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Twisted Metal 3
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Go to the password screen at begining
and press ;
right right right left left to play as minion!

Submitted By: chuck anderson

To activate invisibility, press

Submitted By: Josh Holdaway

Circle, Square, Triangle, x, L1

Select, left, right, x, L1

Submitted By: Frank Vargas

To start a tournament in a higher lever than the
first you can press: 
L2,R2,start,triangle,and X to start a
Hangar 18.

Submitted By: Michael Maxwell

I think I found the sweet tooth code, for twisted
metal 3, at the password screen type left, left, left, right
right, it should send you back to the title screen but
when you do the deathmatch, sweet tooth is selectable
your time.

Scott Hixson

Special Moves

Freeze Missile - While in battle press
High Jump - While in battle press UP,UP,LEFT
Rear Fire - While in battle press LEFT,RIGHT,DOWN
Invisibility - While in battle press

Infinate Specials

At the password screen type L1,L1,R1,R1,R1. Then
start a game and die. When
you get your new life you should have infinite
specials for that character.

Play as Minion or Sweet Tooth in deathmatch mode
(enter at password  screen) 

Minion: LLLRR
Sweettooth: RRRLL

Play as Minion or Sweet Tooth (enter at password 

Minon: Up, Start, Down, L1, Square
Sweettooth: O, O, L1, L1, Start

Submitted by Tim

to get the warehouse level for deathmatch mode,go
to password
and put in:up,up,up,left,left then go pick your
characters and
any board and you will be on the

Submitted By: adam koerick

to start at the final level with specter go to the
password screen and press triangle, X, R1, start,
remember first to destroy the switches on the walls
or the cars will keep regenerating.

Submitted By: ron kavanaugh

Special Moves

Freeze:               Left, Right, Up
Jump:                 Up, Up, Left
Rear Fire:            Left, Right, Down

Sincerely,  Jerrod D. Boos

washington  up start down L1 square
UFO left R1 select circle left
N. Pole L1 start R2 down triangle
london circle R1 up L1 R2
Tokyo select start R1 L2 X
Egypt start L1 right R1 R1
Blimp down X square down select

To beat the final level you must blow up all five
of the red boxes
before and one will stay dead.  If these boxes are
not blown up the
characters you kill will come back to life.

Submitted By: Jeremy DeBruyne

There are three special items in Hangar 18, Egypt,
and Japan, they are:

Eve: a little pyramid in Egypt found on top of the
pyramid thats there.
Use it like a remote bomb.

Radar: a sattaliete found in Japan and you find it
when you go up around
a few ramps. Its used whenever there is someone
thats near the big radar
dish, you can zap someone to death.

UFO: It's found in Hangar 18 inside the glass of
the large UFO, first you
have to get to the upper level and take the left
ramp into the teleport. 
You'll be on the UFO, all you have to do is shoot
the glass.
It's used like the lightning bolt.

Submitted By: Brian

How to beat Primeval:
If you a Thumper fan this is for you. When you are
going to kill him,
try staying at the side of the ramp on the lower
part of the blimp.
You can go on either side, facing the room with the
hole in the ground,
leading to open air. Save about three specials for
Thumper. You should
try to get Primeval on the upper level. Try to
point the front of the
car to the center of the ramp, it helps.  He'll
come down the ramp,
then, freeze him. Take your time, then try to push
him off the blimp
into the hole with Thumper's specials. Note: He
gets used to this, so
try to kill him before he changes his  attack. He
should die, it took me
a while to find this out.

Submitted By: Brian Faynor

Warehouse level 2:

at the password screen enter
now go to "deathmatch" and choose any
leveland any car.
start the match and it will be on the warehouse
level 2.

Disco level

at the password screen enter
and do the same as above.

Gameshark codes

ammo never decreases for all players  80033ed6 2400

infinite lives player 1 800d300c 0002

infinite lives player 2 800d309c 0002

play as minion 800d28d0 0007

play as sweettooth 800d28d0 000b

Submitted By: james roche

To get 4 extra specials on hangar 18, you mus get
the portal in the U.F.O. once ontop, shoot down the
that is flying over your head with  a napalm. then
you get
your extra specials.

