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Harvest Moon back to Nature
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My friend told me about this, I don't know where he got it, 
but I tried it, and my farm gt fully upgraded.  What you do is go to bed
three times in a row, put all tools into box, pick five weeds, put in
rucksack (if its big enough) give to the girl you are going after, bring
your dig to the middle of the square, leave it there, go to bed, go to get
dog. Put dog in the cave behind the waterfall, walk back and forth in
front of the entrance for two days.  Get dog and go back to your farm. If
done correctly you will here a hen cluck before you enter the farm region.
 All your structures will be fully upgraded. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Josh Burnett

100% in game:

After starting a new game, press start immediately when you start 
gameplay hold down L1 and R1.  Press buttons in this order (Triangle
triangle X circle circle triangle square square x x x triangle)  Unpause
the game and pause it again, you will have full inventory, all upgrades
full animals, all tools, all power nuts and so forth, the only thing you
are missing is a wife.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Graham Potter

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Give the harvest sprites bread everyday to in crease their heart then they
will help out at the farm.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: kai


Simply plant some flowers and Bees will come (this will make that Louis
guy happy)/ .

Submitted but NOT tested By: Dave


Don't plant seeds after the 25th day of a season or the seeds will

Submitted but NOT tested By: Farmer Joe


1-Use your axe to try to cut down the lone tree near the top of Mother's
hill. The tree will ask you not to cut it down and say "no" to get a power
berry. 2-In winter only, search around the northern corner of the winter
mine to find one. 3-Find one randomly by digging through the winter mine,
near the lower levels of the mine. 4-Grow 90 flowers on your farm, and
Anna will ask for some. Say "take as many as you want" and she will give
you a power berry. 5-Throw 5 crops or eggs into the river (standing behind
the waterfall at the springs) to make the goddess give you one. 6-After
upgrading your home, you can buy one eventually off of the TV Food channel
on Saturday. (keep checking!!) 7-Fish in the ocean for one 8-Get enough
medals at the horse race to get one at the prize booth 9-Win the swimming
festival 10-Dig in the year-round mine (behind the waterfall) to randomly
find one on the lower levels.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Katsumi Myoshi


this cheat rocks! ok, what you have to do is marry any of the girls at the
 beginning of the second year.  Be Incredibly nice to her and  then she
will get pregnant .   Once you find out the great news, give her
bracelets, necklaces, and earrings as much as you can.   If you have given
her enough, then when she goes into birth you will be the proud father of

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Cheataqueen


In the fall, Duke will ask you to work for him as a grape harvester.
Accept his offer and everyday go to the Winery around 11:00am. Right after
Duke tells you about the job, go straight to Cliff and talk to him. Tell
him about the job so he can get money and be able to stay, but if you
don't Cliff will leave forever...

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Katsumi Myoshi


You must have two separate save cards.  Save one game onto the other.
Then, exchange the animals with the option of exchange animals at the save
screen when you save to go to sleep(it will be on the screen that it's on,
not the actual save).  You have copied your animals and you can ship them
to your other game to sell or have, ain't it great? 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: 2501


One day you will get a horse to take care of from Yodel Farm. This is a
big thing. Because you don't have to feed him you easily forget about your
hore. But if you don't take very good care of him Barley will take him
away. To not let this happen remember to talk to your horse and brush your
horse every single day. Also put him in the stable when it rains. When
Barley comes around on Spring 3rd in the second year he will be happy and
the horse stays with you. Good Luck.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Forever Roaming


After you have been to the beach a couple of times during the summer
in first year (I'm not sure if it works during the other years. ^^;)
You should find a bottle with a letter in it. Kai will ask you if you plan
on staying in the village. If you respond 'Yes, forever'  he will take the
bottle and give you perfume (he calls it love potion -.-) in return. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Neko-chan


During the spring of the second year, go to the mine. Find two blue
crystals and put them in your rucksuck. Go home and put them in the
delivery bin. Immediately pick up your dog and place him in the middle of
a potato patch (while they are still seeds.) Quick run in the house and go
to bed before the dog moves from this spot. Get up the next day, and go
outside. If done correctly, it will be raining outside, and there will be
puppy twinz in your stable. These twinz can be given to any of the lovely
ladies found within the game, to have their heart color raised two levels.
Disco Donork is the best band.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Siegfried Gutenberg


the mystic berry reducesby 50 percent the amount of fatigue you 
exerience after preforming tasks. this has a huge impact on how much
you can do each day.

