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Dino Crisis 2 - Basic Guide
Written By: Tom Walton

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>>> Disclaimer <<<

This guide is the spoiler-free guide. Check this out if you're stuck in a certain part of 
the game. Nothing will be revealed to you except the location of items and monsters in 
that area.

Furthermore this Guide is not and will not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form. It
may not be posted up on another website except for gamefaqs, and my site If I do see someone else using this guide, and I 
will find outsooner or later, I will bother you constantly until it is taken off. Why 
bother instead of just taking legal action? Cause legal action is just a bunch of BS to 
scare someone from using their guide. I worked hard and stayed up all hours of the 
night to make this, and although being an insomniac helps, it was still a pain in the
ass to write. Get it? Got it? Good.

If you see this Guide on any other site, please email me at 


>>> Contents <<<
       1. Story
       2. Characters
       3. Controls
          -5a. Menu Controls
          -5b. Gameplay Controls
       4. Walkthough
          -4a. Jungle
          -4b. Military Facility - Outside
          -4c. Military Facility - Interior
          -4d. Jungle Pt.2
          -4e. Military Facility Pt.2
          -4f. Jungle Pt.3
          -4g. Research Facility
          -4h. Boat Ride
          -4i. Third Energy Facility
          -4j. Third Energy Reactor
          -4k. The Route to Edward City
          -4l. Outrunning the Triceratops
          -4m. Edward City
          -4n. Jungle Pt.4
          -4o. Missle Silo
          -4p. The Watergate
          -4q. Habitat Support Facility
          -4r. The Escape
          -4s. The Ending
       5. Cheats
       6. Gameshark Codes
       7. Special Thanks


>>> 1. Story <<<


One year has passed since Regina's fight for survival against raging dinosours and the 
capture of the rogue scientist Dr. Kirk.

Despite dangers, the government has recklessly resumed massive research on Third Energy. 
The heedless quest for immediate results and neglet of predictable consequences. 
Another "accident" looms.

Suddenly, a military base, a research institute, and an entire town mysteriously vanish!

Now a special mission to rescue survivors., uncover the mystery and recover the 
missing research data begins.

Armed with the latest in heavy artillery, a hand-picked team heads into the unknown - 
a dangerous jungle from another time.

Only Regina has an inkling of the adrenaline-pumping prehistoric challenge the team 
will soon encounter...

Pure terror!


>>> 2. Characters <<<

Age:     24
Height:  5ft 9in
Team:    S.O.R.T.
        (Secret Operation Raid Team)
An expert in stealth missions, Regina is a member of an espionage agency that reports 
directly to the government. She is a survivor of last year's mission to capture Dr. 
Kirk. Considering her outstanding past performance, the agency tagged her once again 
for this mission. Agility and cool composure in any situation are her biggest strengths.

Age:     25
Height:  5ft 11in
Team :   T.R.A.T.
        (Tactical Reconnoitering and Aquisition Team)
Dylan is a true soldier. A member of a special task force in the army, his extremly 
strong body and mind can endure any adverse circumstances. Though somewhat lacking 
in agility, Dylan's strength makes him excellent at handling heavy firearms. He will 
realize his destiny during this mission...

Age:     23
Height:  6ft 0in
Team :   T.R.A.T.
        (Tactical Reconnoitering and Aquisition Team)
A member of Dylan's special task force, David's humorous take on danger keeps the 
team's morale high. A weekend wrangler, he wears his favorite cowboy hat constantly. 
Though weaker than Dylan in fighting ability, David's compassion for his friends is 
an indispensable asset to the team.

Mysterious Survivors
Regina and Dylan encounter mysterious survivors in Edward City. For some reason, 
these eerie individuals are hostile to the rescue team and attack them persistently. 
They hold a significant clue to the riddle of Edward City's disappearence.


