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Written By: Kyle Lees

DDDDDD    RRRRRR     AAA         GGGGGGG       OOOOOOO      NNN      NN
DD  DDD   RR   RR    AA A       GG     GG     OO     OO     NNN      NN
DD   DDD  RR    R    AA  A     GG      GG    OO       OO    NN N     NN
DD   DDD  RR   RR    AA   A    GG           OO    ^    OO   NN  N    NN
DD   DDD  RRRRR      AA    A   GG          OO    < >    OO  NN   N   NN
DD   DDD  RR  RR     AAAAAAAA  GG     GGGG  OO    v    OO   NN    N  NN
DD   DDD  RR   RR    AA     A  GG       GG   OO       OO    NN     N NN
DD  DDD   RR    RR   AA     A   GG      GG    OO     OO     NN      NNN
DDDDDD    RR     RR  AA     A    GGGGGGGG      OOOOOOO      NN      NNN

BBBBBB    AAA        LLL        LLL              GGGGGGG   TTTTTTTTTTTT
BB  BBB   AA A       LLL        LLL             GG     GG  TTTTTTTTTTTT
BB   BBB  AA  A      LLL        LLL            GG      GG       TT
BB  BBB   AA   A     LLL        LLL            GG               TT 
BB BBB    AA    A    LLL        LLL            GG               TT
BB  BBB   AAAAAAA    LLL        LLL            GG    GGGG       TT
BB   BBB  AA    A    LLL        LLL            GG      GG       TT
BB  BBB   AA    A    LLLLLLLLL  LLLLLLLLL       GG     GG       TT
--------------------------------FINAL BOUT--------------------------------
Version 1.4
By T. Kyle Lees

Notice: This is for the North American Version. I have never played the 
Japanese version, so use Wuken's FAQ.  In other words, SAbesamis.

9/1/98  Final update.  I don't know if the Gotenks code is real, there have
been no confirmed reports of the code working, and I tried myself.  Still,
some Code Pages claim that it works.  Personally, I don't want to play as 
that asshole Trunks for so long (oh, I'm gonna get it).  If I ever update 
again, it will be because I find out that Gotenks or Ubuu or someone is in
the game, or the code is real.

7/20/98 Wrote up Gotenks' character profile.  More to come in about a week 
or two, help would be greatly appreciated.

7/19/98 Put in the secret codes to play as all of the secret characters 
found so far, that's nine of them.  SSJ Adult Gokou in the Z or GT gi, SSJ
Trunks, SSJ Mirai Trunks,  SSJ Chibi Gokou, Super Gokou 4, Super Oozaru Bebi
Vegeta, SSJ Gotenks and SSJ Vegitto.  Put in the Gameshark Codes, thanks 
Code Creators!  Fixed the "T"s in there, replaced them with an "F".  

Things To Take Care Of
Get Gotenks' and Bebi Vegeta's moves, find any more hidden characters.  
Right now, though, my Playstation is broken.  I'm bringing it in for repairs
today, so just hang on.

A   Triangle
#   Square
X   X, dumbass!
O   Circle
R1  I'm not even going to bother with the other LR buttons!
D   Down
B   Back
U   Up
F   Forward

1.) Introduction
2.) Story
3.) Controls / Moves everyone can do
  3A Basics
  3B Cool stuff
  3C Knockout tricks
  3D Meteo Smashes
4.) Characters
  4A Son Gokou
  4B Pan
  4C Son Gohan
  4D Piccolo
  4E Chibi Son Gokou
  4F Trunks 
  4G Super Saiya-Jin Vegeta
  4H Perfect Cell
  4I Original Buu
  4J Freeza
  4K Mirai Trunks
  4L Super Gokou 4
  4M Bebi Vegeta
  4N Super Saiya-Jin Vegitto
  4O Gotenks
5.) Modes of Play
  5A Battle
  5B Versus
  5C Options
  5D Build Up Mode
  5E Practice Mode
  5F Tournament Mode
6.) Moves 
  6A Son Gokou
  6B Pan
  6C Son Gohan
  6D Piccolo
  6E Chibi Son Gokou
  6F Trunks 
  6G Super Saiya-Jin Vegeta
  6H Perfect Cell
  6I Original Buu
  6J Freeza
  6K Vegitto
  6L Super Gokou 4
  6M Mirai Trunks
7.) Secrets
  7A Manual Codes
  7B Gameshark Codes  
8.) Credits

