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Written By: PSXMTL

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      Ý    ___  Ý   ÝÝ
     Ý         ÝÝ   ÝÝ
     Ý         Ý    ÝÝ _ÝÝÝÝÝ_ _ÝÝ_ _ÝÝ_ _ÝÝ_ÝÝÝ_  _ÝÝÝÝÝ_
     __       ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ      ÝÝ   ÝÝ   ÝÝ   ÝÝÝ _Ý_ ÝÝ    _ÝÝ
              Ý    ÝÝ     ÝÝ   ÝÝÝ  ÝÝÝ   ÝÝ     ÝÝÝ_ÝÝ__
             ÝÝ    ÝÝ    ÝÝ  _ ÝÝ   ÝÝ   ÝÝÝ      ÝÝ_   __
            ÝÝ     ÝÝ  _ÝÝÝÝÝÝ _ÝÝÝÝÝ   _ÝÝ_      _ÝÝÝÝÝ_
           _Ý      ÝÝ
           Ý       ÝÝ_
_         ÝÝ      ÝÝÝÝÝÝ__      ----=========----------ú ú ú  ú  ú
 _Ý_     _Ý      Ý_  ÝÝÝ_ÝÝ_     T A C T I C A L  F A Q  V 1.0
   __ÝÝÝÝ_      __  ÝÝÝ   _ÝÝ   ú  ú  ú ú ú----------=========----
                    ÝÝ     _ÝÝ            Maintained by: PSXMTL  
                   ÝÝÝ      ÝÝ                           PSXMTL@HOTMAIL.COM
                   ÝÝ       ÝÝÝ           Last updated : Aug. 15th 98
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                 ÝÝ         ÝÝÝ ÝÝÝ _Ý_ ÝÝ    _ÝÝÝÝ   ÝÝ  ÝÝ  ÝÝ ÝÝÝÝÝ_ __
    ____        ÝÝ          ÝÝ  ÝÝ     ÝÝÝ_ÝÝ__ ÝÝÝ  ÝÝÝ ÝÝÝ ÝÝÝ ÝÝ  __Ý_
 _ÝÝ____ÝÝ__   ÝÝ          ÝÝ  ÝÝÝ      ÝÝ_   __ÝÝ   ÝÝ  ÝÝ  ÝÝ ÝÝÝ_Ý_  ÝÝ
ÝÝ       ___ÝÝÝ_          _Ý  _ÝÝ_      _ÝÝÝÝÝ_ _ÝÝÝÝÝÝ__Ý_ _Ý_ _Ý_ _ÝÝÝ_
ÝÝ           _ÝÝ         ÝÝ                                         -[LoG!]-
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The Azure dreams Tactical FAQ!
(c) copyright 1998 PSXMTL

This FAQ is best viewed with a Fixed size System font! Typically NotePad,
your web browser or Good ol' DOS shell. ( to see the ascii art thingye )
viewing this with any other non fixed size font will cause severe brain
damage and I shall not be held responsible. 

This Clamor! PSXMTL is in no way related to Konami Computer
entertainment Tokyo, Sony computer entertainment of America, or any other
software, development, marketing, distributor, or fast food chain that 
you could think of. 

You may distribute this document in any form, free of charge. You may _NOT_
modify this document and claim that it is your own work. If you would like 
to include any of its contents on your own web site, give credit where credit
is due.

### [ Revision History ]

1.0 ; released 98-08-15: First release of the FAQ. Many monster
details are missing but I could not wait to find all of the eggs before
releasing. A few items are missing. Most of the tactical sections are 
complete, though. There is no town section yet, as I found it less inter-
esting than the Dungeon part. It will be coming very soon, though.

### [Wh0ohaw, The Table Of Contents]

section 1.0; Introduction

section 2.0; Objectives of the game
        2.1: Reach top tower floor
        2.2: Get chicks!
        2.3: Build the city
        2.4: Collecting familiars
        2.5: Special quests

section 3.0; Items
        3.1: Inventory
        3.2: Cursed items
        3.3: Boosted Items
        3.4: Notes on tower items
        3.5: Notes on specific item
        3.6: Tower items lists

section 4.0; Monsters
        4.1: Fusing monsters
        4.2: monster list

section 5.0; Tips
        5.1: On tower level gaining
        5.2: On Power levelling a familiar
        5.3: On fighting
        5.4: Health management
        5.5: Hitting traps
        5.6: Monster den
        5.7: Resetting the game

! section 1.0; Introduction

        Welcome to my first attempt at a FAQ! This FAQ was simply written out
of the enjoyment the game has procured me. I wanted to share knowledge with
everyone, so that everyone could get the most out of this game. So okay, the
graphics aren't amazing, but I still really enjoy this game because of the
interface and the ease of play, once you get experimented. For me this game
is like a mix of Chess and diablo. Although most games today are derivative
of others, there isn't one quite like Azure Dreams.. well, not yet.

        Please remember that most of the topics are very speculative. I am a
simple fan of the game, and wrote this FAQ out of personnal experience. There
is a high chance that I am wrong on a few aspects of this game, but the later
revisions of the FAQ should correct these mistakes as they show up.

ALOT of effort and time was invested in this FAQ. Please make it worthwhile
and keep the flames for yourself if I am wrong somewhere. On the other hand,
feel free to mail me any info I might have forgot. Credit will be given where
credit is due =)   < to the first sender only > Have fun with the game!

You may email me at, please use it for submitting info
only. I won't start repeating via email whatever can be found in the faq.

! section 2.0: Objectives of the game

In this present revision of the FAQ, it is still uncertain what defines
"finishing" the game. This game is like a bunch of side stories, and from the
beginning of the game you are free to concentrate on any aspect of the game.
There does not seem to be a limit time, and you may enter the tower as many
times as you want. The town citizens can be talked to at any time in the game
and the results will be basically the same. But here's an attempt at listing
the goals;

---=[ section 2.1: Reach top tower floor ]

Unlike what is mentionned on Konami's home page, and on the back of the
insert of the CD casing, the top floor is level 40, not 90. Maybe finishing
multiple objectives of the game will unlock new tower levels, but that would
seem odd. When you reach level 40, a FMV is played clearly displaying that
you have reached the top of the tower. Maybe we can open a portal to other
levels, but this is only speculative. I'm trying to figure out what they have
meant by "90 levels". The only last thing I can come up with is that I noti-
ced that the levels were not randomly generated. Instead, it is clear that
after playing for a while, I can recognise some levels I have been to before.
But it also seems to me that there are much more than 90 varieties of these
levels... so Uhmm... shrug!

