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Written By: luis lima

        This FAQ was created and is maintained by luis lima
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This FAQ was created by luis lima, feel free to print and FREELY 
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 pastes on the FAQ), this FAQ may not be used for commercial purposes
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                           VERSIONS INFO

-Version 0.4:
*All the crystals location covered;
*Finally placed the ants get in abilities(I forgot them...);
*Also did a bit of corrections;

-Version 0.3:
*All the action figures names;
*Added the way to get Fiere action Figure;
*The get in abilities list is now complete with all the necessary BP;
*Added tricks and codes section;

-Version 0.2:
*Better coverage on chapter 6, since I've finished it 3 times now;
*More info on the special action figures;
*Added also a few more stuff to the basics;

-Version 0.1:
*The initial release(Started when I was playing chapter 2, but only 
 released to the web after finishing the game);




Well this is basically just a work of myself based on my experience 
playing the game and on other walkthroughs I read. So far I only 
need to thank a few persons that contributed to this FAQ:
-Zachary Alexander(; for his great walkthrough and 
 the location of some crystals.
-Squaresoft; for other master piece of work(This guys surprise me 
 everytime they release a new game).
-Shin(; for some minor corrections at the first 
 versions of the FAQ.


Brave Fencer Musashiden is another great piece of work from Squaresoft,
it's an action Rpg, but with graphics never seen in other action Rpg 
before. I think this is the best action Rpg in the market for the PSX 
till now since the playability, the graphics, the characters, music 
well almost everything is near perfect. I must say that my favourite 
Rpg's till now(Just referring to the PSX ones) are FFVII, FF Tactics 
,Breath of Fire 3 and Xenogears looks awesome, but I'vent had much 
time to check it out and in the side of the action Rpg's Alundra of 
course, in fact if I like an action Rpg it should be good since the 
action rpg type isn't my favourite it'll need to be really something 
for me to like it. I should also advice you of something, this game 
really requires medium knowledge of japanese in order to play it, so 
if you don't know japanese you have 2 options: wait for the US release 
or use this(or other) FAQ to get through the game, otherwise you won't 
be able to do much on the game since you'll see your tasks in japanese. 
And believe me since I got stuck a few times on the game and had to 
consult some walkthroughs to get passed(Ok, I admit I'm not an expert 
in japanese, but I know a few things that are sufficient for most 
of the games). Ok, I think this should do for an intro, now lets 
get started with the real thing. In order to break the japanese/English 
barrier I'll try to translate everything I think is really necessary 
to go through the game, but don't expect translations of the dialogues 
and all that stuff(Besides being really boring doing it, I'm sure 
I'm not able to translate them all correctly ^-^), so I'll just stick
to the basics.


In this section I'll explian all the controls you use in the game, Ok 
here they are:

D-Pad -Obviously moves right,left,up or down.
Square -Action button, use to attack if you are close to an enemy and 
        press front+square you'll pick the enemy up after that if you 
        press square again you'll throw the enemy(Or triangle to a 
        short range throw).
Triangle -Attack with Raygund, this weapon will allow you to do more 
          damage, but it takes more time to act. You'll only get this 
          weapon at near the end of the 1st chapter then during the 
          game you'll be able to get some power ups to this sword.
X -Jump button.
Circle -This will allow you to use some absorbed abilities from enemys 
        see below how to absorb this abilities.
R1 -This is the defense button, but in fact it has other more important 
    functions, since if you press this button for a while until the bar 
    at the left side of the screen is full you'll be able to perform 
    some special attacks(See section 3).
L1 -Pressing L1 and then using the Directional buttons will make 
    Musashi walk slower.
R2/L2 -Allows you to rotate or zoom the camera depending on where you 
Select -Toggles between Active mode and Sleeping mode(Check the 
        picture on the lower left side to know in wich mode you are).
Start -Allows you to look at your inventory and game options.


OK, here are the basics you must know in order to play this correctly, 
I won't make translations on this section(See section 4 for that) I'll 
only explain you some of the game terms you must understand.

HP- Known as hit points, this is simply your character's life, when 
it comes to 0 bang! you're dead so be sure you keep this on a high 

BP -Bincho Power, they are really usefull, when it comes to 0 your 
character won't be able to attack anymore and gets very slowish, so 
also be sure to keep this up. Your BP are allways decreasing so be 
sure to have allways an eye on it. Note that you also need some BP 
to perform the absorbed abilitys or throws.

Crystals- During the game you'll find lots of crystals spreaded around 
the levels, break them with the Raygund and you'll release a person 
that's locked inside of them, each time you do this your max BP 
will raise by 5, and the bar will be totally filled. You can speak 
with this persons at the interview place in the castle.

Money -You can check the amount of dolans(Monetary currency on this 
game) you have in the right lower corner of the screen(marked with $) 
get as many dolans you can since you'll need them to buy items or 
other stuff.

Absorbed Techniques- Each enemy has it's own technique that you can 
"steal" from them, to do it press and hold R1 until the power gauge
(I'll call it like this from now on, I'm referring to the bar in the 
lower left side of the screen) is full then press square and you'll 
throw your sword, if the sword hits the enemy other bar will appear 
then press square repeatdly until that bar is full and you'll 
aquire that enemy technique, most of this techniques are used with 
the circle button, but some are activated automatically(I'll make 
a list with each monster get-in technique later).

Active/Sleeping mode- Active mode is the normal mode where you're 
able to use your special techniques(the ones with R1), when in 
the sleeping mode you're able to...sleep(Obvious hmm?) to do it 
press R1 till the power gauge is full then release R1 and Musashi 
will start sleeping. Sleeping is really usefull since it'll allow 
you to earn HP although you'll lose BP, and besides you must check 
your sleep meter(The picture on the lower right side of the screen, 
see below) to know if you need to sleep. Also during sleep the time 
will go near 8 times faster, so it's really useful when you need 
to burn some hours.

Sleep meter- It's the picture you can see in the right lower corner 
of the screen, initially you can see all the full picture, but you'll 
see that the picture will begin to close, when that happens you see 
that Musashi will become slowish and will have more problems in order 
to pick up his sword, when this happens you need to sleep. Start 
sleeping and you'll see a percentage number this is your sleep rate,  
it's advisable you have it allways below 70%, you can sleep until it 
reaches 20%.

Chests- During the game you'll find some chests, get near them and 
press Square to open it. Inside you'll find lots of different stuff, 
mostly is junk that you can sell at the pawn shop, but in some of 
them there are stuff that you NEED in order to go through the game, 
so be sure to pick them all.

Memory Box- Looks like a chest, but it's bigger. This will allow you 
to do a summary save, wich means that after you died you can 
continue from the previous Memory box you've activated, but you'll 
lose half of the money you had. 

Special Skill- You can perform special skills in this way, hold R1 
until the gauge in the left side is full(Make sure you're in the 
active mode), then press Triangle, you'll do the special skill 
correspondent to the book of elements you're using.

Status- Musashi can have 3 different status, and you'll be able 
to check them on his face at the lower right corner of the screen, 
if the face is becoming covered then he's getting sleepy, if that 
doesn't happen then he's ok, if the picture is painted at purple 
then he's poisoned(Reacts like if he was really sleepy) and you'll 
need a herb to heal it(Buy at the Grocery store, it's the one that 
uses 5 BP).

Legendary Arms- This are different abilities that you'll learn 
during the game, one allows you to climb walls other to double jump 
and there are much more, usually you get this in some items you must 
identify at the pawn shop. You can check the legendary arms you've 
learned in the Sub-Menu.

Fighting Techniques- You can learn new fighting techniques by speaking 
with some persons you've rescued from the crystals, you can only get 
those techniques in some points of the game. Be sure to rescue as many
people you can so you can learn more techniques.

Musashi Levels- Like in all the rpgs Musashi levels will raise as 
the game passes, he can raise levels for 4 different things. Power, 
gain exp by defeating enemys; Heart, gain exp by walking; Lightning 
Sword, gain exp by attacking with the lightning sword; Raygund, gain 
exp by attacking with the Raygund sword.

Minku- Minkus are some bizarre creatures that walk around at night 
in the Binchofields, in the morning in the places they appear at 
night is a small berry at the floor, come at night(after 23:00)
and a Minku will be on that place, you need to catch him and then 
throw it. Each time you catch a Minku he'll drop a longevity berry 
this will increase you max HP by 25, there are 13 Minkus in the game, 
so be sure to get them all. You can check how many Minkus you've 
captured by talking with person number 19(Make sure you get him) at 
the interview place, when he appears you can count how many Minkus are 
with him.

Refreshing Mint- This has the same effect of sleeping since it'll 
immediatly turn Musashi from the sleeping mode to active mode, can 
be bought at the grocery store. Usefull when the enemys don't let you 
sleep, but not that much.

Counter- In this game you can counter your opponents moves! To do it 
just keep holding R1 when the enemy attacks you if you were able to 
guard it(You won't if you are side or back turned to the enemy) then 
immediatly press triangle and you'll counter the move with a ability 
called "2 sky, 1st class swing" that will do incredible damage to your 
enemy, in fact it will kill most of the regular enemys you find in the 

                      4.MENU TRANSLATIONS

OK here are the translations of the more important menus in the 
game, I think this is pretty finished so I'll probably won't do 
any more upgrades to this.

  -Start Game From Beginning
  -Load Game From Memory Card

  -Interview Place(1)
  -Enter your Room(3)
  -View stats/inventory(4)
  -Exit Castle
  -Use the Gondola(Only in Chapter5+)

  -Speak with someone(Then pick one of the guys you've saved and listen 
   to what he'll tell you, no I won't translate their names or speechs)
  -Hear a story.

