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Parasite Eve 2
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When using the Weapon Mod code, make sure that both parts are activated.
Also, clear out one slot in your item inventory and then hit the sort
button. Choose the weapon you want from the list, then perform the button
press for it during gameplay (not in a menu). Next time you check your
inventory, the weapon will be in your last item slot. Here are the button

PO8 (S. Magazine): L1 & L2
Large Handgun: L1 & R2
PO8: L1 & R1
P229: L1 & Up
Large Handgun: L1 & Right
Grenade Pistol: L1 & Down
MM1: L1 & Left
PA3: L1 & Triangle
Shotgun: L1 & Circle
AS12: L1 & X
M4A1 Rifle: L1 & Square
Light Machine Gun: L1 & Start
M4A1 (+1): L2 & R2
M4A1 (+2): L2 & R1
Hypervelocity: L2 & Up
Gunblade: L2 & Right
M4A1 Hammer: L2 & Down
M4A1 Bayonet: L2 & Left
M4A1 Grenade: L2 & Triangle
M4A1 Pyke: L2 & Circle
M4A1 Javelin: L2 & X
MP5A5: L2 & Square
MP5A5 (+1): L2 & Start
MP5A5 (+2): Circle & Start

Submitted but NOT tested By: mika


try the hardest mode of practice three times in a row and you are
awarded infinite weapons.reject this, practice three more times and
you are offered infinate weapons and ammo.accept this!!!nothing
happens if you reject the offer.(you miss out if you reject it the
second time)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kenneth Young


press L1,L2,R1,R2,select,& start all together rapidly & the game will
start over

Submitted and FULLY tested By: eduidaine


at the cash register in dryfield in the lobby enter "#" then hit 3033
and then it should bring up the bronco master key

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Tran


 when you enter MELLISSAMAYA it doesn't work. Read the white board and
 you will find out that a guy named Yoshida "borrowed" the computer
 magazine. you must read the board! go to the sleeping quarters on
 shelter level B2 and find the magazine on his bed. Read it
 thoroughly! the password is a3eilm2s2y

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Tran


To get the Javelin for free equip the Medicine wheel found in the
incinerator when the golems appear. when you are on your way to eve
instead,go to the hall close to the operating room a nd you will fight
a rook golem. when the battle ends you get the javelin as a bonus

Submitted but NOT tested By: Chris Tran

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He's pritty eazy all you have to do is shoot the high voltage wires 
and gas mains to take off a huge amounts of hp's.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: The Game Agent


Hide in the right side of the cat walk,between your room and the hotel
storage room and the two storie monster won't be able to reach you, but
run when you see any sign of fire.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: daniel carr


Whenever you find a buket of bullets like the one that appaers in  the
first building sitting in the bench that is in front of the statue you can
take it but if you fell that you have to take more bullets or your supply
is low, UNLOAD your weapon before taking your taking the bucket because
other wise you wont be able to perform the reloading or you can also just
unload your 9mm and then discard your bucket and then get a new one that
will alow you to keep a high bullet amount in your attachment to kill all
of those creatures.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Rod Morales


the best gun to use for those scorpions on the dryfield level 
is the shotgun
get up close to the scorpions and just blast away make sure you have the
shotgun do not use any other weapons the shotgun is the best weapon for
the scorpions besides there are about  5 to 10 scorpion all at once. do
not i repeat do not use the shotgun on the really big animals  it has slow
reloading and makes you an easy target while your reloading. also if you
use the shotgun on the scorpions you can kill them in one shot. use the
baton or your pistol on the bats.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: FRANK NELSON


always go into battle with the grenade pistol equipped with either the
shotgun or rifle equipped on that.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: J


The password for the computer in the Neo-Ark base
is A3EILM2S2Y (variation of MELISSAMAYA)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: William Litchfield


#1 to open the power plant door
red, yellow, blue, white, blue, white, red, yellow, white, blue, 
yellow, and red

puzzle #2 takes you to the optional boss bog stalker
1. step on the blue stone 6 times
2. step on the white stone 2 times
3. step on the red stone 3 times
4. step on the yellow stone 5 times
5. lower the level that is on the statue
6. the bridge will then slide down to connect with the island.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chrissy


