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Written By: John Cavallaro
                           BRAVE PROVE FAQ
                              Ver 1.2
                         by John Cavallaro

1.  Buttons
2.  Moves
3.  Menus
4.  Saving & Warping
5.  Shops
6.  Items
7.  Leveling Up Character, Weapon, & Elementals
8.  Elementals
9.  Walkthrough

1. Buttons

During Battle

	L1 or R2		Select Action Item
	o 			Attack
	Triangle                Use with other moves to use magic
	X 			Use item
	Square			Brings up status menu

In Status menu

	o			Selects item
	L1, L2, R1, R2		Change menu

2. Moves
There are lots more than are here but here are some examples:
tri = triangle button
o = o button
T = press direction your facing
B = press in the opposite direction to where your facing

Normal Moves

Rotate controller 360 degrees, o        Circle slash
T, T 					Run
T, T+o					Lunge stab
T, T+o, o				Lunge stab, slash
T, T+o, B+o, B+o			Lunge stab, slash, turn around slash
o, o, o					Slash, slash, Stab 
o, B+o, B+o				Slash, slash, Turn around Slash
o, o, o, B+o, B+o                       Slash x 4, turn around Slash 
o, o, o, T+o, o				Slash x 3, lunge stab, slash
o, o, o, T+o, B+o, B+o			Slash x 3, lunge, slash, turn slash
Hold o					Slash and hold attack
hold o, release				Slash, Big slash 				
Hold o, release, B+o, B+o               Slash, Big slash, slash, turn slash
Hold o, release, T+o, o                 Slash, Big slash, slash, lunge, slash

Magic Moves

Rotate controller 360 degrees, tri	Summon Element
T, T+tri                                Front attack with element 
Tri, Tri                                Elemental Slash
B, T+Tri                                Slash Combo

More Variations

T, T+o, T+tri                           T, T+o, B+tri
T, T+o, tri, tri                        o, B+tri
o, T+tri                                o, tri, tri
o, o, B+tri				o, o, T+tri
o, o, tri, tri				o, o, o, B+tri				
o, o, o, T+tri				o, o, o, tri, tri

Note: Moves are the same for all elements and all Magic Moves cost Pg.

3. Menus 

				Status Menu
	Hit points
	Level up
	The ore you have / The ore you need for a stronger sword
Selected item


				Other Menus


Save Points
	Save Game

4. Saving And Warping

To save the game go to the statue of a lady and hit the o button. The first
time it will heal you. Hit o again and a menu will come up. Choose the top 
choice to save or the bottom to warp. If you select save choose the slot 
and place to save. If you choose warp you can choose to warp to other 
statues in the game. You can't warp to every statue in the game. The warp
option isn't available until later in the game when you get the Wind 

5. Shops
		Item			Cost

Home Town
		Herb			   10	
		Mushroom		   30
		Bomb			    5	
		Gold Arrow		    5
		Armor Def+20		  100
		Bandana Def+5		  150
		Gauntlet Def+5		  200
		Boots Def+30		 2500
		Armor Def+160		50000

Boat Town
		Herb			   10	
		Mushroom		   30
		Bomb			    5		
		Gold Arrow		    5
		Armor Def+45		 1200
		Gauntlet Def+15		  800
Wind Town
		Herb			   10	
		Mushroom		   30
		Turnip			  100	
		Gold Arrow		    5
		Explosive Arrow		   30
		Armor Def+75		 3000
		Necklace Def+20		 1500		
		Boots Def+25		 2000

Forest Town
		Herb			   10	
		Mushroom		   30
		Turnip			  100	
		Blue Bottle		   50
		Blue and Gold thing	  150
		Bomb			    5
		Explosive Arrow		   30
		Armor Def+115		 5000
		Gauntlet Def+35		 3000
		Bandana Def+40		 3500
6. Items
Item				Use

