Title: ALONE IN THE DARK 4   Developer: DARKWORKS   Type: Strategy Action Adventure
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Alone in the Dark 4
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Game Title -  Alone In The Darl 4: The New Nightmare

Developer - 	Darkworks

Distributor - 	Infogrames

Genre - 	Horror	


Walkthrough or Guide

Okay, the longevity and feeling of achievement gained from playing 
Alone In The Dark 4 will be severely reduced by immediately using 
this guide. Try to play through yourself first and only use if hopelessly stuck.

A full walkthrough is not required as the game only allows new areas 
to be accessed once a puzzle has been solved.  Some tips are only 
for one of the characters so apply where necessary.

The padlock
The 4 symbols for the gate padlock are not given until the manor has 
been complete. The symbols I received were: ( left moon, ) right moon, star, sun

Push the statue in front of the mirror to reveal the initials of Howard Morton. HM is the code.

Wolf Mask
Place the wolfs mask onto the headbust. 

To get the handgun switch off the light in the room where the headbust is. 
Use the key from the old lady.

Library Switches
Switch in this order. 
1.	Top floor bookcase near stairs.
2.	Ground floor bookcase furthest from stairs
3.	Ground floor bookcase nearest stairs
Defeat flying beast
4. Top floor bookcase furthest from stairs.

Attic Floor
Check floor boards in corridor and remove repaired section using crowbar.

Attic Wall.
Light candle in attic using lighter and then remove wall where wind blows 
through using crowbar.

Library Code
Find the two half pictures and combine them. Examine them, turning them 
over to reveal two sets of figures, which should be added. 
The codes I received were:
1408 + 2516 = 3926

Use telescope in the room on the roof. Look out of the window and zoom 
in the lens. The year code is 1692

4 paintings
After each of the above puzzles are solved the relevant picture will open 
to reveal a key or object.
Once all 4 pictures have been opened the birthday of each member of the 
Morton family must be inserted to reveal main gate code.
From left to right insert:
Richard 1852 (worked out by taking his age, 37, from the day the oil company was created 1889)
Archibald 1874
Jeremy 1899
Howard 1931

Now leave manor and go to circle of stones.

Circle of Stones
Follow instructions (North, South West etc) given over radio. Now go to East 
stone and chant the words in the order given on the tape recording.
O' Goulai, Hypor, Korna, Harnis

Get wire cutters and goodies from plane before it sinks.

Wire cutters
Use wire cutters on chained door.

Sacrifice Symbols
Press the symbols marked X below:
O     O    X
O     X    O
O     O    X

In greenhouse climb the ladder and push the statue off the ledge and go collect remains.

Final Boss
Easy. You cannot kill him. Shoot him twice and when he falls down for a few seconds 
go into his cave and get his spear.

As you can imagine, writing a quality strategy guide for any game takes dedication and many hours of hard work. If you find the Alone in the Dark 4 walkthrough helpful, please complete the form below and we will send Martin Bolland (who wrote this), a short message of thanks on your behalf. If you include your email address, we will also send you a copy of the letter for your records.

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