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Written By: Rachel Keown

Here is how to get the "E" endings for Clock Tower for 
Playstation. All you have to do is take a half-hour out of your day to beat 

Prolouge:  Professor Barton  (Helen)
Only talk to Harris one or no times in the corridoor.  Do the interview that 
takes forever.  When it says "ask Harris yes/no," choose no.

Scenerio 1:  Helen
After you run from Scissorman and hide, go into the computer lab and get the 
"pliers."  (Before you do that, you might get chased by "Mr. Popular").  
Then be sure to get the "storage key" from the room where you hit the alarm. 
  The one where you walk in and you hear water dripping.  (By the way, what 
is that?)  Finally you need to go to the storage room.  Scissorman might 
jump out of a box.  The game varies.  Anyway, when the coast is clear, use 
the pliers on the red door in the back wall of the room.  Then use the key.  
It will say, "I have to get to my car and quick."  Intermission...

Scenerio 2:  Edward
(Don't be fooled.  You don't get to be him.)  This is at the Metropolitan 
Library.  You start out in the front room.  Go through the automatic doors 
and look at the dead body hanging from the shelf.  Scissorman jumps out from 
behind.  Next go into Mr. Sullivan's office.  Look at his desk and around 
that area.  You should get something that I'm not quite sure of.  Go in the 
back room.  It will say it is dark, so you go and turn on the fishtank 
light.  Scissorman is behind it so you have to run yet again.  (If you don't 
know where to hide, go into the room you started in.  Then click on the 
desk.  She should lift up the door if you did it right.  Then click on a 
spot on the desk that allows Helen to crouch down and hide from him.)  After 
that, go into the room behind the counter.  Look around at different things. 
  Go out of there.  (You have to look at things in order to do this for some 
odd reason.)  In the main hall, go up the stairs.  You'll hear Edward's 
voice saying, "Helen?"  Go into the room.  A quick movie scene and a 
Scissorman later, you find yourself caught in a chain.  Hit the panic button 
and get the heck out of there.  Hide.  Or you could go into the middle door 
in the main hallway.  In there, click on the ladder.  You'll get behind it 
and push it on him.  If you still need to run, then hie int the usual spot.  
When the coast is clear, go into the room behind the counter again.  Edward 
should be behind a chair in there...short scene.  Look at the vent on the 
opposing wall.  It should say that a wire is covering it up and you need 
something to get it off with.  (Or something like that).  Go back in the 
room behind the counter for a third time and get the "screwdriver."  It is 
in one of the drawers closest to the copy machine.  (Not the files).  When 
you come out there should be a siren and red lights going...short movie.  Go 
into the room that you put Edward in and use the tool on the vent...short 
movie.  Go back into the room with the fallen bookcase.  End.  Now I am 
going to give you the "E" ending for Jennifer.

Prolouge:  Professor Barton (Jennifer)
In the main hall, talk to Harris twice or more.  After the interview with 
the reporters you go back to your lab.  When you talk to Harris again and he 
asks:  "ask Harris yes/no" say yes.

University Research Bldg. scenerio 1:  Jennifer "E"
You start out running from Scissorman.  Hide.  All you need to do in this 
level is to go into the room you sound the alarm in.  Where it says that 
"That scared me," or something like that.  You might get chased by 
Scissorman, I'm not sure.  Sometimes he comes and sometimes he doesn't.  If 
you hear his theme song you can do one of two things; click on the black 
couch and hide under it, or you can repeatedly hit your panic button (the 
square button) when your cursor is flashing red.  This will push him away.  
Then you can run into a BOYS! bathroom.  If you run into the girls bathroom 
then he hides off to the side of the stall.  Anyway when the coast is clear 
in the room you were just in (see above), look at the man in the chair.  His 
head will fall off and he'll fall in the floor.  Then look at the table he 
was sitting at.  You should get the "Ladder Key."  Use the staircase and go 
all the way to the top until you reach the final floor with the door that 
won't open.  (You could try to use the elevator, but you'll probably get 
chased by ol' speedy).  Use your key on the small gray cabinet under the 
window.  It will say, "Is it safe from way up here?"  Click on it again.  

If you come to a part where you are asked to have Nolan to go to Rick's 
house, say no.  This way the characters in the game don't know the 
whereabouts of the statue.  (You could also say no to Harris in the 
Prolougue and yes to Nolan.  You then become Nolan.  Either way you get the 
"E" ending.)

(Only if you say yes to Nolan)
Rick's House scenerio 2:  Nolan Campbell
First, hide from Scissorman.  The get the "Powder Soap" from the laundry 
room.  When you are in the main room go to (your) left.  There is a door, go 
in it.  The door furthest from the one you came in is the laundry room.  
Turn on the light.  Funny that it turns on isn't it?  The soap is in the 
cabinet on the wall.  Go back to the main room.  Go into the kitchen.  That 
is the door that is closest to the sliding glass doors.  There is a mask on 
the wall.  Look at it and nothing else.  "HE" could be lurking around 
anywhere.  Especially in a food pantry in the floor.  Look at the mask.  You 
will find the castle map on the back.  But what good is a map w/o a statue?  
The mask will attack you, along with a chair and a picture.  Throw the vase 
that is on the table at the mask.  Once that is over with, go out the 
sliding doors.  "Victor the Wonder Dog" will bark at you.  Use our "powder 
soap" that you stole from the laundry room and throw it at him.  He whines 
because you throw it in his eyes.  (How MEAN!)  I think your character will 
run off by itself, but if he doesn't just click on a spot where your cursor 
is active.  Game End.  -Jennifer Ending "E"; survivor unidentified.

Monolouge (Jennifer):  "And now without knowing the whereabouts of the 
statue, Scissorman....(gasp)"
I don't remember what Helen says.  There is a movie scene for both so don't 
think they just talk.

Metropolitan Library scenerio 2:  Edward
Ultimately you should end up back here.  Just do the same as if you were 
doing Helen's ending.  However, even though you are Helen, it will not end 
the same way.  Trust me.  Ending "E"; survivor unidentified.
The "E" endings are short, and they are the stupidest one.  (I think).  
Only, Scissorman still runs loose; kinda cool.  I will E-mail more endings, 
but for right now this is all you get.  I hope your readers can get some use 
out of what little bit I have here.

Copyright:  Rachel Keown

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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