Well, back to the game. Like I was saying, the "ultimate" egg is on level 40.
This is also the level where you will encounter a certain individual that you
will learn about when you reach tower level 30 ( I have no intention of
spoiling the storyline, yet ). Make sure you reach tower level 40 with your
Kewne alive. Otherwise, you will very likely be killed. If Kewne is with you,
even if you get killed Kewne will turn around and kill your enemy. You will
then be able to get the ultimate egg, "HIKEWNE".

Obtaining HIKEWNE will trigger the end credits.But the game will not be over,
you will be returned to town afterwards, and will have the possibility of
completing the other objectives, or of exploring the tower with your new
sword ( Seraphim ) or your new subordinate ( HiKewne ). Consult the monster
list for details about HiKewne.

Finishing the tower will also fill out that last lozenge in the save games,
if you were wondering which "girl" that could fit there.

---=[ section 2.2: Get chicks! ]

Have you noticed 8 lozenges at the bottom of your save game menu? These
represent the ladies that will fall in love with you in the course of your
gaming experience.

More on this will come in following revisions of the FAQ, among other things
speculation on how to get each lady to fall in love with you. But basically,
most of them consists of talking to them often, for example each time you
return from a tower adventure.

---=[ section 2.3: Build the city ]

When you interract with some specific townspeople, some of them will ask your
help to improve the city. This topic will also be covered in depth in a
future revision of the FAQ.

---=[ section 2.4: Collecting familiars ]

Not sure about this, but the fortune teller hints that you may wanna collect
one of each familiars that exist. Now the biggest Monster Hut can store 48
monsters, so you have plenty of space for that.

---=[ section 2.5: Special quests ]

Special quests consist of diverse items that are requested by the towZpeople.
These items are to be found in the tower. They cannot be sold, and thus will
not appear in my item list.

Blue collar: Not really a special quest item, but it is still an item found
in the tower. Allows you to have a second familiar out of the bag. Also
allows you to fuse monsters.

Guru's Pot; give it to the dude near the windmills. it will re-activate the
windmills and you will get a bonus Big Pita.

Blue Cape; give it to the lady in the bar. It belongs to her long time diss-
apeared lover. 

Water Medal; give it to the owner of the water pool. It will
cause the water pool to re-open.

Healing herb; Can heal disease of Cherrl

! section 3.0; Items

I am still uncertain if the items in the city will be covered. Sounds like a
big waste of time to me. 

---=[ section 3.1: Inventory ]

Use Triangle button to sort your stuff automatically.

When you are standing on an item with a full inventory, that item you are
standing on will always be on the right of your inventory. 

Items displayed in cyan text are unidentified. They are either balls, weapons,
shields, or eggs.

On some quite rare occasions, items that are on traps will not show up in the
menu. Instead of the item, you will see the trap type appear in the item menu
(icon looks like a red exclamation mark). Drop another item somewhere else and
walk over the trap (de-activate it first) or stand next to the trap, and pick
up the item. ( Circle + x )

---=[ section 3.2: Cursed items ]

Cursed items are not removable. Now there is a De-Curse scroll that will cure
this condition, in case you would be stuck with a cursed Wood shield, or what-
ever else very crappy. But in the case that you CAN tolerate the cursed item
for the actual quest you are in, you really should not de-curse the item for a
very simple reason, it is worth many times more money when you will resell it.
Cursed items -1 are worth 4.5 times more than the normal item would be. So if
you have a cursed mirror shield -1, it is worth 4500g instead of 1000g.

Cursed items will bear a small skull logo next to their icon. It is not
because an item is -1 that it is cursed.

Now this added value of resale only concerns items that were originally cursed
when you acquired them. Hitting a Rust trap does not apply. A rust trap will
decrease the original item's value. You can test this by standing on a rust
trap, activating the "Foot" Menu, and choosing "step" a few times. Your item
will eventually go down to 1g resale when done a few times.

---=[ section 3.3: Boosted Items ]

Small note about item prices while we're at it, Boosted items will score an
extra 10% per bonus point. So a mirror shield +5 is worth 1500g

---=[ section 3.4: Notes on tower items ]

Well I'm kinda lazy about the items list thing. I mean in this game it's
almost useless to have an item list, exept for resale prices and a few
outstanding items. Highlighting the item will always describe it, and in a few
hours of play you will be able to figure out what items really pay high money,
and which are the ones you prefer. A few items are probably missing, some
being very rare.

Any Red or Blue sand should be cherished with all your heart ( see [tips;items
;sands] ). White sands should be treated as money boosters for your balls
( and no, I don't mean plastic surgery ). 

Finding a holy sword (ATK 7) or a dark sword (ATK 10) should be considered
something of a rare event. These are the kinda swords you wanna blow your red
sands on. Genus related swords should be disregarded unless you have the
intention of carrying 3 around. Ok, so an ATK of 5 is nice, but it's only nice
on an opposite genus after all.

Finding a Diamond shield (DEF 7) or a mirror shield (DEF 3,but has spell
reflect capabilities) should also be considered. Although mirror shields are
not so rare, they are very good shields when severely boosted. Diamond shields
are much rarer, but they only pack raw power. Both these shields will not rust

Troll weapons should be considered money makers, unless you have a troll and
you come across a nice +something weapon.

Wands. Genus wands should always be picked according to your mix magic
familiar. Wands not used in a mix magic context are usually too weak ( wands
have an ATK of 1 ). You cannot use red sands on these ( exepted for a Training
wand, but I have not found one yet, so I cannot comment on this). Notheworthy
wands would be Money wand ( randomly transforms killed monsters into coins..
nice in the beginning of the game, but quite useless when you reach levels
that are filled with gold coins.(200+ per shot)). there is also a Paralyzing
wand. This one will randomly paralyze a monster that is hit. Paralyzing a
monster is _always_ cool. Finally there is a Life wand. This one will drain
about 1 to 3 HP's each shot you make damage. For the higher levels this may
sound like not enough, but a life wand combined with a very powerfull shield
( something like a shield +20 ) is assured of getting you quite far on your
own, since each shot taken is probably damaging you for 1 HP. ( and monsters
must be quite strong before starting to give you damage higher than 1 HP )

Loupes. Use the loupes wisely. Keep them as long as you can afford to keep
them around ( price wise ). Keep those for the higher levels which require
some thinking in order not to get killed. I mean you wouldn't want to hit a
trap on a very hard level, while you are evading a monster.. the result could
be critical. Also, monster loupes are great on hard levels, since you can
figure out the maze layout ( by watching monster movement ) and you can anti-
cipate evasions if you are in trouble. 

