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Monster Rancher 2



Go to the volcano with the professier
When the Phoneix flys out of the volcano
go back to where the phoneix fly out the volcano
and you will find the fire feather. then combine any two monsters with the
fire feather and you will get the 100% phoneix.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: draco_111


if you think your monster is going to die just let your monster eat fried
snakes every month   CAUTION!!!! your monster might lose loyalty

Submitted and FULLY tested By: luis


to get the joker you must go on the Kawrea volcano expidition with Dr.
Talico either the 2nd time he asks you, or later. When you arive take a
right from base camp and follow the path till you get to the end were you
will take a left and follow that path till you get to a small small shrine
with trees in front of it to your left, from there follow the path up and
take a left were you will see a boulder, destroy it and go straight and
destroy the pillars that block your way. follow that path till you get to
a white building with stairs leading to the top, you will know if your in
the right place if Dr. Talico says it is a holy place or something along
those lines. Search in there till you find the joker mask. NOTE: the mask
is sometimes not there so you might want to reset the game if it is not
there and do the expidition over till you get the mask.with the mask in
hand youu head home and a week later after you are back master pabs will
take the mask and put it on like a dumb ass and the mask will stick to his
face. Moments later Dr. Talico arives and says some crap about studying
things.After he says that he takes out a gali mask and puts it over the
joker mask and the mask comes off his face. After thats over he tells you
to go to the lab and get it analyzed, at the lab use the jokers mask as a
secret seasoning while combining any 2 monsters to get a joker.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: charles


beat the dragon in the trial cup (level B) then beat the offical cup to
get to the level

A. then you will be invited to a battle you will haft to beat a black

(monol/dragon) and when you beat the dragon then you will get a dragon
tusk then get a grape (dino/naga)
then get a stinger (naga/dino)then combine them and use the dragon tusk
and you will get a dragon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Justin Grace


You can get monsters fron disc stone by going to the Town and then 
go to the Shrine.she will asked you what kind of reproduction do you
want and you choose disc stone.Then she will asked you to insert a
monster rancher 2 cd.You take out the monster rancher 2 cd and insert
another cd.(to see what monster is sealed in the cd.)You can take the
monster to you ranch too.If you insert a cd and she say this is a rare
monster and you must be a Ima trainer to check the monster.So you must
unlock the monster.Go to another website to see how to unlock them.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ariel Tan


Gali,Henger.Mew and Worm
To get these monsters you will get an ivitation to a tournament if your
class is high enough. compete in it and become a represenative then beat
the next tournament your asked to if you win you can get them off cd's.
Ghost to get ghost let a monster die and build a monument wait a few years
and you can upgrade it keep doing it eventually colt will find a stick
combine two monsters with it and you have ghost

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jarren George


Raise monsters till you get Binto to come the fourth time to fix your
house (not your ranch your house) Colt will peek in and a little box will
appear .You will see a weird looking monster for about a minute.When Colt
talks to Binto,she will bring up the subject and he will give you the
pot.Take it to the lab and combine any two monsters and use the pot as a
item.It will be a 100% barjarl.  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jeffsu


You should unlock a monster from a CD, then, raise it get it very strong.
I used one that likes BATTLE. After that, raise it, and put it in lots of
battles. (Try to at least stay as a damn Millionaire to do this!)After
Coltia asks you if you want to remodel or fix(What the hell.)Say yes, and
you can breed Golem.

Submitted but NOT tested By: A.J.


Have a monster with a shorter life span (example: Sueki Suezo) and train
it until it dies. Once it does, it will have its own tombstone. Master
Pabs will come by later to tell Coltia to clean it up, and she will for
awhile until some short time later she finds a stick on it. Use the stick
to combine and obtain the Ghost monster.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Big Dan

100% MOCK:

get a monster up to c-class and then go to the shop.  once there
the shop owner will tell that she was given a seed and will give that
seed to you for your achievements.  after receiving the seed go back 
to the ranch and coltia will plant the seed by the stream.  after 
about 5 years colt will say that the tree needs water (just say yes 
when she asks you a question about the tree). then after a few years 
the tree will move so much that colt will say something or another.
then just let a monster die and a mock will appear in the barn. note:
this also get rid of the first step for the ghost monster as well.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Josh Williams



Submitted and FULLY tested By: Sage Lecacy


if you have a monster that is going to die and you 
want to keep it do this little trick. first, know when your monsters
birthday is. second, be sure that this monster is well fed (dont feed it
jelly alot) third, go to the lab and freeze it. than when that monsters
birthday is a day away revive him or her. you can have a huge monster with
this trick but it will die on its birthday on the 10-12 year so watch out.

