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Nascar Heat
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Surely you know what drafting is. However, through practice and a lot of
time playing the game, I have learned the best way to draft off of another
car. While you are behind a car, you will see the blue draft bar getting
fuller the closer you get to a car. However, because the game will change
according to your personal skill level, the car in front of you will slow
down quicker than you think.  As this happens, do NOT pass him imediately.
Wait until he gains a little more speed, which in turn, will give you more
of a drafting affect and you will therefore be carrying more speed.  Now,
there is a chance that a car or two will pass you if you stay behind this
car when it slows down. If this happens, jump in behind that car which
will allow to to imediately gain more speed and help you pass both cars,
the slower one and the one in which you are drafting off of. This skill
will help you defeat all of the Beat the Heat challenges and will help you
be competitive in the championship mode.  Good luck with your racing.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brian

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Lap Modifier:

d0083b48 0001 80083b48 ????

Submitted but NOT tested By: Mike Geosits

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