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(Demo - full version to follow)
Written By: Billy Burkert

Ape Escape - Demo Version
Walkthrough - Guide
Version 2.0 - Final
Written by Billy Burkert

Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Billy Burkert (

Note: This is currently for the Demo version of Ape Escape.  When the 
game is fully released, than I will add to it.  Also note that Ape 
Escape works ONLY with the Dual Analog Controller.

 *New Info about Ape Escape: - Level 1-2, Wetlands, has been renamed 
Primordial Ooze for the final release.
Where to find this demo of Ape Escape:
 PlayStation Underground JamPack - Summer '99
 Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Volume 2, Issue 10 Demo Disk

*To access the L3 and R3 buttons, push the analog stick into the 
controller.  The left analog is L3 and the right analog is R3.
 D-Pad: Move Camera
 Left Analog: Move Spike
 Right Analog: Swing Gadget
 L1: Move Camera behind you
 L2: First-Person View
 L3: Lay Down (Move analog to crawl)
     Dive Under water
 R1: Jump (x2 for a 2-step jump)
 R2: Jump (x2 for a 2-step jump)
 R3: Curl up in a ball (while Laying Down)
     Shoot Net / Call RC Car
 Square, Triangle, O, and X: These buttons switch between your Gadgets
 Start: Menu - Set Gadgets, Check Status, Options, Exit

The Gadgets:
 The Gadgets available in this Demo are:
 Stun Club: Club your enemies and stun the monkeys.  Swing the Club 
around for a 360 attack!
 Time Net: You can't catch monkeys without your Net!  Keep it with you 
at all times!
 Sky Flyer: Rotate the Sky Flyer for an uplifting experience!
 RC Car: A RC Car!  It's really fun AND it'll get into areas too small 
for you!
 Water Net: (This Gadget has no "blurb" because you can't equip it.)

The Pick-Ups:
 There are multiple different Pick-Ups in the stages of Ape Escape.  
You can Pick-Up:
 Small Triangles: Worth 1.  Collect 100 for an extra life (Shirt)
 Large Triangles: Worth 5.  Collect 100 for an extra life (Shirt)
 Specter Coins: Not sure what these do.  Supposedly, you can open 
secrets with them.
The Stages:
 The Lost Land:
1-1: Fossil Field:
 Monkey Requirement: 03
 Total Monkeys: 04
 Specter Coins: 01
 Time Attack Time: 0'32"00
1-2: Wetlands:
 Monkey Requirement: 04
 Total Monkeys: 06
 Specter Coins: 01
 Time Attack Time: 00'42"00
 Training Stages:
5: Learn about the Sky Flyer
 Gadget: Sky Flyer
6: Learn about the RC Car
 Gadget: RC Car

The Pause Screen:
 Triangle: Gadget: Assign your Gadgets to buttons here.  There are a 
total of 8 Gadget spaces.
 Circle: Status: Shows your Success Rate, and Number of Specter Coins.
 X: Option: Turn Vibration On/Off, Set Sound to Stereo/Mono, Turn up 
Music, or Turn up SFX.
 Square: Exit: Exit the level your in.

The Rooms:
 Center of Time Station:
Book Door: Training Stages
Running Man Door: ? (It's Locked)
Wave Door: Warp Room
Computer: Quit Demo

Cool Things:
 What game would be complete with its own cool little things?  None!
Idle Animations:
  Do tricks with Time Net
  Do a Handstand
  Listen to a Stereo through Headphones
  Play with a yo-yo
  Look through Binoculars

Blow up the RC:
 There are two ways to do this, 
 - Get it caught under a door in training
 - Drive it next to you, than pull out your Stun Club and hit it!

*This guide is all mine.  Please don't take anything from here without* 
*asking first.  If you see this guide anywhere else, please inform me.*

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Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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