>>> 3. Controls <<<

>> 3a. Menu Controls <<

Directional Buttons / Left Stick    Choose an option or command
X Button                            Confirm a selection
Square Button                       Confirm a selection
Triangle Button                     Cancel a selection

>> 3b. Gameplay Controls <<

START Button                        Start Game / Pause / Access Option mode
SELECT Button                       Access Inventory screen / Cancel event movie
Directional Buttons / Left Stick    Move character(up/down) / Rotate character(left/right)
Square Button                       Action (Check item / Attack)
X Button                            Action (Check item / Attack)
Circle Button                       Use sub weapon
Triangle Button                     Side / Back step
R1 Button                           Draw weapon
R2 Button                           Quick 180 degree turn
L1 Button                           Change target (when a weapon is drawn)
L2 Button                           Access map screen


>>> 4. Walkthrough <<<

>> 4a. Jungle <<

Go through the door which Dylan used his machete to clear the path to. Run straight 
until another cutscene occurs. Three Velociraptors will ambush you from all sides. Run 
past the one to Dylan's left so they cant attack you from both sides, then attack. 

Hint: When going one-on-one with a raptor, use the machete, it will knock them down, 
then start attacking them until they die. It will save you a lot of ammo. 

After they have been defeated, run straight towards the fork in the road. Go right if you 
want a Med Pak M, then go left and up the ladder. Keep running and go down the next 
ladder. Keep going straight, avoiding raptors whenever possible. Raptors usualy come 
in two's, so be carful not to get surrounded. You'll reach another ladder. Go down 
that. Run straight and kill the raptor that jumps out. Then go down the next ladder. 
Keep running up and down ladders until you reach a spot where you can see a med pack 
on top of a metal crate. If you choose to climb up and get it, you'll be rewarded with 
a Med Pak S. If not, just go to the right and jump down the crevice. Run straight and go 
through the steel gate. Upon entering, a brief cutscene begins. After it ends, run to 
your right lies a save/shop monitor, as well as a dino file on the floor. Go there and 
buy whatever you think you will need for the next part, as well as renew your ammunition 
for your shotgun. Go straight, bypassing the door to the left, and go up the next ladder 
to get a Resuscitation Pak. Go back down and go through the door to the right of the 
ladder. Go strsight and make a  quick left to get the Med Pak M on the floor. Go back and 
continue on to the metal fence. Jump down and keep running straight until you hit 
the entrance to the military facility.


>> 4b. Military Facility - Outside <<

Upon entering the facility, a cutscene begins. When the cutscene ends, run to ladder 
behind you and climb up. Run foward and then wait for the T-rex to destroy the cargo box 
blocking your path. Jump down quickly and run straight towards the ladder. Go up the 
ladder and run around the 
corner, picking up the Med Pak L along the way. The T-rex will once again destroy 
the cargo boxes blocking its path. Jump down and run straight until a cutscene starts 
up. After the cutscene, you enter the door to the military 
facility's interior.


>> 4c. Military Facility - Interior <<

Run to the top-right side of the room and pick up the dino file off the desk. Now go 
left and through the only availible door. Run around the corner and go into the first 
door to your left. Inside lies a save/shop, a keycard to the left side of the room, 
and the doctor's papers on the examining bed. Restock your ammo and exit. 

When you exit, a pack of raptors will already be running towards you. Take them out and 
run back to the first part of the facility. There are 4 more raptors in the room, take 
them out, or just run towards the door to the outside. The T-rex is waiting for you, 
but run to your right and into the next door. Goto your right and pick up the Storage 
Room Items file and then towards the back of the room. Use the keyplate on it to open 
it and take the Research Facility Keycard. A cutscene begins after taking the 

