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Written By: Andrew S.
Alundra Version 0.02
This is NOT an FAQ. I just wanted to help others that may be stuck
(as I was a while ago and will, surely, be again) due to a lack of
Japanese knowledge. I'm only as far as the end of the third dungeon
so I'm afraid I won't be able to help further than that.
By the way, I'm Spanish and English is not my mother language, so
I hope you forgive my gramatical and spelling errors and e-mail meany 
General Gameplay
If your problem is that you don't know where to go now, you should 
the Fortune-teller. By answering Yes (the upper option) two times, 
will show you a world map with your current location (marked with an 
and the place you have to go now (marked by a flash of light).
Common sticking points.1st Dungeon : The Ancient house
There shouldn't be any problem with this one, but e-mail me if you
are stuck anywhere.2nd Dungeon : The Mine
First Generator: As the miner shows, pull the levers in this order:
   Left, left, Right, Left
Second Generator : Pull the upper lever three times, then the lower 
   and lastly jump over the generator a couple of times
   (it should flash white with each jump)3rd Dungeon : The Crypt
Ghost puzzle: This is just at the entrance and TOOK ME 3 HOURS
   TO FIGURE IT OUT (mainly because I wasn't sure if the door would
   open by just talking to the ghosts in order). Numbering the
   ghosts from 1 to 5 from left to right you must activate them
   in this order: 3 2 4 1 5 
Four orbs puzzle : These are four purple orbs arranged in a diamond 
   You have to hit them in this order : Right, Left, Down, Up.
Infinity rooms puzzle : This is composed by two rooms that repeat
   themselves continuously when walking from left to right.
   The first one has some sort of 3-dimensional maze and three
   light orbs that must be active at one time to open the doors.
   The problem is that one of them deactivates just after being
   hit, so it must be the third one you activate.
   The second has just three slimes that have to be killed in order 
   open the doors.
   To break the loop of those two rooms, you must enter the first
   one, then go to the second one, then again to the first one.
   There you must go left again (as if you wanted to exit to
   the corridor), but you will be in the second room again. Head
   right from there and you should end up in a new room.
Path to the 4th dungeon : The Desert
   At the north end of the center stone structure you will be carried
   by two tornados to another section. In this you have to look the
   direction in which the wind blows and exit by that side of the 
4th Dungeon : The Pyramid
   Throughout this dungeon there are many places in which you will
   have to place sculptures of a drop of water, a ball representig
   the sun, a star and the moon in the tiles matching their form.
   Then you will reach one room in which there is only one tile:
   there you have to put the sculptures one on top of the other, in
   this order: Water, Sun, Moon, Star, being the water the lowest 
Oddly (and fortunately) enough, from this point on there doesn't seem
to be any more Japanese-text puzzles, although there are some quite
devilish ones (like in the ice towers). But this pseudo-faq was 
to help people with the Japanese ones, so I won't be describing the
solution to the others. After all, that's half the fun!
What this means is that I won't make another revision unless I find
another Japanese-stucking point.

Alundra Walkthru & Hints (Part 2)
(This walkthru picks up where Ignacio deLucas's left off)Pyramid:
 Before you can get in the pyramid, you need to get the digger item. 
I'll start 
near the end of this dungeon since most rooms are straight forward. 
the room 
with the North and South doors, You need to stay on the "O's" or 
shut. Get the barrel south of the door on the left and use it to get 
thru. Go 
thru the top door first.In one of the last rooms,you'll need to catch 
falling barrels and place them to move on. They only appear the first 
or 5 
times you hit the switch. If you hit the switch and watch where they 
fall, this 
is not where you catch them(it changes when you stand by holes. You 
do not 
need to get in the holes to catch.
 In the final boss room, you need to jump in both holes and place the 
blocks(moon,sun,etc.) on the floor in the order shown on the wall. in 
the left 
hole its "NEWS" and right is "SWEN". Once you get the count down, 
dropping them 
at the right time is not to hard. I threw the block on the count 
changes to the needed symbol. Once this is done you fight the 
boss(fairly easy). 
You get new sword, boots and Heart ( opps...throwback to Zelda), 
container. Overworld:
 Now that you have new boots and can jump higher, explore and you can 
get more 
stuff. You can get another golden bird. I'm still not sure what these 
are for, 
but I suspect it has to do with the life refill on the golden jar. 
Before going 
to the next area, stock up, get bottles and life leaves. There is a 
of town that has another heart container, ring, blue tube(?), and a 
Unfortunately, these are $10000 each! It will be easier to get these 
later in 
the game. Don't worry about them now. Some other quick notes: use 
to blow 
up small stumps and ball and chain to destroy the white blocks. Make 
sure you 
talk to everyone in town after each dungeon. Some conversations 
the next 
event. At this point I have 18 life containers and 13 golden 
 The first part is easy and you should get a key. You'll see a chest 
you'll get 
later. Next you'll get to a room with 4 doors(3 in back and one in 
right side. You need to activate three orbs and then go in the back 
center door. 
In the back left room you need to throw a rock at the orb while not 
getting hit 
by the rotating ball. Now go down the stairs and defeat all the 
fall off! Now grab your new you can swim.
 Now go back to room with platforms. Swim back to the right.(there's 
toward bottom with $30). You'll find a locked door. Go across 
to get 
key #2. Go thru door.