1.) Introduction
So, this will make my first FAQ.  I usually just work on fanfics (Dragon 
Ball, naturally!) so this is somewhat new to me.  Oh well, it's time to get
to work!
Dragon Ball GT is the first polygonal DB game out to date, and also the
to be made.  That's right, unless somebody wants to hack a Final Fight or 
Ninja Turtles ROM, this is the last Dragon Ball video game.  I kind of 
expected more from the game character-wise.  I mean, with the codes there 
are just a whole bunch of Gokou and Trunks, and one alternate, Vegitto.
Plus, there isn't a single human in the game!  Pan's the closest thing 
they've got, and she isn't much in the power department.  Seriously, Klilyn
could probably kick her ass, I have faith in the old man!  I don't 
understand why they put Freeza, Buu and Cell in the game.  They should have
put in Goten, Ubuu and some of the Evil Dragons in the game, all of which
are actual GT characters!
Despite those faults, Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout is one of the best games
for the Playstation in its history.  You have to learn the techniques and
get a feel for the game so that it doesn't get crappy fast.  Utilize the
Build Up mode if you have a friends who's also got a 'Station, and lend
the game so they can build someone up, then duke it out.  Don't play cheezy
and just use the ki blasts, learn character attacks.  I'll update the FAQ
whenever I can or think I should, and I'll take whatever suggestions I can.
That's all for now, seeya!

One day, while sparring with Ubuu atop the Tenkai (Dende's floating palace),
Son Gokou had a little run in with his old nemeis, Pilaf.  Pilaf had grown 
quite old, and wished to be young and rule the world once and for all.  He
had come to the Tenkai because it held the Black Star Dragon Balls, which he
was going to use.  However, he screwed up and accidentilly wished Gokou to 
become a ten year old child once again.  Going to Satan City to find help,
the boy ran into Pan, his granddaughter.  The two ventured to the Son house
on Mount Paozu, where it was decided to wish Gokou back to adulthood.  Gokou
was telepathically contacted by Kaiou-sama that Black Star Dragon Balls were
special: they spread out around the universe, and if they were not brought 
back to Earth within the year, then the planet would explode.  Gokou, 
accmpanied by Capsule Corp. President Trunks Briefs and the scholar, Son 
Gohan, were to use a Capsule spacecraft to find these Dragon Balls, if not 
for one problem.  Trunks and Gokou had boarded, and Pan stowed away on the
ship.  Seconds before Gohan entered the ship, a malfunction blasted it off
into space.  Thus began the trio's quest, which soon became of four when 
they linked up with the small andriod Gill, who ate their Dragon Radar and 
had it pop up from his back (he actually was built with it).  They met the 
evil Dr. Myuu, who was bringing a super-strong Tsufurujin back to life.
The Tsufurujin, Bebi, killed Myuu and after being defeated by Gokou, made 
it to Earth.  Bebi is one of those aliens who can take someone's body, 
though Trunks fought it off.  He invades first Goten, then Gohan and Vegeta,
and eventually everyone on Earth but Ubuu, Mister Buu and Mister Satan.
Everyone else on Earth had been implanted with an egg in theirbrain, while 
Bebi chose Vegeta for himself.  Trunks was "infected" when they returned to 
Earth with the Dragon Balls to find that almost everyone was gone.  Satan 
explained to Gokou and Pan what had happened, while Buu and Ubuu fused to 
form Ubuu-Buu but was defeated by Bebi Vegeta.  BV uses the Black Star
given to him by the infected Mr. Popo and Dende to wish back his home planet
of Plant, which is in orbit around Earth like a giant moon.  (Note: Planet
Plant is also, you may or may not no this, Planet Vegeta!)  Now, it's up 
to Gokou and Pan to defeat the evil Bebi Vegeta and his followers with the
newfound power of Super Gokou 4, the ultimate power!