the reactor is pretty difficult to beat. use the grenade pistol with full
ammo for better results to beat this tough dude. you should also stock up
on mboost and recovers. plus, keep the medicine wheel and holy water
attached so you won't die as fast and you will be able to kill him fast
too(there are other items you should stick on to kill the reactor faster
also). i don't want to ruin the game plan for you, but if you see the core
start to open up i suggest you run! sometimes its hard to avoid this
attack, but if you are facing the reactor its possible to avoid it if its
far enough away from you. aiming for the body parts first adds up bp's but
good luck. for the fight i suggest you use antibody, and energyshot to
speed things up a bit. once you defeated the reactor a short, what i call,
a movie will take place. the final boss appears afterwards. if you had the
skills to get where you are now you will be ready for this boss. it may
not be hard as you think it is. one hint is if the screen is wavy use you
magic. if you use the right one (or two) it will stop him from using his
magic. always shoot for the ghostly figure first to get him out of the way
then start shooting the boss. again, use antibody and energyshot for best
results or to speed things up. there is three possible endings. a true
ending, normal ending, and the sad ending. if you went back to dryfield
and saved pierrce, and saved pierrce again in the golem freeze you will
get the true ending. if you didn't you might end up in the normal or sad
ending depending on what actions you took in the game. all the ending are
great so i hope i helped a little, and enjoy the three endings of the
game, and good luck! Email if you what if you have troubles during the
game and how it turned out.   

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chrissy


The holy water from the safe in dryfield; the medicine 
wheel from the incinerator and the crystal skull from the 
viewing room under the island in the ark.  They all tell you 
attach them and see what happens.  However, if you click on 
them and 'use' them instead, then they will boost the levels 
of differing Parasite Energies.

Unfortunately, I don't yet know if this is a good thing or 
a bad thing as I haven't finished the game.


Before you get sent off on any other missions, it's a good
idea to do a complete sweep of the level and kill ALL the 
NMCs.  The reason for this is that when you arrive and get 
your next objective, the game automatically refills the level
with monsters.  The more monsters you kill, the more BP and MP 
you can earn.  The more BP and MP you earn, the better weapons
you can buy.  The better weapons you can buy, the easier it is 
kill the NMCs.  You get the picture.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kell Lunam-Cowan


Do not use the Medicine wheel, Ofuda, Crystal skull, or Holy water.
Instead attach them for some special effects during battle. The effects
are reduce physical damage, get extra items after a battle, increase power
of PE and I'm not sure of the other one. I'm not sure of what effect goes
with which item but having them attaghed helps when fighting the last two

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MICHAEL


This may not be the biggest in help,but it sure has gotton me through the
game alot faster!Instead of worrying about all the PE ablities and
reviving them, just focus on several important PE abilities.First focus on
healing-max this out.You will need this later on when you run out of
regular items for recovery.Next focus on getting the inferno ability. To
achieve this,max out all fire ability's.than lastly focus on
anitbodie.this will make your damage recieved better!(i mean lower). than
sprinkle the last amounts on energy shot.the other abilities are a waste
of time.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Methos


If you cleared the Akropolis of all NMCs, and responded to every hot zone
on the map, and retained your BP gained in the shooting gallery at the
start, you can now purchase a weapon/armor combo from Jodie in the gun
cage.Trade BP for the turtle vest and M4a1 combo or you might just have
enough for the PA3 and COMBAT ARMOR together.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Heriberto Cuevas


When you have an NMC that is slow but has a ranged attack fire from a
distance. When you get in range of it's attack use a clip and then run
backward while you reload. 
  When you face those caterrpillar like things it's better to have the mp5
and don't stay in one place. If you have to pistol still your gun fires in
a 3 round burst so after the burst run to the side and make sure you don't
  run at them or they will still hit you.
  If an enemy has a ranged attack and you have any weapon, take the first
  shot and get it's attention.
Then, let it fire first and dodge it of course then fire until you empty
your clip. After you reload run torward it and away from it unless the
attack is a beam attack then run side to side.

Submitted but NOT tested By: jake


When you get to the Pad Gantry in the Shelter (where the camera
controls are), *turn off the security*.  I believe this is the 
5th camera control button from the top.  This deactivates all the
turrets that shoot nasty laser beams and such.  They get reactivated
again later on, so you will have to disarm them again before you head into
the Parking Garage.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Eric