Herb				restore 20 HP
Mushroom			restore 60 HP
Turnip				restore 100 HP
Blue Fruit			restore all HP
Red Fruit			max Hp up
Blue bottle			restore 20 PG
Blue and Gold thing		restore 60 PG
Purple bottle			restore all PG 			 			
Gold Grapes			max PG up
Harp				restore all HP & PG
Yellow & Green Fruit		max HP and PG up
Bombs				destroys walls, floors, and more
Gold Arrows			hit targets from far away
Silver Arrows			more powerful than gold arrows
Explosive Arrows		shoots arrows that explodes like bombs
Small ore			worth one ore 
Large ore			worth ten ore
Large colored gems		levels up elementals
Small Colored gems		takes 2 of these to level up elementals
Note: Red is fire, Blue is Water, Purple is wind, Green is Earth

Action Items

Hand				uses items
Crossbow			shoots arrows, throws bombs
???                             ??? (found near the beginning of game)
Grappling Hook			hooks to stakes to pull you across gaps

7. Leveling up Character, Weapons, &  Elementals

To level up your character you have to kill enemies. Enemies give you a 
certain amount of exp. When you get enough you go up a level. Now that
same enemy will give you less exp. So say at level one an enemy gives you
10 exp. At level 2 he might only give you 8 exp And so on as you go up more.

To level up your weapon you have to find a certain amount of ore. It tells
you how much you have and how much you need in your stats. When you reach
enough you have to go to a blacksmith and he'll strengthen your sword.
Before you can use the blacksmith you have to find him. He is in a cave.
Once you find him, he'll be in every town. 

To level up your elementas you have to find gems that correspond to their 
elements. Red is fire, Blue is Water, Purple is wind, Green is Earth.

8. Elementals 
	Elementals can do two things for you. First they allow you to use 
magic and second they give your sword special properties. The moves to use 
the magic are in the moves part of this faq. If you level up the elemental 
their magic powers get stonger. They give your sword special properties by 
giving it the elementals powers. For example if you have the Fire elemental 
equipped you will do more damage on water enemies. Here's how it goes:

Fire is strong on Water
Water is strong on Fire
Earth is strong on Wind
Wind is strong on Earth

9. Walkthrough
	You start in a town I call Hometown. Your name is Ars. First there 
will be a little sequence after that go up into the caves and make your way 
to the top floor. Talk to the lady up there then make your way back down to 
the entrance to the cave were a statue is at. These statues are your save 
points. Now go up from there. If the door is still blocked you didn't talk to
the right person. Now a sequence will take place. When it's done you have to 
find Shina (the girl that was with you before). She's on the first floor in 
her room. Remember this room because you'll be back. Another sequence will 
take place. Now you can leave the town. When you leave the town go left 
first and explore the caves. In one cave it will look like it's empty but 
you'll see a path leading up to the wall. Bomb this wall and go in the hole.
Get the item from the treasure chest. I don't know what this does but take 
it anyway. Now explore this area, get a few items, and gain experience. When
your done go back to town and save. Next head out of town and go left. Go 
through this cave and keep going until you reach Shina. Save every chance 
you get. Keep a look out for cracks in the walls you can bomb them. Also you
can destroy bars with bombs. You can find a fire gem, Ring DEF+15% and 
more. When you meet Shina a sequence will follow then you'll fight the 
first boss. One important thing to know about fighting bosses is that you 
can't change items while your fighting them so prepare before hand. Don't 
attack the boss instead attack the gem behind him. Stay away until he 
starts breathing fire then attack. When you defeat him you'll get the fire 
elemental Fueria and a sequence will follow in which you'll meet Preluda.