  -Choose a book to read
  -Sleep(Allows you to fill HP and BP)
  -Check toys(Allows you to check the toys you've bought in the village).(5)

  -Check Toy
  -Open box


Well in the village you can visit different stores the things you can do 
on all of them are this:
   -Buy Something
   -Hear a story

After selecting Buy/Sell something you'll be presented with other menu:
   -Buy(In the pawn shop this is "identify item")

I won't translate what each item will do, although I think it could be 
important, I really need to spare time and besides even not knowing 
japanese you'll be able to know what each one does, since normally 
they'll increase your BP or HP just check the item descripion and 
you'll be able to check by how much it will be increased.
 Well now lets go and see what'll find on each store:

 *Hotel/Inn -You can rest here and recover all BP and HP(I suggest 
 you NOT to rest here, but go back to the castle and rest in your room 
 since it's for free), you can also save your game here.
 *Bread Shop -You can buy stuff that'll increase your BP.
 *Grocery Store -You can buy medicine to increase your HP or cure you 
  from poison.
 *Bar -Chat with some guys, you can also play some games there.
 *Pawn Shop -Allows you to identify unknown items you find during the 
  game, the unidentified items you have are marked with a red word 
  between brackets.
 *Figure Shop -Allows you to buy toy figures of the heroes/monsters 
  of the game, I wonder if collecting them all reveals any secret...

OK, there is one shop that needs a separated translation that is the 
hotel, so here it is:

-Rent a Room
-Save Game
-Talk with someone of a room

The menus at the bar say:

-Buy something
-Listen to someone

>From left to right:

Upper Line:
*Raygund stats:
-Equip Raygund
-Equip Book of Earth
-Equip Book of Water
-Equip Book of Fire
-Equip Book of Wind
-Equip Book of Sky
Note:The options will only appear as you find the books.

*Command Menu:
-Legendary arms
-Mastered Power
-Config Screen(7)


-Get-In Visuals(ON/OFF)
-BGM Volume
-Sound FX Volume

*Level Indicator
-Power Bar
-Heart Bar
-Lightning Sword Bar
-Raygund Bar
-Total Distance traveled

Lower Line:
*Rescue List

*Total Playtime

There is really not much to say on this press Circle to save then 
select the slot you want to save press Circle then press Circle 
again to confirm.

*When you die:
 The first screen that appears is:
 -Continue from the summary save(Memory Box)
 -Load from Memory Card
 Then this one appears(Confirmation Screen):
 -Yes, I'm sure
 -No, I'm not sure

After activating a memory box you'll be presented with this menu:
  -Yes, I want to do a summary save here
  -No, I don't want to do this


OK, here's a complete walkthrough of the game. I'll try to say every 
thing you should not only to complete the game, but also to get some 
secrets. Ok lets start with this.

IMPORTANT: When I say left or right I'm referring to your left or 
right and NOT Musashi's so be sure to get this.

                   CHAPTER 1: RETRIEVE RAYGUND

This chapter is really simple, it's kinda of an introduction to the rest 
of the game. When you can move keep moving up, killing everything you 
want and collect as many coins as possible, also as soon as you can 
absorb a gun soldier, then will get to a river, that you aren't able 
to jump, simply use the machine gun you got from the gun soldier(Remember 
hit circle) and shot the logs at the other side, they will fell to make 
a bridge. Go through the bridge, keep moving until you reach an entrance 
with a statue blocking it, hit the statue and it will break, keep going 
and you'll reach a circular place with a head on the middle and some 
statues around it, simply break each statue and a simbol will appear in 
the ground move to it and a light will appear do this on each statue and 
a tower will rise on the middle moving the head up, btw be carefull with 
the lasers that the head keep throwing at you. After doing this move up 
by the path that appeared and avoid the wheels that are coming down and 
jump the spiked logs, when you reach the top enter the door. Now make 
your way through the stairs until you see a bell, Musashi will say that 
he needs to make the bell fell down, so simply use the gun(Absorb a gun 
soldier again if you need) to shot the bell and it will fell down. Now 
keep going up the stairs and the doors should open keep moving and you'll 
be teleported outside. Now here you'll get surrounded by lots of soldiers, 
I suggest you keep killing them until you get lots of money since you'll 
need some for the next chapter. When you're done absorb a sword soldier 
then move to the red thing on the ground and you'll see that the electric 
field surrounding Raygund will disappear, but when you move again it'll 
come back again, so simply place yourself near the red spot and wait until 
a soldier steps the stop this is the time hit circle and he'll get dizzy 
on the top of the stop(Remember that you need to have absorbed a sword 
soldier first!!), now run and get Raygund. After this the head will fell 
down and will chase you, you'll have to run by the tower wall(It's true, 
really!!) until you get to the ground avoiding the head, this is really 
simple, jump when Musashi says and you'll be ok. When you get down there 
Musashi will start jumping of happiness, but the head will start chasing 
you again, this time you'll have to avoid rocks, soldiers and jump a river 
(Musashi will say "jump" in that part so be alert), after finishing 
this will enter a castle. Once inside you'll see that Boldor has kidnaped 
the Princess, after a short chat he'll surround you with flames, simply 
hold R1 until the gauge is full then hit triangle and the flames will be 
history. After this Boldor will leave(taking the princess with him) and 
a huge mechanoid will appear.


This isn't really hard. First time he'll have only 2 attacks, he will 
surround you with flames(You know what to do right?) or he will throw 
a big iron ball at you, to avoid the iron ball you must jump in the 
precise moment, you need to time your jumps perfectly or it will be 
hard to avoid it. Then when you can hit his legs with Raygund, I 
suggest holding R1 then pressing triangle since it's more effective 
and you can hit both legs with one hit. Then the legs will and an arrow 
will appear pointing where you need to strike now, so hit it and a 
green orb will appear strike it again with the Raygund. Repeat this 
again and another arrow will appear move near him and press front+
triangle and you'll throw him through the door. You'll have to face him 
again, do exactly the same as before, but be careful since he will throw 
those pilars at  you, just avoid them, after some hits you'll throw him 
through another wall. You'll have to face him for the third(and last) 
time, this time he'll throw you the ball and will jump trying to smash 
you, but this time you can only hit him after the jumps, so don't let 
him jump on you(Check the shadow on the floor to know where he's about 
to land), then start holding R1, move near the green orb and strike 
it, he'll start destroying the houses, keep repeating this and try 
to finish him before he moves left(To the place where a house used 
to be) since that place is really tiny and it's really hard to avoid 
being smashed by his jumps there, you can beat him before he goes 
there just try. When he's finished you'll throw him again and he'll 
fell down from the castle then Musashi will even throw a rock(?) 
to finish him for good.
After this Musashi will fell asleep and the chapter 1 is finished.

