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Written By: Stassy (Anastasia)


 1. About this guide

 2. Bio

 3. Ending

 4. Win Quotes

 5. Abreviations

 6. Control

 7. Colours

 8. Abilities

 9. Regular Moves

    - Excellent Regular Attacks

    - Two-in-ones

10. Throws
    - Face Scratcher

    - Rolling Throw

    - Air Throw

11. Special/ESPECIAL Moves
    - Rolling Rising Uppercut

    - Litterbox Kick

    - Delta Kick

    - Rolling Scratch

12. Guard Reversal

13. Pursuit


    - Rolling Fury

    - Please Help Me
15. Combos
    - Chain Combos

    - Two-in-one Combos

16. General Strategy

17. Short Moves List

18. Last Words


Night Warriors is a great fighting game from Capcom. Gorgeous 2D
animation, good music, excellent control and nicely balanced
characters. It plays tight, like the Street Fighter games. But is
a bit looser. Thank God though, not as loose as X-Men: Children 
of the Atom.
I actually wrote this guide to Felicia, because of the lack of
guides for Felicia. The lack of guides surprised me (I found zero
guides!): she is a very good character for both beginners and
advanced players. Mmmm... or does it mean that I can't surf the
web to safe my life? 
So I started writing.... The main focus of this guide is strategy
for Felicia, not explaining the Night Warriors techniques (like
throw softening, reversals etc.). If you are new to Capcom 
fighting, I suggest reading general FAQ's on Night Warriors.
Capcom RULEZ!!!!

*2. BIO *

'Teen Feline Dreamer'

Species    : Catwoman
Birth Place: Las Vegas
Birth Date : 1967
Height     : 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight     : 128 lbs.    

Felicia an exotic battle dancer. Being the youngest of the
DarkStalkers she wants to prove her strength to them all. 
As a dancer she wants to hit the big time.

*3. ENDING *

After defeating Pyron...

A picture showing Felicia surrounded by reporters.

Reporters: Who are you? Where did you come from?

Agent (?): I don't care who you are or what you are, sign up with 
            me and I'll make you rich and famous beyond your     

Felicia  : Sure, where do I sign?  But I warn you now though, I  
             have big dreams!

Next, a picture of Felicia in a hot tub.

Text     : Felicia, known as one of the Dark Stalkers made a     
             series of films detailing her adventures with them.

Felicia  : Hope I can have Blanka as my leading man!

*4. Win Quotes *

After an easy win...
"You're not good enough to be my scratching post!"

After a tougher match...
"You've lost to the rest now you've lost to the best!"

After a hard fight...
"Not bad mouse, next time I'll have to make an effort!"

After a Felicia vs. Felicia match up...
"A cheap copy, and I do mean cheap, is no match for me!"


In this guide, I use a couple of abreviations. They're explained

ES  - Enhanced Special
EX  - Extra Special
GR  - Guard Reversal

RRU - Rolling Rising Uppercut
RS  - Rolling Scratch
DK  - Delta Kick
LBK - Litterbox Kick 

RF  - Rolling Fury
PHM - Please Help Me

J   - Jumping
S   - Standing
L   - Low



Directional Pad  Attack Buttons

F - forward      X - Jab         Y - Strong        Z - Fierce   
B - back         A - Short       B - Forward       C - Roundhouse
U - up           Left  Shoulder Button - All Kicks     
D - down         Right Shoulder Button - All Punches

AP - Any Punch         AK - Any Kick
2P - Any Two Punches   2K - Any 2 Kicks 

NOTE: All buttons can be reconfigured in the options screen


Different buttons choose different character colours

Button             Hair Colour   Clothing     Tan       Claws  

Jab              - cyan          light beige  dark     brown/red
Strong           - blond         white        pink     red
Fierce           - blue          yellow       sun tan  orange
Short            - red           white        pink     blue
Forward          - dark purple   light beige  dark     purple
Roundhouse       - blue          white        pink     red
START            - red/purple    light beige  dark     purple
Hold Jab+Forward - light purple  black        white    grey 


Motion: F, F for a dash forward

Felicia makes a long jump.

Motion: B, B for a dash backward

Felicia jumps backwards.


Jump to the wall (the farsides of the screen), then jump in the
opposite direction. 



Felicia's dash is pretty useful. Her forward dash goes past
enemies. Great for confusing a blocking opponent. Attacking while
dashing produces a quick long reaching attack. It also doubles as
an overhead move, perform the dash and press any attack button.
Back-dashing should be avoided as it will leave you vulnerable. 
Because you can't block while dashing and there's no way you can
hit your opponent as you are moving away. Use it with caution.  