>> 4d. Jungle Pt.2 <<

The cutscene ends and you now play the role of Regina. If you need to save, go back down 
the ladder and into the ship. There is a save/shop inside. Now go back and up the ladder. 
Run stright and use the stungun on the gate panel and it will open. To your right, there 
lies a dead soldier, examine him to get a new dino file. Run across the bridge and towards 
the door on the other side. More raptors await you here, just run straight and keep going 
until you reach another door. Now go straight until you reach a fork in the road. Instead 
of going through the door in front of you, turn left and go down till you reach the door. 
Walk towards the ladder and try to climb it. A short cutscene will follow introducing a 
new enemy...The Allosaurus. You best bet would be to run towards the door, but if you 
want to fight it, then by all means, good luck. When you enter, a group of raptors will 
attack, kill them and climb up the ladder to your right. Run straight and then drop 
down. Go past the vine covered door and go into the next door to your right. You are 
now in a save/shop room. Pick up the Incineration of Plants file off the table. The 
file points out that the flame launcher is the ideal weapon for taking out the plants. 
Luckily, a flame launcher is availible for the low price of 8,000 (16,000 hard mode). 

After doing that, leave the room and sit back as another cutscene begins. After the 
cutscene, travel back to where the Allosaurus was. If you're feeling super, kill him, 
you'll get a nice 4000 points for defeating him. 

Hint: When going up against the Allosaurus, stay on the northern ledge, the ledge 
with the door you just came out of, and shoot until he sidesteps away. Move a little back
so he jumps onto the ledge. Jump off and wait underneath the ladder until he 
jumps off the ledge. Now climb back up and do it all over again until he is defeated.
Easy Pickens...

Run back to the fork in the road where you made the left instead of going through the 
door. This time, go through the door. When you enter, it will tell you about the 
poisonous spores emited from the plants. This is where you use your flame launcher. 
Just light those babies up wherever you see them. After you're done, go through the 
door at the end of the path.

Hint: If you are quick, you can get up to a 13 hit combo on all the spore plants. 
This adds up to an amazing 5600 points.

In the next room, you find more plants. Kill them and jump down the ladder and go 
through the door. You find yourself back in the water tower save room. You've seen 
this place before, and you know what to do. Refill your ammo, but some health 
supplies, then go through the door to the right of the ladder. There are no raptors 
to annoy you while going to the military facility. There is a cool triceratops 
walking in the background though. (*Note: you cant hit it, Ive tried.) Keep on going 
till you reach the doorway to the entrance of the military facility.


>> 4e. Military Facility Pt.2 <<

Upon entering, the screech of a Pterodactyl rings through the air, when you hear that, 
it means run. Run over to the hardware storage room. Pick up the keycard on the floor 
and leave. Run to the left of the door to get to the military facility interior 
entrance. Once inside, be ready to be attacked by two raptors. After that, proceed to 
the only other door availible. Go past the medical room and all the way to the end of 
the hallway, use your stungun to open the door leading to the control room. Once inside, 
goto your left and up the stairs. There should be a Management of Keyplates file there. 
Pick it up and go back down. Now run around the room until you hit a control panel with 
different color lights shining. Use your key plate on it and then take the Blue Key 
Plate. With that all done, all you have to do is go back to where Dylan is trapped, 
avoiding the Pterodactyls on your way out. When you get there, use the Blue Key Plate 
on the blue lock next to the door. A cutscene begins.


>> 4f. Jungle Pt.3 <<

You are now in control of Dylan again. When you go up the ladder, get ready to either 
run or attack the Allosaurus thats coming for you. After you're done, or if you chose 
to run, run to the once blocked door to your left. The boxes have been removed. When 
you enter, another Allosaurus comes toward you. Use the high ground to your advantage 
and take him out. Now keep going straight till you go down the second ladder.

Shortcut: On my second run through the game, I saved more time by getting the Third 
Energy Research Keycard earlier than usual. Instead of having to go all the way back 
to this spot to get the keycard, search the waterfall twice and a leaf should pop out. 
Follow the leaf until it stops. Search the around the leaf to get the 
Third Energy Facility Keycard.