	Leave town and go straight down through the fences and keep going 
down the mountain and through the caves. There is a lot of items around
this area so explore it. In the caves you'll find some locked doors. To
open the first one just move four rocks onto four switches. To open the 
second one you have to swing your sword at the torches on the walls to make
the flames go out. You'll have to come back to this cave later so remember 
its location. When you make all the way down the mountain keep going down 
until you reach the boat town. First save the game then go back up and head
left. Keep going as far left as you can go and head up to a cave. Search 
through the cave and you'll enter a room where all the doors lock you in.
To open the bottom door light the urn by placing a bomb near it. To open 
the other doors kill all the enemies in the room. In one of these rooms  
you'll find the BLACKSMITH! Now you can upgrade your sword in any town.
More items await you in the other caves so explore them then go back to
the Boat town. Now take the bottom exit out of town. Now you'll be on the 
docks. Search for a statue of a woman(not a save point) and a magic circle.
Push the statue into the magic circle. Now go up out of the docks and try 
and go up out of the Boat town. You'll be warped back to home town and a 
sequence will follow. Then you'll be attacked by Soldiers. After you defeat
the soldiers head back to the boat town and to the docks. Now you can go 
from the docks to the riverbed. Follow the river bed until you reach the
Water Palace. In there you'll find a few puzzles which are easily solved.
In this palace is the grappling hook. You'll use it here a few times.
If you see little holes in the ground run over them quickly because spikes 
come up. If spikes block your way look use switches, plates or light urns.
If bombs or urns are in the distance equip bombs and the crossbow to throw
bombs at them. If you can't find a switch or are in a hurry just walk over 
the spikes it doesn't take that much energy away. At the end of the Water
Palace you'll fight the water boss. this is the easiest boss in the game.
Just get him against a wall and keep hitting him. Most of the hits will
be blocked but a few will hit him. He never gets a chance to attack you.
Now you will get the water elemental Siren.

	Now go back to the cave in the mountains where the doors were locked
and search for an area with lava in it. It should be to the left of the 
cave. Now look for dark spots in the lava and summon the water elemental
by pressing the controller in 360 degrees and pressing the triangle button.
You have to have the water elemental equipped and enough PG to do to do 
this. Now continue to the other side of the cave doing this when you see
a place to do it. When you get outside keep going until you reach the 
Wind Town. Save and walk right through the town. Go back in the town and
a person comes up to you. Now go back right out of the town. Walk on the
air tunnels to warp to other areas. Keep warping to different places until
you find an area with three different colored heads. You have to move the
heads onto the plates. Move the Blue head left, the brown head up, and the 
green head right. This will change where some of the warps take you. Now 
when you reach three heads again you'll have to bomb one of them. Place
a bomb near the right green head to change it brown. Now move the Brown
head left, the green head up, and the blue head down. Don't miss the small 
blue gem in the same room. Now the warps will be changed again. Now 
using the changed warps make your way to the Wind Palace. In the Wind 
Palace you'll find Gauntlet Def+8% PG+25%, Armor Def+95, a small fire 
and water gem and more. There are a couple puzzles in this palace. 
The hardest ones are these two. In a room with three air holes and two rocks
were when you go on any of the air holes it just pushes you up a little.
Push the rocks on the two top air holes until you here a click then go in
the bottom hole and it will push you into another room. The other puzzle is
were you have to push rocks on four switches but you can't reach the bottom
switches. To solve this go to the room above and go to the lower left
corner. Look for a different colored square on the floor. Put a bomb on it.
Now jump in the hole it created. Now push the green rocks on the two bottom 
switches and push up on the brown rock on the right and go around and push
the rocks on the left switches. Keep going until you reach the wind boss.
To defeat him easily stay in the upper right corner right below were he
sways. If your at the wrong angle he will attack you or you can't reach him.
But if you get a the right angle you can hit him without him hitting you.
When you defeat him you'll get the wind elemental Tenryu.

	Now that you have the Wind elemental go to the wind village and talk
to the village leaders. Then talk with all the villagers and one of them 
will give you something. Now go right out of the village and where the air
tunnels once were are now caves. Go in the caves and go through them until
you come out next to a save point. Save (it'll be awhile before you can 
again) and then head left. Wander around a couple screens until all the 
elementals come out and talk to you. You'll warp to a Dream Palace. In this
place is the only time you have the Dark elemental Preluda. In this palace
there are no save points and no bosses. When you come to a room with four
urns lit with blue flame slash at the four flames and go in the gate that
appears. Kill all the enemies in some rooms to open doors and to make chests
appear. In this palace is alot of ore and a small purple gem. When you 
finally reach outside go left and save. You'll be in the Earth forest. In
here you'll have to use the grappling hook to cross gaps and bombs to blow 
up hollow trees blocking the way. Chop shrubs to remove them also. Keep 
going and you'll reach the Forest town. In the town go left and talk to a
man blocking the left exit and a sequence will follow. When it's over you
can go left so... go left. Now your in the second part of the Earth Forest
In the second part you'll find a small green and purple gem and 
Necklace Def-7 STR+50% HP-20% PG-20%. Keep going through the caves and the 
forest until you come to an exit with a save point next to it. Save because
the Earth boss is next. Go out the exit and a sequence will follow then 
you'll fight the boss. This boss is three statues that randomly come out and
attack. The same ones always appear in the same place though. The top statue
summons zombies out of the ground, the left statue makes thorns come out of
the ground and the boss on the right attacks with projectiles from the sky.
To defeat them easily just stand next to them and combo them. When zombies
are summoned just use magic to dispose of them quickly. Not to hard. Don't 
equip the wind elemental for this because it's weak against the zombies they
summon. A sequence will then follow. Now the fire elemental will leave your 
party but the earth elemental Boosun joins you.	