                     CHAPTER 2: REACTOR TROUBLE

You start waking up at your room and then you'll have a brief chat 
with some of the village elders, then you'll appear at the library, 
this is kind of a tutorial where you can check most of the stuff 
about the game, you NEED to speak with him in order for you to leave, 
so select the 1st option(Not the one inside the blue box) then 
after the chat choose the bottom option to exit the library. Then 
do every thing you need at the castle and then choose the bottom 
option to exit. You'll find yourself in a place with a guy blocking 
a passage, he won't let you pass so head down to the village, buy 
the stuff you need and then speak with the village leader(The one 
with a red head band that lives in the bigger house near the windmill) 
and he'll ask you to find the lost dog in the mountains. So you need 
to go to the mountains, but the problem is that the big guy won't let 
you pass, if you don't know he isn't the real guard, so what you must 
do is find the real guard, well you don't really need to find the 
guard you can just wait till it's dark and he'll go to sleep leaving 
the passage unguarded, but it's better if you look for the guard 
since you'll be able to get a few crystal guys with this. Go all way 
to the right until you find a big wall then go down until you get 
to the river cross the bridge and keep going down to the forest 
and you'll find a crystal break it(Hit Triangle) and get back, 
don't cross the river go left until you find other entrance to 
the forest(Near the other bridge) get in the forest turn left 
until you find a water circle then you'll find an entrance that 
has another crystal, it's the real guard so break it and go all 
the way back to the entrance(you'll see the guard you just 
saved will be there), but wait don't enter it, instead wait until 
it's night turn left and you should be able to catch a Minku so do 
it, then head to the entrance. Turn left and pass the entrance, talk 
to the guard and he'll let you get in, ok then you're heading to 
the Twin Mountains, turn left and you'll see a ghost, don't kill him 
if you do wait until other appears, then absorb ghost's ability to 
shrink, then keep going go and break that crystal in the right, then 
use the ability you've just absorbed(Press Circle) to shrink the 
white Blob that's blocking your way in the other side of the river, 
then go to the other side and jump on the mini white blob and you'll 
smash it, ok now jump to the platform with the dog pick him up and 
throw it back then you can come back pick the dog again and throw it 
to the other side of the river(You must be as near as you can to the 
river then throw it), pick the dog again and bring him to the village.
Then speak with the leader and then you must speak to the guy that 
is locked at the entrance to the forest, go talk to him and he'll 
say that he's ungry and thirsty, you got it go and get him some food
(buy the first item at the bread shop) then get to the well(It's 
a hole where usually are 2 girls talking) and get some water(Note:
Go only at night since if the 2girls are there you won't be able to 
reach the well). Now hop back to the prisoner and give him that stuff
(1st option), after that he'll have a brief conversation with you 
and you'll know that the guys is really a treasure hunter and asks 
you if you can help him, answer yes(1st option like allways) then 
he'll tell you that he needs a key in order to be released, so 
lets find the key. He'll tell the dog to lead you, so you only 
need to follow the dog(Reno), but since you'll probably lose him 
here's where you have to go, go to the forest(By the entrance that 
Reno went) then make your way to the water circle with the water 
emblem in the middle, absorb the abilitie from the pink flower 
then go up and right and you'll be able to pass through the spikes, 
here look for a hidden passage in the bushes at your left, it'll 
lead you to a Minku so be sure to find it and catch the Minku. Now 
go up through the brige, in the place with the sleeping Mushrooms 
just pass through them since they'll put you to sleep if you attack 
them, so there's no need trying to kill them(But you can do it if 
you want)absorb the pink flower ability and jump through the spikes
at the left side, in the next screen you should find Reno again. 
Note that before this you should go and pick a chest and a crystal, 
when you got the pogo ability, go right and climb the rock with a 
ramp in it(You can only do it with the pogo stick), then break the 
crystal, go and walk through the big pipe to the other side and get 
the chest, I can't explain you better wich rock it is find it yourself.
What you need to do is follow Reno and protect him, so be sure to 
kill the enemys before they can attack Reno or you'll need to 
repeat all this thing, keep following Reno and you'll find 
yourself in a place with the key, pick it. Get all your way back 
near the water circle but don't cross the spikes, at this point 
you'll have some crystals and chests to pick near this place 
you can pick them now or later it's up to you, here's where they 
are put yourself near the spikes that leads you to the water 
circle and face up turn right until you find a pink flower, go 
up through the entrance and you'll see some pipes with smoke 
coming out of it, you can jump to the pipes and some will lead 
you to crystals, hearts or coins, there are 2 crystals,1 heart 
and lots of coins then one of the pipes you'll find an earth 
emblem in the floor(Remind this place since you'll need to 
come here later). Ok go talk to the treasure hunter and release 
him(I think you can only release him after 0:00 so sleep to 
time pass). After that he'll tell you to go meet him at the 
Twin Mountains and take 4 trees!! to him. So do whatever you 
need(Save, buy items, sleep,...) and go to the twin mountains.
Go to the place you saved the dog, but don't jump to that 
platform keep going up, then turn left keep going left, don't 
jump at the poles and you'll find other crystal break it and 
get back jump to the poles(in the top of each pole there are 
binchorons so get them), go jumping pole to pole till you get 
to the other side of the river, at left is a Memory box so 
if you want... then turn right see that box behind the waterfall?
You need to open it so jump there and do it, get back and 
go up by the rising path at the end you should see a cave 
entrance enter it do your way through the cave and you'll 
reach a brige, there is a rope in the middle of the bridge that 
will lead you down, get down on the rope and go right to get 
the crystal get back jump to the rope again and jump to the 
ropes on the left until you reach a platform with a box(Carefull 
with those things that will shock you) open the box and get on 
the brige again, go right to the entrance of other cave after 
getting out the cave you'll see a tree cut it down(Hold R1 then 
triangle) and pick it up(I wonder how and where Musashi can carry 
4 trees of that size!!) if you can't pick it up make sure you 
don't have your inventory full if so drop or use anything. Go 
by the path that leads you up, be alert to the poles that appear 
the first one leads to a crystal, the 2nd to a crystal and a tree, 
then go up at the 3rd pole, pick the 3rd tree and keep going 
left and you'll find the 4th tree. Keep going left until you 
find a path that leads up and you'll find the treasure hunter, 
he'll make a raft with the trees you gave him and then just 
jump to the raft, it's time for a little sailing. Now simply 
ride your raft through the river, collect as many coins you can, 
but be carefull since each time you hit the raft will lose a log, 
when they're all gone you have to restart. The only thing tricky 
here is that after passing that river that goes down really fast 
with a waterfall in each side there are 2 ways left or right, go 
left(Your left not Musashi's!) and you'll be able to find a 
crystal break it, see where you are? That's right you'll need to 
go to the place you've found the treasure hunter again, once you're 
there jump to the raft and repeat all this stuff again until you 
reach the place your turn left, this time don't turn left, pass by 
the guys with the maces and you'll finish this part. Go up the 
stairs, turn left to pick a chest. Go right jump down near the 
hole with the spikes and get to the village again. Once in the 
Village go to the Pawn Shop to identify your items, one of 
them will give you the ability to climb some walls, sell the 
rest of the junk to the man and get out. You'll see that there 
are troubles again(Bummer...) this time it's the reactor that 
is almost exploding, so there you go to help them again. Get 
yourself near the entrance to the mountains(the one with the 
guard), don't get in climb the wall to the left of it(To climb 
simply jump to the wall and Musashi will hang on it then 
press Square,Triangle repeatdly to climb) once up there talk 
to the man that it's running around like a crazy(He's the 
Reactor's Keeper) and he'll ask your help, choose the first 
option and you'll have 24:00 to finish the task now quickly 
go to the place with all those pipes with smoke coming out 
of it(See above if you don't remember how to get there), and 
keep going through that path(DON'T jump to any pipe) 
eventually you'll reach a red wall, climb it once up there 
pass the pipes and keep straight ahead and you'll enter 
the reactor. Once there you have to turn off all the valves 
here's how, every time you press square in front of a valve 
a meter will appear and you have to press circle to stop 
it and be sure you stop the meter IN THE green zone, all 
the valves have numbers on it and you have to close them 
by that order so be alert to that, also there are some 
paths to some valves that seems to be blocked by smoke  
or something between 2 pipes, but you can actually jump 
it just be sure to jump near the pipe. You must be really 
fast since besides the 24:00 limit there is also a time 
limit between clearing each floor. After you've closed 
all the 8 valves you'll turn the reactor off and you'll 
appear outside. Outside you'll find the reactor keeper,  
after a brief conversation an entrance to his house 
will appear and he'll go away, don't follow him instead 
go back to the pipes in the previous screen and go 
and follow the one that leads you to the left to find a 
chest(It's better to only do this now since before you 
were in a real hurry). Go to the water emblem then face 
yourself down and move find a path there and you'll 
find a crystal and a chest. Get back to the village, 
talk to the leader for 25 extra HP and then get yourself 
near the entrance to the twin mountains don't get in 
climb the wall on the right and catch the Minku(If you 
didn't before). By this time you can also get a new 
ability at the interview place, if you want go and 
learn it(Talk to the 9th person of the list). Now 
do your preparations and lets get moving put yourself 
at the twin mountains keep moving until you reach the 
3 poles in the river jump on them to get in the other 
side, use the Memory Box if you want, turn left get the 
chest and move near the red wall, a guy will appear and 
chalenge you to a climbing contest, just be quick with 
the commands and it shouldn't be that hard to win. Once 
up there move to the earth crest and hit triangle to 
release it. Now equip the earth crest(See section 4 
under the item Sub-Menu Translation how), use R1 then 
triangle near the rock to make it fell off the mountain, 
then you go down by that entrance. Move yourself to the 
place where you found the 1st tree(Remember??), now 
move yourself up like you did until you find a red wall 
climb it, once up there keep going left until the place 
where the treasure hunter built your raft, keep going 
right use R1 then triangle to bounce the big rock then 
go jumping to the right until eventually you got in 
the top of the mountain(Don't climb the pole), once 
up there pick the chest and get yourself in the raft, 
after finishing your little "trip" in the raft go up 
the stairs and keep going until you get into the screen 
with the big rocks and the holes with spikes, use R1 then 
triangle to bounce the rocks keep moving until you reach 
the wall and keep bouncing all the rocks, get back, jump 
down pick the crystal get back to the village, speak 
with the treasure hunter, you'll need to speak with the 
elder at the castle, so get yourself in the castle and 
enter the interview place and speak with the elder, 
he'll help you if you have rescued 4 specific characters, 
if you've followed this walkthrough you'll have them 
if not check above to see wich ones you're missing and 
rescue them. Once the talk is finished move to the 
twin mountains, pass the guard turn right move yourself 
through the rocks covering the spikes, once you got to 
the end you'll see 4 rescued people that will help you. 
Now pass the entrance, if you can't get in you need 
to go to the interview place to speak with this 4 
persons, once inside you'll fight the boss.

Defeating him is really easy, just avoid his attacks and keep using 
R1 then triangle to bounce and make the rocks that the other guys 
are passing in the top hit the boss, after a number of rocks has 
hit him he'll get dizzy and you'll be able to strike his mouth with 
Triangle. When he starts climbing the walls to attack the other guys 
just stomp the ground with R1 then Triangle to make him fell off, if 
he manages to get any of the other guys dizzy just wait and the others 
will send them some herbs. 

After defeating him, yes you've finished the chapter, hop on chapter 3.