Balls. Always use those ONLY when you are stuck. And by that I mean that you
have no other choice. Keep those filled simply because these items are extre-
mely expensive. I understand that an empty ball still is quite expensive, but
remember one important thing: you only have 20 inventory slots. So you wanna
make sure every slot can rack up the most money possible.. especially balls.

Seeds. Well the genus changing seeds should only be kept or used in the event
of a fusion. If you have a familiar that has changed genus and now has spells
that stopped levelling ( due to opposite genus ) restoring the old genus would
be a good idea. Otherwise, scrap them. Hazak (+1 ATK) and Shomuro (+1 DEF)
should be given as soon as possible to your favorite familiar. Mazarr seeds
should be considered a MAJOR blessing, and be kept preciously in your safe,
unless your favorite familiar is at least lvl 20.-->See [tips;power levelling
a familiar]. Mahell's are cool for you ( they give 2x speed ) but for fami-
liars you should consider fusing with a Picket instead. ( see [fusion and
Monsters] ). Mahell's last too damn short in turns to be considered fun.

Fruits. Most of the fruits are cool, but mostly for use in the quest they are
found in. They have a very low resale value, and power loading MP recharging
fruits when you enter the tower proves to be less effective than anticipating
to find some in the next quest. (See [tips;items] for fruits specifically

---=[ section 3.5: Notes on specific items ]

At first glance some items may seem useless, but as a matter of fact, some of
these items can get you out of quite alot of trouble, if you have the inten-
tion of exploring levels too hard for you to handle.. To throw an item, goto
items, pick item, "Have", face the target monster, and then press Circle + X.
(pressing X first will get you to drop the item, which you don't wanna do in
the heat of battle)

This is a great item for getting a too strong opponent out of the way. Simply
throw it an Oleem, and the monster will vanish. Or else, giving an Oleem to a
familiar will sacrifice the monster and send you back to town. So either give
it to a temporary familiar ( one that was hatched in the tower ) or give it
to a familiar that is less important than the items you wanna save. ( I bet
you have no intention of losing that +30 mirror shield you've been working on)
Note that you cannot give an Oleem to your Kewne, it will reject it ( and cost
you a turn ).

[Wind Crystal]
If you have an extra one, throw it on a monster to make it vanish. This can
fail depending of the monster.

[Water Crystal]
This fully restores _ALL_ your familiars that are used with collars ( in other
words, out of the bag ). It will have no effect on monsters in the bag, or
monsters that are uncounscious. Use it once you have drained two monsters for
maximum effect. 

[Malicious scrolls]
Will cast confusion upon the ennemy. Strategy: Note that once thrown, the
confusion spell does not disappear. Instead, it affects the Hex it has hit,
for a few turns. Basically you wanna use this item in corridors that are 1 sq.
wide, and when you are being followed by a few monsters. Casting the confusion
on the first monster, and then evading will either get all of the monsters
confused, or will get the first monster to kill the other monsters, or all of
the above. It's all in you advantage.

[Truth glasses]
It's a waste to use on eggs, since it's likely that you will keep the eggs
until you get home, which will be identified by then. It's good for weapons
and shields though, because before you equip that nice, new item, you can tell
if it is cursed. Also nice for powerfull balls, to know how many shots are

[Blue Sand]
Tempers a shield. Now basically, each time you use one of these, your shield
get a +1. (it must be equipped) Now until you get a nice shield that you
really enjoy, I really suggest that you keep all of your blue sands in the
safe, at home. When you find a nice shield, well temper it will all of the
sands you saved. Watch out for rust traps! they have the reverse effect, they
inflict -1 on alot of shields. At the beginning I would suggest a Mirror
shield, it does not rust, and it's nice when it reflects sleds and lodowns... 

[Red Sand]
Much alike Blue sands, keep those. They temper a sword.. On the lower levels,
you might wanna wait for a Dark sword.. ( 10 ATK ) .. a dark sword +20 packs a
nice wh00p-ass effect on monsters. On low levels, Holy Sword is also nice
( 7 ATK ). By low level, I mean that I have found both of these swords below
the 12th floor. Tempering a genus related sword could be a waste of time,
because when you will encounter a genus type monster that you are weak against
, you will be left with the feeling that you have a weak sword, even tempered,
so it does not make the investment worthwhile. If you don't feel like waiting
for a big bonus sword, and if you don't feel like getting your nice sword
being drained by rust traps, start raising a gold sword. Gold swords may be
+1 only, but they do not rust, so you can save alot of frustration here.
Besides, the gold sword gives you that nice 70's tacky look. Unbeatable!
(Kinda gives you the feeling of being that dance instructor in Spice World)

[White Sand]
Well I have two suggestions for this.. if you couldn't care less about white
sands, either use them as price boosters for your most expensive ball in inv-
entory ( see the items list for prices ) or use it to boost a ball you really
find usefull, but you could have figured that out by yourself.

What I would personally do, though, is keep them in the chest until you find
an ACID RAIN ball. I personally think Acid Rain is the most usefull ball there
is, since it has a powerfull punch, and it can attack multiple ennemies simul-
taneously. Besides, they always come with a very low amount of charges... 

[Tumna fruit]
Throw it on a menacing monster. It will be changed into a frog for a few
turns. Becomes an easy kill, and this method has the advantage that killing
the frog still pays experience points.

[Pita fruit]
Pita fruit will restore 50 MP. Big pita fruit will restore 100 MP. Most famil-
iars don't even have 100 MP, so you should keep the big pita for your Kewne.
Big pitas are a rare find in the dungeon, so you might wanna keep some in your
chest if you can afford the free space. 

[Familiar Bell]
Getting yourself or your familiar hit by a teleport trap can translate to alot
of trouble if you are in a level you can't handle on your own. This item is
basically some kind of insurance, and should only be kept in the case where
you don't have more than one strong familiar. Otherwise, you'll probably make
it trough the level with another familiar. Once you lose a familiar, you can-
not call it back to the bag ( it will be marked as "lost", and will display a
specific icon next to its name). Note that once you hit the elevator, if your
lost familiar(s) is/are still alive, they will be back with you on the next

[Medecinal herb]
well, apart the obvious fact that this heals a certain amount of you or your
familiar's HP, if you use this item on a full meter, it will raise the MAX HP
by 1. So don't use these on you, give them to your favorite familiars in order
to raise their meters permanently.

