvine:  Flo, FH MAyor's wife (Queen of Cards quest)
Rinoa:  Lose Ifrit card to Gerneral Caraway in Deling City.  Win the Ifrit
card back from Martine in FH. Edea:  Edea at Edea's House Squall:  Laguna
at Esthar 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Roger Baughman


I have recieved some of this info from this site but thought it would be
helpful to pull all my knowledge together for you. I will put a # next to
cards I do not have.

Minimog- jogging man, Balamb Garden
Odin- fight Odin
Gilgamesh- play Quistis as CC King
Quezacotl- male stationmaster, 2f stationhouse, FH 
Shiva- give Zone dirty mag on white See-D ship
Ifrit- fight Ifrit
Siren- Dollet pub 2f (plus check mag stacks for cool stuff)
Minotaur- fight Brothers
Sacred- fight Brothers
Diablos- fight Diablos
Carbuncle- #
Leviathan- #
Pandamonia- man standing outside Balamb #
Cerberus- fight Cerberus
Alexander- Piet, Lunar Base # (missed it found out too late, is there
another way?) Eden- # Behamut- # Jumbo Cactaur- loads of people Tonburry
King- loads of people

Laguna- Ellone, first thing you say to her ,Lunar Base
Kiros- man in black (meant to be Cloud?) Deeling city, part way through
Queen of cards sub-quest # Ward- Dr.Odine Squall- Laguna, Presidential
Palace # Quistis- Trepies, 2f classroom Zell- Ma Dincht Rinoa- lose Ifrit
to General Caraway,then play him. To get Ifrit back play Martine in FH
Selphie- Selphie's friend, gargoyle statue T Garden Irvine- female station
manager FH # Edea- Edea, beach Angelo- Watts Siefer- Cid

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bones


Get as many rare cards as possible and then using Quezacotl card mod
ability turn them into items. You can get 100 mega exilers from one of the
cards. Then refine auras from magical items using the status magic
refining and make sure you have Cerberus. Early in the fight cast
Cerberus. Then when you fight the final Ultemecia cast aura on squall
 and just use Renzokuken and lion heart. When Ultemecia uses hells
use a mega exelir. That way you`ll recover easy and just keep squall high
on aura and health and after a while she dies. Simple!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Joseph Welton


Okay after beating Raijin and Fujin , make sure all your characters hp is
at it's max, then use your gf's every time you have a chance to attack ,
but everytime all of your characters attack , heal all your characters
keep doing this 3 times ,and after 9 gf hits you beat seifer !!!

Submitted but NOT tested By: Sandy


In FH go along the wooden jetty and speak to the young boy fishing. Keep
talking to him until he gets the hang of it, then go and talk to the old
man that gave you the occult fan (down the old ladder near the entrance to
garden). Walk with him and learn all about the history of FH and
Esthar.When he's finished say you don't need him to escort you, then go
back to where he was sitting. Here you will find a draw point containing
(I think)full-life. Have fun.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bones


i found this out by accident in the missile at a save point and
collecct all the magic from the draw points now restart your playstation
and you should still have the magic you collected from before 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: timothy callaghan


When in ultimecia's castle , try to unlock all of your abilities.Make Sure
you have the Draw command . Climb the winding stairs and jump on the
Golden lamp thingy . Then go out onto the ledge . There is A big fat blue
dragon named Tiamat . Draw it from him . However , Be cautious when
fightnig him , Tiamat used to be a GF , ( Scan him for more info ) His
attack " Dark Flare " Is dangerous . Kill him quickly .

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bob Flowers


Instad of coming out of the Esthar coast portal and riding the chocobo,
simply go through the Centra Plains portakl and the Ragnorak is right
there. I think.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Bones


the most rarest card in the game is called PUPU all you have to do is
fight 4 ufos or more, save the game twice (one straight after the other)
than when you next speak to either Zell/Irvine/Rinoa you will be given the
rarest card in the game

Submitted and FULLY tested By: KILLA T


first u have to use ur card refine and refine bahamuts card, u should get
100 megalixers. second make sure that ur 3 strongest people have health
higher than 7500, aswell as have if not there best weapons close to them.
now the easy part, when fighting seifer for the last time {before u fight
adel} dont even hit him just draw aura from him and keep all ur people
healed so none of them die. after ur four armed man comes and gets rid of
seifer go and kill adel. no the really easy part. remember those
megaelixers i told u to get well save them until u get to ultimecia cause
u will need them. if u have diablo's enc none this is the time to use it.
{it saves u from having to fight anyone but the mini bosses in the castle.
u only need to beat 4 bosses for item,limit break,save,and magic. when u
get to fight ultimecia just use the 3 strongest from ur people let the
rest die, now listen closely this is a real humdinger. lol. most likely
she wont pick all ur strong people at once, dont freak out, just fight her
like a regular boss and evertime she makes ur one or two strong guys lose
power or she uses maelstrom just use a megalixer and continue pounding her
u should keep this up until griever kills all ur weak people with the
shockwave pulsar so by this time u should have all ur strong people now.
all u have to do is make one person use aura on the team, another keep
everones health up and the other use limit breaks on him and he should be
done in no time. {if u need help deciding on who is gonna do what hows
this, zell keeps health up on the team, squall use aura, and irvine use
limit breaks. his ap ammo takes 9999 a shot, so it would be quicker with
him just keep this up for the whole fight and in no time u will be watchin
the most unusual ending in ur life. i know i have done it and seen it