                      CHAPTER 3:CURSED TOWN

Note: At any time on this chapter you can go to the earth emblem 
stomp it and a platform will fell, go up and you can catch a Minku 
and you'll see the wind emblem. I suggest you do this as soon as 
you can.
You're back in the village and you'll have a conversation with the 
leader and other guy at the front of one shop. You'll know that 
the town is cursed(Damn, more problems), go sleep since you 
deserve it and then lets start your quest. Talk with the leader 
once more, your task is to get a rare flower called Phantom Blossom 
from the mines and also some Holly Water. Lets go for the phantom 
blossom first, if you're looking for the key to the mines is the 
guy at the windmill that has it, so go on and ask him, if he's not 
there just sleep until he is(Wait for the lights to turn on), he'll 
also tell you that the phantom blossom only blooms between 3:00 and 
7:00. Now go to the mine, enter the mine(1st option), once there 
take the right path, keep going find the pole climb it jump, then 
pass by through the screens with the rocks(carefull) eventually you'll 
reach a place with a fan, wait until it stoped jump and you'll fell 
down, use the memory box, turn left, in the room with the rolling 
platforms go until you find one that goes up the screen jump to it 
to get a crystal get back keep left until you find other crystal, 
break it, then move left to the entrance. You'll find yourself 
in a room with water and some platforms moving around, jump to 
one of them, now in the sides there are 3 platforms with a Minku, 
Crystal and chest, pick them all up then jump from one platform 
to other until you reach the cliff in the middle, make your way 
up on it until you finally reach the phantom blossom, wait till 
it's between 3:00 and 7:00 and pick it up. Make your way back to the 
screen with the fan(Climb the wall below the fan to get upstairs), 
let the fan blow you into the right entrance and keep going, jump 
in those elevators things until you reach the top then make your 
way to the entrance of the mine, and you'll be out there again, 
Ufff. Give the flower to the leader then when he asks you pick the 
1st option like allways. If you want you can learn a new fighting 
skill, just go to the inteview place and pick the 21st person 
from the list. Do everything you need(Good time to sell out your 
junk at the pawn shop) and head to the twin mountains again. Make 
your way like you did to get the trees, by the time you enter the 
second cave(The one with water falling from the celling) you'll see 
a farmer inside that is not feeling very good, in fact he'll tell 
he'll need some holly water and you'll only have 12:00 to get it, 
so you must be really quick. Exit the cave go up until you reach 
the red wall, climb it since it's quicker, then turn left when you 
find a pole climb it and you'll be at a lake with the water get 
some, make your way back to the farmer and give the water to him. 
Go to the village, when you reach there you'll have a brief 
conversation with Tim that will tell you that the leader wants 
to speak to you, choose the 1st option, and then you'll appear 
in a conversation in a store. When it's done go into the bread 
shop and choose "Hear a conversation"(2nd option) then she'll 
tell you about a guy being at the bar at 18:00, so wait till 
it's time and go to the bar, when the man starts knocking at 
the door speak with him and you'll know that you must talk 
to 2 persons that are at the inn(One is the bar's owner, the 
other I don't know...). Go to the Inn and ask the man to speak 
with the persons on room 205 and 206(It's the only ones that 
aren't free), if they'rent there sleep and come back at other 
time, during the day they won't be there wait until there is 
light on the windows. After talking to them you'll know that 
some strange things are happening at the bar at about mid-night. 
So wait until it's mid-night go at the bar and you'll see 
zombies coming out of the door, when the door opens go in(don't 
worry those zombies won't attack you) then when Musashi asks 
if you want to go down choose the 1st option. By the way if 
you want you can go to the castle to learn a new technique, 
speak with the person number 3, the clown, be warned that 
to get this technique you'll need to have saved other guy(Hmmm 
I forgot the number). Once down there you'll see some bottles 
in the ground follow them and you meet a guy that's a bit(Ahamm) 
drunk, he'll explain you that in order to open the door with 
the 4 eyes you must clear the 4 rooms(2 are in the same room 
as the door the other 2 are in the room next to it, after going 
up). I really don't know how to give numbers to the rooms, so 
I'll just give them random numbers, by the description you'll 
be able to know wich one is.

Note:Between the rooms you can go back to the stores and buy 
stuff, I really suggest you doing that. Also take note that 
the drunk guy will heal you each time you go talk to him.

-Room 1
After entering you'll see some sliding platforms in the ground 
with spikes below. just jump from platform to platform, once 
in the other side jump to your right side, make your way down 
kill the zombies and a panel will cover the spikes. Enter the 
door at your right, DON'T touch that white ball that's wondering 
around(Note: This balls will lighten the place up and they'll 
be usefull in the next rooms that are completly dark), go up and 
enter the door at the right, now keep going until you find 3 
poles in a row, jump from pole to pole(Can be a little tricky 
climb the higher you can then jump), until you are in the other 
side, break the crystal then come back to the initial room(the 
one with the moving platforms and the spikes) now go again to the 
end of the room, but this time jump to the left side, keep 
going down enter the door, then enter the door at the left and 
you'll see yourself in a dark room(Carefull there is lot of 
spikes on the floor) move near the white globes in order to 
see the ground and get out, then you'll reach a room with 2 
teleports in the floor enter the right one, keep moving 
through the rooms and you'll reach 2 more rooms with teleports 
choose left in both. Now you should be in a room with lots 
of arrows coming at you keep going and try to avoid the arrows 
at the end of each platform jump to the lower one until you 
reach the ground, make your way out until you reach another 
room with spike in the ground, be carefull, pick the chest 
and get out. You'll see the blue orb hit it with your sword
(Triangle) and a teleport will appear. Then just enter the 

-Room 2
Keep going until you find a wall that you can climb, no don't 
climb it absorb the plant that's blocking the wall and throw 
the ball against the wall that seems to be cracking, and a 
passage will open. After entering that room, get back climb the 
wall duck from the huge ball in the holes in the ground, keep 
moving until you reach a room where there is only a plant(Bowler) 
use your Bowling technique to crash the wall at the right. In 
this room put yourself in the square stone that is on the ground 
then when the zombies appear just use the bowling technique to 
knock them ALL off, after that you can go up. DON'T go up with 
the platform, enter the room and break the crystal, get back 
and go up in the platform. Once up there be carefull with the 
Totem that breath fire, the way to kill it is NOT to look at 
him, put yourself back turned to him, equip the Raygund,press 
R1, move yourself near him while the gauge is filling(Since 
you are back turned he won't attack you) then hit triangle and 
he's finished. Sleep if you need(Make sure your sleepiness is 
below 50%), then enter the room run as fast as you can and 
jump to the door at the right side(If the wall smashes you 
you'll die immediatly), keep going until you're in other 
room with only a bowler in it, use the bowling technique to 
open a passage in the left side, then move to the square and 
...yes knock off the zombies with the ball, then use the ball 
to open a passage on the wall at the end of the screen, enter 
it break the crystal, get back let the platform take you up, 
break the blue orb enter the teleport and you're done here.

-Room 3
In the beggining there will be a few vampires wandering around, 
just avoid them and keep going until you reach a room with 
a red eye on the floor and a big block, just push the block to 
the top of the red eye and the door will open, keep going and 
you'll reach other room, but with 3 red eyes and 3 blocks, 
you know what to do push the blocks to the top of the red eyes 
and the door will open. Enter it go through the rooms with 
the blocks falling(Don't waist much time thinking just run). 
Now it's everything the same there will be 4 dark rooms, 
the trick is to absorb the ghosts abilitys and move your 
spirit around to see the room so you know where do you need 
to go, check all the places since in the last rooms one has 
a crystal and other a chest, so be sure to get them. In the 
last dark room, when you reach the other side(With that 
sign on the floor) you'll see there is a path leading you below 
the place you are jump there and follow the path and you'll 
find a crystal, break it, enter the teleport. Once up again 
go left, break the orb and it's all done here.

-Room 4
the first 4 rooms are all about rotative blocks jump through 
them, be sure to time your jumps correctly, then it's a room 
with some blades then other with both of them, so far the 
way you must go it's obvious so don't worry. Then you'll 
reach a room with a small wood path on the air, in the 
right and left side of it there are Binchorons get them 
if you need(There is no need since you'll get a crystal 
soon), keep moving until you find a rotative block, but 
first keep going down to find a crystal, break it jump 
to the block move right and you'll get a chest, move 
back and exit. Now you are in the last room the only 
thing to be careful here is the last blades that go really 
fast so time your moves precisely. Exit the room and 
you'll find the orb, break it, teleport and it's finished.

After clearing all the 4 rooms go to the door with 4 eyes, 
enter it and you'll find the drunk guy near a chest jump 
to there and he'll open the chest, after a brief dialogue 
the man will give you what he found(Apparently he didn't 
like it, did you noted how furious he was?). Move back 
to the village, go to the Pawn Shop identify the item 
the man just gave you and you'll get the double jump 
ability, sell all your other junk to the man. When you 
get out the drunk guy will talk to you saying that you 
need to go down the well, and you need to speak with the 
priest to get a rope. Go to the church use double jump 
to cross to enter speak with the priest and he'll tell 
you to come again at 2:00. So just wait. At 2:00 go 
talk with the priest again and he'll put you in, 
once inside you'll see Rikyuru, she will summon some 
huge zombies to beat you, no problem you'rent able to kill 
them, just keep yourseld alive until the sunrises(Wich 
isn't very difficult), this is good to gain exp, when 
the sunrises the sun will come in and kill the zombies. 
Musashi will leave the church and the priest will give 
you the rope, now head back to the well and get down(1st 
option). When you're down there go through all those 
stairs until you reach a place with the water crest on 
it, hit triangle to break it and you'll get it, it'll 
allow you to shoot water balls and walk on water!! Now 
move to the platform near the bell, equip the book of 
water hold R1 hit triangle walk on the water jump to the 
bell pick the bell throw it to the other side, cross 
the water again and now you'll have to carry the bell 
to the village(Ufff), keep moving right with the bell 
until you reach the place where the water crest was, 
throw the bell to the left side, walk on the water to 
cross to that side, now keep going right with the bell 
and enter the cabe, you're in the mine so just keep 
going with the bell until you're outside again. Once 
there the priest will thank you and will give you the 
angel key that will allow you to open the big door in 
the bar's basement. before you go to the bar you can 
get a new fighting technique, go to the castle and 
speak with the person number 36 of the list. Now 
go to the bar(Be sure to take some medicines to 
recover HP, fill the inventory if you want). Wait 
until it's 0:00 and go in get yourself in the room 
with the door, double jump to pass the small river, 
enter, go through the first 3 rooms(Be sure to break 
the crystal in the 3rd one) then you'll find yourself 
in a room with 4 stairs each leading to a flame, just 
use your book of water to throw water to them(R1 till 
the gauge is full then tap triangle), once the 4 of 
them are off the door will open. Enter it and it's 
boss time.