---=[ section 3.6: Tower items list ]

This list is sorted in the order that the autosort ( Triangle button in Items
menu ) displays. Not in alpabetical or price order, due to lazyness. Some
very common items could be missing, the item list being one of the last things
I added to the FAQ, so I'm going backwards on this. (Yeah Yeah, I know, not
very smart)

[ WANDS       ]---------------------------------------------------
Life     :1000g : ATK 1; Recovers HP when enemy is hit
Paralyze :100g  : ATK 1; Sometimes freezes enemy
Wooden   :10g   : ATK 1; el cheapo supremo
Money    :1000g : ATK 1; Sometimes changes killed monster into money
Stream   :150g  : ATK 1; Water genus 
Scarlet  :150g  : ATK 1; Fire genus 
Gulf     :150g  : ATK 1; Wind genus 
Seal     :500g  : ATK 1; Sometimes seals special power of monster

[ SWORDS      ]---------------------------------------------------
Gold     :1000g : ATK 1; 
Copper   :50g   : ATK 2;
Iron     :100g  : ATK 3;
Steel    :150g  : ATK 4;
Gulfwind :400g  : ATK 5; Wind genus 
Blizzard :400g  : ATK 5; Water genus
Fire     :      : ATK 5; Fire genus
Vital    :      : ATK 5; Prevents enemy from multiplying
Holy     :10000g: ATK 7; Holy sword with divine protection
Seraphim :1000g : ATK 8; Guy's keepsake sword. (found on 40th floor)
Dark     :      : ATK10; 

[ TROLL ]---------------------------------------------------------
Hammer   :1000g : Mace type club weapon
Sword    :1000g : Can't be blocked by a shield
Bow gun  :      : 

[ SHIELDS     ]---------------------------------------------------
Leather  :      : DEF 1;
Wood     :50g   : DEF 2; 
Mirror   :1000g : DEF 3; spell reflecting capability, no rust
Copper   :100g  : DEF 4;
Iron     :150g  : DEF 5;
Earth    :600g  : DEF 5; Wind genus
Scorch   :      : DEF 5; Fire genus
Ice      :      : DEF 5; Water genus
Live     :600g  : DEF 5; Sometimes retaliates when hit
Steel    :300g  : DEF 6; 
Diamond  :1500g : DEF 7; Does not rust

[ BALLS        ]---------------------------------------------------
ACID RAIN	: Contains acid rain and attack ennemies. 
		  ( all ennemies in proximity )	
		  800g, 0 charge. + 80g per charge.
BINDING		: Has the power to bind monsters with thunder.
		  ( will paralyze monsters )
		  500g, 0 charge. +50g per charge
BLAZE		: Blazes along the ground in straight line.
		  500g, 0 charge. +50g per charge.
BLINDER		: Contains darkness which blinds the eyes.
		  500g, 0 charge. + 50g per charge.
FIRE		: contains a fire arrow
	          300g, 0 charge. + 30g per charge.
FLAME		: A ball which contains a fireball.
		  800g, 0 charge. + 80g per charge.
ICE ROCK	: Contains a huge iceberg which blocks one's way
		  800g, o charge. +80 per charge
PILLAR		: Contains a fiery pillar which ascends from the ground
                  1000g, 0 charge. +100 per charge.
POISON		: Contains poison contagious to all enemies in the room
		  800g, 0 charge. +80 per charge
RECOVERY	: Contains a soap bubble which recovers HP
		  800g, 0 charge. +80g per charge
REPEL		: A ball that has the power to repel magic
		  500g, 0 charge. +50g per charge.
SLEEP		: A ball that contains Morpheus and puts enemies to sleep.
                  800g, 0 charge. +80g per charge.
WATER		: Contains a water wall which protects the user
		  500g, 0 charge. +50g per charge.
WEAK		: Contains a beam which decreases lvl
 	          500g, 0 charge. +50g per charge.

[ SEEDS        ]---------------------------------------------------
Wind     :150g  :Change genus to wind
Sea      :150g  :Change genus to water
Light    :150g  :Change genus to fire
Mahell   :50g   :Gives 2x speed for a few turns
Mazaar   :200g  :Increases exp lvl // DON'T EAT, DON'T SELL!
                 see the [tips], or [familiar power leveling]
Shomuro  :      :Increase DEF lvl // DON'T EAT, DON'T SELL!
Hazak    :      :Increase ATK lvl // DON'T EAT, DON'T SELL!

[ FRUITS ]---------------------------------------------------------
Leva     :20g   : Familiar won't change form after next fusion
Oleem    :100g  : Vanish familiar, and player escapes to town
Pita     :5g    : Food for familiar, +50 MP
Tumna    :20g   : Turns into a frog for a while
Limit    :100g  : Increases percentage of critical hits for a while
Leolam   :100g  : MP of the monster will not decrease for a while

[ HERBS        ]---------------------------------------------------
Antichaos:20g	: Restores chaos	
Wake-up  :20g   : wakes up sleeping familiar
Cure-all :200g	: Restores everything (not HP, conditions)
Medecinal:7g	: Restore some HP
Antidote :15g 	: Neutralises poison
Roeam	 :20g	: Enable eye sight

[ SCROLLS      ]---------------------------------------------------
Malicious:150g	: Beam bringing chaos for a while.
 		  (confusion spell, stays on sq.)
De-Curse :100g	: Beam removes a curse cast upon equipement
		  ( See [tips] for reasons not to use it)
Restore	 :400g	: Beam resuscitates a fainted familiar
Holy	 :150g	: Holy beam protects reader from enemy attack
Trap     :400g  : All traps on the floor become invisible

[ LOUPES       ]---------------------------------------------------
Trap     :100g  : Makes traps visible.
Exit     :50g   : Makes exit visible.
Monster  :50g   : Makes monsters visible.
Treasure :50g   : Makes items visible

[ CRYSTALS ]------------------------------------------------------
Wind     :200g  : Makes it possible to return to town
Water    :400g  : Restore status of familiar(s) and HP/MP MAX
Fire     :400g  : Summons SALAMANDER, which burns up enemies one after
                  another. ( lasts a few turns )

[ BELLS ]----------------------------------------------------------
Holy	 :100g	: Chases a monster out of a room.
		  ( don't use in corridor, you will waste it )
Malicious:      : Increases the level of enemy monsters

[ SANDS ]----------------------------------------------------------
Red	 :100g	: Tempers a sword +1. KEEP THOSE. See [tips]
Blue  	 :100g	: Tempers a shield, +1. KEEP THOSE. See [tips]
White	 :100g	: Tempers a ball, +1. Keep those, see [Tips]

[ GLASSES ]--------------------------------------------------------
Truth    :100g	: Identify items. see ;TIPS
Star     :50g	: Makes the current floor entirely visible

! section 4.0; Monsters

---=[ section 4.1: Fusing monsters ]

When you fuse two monsters, the strongest one in level absorbs the weakest one
When this occurs, the absorbed familiar will generally pass out a talent,
related with the monster's breed. For example, if a DREAMIN is absorbed by
another familiar, it will give to the stronger familiar its talent, which in
this example would be "Sleep-Proof". 