Great move for catching your opponents off-guard. Use it to make
them think you're jumping away and then attack while jumping off
the wall. Off the wall jump-attacks are quicker than the regular
jump-ins as Felicia makes a further, but relatively lower jump. 



Jab        : Felicia does a mid-height tailwhip           (1 hit)
Strong     : She throws a nasty hook                      (1 hit)
Fierce     : Double pawed triangle slash                  (3 hit)
Short      : A quick high kick                            (1 hit)
Forward    : Roundhouse kick at mid-level                 (1 hit)
Roundhouse : She uses her tail to perform a mid-drop kick (2 hit)


Jab        : Low paw stab at toe-level                    (1 hit)
Strong     : Two-pawed slash                              (2 hit)
Fierce     : Spinning straight-up jumping slash           (1 hit)
Short      : Low kick at toe-level                        (1 hit)
Forward    : Straight kick to the stomach                 (1 hit)
Roundhouse : Leg Sweep                                    (1 hit)


Jab        : Felicia jumps in with her paws               (1 hit)
Strong     : Like jab, but timing needed to hit opp.      (1 hit)
Fierce     : Big lunge with both claws                    (1 hit)
Short      : She jumps in with her front leg straight     (1 hit)
Forward    : Jumps in with straight leg                   (1 hit)
Roundhouse : Jumps in upside-down with straight leg       (1 hit)


Jab        : Paw slash                                    (1 hit)
Strong     : Over the top slash                           (1 hit)
Fierce     : From down to up, uppercut                    (2 hit)
Short      : Low kick                                     (1 hit)
Forward    : Knee to stomach                              (1 hit)
Roundhouse : High kick to the head                        (1 hit) 


-Standing Short-

An excellent air-defense move, perhaps the best
for Felicia. It has an extremely high priority. Very useful, but
it doesn't do a lot of damage.

-Standing Forward-

A quick kick at stomach level, very useful for poking your 

-Standing Roundhouse- 

Has an excellent reach and recovers quickly. Use it to keep your 
opponent at a distance to control the pace of the fight.

-Low Fierce-

Useful move for hitting opponents right above you.

-Jumping Jab and Short-

These moves have great priority. But do little damage.

-Standing Up-close Roundhouse-

Good air-defense, this move can be used like the Standing Short. 
But if your opponent isn't close enough, you'll perform the 
Standing Roundhouse and miss. And probably eat your opponent's 

-Low Roundhouse-

It has good reach and it knocks down. It also
goes under certain projectiles. Like: Demitri's, Morrigan's
and others.


Felicia's Jab, Strong, Short and Forward all two-in-one, except
for the far Forward. The Jab and Short aren't very useful for
her. The time to opponent is stunned by the Jab or Short is very
short. So short that the opponent almost always would already
have recovered before your special move will connect. Two-in-ones
from a weak attack do have a chance of succeeding, provided you
are up-close.
All two-in-one combos should be centred around the Strong and
Forward. They do pretty good damage and will stun the opponent
long enough for a special to follow-up.
It is not possible to two-in-one into either EXSPECIALS for 
combos (Darn!).

*10. THROWS *


Motion: B or F + Strong or Fierce

Felicia gets in your opponnent's face and scratches it.


Motion: B or F + Forward or Roundhouse

A rolling throw.


Motion: B or F + Strong or Fierce in air

Felicia tosses the opponent away.


Use throws on opponents that block a lot. All these throws can be
recovered from.
When you are knocked down and the opponent is close to you,
always try to throw. Getting up from the floor gives you a bit
more priority.
The air-throw is very useful. When blocking an air-attack with
both characters in the air, quickly do the throw command. You
will almost always throw the opponent. An succesful air-throw and
rolling throw always guarantees (ES) Pursuit. 




- The strength of the attack-buttons used, controls the
  distance of the attacks. Weak attacks (Jab and Short) are used
  for close range, Medium Attacks (Strong and Forward) for medium
  range and Hard Attacks for long range. 

- All specials can be airblocked.

Regular Motion  : D, DF, F + AP, P                        (3 HIT)
ESPECIAL Motion : D, DF, F + 2P, P                        (4 HIT)


Performing the motion D, DF, F + P/2P starts the roll. Press P
again to come out the roll (1 hit) with a rising uppercut (2 or 3 


Very useful move as it can be used in many situations. It is
great in combos. It is very quick, has excellent range (virtually
the whole screen) and can counter most fireball attacks and some
Also, it can be used as an aerial defense. Performing the motion
and pressing Punch twice quickly will result in a quick Rising
Uppercut. But since it is a special, it can be air-blocked, be
careful using it.
Use it to punish your opponent's mistakes, like: coming down from
a jump, dashing without attacking, missed moves with long
recovery time, etc.