In the next room you must press button and run around ledges before 
block falls. 
The next room has three spinning balls. The key is to smash the ball 
with your ball & chain so the ball is near the ledge at the right. 
You'll also 
need the barrel thats hidden behind the white rock you can smash. Now 
climb to 
ledge and go to the next room. Here you can save your progress(exit 
 The next room is a little tricky. You need to break the spinning 
so the balls roll to a place to allow you to jump across ledges. The 
I did 
it was stand to the east of the top ball and hit the support when 
was at 
10:00. For the lower ball, stand north of the ball and hit the 
when ball 
is at 6:00. In the next room don't break the pots. You need to jump 
them to 
reach the island. You'll get another key. Now go back to the save 
(save and 
fill up). Head south thru door. Another life container and blue 
Go down stairs and ride balls across room. Jump off last ball before 
falls in 
the hole.
Now you face the water boss. If you retreat to the ledge in the upper 
between hits, it is easy. He(or she) takes several hits. When 
you get 
the healing scroll.Overworld:
Now go back to town ,stock up and save. The fortune teller is closed 
which means 
you need to do your next task in town or nearby. Before moving on, go 
and go for a swim. Go to area in lower right and swim to another life 
You can also go to upper left and swim to get some items. After 
exploring, talk 
to everyone in town and you'll end up going upstairs in the house 
with 3 
standing outside. At the end of the sequence it nitetime. There is no 
music for 
this sequence. Town gates are locked. Go to fortune teller'll wake 
up to morning.Snow World(I'm making these names up since I can't read 
Go to the house in the lower right. Dream sequence will take you to 
level.There are three switches. Do middle one last.Go in west tower 
first. You 
need to get three keys to open gates on upper outside balcony. My 
the first part of this level were somewhat cryptic so a few steps may 
missing. I generally skip easy rooms in the walkthru. Go to save 
which is 
outside down to right before going thru door. The next room has arrow 
floor(directional not shooting). Work your way to upper right. Don't 
smash the 
ice statues. Push onto switch. In the next room, push one statue 
platform(so it doesn't fall) and the others in the gaps so you can 
them to 
jump across. The trick is to push the two outside statues to the 
before pushing the middle one. Now push the middle one up, then push 
one down,right and down. Push the last one right. Now climb up and 
The next room you will need to quickly jump on each orange switch 
getting knocked off. Stay on upper ledge if possible. If you 
previos room again. In the next room, get the ball to break the rocks 
Hint..The ball goes in the direction of last switch hit. If you are 
quick, you 
can hit the switch so the ball changes direction without falling off. 
The next 
room has four switches. Jump across pillars and get another gold 
Next, the 
middle dooroutside..get the key in the chest.
 Right Tower: Push the pillars first to change the switch to green( 
one to the left first). Leave room after switch activated and then 
re-enter to 
get chest with another life container. The next room was a pain and 
tries. You'll see several pillars. ALL are needed in some way to 
complete room. 
Some move and some are used as backstop. Since a detailed solution is 
more than 
I desire to type, here are some hints: Set up a "backstop" on the 
side of 
the switch. It will take pushing three pillars from left to right to 
one on 
top of the switch. Set up the ones on the left side so that you can 
two of 
the ones on the right over to the left. Do this one at a time(the 
Once you push it from right to left, push it up, then to thr 
the switch (hey..if the game was to easy it wouldn't be fun). When 
get the 
switch lit green, make sure you get the key in the lower right. Now 
center platform.
Boss-Now that you have all three keys you can open the three center 
gates above 
and head to boss. This boss sucks(literally). Try to stay to the side 
and hit 
with ball and chain. Save some life, as you will have another fight 
town, but its not to hard...just don't stand still.Town:
 Now after a sequence you will get the crossbow when you come 
your rest. Stock up and save. Go try out your new weapon. If you go 
church above the town(right of the large pond) you'll be able 
with arrow to open a door. A book is missing...hmmm. If you explore 
you'll find a house(shack) near the west river. Upstairs is a "music" 
man. Go to 
center table and answer yes or no ( These are the only Japanese words 
recognize..YES is shorter and has one backwards "J". NO is a longer 
two backward "J's"). Above this house is another house with a switch 
behind a grate door. Can't quite hit the switch with my arrow. I wish 
the arrow 
flew like my golf balls.Water Dungeon:
 Go to the pond in east of town. You'll see an orb on an island you 
can't jump 
to. Shoot it with an arrow and it will turn orange. The cave opens 
behind the 
statue at north end of the pond. Make sure you have full life leaves 
potions. This dungeon has more enemies than previous. Bombs work good 
If you need to leave the dungeon, there is a white rock on the left 
of the 
wall on the ledge. Blow it up and you can exit to refill or save.
I'll leave you here (getting tired of typing). If there is any 
I will 
do a walkthru for the last half of the game. I'm about 3/4 thru...I 
think. At 
this point I had 21 life, 16 gold birds, and 2 magic crystals.Tubes:
 A quick note about these items. If you go up from the area above the 
house, you'll see shrines with a pedestal. There are five. You should 
have an 
item which looks like red tubes. Place it on the first one you get 
There are 
three across bridge and one on an island. While you're here, jump off 
the side 
of the bridge into the water and collect another gold bird on the 

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