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Star Ocean Second Story
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Complete over 45% of the voice collection. 
Then a phrase will appear on the button in 
the right corner of the screen. 

Press this button to restart the game. 

Now new difficulty levels, including "Universal" 
will be selectable. Monsters will have double 
the HP and attack power under the "Universal" level.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ICE DRAGON 


to get invincibility, you must combine the lunatic ring with the peep-non.
however, when the lunatic ring cracks, invincibility is lost. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Keng

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When You are prepared to fight "the ten wise men"
Go to Funland.In funland,go yo the taudients' stand
and talk to an old man.He"ll bring you back to the past
(Look for a secert dungion) 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ben Chan


At Cross Castle when you are going to Cross Cave with Celine go the other
path and you will come across a place where the monsters can get you to
level 20 in 20 minutes!   

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tyler Burns


to get to the secret dungeon save before the end guy to the
game(gabriel)and go out and back to fun city,go to the very back of the
battle stadium and talk to the old guy,say yes to both questions and you
will arive back in arlia,go outside and hop on the synard,then go to the
beach-like area.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Element F


after you beat 9 of the ten wise men get your past memories restored at
the fun city battle arena and talk to an old man standing  and
watching.then once you get your  past memories  restored go to arlia and
go to the love birds house and pickpocket from the will get santas
boots.santas boots makes it so when you sleep you get an item.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: joshua


steal the treasure chest from the old man in Mars village (the one sitting
on the bench alone) and then go outside and save it then open the treasure
chest you recieved you can get three random items.  If you don't get the
Marvel sword load your and try again.  Keep doing this till you get it. 
Trust me it works!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Daniel Lamb


There are 68 or maybe 69 different endings. So you must watch carefully if
you want a certain ending.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: RW


use the skill reverside untill fordge medals is created u can duplicate as
much as needed then equip the dream braclet on a character then use a
medal on the same character deequip dreambraclets and go into a battle you
will see that the character level up twice 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: J'Son


Claude/Rena:Automatically get them from start.
Celine:Answer yes to all her questions.
Ashton:(If you get Ashton you cant get Opera)After getting to Herlie
do nothing then leave you will overhear a conversation go to the salva
mine way back at the start and go to the dragons den,where you couldnt go
before you meet Ashton. Opera:(If you get Opera you cant get Ashton)Do a
PA in Cross then go to Lacour and do the tournament then go back to The
Hilton Pub You will find Opera but she wont join go back to Cross talk to
the king ask him about the 3 eyed woman then go to the mountain palace you
will find opera in there. Ernest:(You need Opera)Do a PA in Arlia Then go
to the shingo forest with everyone,go through the game normally and you
will meet Ernest in the Hoffman Ruins. Leon:Joins with Claude. Dias:Joins
with Rena. Bowman/Precis:(Can only get one)get them both at Linga.
Noel:Get him at the nature preserve on Disc 2. Chisato:Get her ID card
after she drops it at the Synard place then take it to the Central city
News joint.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Daniel Bennett


Before you enter cross castle, hang-around and build up your levels. 
Doing so makes going through the game easier.  Remember, The higher the
level the easier it is to clock

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Stuart. E


on the second disk go to funcity ,do a privite action and pick pocket the
bunny in the door of the bunny races.The boots make u really fast and give
u STM 80 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Robert

20 MILLION: need this skill pickpocket,reverse side,and reproduction...
2.either pickpocket the old guy near the inn in MARS or use reverse side
  until you make a FILL UP item then save the game(you may want to
  reproduce FILL UP )use it until you get the MARVEL SWORD.(if you don't
  get it, load the game and try again)....
3.once you get the marvel sword reproduce it and sell it (be sure leave 
  ONE sword ) keep doing this method until you get bored..
note:you can do this in the 1st disk it be a lot easier if you have the