Submitted but NOT tested By: red_dragon56


after you get a phenoix monster put "dune 2000" pc game in the shirne and
you will get anthor phenox with better stats and i prefer combinding it
with jelly or water/ice monsters and it will "not" get you a jelly bird
but a different monster! you "have to" get the first phenoix! try it over
and over none will be 100% so dont be sad if you get a hare or somthing be
sure its the second phenoix "not" the first. 

also about 45% of cd's are melon suezo's 20% you cant unlock and the rest
(15%) are different unlockables. (i hate melon suezos! use them to mix or
deny having it keep it i suggest keeping it so you can atleast have all
that time spent used!)        

Submitted and FULLY tested By: red_dragon56


My First A-Level Monster Since Losing My Phoenix:
To get a Silver Suezo(Suezo,sub-type:??????)
Buy,or borrow from a friend TLC's CD"FANMAIL'.You must be a Level-5
trainer or better for this disc to open.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: J.J.Lentz


first get a monster at least up to rank b then kill it.after a while,colt
will ask you if you want to upgrade and clean the altar.say yes.after
another while she will ask you again.say yes.if you completed the b rank
requierment colt will find a stick.use it to combine any two monsters and
you will get a ghost

Submitted and FULLY tested By: David Daniel


Go on the Titus Temple expidition and get the mirror.  Go to the lab and
combind a pure breed gali with a pure breed monol and use the mirror as
the secret seasoning.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jesse


Before sending your monster to errantry save the game first.Then you go to
errantry, if your monster did not learn any technic,load the game and try
again until it learn a new technic.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Aliff Tee ,monster boy


first get the dragon and then freeze him. when the phoenix comes back,
about 25 years after he ran away the first time, train him so he has
at least 500 in all his attributes, then combine with the dragon and
use the mirror from the adventure, and put him first then the phoenix,
et voila, you got an invincible dragon

Submitted and FULLY tested By: SK8ER101


get a gray dna capsule on an adventure and use it when mating any two
monster to get the moo dragon.

Submitted but NOT tested By: JP Walker


how too get baku you might see him in some type of ride in a
expidition well the first time Colita asks you too update the house
then you can unlock an Baku, Golem, and if you have the right CD maybe
even an Dragonand thats how you get Baku. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: jls


 To get ALL the moves, train your monster and make it learn lots of
 INT moves in then mix with a suezo the other monster must be the main
 and the combination must have suezo for a main,your suezo will have
 the same or close to the amount of moves, now you can get your suezo
 all the other moves,if it wasn't previosly alive!NOTE:this also works
 with nagas, but POW moves, not INT.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ash


At the shrine put in the Monster rancher 1 cd. You should get a
monster  with 999 on all stats but speed. this monster will die in 1
week. Get him the week of a free for all, enter and win the battle.
You should get 4000 bucks each time

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Aussie


when you raise a monster in drill, if it gives you a yuck sign
(check monster data, view and hit O) do a different drill and there's
more of a chance it will get a great

Submitted and FULLY tested By: brendan


when sending your monster on erranty never send them the first week
always send them the2nd, 3rd, or 4th week.

Submitted but NOT tested By: JP Walker


when you get a fun can and it contains a doll that kinda looks like
ducken colt will ask you if you want to give it to your monster say
yes then combine it with another monster of a different breed with the
same kind of doll their is a chance that you will get a ducken (this
code also works with other dolls you may get with a fun can)this works
better with two pure-breed monsters although it may work with two
mixed-breed monsters (the doll wont show up as a secret
seasoning)warning do not save and try again!if it doesn't work the
first time do it again with two diferent monsters with another set of
dolls this means this code might take awile to work but the monster
will be very strong   

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Hengar45

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