It appears that monster cannot have more than 2 talents, and more than 2
spells. At this point, this is highly speculative from my part. You should
keep in mind that even though you have a max of 2 spells, some monsters have
bonus qualities that are proper to their class. For example, you can command
a NOISE to "Play the flute". 

Now it seems that talents are not cumulative. What I mean by this is that
fusing 10 monsters with a stronger one will not make this monster talented
with 10 capabilities. Instead, it will keep the last talent(s) that it acqui-
red. ( if your new monster has more than one talent, they will all be speci-
fied when fusion occurs ). A very easy way to experience this is by fusing a
PICKET, which passes out the QUICK talent, and is easy to observe. ( monster
will be 2x speed ). Let's say you fuse this new monster with another one that
has a different talent, you will notice that you have lost the QUICK talent.

I also tried to give the same talent to two monsters that I would merge after-
wards. For example, monster 1 and monster 2 would be merged with DREAMIN's in
order to gain SLEEP-PROOF. I would then try to merge monster 1 and 2 toghether
, but they both lost the Sleep-Proof and went back to their native talents.

Pay close attention to the spells. Next to the spell name, the genus of the
spell is displayed. A filled, opaque background means that the spell will
increase levels with the familiar. A transparent background means that the
spell will not increase levels. Now you must be very carefull with this, on
some occasions your stronger monster will have 2 spells that are "levelable",
and when you merge this stronger monster with a weaker one, you could lose one
of these spells to a spell that is non-levelable. 

You will also switch to non-levelable spells when the original genus of your
familiar is changed. So a fire genus monster that is changed to a wind genus
monster will change spells, and very likely switch to spells that will not
level. This is true when using seeds, or when fusing a familiar that passes
out its genus. In some cases, the non-levelable spells will be reversible to
levelable spells by using the appropriate seeds to change the genus of the
monster. Remember that the monster will always swith to the dominating genus
when you fuse. So if you were to fuse a Water monster and a Fire monster, you
would end up with a Water genus monster, since water dominates fire.

All of the monsters that do not begin with a spell at level one posess a
"native" spell that can be exploited once you fuse this monster with another
monster. If you want to sucessfully gain your familiar's native spell, I would
suggest you fuse it with a monster of the same genus that does not posess a
spell either. Note that is it not the absorbed monster that passes out its
native spell, it is the dominant monster that gains his own. Fusing a weaker
monster that already posesses a spell will not devellop the dominant's native
spell, it will pass-out the absorbed monster's spell instead. Consult the
monster list section in order to find out what these spells are. 

Technicalities about spell gaining and spell giving; The dominant monster will
always keep its first spell. If the dominant monster has 2 spells already, it
will lose its second spell if the absorbed monster had one to offer. In other
words, an absorbed monster with a spell will always pass it out. If the absor-
bed monster had two spells to offer, it will pass-out its first native spell.
For this reason, mixing different genus monsters that both have spells is
somewhat of a problem, because in the resulting monster, you will always be
stuck with one of the two spells being of the wrong genus, so it will not
increase in levels as the monster grows. Even changing the absorbed monster's
genus with a seed to match your dominant's monster genus won't change the fact
that the native spell of the absorbed monster will be of the wrong genus.

When fusing two familiars of the same level, it is the one with the red
collar that will be dominant. So if you were to take two level 1 familiars
that do not have spells to start with, simply switching collars will give
different results. ( stats will be the same, but you will end-up with the
dominant's native spell.. ) so simply pick the dominant monster of your

One last thing, if you have the intention of building a nice familiar with
strong spells, make sure you induce the spells as soon as possible, preferably
when the monster is still level 1. Giving a new spell to a level 15 monster is
almost a waste of potential spell power, because past level 25 monsters become
long to level, and you will always have that weak spell level burden. The same
goes for a few specific talents that affect monster gaining stats, for example
HARD (See the Block monster for details).

---=[ section 4.2: monster list ]

Keep in mind that my monster list is somewhat restricted to level one monsters
It is also restricted to non fused monsters. Obviously, fusing a monster can
give it new spells, change its stats, or whatever else, so the possibilities
are endless.

The "add-effect" talent is the familiar's talent, and is also the talent that
is passed-out to the stronger familiar when you fuse them. the "commands" is
any other bonus command that would be proprer to that specific monster. Keep a
close eye on these caracteristics, they are often the ones that give an edge
to your gameplay. The "Comments" would be my personnal OPINIONS on any of
these monsters, which is speculative, of course.

A note about egg colors; it looks like the egg colors are random. An easy way
to verify this would be to keep an egg, remember its color, and enter the
tower a few times with it. Its color will change.

Methodology for "Add Spells" field: Basically, monsters that do not have
spells originally will gain new spells when they are fused. See more about
this in the Fusion topic. When possible, I fuse two monsters of the exact
same race, the exact same level, with no experience. In other words, I fuse
two of the same monsters straight out of the eggs. When I did not have two
monsters of the same breed for too long, I used the red collar priority
technique. I am not 100% certain of the validity of this technique, so I
could be wrong here. Absence of this field for any given monster does not
mean they don't have native spells. It only means that I did not have one
of these monsters in their original form at the time of the addition of the
"add spells" field.

Only the spells and add-spells of the original genus are listed.

[         ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : ?
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ ARACHNE ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ BALLOON ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 1000g
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 05/05 HP 08/08 MP 70/70 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : Fly : Flies and carries you away (to next lvl)
add effect: ?
comments  : The fly command is an interesting escape opportunity,
            but it's quite expensive on the MP. Cannot be used
            often, so it's up to you to decide if you would like
            a Balloon amongst your ranks. 

            Fly will cost 32 MP. Feeding a Leolam fruit to your
            baloon will allow you to skip 13 floors before the
            effect of the fruit runs out. Without a doubt, that
            is probably the fastest way of going up in the tower.
            There is a restriction to when you can use the FLY
            command, and that is in relation to the familiar's
            level. If it is too low in relation with the floor
            you are on, the command will fail. ( and you lose
            a turn )

[ BARONG  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ BLOCK   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 4000g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 08/16 HP 10/10 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: LoBlind: Restraint monster by thunder
            mix   : LoBlind: Shake wide range by earthquake
commands  : none
add effect: Hard
comments  : Will become a METAL monster when it reaches level 20
	    This one has an amazing DEF, and it increases insan-
	    ely fast. Like the name suggests, it is an excellent
	    blocker, and should be considered a must-have. At 
   	    high levels, it is basically untouchable.