Submitted By: Paul

for faster ice and missles put in this code
R1 R1 L1 L1 L1

Submitted By: chris thomas

for giant richochet bombs go to password and enter
left right left right up

for the flollowing codes do the same
homing rain missles password up down up down up
force is triangle cirlce down left up
for god mod password is L1 square x R1 start
and last but not least smart seekers this is a kick
code triangle left down right up

Submitted By: chad

To Listen To TW3 As A Music CD:                                              
Just simply throw ( not literaly) TW3 into a
normal CD player and put it on track # 2.You get
to listen to Rob Zombie and other awesome tunes.
You also get to listen to the characters info
Note:Starting on track # 27, it starts       
to repeat Thumpers info paragraph for some reason.

Submitted By: Chris Hengge

Dear Playstation,

I have a code for twisted metal 3. On the last
level,(the blimp),
I have an easier way of beatingprime evil. First,
you have to be
auger. Second you have to beat everyone. When you
are waiting for
him to come to the blimp, go down to the lower part
of the blimp,
right next to the pit and wait. When he comes down
there, run into
him and put on your special move. Aim him at the
pit and when you
are done, you will throw him into the pit and you
have beat the game.


How to get the UFO/Spaceship weapon:
I have looked through all the codes and I found a
way to get the
spaceship weapon.  BUT!!  There is another way, 
you may do this
with any character.
When you are on the low ground you can see that you
can go into
the spaceship but there is a red shield blocking
You disable the shield you must shoot your
machineguns at all 4
corners of the level on the ground level.  The
things you shoot
at look like health meters ( /\/\ ) and they keep
repeating like that.
Machinegun all of them until they blow up.  Then
you can go into
the spaceship.  Once you are in the space ship go
in the portal. 
Now you are really high...
You can see you have a choice of four ways to go. 
Turn your
car around until you see another portal, then go
inside that
portal.  Your on the spaceship!  But don't fall
With your machine guns shoot the spaceship glass
until it blows up. 
UFO/Spaceship weapon!!
STILL!!! Don't go off..  You should fire it
somewhere high
including what you are on now so you don't get
It kill all the enemies in one shot if they are on
the ground!!
Submitted By: Carvey

  There is a space ship that will destroy all
enemies on the larger ship in the middle of the
the way to get to is ...destroy all regeneraters
that should destroy the red sheild beside the
ship. go into the portal and you have four ways to
go.turn around untill you see the portal.take the
road that leads to the portal ,when get there go
into the portal and you will be on top of the ship
in the middle of the room.dont fall off but blow
up the dome on the ship and inside will be the
spaceship that destroys all enemies with one or
two sure when you use this you are in
one of the red dip in room where the regeneraters
were.good luck!!
your playstation pal,
                Alan Boger

To get the Eve in Egypt, go to the big pyramid and
machine gun the post.
Then you can go inside the pyramid, machine gun the
tomb and get the portal, now you have the Eve.
Also, to get to the lightning place, you can go
in the pyramid and blow up the candle, now you have
a passageway.

On the blimp where the THIS SECTION CLOSED sign is
blow it up by your machine guns. When you do this
can go to the middle of the blimp and at the middle
can find a Lightning and a portal.I haven't tried
the portal
 yet so I don't know where it takes you, that
you'll have
to find out yourself.
Also, when you destory the signs it's easier to
the switch in the red place.
name: Nicholas

infinite ammunition

enhanced weapons

massive force

freeze missile

alone in deathmatch

As a password enter these
God Mode:L1,square,X,R1,start
Super freeze:triangle,up,O,Left ,start
Infanet Weapons:triangle,O,up,left,down

Submitted By:: Walter Merriman

solo death match: 
This lets you fight zero enemys in
death match mode-x,o,o,o,o(at the
password screen).
        ice levels:
This makes the levels slippery.
at the password screen-up,up,x,x,up.
         big impact:
at the password screen  

Submitted By:: Zach Potance

go to the password screen and type in

Submitted By:: eric michaels

 Infinite Turbo
 down,up,down,up,down as a password
Submitted By:: Josh
Sweet Tooth:
Enter the following as a password:
Left Left Left Right Right
Goto the "vehicle selection" screen and
Sweet Tooth will now be

Enter the following as a password:
Right Right Right Left Left
Goto the "vehicle selection" screen and
Minion will now be available.