Regular Motion  : D, DB, B + AP, All P repeatedly         (? HIT)
ESPECIAL Motion : D, DB, B + 2P, All P repeatedly         (? HIT)


Motion D, DB, B + P/2P makes Felicia bounce towards her opponent.
When you hit your opponent, tap all Punches repeatedly for extra


The RS consists of two parts: the advancing bounce and the
The regular version bounce hits once and after the hit you can

tap all punches repeatedly for extra hits. 
The enhanced version bounce can hit up to four times, providing
you do not press punch again before all hits have connected. The
scratches will hit for extra hits.
I don't know the exact method for getting maximum hits, as a
result I don't know how many hit you can get. My highest hit
totals are six and nine (regular and ESPECIAL versions
respectively). And I thought those numbers were the maximum. But
the other day the CPU pulled off seven hits with the regular
Rolling Scratch. So if some-one knows the exact method to get all
hits, mail me please! 


Regular Motion  : B, D, DB + AK                           (3 HIT)
ESPECIAL Motion : B, D, DB + 2K                           (7 HIT)


Felicia jumps up and comes down diagonally to hit the opponent.
When performed up-close, the jump-up will hit as well. 


Excellent countermove against mid-range fireballs. This move is
very useful as it is very quick. Thanks to the speed of this move
(and mid-range distance to the opponent), a good reaction will
virtually always counter fireballers. 


Regular Motion  : D, DF, F + AK                           (1 HIT)
ESPECIAL Motion : D, DF, F + 2K                           (5 HIT)


Felicia kicks up sand, different strength kicks control the
distance. This is as close to a projectile as Felicia will get.


As mentioned before Felicia's (more or less) projectile. Be
careful when using it, because it has not a great range (half
screen max.) and can be easily jumped over. The Litterbox Kick
cancels an opponent's projectile and can still hit the opponent
provided he is close enough. A pretty useful move, even better in


Regular Motion  : F, DF, D, DB ,B +  K (up-close)

ESPECIAL Motion : F, DF, D, DB ,B + 2K (up-close)   (more damage)


Felicia grabs the opponent and spins around him. The ES version
adds more spins and damage.


Command-throws can not be countered or softened. The special
version does not do a lot of damage (a bit more than the regular
throws), the ESPECIAL one does. Use it on opponents that block a
lot. The range is pretty good, you do not have to be up-close to
pull it off.



Regular Motion : D, DF, F + AK (after blocking an attack) (1 hit) 
ESPECIAL Motion: D, DF, F + 2K (after blocking an attack) (? hit)

This move looks the same as the special/ESPECIAL versions.


Guard reversals are great retalitiation moves, but are difficult 
to pull off (I mean insanely quick reflexes are called for!). The 
motion has to be performed _right_ after you block your 
opponent's attack. 
Try to predict you opponent's attack. Even then, it's still hard 
to do. 
Guard reversals are most likely to pulled off during a blocked 
chain combo, two-in-one combo or special/regular moves that hit 
several times. So perform the Guard Reversal always during this 

*13. PURSUIT *

Regular Motion : U + AK (opponent knocked-down)           (1 hit) 
ESPECIAL Motion: U + 2K (opponent knocked-down)           (8 hit)

The regular pursuit makes Felicia bounce once of the downed 
opponent. The enhanced version sees Felicia bounce and scratch
the crap out the opponent.

When your opponent is knocked down, quickly press UP + K/2K. This
will make Felicia pounce on the enemy for extra hits. To make a

succesful pursuit, you have to react quickly to a knockdown. Also
do not perform the pursuit too early. Sometimes performing the
pounce too early you will miss. After some knockdowns, it is
impossible to pursuit. 



Motion: F, D, DF + 2P                                    (11 hit)


Felicia rolls in with high speed and smacks the opponent for
eight hits and finishes with a three hit uppercut.


The Rolling Fury (RF) can be used much like the Rolling Uppercut.
The Fury is very quick and goes through most fireball attacks.
Most projectile attacks have long recovery time for the user, so
a good reaction will almost always nail them.
Good anticipation is required to have a high success rate of
hitting an opponent with the Fury. Try to predict your opponent's
move and counter it. 
If you are having difficulties performing the RF in the short
time that is required to counter opponent's move or do not know
when the situation arises to use it. Try this: perform F, D, DF
motions but do not press 2P right away. This way you will be able
to pull of an RF at will as you already have performed the
motion. Because it is possible to perform the RF even by pressing
the 2P a short time after the motion is performed. This will give
you a little bit more time to assess the situation and it gives
you the opportunity to wait a (small) bit longer for a mistake. 
Practice this, it is a _very_ useful technique.
Be careful though, Felicia can be knocked out of the RF with a
well timed attack. It can be airblocked.
Use it against fireballs, missed moves and other mistakes.