Submitted and FULLY tested By: da_chemistry2000


after you fight the two guards outside the pub you will get beul's 
card, go inside the pub and talk to the guy up the back sitting down
about the card and he will say that you can keep it and also take
another card then he will move. this way you don't have to spend
100's of gil trying to find out what bloody drink he wants. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: The FUZZ


First put quina in your party and have the invincible or a gold chocobo
not the Hilde Garde 3.  Go southwest of the Lifa Tree to find a big
island.  Go there to fight Yans.  Although they look like sheep a comet ot
two could kill you.  It also uses snort which blows one of your guys away.
 Use Roulette with Quina (Eat a hecteye zombie) with luck you will kill a
yan or two.  Finish the rest off with other attacks like Zidane's
thievery(Steal Alot), Freya's dragon's crest(Kill alot of dragons), or
even shock.  Quina's frog drop is good too (Eat ALOT of frogs).  Save your
game before attempting this....

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Michael Surh


every once and a while if you repetedly press circle you will get an
early limit break. this does not work very often so i wouldn't try it
unless you are fightig a weak enemy.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: phillip


after the lunar cry happens on disk 3 go to ethasar( get shivas doom
command for life to get easy for ya) now go up, turn left,go up. on
the sides there will be a scary looking guy... talk to him. now u can
fight infaninte elynoles. use doom. wait a minite or so for him to
die. congratz you got yourself 18 ability points and som good exp(use
this if the island closest to heaven/hell is to rough for you.)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: andy the drummer


Diablos) use the magic lamp off Cid on first disk and beat Diablos
Tonberry + Odin) beat 20 tonberries in Odin's temple on the centra
island, beat King tonberry, find Odin, beat him fast before the timer
runs out Eden + Bahumut) draw from ultimate weapon at research centre
(were Bahumut is) or off Tiamat in ultimicia's castle Alexander)draw
from Edea on 2nd disk

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Daniel

CC Club Members:

To find them(sometimes they can't be find easily)
this is how:win a card game in balamb garden(CAUTION:It can bring Your
SeeD rank down if you play too much)win about 15 games or more.When
you done that,go to the Balamb Garden's directory and you will finda
man.Play cards with him and he will say that he is the one of the cc
Club members.Note: the cc members use powerful cards.They use Lv6-10
cards.defeat him,and he will say that there are more members beside
him.Here are the personsand places you can found them:

CC knight:go between the outside of the cafeteria and the park. lot
find him in a SeeD uniform
CC diamond:the two girls that is on the directory of Balamb's
CC spade:the one who gave you the cards on disc 1
CC Club heart: It's Xu,find her at the deck of Balmb Garden
CC king :Talk to Dr. Kadawoki,she will talk about the King And go to
squall's dorm.Rest at there until you see squall and the king of the
CC club. I will not tell you who is the king..

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tiamat


when at ultimecia castle go to where the shaky lamp is. go cross over
it. noe go to the bahumat look-alike dragon. first off draw eden then
run like a madman. i swear to god this works(i got this on accident).
ta-da check it out u got eden!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: andy the drummer

GET 500 and more AP from X-ATMON2A:

In Dollet, in the first dics, when you beat Biggs and Wedgre, 
you fight X-ATON2A. He gives you 50 AP when you run away from him in
Battle. When you get to the bridge, you can keep fighting him and get
509 AP each time you run away. Good Luck.

Submitted but NOT tested By: John


all you have to do is press triangle rapidly when the attack bar is
filling up!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Roza


Make sure you have these things:
                                  Card (the attack ability)
                                  Diablos (He packs a wallet so make
                                  sure he has boost) revive and or
                                  recover Kamikaze (GF cactar has
Ok so what you gotta do is make one person use Kamikaze. Remember NOT
to equip the revive command to him. Now use the card ability. If you
must use diablos. Now in the next battle use the revive. Use kamikaze
again.Now do what i said before. * STAY IN ONE AREA. DO NOT GO OUT TO
you get to about oh say the 15 battle get rid of Card and Kamikaze.
Now use diablos until the tonberry king arives. By the way I dont know
if you need treatment. Oh one last thing use Kamikaze if tonberry king
really pisses you off. Thats all but if that doesnt work, I dont know
what the hell to do for you.    