to get the mystic berry, you must find a mysterious creature known as
kappa. it livesin the lake at the base of mother's hill. kappa doesn't
show up without a good reason reason. to make it appear, you must stand in
front of the two trees on the left side of the lake and toss 3 cucumbers
into the water (you may have to try this a few times to get the right
spot) kappa doesn't show up in the winter.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Zach


to get a pet monkey, first, go to the mayor and talk to him twice.  then
go to the woods and by the tree on mother hill, there should be a pet
monkey or somekind of animal. pick it up and take it to your house and if
you go to slep w/ it in your arms every night, it will be ya pet!!! 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: jon berry


it is very simple to preform this trick. all you have to do is get your
dog ball from the salesman. once you have the ball thwrow it at your
toolbox. a few days later the salesman will come back(your ball should be
dissapered by now)and sell you the exact same ball he did a few days back.
this glitch has no purpose but it sure is funny.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Super Sayain TRunKs


The fishing rod is hard to find for some people. 
If you go to the beach on friday-sunday, Greg will be sitting on the dock.
To get the fishing rod you need to talk to him, he'll ask you if you like
fishing and if you want to try it. Answer yes and he'll give you a fishing
rod. Oh and one more thing. You must go the the beach between 7:00pm -

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Harvestmoonfan


if you want to get money and you dont have a hothouse then buy a basket
for 5000g. go to the mine with your basket and hoe and start looking for
holes. Once you you have got to the 2nd or 3rd floor start  mining the
whole thing and when you find a hole then go around it. then when you are
finshed that level then pick your basket up (which you need to take down
every level)
 then when you get tired you have to go to the hotspring and stay in for
 an hour and this well get you fully enrgizzed then go empty your
your rucksack by pressing square. then go back to the mine and do the same
thing as i told you. this tip could get you more then 3000$ with 3

Submitted and FULLY tested By: raru


if you would like help with your love life and your
friendship with gotz and you need a power berry all 
all in a simple series of tasks thatn follow these 
instructions. first throw one thing you've harvest or 
an egg into the river from behind the waterfall. after 
5 times of doing this the goddes will give you a power 
berry. after 5 more times the goddes will ask if you 
have a sweetheart answer yes and the girl with the 
highest affection for you will show up increasing her 
affection for you.  after 10 last times of doing this
the goddess will give you a piece of lumber. give
this lumber to gotz and he will thank you and become
a better friend. hint: the goddess will not accept
more than one harvested item or egg a day. also
she will not accept them on bad weather days or
festival days. remember you must throw the item
from behind the waterfall.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Justin Morgan


on the game get married to Karen

Submitted but NOT tested By: myst


if you follow the map from the tree you need to go to 
where the dog house and tree line up and dig ten times
with the hoe.  You'll find a music box and if you talk 
to Rick alot, within a couple of days he'll fix it for
free!!  You can do this as many times as you want and 
it's great because girls love music boxes.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan


To get all animals to gold produce in one year:
O.k what you do is in the game if your animals have lots of hearts and
they could all win the sheep,chicken, or cow festival but to bad you can
only enter one a year well here is the solution. Save the day before the
festival theen make a new game trade all your animals to the farm you
don't want except for one of the kind of animal that the festival is for
then once itwins you are transported to your house and then you trade the
winning animal over to the useless farm then reset the game and so now
your on the day before the festival again so then all  you do is trade
back a animal that hasent won back to your good farm then enter it win
again then repeat until all your animals have won then simply take all the
animals back from the uselees farm.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Matt


Some time during the begging of winter Cliff will colapse in the square.
When you talk to him you will recive a picture. Cliff will then be taken
to the clinic. You will be asked to leave but walk back in and give the
picture to Cliff or else you will be stuck with it forever. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: BadKitty


if you give the lumberjack items that he likes he will cut down the price
of remodling houses and cut down the amount of wood you need to remodle
your house.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: good kitty


Go to the poultry farm and buy a chicken and feed (unless you have corn). 
Make sure to feed and pick up the chicken everyday.  When he lays an egg,
put it in the incubator until it hatches.  When it grows up, you can keep
it so you get more eggs, or you can sell it for $500