	    Hard is for increased DEF imporvements. Monster will
	    dramatically increase DEF when it levels. Once again
	    it would be much better passing out the Hard talent
	    to a level 1 monster for maximum eventual gains. And
	    no, the Hard talent does not mean you have to start
            looking for the K-Y jelly item.

[ BLUME   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 800g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 04/04 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Brainwash: Confuse the enemy
add effect: ? none ?
add spells: Direct: DeWall : Make protect wall with water
            mix   : DeWall : Drops fall of blade to enemy
comments  : ?

[ CLOWN   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ CYCLONE ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 800g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Cure anorexia: Cure anorexia
add effect: Mp consumption decreased
add spells: Direct: LoGrave: Attack enemy by tornado
            mix   : LoGrave: Throws heavy thunder to enemy
comments  : ?

[ DRAGON  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ DREAMIN ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 1300g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 03/03 DEF 05/05 HP 08/08 MP 70/70 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Hypnotism : Puts the enemy to sleep
add effect: Sleep-proof
add spells: Direct: LoSleep : Make enemy sleep by wind
            mix   : LoSleep : Shake wide range by Earth quake
comments  : Mixed LoSleep is nice cuz it will hit more than
		one enemy if they are close enough

[ FLAME   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ GARUDA  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 2400g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 05/05 HP 10/10 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: LoDown: Decrease level by wind magic
            mix   : LoDown: Throws heavy thunder to enemy
commands  : Abduct: Warps with a life-form in front
add effect: none
comments  : ?

[ GLACIER ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 12000g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 06/06 HP 10/10 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Create an ice: Produces ice to crush the enemy
add effect: ?
add spells: Direct: DeMirror: Produces anti-magic mirror
	    mix	  : DeMirror: Drops fall of blade to enemy
comments  : ?

[ GOLEM   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ GRIFFON ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: Rise :Fire pillar rises from ground
            mix   : Rise :Flay covers your finger
commands  : none
add effect: ? none ?
comments  : This monster will change form when it reaches level ?

[ HIKEWNE ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 50000g
genus     : Fire Water Wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 07/07 DEF 07/07 HP 15/15 MP 120/120 
lv1 spells: Direct: Dark Wave: Dark surge makes you invisible
            mix   : Dark Wave: Summon Genbu the dark beast
commands  : none
add effect: none
comments  : It appears that this familiar is unfusable. Unlike normal
            Kewne, this one is not "Unbrainwashable"

[ KEWNE   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : ?
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ KILLER  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : ?
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ KRAKEN  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ LAZYFROG] ----------------------------------------------------
genus     : water
comments  : Frog traps or Tumna fruits will morph you into these
            Being turned into a frog lasts 15 turns.

[ MALILING] ----------------------------------------------------
genus     : wind
comments  : Bowling ball dudez. I do not think we can encounter
            those in the tower. Build Bowling alley to see them

[ MANDARA ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ MANOEVA ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 06/06 HP 10/10 MP 70/70 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Transform: transforms into object in front
add effect: ? none ?
add spells: Direct: DeForth: Charge holly water and release
            mix   : DeForth: Ice covers your finger
comments  : DeForth is a healing spell, use it on yourself.

[ METAL   ] ----------------------------------------------------
genus     : wind
comments  : These are BLOCK monsters that have reached level 20.
            I don't think we can get a "Metal" egg. See BLOCK

[ MUSHROM ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ NAPLASS ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ NOISE   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 600g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 70/70 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Play the flute: seals enemy magic
add effect: spell-proof
add spells: Direct: LoSleep : Make ennemy sleep by wind
            mix   : LoSleep : Shake wide range by earthquake
comments  : Mixed LoSleep is nice cuz it will hit more than
            one enemy if they are close enough

[ NYUEL   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 1800g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 04/04 DEF 05/05 HP 10/10 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: DeHeal+ : recovers HP by bubble.
            mix   : DeHeal+ : Ice covers your finger.
commands  : none
add effect: Poison-proof
comments  : Interesting companion. It will heal itself or 
 	    yourself when either one of you reach critical
	    condition. You do not need to issue the command.

[ PULUNPA ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 400g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 04/04 DEF 04/04 HP 08/08 MP 40/40 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : none
add effect: none
add spells: Direct: DeHeal: Recover HP by bubble
	    mix   : DeHeal: Ice covers your finger
comments  : Watch out for "Collar-Jack attacks". Pulunpa's have
            the ability of stealing a familiar's collar. 

[ PICKET  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 2400g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 03/03 DEF 04/04 HP 08/08 MP 65/65 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Steal something: Steal an item from the enemy
            Throw up: Throw up the stolen item
add effect: Quick
add spells: Direct: LoDown: Decreases level by wind magic
            mix   : LoDown: Throws heavy thunder to enemy
comments  : Definetly my favorite added effect. Giving the quick
            talent to any of your favorite monster is the best
            way of turning it into a lethal weapon. I would 
            suggest a familiar with a very high ATK level, since
            your intention here is to kill an enemy under two
            shots, before getting hit. Be extra carefull though,
            this also makes your familiar practically impossible
            to evade or to "wind crystal" if it becomes blind or
            confused. This monster will kill you in one "normal"
            turn before you can do anything about it. This should
            not stop you from doing it though, getting killed by
            your own fam is still a rare event, statistically.

            If a picket steals an item you would like to have
            back, simply stay on the same tower level and skip
            turns until you come across it, again. Pickets that
            stole items are easily identifiable. They are the
            ones that run away from you instead of attacking.
            Don't skip turns in corridors, skip turns in rooms
            while jamming a door. 

[ SABER   ] ----------------------------------------------------
genus     : water
add effect: ?
comments  : Once a Snowman reaches level 20, it will become a
            saber. Nasty looking monster with a nice walking
            style, a la "pissed off street brawler". It also
            has a nice, relaxed pose when it is waiting in the 
            monster den. I don't think we can get a level 1 
            "saber" egg. See Snowman

[ SNOWMAN ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 6000g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 05/05 HP 10/10 MP 90/90 
lv1 spells: Direct: DeWall: Make protect wall with water
            mix   : DeWall: Drops fall of blade to enemy
commands  : Break obstacles: Destroy rock mass and ice wall
add effect: ?
comments  : The mixed magic hits twice. I'm still not sure if
            it is only for looks or if there is a strategy to
            pull off of this. When snowman reaches level 20 it
            will become a SABER.