After getting the keycard, go up the stairs and follow the path to the door. When you 
enter, you'll notice that the terrain is familiar. You'll also notice the raptors 
coming to take off your head. Run to the ladder to the left. Keep running up and down 
the ladders until you reach the water tower save/shop point. On the way, you'll meet 
the T-rex once again, dont worry, as he does not see you and will not attack. When you 
arrive at the water tower, refill your ammo and check your medical supplies. Another 
tool has been added, the heavy blade. Buy it if you have the extra cash, if not, dont 
bother. Now go through the door near the save/shop point. When you exit, you'll be 
attacked by two raptors. 

Hint: This is a great place to rack up dino points. The small area prevents you from 
being surrounded, making raptors easy targets.

Go up the ladder and meet up with some more raptors. Keep running till you get to the 
door at the end of the path. Again, more raptors, kill them and run to the door. There 
are Pterodactyl's flying around in here so run straight ahead to the door without 
stopping. Go up the ladder and kill the raptors that come at you. Then go down the 
next ladder. Use the machete on the door to Dylan's left and go in. 


>> 4g. Research Facility <<

Go left and keep going until a cutscene begins. The cutscene introduces a new dinosaur, 
the Oviraptor. Kill them but be sure to watch out for their spit attack. Keep running, 
but be careful of the Oviraptors jumping through the windows, until you hit the door. 
Use the Research Facility Keycard on the door and enter. 

Go right and into the the first door on the left. Inside the research lounge is a 
save/shop point. Pick up the Researcher's Notebook off the exmining bed and then refill 
all your ammo. A few new tools are availible to you now, namely the EPS Silver Card and 
the Inner Suit. Do not close the ventilation shaft to the left of the save/shop point. 
Go left towards the back of the room. First open the cage with the green light. it will 
open and up and you'll receive a new dino file. After that, close the ventilation shaft 
right next to it. Now goto the right side of the room and close the ventilation shaft 
there. Use the machete on the door to cut away the vines. In the next room, pick up the 
Researcher's Records file right next to you. Now go all the way left until you reach 
another ventilation shaft. Close that one and proceed out the door. you find yourself 
back in the hall you started in. Run all the way east to the last door and use the 
keycard on the lock next to the door. A short cutscene begins.

You have to get the card back from the Compy. The main reason for closing the ventillation 
shafts was so you could trap the Compy from escaping your grasp. Chase the Compy to the 
ventilation shaft you left open. When you accomplish this, go into the Researcher 
Lounge and close the ventilation shaft therefore trapping it in the room with you. Now 
you must try and lure it into the cage that you opens towards the back of the room. Once 
you do this, the keycard will slide out of the cage and you're done.

Leave the room and get your weapon ready cause some Oviraptors will attack you once you 
get out. Kill them and then use the Research Facility Keycard to open the door to your 
right. Walk foward and pick up the Starter Battery off the Floor, as well as the Report 
on the Unidentified Body file. Thats all there is in this room. Now its time to travel 
all the way back to the ship. You already know how to get back to the ship, so ill just 
mention the new enemies that await while traveling back. The Oviraptors return while 
running past the escalator again. This is a great time to rack up points, as I have 
gotten up to an 18 hit combo here. The Oviraptors have replaced most of the raptors 
in the area. There is also another Alosaurus waiting for you where you first met the 
first one. Thats about it, so get yourself back to the ship where Regina is waiting for 


>> 4h. Boat Ride <<

When you get into the boat, a cutscene begins. After the cutscene, save your game and 
restock your ammo. After that click on the control panel and set the destination to the 
Third Energy Facility. Uh oh, your boat is under sttack by Plesiosaurus' and Pterodactyls. 
This is pretty fun to play, but dont let that go to your head, you still have to win. 
When you reach your final destination, you will take control of Regina. 