the best way to kill the giant creature before you fight final eve is
this. shoot his left arm until blood comes out. then do the same to the
right arm! this will stop the green mist from hurting you. if you have the
pyrokenisis and combustion maxed out you'll get a 3rd fire p.e. power.
this has to be atleast on level 2 to effectively hurt this creature! use
that power and both arms will fall off! now keep running around the room.
the reason for this is once 1 or both arms come off his chest will open up
and he will hit you with a very powerful blast. if he hits you you're
toast. after he fires his blast off, run just a few feet past him. he
should stop blasting a few inches away from you.use your grenade gun and
shoot the middle section. make sure you always have your energy shot and
anti-body on. this will help you defeat him quicker and protect you
against him swatting you or any of his blast that might hit you! now if
you received the python and poison bullets at the tent, use them as soon
as you fight final eve! again make sure to have energyshot and anti-body
on. she's relentless, so keep moving! the poison bullets will do there
job. use the grenade launcher on her too! if she splits up into 2 forms
(shade and solid) nail the shade! i know it sounds stupid,but it works. if
you see her build up a wavy feild around you shoot her quick withthe
grenade gun! if you don't,well back to square 1. you'll know you've beaten
her when she comes up to you and grabs you. she'll take off and go up as
far as she can,then she'll drop you!!! that's game and match!! if you
manage to get life drain,use it well this kills her even faster! i found a
code that i beyond measure on the internet! for game sharks enter these
0ff-d00715180082-3007280b00ff each code is a different line. when you
start the game with this code hit r2 then r1 real quick. you should get
999 mp and 999 hp. heal yorself to 999 anh hit r1 then r2 again.this wil
bring it upto 999 again. i've beaten this game 4 times already. 



The best armors to buy are either the PASGT Vest or the Tactical Vest. The
main reason is the HP recovery feature.  At the end of every battle
however much MP you gain from it you also gain that much in HP. This good
for two reasons. 1 when you fight a boss or enemy that gives you alot of
MP and Aya kills it with barley any life left her HP is usally copletly
restored. 2 if you are really good at this game like me you can go through
several small battles with wimpy ANMC's and not get hurt, you can go
through several of these battles and rack up your HP to the max if you
lost some from a previous battle.  Because of this you will never have to
use recovery items which means you can take somethings off your things to
buy list so you spend your money on something useful. Another thing you
must buy is the MM1 or M249 or both you get at the end. For those who
don't know how to get those items at the end after you rescue the soldier
from the Sterilization Room return to the Parking Lot and tlak to the
Sergent At Arms. Look at the bottom of his list and you will 2 new guns,
M249(the best, fastest and oh my it can hold 200 rounds because it can
pump all of them into a Golem Soldier in less than 10 seconds rifle) cost
15800 BP. MM1(this is the grandaddy of grenade launchers as it holds 12
rounds with no reloading in between) cost 23500 BP. I sugest the grenade
launche for the final bosses, the rifle is just for fun while you laugh at
yourself still blasting the dead corpse of a Golem. OK i'm done. Use this
"Knowlege" wisely gamers.  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Garrett DiNicola


I have saved a lot of bullets, PEs and medicines after I bought the hammer as attachment.  
All I do is recharged the hammer and go back to the monsters. 
It is also easier and faster to kill the enemies. 
I also found out that in the Neo Ark, after following Kyle's instructions to go there 
and finish some of the battles, you can go back to the shelter 
(of course you engage some ANMCs) and recharge your hammer or save,then go back again 
to Neo Ark and finish the job.  By doing this you continue to earn bonus points without 
spending for bullets or recovery items.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: bernie c. rillo


first have a grenade launcher an many hav energyshot and
heal when the batlle begins run to the back of the path leading to the
stairs. cast energy shot and shoot and reload will b hit a
lot but but use the heals for that.if you constantly shoot and eload in
that spot and healing only when hp i low you will defeat him and in enough
time to save flint.(if you kill him he melts like normal if he runs out of
flam he runs off and kills flint.flint plays a big role in the game SO

Submitted and FULLY tested By: adam N. bosarge


BURNER-this is the dryfeild monster.the fire shooting one.well first have
the grenade launcher w/25-30 grenades.also have heal and energy shot pe
abilities both at level 2 or higher.w/heal items.when th battle begins
cast energyshot. then run down the corridor leading to the stairs.then
start shooting and dont stop when ur hp get very low heal yourself.then
continue.also if u defeat burner quikly he will melt like normal but if
you dont kill him quik he will run off an kill flint KILL BURNER flint
plays an important rolee in the game!!!!burner has about 4500 hp

Glutton-the trash heap this thing is easy if you have the right stuff
equip the grenade launcherand have energy shot at level 3 when he opens
his mouth shoot and run this causes over 500 damage.when he is destroyed
prepare for the easiest battle on this game. run down the corridor and go
to a little control p[anel at the end aya will step on a BUTTON this will
make the trash compactor behind her come up when it is up run across.the
glutton wont follow unless u shoot wen he is tryin to suk u in wen he is
on the compactor there will be another panel walk in it and watch the
glutton get smashed.this saves ammo and is a good trik for scavenger and
nightmare mode. 


