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Written By: Peacemaker
1) Whenever you are in a town, castle, cave, or temple, search 

everywhere you can. This includes bushes, woodpiles, trees, tables, 

cabinets, closets, torches, etc.

2) Whenever a shop or merchant is around, be sure to purchase weapons, 

armor, and items.

3) Always talk to anyone around you. They will give you important 

information and clues to guide you through your quest.

4) When enter caves and labyrinths, it would be wise to carry a 

Guiding Branch. You can also use Finn's Escape Spell (when he gets 

enough experience).

5) Even though there aren't many, look along walls for secret 

passages. Sometimes, a faint light may emit from it to aid you in 

finding it.


Prepare to watch one of the longest introductions for a RPG. After you 

wake up, go downstairs and meet with Galahad. He will give you the 

Flask and send you to the Water Cave. There is a Storage Chest in the 

basement containing a few Antidotes. You can use this to store items, 

armor, weapons, and gold.


Annie will meet you at the fork. She runs off to the left cave. 

Follow her. The Kraken has captured her. Go back to the fork and head 

in the right cave. Fill the Flask with water and return to the Kraken 

swamp. Pour the water in the swamp, and she will be released. Annie 

will join you. She is a cleric, so now you have someone who can cast 

healing magic. Head back to the Isla Village. You will never need to 

return here again.


You will watch a long cinema. Percy will join you. Like Finn, he is 

your basic swordsman. Head northeast to Marion Castle.


Go to Samson's house. Search the desk and a stairway will appear. 

Press the switch in the basement and go to the graveyard to find the 

secret passage. Samson will join you. He cannot use magic, but Samson 

makes up for it in raw strength. After arriving in the castle prison, 

find the prison key to unlock the cell containing Edward, who will join 

you. He is a mage who specializes in dark magic. Ramue, one of the 

Vicious Ones, will curse Samson. There is no church that will be able 

to lift it, so Samson's abilities will be heavily drained. Samson and 

Edward will separate from your party.


If you want to see an extra cinema and hear new information, come back 



Samson and Edward will rejoin you. There is no definite solution to 

the puzzle. The best way I know is to solve one edge of the puzzle and 

mix the rest until it fits. Once underground, Percy will leave the 

party at the gate. Be sure to take whatever items he is carrying.


After going through the cave, you will see a house and 2 different 

paths. Rest and save at the house. One is the Dragon Cave. A sleeping 

dragon blocks the way, and you will not be able to wake it right now. 

Instead, go through the forest and find the tree bridge. Use the acorns 

to patch the holes. Fans of "Boxem" should easily go through here.


Guards will block your way into the castle, so enter the sewer well 

near the village entrance. Look for the false waterway to find the path 

leading to bar's hidden room. Get the key, go back through the waterway 

and head north. Meet with Sir Bison and return to the surface. Go to 

the castle. Samson will be tested and fail. Return to the sewer and 

meet Sir Bison again with the queen. She will give Edward the Magic 

Bean. Head southeast to Ophera Village.


There is not much here. The inn fee is cheap, so now would be a good 

time to go out and fight for experience and gold. As soon as you are 

ready, head northwest to the Ancient Ruins.


This is a large labyrinth. Set the moving platforms in position so you 

can shortcut back to the stairs. You will find the Moon Crescent here. 

After you are done, head back to Ophera Village to heal. Go southwest 

to the Port Town of Luna.


Luna is a very interesting town. You will notice all of the 

unaccessible treasure chests, but don't worry. You will get to them 



Head north along the sea from Luna until you see a cave. Inside the 

cave, you will find two exits side by side. Go out the left exit and 

climb the vines to the top. You will find the Magic Emerald here. 

Once in Simone, find the elder working on a spell with a cauldron. Give 

him the Magic Emerald, and a cinema will occur. A gel will start 

following you. Head towards the village entrance, and after a cinema, 

Tont will join your party. Tont is a summoner whose magic can rival 

Edward's. Ignore the rock blocking the road to the temple. You will 

access it later. Also, do not worry about the locked room in the tree 

containing a treasure chest.


