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Written By: PSgod

Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 02:29:26 EDT

Nick's Aquanaut's  Holiday FAQ

Hello All, this here is my FAQ for Aquanaut's Holiday.  The game
is a basic one, where you search the ocean floor for ancient
artifacts of the past (and in a few cases future)  Along the way
there is a Mini game which involves you building a reef for fish to
thrive in, which Ironically turns out to be the main par of the game
because through building your reef is the only true way to beat the
game!! (yes it has an ending)

Basic Exploration
First off there are a few things you should know before you start
exploring. The navigational system is not very good, so most of
the time you are just relying on your own instincts once you get
started.  There are many things in the sea to explore so just take
your time and enjoy the game, if you are searching for something
in the ocean you will NEVER find it.  However if you are just
enjoying yourself and taking in the seanary, odds are sooner or
later you will come across something highly irregular and

Reef Building
This is a very tricky process in which it will take you a while to get
it down(or at least it did for me).   OK I have discovered three
different styles of building in which will be effective, the first one
I call BASIC STRUCTURING:  What this is, is a simple lay out
of you reef blocks in which none of your blocks reach higher than
the ground level, all blocks follow the same general direction
making a long continuos circle.  The next type of building I call,
2 STEP STRUCTURING:  This is where you build a little more
elaborate structures such as stories of blocks reaching up to 3
stories high off the ground, and your ground pattern will change to
zigzagging around one main high structure, sort of like a center of
town.  And the Final type I call TUNEL STRUCTURING: In
witch you will build a series of large tunnels for a large number of
fish to live in, lets say you have 4 main tunnels, you would then
connect them all with a small line of blocks that will surround and
inclose the main tunnels. All of these types of building that I have
mentioned will work if you wish to get a maximum number of fish
living with in your reef, but be patent, it will take time.  IT took
me almost 15 hours the first time to get my reef filled up all the
way!!. Now comes the most important part, COLOR
CODEING!!!!!!!  IF you wish for fish to come you MUST  have
different patterns of colors that will catch there little fish eyes.  Try
a large variety like Red, Red, blue, yellow, blue, red, yellow.  Just
be creative, and the fish will come.

Personal Findings
Some of my personal findings are:

Ancient Head: It is a large statue of a head from some Indian

Pyramids:  It is a set of pyramids on the ocean floor.

Large Rock inside pocket of Air: I have no idea what this thing
is, but is interesting all the same.

Giant Rock Table suspended by Diamond: Just what it sounds
like, groups of different kinds of whales are often around it.

Sunken treasure ship: This is an old ship that has a large hole on
its side with treasure falling out of it.

Plants Inside Pink Pots: This is an interesting find because all of
the plants in this area are inside pink pots.

Ancient Bridge:  This is an old Greek style bridge that is on the
ocean floor.

Series of Lava Rocks:  The reason this is so neat is, it is a pure
marble floor that a series of 4 or 5 lava rocks are sitting on.

ZERO Trench:  This is a very long trench between 2 mountains
that stretches along way, inside it are many kings of animals I have
never seen anywhere else in the game. You will know when you
find it!!

Foot Prints in the Sand:  In a sandy area there are some strange
foot prints that start up out of nowhere and then vanish again
without a trace
Thats all I can think of at the moment, I am sure that I haven't even
found half of the things that are down there, so I will keep
updating as I find more!

Communicating with sea Life
While you are on your many adventures, you will encounter many
different types of sea life that you will be able to interact with. 
The best advisee that I can give to you is to just use different
patterns with different animals.  Such as the whale, if you
approach it quickly, it will turn and flee because you have
frightened it! But if you move in slow and cautious like, making
soft sounds it will soon approach you.

When you finally do get to the end of the game (by filling up your
max. fish meter)  you will be rewarded with the ending of the
game!!!!  A series of screens will pop up congratulating you on
finishing the game, and then talking about how much the fish like
you.  Then it will reward you will a special new "Present"  they
call it.  This present lets you control and use all the different fish in
the game!  It is very fun worth getting.  Well I think that about
does it.

Legal Issues
This FAQ is under copyright from ME Psgod62526.
SO please, if you want to use thins material, mention me and my
email address somewhere on that same page, that is all.

If you have any questions or comments about ANYTHING AT
ALL don't hesitate to email me at:

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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