Goto the Last Level (Calypso's Blimp) w/ Outlaw:
Left X L1 Up Start
Thanks to Adam for the above

Freeze Missile: During battle press LEFT,RIGHT,UP
High Jump: During battle press UP,UP,LEFT
Rear Fire: During battle press LEFT,RIGHT,DOWN
Invisibility for 3 sec.: During battle press

To play the secret Warehouse Level, enter UP UP UP
password. Go to
Deathmatch, pick any level, and then cars for each
player. It will then
load the warehouse
level that you see in the intro.

To activate the memory card, enter
"start" 5 times at the password
section. Set all your
settings how you like them and begin a game. Just
before the game begins
you will be
prompted to save.

Enter L1, L1, R1, R1, R1 as a password. You will
then return to the main
menu. Now, begin a
game and then die. When you're revived, you will
have an unlimited
amount of your
character's special weapon.

Play as Minion in Tournament only: Up, Start, Down,
L1, Square
Play as Sweettooth in Tournament only: O, O, L1,
L1, Start
Thanks to jovan (JJO)

Unlimited Ammunition:
Enter Trinagle, Circle, Up, Right, Down as a

God Mode:
Enter L1, Square, X, R1, Start as a password. Note:
This code should not
be used while the
"Activate Memory Card" code is enabled.

Massive Force:
Enter Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Up as a

Giant Ricochet Bomb:
Enter Left, Right, Left, Right, Up as a password.

Smart Seekers:
Enter Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Up as a
password. Any missiles that
track their targets will
be enhanced.

Freeze Missile:
Enter Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Start as a
password to add 99 freeze
missiles to the
inventory. Look like power missiles.

CPU Cars Ignore Health Power-Ups:
Enter Down, L1, Down, Start, Triangle as a
password. The CPU controlled
cars will not use
helath power-ups when low.

Icy Levels:
Enter Up, Up, X, X, Up as a password. Level will be
slippery levels.

Solo Deathmatch:
Enter X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle as a

Warehouse Level:
Enter Square, Square, Square, Left, Left as a
password. Choose
Deathmatch game.

Demo Level:
Enter Up, Up, Up, Left, Left as a password. Choose
Deathmatch game. This
level is just like
what you see at the main menu.

Club Kid's House Level:
Enter Left, Left, Left, Square, Square as a
password. Choose Deathmatch
Thanks to

Xtra Weapons and Health:
When you have fallen to the bottom of the blimp
destroy the boxes on the
ground. Inside the
destroyed boxes you will find health and weapons.
Thanks to ratman
Enter at the password screen on the "Cream
Puff" difficulty level.


D.C: X, start, <--, <--, L2
Hangar 18: up, down, triangle, L1, R1
North Pole: <--, X, -->, X, square
London: L1, -->, X, start, <--
Tokyo: Circle, Circle, Left, Right, Left
Egypt: Select, Right, L2, L1, L1
Blimp: Circle, L1, Triangle, X, Down

D.C: L2, triangle, triangle, square, start
Hangar 18: R1, up, down, down, L1
North Pole: X, triangle, square,R2, X
London: up, L2, circle, square, L1
Tokyo: up, triangle, select, right, up
Egypt: Left,Up,L1,Up,R2
Blimp: L1, R1, Up, Left, Circle

Club Kid
D.C: select, R1, down, X, right
Hangar 18: start, start, square, R2, X
North Pole: right, R1, L2, right, triangle
London: L2, R2, select, L2, L1
Tokyo: R1, L1, R1, Triangle, Up
Egypt: X, Up, Select, L2, L1
Blimp: L1, circle, Start, Triangle, Left