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ilikecheese


at one point in the game won sells you a ball whether you want it
or not it later disappears and won returns to sell you another ball 
shortly thereafter to avoid this event you can put you ball away
in the cabinet when you are not using it (you will not have one
until u expand your house) also do not play ball in the house or
you will lose it behind furniture

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jenny L


Whenever an event occurs that's near water,
(fireworks, swimming, cooking(pot), etc.)
when the festival is over and it's dark, don't go home, 
 instead fish. When there is no time against you. The only
thing you worry about is stamina.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: John M.


some day in fall rick will come to your house and ask you to take care of
9 chickens rick tells you that you can keep the chickens eggs keep one egg
and when rick takes the chickens back incubate the egg. a week later the
egg will hatch and the left over fodder you can feed him with that

Submitted and FULLY tested By: harvestmoonfreak


Hey to get elli to ike u more give her lots of flowers on the 16 of

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brittany


You can put more then one of the same item in the cabinet. ex. the metals
you dig up can be put in groups.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Falcon 5


First of all, youíve got to get the girl up to red or orange heart (it
goes black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red). The blue feather
will go on sale at the supermarket for 1000G. (Won will try to sell it to
you for 30 thousand G: donít buy it.)  In the last game, you couldnít get
married unless you had a kitchen.  In this game you canít get married
until you have the third house upgrade  (fist house has a bed, tv, and a
tool box; second house has everything plus a kitchen, cabinet, and
refrigerator, the third house has everything and a second bed for your
unborn kid it).  Even if you have the girl on red heart, she wonít say
yes.  The upgrade costs 10 thousand G and 750 lumber.  You need the other
house upgrade, the barn upgrade, and the chicken coop upgrade to get it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ravon


in the 10th year in fall go to the bridge and stand in the mittle and wait
untill you lay down.  when you do the bridge will shake and fall and so
will you.  then you will wake up and your wife, kid, and the hariss will
be around you and say that they were so worried. then a cupple of days
latter gotz will ask you to help bild another bridge it will take 5 days
and he will pay you 1,000G a day and give you some extra lumber a bout 200

Submitted and FULLY tested By: hobo bob


When you go to the mine, and you want to get to the good stuff at the
lower levels, first what you do is get to a lower level and try to
remember were you found the ladder. The ladders are usually in around the
same area on the same level most of the time. This will help you get the
good metals in the all year round mine and the better ones in the winter
mine.(Also in the winter mine if you get far enough then you can find an
underground lake that has a legendary fish in it.)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Falcon 5


Instead of fishing off the pier fish out of the river in the back of your
farm. Even through you catch small fish they're easier and more plentiful
than large fish on the pier.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bob


Salad:  cucumber, tomato, carrot, cabbage, and a knife
Stir fry:  cabbage, oil, other veggies, frying pan, knife, and soy sauce
Curry: curry powder, rice balls, and a pot Vegetable juice:  cucumber,
cabbage, carrot, other veggies, mixer, and a knife Tomato juice:  tomato,
mixer, salt Hot milk:  milk, pot, sugar strawberry jam:  strawberry, pot,
and sugar grape jam:  wild grapes, pot, and sugar;  you can also add: wine
and honey Jam bun: strawberry jam and bread Jam bun 2: grape jam and bread
boiled egg:  pot, egg, and salt Mushroom rice: mushroom, rice balls, salt,
soy sauce veggie pancake: flour, egg, cabbage, frying pan, knife, oil, and
a mixer truffle rice:  truffle, rice balls, salt, soy sauce happy
eggplant: eggplant, frying pan, sugar, soy sauce, miso paste grilled fish:
 medium fish, frying pan, salt, soy sauce scrambled eggs:  frying pan,
oil, egg; you can also add: whisk, salt, soy sauce, sugar, butter, and
mayo. miso soup: veggies, fish, pot, miso paste, knife, salt, soy sauce
mixed juice: strawberries, pineapples, grapes, carrots, cucumbers,
cabbage, apple, mixer, knife, sugar, salt chocolate cookies:  chocolate,
flour, butter, eggs honey OR cookies and chocolate noodles: flour, rolling
pin, fish, veggies, pot, knife, seasonings

please, if anyone has more recipies, put them on, if some one finds out
how to get chocolate or butter, put it on.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brandon Ouellette