Motion: B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K                             (34 hit) 

Felicia screams for help and another catwoman comes running to
help her. If the first catwoman hits, three others will come in
to clobber the opponent for 34 hits! When they are done, Felicia
jumps up happily and says something in Japanese. It means
something like: "Nice fighting ya!".


Excellent move, but use it at distance, not up-close. Another
move that can be used like the Rolling Uppercut. But there is a
big difference. The Rolling Uppercut and the RF both send Felicia
racing towards the opponent. With Please Help Me, Felicia sends
others to do the job for her and stays at a relatively safe
distance. So when performing PHM in a situation using the Rolling
Fury in which she would be knocked out of, the PHM will always
connect. The only way for an opponent to counter it is hitting
Felicia herself before he is hit himself, but this is more
difficult as she is further away. 
Be careful when using it against a fireballer as the fireball
usually hits before the first catwoman does. But when the PHM
connects, Felicia becomes invincible. All launched projectiles
will either be canceled or go through her.
As the feline team are invincible themselves, the PHM can counter
any attack (unlike the RF). This move can also be airblocked.
Use it against all attacks (except projectiles), missed moves and
other mistakes.

*15. COMBOS *


You can basically do anything you want with chains, as they are
pretty versatile. I recommend, though, to keep things simple.
It's still easy to mess chains up. So, what I'm trying to say is,
find your own favourite chain combos. If anyone cares, these are
my favourite chains:


Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Roundhouse                   (5 hit)


Low Jab, Low Roundhouse                                   (2 hit)


Standing/Low Forward, *Standing/Low Roundhouse            (2 hit)

If you are close enough and using the Standing Roundhouse, you
will get 3 hits.


Practice chaining, once you have got hang of it, it becomes an
invaluable weapon. Invaluable as it is easier to do than two-in-
ones and it does good damage. Another advantage is that a blocked
chain combo doesn't leave you wide open for a counter-attack,

unlike most two-in-one combos. 
Important: if an opponent blocks the first hit of your chain
combo, don't continue it. You will be open to Guard Reversals. 
Long chains do less damage per next hit.


This is how two-in-ones work: hit your opponent with a regular
move (Strong and Forward are most useful), during your attack
quickly perform (or buffer) a special (ESPECIAL) move to complete
the two-in-one. 
I prefer to two-in-one of the low Forward, but standing or low
Strong can be used with the same effect.


J Roundhouse, L Forward into Strong/Fierce RRU            (5 hit)
J Roundhouse, L Forward into Jab RRU, Pursuit           (5+1 hit)
J Roundhouse, L Forward into Jab RRU, ES Pursuit        (5+8 hit)
J Roundhouse, L Forward into ES RRU                       (6 hit)


- It's important not to press Punch too quickly after performing 
  the RRU. If you press before the roll hits, you will only get 2 
  of the 3 hits and less damage.

- Using the Jab RRU always guarantees a Pursuit. But, the Pursuit 
  doesn't count as a combo. Note though, it is a bit harder to   
  connect with the Jab RRU as it is slower than the Strong or    
  Fierce version.

- The best combo is the ES RRU combo. It does -mega- damage, use 
  whenever you can. Playing against CPU on level 8, it takes off 
  almost half the energybar!


J Roundhouse, L Forward into LBK                          (3 hit)
J Roundhouse, L Forward into ES LBK                       (7 hit)


- When two-in-oneing into the Litterbox Kick always use the      
  Short or Forward version. The Roundhouse version is slower and 
  harder to connect with. 

- If you're really hard and want to connect with the Roundhouse  
  version, you have to perform the two-in-one -very- quickly.

- The ES Litterbox Kick is also hard to connect with. But it does 
  awesome damage! Like the Roundhouse version: perform a very    
  quick two-in-one.


L Short into Short DK                                     (4 hit)
L Short into ES DK                                        (8 hit) 
J Short, L Short into ES DK                               (9 hit)


- The Delta Kick isn't very useful in combos. Two-in-oneing off  
  Strong or Forward pushes you and your opponent too far away for 
  all the hits to connect as a combo.

- To get all the hits, these combos have to be performed very    
  close to the opponent.