D.C: <--, R2, square, L1, Up
Hangar 18: L1, R2, X, left, down
North Pole: circle, R2, R1, R1, R2
London: select, R1, right, square, select
Tokyo: start, R2, <--, L2, start
Egypt: down, select, X, triangle, left
Blimp: L2,L2,left,square,R1

Flower Power
D.C: X, L2, R2, Down, R2
Hangar 18: Select, Start, L1, Down, X
North Pole: Up, L2, Triangle, O, L1
London: Left, Square, Right, X, L2
Tokyo: L1, Left, X, Up, Circle
Egypt: Circle, Square, Left, L2, Down
Blimp: Select, Left, R1, R2, Left

D.C: Circle, Right, Circle, X, Select
Hangar 18: Select, Circle, Down, Up, Square
North Pole: Start, Up, Square, Right. L2
London: Down, Triangle, L2, R2, R1
Tokyo: R2, Up, Triangle, Square, X
Egypt: Triangle, Triangle, R1, Select, Start
Blimp: Square, Up, Up, Start, Left

D.C: Up,Start,Down,L1,Square
Hangar 18: Left,R1,Select,Circle,Left
North Pole: L1,Start, R2, Down,Triangle
London: Circle,R1,Up,L1,R2
Tokyo: Select,Start,R1,L2,X
Egypt: Start,L1,Right,R1,R1
Blimp: Down,X,Square,Down,Select

Mr Grimm
D.C: down, down, start, R2, O
Hangar 18: R2, X, triangle, down, -->
North Poll: triangle, down, -->, R2, R2
London: X, X, square, circle, circle
Tokyo: Down, L2, Select, Select, Right
Egypt: Up, Circle, Up, Up, L1
Blimp: Left, Right, L1, Left, L2

Outlaw 3
D.C: triangle, select, down, circle, L1
Hangar 18: L1, R2, R2, Square
North Pole: start, circle, right, up, L2
London: up, R2, triangle, select, R2
Tokyo: left, right, up, circle, X
Egypt: L1, R2, X, left, start
Blimp: circle, left, R1, up, L2

D.C: start, select, L1, triangle, L2
Hangar 18: down, L2, start, right, select
North Pole: R2, select, triangle, R2, up
Tokyo: triangle, L2, right, triangle, L2
Blimp: LEFT, L2, START, SQU, R1
Blimp: square, select, square, select, triangle

D.C.: L1, square, up, x, R1
Hangar 18: circle, left, circle, square, square
North Pole: select, x, cown, right, start
London: start, down, square, L2, down
Tokyo: down, x, L2, triangle, L1
Egypt: R2, down, square, x, up
Blimp: triangle, X, r1, start, R2

D.C: O, O, L1, L1, start
Hangar 18: R, R, Down, O, X
North Pole: L2, O, select, O, L2
London: R1, right, R2, up, right
Tokyo: O, up, L2, R2, left
Egypt: select, up, R1, R1, O
Blimp: start, up, up, square, L2

D.C: R2, triangle, left, down, L2
Hangar 18: square, R1,R2, circle
North Pole: select, square, R1, R2, circle, square
Tokyo: start, start, select, up, L1
Egypt: L2, Start , -->, <-- , triangle
Blimp: R1, R1, X, L1, Select

D.C: select, L1, <--, start, <--
Hangar 18: start, L1, -->, R1, L2
North Pole: down, L1, start, L2, square
London: R2, triangle, triangle, start,<--
Tokyo: triangle, R2, -->, <--
Egypt: square, square, start, L1, triangle
Blimp: R2, L2, down, X, <--
Thanks to jovan (JJO)

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To blow up Big Ben, stop at an angle on the ramp in
front of it and
shoot the hell out of it for
a bit. It will eventually collapse like the TM2
Eiffel Tower.
There is a hidden tunnel in London. A short
distance from the clearing,
next to the largest
structure with the warp inside is a wall that reads
'KEEP OUT'. Blast it
away and you will find
a secret tunnel with a few weapons inside. This
passageway comes in
handy when going up
against MINION (boss#2) at the end of the round.
Unlike TM2 (Amazonia
round 2), you still
have to fight MINION even if you're playing as him.

