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Written By: Leentje Schade
SECRET AREA 1 is on the VERY FIRST SCREEN of the game.  Get 
behind the barrel and press down.  You will need a grenade to 
successfully complete this secret so you'll need to come back after 
finding the BOOM machine.
SECRET 2 is the big barrel next to the sleeping guard.  When he 
wakes up POSSESS him.  Make him run the the right until he can 
kill the other sleeping guard by the elevator.  Yell "LOOK OUT" 
for extra fun then waste him when he wakes up.  
SECRET 3  is where you pull the lever to open the trap door and 
make the SLIG fall in.  After you dispatch the SLIG pull the 
lever again and JUMP into the hole before the trap door shuts.  
This is tricky and may require several attempt.  "How do you know 
to do this?" you ask.  When the SLIG falls in you hear him say 
WHAT?  instead of a death cry indicating there is something below.
SECRET 4 is where you pull the ROPE handle  Do the same thing and 
jump in the hole before the door shuts.  Another fast and tricky jump.
There's more but you can find those now that you know how the game 
designers think and hide their secrets.
Some other hard to find  Muldokens.  There are 2 workers HIDING IN 
Yes - the same shadows you hide in.  When you are complete hidden 
in each shadow say "HELLO"  If you hear a reply then do "FOLLOW ME" 
and lead them to the nearest bird portal.  I'll let you figure out 
which shadows.....
Near the end of the level on that long elevator.  Go to the top with 
a grenade.
Get in the middle of the ledge and crouch and throw grenade to the 
right.  That should kill the guard sleep on the small ledge.  Ride 
down to make sure then go back up and JUMP off to the right.  You'll 
land on the ledge.  Duck and roll CAREFULLY into the next room.  
Make you way past the grinders.  Standing jump for the first one and 
a timed ROLL through the other 2.  Continue rolling to the
next screen and free the last 3 Muldokens.
Level Passwords
When you get to the Options Screen, enter the following code:
Hold down R1 and press DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, Square, O,
Square,Triangle, O, Square, RIGHT, LEFT
Movie Passwords
When you get to the Options Screen, enter the following code:
Hold down R1 and press UP, LEFT, RIGHT, Square, O, Triangle, Square, 
 The chant is your only defense. It affects Sligs, Scrabs and Paramytes
.To get rid of Sligs, chant until they are possessed, or use the 
environment ( pits, falling barrels ) 
NOTE: you cannot possess Sligs that are in the same floor than you, 
even if you are in the shadows ( they must not see you ) Also, the 
Slig must keep running in the same screen than you are.
 As the Slig:
S: "What?". Also used to use levers
X: Strike: use it to hit mudokons, so they can duck under your bullets
 and avoid getting shot.
T: " Blah! "
C: Fire weapon. Hold for a continuous burst
R2+ L or R: Run ( like Abe )
L2+R2: Explosion
Slig cannot jump or duck, but he can ride platforms
With the Slig you must kill other enemies, so be trigger happy, 
or they could kill you first. Explore with him to fire as many Sligs
 as you can. DO NOT KILL ANY MUDOKONS. Also be careful not to fire
 Abe, as you can kill him. The Slig can talk too, but many of his 
phrases are just annoying sounds. Only SOME Slogs obey him. 
Hold L1, then:
S: " Here, boy ": used to talk with some Slogs, the equivalent to 
 Abe's " Follow me 
"X: " Get him " : the attack order for the Slog.
T: " Hi " 
C: " Wait "
Hold L2, then:S: Laugh
X: Grunt 1
T: Grunt 2
C: " Look out! " : the same use of the strike, but also alerts other 
Notes about Sligs:
If you want, you can press L2 and C to alert, then you must only 
release L2 and the Slig will fire automatically.
If you hit a mudokon with the strike too much, it will die, so be 
careful. The Scrabs and Paramytes can be delayed with the chant, but
 you cannot possess them.
To kill Paramytes, use the environment. You can distract them with 
meat pieces, but they eat fast. If there are two or more together,
 they will attack you. They also attack if you corner them.
To kill Scrabs, make them meet a friend. They will fight until death,
 letting you escape To kill Slogs, use the environment, or a Slig.
The bees need to be avoided. Elum hates them.
The bats kill you immediately. Avoid them too
The game has at least two endings. They change depending on the 
friends that you helped throughout your quest.Rescue 49 Mudokons 
or less: Sad ending
Rescue 50 or more Mudokons: Happy ending
Rescue 99 Mudokons: They give you the happy ending, then a brief 
note and the code to see all the movies.
6.3 RESCUING MUDOKONS To rescue Mudokons do the following.
Say " Hello " until they say that too. Now ask them to follow you. 
Go to a bird portal and chant. The mudokon will jump through the 
portal and will be free. Easy, right? You can rescue as many 
mudokons at once as you like. If the mudokon is in a room with 
a bird portal, just chant and he will escape. You cannot talk to 
two different mudokons in the same room. In this case rescue 
one first, or make him wait next to the bird portal. If you or 
a Slig broke the portal, you need to go back a room and then return, 
and the birds will be there.
Special note about taking mudokons down a ledge:
 You don't have to throw yourself down first. You can stand 
next to an opening or on the otherside and call the Mudokon. 
The first time won't produce a result but every subsequent call 
will bring him one step closer to you. This can be handy for 
positioning them to go through timing traps and having them walk 
off ledges.
6.4 USING GRENADESThe grenades can be tricky at first, but it is easy:
Hold C to prepare the grenade. It will bip five times, and at the 
sixth time it will explode. Usually, you will have to throw it 
immediately after the FIFTH bip. 
The angles are a little like this:FACING RIGHT:
Press L: throws close and vertical
Press R: throws very far
Press U: throws high and relatively farPress 
D: throws close too.
While duck: throws it at a decent range and it goes horizontally. 
Useful to kill Sligs.
When I refer to blowing orbs, you need to prepare the grenade, 
wait for the fifth bip, and then throwing it in the direction 
that you are facing.
All these commands also apply  to rocks and meat, but they 
will not explode. 
Elum: the horse that you ride. Almost the only one that 
does not attack you.
Glukkons: the executives of Rupture Farms. Tall, brown, 
and smoking cigars. They appear only at the end
Mudokons: the guys like you. They are always working. 
The wild ones can only talk with a whistle-fart language and 
tend to attack you if they have a weapon. 
Paramites: Small, with many legs. They appear only in Paramonia. 
They tend to attack when they are in groups. Can be distracted 
with meat pieces.
Scrabs: Big, with a great chest but no arms. They have long jaws. 
Run very fast. 
Attack their own kind.
Sligs: They have metalic legs, plastic heads with squid faces, 
and a mean shotgun (that fires like a machine gun ) The most 
common enemy. Fool, almost blind guards. 
Can be possessed
Slogs: A big pair of jaws with two legs. Attack relentlessly , 
but obey some Sligs. 
They think of themselves as dogs.
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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