	Now go back and save and come back out to were you fought the boss.
Now you have to go through the Earth Forest part three. If you go back to
the Forest town and talk to the guy who helped you he'll give you something. 
In this part you'll find two small purple gems, two small green gems, a 
small blue gem, Boots DEF+5 STR+40% HP+20%, Armor DEF+130, and 
Gauntlet DEF+10% STR+30% HP+20%. Keep going and you'll eventually reach 
the vine tower. In this tower you'll find brown borders that can be 
destroyed with bombs. Also you'll have to throw bombs at urns that are 
floors below you or across from you to make doors open or spikes go down.
Also be on the look out for cracks in the walls to bomb because this place
has alot. In this place you can find Armor DEF+150, Necklace effect DEF+6%,
and a small purple and a small green gem. The boss here is Preluda he's
pretty easy. Just run around until he lands then attack him and destroy the
dark spirits he summons. Equip the Wind elemental for this one. Once you 
defeat him you'll get the fire elemental back but now he's the light 
elemental. Go back and save.

	Warp to Hometown and talk to the sleeping Shina and then warp to 
where you fought the first boss. A beacon will be there now. Go to it and
a sequence will follow. Go to it again and you'll go to the Final Palace.
Here you'll have to go in the four doors and go through there levels then
fight the old bosses. The old bosses are more powerful this time. Then you 
can go up and go through a small level and fight the final boss Chaos. The 
lower left door is the water realm in there you'll find Ring EFFECT DEF+4%.
The lower right door is the Wind realm. The upper left is the Earth realm 
here you'll find two small green gems, Gauntlet DEF+45, and Necklace DEF+16%
HP+40% PG-20%. The upper right door leads to the Fire realm. Here you'll 
find a small green gem. Also when you fight the fire boss you have to attack
him unlike when you fought before.  When you defeat them all and reach the 
last save point. Save and prepare for a big battle. You should equip and 
have 99 turnips for this battle. Make sure you have the light elemental 
equipped. When you enter you'll first be attacked by a few enemies that get 
bigger every time you hit them a few times. These aren't hard. Just keep 
them at the bottom of the screen and combo them. Next you'll be attacked by 
three heads that stay in place. The left one shoots ice at you that follow
you just run out of their way. The bottom one breathes fire at you, just 
move out of the way and attack. The right one drops lighting at you, don't 
stand still keep running. When you weaken them enough two of them will 
attack at once. Also they will sometimes all shoot beams in front of them.
To defeat them wait till the bottom one breathes fire then attack the left 
one. After the left one is gone destroy the right one, then the bottom. Now
prepare for a hard battle. Now you'll fight Chaos. She will send two 
floating lasers at you and shoot a huge beam straight in front of her. Keep
your energy full for her because her attacks take off alot of HP. To defeat
her run constantly run from the lasers and wait for her to shoot her beam. 
When the beam is over quickly run in and attack her. Then quickly retreat
before she uses the beam again. When you have enough PG use a magic attack.
This will take a while but it's the only strategy I've found to work.

                                 THE END


If anyone has any comments, corrections, anymore info or questions just write
me. Everyone that helps out will be credited. Don't write about items because
I know where alot if them are I just didn't write it down. I'll go back and 
put it in later. Any story translation help would be much appreciated!!!
        If you use this faq anywhere give me full credit!!!
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Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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