3.)Controls / Moves that everyone can do
3A  Basics
O      Kick
#      Punch
A      Ki blast
X      Defend
Up     Jump
Down   Duck
L1/R1  Hold and press up to lift off, or an way to dash
Start  Pause

3B  Cool Stuff
Hold X#               To charge Ki
R1+L1 and Down        Sidestep dash towards screen
R1+L1 and X           Sidestep dash away from the screen 
Down, forward A       Renzoku Energy Dan (three ki blasts)
L1/R1 + Left          Dash Left
L1/R1 + Right         Dash Right
Forward               Get up (when on the ground)
Back                  Flip back up (when on the ground)
Any button            Roll while getting up

3C  Knockout tricks
D, B, F, A  Ki blast #1 (weaker, uses less Ki)
D, B, F, A  Ki blast #2 (stronger, uses more Ki)
A + # + O   Counterattack (Tap A quickly to continue counterattack)
A + X       Ki shield
# + O       Knock blast away

3D  Meteo Smashes
R2     Initiate Meteo Smash
A + #  Continue with a Punch Meteo
A + O  Continue with a Kick Meteo
A + X  Continue with a Blast Meteo  (Note: If you go for more than two 
Meteos and your opponent is near defeat, using this attack will get your
character to say something special, making it a kind of Finishing Move.
eg: Pan say's, and I quote: "I dislike you!" That's probably the stupidest
one there, but it's the only one I can remember.)

4.) Characters
4A  Son Gokou
Gokou has the same fighting strength of Vegeta and Gohan.  He can gain an 
advantage at close quarters or long range.  He has longer legs than anyone
else, so use that to your advantage.  He is now in his late fifties and is 
teaching the young man named Ubuu.  As always, the Saiya-Jin has his 
trademark hair, but has (OH MY GOD!) changed his clothes.  His power is 
great as always, being the strongest fighter in the universe.  What else
you say about this naive, always-hungry man?  It's simple, he just rocks!

4B  Pan
Pan is the only female fighter in the game.  Her power and durability are
less than the others, but her tricks are more of the hit and run persuasion.
Attack quick and get the hell away before they smash it to the floor.
Daughter of the great Son Gohan, she was supposed to be entitled to 
unimaginable power... so what the hell is this?  Is it just me, or can 
female Saiya-Jins not go SSJ, 'cause she sure as hell can't (and Bra's just
too damn hot to fight) go past her regular skill level, which is fairly low.
Still, she definitly has some fashion sense.  Except for the bndana, those
are some damn good clothes.  T-shirt and short are my clothes of choice,
and I live in Canada!  So, for that and her cool moves, I commend Pan!

4C  Son Gohan
In all the universe's history, there has never been one man with so much raw
power.  Son Gohan is the ultimate in raw ki energy, and it shows with his
techniques.  He has maintained the Kame-style gi instad of entering battle 
with his dark blue suit and thick, square shaped glasses.  Gohan generally 
has superior attacking power and speed.  He performs better at close 
quarters than long range.  Like all Saiya-Jin, he has aged very well.  
He still has some of Piccolo's lessons and has some of his own unique 
attacks, and remains who he always was; the only guy in Gokou's house who's 
got a brain in his head.  I think he gets it from Chichi...

4D Piccolo
The Nemeksejin warrior returns to fight once again, with all of his old 
attacks from the games.  They just can't think of new moves for him.
Piccolo has amazing speed and a huge variety of kicking tricks.  However, 
he does not have much stamina (what the hell?  Fast speed and low stamina?!)
Thus, he is better suited to fight at medium and long range.  Using the 
long range attacks of his would be smarter, especially his Knockout Tricks,
the strongest in the game.

4E Chibi Son Gokou
Being turned into a kid is just such a bitch, ain't it?  I remember this one
time, me, a Rabi and a Priest... oh, never mind.  Oh well, he's just like he
is in the original Dragon Ball series, with strength close to his older 
counterpart.  Chibi Gokou has a variety of tricks that are easy to use.  He
has no noticeable weakness and is favored for close or longe range fighting.
However, close range is preferred, and easier as well due to his short arms
and legs.