Submitted and FULLY tested By: michael  alzate 


1 alright first of all your gonna need at least one pair
Of bunny shoes (from beating the first boss in the 
Hidden dungeon,or stealing them from the bunny selling 
Tickets at the bunny races in fun town)
2 next your gonna have to be atleast on level 120 with
Claude ashton or dias (you wont need all three but
Having two will help)rena you definetly need to heal 
You about level 115 same as celine if your gonna have 
Her in the team.
3 equip claude with eternal sphear andthe bunny shoes 
This will make him
Super fast the whole team will need all thier special
Abilities at level ten and take off flip as this will 
Just piss you off in here.
4 make sure claude has ripper blast maxed (this a good 
Killer move to have in here as it atacks big groups
Of enemies and mirror slash maxed also.
5 ok when you think you can defeat the enemy eassily 
Enough find a room on the first level with a red patch
Of blocks in it. Its on the left side of the stage
Now run just behind it a few times and you will stop
And fall down to level 9 seald coffin the good thing is
Your a bit closer to the final level on the bad side 
You cant get back up either ......
So if you want the choice is yours ....... Think wisely
Will you be strong enough!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MYSTIK


If you want a good team that can slice through the entire game like a hot
knife on butter, recruit Claude, Rena, Dias and Ashton (with his best KM
that you can get from the Secret Dungeon). 

In the Secret Dungeon, when you beat the boss of level 9, you will get the
almighty Levithain Blade. Equip this and a Berserk ring and you will be
doing 9999 damage per hit! When you beat the boss of the whole dungeon,
you will get the Silver Trumpet. Compose with it untill you get The Evil
Melody. Have Claude play it and you will fight the Iselia Queen boss. The
hardest boss of the game. When you beat her you will level up about 4
times and you will get either another Levithain Blade or an Angel Armband.
(You can fight her as many times as you want to!)

An Angel Armband raises all of your stats by 100. It defends against all
elements and absorbs Star magic. Your weapon will also shoot stars when
you attack if you equip it.

The Isilea Queens stats:
HP: 3500000
MP: 57200
Strong: All
Weak: None
Absorb: Dark

The Levithain Blade stats:
ATK: 3000
AC:  0
HIT: 120
AV:  45
MAG: 0


Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bruce Jefferies


A few easy ways to fill up those pockets! 
1.) Have all you characters you have so far write a few books each. When
you go to Lacour, make sure that you sell your books to the publishers
there. If you don't - it's ok! There's one on Energy Nede where Chisato
works. Make sure you DO drop those books off! Don't come back until you're
going to fight the Ten Wise men (or you *desperately* need cash) and by
then, your royalities on the book should be close to a few million. 2.)
Make sure you've beaten all 9 wise men, and save right before the final
one. Leave the dungeon and head back to Fun City. Go into the tournament
area and talk to the old man in the arena - say yes to both of his
questions and he'll send you back to Arlia on Expel. Make sure you have 20
spectacles then hop onto your Synard and head for the Cave of Trials! When
you make it to the Cave of Trials, fight (etc etc) until you get to a
level called "Burglar's nest". Once you're in there, there should be a man
in the room with all the Metal Funny Thieves statues (He's known as
"Santa") Now, when you see him, use your spectacles to lower all of his
prices. Buy as many Sage Stones as you can. When you've done that, use the
spectacle again to RAISE the price and sell the stones back to him. You
make close to 900,000 or so each time - it's worth it!


Ok! Have you ever wanted to level up just ONE character, or maybe fight
insanely hard monsters but didn't really want to die then start all over
Then I have a easy solution! However, you cannot use it until
you get the Synard and are capable of heading over to Fun City. 
When you get to Fun City, head on over to the Fighting Arena. There, you pay a
small 2000 fol and enter someone in a tournament. Now, you win more XP
then usual because you're fighting alone for one - but each battle choice
gives you different items. The best however, is Bullying battle. At
level 40 you should be picking "For the intermediates, you're looking
good!" which gives you some nice XP and 15 Skill Points. (SP) Make sure
you have a stone and paralysis check on because the last enemy can cause
both on you at once. When you reach level 54 you should start trying
"For vetrans - are you serious?" in which you AGAIN need the stone and
paralysis check. It's also preferred that (when fighting with Claude) you
have Twin Slash or at least Dragon Howl. Energy sword is HIGHLY
recommended for these battles, and a decently high MP. You get 20000 fol
and 30 SP points after every three battles! And the SP points add up
quickly! And if you don't know, you can rest in the side room by the
receptionist - or just feed the characters their favourite foods. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Emiko