You won't fight the relic keeper since he's to busy 
trying to avoid the ceiling from crushing him. But 
he'll summon the fire demon, just keep protecting 
yourself with the bubble created by the book of 
water, if you have the bubble and the fire hits you 
it won't damage you. The only way to kill the fire 
demon is to throw water at him so keep doing it, 
until he's gone(It will take some time...). When 
he turns blue he'll do 2 attacks one is throwing 
flames from the floor, just double jump them it's 
easy, the other he'll make fire strips spinning, 
be careful!! The best way to avoid this is when 
he's starting to do this run all the way to right 
or left and double jump each fire stripe, this way 
it'll be much more easier. Once he's gone you'll 
see a blue orb on Relic keeper's mouth, just 
pick your Raygund, double jump and hit it with 
triangle. But wait it's not over yet, you'll have 
to do this thing 3 times, it'll really take a lot 
of time, but it's not that hard.


You're in the village again. Before going into action you should 
take a few time to get some Minkus. Make your way to the twin 
mountains, keep going until you reach the place with the 3 poles 
in a row that'll lead you to the other side, don't jump to them 
keep going left, when you can't go any further use book of water 
special technique, jump to the water and go all the way to the 
left side and you'll find a platform with a Minku on it catch 
it. Now cross the river(By the water or by the poles), once you're 
there climb the red wall until you reach the top(The place where 
you got the earth crest, remember?) then jump down and press left 
and you'll fell in other platform with another Minku, catch him 
and get back to the village. Now there will be yet other Minku 
at the same place you fought Skull Pion(Chapter 2 boss), go there 
and he'll be in the circle where the battle happened, since it's 
a large place it can be tricky to catch him, but do it.Now go to 
the other water emblem(the one in the center of the water circle 
in the forest) use the special skill, and the water circle will 
get dry, jump into there pick the chest, go to the pawn shop, 
identify the item and you'll get a nice pair of gogles(They 
allow you to identify the items you pick immediatly). Go to 
the leader's house and his wife will come to the door, when you 
have to choose a option pick the first one, then knock the door 
again and pick the 2nd and then the 1st one. She will tell you 
must go to the well again, so hop on to the well. When down there 
make your way to the water emblem, equip the book of water and use
the special skill on it. You'll see that one of the sides of the 
well will be dry, and the other will be filled with water. After 
that Ben and Ed will appear and will get really bothered with your 
presence after a brief dialogue they'll run away. Jump to the dry 
side and find a chest. Then move up again and go to the platform 
where you can see a Minku at the other side(In a little cave), use 
the special technique to walk on the water and go to the other side 
in order to catch the Minku. Now at your left side will be a platform 
with another chest, make sure you pick this one(Keep walking in the 
water until you find it). Now as you've probably noted in the dry 
side you'll see a cave entrance, so get in and keep going left until 
you find a chest(Pick it up) and the Fire crest(Remember this place), 
make your way back, enter the cave that leads to the mine and you're 
back in the village. Now go to the Pawn shop to identify the items 
that you got from the chests, you'll get something(I really didn't 
understand what, I think it isn't very important...). Once you're 
done go and talk with the leader's wife again this time pick the 2nd 
option. Now she'll talk you about how to get the gondola pieces that 
are in the mine, but you'll need to talk with some workers(People 
that you've saved, hopefully!!) to explain you some stuff. Before 
going you should get a crystal that you can get by this time, go 
to the twin mountains to the place where the treasure hunter made 
the raft, the keep going up and right until you reach a place 
with a flower and a pole going up, climb the pole until you get 
in the top, then double jump to the right and eventually you'll 
land on a platform with a crystal, break it. You can also get 
other Minku, go to the place with the water circle, cross the spikes 
then go to the bridge(The left one) from here use the special skill 
of the book of water and keep moving right in the river until you find 
an entrance with a Minku on it, catch it. Now get back to the 
village to continue your quest. You need to talk with a few people 
you've saved, but before go and talk with the guy at the windmill, 
once you're done go to the castle. Here talk with the persons number 
13,18 and 27(I think you can get a few more hints from others, but 
I don't remember wich and it's not necessary), you'll get some hints 
of people that worked at the mine in order to know wich gear you 
are looking for. Enter the mine and make your way back to the fan, 
go down the fan and go right, then you'll get lots of screens with 
a liquid and if you fell into it you become poison, so it's better 
to absorb a snake and it'll be fine if you fell down(Remember press 
Circle to cure from poison). Keep ,moving right for the next few 
screens(there will be some tough jumps to do, it's highly probable 
that you'll fell down a few times), after all that you'll reach a 
room with some gears placed on the floor, if you remember what the 
guys told you'll find out that it's the 3rd gear from the left pick it 
up and get back from the path you came, climb the wall near the fan, 
let the fan blow you to the right entrance and make your way to the 
village. Now go and talk to the old man at the castle and in the next 
scene you'll appear in the bed, after waking go to the village and 
you'll find out that there are more problems, the village is on fire, 
there are 8 fires to be extinguished on the village. It's simple 
equip your book of water then use the special skill on every single 
fire, to clear them all. Once you're done the leader's wife will 
talk to you and say for you to meet her in the next morning. Go sleep 
then go to the leader's house, he'll give you a calendar and his 
wife a shrinking object(That you'll use later). Now get to the water 
circle in the forest, cross the spikes, cross the left bridge, after 
passing the red mushrooms, in the screen with the plant, go down 
to the entrance, here you'll find that a giant snail is blocking your 
passage, get near him, press square, use the first option, Musashi 
will try to push it!, he can't use the 2nd one and 
he'll use the shrinking object and the snail will return to the normal 
size. Keep going down until you get to the sea. First get the crystal 
on the left side, now if the water crest isn't covered by water walk 
in the water(Use the special skill) into the crest and use the special 
skill, if it's covered with water go back and sleep then come again, 
I'm not sure, but I think this has to do with the tides, and you have 
to wait for the low tide hours(Hmmm I'm not sure wich they are, keep 
trying). After that the water will disappear, make sure you get the 
chest, before or after, then go down and use the Raygund to release 
the book of fire, once you've did it Kojiro will appear with the 
princess, it's time for...fight. Being a mid-boss Kojiro should be 
much better, it's really easy to defeat him, just keep jumping from 
his attacks(Wich it's easy and besides his attacks do so less damage)
and attack him with the Raygund, it's easy you'll see. Now you've 
to take the princess home, get yourself in the top of the rocks, go 
up and you can jump to a lower rock there. Once up you'll automatically 
appear at the interview place with the princess. You'll have a 
conversation with the princess and the elder about your next task, 
when you're asked pick the 1st option, then you need to get the directions 
to the hideout. Talk with the persons number 12,24,31 and 19(Pick the 
2nd option when asked), then talk with number 26 and you'll get a 
power upgrade to your lightning blade. Now you should know the 
directions to the hideout. Make your way to the wandering woods(The place 
where you had to follow Reno back in chapter 2) here is how to find 
the hideout, in the first screen of the Wandering woods you'll see a 
sign in the middle. From here turn left, go up, go up, turn right, 
go up, go up(If you did it correctly it'll be snowing by now), 
turn right, go up, go up, turn left, keep going up until you 
find a palace. Pick the 1st option when you want to enter. Your 
goal here is to get inside the door on the top of the stairs, but 
you need to do a few(Well more than a few) things before, remember 
this screen as the hall since I'll refer to it like that. Enter the 
door at the left, after a few screens you'll see a door with a blue 
orb on it and other one(Remember this place since you'll have to 
come here again), enter the opened door, you'll see 2 penguins 
pushing 2 big ice blocks, when you can jump to the top of one of 
them, after they push it get ready to do a double jump when you get 
near to the other side, and you'll cross the pit. Enter the door 
at the right and get the crystal, get back to the previous screen, 
now move up to the other door. You'll be in a room full with Fake 
Penguins, simply knock them ALL off and a chest will appear, check 
it and you'll get the red orb(To open the red door, obviously), go 
to the hall and enter the red door(At the left side). Go through 
the screens(Don't forget to pick the chest) until you get in a screen 
with a big guy and a plant, wit don't kill the big guy, first at 
the left of the plant you can see a ramp(more or less) in the top 
floor. Kill the plant and put yourself below that ramp attract the 
big guy into you and let him throw you into the air and land in the 
ramp, you'll be on the upper level. Enter the room, you'll be in a 
maze, first look for a crystal near the left wall, then try to find 
the exit at the left wall once you're in there you'll see only Mecha 
Musashi's, beat them all WITHOUT leting them hit you and a chest 
with the blue orb will appear. Think it's hard? Not at all, equip 
Raygund, then since the Mecha Musashis only mimic your normal attacks 
and not the special skills keep using Raygund special skill to hit 
them it's easy you'll see(Note:Just don't get to close or you'll get 
an electrical shock), if they do hit you, just get out the room and 
enter again. After that get the chest with the blue orb. Now ecit 
the room. Other thing those things falling from the ceiling aren't 
big rocks, but stomp gorems and you can absorb them in fact you NEED 
to absorb them, look for one and absorb it, now look for the door in 
the right wall enter it. Once there you'll see the path blocked by 
spikes, Now use Gorem's special ability(You got it like I told right?)
and you can go through the spikes breaking them all, break the crystal, 
now go to the blue door(Just jump down and walk from there). Once you've 
entered the blue door break the crystal then use the blocks to get 
into the upper level enter the door, pass the Big guys enter the door 
and pick the chest. You'll get an ability that'll allow you to climb 
icy ramps(Yes, like the stairs), now jump down to the hall. Enter the 
door at the right side(The one at the bottom), jump to the pole then 
to the ramp, jump down, pick the chest and go up the other ramp, oh 
no! Another maze, look near the left wall a lower block tha'll allow 
you to jump to the higher ones, once on the top of the blocks keep 
jumping to find a chest and a crystal(They are near the upper wall), 
absorb an electric Musashi, then look for the exit in the right wall. 
Once there you'll see a Big guy, what you have to do is to kill him 
on the to of the red emblem in the ground, so put yourself there and 
wait for the big guy when he's on top of it hit circle to drop a bomb 
the big guy will keep there since he thinks the bomb is you(I think 
he doesn't see very well), get away from there, after a while CABUM! 
and a chest with the green orb will appear. Get back to the maze 
get up in the blocks again, then look for the green door on the wall 
at the bottom of the screen, enter it. Go through the screens and you'll 
get into the hall. Now you can enter the door at the top of the stairs. 
Once you're there enter it, well in fact you can't enter it, the door 
is frozen, so use your book your fire special skill on the door, then 
enter it. Once in there there's a chest on the lower floor, then get 
in the upper one, you'll see 2 torches, use the book of fire special 
skill then jump and throw fire at the torches, after doing that the 
door will open, enter it and hit the statue in the screen, a dragon 
will appear and it's boss time.