- Jump-in combos with an attack stronger than Jab or Short will  
  push the opponent too far away for the rest of the hits to     

- The jump-in ESPECIAL combo (9 hit) seems to be the only jump-in 
  combo that works with the Delta Kick. This combo is very hard  
    to get, jump in as deep as possible and perform the 
two-in-one     very quickly. Otherwise you won't get all the 

- Shorts can be replaced with Jabs, ofcourse.


L Forward into RS                                        (2+ hit) 
L Forward into ES RS                                     (5+ hit) 
J Forward, L Short into RS                               (3+ hit) 
J Forward, L Short into ES RS                            (6+ hit)


- When you connect with the Rolling Scratch press all punches to 
  get more hits.

- Like the Delta Kick, the Rolling Scratch also isn't very useful 
  in combos.

- To get all the hits, every combo has to be performed really    

- The ES jump-in combo is very hard to pull off, jump in deep and 
  perform the two-in-one very fast.

- After jumping in with the Forward, use a light attack to two-  
  in-one off. I you don't, the Rolling Scratch is likely not to  
  connect due to the recoil.

- The reason behind the +'s is that I don't know the maximum of  
  hits possible.

- Once again, Short can be replaced with Jab.


Two-in-one combos do great damage. Use them to punish mistakes

Missing with the RRU is deadly, use it only when you are sure of
connecting with it.

When in doubt, whether the combo can be continued or your jump in
blocked, two-in-one into the LBK. The LBK pushes the opponent
away to a safe distance, making sure the opponent can't retaliate

Like chain combos, a blocked two-in-one combo is open for guard


Felicia is a very versatile character: she can be played both 
offensively and defensively. Her speed is amongst the best in the
game. I believe her strength is her speed. Use her speed to get
in close after an opponent's mistake and punish them with her
many combo's. 

Her EXSPECIALS are very useful, almost any mistake can be
punished with them. I personally only feel at ease with a couple
of special meters filled, so I can punish opponents for (small)
mistakes and keep them out of my face.

Two-in-one combos with a jump-in do the most damage for Felicia,
so use these combos when the opportunity arises. 

When in doubt whether your two-in-one or chain combo can be
continued or not, use a move that pushes you to a safe distance
(e.g. Litterbox Kick or Standing Roundhouse). Ofcourse, you still
are open for a Guard Reversal. 

Chain combos should be used when you have got a surprise chance
for comboing. 

For example:
You jump-in with an attack and your opponent blocks it. But he
doesn't block your next move (e.g. a low Short), so he is open
for the next chain move.

When someone blocks your jump-in, it is likely for the next hit
to be blocked as well. Which leaves you open for easy Guard
Reversals. If the next hit does connect it is difficult to
two-in-one off it, because of the surprise chance. You would need
very quick reflexes to perform the combo. Chains on the other

hand are easier to pull off and great (the only?) alternative. 

Chains are most useful for poking, generally controlling the pace
of the match. 

Use chains to build up special bars.

When you are losing a round, don't give up! If you are gonna
lose, make it as tough as possible for your opponent to win. This
way, you will build up your special meter. This will help you in
later rounds.



Forward Dash  : F, F
Backward Dash : B, B
Wall Jump     : Jump into a wall, jump into opposite direction


Face Scratcher : F or B + Strong/Fierce
Rolling Throw  : F or B + Forward/Roundhouse
Air Throw      : F or B + Strong/Fierce 


Rolling Rising Punch  : D, DF, F + P        (ES)
Rolling Scratch       : D, DB, B + P        (ES)
Delta Kick            : D, B, DB + K        (ES)
Litterbox Kick        : D, DF, F + K        (ES/GR)
Scratching Post(Throw): F, DF, D, DB, B + K (ES)


Rolling Fury   : F, D, DF + 2P
Please Help Me : B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K


Well, I hope you find this guide useful. If you find stuff that 
isn't true or things that just don't make any sense, say so! 
I mean: we're all human beings, we all make mistakes. That's a 
clich‚ and the lamest of excuses, I know.
Night Warriors is one of my favourite games ever, and I play it 
regularly. So if I find more stuff on Felicia, I'll update this 
guide. All input, negative or positive, is welcome!

Thanx to:

Capcom, for making this game. Excellent, dudes!
Sega, for making the Saturn. 2D-Monster!!
My brother, for lending me his Sega Saturn. Nice one!
You, for reading this one!!!


Our local arcades, these schmucks don't have _any_ Capcom games. 
If I wanna play a Capcom fighting game, I have to go to Amsterdam 
(1 hour trainride). This can't be right.

The arcade owners also don't check whether the controls work or 
not. Ask them, and they'll say: "We will take look.". Which 
basically means: I am going to play the game once (to check it), 
button mash the crap out of it and do zilch about it!!

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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