Use the Moon Crescent outside the town to make it night. Once you 

enter, you will notice major changes (where did the water go?). You 

will have access to better weapons and new information. Look for a guy 

by the inn. He will trade the Moon Crescent for the Gaea Statue. NOTE: 

Do not trade until you have everything you need! Head southeast the 

forest puzzle.


Go to the Gaea Sculpture and read it. Find the four rocks and stand in 

the center. Walk one step right and three steps up. Search here and 

another sculpture will rise from the ground. Place the Gaea Statue in 

the slot, and a parting of the sea will occur between Jonowan and Gaea 



You will find a temple on the northern part of the island. This 

labyrinth has many puzzles. Do not step on the pink sensors. They 

drain magic points. Gaea statues will start following you, and you will 

not be allowed to climbs the stairs until you trick it onto the Gaea 

pads. You will find Domino laying unconscious. A Water Demon will 

attack. Use Lightning Magic or Items (if you have them). After 

defeating it, Domino will give you the Vase of Life.


Go to the center room. Place the Vase of Life on the middle platform. 

Put the Magic Bean in the vase. A beanstalk will grow towards the 

Tower of Arawn. Head to the roof to climb the beanstalk. You will have 

to carry waterdrops (you will have no more than 10 steps) to buds and 

small leaves to make them grow.


This is a puzzle that is much easier than it sounds. You must walk in 

and out "Day" and "Night" door and walk around the outside of the tower 

to raise the blocks. You will reach a floor where both sides of the 

outside are blocked. You will find the Hammer here. Go up to the next 

floor. Both sides of the outside are blocked again. Find the crack on 

the floor, and use the Hammer. When you reach the top floor, you will 

see 3 jewels embedded in the wall. They will refill your vitality and 

magic and resurrect any dead members of your party. NOTE: Touch the 

center jewel last. Arawn will appear. After a very enlightening 

cinema, he will give your party the Light Orb and the 1st Ancient 

Tablet. Finally, Arawn will teleport everyone to Simone.


Master Zeon will lift Samson's curse. The rocks blocking the paths 

will be removed. Exit through the temple and go into the cave. You 

will meet two Bandore soldiers. Do not challenge them unless you are 



You will notice that the town is bare. Go back through the sewer to 

meet Sir Bison again. He will lead you to the courtyard. Samson will 

be retested and succeed. Glade will transform into a monster and 

attack. After defeating him or it, you will have full access to the 

castle. 20


Journey through the Dragon Cave and the Crossroad. You will notice 

that the gate Percy sealed has been opened.


If you want to see an extra cinema, head towards Annie's house.


Head south of the Border Church. Attack the Bandore Soldiers, so the 

Zalagoon troops can get through.


Follow the Bandore soldiers to find the Emporer. He will leave. Find 

the key and free the king in the right tower. A cinema will occur in 

the left tower. Open the rear gate and a cinema with Shutat, the 

leader of the Vicious Ones, and Ramue will occur. After they leave, you 

will have full access to the castle. Samson and Edward will leave your 

party. When Galahad asks if you are heading to Bandore, answer, "Yes."


Samson and Edward will rejoin you. Once in Bandore, head west to the 

bridge and go around the rivers to reach Bandore Castle.


Ignore the chest on the second floor of the inn. The guards will not 

let you in the castle. There is a secret passage on the west side of 

the village wall. If you have trouble finding it, search the well near 

the castle entrance to see a helpful cinema. Go through the cave to 

enter the basement. Go in the right door. Defeat the soldier in the 

library and read the books for clues. Continue up to the main floor. 

Explore the floor and take out all of the soldiers on patrol. One of 

them will drop a Prison Key. You will see the Emperor run again at the 

gate. Go down the right stairs at the center of the floor to reach the 

dungeon. Find Sir Kevins, use the Prison Key, and watch an enlightening 

cinema. Ignore the treasure chest in the next cell for now. Head back 

up the stairs and go up the left stairs to the throne floor. Go outside 

and head right into the volcano path. 20


Shutat has set a trap for you. Fight the monsters, and a mysterious 

person will give you a key to escape and continue. While in the cave, 

stepping on lava will deplete Vitality Points. After going through the 

cave, you will see a cinema involving Sir Kevins and Yeon, another of 

the Vicious Ones. They will both fall. Go into the unblocked cave and 

get the key. Head back through the cave and take the path north of the 

stairs. Unlock the door with the key. You will arrive at the port. 