To get your horse back if Barley takes it away from you, all you have to
do is plant about 40 patches of grass. Barley will then come to your ranch
the next day and say, "what a splendid pasture. this will work out great",
or something like that. He will then give you another horse.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Sarah


Crops will grow faster in help of rain so the best thing to do is plant
your crops on that day.(NOTE:not actually faster but you have more time
that day.) Alsoif u give STAID (dark blue house sprite) one thing he will
grow 1 heart plus he LOVES to work.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Stower


Squid-Throw a small in ocean as bait (good for the day) only Summer.
Catfish-Go down in the winter mine until you find a pond, fish there.
Char-Must throw these three dishes in waterfall, sashimi, grilled fish,
and sushi. Sea Bream-sell more then 200 fish then fish in
ocean(Spring,Fall,or Winter. Angler-Fish in ocean Carp-must have all
legendary fish, then fish at mother hill.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Coolhand Luke


Every day start work early. There are some blue flowers that you can
sell by the lumber house and if you want that girl that works at the
chicken place to like you, just give her the whight flowers you find the

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Adam Melindy


In ancient speedy zone time go faster than the normal time.Be sure 
that your that your digimon is don`t want him fading in the
middle of your misson.1 more last thing,you better bring lots of food
there so that your digimon is not so easily hungry.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Aaron mong


To get butter you must have the mixer and milk, there are no other added
ingedients so u don't have to worry about that. The only way to get
chocolate is by the thanksgiving festival.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Chris


If you want to get spa boiled eggs go to the spa where you regain your
energy. Stand by the place where it looks like the rocks are broken chunk
a egg in and it will pop out a brown color. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tigerwouldnt


If you dont know where the winter mine is. this is where it is. Go up to
mothers hill hopefully u know where that is then walk where the pond is
and u can walk on the pond so dont worry then go into that little whole
that looks like a cave then then start mining. Only keep the stuff you
want and stock up on that white stuff so you can make ur love jewlery from
the black smith.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Big T


In the fall, if you have the best watering can other wise it might be a
little hard to do or ask the harvest spirts to water the plants for you,
buy as many sweet potatoes as you can and then plant them. You get 120G
for every sweet potato and they regrow every 4 or so days. So if you need
money do this and you will get a lot of money fast.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Falcon 5

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infinite lumber 80070D38 03E7 
Infinite watering Can 80071A88 0064 
Infinite chicken Feed 80070D40 03E7 
Infinite fodder 80070D3A 03E7 
Infinite fish Feed 80070D3E 03E7 
Infinite gold 80071A5C 967F
              80071A5E 0098 
Max Gold Earned 800711FC 967F
                800711FE 0098 
Max Gold Used 80071200 0000
              800573E8 0000 
Max Stamina 80071A12 003C 
0 Dead Animals 80127232 0000 
10 Hearts For Dog 8012724C 000A 
10 Hearts For Horse 80127258 000A 
Popuri Has Red Heart 800786B4 FFFF 
Elli Has Red Heart 80077298 FFFF 
Karen Has Red Heart 800767A0 FFFF 
Ann Has Red Heart 80076EF0 FFFF 
Mary Has Red Heart 80077BBC FFFF 
Tools at 400% 
80071A40 FFFF
80071A42 FFFF
80071A44 FFFF
80071A46 FFFF
80071A48 FFFF 
All Item Shipped 800711C4 03E7
800711C6 03E7
800711C8 03E7
800711CA 03E7
800711CC 03E7
800711CE 03E7
800711D0 03E7
800711D2 03E7
800711D4 03E7
800711D6 03E7
800711D8 03E7
800711DA 03E7
800711DC 03E7
800711DE 03E7
800711E0 03E7
800711E2 03E7
800711E4 03E7
800711E6 03E7
800711E8 03E7
800711EA 03E7
800711EC 03E7 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Zack


max lumber         max fodder         max fish food      max chicken feed
80070d38 03e7    80070d3a 03e7   80070d3e 03e7   80070d40 03e7

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Eric

Watering Can Always Full:


Submitted but NOT tested By: billy

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