He isn't as tough as he might seem to be. In the beggining he'll only 
cross from one to the other side of the screen. He'll scream when 
he will move to the other side, so when he does get ready to move 
away and hold R1 to charge then use your fire skill to hit him in the 
head. After a few times he'll destroy the right wall, now start 
running to the entrance, as you get near the spikes start charging then 
use fire on them to melt them, do this really quickly since the dragon 
will be destroying the path in your back. After melting all the icicles 
you'll reach another room. Here keep the same strategy, when he attacks 
you with the head just jump left or right then he'll throw some ice balls 
at you, jump to avoid them, then go to the middle of the screen, wait 
until he's beggining to do the ice beam, no don't move yet, wait a bit 
more then quickly move right and up(And keep pressing R1 while there)
, this way he'll start from left to right and won't be able to hit you 
where you are. After the beam he'll put his head on the ground and it's 
time to run near him and throw fire at him. Note that if he touches 
you you'll get frozen, but this has an advantage because if you got 
frozen if he attacks you when you're frozen you won't lose HP! So 
the next attack is a incredible quick body sweep, that is near impossible 
to guard, the best way of avoiding this is after throwing fire at his 
head run at him and touch him, you'll become frozen, then when he 
does the body sweep he'll only break the ice on you(If you're still 
frozen). Keep doing this a few turns and eventually he'll fell to the 
side and a blue orb will appear, hit it with the Raygund, repeat 3 
times and he's done. 

                   CHAPTER 5: GONDOLA TROUBLES

When you arrive at the village the leader will tell you to go and 
talk with the old man at the castle. But before you go, go and talk 
with the farmer on the left house to know a few stuff on the special 
action figures, then go to the action figures store and choose the 
2nd option to talk with the man. OK, now go to the castle talk with 
the old man get to the village, get again to the castle, talk again 
with the old man, by this time you should know that the princess 
disappeared again(Damn!) and the gondola is finally fixed. By this 
time at the main menu at the castle a new option will be available 
that will'll allow you to get near the twin mountains using the 
Gondola. Ok, now you are ready to go, head to the reactor(Use the 
entrance near the reactor keeper house) when you get there you will 
find the reactor's keeper on the ground, talk to him and you'll get 
something(Something to open the first door I think). Now get in, here 
you know what to do, the only difference is that this time there are 
3 handles missing so you have to get them, and there will be some 
smoke in the levels, note that you can't jump the smoke that comes 
from the ground, but you can jump the smoke that comes horizontally, 
simply jump towards to the screen then quickly move yourself in the 
air to land in the platform. So here it is the handle for the door 1 
is on the ground level so pick it up, then move up, shut the 1st level 
doors then move up, the handle for door 4 is in that level so pick it 
up and then shut all the doors on the level, move up, the handle for 
door 8 is on this level, finish the last doors and you're done here. 
Now you'll have a chat with the reactor keeper and the village 
leader, at some time he'll ask you something pick the 2nd option. 
Now go to the fire crest symbol(Enter the cave in the well's lower 
level), equip your book of fire and use the special skill on it. 
After that you can climb the wall at your front(Careful with those 
vampires blocking your way at the top just jump right to avoid them) 
once you're up there don't forget to catch the Minku, then get the 
book of Wind, now you're traped inside, well not quite, equip the 
book of wind and use the special skill on the middle(You'll see 
the spot where you must do it), then keep pressing square or 
triangle, once you've digged the all thing you'll fell to the 
forest. Once you're there you'll have a dialogue with Brandy and 
Rikyuru and you'll be trapped inside a crystal, just hit triangle 
to break it. Move to the village again, if it's day move to 
gondola, and you'll see a giant ant there and a guy will talk to 
you, DON'T try to hit the ant with your sword you can't harm it, 
just go to the castle and move down with the gondola, and you 
will smash the big guy, then he will retreat into a building 
that leads to the mine. Double jump to the hole in the building 
(Before entering buy some healing potions and herbs, you'll need it) 
where the ant entered, when you reach the ground you will find 
the ant dead, go to the left to catch the Minku. Then get back 
to the right, CAREFUL with the pink smoke since it will poison 
you! So equip your book of wind and use the special skill, then 
spin around through the smoke, now you will have a long series 
of jump to made, keep going right to pick a chest then move 
up and keep going left, eventually you'll reach some places 
where you can't jump, but with some rocks near, simply equip 
the book of earth and stomp to make the rocks fell, then other 
trick is that you will have to do quite a lot of diagonal jumps 
to go around some corners, besides this it's just jumping to get 
across, when you find the exit keep moving until you find a room 
with 2 lifts that aren't working, you need to get to the upper 
right corner to exit. Then you can't go because of the wind, simply 
equip the book of wind and spin to get across(This technique will 
be very important from now on since there will be a lot of rooms 
with wind), when you get near a ramp absorb the pink flower near 
it and you'll be able to walk in the ramp, you'll then reach a 
place with a pink flower a hole to jump and a ramp in the other 
side, you can jump across, but you need a pogo stick to walk in 
the ramp and the flower is on the other side, here is what you 
must do, you need to be really quick. Start absorbing the pink 
flower then by the time the gauge is filled quickly(But really 
quickly) double jump to the other side, if you did it ok, you'll 
only have the pogo stick when you reach the other side, then just 
move up the ramp. Now you'll find a room with a Minku(Catch him) 
and some snakes, absorb the snakes to cure from poison(You'll 
need it believe me), then climb the wall and turn the fan on(See 
the little green box? Click it) when the fan is on let it blow 
you to the exit on the left. Here you'll have to do a lot of 
jumps(Specially diagonal jumps to get through some corners) and 
avoid the ants, you can't kill the red ones, but you can kill the 
blue ones with your sword(Don't forget to kill them to get the 
figure later), but actually you can kill the red ones also, just 
absorb a blue one then throw the acid balls at the red ones and 
they will die(I don't know if it's necessary to kill any since 
the blue and red ants figures come in the same box), keep moving 
don't forget the crystal after jumping the pole, then you'll 
reach a place with 2 poles to jump, after that you'll find the 
exit, just get out, pick the crystal and get out by spining around 
to dig a hole in the floor(Look for the spot on the ground). 
Remember this place? You've been here before, but this times the 
lifts are moving just make your way down by the lifts and when 
you reach the lower level jump left pick the chest then double 
jump right to the platform, keep moving right and go for the exit. 
Keep moving through this room and you'll have to go on a ride in 
a wood box! It's like this avoid everything you can(Ants, rocks,...) 
by moving left or right, if you hit 5 times the car will be finsihed 
and you'll have to start this part over again(There will be some 
checkpoints signed with flags), this is a pretty tough level and 
you must be really concentrated since the speed goes up as the time 
passes, when you eventually finish this(I can't really help you more 
it's a question of reflexes) you'll find yourself in a room with 
a memory box, a herb, hearts and some binchorons, so pick them up 
and use the memory box, now spin around to dig the floor on the 
correct spot and you'll find yourself on top of the belly of the 
queen ant. 

The thing more difficult here is to find out how to hurt her, then 
it's easy(Not very, but not really hard). You have to wait until 
she tryes to sweep you with the claws then she will put her head 
down quickly move there and hit it with triangle. Then if she throws 
some bugs at you simply kill them(They'll give you herbs sometimes 
be sure to pick them if you are poisoned), eventually after doing 
this she won't throw bugs at you, THIS is the time, make sure you 
have book of wind equiped and after hiting her head activate the 
special skill and start spinning around through her belly to hit 
the orb on the tail(It's covered by the pink gas, but it's there), 
repeat this 3 or 4 times and she is over. About her other attacks, 
be careful with her grabing move, since it will damage you big time, 
when she tryes to grab you just jump around to avoid it, also note 
then when the belly starts moving it's because some spikes are going 
to come out so just jump out of the way. When she starts blowing at 
you just walk to her since if you jump you'll fell off. 

After finishing her move to the wind symbol on the floor and use the 
special skill(Of the book of wind) and this chapter is over.

                    CHAPTER 6: THE END IS NIGH...