>> 4i. Third Energy Facility <<

The save/shop point contains a few more weapons and tools. A good investment would be the 
Missle Pod Launcher. It takes out the Plesiosaurus' extremely easy and without getting 
hit as well. Now leave the boat and walk till you hit the dock. Follow the path up, a 
bunch of Plesiousaurus will pop out of the water, if you have the missle pod, blast them 
away, if not, I suggest you keep running cause they can kill you instantly if they drag 
you underwater. Go through the door at the end of the path and get ready for some dino 
killing. Through the door you again have the option of running or shooting. Shooting will 
give you alot of points, especially when you survive without getting hit (10,000 points). 
Pterodactyls roam the next area. Run past them and through the door at the end. More 
Pterodactyls are in the next area, run towards your left and pick up the Soldier's Papers 
that are next to the dead soldier. The papers tell you of a keycard he dropped in the 
jungle. If you followed my walkthrough then you should already have it and will not have 
to go all the way back to retrieve it. Go to your right and you should see a door. Use 
the Third Energy Keycard on the control panel near the door to open it. Run straight and 
kill the Plesiosaurus' that pop out. Then go south and onto the boat thats docked. Keep 
running to the other side of the dock. Follow the path until you reach the door at the 

You're now facing a flight of stairs. Go up both of them and then make a left and 
pick up the Key for the Box. There is also a file on some of the equipment if you goto 
the back of the room. This room is also a save/shop point so stock up and save before 
ventring out again. Check the console across from the door from the door for a new dino 
file and then go through the door. Run past the Pterodactyls and check the dead guy in 
the corner. You'll find a mechanics keycard. Run back to the control room. Now 
backtrack a little to where you crossed the boat. There was a box that was locked. Go 
back and used the Key for the Box to open it. The box contains a passcode. They change 
every time you play so you'll have to get it yourself. My first code was 4521, my 
second time playing though was 3142. After getting the cide, run back up to the control 
room and use the Mechanic's Keycard and enter the password you got from the boat file, 
to open the door to the right of the stairs.

Go down the elevator and down the flight of stairs. Keep going straight until you hit 
the door. Go right and run to the computer screen. You have to restore power the 
computers. When you turn on the computer, it will make the green boxes, to Regina's 
left and right, start to blink red. Use your stungun to turn the red box to green. 
After finishing this the power will be restored and you are done. Jump off the ledge 
and go to your left. Climb up the ladder and pick up the file on the console. To the 
left of the file is some lockers. Check them to get a Diving Suit. Drop down once more 
and check the computer right next to the ladder. The lift will now take you down to 
the Third Energy Reactor.


>> 4j. Third Energy Reactor <<

The lift takes you down to the Third Energy Reactor. The only problem is...its 
underwater. Just as you get down, two Mosasaurus' attack you. 

Hint: A good way to take on the Mosasaurus is to first use the Shockwave, which 
knocks them down, then proceed to attack with the needle gun. Dont worry about 
running out of ammo as they are infinite. 

Goto your right and drop down the ledge. There is a Med Pak S here, pick it up if you 
need it, then go south and drop down another ledge. Keep walking, there should be a few 
more Mosasaurus' attacking you, so kill them and run until you reach another ledge. Drop 
down that and go left. Further left isa Med Pak L. Get that or just go through the door 
a little to your left. You're now at a save/shop point. Restock your medical supplies 
and save your game. Go right and pick up the file in the computer alcove. Continue on 
and you'll reach a ladder. Go right and into the big door. Follow the only path availible 
and jump over the half closed shutter (press triangle to jump). After jumping, go through 
the door in front of you. Nothing much here, watch out for 2 mosasaurus' and go straight 
into the next door. There are more mosasaurus' in here. Go straigh a little and than make 
a right. Follow the path until you reach some double doors and a platform with a Med Pak 
on it. Jump to the top of the platform and go foward. Jump over the small gap and keep 
walking around the catwalk. Soon you'll reach another Med Pak. Pick it up if you wish and 
then proceed to jump over another small gap onto the central platform.