Watch the Emperor get blown away by the Vicious Ones. Domino will 

appear and give you access to his ship. Climb aboard.


Search all over the ship for items including the World Map. Once you 

are done, talk to Domino, and he will join your party. Here is where 

the Light Orbs come in. Send one of your character's away to any town 

you have previously visited. If you want to get somewhere quick, use 

the Light Orb. Also, Domino's Ship, Adult Steiner, and the Flying 

Palace will follow you when you use it (depending if you have them). 

Send someone to Bandore. Now, you can use Domino's Ship. NOTE: You 

can be attacked while sailing.


Merlin is very hard to find, unless you are reading this. Head north 

of Marion by ship and look for V-shaped mountains. Sail in the inside 

and look around until you can get off. Once inside the cave, search the 

vase. Merlin will appear. He will offer to teach one person the 

Resurrection Spell. My advice: Even though Annie seems to be the 

appropriate person to learn the spell. However, she will be needed for 

healing much more. Let Finn learn it. Now, if you want to take a break 

from the constant fighting, use the Light Orb to teleport. Don't worry 

about losing the ship. It will teleport with you.


Here, you can improve your class. By doing so, you can use better 

weapons and armor. Not to mention, the characters look awesome. Head 

north to the temple. NOTE: Finn must be at Level 20. If not, fight 

around the island. Now, talk to the gatekeeper. Finn will enter alone, 

so be prepared. The Discipline Labyrinth is tough. Climb the stairs. 

When you step on a sensor, a shape will flash. You must walk across the 

invisible floor to reach other platforms. Use the figures on the floor 

to aid you. Once you find the sword, Finn becomes a Hero. Now the best 

part: Instead of any character having to do the labyrinth on their own, 

you can instantly improve him/her by talking to the gatekeeper. 

However, just like Finn, he/she must Level 20 or higher. After 

improving Finn, go to the girl's house to get drunk (hey, that is what 

it's about). When you leave, Steiner will meet you outside, and he has 

grown up. Now, you can use Steiner to fly around. Finn can also summon 

him as an attack spell. Head southwest to Leave Village.


There isn't much here. Stock up on items and talk with the 



This is reachable only by boat. Ride the southern coast of Leave 

Village. You will find a maze rivers. After sailing up the correct 

path, journey through the mountainous terrain until you see the castle 

in a forest area. Once there, look for Lorele. You will see a cinema. 

You will notice another Ancient Tablet, but you will get it later. Use 

the Light Orb to teleport back to Bandore.


Head back to the basement and enter the left door. Use the key the 

mysterious person gave you to unlock the door and get the 2nd Ancient 

Tablet. Send your extra character to Barbaros.


Shutat has decimated this once normal kingdom. Talk to the king. Head 

to the steps leading to the dungeon and search the right wall. You will 

startle a guard. He will give you a key to the hidden treasury. You 

will find Lorele here. She will run off to find the King, so follow 

here. After the king dies, Lorele will join you. She is a monk who has 

similar magic as Annie. Send one of your extra character to Isla 

Village, so you can drop off useless items and curses weapons and armor. 

You can leave the other here, or send him/her to Ophera (to get Mage 

Potions as needed). This will help keep space in your party's 

inventory. You can now pick up the 3rd Ancient Tablet. Before you go, 

check one of the towers to find the hidden merchant. He sell items that 

you won't find anywhere else. Be sure to buy Resist Jewels for each 

character (including those not with you).


Here is where all of weapons and armor are made, so be sure to arm up 

here. The blacksmith offers to make custom equipment if you can get 

Mistrel Silver, but you cannot access the cave for right now.


This is a tricky puzzle. Use green mushrooms to shrink your party. 