OK, this is the last one, and believe me the difficulty level of this 
one it's incredibly higher than the other ones(Square exagerated a bit 
I think). First go and talk with the 3 farmers, the one with the hat 
will tell you that you can only activate the wind crest when it's 
raining, the one with brown hair will talk again of some special 
action figures, the one with gray hair will give you a special Kojiro 
figure(Note: It's not the old man outside the house, he is inside of 
the house, so knock on the door). Now go to the castle and talk with 
the person number 38 of the list to learn a new fighting technique 
then speak with number 19(the Minku keeper) if you have all the 13 
Minkus(They are with him you may count them) he'll talk to you about 
a huge Minku that's wandering around the wandering woods. So move 
to the wandering woods and you'll find the huge Minku(Just at screen 
where the first sign is) attack him until you kill him, be careful 
with those jumps since they are near impossible to avoid, so don't 
avoid them, but just after he stomps you start attacking and you'll 
be able to hit him. After he's finished he will drop lots(But really 
lots of stuff) like coins, hearts,... Now head to the action figure 
shop and you'll be able to buy the Minku action figure(it's a special 
action figure), so buy it. Ok now you are redy to go, go to the Pawn 
shop and sell everything then fill your inventory only with fully 
recovery healing stuff(The ones marked with -EX), sell all the others.
Now go to the wind symbol near the pipes that leads to the reactor, 
here's how to get there if you forgot, go to the water circle at 
the forest, pogo through the spikes turn right move up then look 
for a pipe at the left that will lead you to the wind symbol. Once 
you're there just sleep, sleep until starts raining, when it does 
use the special skill in the symbol on the ground and you will be 
teleported. Now remember once you're there there is no way back to 
the village so you're stick to the stuff that you have on your 
inventory and remember that here you will have a sequence of really 
hard fights. Now you are in a kind of rotating tower with some 
blocks having the earth symbol in the center, equip the book of 
earth jump to the blocks(You have to jump from the higher level) 
and stomp twice each one, after doing that to all equip book of 
water then run through the water and up the ramp then enter the 
door. Here you have to fire all the torches on the blocks with 
the fire symbol on it, if you fell you'll have to make your way up 
again. Simply do the same as you did before, but once you are on 
top of the fire blocks equip book of fire and fire them. Then you'll 
reach a place where you can get the book of sky(The last one) release 
it by hiting triangle then after a brief scene youn will enter the 
palace. In there you'll see a memory box, use it then move along, 
you'll find yourself in front of a swamp(Or whatever that is) with 
the walls electrified. Here is what you have to do equip book of 
sky, use the special skill and you are able to fly by pressing X, 
so fly across the whole thing, but be careful not to hit the walls. 
The main problem here is the room with 2 spining walls with spikes 
to cross it you have to time it perfectly and then just keep flying 
through the left side without stoping, it may take a while, but 
you will make it. If you listened to my suggestion you should have
your inventory filled with healing potions that will fully reatore 
your HP(Right?), so no matter how many chests you find don't pick 
them up, only do it if you have free spaces on your inventory
(Normally the chests here gives you potions that only restore your 
HP by 150 or so). Then you will have to go through a rotating tunnel 
just avoid the yellow stuff on the wall since will shock you, there 
is no problem on touching a few of them(It's really hard not doing it) 
after that you'll have to face a lot of holes on the floor, looks 
hard, but it really isn't just wait for the holes to pass then quickly 
move on, or double jump if you need(Careful since if you fall in a hole 
you have to go through the whole tunnel again). After this enter the 
door and you will have a fight with a midboss.

Whow! This guy is really tough, it's easy to dodge his throwing attacks, 
but the bombs are tougher and they do lots of damage. Here is what 
to do: Equip your book of sky then when he starts throwing the bombs 
start flying around(The bombs can hit you in the air it's a matter 
of luck...) then stay in the middle and as soon as the bomb on the 
right upper corner explodes start moving to that place(Carefully) 
once you are there stick there and wait for all the other to explode. 
Then he will throw you 3 spiked balls just double jump them easy, 
then he will throw 3 axes in a row double jump right to left and 
left to right(And start getting near him) to avoid them, after he 
throw the 3 attack him now! Then get ready to run back and jump 
since he will attack you with a spear, after that hit him again. 
Keep repeating this, this will take a while, but I think it's the 
best way to deal with him.

Now save your game(Save in a different slot or you can get locked 
here forever), you will have to move through some doors marked 
with the crest symbols, but there is only one way to get 
through this, if you enter a wrong door you will have to start 
this part from the beginning. Here is the route, first exit the 
door now keep going right and enter the door at the end(The one 
with the earth symbol) there keep moving right and you'll find 
a yellow block, equip your book of earth and stomp it then a 
passage will appear keep moving right, DON'T enter the door and 
you will reach another block, keep stomping until another passage 
opens, the move right and enter the door. Here equip your book 
of sky and fly through the spikes, get going right until you reach 
more spikes, fly again until you reach the wall and the floor starts 
moving, fell down and enter the door. Now use the 3 poles on the 
wall to reach the upper platform at the right, make sure you don't 
fell down or you'll have to start over, enter the door. Here equip 
your book of fire and use it to fire both torches and a passage will 
appear go right, careful with the falling block or it will smash you, 
DON'T enter the door at the right wait until the block fells then jump 
to the top of it now once he's up there double jump left to reach 
a platform, enter the door. Here equip your book of water use the 
water to extinguish the fire on the 4 torches, then make sure you 
are in the water ball and jump down move through the water to the 
right and jump to the entrance, enter the door, here you only have 
one place to go, but first equip book of wind then exit. Here you'll 
notice the strong wind, just use the special skill then spin around 
to the left, jump from one platform to another(Keep spining then 
press the jump button, but WITH the other still pressed), keep 
going left and the fan will stop, enter the door(With the sky symbol). 
Here equip the book of sky, use the special skill then let you go 
down and quickly fly to the right above the spikes(Be quick), then 
keep moving right and you'll find more spikes, DON'T use the book 
of sky, equip the book of water instead, use the special skill and 
double jump the spikes and you'll fell into the water, just move 
through the water to the left and exit. Now you will have to face 
the 2nd midboss.

Ed, is tough his attacks do lots of damage, specially his fire beam 
that pursues you through the screen for a while and is difficult 
to jump. Ok, here how it is, at the beginning he'll attack you 
with the fire beam start jumping around, when he does it you'll 
need to double jump it, don't do it to near or you won't be able 
to pull it, keep doing this for a while. After this move near him 
and attack him(Use the special techniques you've learned at the 
castle), note that this is the only time you will attack him. After 
a while he will  start teleporting around and throwing fire balls, 
just keep moving and when the balls explode pass by the middle of them 
this is not very hard. Repeat this some times and he's history(The 
main problem is to time the double jumps for the fire beam).

Save again(Remember keep allways one saved slot at the village in 
case you need to restart from there). Now take the elevator up 
there absorb a blue soldier and you'll have a 3dir gun. Keep moving 
until you reach a gate, also note that you can break the statues 
for hearts and binchorons, at the gate you will be target by some 
laser beams, just wait until they focus you then jump out of the 
way or you'll be toasted. Destroy the gate with the 3dir gun(Don't 
worry about the BP, you'll get more when you destroy the gate), I 
suggest you using this gun to destroy all the gates. In the next 
screen look for other gate(It's at the upper right corner), break 
it exit and you'll find yourself in a maze on a garden. Make your 
way out of there(Look for the exit, I'vent made a map of it), note 
that you can find lots of hearts and binchorons here. After you've 
found the exit, make your way through the next screen to the upper 
left corner, break the gate and exit. Now you'll have to face a 
series of this gardens, nothing you'vent seen before, so keep 
breaking through all the gates, eventually you'll reach a place 
with a wall to climb, climb it and you'll reach a place with 4 
trees, 2 soldiers and a fountain, break the fountain and destroy 
the trees and soldiers(It's better to use the 3dir gun on the 
trees), after you've destroyed everything jump to the fountain 
and go down. Now jump down to the pipes and make your way to the 
other side, jump to the poles and go up, keep moving and you'll 
see lots of tanks with a green liquid, some gives you hearts and 
binchorons others have enemies, there is no problem on breaking 
them all collecting the good stuff and killing the enemies. Then 
break the computers(There aren't enemies there). Go up the stairs 
until you reach a place with a circular platform, once you enter 
it you'll be trapped inside and can't get off, use your 3dir gun 
to attack, you can only attack it when he's targeting you, when 
he's not jump to avoid the laser beam and move around to avoid 
the fire balls(Can be tough can't it?), after a while you'll 
finish it. Now move to the elevator at the left and go up. Here 
you'll fight the 3rd midboss.

Well this isn't really a fight, this is kind playing Parapa the Rapper, 
Tobo will do some dancing moves and you must repeat them, easy you 
may say? Not quite you have also to time them perfectly, ie, you have 
to listen to the music to know the exact time to push the button(I 
hate this kind of games, I wonder why they've placed this here), 
if you miss you'll be blown to an electrical bolt. Here are the 
sequences you must press, remember to time them perfectly or this 
won't be any good, it's easy once you get used to it. And don't start 
immediatly wait for a pause on the music and start only after that.
(S is square and T is triangle) 

After this keep moving until you reach an elevator, go up and get 
ready for midboss number 4. By the way this is the last chance you 
have to save the game, so be sure to do it.

This huge tower can be pretty hot, but it's not that hard. Once you 
reach the place your sky power will activate immediatly and you have 
no way to turn it off. The only thing you must do here in order to 
finish this monster is avoid everything and hit the green eyes, as 
you can see all the eyes are red, but there is allways a green eye 
somewhere(Randomly placed) so what you have to do is float around 
avoiding all the stuff and hit it. Use the X button to fly higher 
and left or right to direct your movements. At the beginning you 
only need to fly between the arms not touching them(It's not that 
hard) after a few hits some bolts will appear between the arms, just 
avoid it and keep looking for the green eyes, this part also isn't 
very tough. A few more hits and the arms will go inside and there 
will be beams coming out from the eyes, this is easy just stay in 
the retracted eyes and you'll be ok, keep hiting the green eyes and 
then all the eyes will open, then they'll close to open again and 
shot red beams with incredible range, this beams will put you in 
reverse(ie you press right and Musashi goes left and vice-versa), 
the way to avoid this is to find a closed red eye and stay on that 
place this way the beams won't reach you. After this the attacks 
are random, keep striking the green eyes and you'll finish it. It 
takes some time, but it's not very hard.