If Gabrie Celesta is pissing you off, then just listen to me.
I have been through ms.celesta many times.
If you use the money trick that I posted, then it should be easy to get
about twenty million fol with no problem. Go to Santa. Use your 
super speaciaty Identify all. Select give discount. Buy as many tri-emblems as possible.
Buy at least up to six of them (You might not need six, but it is way easier).
Epuip two of them on Rena, and if you're going to have another spell caster
on the team then have them have two. If not, have your strongest defensive character to
have two. For the fighters, let them have one, and then have anything that will defend
you against star, water, light, and space attacks. Try and have Rena on the 
powerfullest defense against magic. You should have your fighters equiped with
very combous hitting kms. This way they can keep ms. celesta off of the magic users back.
Have everyone have bunny shoes so that they can go fast.
They will need to dodge as many attacks as possible.
You want lots of revival cards and r-mists. Have some faires cards too incase Rena is too busy to heal.
Don't let your magic cast any spells that have star or light.
Use the revival cards on everyone. This way you don't have to revive any characters. 
If a character dies a second time
then just use another revival card after you bring em up.
This should help you out a lot.


If Santa is too expensive because you are broke, then go to level twelve in the secret dungeon.
keep going until you get to the bird, "Phoenix". Before you fight Phoenix, have Celine make you some fo up cards.
Once you get in battle with the bird, use the fol up card. Finish him off. He will give you one-million fol.
Exit level twelve and come back again. do the same thing. 
He comes back as many times as you want him too so you can constanty 
get one million. As long as yo have pet food, you can keep ordering more pictures.
Then you can make more cards, do yo see the trick?


if you are having problems getting form levels 8-13 then take some time to level up. 
Use the funny slayer that you get from the first disk buy helping the man with directions 
and use the one frome the fight on level 6 of the secret dungeon. If you use Celine and 
play the hail the goddes song or play orchestra, then she should may extension cards. 
take these extension cards to level 7 and see if you can fight with 6 funny theifs at level 9. 
Use both funny slayers and have the bunny shoes equiped so that you can quickly fight off 
the funnys. use an extention card during the fight. if you win then you get a whopping 
900,000 experience points.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Biggs


Dias-crimson diablos-make a soul slayer (anything)+1 or 2 star rubies
     Then combine that with a sages stone
Claude-Eternal sphere-combine sharp edge with a mithril then the sword
     it makes with a mithril
Chisato-spark-combine the psychic gun with a sages stone (i think)

Crimson d. doubles his damage beyond cromlea sword
eternal sphere shoots stars
spark hits three times

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jason

EASY HARD MODE (universe):

1:first the team,you must have claude,dias,ernest,opera,
2:you must have opera's HEALING STAR max
3:level up your team until they have a 9000 hp 
4:equip them with bloody armor and opera with mental ring or mind
  ring and fairy ring.(be sure that opera's tactics is at DO NOTHING)
  since you'll only using healing star your mp will always be at max

note: this is rena's scenario,you can get the healing star by 
      using machinery with opera.....