blizzard chaser(white horse)-500
blizzard chaser 2-2500
burner(dryfeild boss)4500
glutton(trash monster)-3000 and 3000
purple stalker(spider in the well)-450
stranger(monster in acropolis cafeteria)350
ivory stalker(white spider)-1000
stinger(boss eve controls)-4000
large fatty(monster in large neo ark aquarium)-2000
i shouldnt need to list the generators they r easy
golem soldiers
bishop golem-800
knight golem-600
rook golem-482
pawn golem-425

******NOTE*******i m not sure about hps for every boss but i m sure about
the golems me if u need anything else


well the eod suit and tactical armor are the best in the replay
the monk robe is.the best weapomns are the mm1 as12 and m249.the gunblade
and hypervelocity are the best in replay.and also try to get an a or s
rank. it lets u buy ringers solution FOR ONLY 200 BP!!!!that is a great
price because it instantly restores all hp and boost2 are 580 bp and
heal 100 a real ripoff in replay.the hypervelocity is 20000 and the
gunblade 10000 but u can afford that because u start with a load of bp on
replay. it adds up the value of each item u have.and u have the total bp
oh yea the monk robe is 3000 it comes with 10 attachments and +100 mp
bonus even though it doesnt have any bp bonus u could just heal urself.oh
and it adds 1+mp to total for everytim aya is hit in battle.a weak enemy
no mp. well u get the idea.the hypervelocity takes about 5 seconds to
charge but it damages like everything on the screen.and i have never seen
it do less than 1000 damage.the gunblade is great.if u have r slugs load
em n it...listen to this carefully.u swing the gunblade with r1 right wen
it touches enemy hit r2 with r slugs in it does over 3000 damage!!!! 


SEA FATTY-the big water thing in neo ark aquarium.
he is burner he will sweep electricity across the room
just run and u wont bew hit.he is weak to fire and lifedrain level 2 will
cause 400 damage to him and completely heal u.he has about 2000 hp not
hard but i figured id jus give a few pointers

STINGER-this is that huge thing eve controls he has 6 attacks really 5
because one is heal the others are inferno level 1 pyrokinesis level 3
single beam double beam and tri beam.when he is making inferno or pyro
level 3 or even heal shoot him with a grenade to alter the attack.for the
beam attacks well... double beam and tri beam always go in the same path
so just move wen it comes.single beam follows u around.after about 4000
damage he will die.the best weapon for this walking stik is  the grenade
launcher since it does over 200 damage with energy shot level 3 and can
alter devastating attacks.(if he successfully uses inferno theres no way
to avoid it so have many grenades)

BLIZZARD CHASER-white horse-2 grenade shots kill it he has around 500 hp
constantly run because he can jump over the machinery and pounce on u.
also whichever a way he runs run the other way he wont see u till ur very
close because he'll \ be looking straight ahead ZOMBIE CHASER-dead white
horse-have a lot of grenades.he hads about 2400-2600hp if you dont have
grenades then get him close to a barrel and shoot the barrel also run all
the time when u hear a noise that sounds like a moo run for a second and
turn around. the thing will land right behind u shoot it untill it runs
away and remember to run in the opposite direction he does.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: adam n bosarge


when u fight no. 9,  back up until his sword is normal.  then 
shoot,shoot,shoot.  ::note::  always backup when his sword turns into
fire:: when he is by a cable,  shoot it(the cable) this will cause from
100-200 damage. shoot the gas and the cable when u r there. shoot (and
possibly pyrokenisis or other pe) until he dies.  take the lift up and see
a cut screen


Submitted and FULLY tested By: John Whiting


When aya has defeated the 500 hp horse dude then she has to defeat the
zebra one and to do that i am still not sure but from what i've heard you
have to shoot the barrels and try to blow him up bnut that is not an easy

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Joshua


After playing throught the normal mode and achieving bouty mode there
knight golems throughtout the rest of bounty mode.  even thought killing
them is a pain it is worth it cause the second one will drop you a stun
gun or "hammer"!!!  the next one droppes a pyke, the fourth and fifth drop
a laser and a mongoose though i never found ammo for it. i don't know what
the first one in the tower dropped but the others are worth the struggle!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jacen