4F Trunks 
He is the son of the Saiya-Jin Prince, Vegeta and the Capsule Corporation
Scientific Genius, Bulma, so the man's got that on his side.  On the other 
hand, his hair's freakin' purple!  Purple, you hear me?  Give people hair
that's not black in Dragon Ball, and it's gotta be purple.  What was 
Toriyama-san on when he thought up Trunks' hair?  Seriously though, I have 
just begun to be able to stand Trunks now, and he's a good fighter.  That's 
because he's the easiest character handle!  He has a good balance of power, 
speed and stamina with a variety of kicking tricks.  This is the guy best 
for beginners, or for any Trunks fan or girl who is into the DBZ series 
(they all seem to have a creepy attraction to him).

4G  Super Saiya-Jin Vegeta
As always, Vegeta wants to be better than Gokou.  And this time, he actually
is better than him!  Vegeta is pretty much the best to use if you want to 
master technique.  Of course, if you use a SSJ Gokou, then he'll kick 
Vegeta's ass!  Still, Vegeta has some very interesting moves, old and new
alike.  I'm dissapointed that he doesn't have the Galick-Ho in this one, I 
always liked that move.  They should have given Vegeta his GT outfit, but
instead they stuck him with his Buu saga outfit, which was just lazy.  Yeah,
but what the hell can I do about it?  He has good speed and power that 
compares with Chibi Gokou.  He performs especially well in close quarters
fighting.  Use Vegeta defensively though, not offensively.

4H   Perfect Cell
Dr. Gero's ultimate artificial human, Cell absorbed Juuhachi-gou and her 
brother, Juuhana-gou to reach his Kenzatai, or perfect form.  When Gokou 
destroyed his body, Cell rebuilt himself in Perfect form.  Though Son Gohan
killed him, Cell returns to fight in this game.  Cell has the most advanced
attacking and staying powers of the initial ten characters.  When exchanging
blows he will be sligthly stronger than Vegeta.  But seeing as how Cell's
movements are so slow , it's difficult to get anyone in a corner for combos.
The best tactic with Cell is to use his Shock Wave from close and above your
opponent for a surprise, but be careful they don't attack while charging
4I  Original Buu
This is the final form of Majin Buu we get to see. The first form of Majin 
Buu without anybody absorbed, he possesses merely animal intelligence being 
unable to speak outside of growls, but is still extremely dangerous. 
Original Buu is slightly weaker than default-unfused Super Buu, which 
allowed Son Gokou, Vegeta, and Fat Buu to stand a chance against him.  He 
also has returned from the Dragon Ball past, in place of Ubuu who is his 
reincarnated self in fact!  Oh well, you just have to here Buu "talk" and 
then you won't give a damn about Ubuu.  OB's voice is just hilarious!  Use
Buu's irregular movements and his small size to avoid attacks.  This guy is
probably the worst character to fight against because his attacks are so 
fast and so damn crazy!

4J  Freeza
The third of the ressurected villians, Freeza appears in his Fourth and 
original form.  This form is the most powerful of his, which killed Klilyn.
Freeza was killed when Mirai Trunks when the man arrived, but is back at 
large.  Freeza uses his tail along with his feet to attack, so keep your
on that little trick.  With quick attacks and his tail, Freeza is thoroughly
guarded from physical attacks.  Howevewr, as his stamina is rather low, his
strength is in long range fighting.

4K  Mirai Trunks
This Trunks I rather like.  He is actually a few years younger than the 
other Trunks, but looks much older because of the life he led.  In MT's 
timeline, Gokou suffered a fatal heart disease's attack while fighting 
Juuhachigou and Juuhanagou, and the two took over the world.  All of the 
Z Senshi died except for Son Gohan, who trained him.  Trunks went back in 
time using his mother's time machine and gave Gokou heart medicine, and was
killed by Cell during the Cell Game.  He was wished back to life with 
Dende's new Dragon Balls, and returned to the future.  As always, Mirai 
Trunks only wears a black muscle shirt (where did he get that?  I'm looking 
for a black muscle shirt, dammit!) and grey pants, he's missing his famous
sword and his jacket, just as Trunks also is missing his jacket.  I smell
a conspiracy...