Submitted and FULLY tested By: prince cold


A lot of people ask about relationships in the game. Some people want to
be nice to everyone - but if you want to make that "certain someone" fall
in love with another, you just have to be the nastiest person you possibly
Or, if you've made the mistake of having your main character fall
in love with someone, just follow these easy steps. :D
 In either
scenario, this is possible. If you saved before the boss, saw the ending
and almost gagged and rolled over because you hated it, and wanted
oh..instead of Rena and Claude, you wanted it to be Rena and Dias. Well, a
few simple things.
 Go back to Fun City - or wherever on the map. Equip
Bandit Gloves on whomever you want to be hated, and steal like a madman!
The friendship level and love level will go down for them (for EVERYONE,
so be careful! Don't equip your main character with it!) because, well
stealing is bad!
 As you've done that, have the characters you want to
fall in love eat their favourite foods then read their specialty books.
(it takes a few tries in publishing) Don't have them read even the
specialty book too many times, or they will start to regard that character
now as only a friend. (Also, Ashton doesn't have a specialty
you'll have to be nice to him fron the beginning)
 (NOTE: If you have
completed the PA with Celine and Chris, Celine will not fall in love with
any other character)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Emiko


1.use metalwork to get a might chain.
2.get the atlas ring from the top of the field of power. a-class duel battle at fun city and you'll get a windsley sword.
equip claude with these and his strength will be very high.(i'm only level
110 and his strength is nearly 4000) WARNING-the atlas ring makes you weak
against all elements but you'll probably kill magic wielders with one
mirror slice(i killed 9 of the wise men with it)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Danny Corrigan


Equip Claude with the Windsley Sword and in acsessories Link Combo+Atlas
Ring. Give him Twin Slash+Mirror Slice as a Killer Move and Ripper Blast+
Sword Bomber as his other*. The Ripper/Bomber will kill most enemies and
the Twin/Mirror combo will kill nearly all normal enemies and it even
kills 9 of the 10 wise men(not Indalecio) *Make sure that all the Killer
Moves are at their final form so that they hit more times.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: BAHAMUT 666


If you read other peoples tips they tell about all these items and
weopons you need to beat him. Well its not true! I beat him without
all those things, and i beat him with all my guys at level 60-70. 
He's not that hard. All you really need to do is pummel him with
attacks as hard as you can. Have The only people you need are:Chisato,
Ashton, Rena, and claude. just have Mirror slice for claude, Sword dance
for Ashton,Tear gas for Chisato, and fairy heal. That is all. Once you
face him just make sure he doesn't cast explode, and in the end you will

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Colbi Cavanagh


Cloude's First Level Up:
First of all, when you'll be resscuing Rene from Allen Tax...
You must...Have the Phase gun w/ u. Then go through the world map 
and fight w/ some monsters.You can Level up to 9 w/ this.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jeffrey E Lopez


if you dont want to try and get the holy sword from the pheonix, then just
do the recover your past memories. once you did that get the santa boot
and sleep at an inn. I got the holy sword my second try! you can get other
good items also. but you can get crappy useless ones aswell.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Colbi Cavanagh


if you're one of the people who like to see new things or be the best
you can on a game, what you can do is make your spells and killer
moves "level up". It's really simple to do, but it could take a lot of
time. All you have to do is use a spell or killer move A LOT. around
100 to 200 times. After you do this the spell or killer move will look
cooler. For example, Claude's killer move Head splitter goes from
Claude jumping straight up and down to him doing a flip with a blue

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Eric


To get a secret ending, save outside the 10 wise men tower and make
your way to the highest floor. DONT SAVE YOUR GAME IN THE TOWER. When
your at the stairs to the boss stand on the save point but DONT SAVE.
Give a mandrake to everyone of your members. I know you probably wont
believe me but if you do do this you will get a secret ending where an
angel comes down and..... WELL ILL GUESS YOULL HAVE TO FIND THIS OUT

Submitted but NOT tested By: Lou Jialsavow


(have a min of 5 characters.) Make it so you have only one member in
your group. when you beat a battle you get more exp when you have
fewer members.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kyle Payne

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Money Magic.
Just because you can't use game shark cheat codes 
doesn't mean you can't use a gameshark to cheat. Putt
on the unlimited fol cheat and load an old game. Normally
if you get into a battle the game will freeze. Save the
game BEFORE you get ino any battles. Load up the game with
the cheats off. Now you should have 99999999 Fol!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Money Man

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