Hint: When you are jumping, dont press the d-pad too hard on the direction you want to 
go, or you'll end up passing your destination and fall back to the ground. Tap the d-pad.

Goto your right and you'll see another small gap. Jump over it and the screen will 
center in on the cracked pillar. You should have bought the Aquagrenade weapon from the 
last save/shop point. If not, you'll have to travel back and get it. Otherwise, take it 
out and blast the pillar. It will break and the door above it will be accessible. Now 
walk to your right. You'll see something shining in the water. Goto it and click on it. 
Its the switch to power up the elevator. Now follow the path and jump over the 
obstuction. Now turn left and drop down to where the dead guy lies. A mosasaurus will 
come after you so be careful not to get knocked back down to a lower level. Now pick up 
the key that lies next to the guy and then backtrack all the way to the save/shop point.

When you arrive, goto the small computer panel to the right of the save/shop point. Use 
the plug on the control panel and then operate it. The shutters will move down allowing 
you to access what you couldnt before. Now go back to there you first started jumping 
the platforms, near the double doors where the med pak was. Go through those double doors 
and into a save/shop point. Save your game first, than go up the elevator right next to 
the save/shop point. Keep going stright, jumping over the shutters blocking your path, 
and pick up the City Keycard next to the dead guy. Turn right and go foward a little to 
pick up a new dino file.  Now make a right and go down the elevator. When the elevator 
reaches the bottom, get off and go through the door. A cutscene begins which introduces 
you to the Plesiosaurus. First off, you NEED the aquagrenade. So refill the ammo for it, 
and try to buy some extra magazines for it, before you meet up with the Plesiosaurus. 

Hint: The Plesiosaurus is a simple enemy if you know the trick to beating him.
Now when you start off, run straight foward till you reach a ledge with a med pak. You 
may get hit once or twice, but dont worry. Now jump onto that ledge, then jump onto the 
ledge to the left. Then jump to the next ledge, which may take a few tries to do. When 
you get up there, there is a little alcove with a med pak in it. You can stand there and 
blast him when he passes by. It will only take about 7-10 hits in normal mode for it to 

After you kill it, the blue defensive force fields will subside and you will be able to 
get into the next room. From the alcove, turn to the right and jump across the small 
ledge. You should see another ledge below. Jump to that and you should see a door in 
front of you, as well as a Med Pak L. Operate the panel next to the door and enter. You 
are in an elevator. It asks you to goto the surface. Say yes.


>> 4k. The Route to Edward City <<

After you walk down the stairs with Regina, a cutscene begins. When the scene ends and 
you now play as Dylan. Walk towards the gate in front of you and go through it. the 
raptors are back, take them out with the everhandy shotgun. Then goto the door to your 
right. Run straight and past the cargo boxes to meet up with another old friend...the 
Allosaurus. Use the same tactics on him as before. When he is defeated, goto the 
save/shop point thats located in the same area. A good idea would be to pick up the 
chaingun for the monsters ahead. There is also the light-weight armor availible which 
may cost a chunk of change, but halves damage cause by enemies. With nothing else to do 
in this room, go back. 

Once back out the door, go straight up until you see a smashed truck in the back. Make 
a small right and you'll see a new dino file. After that, go into the destroyed fence 
and hack aay the vines on the door at the end of the path. Go straight and a cutscene 
will begin. After that, keep running along the path until you reach the door. A few 
Oviraptors will pop out to attack you, so just take them out with you shot gun. In the 
next area, more oviraptors roam the land. Keep running straight while shooting until 
you reach another door. The next area is blocked off by a huge boulder. In order to 
pass it, equip the chaingun and blast the thing away. After blowing it to pieces, 
go into the cave and go stright until you reach a fork in the road. The right side 
is blocked by a boulder. It is not necessary to blow this away, as it only leads you 
to a med pak L. Take the left path and keep running until you reach a ladder. Climb up 
it and meet a new dinosaur...The Inostrancevia.