Area 51:
On the first floor, go to the blue glass walls that
say 002 in between
them. On the blue
wall on the left, aim a missile at the 2nd from the
bottom right blue
glass tile and fire.
It will open to reveal a new transporter which
takes you inside the ship
for a few
weapons pick-ups plus six aliens in the wall, which
you apparently can't
do anything
To get to the transporter in the ufo, shoot all 4
of the lights around
the perimeter. The
red grid around the transporter will be gone and
you can go to the other
two levels of
the ufo. Aim your car just right and shoot the ufo
that flys overhead.
This will break
the glass and kill the other players. You can also
take the other
transporter on the third
floor to the second floor and get the ufo weapon
which wreaks major
damage to

Fire at the Sphinx face in the Egypt level for a
special surprise. Go to
the pyramid with
the EVE weapon on top, as soon as you enter (by
blowing up the
Sacrophigus), look
toward the car's right and you'll see a FIREPLACE.
Burn it and it takes
you straight to
the other pyramid.

Calypso's Blimp:
After falling to the bottom level of the blimp,
destroy the boxes that
are stacked on the
ground. Hidden weapons and health icons are hidden
inside. In order to
destroy the
enemies during a Tournament, you must destroy all 4
flashing switches
and then the
main one (which is in the red room at the top). If
you don't do this,
the enemies will
keep respawning.
The easiest way to finish off Prime Evil is to wait
for him by the
portal near the
opening on the first floor (the opening where you
die if you go into).
When he shows
up from the left, freeze him, then place a plastic
explosive to the left
of him and
detonate it. This will send him out of the opening
killing him for good.
Now you're on
your way to victory!

Drive your car up to the big fan in the Tokyo level
and teeter on the
edge. Then, wait
for the other characters to chase after you and let
them fall into the
fan and die.
Quickly throw your car in reverse and wreak further
destruction. Note:
In two player
death match, you may have to blow up the fan grid
first with a well
placed missile.

Go up to the top of the ramp that's closest to the
HOLLYWOOD sign and
launch a
couple of Napalms at it. The sign will blow up.

North Pole:
Blow up Santa's workshop and everything else in the
center of the level
to find a full
health recharge and several weapons (including
lightning). Lure a few
enemies out
there and then get back across the bridge quickly.
Use your lightning to
fry anybody
left on the island. Be careful not to fall into the
chasm surrounding
the island since the
lightning could hit you!

Thanks to jovan (JJO)

I've found a way to pretty much be invisible in two
levels.  In Tokyo
you can jump on the little ledgesthat are on the
side of the roads
that go from one rooftop to the other.  The other
place is at the North
Pole.  There is a little cottage that sets by some
trees, if you jump
 on the cottage and manage to stay on in ether
place your opponants
wont even know your there.  But the missles will,
so watch out.

Submitted By:: prettyboy

First you have to put invicibility cheat and more
powerful weapons cheaton then go into the lava in
Before you fall in aim yourself towards the radar
and fall in the lava.
Place a remote under you and jump then detonate it.
If done right you
should fly high enough to land on the ledge around
the radar. It is
extremly hard so it won't work every time

Submitted and FULLY tested By: wr50

This isnt exactly a cheat but a thing you can do to
gain money.
First you need the hammer from the hall of heros.
Go back to Dans crypt and smash the wall there and
get a life
bottle and two chests.
Then get the other bags of coins around the level
and leave.
Come back and smash the wall again and the chests
will still
be there and a bag of coins as well then beat the
Come back and do this as much as you need to.
name: mike

In Hangar 18, go to the blue room off to the side
with 002  written in it. If you go straight into
it, shoot the two bottom back pannels. You will see an
orb, go into it and you will find several
name: K. Masterson

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