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Written By: R. Yago
Revision notes: Eliminated typos, added some new info. I apologise if I 
make the beat examples difficult to read again. This is my first FAQ.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction 
II. Bust a Move. What is it and how does it work?
III. The Players (and some)
IV. Basic controls (ie. button magic)
V. Credits (ie. Shoutouts)

I. Introduction
I'm writing this FAQ just to help those who bought the game and really 
liked the concept of it, but could not read squat Japanese. I won't 
translate the instructions word for word, as I guess most would really 
enjoy. But I'm making this FAQ to assist making this really hard to 
understand game easier to play. 

II. Bust A Move. What is it and how does it work?
It real simple. Bust A Move is just a simple puzzle game set to beats of 
music. It's just like matching colored blocks to destroy one another, so 
this game is like matching controller commands with the beats of the 
music, basically choreograph your character's dance moves. This game is 
just a dance battle, and the better you do your dance, the better your 
score. The more you score, the more you dominate the dancefloor!
Ok, now that you're hyped up and ready to play, how does it work? Again, 
simple. The game breaks down like this: The music has been set to beats 
of four. So that would look like...


See the gamescreen? Notice there is a long green bar and then some sort 
of button command. Also take note on how it flashes during the dance. 
This is where the beats come in. Within the green bar, there will be 
several arrow commands that you must do, followed by the last button 
command, ususally O or X. Now, the green bar represents the first three 
beats of the line, and the button command represents the fourth beat. 
Now that I got you confused, let me illustrate. For instance, let's say 
that the command you need to do goes something like: U, U, D, X. The 
command you would input after the last line would look something like 

U          U          D          X

You can also get fancy by doing this:

U     U               D          X

For more advanced commands like: U, D, L, R, D, O            Then do 

U     D     L    R     D          O                 or

U     D          L     R    D    O                   And of the like. 

Be creative with the commands. The more creative you do the comands, the 
more points you get. You will know when you dominate the dancefloor when 
the camera focuses on you. The less the camera is focused on you, the 
more you are losing.
While playing, keep these three things in mind: 1)The arrow commands are 
the first three beats. 2) the last command is the fourth beat. 3) ALWAYS 
follow the tempo of the song. They do change from every stage from slow, 
mellow songs, to hyped up disco-techno music.  Here's a hint, count 1, 
2, 3, 4 in your head or tap your feet with the tempo. It really does 

III. The Players (and some)
Ok, brief descripition of the characters in the game. 

Heat: This guy is 19 yrs. old. and a racer wannabe. He has cool break-
dancing moves. 

Frida: She's 16. An up and coming artist, as well as a good dancer.

Strike: He's 17. A notorious thug in the contest to show some skills. 

Hamm: 20 yr. old Fatboy. But for a chunky boy, he's got some moves.

Kelly: 23 yr old woman. Her fetish with wearing baby suits really is 

Shorty: She's just 12, yet plans to be a model and a dancer. 

Pinky: RuPaul, I would assume.

Gas-O: Ahhhh, no coment on this guy. Really weired, but a great breaker. 

Hiro: Self-absorbed Italian wannabe. Still stuck in the disco years. 

Kitty-N: Exotic dancer. Really wicked dance moves. Definately not for 
little children to see. 

Capoeria: Two alien dudes: KiKi and RaRa. IT is the mid-boss in the 
game. Guess what its dance style is. 
To use Capoeria, just beat the game on the normal.

Robo-Z: HUGE robot. Its story, who knows? It is the last boss of the 
To use Robo-Z, just beat the game on hard. 

There are two hidden characters in the game, BurgerDog and also Columbo. 
To get BurgerDog, after getting Robo-Z, beat the game again with Hamm. 
To get Columbo, beat the game again with Shorty.

IV. Basic Controls (ie. button magic)
Well, if you already went charging through the game, you'll notice that 
the opponent often times tries to stop you in the middle of a dance for 
him/her/it to get ahead of you. Wait, before you start throwing a 
tanrum, listen here. It is possible to dodge these attacks as well as 
throw one of your own to your opponent. 
First, throwing an attack. You can only throw an attack when the little 
Happy Faces on the top of the gamescreen are lit. If they are not lit, 
that means that you are in the solo section of the dance, which every 
dance has one. These Happy Faces also represent how many times you can 
throw an attack. To throw your attack, you need to wait until the 
opponent goes through their 3rd combo. It'll say on the screen when they 
acheived it. At this point, all you need to do is follow the arrow 
commands and on the fourth beat, the button command, press the TRIANGLE 
button instead of the O or X button. You'll see your character do some 
silly thing and then *BANG!* your opponent is down. But watch out, 
you'll need to do the same arrow commands and the original button 
sequence again right after. 
To dodge an attack, listen for your opponent to do their silly thing. At 
that point, again follow the arrow commands, but on the fourth beat, 
press SQUARE. You'll see your character do a flip, then it business as 
Now, to get High scoring moves, during your solo dance you need to do 
several hard commands. I haven't learned most of them, but I think 
GameFAQs (*plug*)has a set up now. You will need to learn this to get 
through the Hard Setting.
Oh, one more thing. If you achieve a real high level (you'll know when, 
the arrow comands get more complex and harder) and you dominate the 
dance, your character will do a free style dance, or "fever time". 
Nothing special about this. It's just that the character breaks it down 
with a free style dance, a victory dance, more or less. 

V. Credits (ie. Shoutouts)
First and foremost, I'd like to thank Enix for bringing out this game 
and Avex for producing hyped up original tracks for the game. 
To B. Matsumoto for his wise teachings he gave to me on this game. He's 
that man. 
To J. Matsumoto for showing and loaning his game to me. Boy did he take 
a risk.
To Gamefaqs, for just being there when I get stuck on a game. I'M NOT 
To my gameshark for bailing me out of many hard situations while saving 
the world. 
To all my boyz and girlz in my crew. They showed me a life outside of 
Most important, to Sony and their Playstation, for without them, this 
game wouldn't have been released. 
Yeah, Like you'll ever see this kind of game on Nintendo anytime soon.

In closing, after you've read this faq and still can't get past the 
first opponent on easy mode, that would mean that you don't have any 
RYTHYM! But the practice mode should take care of that, as well as some 
music lessons.

FAQ for:

Bust A Move: Dance & Rythym Action.

Created by R. Yago (
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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