Use red mushrooms to make your party grow back to normal. NOTE: If you 

are tiny, don't worry. Your party can still fight with the same 

strength. Now, look for tiny cracks when you are small to find a few 

hidden treasures. You will find the 4th Ancient Tablet here.


The Tablet Islands are northwest from Port Town Luna. Place an Ancient 

Tablet at each island. When you place the last one, a cinema will 

occur. Be sure you are well rested before you enter the Flying Palace. 

Using Steiner, fly over the top. One floor cannot be finished until you 

find the Torch, so don't miss it. When you reach the bottom floor, a 

cinema will occur. You will be introduced to Dagoot, the final member 

of the Vicious Ones. You will lose Steiner here. Now, you can use the 

Flying Palace. It moves faster and higher than Steiner.


This place is between the entrances of the Dragon Cave. You will find 

Steiner here. He will be healthy again. You will also be given 

important information from the people here.


Use the Flying Palace. The cave is northwest of the Marion-Bandore 

Bridge. When on the ice, you will walk 2 steps at a time. You will 

find the Mistrel Silver here.


Give the Mistrel Silver to the blacksmith. Walk out of town, and then 

walk back in. The blacksmith will sell you the Mistrel Dagger for a 

discount. The weapon shop will have new weapons and armor for everyone.


This island will be found by using the World Map. It will be located 

on the bottom left. In the shrine, search the left side of the torch on 

the far right to reveal hidden stairs. After walking down a few 

flights, head towards the platform. Dagoot will attack you. After 

defeating him, pick up the Final Tablet. Also, look for the secret 

passage to find the treasure chest.


Use the Flying Palace, and go southeast from Bandore Castle. There 

isn't much here except some weapons and armor. Now would be a good time 

to rest up and save. Once you are ready, head south.


Once you enter, take note of the spots on the floor. On the next 

floor, they signify traps where you will fall through. It's very 

aggravating because you will have to find your way back again. When you 

get near the exit, the Black Knight will attack you. NOTE: Do not 

attack him!! Use defensive magic, such as Silence, Drain, and Sleep. 

Have Annie and/or Lorele use Heal Rain. After about 15 rounds, the 

Black Knight will run. A cinema will occur, and Percy will rejoin you. 

He has already improved his class. Send someone to Zalagoon. Be sure 

to take Percy to Mistrall for new weapons and armor when you can. He 

will still have the same equipment when he left.


This is the last town you will ever find. Be sure to check for new 

weapons and armor. As soon as you are ready, exit the town and use the 

Light Orb to go to Zalagoon.


Send the extra character here to Quadmar. Head back to the Dragon 

Cave. The sleeping Dragon is gone. Now, you can get the Skeleton Key. 

It will open all of the treasure chests that you couldn't open before. 

One of them is here in the abandoned house. The other three that are 

known are in Simone (the tree) and Bandore Castle (the inn and the 

dungeon). As soon as you have picked up the new items, head back to 



When you head towards the tablet slot, Yeon will attack. After you 

defeat him, place the Final Tablet in the slot. The entrance to the 

Abyss will open.

(44) ABYSS

To open the door to the Underworld, you must carry the Orb of Light and 

the Orb of Darkness separately to the statues. Also, when you carry one 

of the orbs, the opposite statues will reflect a glow that will block 

your way. This makes it very long and interesting. If you get lost, 

listen to the music. The faster it plays, the closer you are to the 

Underworld door.


Well, you have reached the bottom! Ramue and Shutat greet you and ask 

if your party will join them. Say, "No!" Now the fight begins.


I do not want to give away the entire story. There are some things 

that are better experienced than having someone just give it to you.


Do you know something that I don't know? Is there any other characters 

that can join the party? Are there any more treasure chests that can 

only be opened by the Skeleton Key? Can Tont be transformed into a 

human again before beating the game? I would be happy to add it to this 

guide, and you will get credit for it as well. Conditions of your 


1) You must have performed the task personally

2) Be very descriptive about the task

3) Source of information (i.e., magazine, personal discovery, 


I hope that I have guided you into a most invigorating journey. 

To all of the critics and skeptics: 
"No, this is not Final Fantasy, but it is still a great
RPG that will hopefully become a series!"
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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