After finishing this thing you'll see a scene where Dark Raygund 
is summoned and John is killed, after a brief dialogue you'll have 
to run away from Dark Raygund. The first escape is easy just keep 
running and jump before the platforms fell down, after a few jumps 
you'll find the princess and Kojiro again, then Dark Raygund will 
appear and absorb Kojiro thus becoming Dark Raygund-2nd Form, he's 
more ugly and powerful this time, get ready for other chase, here 
you have to make your way to the top of the tower, by jumping in 
some tiny platforms, you have to do this really quick since Dark 
Raygund will be striking the tower making the platforms fell, so 
just keep running and jumping. Btw there is no problem on felling 
off if you do you'll have to restart the chase from the begining, 
but there is no way you can lose HP in this chases.
After reaching the top get ready for the final battle.

This guy is tough, here is the way to kill him, keep  jumping 
to his head and strike the orb, it will go from blue to red, when 
it's red he will do a powerful attack, to avoid it just keep above 
his head this way it won't touch you. But the main problem is the 
sweep attack, it's really hard to double jump the sweep since it's 
really quick, then be careful with his grab attack, he can only 
grab you with his right hand so make sure you are allways near his left 
one(Altough some times you are on the left side and will appear on 
his hand anyway!). So this is it avoid the grab(It won't damage you 
to much btw) and try to avoid the sweep(This one does lots of damage) 
then keep striking until the orb gets red then get above his head wait 
for the attack to finish and when his head is down hit it again to 
damage it. It's hard and will take you some time.
Note:When you jump to strike the orb never double jump, since if you've 
learned the technique from person #38, if you double jump and hit 
triangle Musashi will probably slide to the ground, so JUMP only 
and hit triangle.

After this, it's not finished this guy will appear in a 
final form. So get ready for another battle.

Thankfully this guy isn't very tough, in fact his 2nd form was much 
better. The way to kill him is this after he performs an attack he 
will stop for a while and becomes to his normal colour(white) this 
time absorb him(Yes, that's right like you do to the get in abilities), 
after that an eye will appear hit it with the Raygund and run away, the 
eye will try to absorb(?) you just keep running away and nothing will 
happen. The only really powerful attack he has is a multiple body slam 
where 5 copies of him will attack you, it's a bit hard to avoid the first 
2, but the last 3 are more easy, just run and jump away. Then he has 
2 attacks one where he attacks you with fire balls and other with water 
balls, it's really easy to dodge those attacks so do it and absorb him 
right after. The attack where he turns into an angel and chases you 
it's also easy to avoid, just keep running and jump away. Then his 
sword attack is also easy to dodge, jump out of the way quick. And 
finally he has a triple fire ring attack, he will throw 3 fire rings in 
a row at you, it's also simple just double jump them. After some hits 
he will fell down and the game is over.

WAIT! Don't turn your PSX off there is more after the credits wait 
till the Square logo appears then press O and you can save your game, 
this way you'll be able to buy the action figures you are missing or 
do any other stuff you want. But, the game is finished anyway, 
congratulations, unless collecting all the figures reveals something...
By the way I've found this chapter incredibly easy when I played it 
again, I guess it was because I knew all the tricks by that time, so 
I think beating it again won't give you any trouble(At least for me 
it didn't).

                         6.GET IN ABILITIES

OK, here is a complete(I think) list of the abilities you can absorb 
from each enemy of the game(Bosses not included, obviously...).
 If in the BP used is stated only a number that's because that 
ability uses that number of BP at beggining and no more else(Usually 
it refers to abilitys that become active automatically after you 
got them), if it's stated xBP/1 it's that it'll use xBP by each time 
you press Circle(Obviously this are refered to the abilitys that you 
use by pressing circle).

Monster Name               Get-in Ability                    BP used

Big Guy                    Gives you a SUPER throw           8BP/1
Black Ghost                Allows you to shrink enemys       10BP
Blue Ant                   Allows you to throw acid balls    8BP/1
Blue Flower                Gives you a map of the region     8BP
Blue Mushroom              You get poisoned                  2BP
Blue Soldier               Allows you to use a 3 dir gun     4BP/1     
Blue Zombie                Flies start flying around you     8BP
Bowler                     Allows you to throw bowling balls 10BP
Brown Soldier              Allows you to throw missiles      10BP/1
False Penguin              Can't absorb                      -
Ghost                      Allows your spirit to fly around        
Gleaming White Blob        White balls starts moving around  10BP
Green Plant                Protect from sleeping             4BP
Green Soldier              You can drop super powerful bombs 50BP/1
Helicopter Robot           Can't absorb                      -
Ice Plant                  Allows you to shot balls in 3dir  4BP/1
Karate Wolf                Gives you a dash                  4BP/1
Mecha Musashi              Drops a Musashi bomb              16BP
Pink Flower                Ability to use a pogo stick       8BP
Pink Soldier               Can't absorb                      -
Gun Soldier                Allows you to fire a riffle       1BP/1
Red Ant                    You get sluggish and drain HP     4BP
Red Mushrooms              You become sleepy                 4BP
Red Plant                  Protects you from abnormal status 2BP
Red Soldier                Allows you to do a powerful slash 8BP/1
Red Zombie                 Flies start flying around you     8BP
Snake                      Allows you to heal from poison    6BP
Spear Soldier              Allows you to throw spears        8BP/1
Stomp Gorem                Destructive armor                 24BP/1
Sword Soldier              Stuns a enemy when hit            4BP/1
White Blob                 You absorb BP                     4BP

                       7.ACTION FIGURES

You can buy action figures of the enemys and good guys of the game in 
the figure shop, figures appear in the store as you defeat the enemys 
for example only after defeating a Pink Flower(I think 1 it's enough, 
but sometimes it isn't) you can buy it's figure at the shop. There 
is a collection for each chapter, and this are quiet simple to obtain. 
But there are a few special edition figures that can only be obtained 
after doing certain things, usually they'rent available at the shop. 
If you're thinking on getting them all(I still haven't made it, so 
I don't know what happens, but something might happen). So here is a 
detailed list of all the figures you can get(If some are missing it's 
because I don't have it), unfortunatelly I couldn't place the prices 
of them since by the time I did this I had all this figures so the only 
way to know the prices was to play the game again, and I won't so if 
anybody can send them to me I'll complete the list.

-Red Plant
-Sword Soldier
-Gun Soldier
-Steam Knight

-Spear Soldier
-Green Plant
-White Blob
-Black Ghost
-Red Mushroom
-Skull Pion

-Blue Zombie
-Vampire Soldier
-Relic Keeper/Fire Demon

-False Penguin
-Karate Wolf
-Big Guy
-Stomp Gorem
-Ice Dragon

-Red Ant/Blue Ant
-Blue Mushroom
-Queen Ant

-Red Soldier
-Blue Soldier
-Brown Soldier
-Pink Soldier
-Death Tower

-Princess Fiere
-Huge Minku
-Dark Raygund-1st Form
-Dark Raygund-2nd Form
-Dark Raygund-Final Form

Note:If you are missing some figures from enemys found at the bar cave 
after finishing that chapter, you can actually go downthere again, 
simply choose "listen to someone" at the bar then pick the first person 
of the left column, then pick the 1st option to get in.

Now about the special figures, they are only available after you 
finish a task and some will be giving to you. Let's see how to get 
each one.

-John:Still wondering how....
-Princess Fiere:Available at the shop after collecting all the 35 
-Huge Minku:Available at the shop after defeating Huge Minku(Refer to 
 the walkthrough for more details).
-Kojiro:A farmer will give it to you(Refer to the walkthrough for more 
-Dark Raygund-1st form:Available after beating the game.
-Dark Raygund-2nd form:Beat Chapter 6 2 times and the figure will be 
 available at the figure shop.
-Dark Raygund-Final form:Still wondering how...

                        8.TRICKS AND CODES

Well I suppose there are no codes for Musashiden, besides some 
Gameshark codes(I'm trying to get some be patient), so I'll just 
place here some stuff I found during the game.

-Easy Money: The best way to get money is to go to the Ice palace 
 and into the maze where the green door is. Here there are 3 coins 
 of 500$ that refreshes each time you leave the maze. So keep entering 
 the maze and leaving by the door at the lower left corner until 
 you get the necessary quantity.

-Kill the red ants: As you know you aren't able to kill the red ants 
 with your sword, but actually there is a way to kill them. Simply 
 absorb a blue ant then use the throw acid balls ability on the red 
 ants and you'll see that the acid will kill them.

                       9.WHAT'S MISSING

Basically, the only real thing I think it's necessary to the FAQ, 
is the way to get Dark Raygund-Final Form and John action figures, 
besides I think all the other stuff is pretty much covered in the 
FAQ. I suppose I could also make a list of the place of all the Minkus 
and all the crystals, but as all that stuff(And I really mean all, ALL 
the 13 Minkus locations and ALL the 35 crystals) is covered in the 
walkthrough I'll probably won't place it in other place(Please 
understand me, it would be easier to consult, but would take much 
more time to do and I don't have it right now). So if you have any 
info that you think it might be useful here, simply email me.

                          THE END

              Musashi rocks!! Thanks A LOT Square
              for the best action-RPG of all time
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