[ STEALTH ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 3600g
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 04/04 DEF 05/05 HP 08/08 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Disappear: Makes invisible things visible
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ TROLL   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 800g
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 04/04 DEF 05/05 HP 06/06 MP 60/60 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ TYRANT  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ U-BOAT  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 1200g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Scout: Scouts and draw the map
	    Float and sink: Submerges under the floor
add effect: none
add spells: Direct: DeRock: Summon iceberg as obstacle
	    mix   : DeRock: Summon seiriu to pierce enemy
comments  : Well I think this one is an absolute must-have. The
            scout command is simply amazing, in the sence that
            the U-BOAT goes underground, and you get the full
            map instantly. Although this maneuver costs 16 MP,
            it is somewhat the best way to plan your excursion 
            on any given level. 

            Seiriu is one serious wh00ping-arse spell. It 
            summons a snake like monster that roams the room
            you are in to hit multiple monsters. This is the
            kind of mix spell that you can order directly with
            the quick menu (R2 or L2), and then simply hit in
            empty space, there is no need to face a monster. 
            Seiriu will seek out whatever is in proximity. This
            works best in rooms, it seems that in corridors you
            miss some monsters.      

[ UNICORN ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 05/05 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: LoBlind+ : Blinds enemy with darkness
            mix   : LoBlind+ : Shake wide range by Earth Quake
commands  : none
add effect: Blinder-proof
comments  : ?

[ ULTIMATE] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 50000g
comments  : It's the egg of HIKEWNE.

[ VIPER   ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 4500g
genus     : water
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : none
add effect: Lowering ATK may not work
add spells: Direct: DeMirror: Produces anti-magic mirror
	    mix	  : DeMirror: Drops fall of blade to enemy
comments  : Even when it "misses", it has a chance of weakening
   	    the opponent, which doesn't make much sence, espec-
	    ially when it's you that is being hit

	    You may cast DeMirror on friends or foes. Target will
	    be covered with a shield that has spell reflecting
  	    capabilities. Technically renders mirror shield ob-
	    solete, but by the time you find a Viper egg, chances
	    are your mirror shield will be so strong you wont even
            A Viper in proximity of an egg will sometimes go for the egg
            instead of fighting you. If the viper swallows the egg, you
            must kill it in order to get it back. I can think of a few
            strategies involving dropping an egg, but in all cases eggs
            are probably my top priority so egg drops would be foolish.
[ VOLCANO ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 1600g
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 04/04 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Create a rock: place an obstacle
add effect: none
add spells: Direct: Sled: Fire runs to the target
	    mix   : Sled: Flay covers your finger
comments  : ?

[ WEADOG  ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price : 3000g
genus     : fire
lvl1 stats: ATK 06/06 DEF 05/05 HP 09/09 MP 80/80 
lv1 spells: Direct: none
            mix   : none
commands  : Throw food: Distracts enemy with food
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

[ ZU      ] ----------------------------------------------------
Egg price :
genus     : wind
lvl1 stats: ATK 00/00 DEF 00/00 HP 00/00 MP 00/00 
lv1 spells: Direct: ?
            mix   : ?
commands  : ?
add effect: ?
comments  : ?

! section 5.0; Tips

---=[ section 5.1: On tower level gaining ]

Well, there are basically four fighting methods for exploring this tower, and
the best one is probably a mix of all these four. Basically, how far you will
get in this tower depends of how well you pick the fighting method for any
given situation. 

The first method consists of having a single familiar set on AI 3 ( mix magic)
and hacking your way around. Combined with a wand, this method has the advan-
tage of packing a nice attack power when faced with monsters not too high a
level compared to your familiar's level. It's an effective method when you are
starting out with a weak familiar that you wanna raise level. There is a down-
side to this, using a familiar too early in the current adventure will drain
out it's MP's quite fast. You won't get very high in the tower, unless you
have backup familiars, or a few MP regenerating items. Obviously, strategical-
ly you want to position this familiar in your back, and protect it. You should
take all the shots, unless your HP is getting critical. In this case, you
could quick command your familiar ( R2 or L2 ) to adapt AI 4 until you get out
of trouble, making him eat the shots until you can catch up. When you are
using mix magic, I really suggest you stick to a wand. My holy sword +35 did
less damage than a wand +1 in most cases, with relatively low leveled spell

Second method consists of having a single familiar set on AI 4 (direct attack)
This works amazingly well with monster that are a few levels below your fami-

Third method is fighting on your own. Used often when you start having nice,
powerfull items ( a nice sword, and a nice shield ). Surviving on your own
is somewhat difficult when you start playing the game. But since everytime
you enter the tower you get back to level 1, it all comes down to the items.
And I don't mean herbs or crap like that, loading up on herbs is a waste of
precious inventory, when you enter the tower. You'll find herbs in the tower

Fourth method would be with 2 familiars, once you find the blue collar. Keep
in mind that 2 familiars set on AI 3 ( mix magix ) won't have some kind of
dual effect. Only one of the familiars will cast mix magic, while the other
one will simply stick around. Not very effective. If you have a nice, power-
full sword, then set the two familiars on AI 4. On hard levels, when all the
three of you are hitting foes, you get some kind of nice monster whacking
going on. Especially if you manage to move in a way which assures you to get
the attacking advantage, you basically get 3 shots before the ennemy does,
most of the time. If you don't have a powerfull sword, well one strong fami-
liar on AI 4, and another one on mix magic can pack quite a whallop also. One
small thing, watch out for teleport traps. If you only have 2 familiars in
your inventory, and both are out, once you hit the trap you'll be all by
yourself. So consider the 2 familiars method a very aggresive one, but still
leaving you open for some disasters.

Overall best method of getting real far.. this is assuming you have high level
familiars and nice items... I would suggest you enter the tower with 2 or 3
strong familiars, ( lvl 25+ ) one powerfull sword, and a strong shield ( at
least +15 ). That Acid Rain ball you've been working on could also be a good
idea to bring with you, it turns a disaster situation around quite effecti-
vely, sometimes.

Now explore the low level floors completely, and on your own, collecting
items for the higher levels. Put some prority on these items:

-Pita and big pita fruits
-leolam fruit
-most balls
-water crystal

and maybe

-cure all
-holy scroll

once you build a nice inventory, you can start skipping levels much faster,
aiming at getting as high as possible. Once the going gets tough, start
using your familiars. If done properly, you will somewhat easily reach lvl
40, with the right equipement and strong enough familiars. Remember to con-
centrate on saving your familiar's MP's.. reaching a high level with tired
familiars really sucks.