4L  Super Gokou 4
This is Gokou at his fullest.  He is the only Saiya-Jin who can reach that
power level, though Vegeta did with the help of Bulma's Brute Ray.  Son 
Gokou has been proved to be the Legendary Saiya-Jin when he reached this, 
after reaching Super Oozaru like Bebi Vegeta does.  Gokou used Earth like 
a full moon after Dai-Kaoioushin and Kaiou-bit pulled his tail out of
Gokou with giant pliers.  Super Gokou 4 (NOT Super Saiya-Jin 4 Gokou as the
game says) is a big, red-furred powerhouse who is also extremely fast.  He 
uses the advanced Juubeh (1ox) Kamehameha, and is the best playable 
character in thew game for Gokou-users.

4M  Bebi Vegeta
Bebi took over Vegeta's body, now how ironic is that?  Saiya-Jin warriors 
destroyed the Tsufurujin's civilization and took over their planet, so now,
a mutated Tsufurujin is using a Saiya-Jin as his body!  Okay, so maybe it's
not so ironic.  Bebi Vegeta is a Super Oozaru, a golden monkey, and is the
final boss in this game.  He is also available through a rather confusing 
Gameshark code, though I forget where that is.  It's on the Gameshark
Code Creators' Homepage, so if you can figure it out, e-mail me.

4N Super Saiya-Jin Vegitto
This is the Vegitto that we all know and love, only better.  His attacks are
some of the greatest yet, and his voice is Son Gokou's and Vegeta's dually,
a very cool idea.  His teleportation looks very interesting, just like the 
real type.  All the moves that this Fusion character has are original, and
just great.  What else can I say about him.  He, Super Gokou 4 and Gohan 
are probably the best characters in the game.

4O Gotenks
This fusion of Trunks and Goten is the cockiest person in the game, and one
of the shorter ones, in between Trunks and Pan.  His Renzoku Energy Dan or
rather Renzoku Energy Shine, is the strongest this side of Bebi Vegeta.
Being a Super Saiya-Jin, he is of course strong as hell.  However, Gotenks
is the most difficult to get of all the secret characters so far, but just
the novelty of getting him is worth it.  Make a Build Up file of him and 
Bebi when you get the chance; I myself have almost an entire Memory Card
devoted to Build Up mode, now that's creepy.

5.) Modes of Play
5A Battle
In this mode you select a character to play as and you fight through almost 
all of the characters until you reach Bebi Vegeta and battle with the 
goliath.  If you don't lose a match and beat Bebi Vegeta with high health,
you will fight Super Gokou 4.  If you beat him, he will become available
as a character.  You can use the codes to get him, but it's much more 
satisfying to get it this way.

5B Versus
This is pretty much self explaintory; two players pick their characters and 
duke it out.  If you don't understand VS Mode, then stop smoking weed.  At
least for now, anyway.

5C Options
You can change various settings in here:
 -Key Configuration: There are three types; A, B and C.  
 -Difficulty Level: There are three types; Easy, Normal and Hard.
 -Demo: You can turn On or Off the Knockout Demo that happens when you move 
far away.  The default is On.
 -Life/Power: You can turn whether the Life an Ki Gauges are On and Off.  
The default is On.
 -Meteo Smash: You can turn these Off and On as well, though seeing as how 
you can never do them in open combat, it doesn't really matter.  The 
default is On.
 -Practice Mode: Enter here to practice your attacks and combos.  Choose 
character and your opponent; the opponent can be controlled by 2 player,
and there are no Life or Ki Gauges, it's real fun for dickin'around.

5D Build Up Mode
In this mode, you pick someone to build up.  If you use Meteos alot, then
they will be built up.  The same is true for Knockout tricks; if you use 
'em, then they get built up.  You can build up ki blasts and attacks, but
if you use something too much, others may even get weaker!  Whether you win
or lose, your will build up power.  Your opponent's difficulty will change
if you pick higher levels; the more you defeat, the more you can choose.
You can have battles between built up characters if you want; they don't
get built up, but it's good to see how 
good your characters are.  If you have the Japanese version, then you can
port characters from the Build Up mode of the other two Playstation video
games.  Your characters from that one will be at half power: the GT guys are
just so damn strong!