You will not be able to achieve a rating of A or S on your first go-round
through the game since there aren't enough EXP points to earn the first
time. You have to attempt these ratings in other modes: replay mode,
bounty bode, scavenger mode and nightmare mode. Below is a list of EXP
points and what rating they achieve. Included is a list of items that will
be added to the shops once you've gained a particular rating: 

400,001+ ---------- S ranking; gunblade, Ringer's solution, eau de
toilette 200,001- 400,001 -- A ranking; hyper velocity, hunter goggles, MP
boost 2 75,001 - 200,000 -- B ranking; MM1, airburst grenades, recovery 3
72,001 - 75,000 --- C ranking; M249, .44 MaedaSP rounds, cola 69,001 -
72,000 --- D ranking; .44 mongoose, magnum rounds, skull crystal 66,001 -
69,000 --- E ranking; AS12, R.Slug rounds, firefly rounds 62,001 - 66,000
--- F ranking; Aya special, 9mm Spartan rounds, lucky card 57,001 - 62,001
--- G ranking; javelin, MD player, holy water 51,001 - 57,000 --- H
ranking; pike, lipstick, tactical armor 44,001 - 51,000 --- I ranking;
hammer, belt pouch, MP boost 1 16,001 - 44,000 --- J ranking; M203,
protein capsule, 9mm hydra 14,511 - 16,000 --- K ranking; M9 bayonet, M4A1
M clip, flare 14,510 or less ---- L ranking; monk Robe, medicine wheel,
recovery 2 

Bonus ratings 
You will get an extra rating or two or three just for completing certain
modes of play. Example: if you complete the bounty mode with statistics to
earn a C rating, then you will end up with a B rating mode of play: 

Complete bounty mode -- +1 extra rating level 
Complete scavenger mode -- +2 extra rating levels 
Complete nightmare mode -- +3 extra rating levels 

Bonus weapons 
Hypervelocity: This weapon is only available in replay mode. 
You must first achieve a rating of A.
You can buy this weapon for 20,000 BP 

Gunblade: The same weapon from FFVIII. 
Use R1 to swing and R2 to shoot at the 
same time the blade hits the enemy.
This weapon uses shotgun ammunition, 
so the better the ammunition is, the 
more damage it inflicts. This weapon is 
only available in replay mode and costs 10,000 BP. 

Monk robe: You must achieve an EXP total of 14,510 or
worse at the end of your game. This armor is only 
available in replay mode. You can purchase this armor 
for 3,000 BP

Submitted and FULLY tested By: William a.k.a MKHeaven


First beat normal mode and replay mode.(During these, DO NOT clear
out Neo Ark right before the last 2 bosse)  Play and defeat Bounty 
Mode.  If you cleared ot all the hot spots including the last Neo Ark,
than you'll get the M249 Rifle.  Use this in Replay over and over and
you'l have an EZ time.  Each time you'll end the game with more BP.

Submitted but NOT tested By: David


long tall ANMC protected by mp draining speakers and antibody casted by
eve dude:
the best way to defeat him is to use grenades and they break his spells
but if you dont have em destroy the speakers first and use a weapon of
choice and attack it when it casts a magic spell run up to the thing and
run into him,i am not kidding do it, his antibody magic will knock you
down and you will not take damage from its magic.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: the true #1 gamer


(first of all you have to have either the SP12 or the AS12) 
and lodad one of them with R. slugs and blast them all away.
NOTE:each shot takes away more than 200 hp thats more than grenades
with energy shot!!!!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Aaron Watkins


this is where the fish jump up and bite you when you try to cross, but
go over to the right and their will be a panelwhere you type in the

Submitted and FULLY tested By: justin

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max parasite energy
necrosis= 300729bb0003
plasma= 300729bc0003
metabolism= 30729be0003
lifedrain= 300729c00003
energyball= 300729c3
max parasite energy levels(gameshark 2.2 or higher needed)= 500006020000
or 800729b80303 max item slots= 300727250084

Submitted but NOT tested By: ariel cadiz

character codes
infinite bp= 80073b94ffff
max bp=80073b94967f or 80073b960098
max exp= 80073b90967f or 80073b920098
infinite hp= 80073ba003e7
max hp= 80073ba203e7
infinite mp= 80073ba403e7
max mp= 80073ba603e7
all key items= 500003020000or 80072718ffff or 8007271a0001(gameshark 2.2
or higher)

other max parasite energy level codes
pyrokinesis= 300729b80003
combustion= 300729b90003
inferno= 300729ba0003
apobiosis= 300729bd0003
maxitems all slots(gameshark 2.2 or higher needed)= 50084040000 or

Submitted but NOT tested By: ariel cadiz

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