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Written By: Banpresto
First of all, this is my first time doing a faq for a 
fighting game. I would like to thank Adam ( for 
all the descriptions and infomation he has given me. 

I.   Character Moves
II.  Card Descriptions
III. Codes & Cheats
IV.  History
V.   Shotouts
VI.  Things To Say

I.   Character Moves
	*NOTE-Although character don't have many moves at first, 
gaining different card will give the characters additional moves.*

	, - right after
	+ - st the same time or end of movement with D-Pad
	U - Up
	D - Down
	F - Forward
	B - Back
	P - Punch
	K - Kick
	A - Action button
	C - Card button
	QCF - Quarter Circle Forward
	QCB - Quarter Circle Bacc
	HCF - Half Circle Forward
	HCB - Half Circle Bacc
	DRG - Dragon move (Forward, Down, Down/Forward)
	RDG - Reverse DRagon Move (Bacc, Down, Down/Bacc)

Basic Moves:
	A+P Throws
	A+K Get Behind
	D,P Super Jump 

	QCT+P Monoeye Beam
	DRG+K Face Masher

	QCT+P	Keen Slash
	QCB+K	D Vice
	HCT+K	Hell Scissors
	DRG+K	Bloody Axis

	DRG+K Fuudankyaku
	RDG+K Tenretsukyaku
	QCT+P Tenshin Tousyou
	QCB+P Kuutenthou

EX Rickey
	QCB+P	I. Blot
	QCF+K	I. Charge
	QCF+P	Continual Spark


	QCT+P Oboro
	DRG+P Zero
	QCB+K Kasumi

	QCT+P Ice Fall
	QCB+P Frozen Fan
	DRG+P Vertical Fan

	QCT+P Finger Snap
	QCT+K Elegant Step
	D,D+K Saturday Night
	DRG+K Gale Edge


	QCT+K Lunar Eclipse
	QCB+K Lunar Fall
	HCB+P Noble Shade

	B,F+P Nut Cracc
	B,F+K Nut Grind
	HCB+P Counter Smash
	D,U+P Head Bash

	D,D+P Earth Breaker
	DRG+P Round Knuckle

	U+K,K	Flip Kicc Sweep
	F+k	Jump Spin Kicc
	B+K	Jump Kicc
	QCB+P	I. Blot
	QCF+K	I. Charge
	QCF+P	Continual Spark


	QCB+K	Dagger Throw

II.  Card Descriptions
	The total number of cards held by one character is unlimited. 
Each chracter has his/her own limit as of how many cards they 
can use at once. Cards will either give you special moves or enhance 
your chracter. The super cards all require 3 levels to activate, 
except for Full Gauge,which gives you a level 3. Full gauge can only 
be used once a round, though.

Each Card Has an uses a certain amount of EP. The highest EP 
Known to me is 80.

Character Cards
Berserker	- Gives your character Berserker's Monoeye Beam
Bobby		- Gives your character Bobby's ???
Chiaki		- Gives your character Chiaki's ???
Kei		- Gives your character Kei's ???
Mao		- Gives your character Mao's ???
Mark		- Gives your character Mark's ???
Marry		- Gives your character Marry's ???
Neil		- Gives your character Neil's ???
Reymond	- Gives your character Reymond's Earth Breaker
Ricky		- Gives your character Ricky's I. Bolt
Sieguei	- Gives your character Sieguei's Dagger Throw

Super Cards
Auto Defense	- ???
Auto Guard	- ???
Deffense	- Decreases amount to damage your character takes
Full Gauge	- Gives your character full power
Gravity	- Makes opponent juggle in air lower
Heal		- Gives your character a little heal bacc
Offense	- Increases amount to damage your character does
Past Time	- ???
Power Up	- ???
Silience	- ???
Slow Motion	- Makes opponent move slow
Speed		- Increases the speed of your character or thier moves
Super Shield	- ???
Zero Cravity	- Makes opponent juggle in air higher

Elements Cards
Fire		- Makes opponent catch on fire (adds additional damage to opponent).
Water		- Freezes opponent for a short time (about a 1 sec. stun).
Wind		- Makes opponent juggle in air higher (juggles opponent higher in ait).

III. Codes & Cheats

Beat the Theater Mode   : Get access to Hagame
Beat the game on Easy   : Get access to Sieguei
Beat the game on Normal : Get access to Markuar
Beat the game on Hard   : Get access to EX Rickey

IV. History

Version 1.0 - Just Started and really just a place holder for infomation
Version 1.2 - Filled in a little more (more or less moves only). 
Hey I got things to do 
Version 1.3 - More special moves added.
Version 1.6 - All special moves added.
Version 1.7 - Added Authorized Sites. Card Descriptions. 
Cheats for Bosses.
Version 1.8 - Added moves.

V. Shotouts

V-1.0 I know there is alot missing at first but damn 
this will get you pretty far at the time.
V-1.0 You got to check out my character!
V-1.1 This game really needs a Time Attacc, Team and Survival Mode!!!
V-1.1 Stuff the story on this game, I not going to translate all that!!!

VI. Things To Say
	This game is very much like Street Fighter 
EX, Bloody Roar and the Dragon Ball 
games combined. Action and graphics like Bloody 
Roar with the build up capabilities as the 
Dragon Ball games. The game brings some attributes 
of Street Fighter EX and Toshinden with 
similiar combo and juggle systems. This game is 
good for any fighting game lover.   
Version 1.8 Game by 
Faq written, conducted and tested by : Trey
All rights Reserved. Ask me if you wish to post this Faq on your web page.
Thank You.
If there is any comments or additions please email
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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