---=[ section 5.2: On Power levelling a familiar]

A real good way of power levelling a familiar is to use it on AI 2 in a tower
level that is at least 10 levels higher than the familiar (AI 2 is follow).
For example, using a familiar that is level 1 on the 10th floor. This works
best when you either have very powerfull equipement, or a very powerfull sec-
ond familiar set on any of the three offensive AI's. Basically each time you
kill 1 or 2 monsters, your familiar will level. Remember that the familiar is
being severely under-leveled, a single hit is almost garanteed to kill it.
The 10 level difference rule applies until about lvl 20. Higher than this,
levels become very long to gain, and this is where the Mazarr's you have been
saving in the safe will come in handy. Using Mazarr seeds below level 20 is
very likely to be some form of waste. Okay, so in the short run you will level
faster if you use them earlyer, but in the long run you find out that the
levels become Soooo long to gain. Finding a Mazaar seed when you have a level
40 familiar is about as good as the surgeon that did Pamela Anderson's
implants. ( and that guy sure did a nice job )

---=[ section 5.3: On fighting ]

Fighting is all about the way you move. Remember, this is turn based. So once
you get familiars strong enough to cover you, make sure you move in a way that
will always get you out of reach ( or get you in attacking position, getting
to be the attackant ) while your familiar also gets the attacking position.
Basically you wanna make sure that both you and your familiar will get a shot 
before the monster does. Most monsters die at first or second shot.

Usage of the wait turn command is very important here. Most of the time,
you're better off waiting for a monster instead of advancing towards a
monster. It's all about who gets the first shot.

Sometimes you will find that familiars don't quite react like you would have
anticipated, for example watch familiars set on AI lvl 4 (attack directly).
It occurs often that tactically, your familiar would have been better off
waiting for the monster, thus getting the first shot. But on AI 4, often the
familiar advances one step, thus losing the attacking position and getting
hit. This can get quite annoying, so remember to use your familiar quick menu
( R2 or L2 ) and order them to stay one round. Commands given via the quick
menu have a one turn effect, and the familiar goes back to the ancien fighting
AI afterwards.

Watch out for CLOWNS (LoDown) or any other monster that has a permanent dege-
nerative spell... you are probably better off fighting these monsters by your-
self, keeping the familiars away and set on AI 3. Why? Getting LoDown cast on
a familiar that is about to reach a level that took you 2 hours to train can
be an * excellent * way to piss you off. Whereas getting LoDown cast on you
doesn't matter, since you will lose all your levels anyways once you exit the

If you are evading monsters that are way too strong for you, and you come to
a point where they caught up on you, you can try to win some turns by picking
them up and throwing them back down a corridor. If you can sucessfully throw
the monster, it is likely that you will gain at least 5 turns before the mons-
ter catches up again. Failing a pick-up will get you to lose a turn though,
and if you were already weak an cannot take another shot, you would be better
off using a wind crystal.

---=[ section 5.4: Health Management ]

Once you find the exit to the higher level, if your HP is not maxed out, don't
go up right away. Take advantage of the fact that once you have killed all of
the monsters in the room, you may wait a few turns and heal. ( wait = Circle
+ Triangle ). Do this standing next to the exit portal ( or right on it, using
the "Feet" menu at the turn you wanna use the exit ) and heal until a monster
gets 1 sq. from you, or until you are fulled out. Either kill the monster and
keep on healing, or if things go out of control, use the exit. Remember that
familiars on AI 4 or more will attack, so when the ennemy is 2 sq. away, if
you don't issue a STAY command, your familiar will get one hit before you can 
evade. This is also a quick and somewhat safe way to build up experience, esp-
ecially if you are in a much higher level than what your character can handle.

If by luck you hit a upheaval trap that changes the terrain in such a way that
you are unreachable ( like in some cases when you are so many steps higher
than the ennemy, it cannot even hit you or come to you ), there is a small
trick I've thought of. Upheaval traps can be indefinetly activated with the
"Feet" menu. So the idea is to activate it, heal, and if it comes down and you
are not done healing, trigger it over again and heal some more. There is a
side effect, the more you heal, the more chances you have of gathering
monsters around you waiting for you to come down. But in many cases, you can
handle a few monsters with a full HP bar... so it's another way of raising
EXP or health.

---=[ section 5.5: On hitting traps ]

Way too often, a single trap can turn the situation around dramatically. Alot
of trap effects can be handled easily if no monsters are around.. simply WAIT
a few turn. ( especially for confusion, don't move around you would most
likely attack your own familiars ). But the instant an ennemy is around, this
can get pretty scary. Especially if your familiars get killed while you are
turned into a frog. Watch out for these.

If you use a TRAP loupe, when you come across untriggered traps, hit them to
set them off. This pays experience points and can be a welcome push.. I have
levelled often while deactivating traps. Deactivating a trap will gain 8 exp.
Peanuts on high levels, but interesting income on levels 5 and lower. By
hitting a trap I mean that you "attack" it much alike you would attack a
monster. Stepping on a trap that you can see but that is still active WILL
have an effect on you, and not pay the experience. 

Even de-activated, traps can still be stepped on, if done on purpose. Stand on
the trap, and activate either the "Foot" menu, or the last item to the right
in the "item" menu. Choosing the "step" command will activate the trap, and
this action can be used repeatedly. 

---=[ section 5.6: Monster Den ]

Stepped into a monster den! Man, I sure hope that you have an Acid Rain Ball
not too far away, you will rack up some big time experience points. If you do
not, and the room is somewhat big enough to hold over 10 monsters, you'd
better start thinking of a smart way to play this one.. haha. For those of
you that have not encountered a monster den yet, it's basically a room that
will fill up with multiple monsters once you enter. They will seem to fall
from above. For this reason, you cannot tell with a monster loupe where a
monster den is located. The room simply appears to be a normal room. You could
also use an exit loupe or star glasses to find out where the exit is, and
attempt evading while getting hit as less as possible. Obviously you can kill
them all yourself, but if you don't have a familiar, it is very likely that
the monsters will always hit you twice or more per turn than what you can hit
back. I have done this sucessfully, but preventing enemy shots was almost
impossible, at least one always had the attack priority.

Mix spells such as DeRock or LoSleep could be interesting to try in here. 

---=[ section 5.7: Resetting the game ]

Holding Select and Start for a second will reset to the title screen.

---=[ section 5.8: Links of interest ]

You probably know this by now, but this game was made by KCET, Konami
entertainment of Tokyo. Konami has a home page, it's at


quite simply. There isn't much info about the game, mostly marketing
flashes and the typicall resume. You won't learn much over there.
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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