5F Tournament Mode
Up to eight players can particoipate in the Tenkaichi Boudokai Mode, until 
one is declared the winner.  There is only one round to each fight, but it
is still pretty cool.  You choose one of the two stages, a mountain level
and the familiar Boudokai level from every single Dragon Ball Z video game,
even the Gameboy ones!  There is also Build Up Tournament, which is a fight
in between the Built Up characters.

6.) Moves-------------------------------------------------------------------
6A  Son Gokou  (Counts for all adult Gokou's except Super Gokou 4)
Knockout #1  Kamehameha
Knockout #2  Chou Kamehameha
Genki Dama   F, B, D, U + A (Only with original GT Gokou)
Spinning Fists  D, F + #
Smashing Kicks  B, D, F + O
Slash-Down Kick  F, D + O (in air) 
Jump Knee Lift  D, U +O
Dash Elbow  F, F + #
Suggested combos
-Punch, Punch, Smashing Kicks
-Dash Elbow, Dodge, Spinning Fist, Renzoku Energy Dan

6B  Pan
Knockout #1  Atomic Side Blitz
Knockout #2  Shinkuu-Kikoken
Eagle Knee Lift  D, U + O
Cyclone Heel Kick  D, F + 0
Cutting Uppercut  F, B, F + #
Jack Force Combination  D, F + #
Wild Whip Cycle  F, B, D, U + #
Suggested combo
-Punch, Punch, Eagle Knee Lift, Cutting Uppercut

6C  Son Gohan
Knockout #1  Masenko
Knockout #2  Kamehameha
Knee Smasher  F, B, F + O
Jumping Axe Kick  D, U + O
Lightning Kick Bomb  F, D + O (in air)
Missile Kick  D, F + O
Jet Uppercut  D, F + #
Suggested combo:
-Knee Smasher, Kick, Jumping Axe Kick
6D  Piccolo
Knockout #1  Makankousappo
Knockout #2  Gekiretsukoudan 
Sonic Kick  F, B, F + O
Madankyaku  D, U + O
Lightning Kick Bomb  F, D + O (in air)
Cutting Wave  F, F, F + O
Mashoudankyaku B, D, F + O
Mystic Attack  F, F + #
Suggested combo:
-Madankyaku, Sonic Kick, Cutting Wave      
6E  Chibi Son Gokou  (Counts for all Chibi Son Gokou)
Knockout #1  Kamehameha
Knockout #2  Chou Kamehameha
Sliding Bomb  B, D, F + #
Sanrenkyaku  F, F, F + O
Slash Down Kick  F, D + O (in air) 
Bakuretsu Combination F, D, B + #
Solid Shoot D, F + O
Suggested combo:
-Punch, punch, kick, Sanrenkyaku
6F  Trunks  (Counts for all GT Trunks)
Knockout #1  Burning Attack 
Knockout #2  Finish Buster 
Rushing Kick  F, F + O
Sliding Kick B, D, F + O
Down The Hill D, B + O
Brave Sabre F, B, F + #
Lightning Show B, B + O
Suggested combo:
-Punch, Punch, Sliding Kick, Sliding Kick

6G  Super Saiya-Jin Vegeta
Knockout #1  Big Bang Attack      
Knockout #2  Final Flash        
Dash Elbow  F, F + #
Self destuct  B, F, D, U + A
Slash-Down Kick F, D + O (in air) 
Slash-Arrow Kick  D, U + O
Hammer Smash  D, U + #
Wild Spin Kick  D, B + O
Super Dash D, F + O
Heel Shoot  F, F + O
Suggested combo:
-Punch, Dash Elbow, Super Dash
-Super Dash, Heel Shoot, Wild Spin Kick

6H  Perfect Cell
Knockout #1  Kamehameha
Knockout #2  Shougekiha
Cell Combination  F, U, F + #
Rising Attack  , U + #
Head Attack [beginning] B, B, F + #
Head Attack [additional] F + #
Ground Slider D, F + O
Power Attack D, F + #
Suggested combo:
-Punch, Cell Combination, Ground Slider