Submitted and FULLY tested By: andy the drummer


All you have to do is have the Kamikaze and Level-up ability, and a
pheniox down(just in case) 1)Find T-Rexuar in the forests around
Balamb Garden. 2)When you find him, Level him up as much as you can.
3)hit him with Kamikaze.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Squall


There are some not-so-obvious advantages to keeping
your levels down. For example, when you get to disk
three, the Deep Sea Research Center is a piece of
cake: the Enc-None ability actually works below the
steam area. In addition, you can exploit Catuar's
Bonus Abilities to their max. But how can one build
up his GFs without experience?
To begin, you'll notice that Seifer is in your party
for only a small portion of the Dollet exam. This is
the key: KO Squall and Zell, then use Seifer to boost
the experience of your Gfs to their max. Even if
Junctioned to a KOed character, they will still reci-
eve EXP. and AP. By the time you're done with Seifer,
you should have:
All GFs maxed out levels
Most (or all) abilities learned
Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Curaga, Dispel, and Bio
magics to junction to your stats
100 Normal Ammo
100 Potions
Lots of Pheonix Downs
Quite a bit of good stuff, and your levels didn't
go up! Makes you stronger; enemies weaker.
To avoid unnecessary EXP, use Diablos's Enc-None and
Quetzacotl's Card abilities to avoid battle EXP.
On Disk Three, Edea can do the same thing. Fight
mostly Mesmerize monsters. With Tonberry's Sell-High
and Call-Shop, with Carbuncle's refining abilities,
you can convert Mesmerize blades into Mega-Potions,
which sell for 7500 apiece. For some strange reason,
when you start making more and more money, your rank
goes up.
To avoid having to get Odin, you can kill a few Ton-
berrys, exit, save and then go back in.
If you want rare magic or items, us Tonberry's Lv UP
and LV Down abilites.
When you're all done on disk four, put Quistis, Squall,
and another character in your party. Junction Cactuar
to Quistis and give her four of the five bonus abil-
ities, along with Bahamut (for Ability X 4), and a
GF with Initiative ability. KO Squall and the other
character, then use Degenerator limit break. When
Quistis is done, bring one of your comrades back to
life, Junction him like Quistis, and keep using Degen-
erator. Then bring in each character at a time, making
sure to Junction Cactuar with abilities. Your team
should now be very powerful.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ARP


Refining your player and GF cards.:
On disk 4,(if you have defeated the CC group), play the trepe girls
preferably the one on the left while on board the ship.  Play her
until she abolishes the plus rule.  This will take some time.  Simply
save it once it is completed. Now you can refine your rare cards and
simply win them back from her. This is good if you want all of your
party and thier GF's to learn some of the best abilities in the game.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Meleck Jones


During the missle base scene when you have to split up , there is a
rumor that if you put Rinoa, selphie and quistis in the party to go to
the base , when the guards are taking a break they will ask you to do
them a favor , Rinoa will protest and say how lazy they are on the
job. After you fight them , rinoa will fall unconsious and a scene
appears where it explains her whole history before the game.But thats
nly what I heard , figure it out for yourself!

Submitted but NOT tested By: BOB FLOWERS


When in dollet on your 1st seed mission, after you are being chased by
the robot spider run into the item shop and you will jump out of the
back and land in the ocean you will now be able to swim to any part of
the map you will also be able to climb up mountains.

After you have done this you will be able to get the secret GF Greiver
on your side!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: THE MASTER

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GameShark codes for squall (GameShark 2.3 or higher)
These are real game spoilers, but work great.

Max HP:

Max Strength:

Level 100

Max Speed:

Max Vitality:

Max Magic Power:

Max Spirit:

Note: the max HP code, for some reason always sets you're level back down
to ten,
so it should always be used with the level 100 code.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brett Andrews


Get the Maverick=300778A9-0008
Get the Gauntlet=300778A9-0009
Get the Ehrgiez=300778A9-000A

Submitted but NOT tested By: The Flame


type this code into your gameshark. may require gs 2.1 or higher. 800780E8
0FFF. must leave the gameshark on to keep your seed level at a.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: JT135

255 AP After every battle - GF's Eden &Bahamut - and more:

To get GF Eden: 300777d5 0001
To get GF Bahamut: 30077709 0001
To get GF Brothers/Cactaur(Note: This is a strange code, I put in the code
and it gave me Cactaur but the next time I played I put the same code on
and it gave me brothers.):300774e9 0001 To get GF Pandamonia: 300775f9
0001 255 AP after every battle: 80078ceo 00ff

Submitted and FULLY tested By: D Dawg-Dawg for life baby!!


800786C6 FFFF
800786C8 FFFF
300786CA 0001

Submitted and FULLY tested By: THE ONE AND ONLY CHEATER 

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