6I  Original Buu
Knockout #1  Powerball 
Knockout #2  Saiko No Kogeki 
Arm Ball  D, F + #
Ultimate Punch B, D, F + #
Spiral Kick  D, F + O
Self Destruct  B, F, D, U + A
Earth Shoot B, D + Ox3
Expand Punch F, B, F + #
Suggested combo:
-Punch, Punch, Kick, Kick, Spiral Kick

6J  Freeza
Knockout #1  Death Ball 
Knockout #2  Evil Energy
Super Tail Kick  B, D, F + O
Guillotine Kick Combination  F, F + O
Flying Kick  F, D + O (in air)
Head Attack B, B, F + #
Dash Elbow  F, F + #
Suggested combo:
-Renzoku Energy Dan, Dash Elbow, Super Tail Kick

6K  Vegitto
Knockout #1  Igaru Kamehameha 
Knockout #1  Flash Sword Attack 
Psychic Whip  B, D, U + A
Heel Shoot F, F + O
Spiral Heel Shoot  F, D + O (in air)
Phantom Summer B, D, U + O 
Rising Chain Kick D, U + O
Atomic Break Combo D, A + O
Suggested combo:
-Ki no Tsurugi, Igaru Kamehameha (while close)

6L  Super Gokou 4
Knockout #1  Kamehameha 
Knockout #2  Juubeh Kamehameha 
Spear Shoot  D, F + #
Slash Down Kick F, D + O (in air)
Reppugazanshuu  B, D, F + O
Jump Knee Lift D, U + O
Dash Elbow  F, F + #

6M  Mirai Trunks
Knockout #1  Burning Attack 
Knockout #2  Finish Buster 
Down The Hill  D, B + O
Blocking Over  F, F + O
Grand Shoot Jabbering  B, D, F + O
Brave Sabre  F, B, F + #
Lightning Sonic B, B + O

7.) Codes-------------------------------------------------------------------
A. Everyone knows these codes, but what the hell, I'll put them in too!  
After all, I've gotten e-mail aplenty telling me to put the codes in.

The Secret Saiya-Jins
To use the SSJ versions of Trunks, Gokou in the GT costume, Chibi Gokou, 
Mirai Trunks, Gokou in the Z cosyume, and Vegitto, press Right, Left, Down, 
Up, Right, Left, Down, Up at the screen where you can get to the Sound Test
Screen.  You'll here a "ping" if you did it right.

Super Gokou 4
To use this powerful warrior, simply press the Triangle button five times,
then the Square button nine times after you've put in the Super Saiya-Jins
code, or do it the hard way (said above).

Wire Frame Mode
Hold Select while selecting your character.  Now, the should be a wireframe
version of themself.

Play as Gotenks
Beat the game with Trunks nine times on hard level. After the ninth 
time, highlight Trunks and press SELECT nine times. 

B. I got these codes from the Gameshark Code Creators Club.  If anyone can
figure out how to activate the Super Baby (I hate that name) please e-mail 
me so we can all share in the secret.

Infinite Life Meter Player 1--------80072840 0880
Infinite Life Meter Player 2--------800728BC 0880
Infinite Power Meter Player 1-------80073270 0000
Infinite Power Meter Player 2-------80073272 0000
Enable All Blocks (Build-Up Mode)---8003BC7C 0107
Secret Characters-------------------8003BCC4 FFFF
                                    8003BCC6 FFFF
                                    D005686C 0180
                                    8003BCA4 0011
                                    D005686C 0180
                                    8003BCA6 0011
Quick Level Up----------------------8003B860 0001
                                    8003B864 0400

Note: For Access to Super Baby hold Select while pushing Square. 

Sherwin "Wuken" Abesamis for most of the character moves.
Anthony Valente for mastering Vegitto.
Akira Toriyama for creating the characters of the game.
Johny Chueng at for spotting my little T's that were in place of F's.
Henry Toy for the secret code to play as Gotenks.  I'll bet that Gogeta's
in there too!
Street Fighter players in Missasauga, Ontario for being the best damn Street
Fighter players in the world, and my favorite to challenge.  There is no 
such thing as an Oriental Button Masher!

Check out  for the coolest Dragon Ball
fanfics page, or 
else!  I work at but Sarah Page is the 
best one.  
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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