Hint: Use the chainmine to knock the Inostrancevia on its back. From there, shoot its 
belly until it dies.

After having defeated them, start running right and fight some more Inostranvecia's until 
you reach another ladder. After climbing up, you see a boulder. Blast it and go through. 
Keep running until you reach a fork in the road. Take the right path and you'll notice 
another one of David's marks. Keep going until you reach a ladder, then decend it. You 
now face a fork in the road blocked by 2 boulders. The right path leads to a hungry 
Inostranvecia, the other leads to a save spot. Its your choice. If you chose the left 
path (which I hope), just keep running straight and you'll eventually reach the 
save/shop point.

Go up the ladder and a cutscene begins. After it ends, you receive a signal bullet 
which you must shoot when and where you want the cannon shot to go. After Regina 
reaches her desination, she will take over as backup so that Dylan can cross over 
as well. You do this one more time and then both of you enter a save/shop point. 

Run foward a little and a cutscene will begin.


>> 4l. Outrunning the Triceratops <<

Unlucky for both Dylan and Regina, an angry triceratops is hot on their tail. its Dylans 
job to keep it away from attacking the jeep. Start shooting it until it gets close, when 
it gets ready to attack, blast it and it will send it flying back. After about 15 seconds 
of that, things get hotter as another Triceratops joins in on the fun. Use the same strat, 
but make sure you hit the right one. The Triceratops like to seitch off at times, 
throwing you off.

After a minute or so, both will fall to the ground and an awesome FMV will begin. 

>> 4m. Edward City <<

After the cutscene, walk to the jeep straight across from you. Search the dead body near 
it to receive another dino file. From there go north, keep going north until you reach 
Robson's Store. In Robson's Store is a save/shop point. Save here and restock on anything 
you need. Then take the Shop Owner's Papers file off the counter. Now go towards the back 
of the room and grab the Living Quarters Key off he floor. Now leave the store and run 
all the way back. To where you started out in Edward City. Go through the door there and 
run straight towards the next door. On the way you will be attacked by some Oviraptors. 
Take them out and then use the Living Quarters Key on the door at the end of the path. 

As you walk out, your friend, the T-rex, pops out and runs after you. Dylan gets into a 
tank and now your objective is to escape alive. You can shoot him with your cannon, or 
you can shoot a flash bomb, which you have a limited amount of. The flash bomb will stun 
the T-rex, allowing you to get ahead of him. If you manage to knock him down, you will 
be rewarded 1000 points, but he will still come after you after you switch a few screens. 
Also, you must blast the cargo boxes in your path, with the cannon. There is only one way 
to go so dont worry about getting lost. When you get to the end, a gate will be closing 
and will trap the tank as it goes under. Dylan gets out and the T-rex has been avoided 
once more.

Now walk to your left and pick up the gas mask that is lying on the floor. A cutscene 


>> 4n. Jungle Pt.4 <<

You now take control of Regina. Goto the save/shop point and refill and restock anything 
you need. Also take the opportunity to aquire the latest tool, the EPS Gold Card. Dont 
leave home without it. The EPS Gold Card doubles the amount of Extinction Points earned 
while killing dinos. After that, leave the ship and climb the ladder. Run straight to the 
left gate and use the stungun to open it. Run across the bridge and go through the door. 
Keep running past the raptors till you get to the ladder, then ascend it. Now run 
straight, killing the raptors that get in your way, until you reach a fork in the road. 
Keep going straight into the door. Now you'll be in the poison marshes area. Keep running 
until you reach a fork in the road. Goto the top-right, which if you look, is a ledge 
with a ladder. When you reach the bottom, your gasmask will automaticall be put on your 
face. No enemies will attack you while you are in  this area so keep running along the 
path until you reach a ledge with a ladder. Decend it and walk some more to discover 
another ledge. Run some more again and descend the final ledge. You now are in front of 
the missle silo. 


>> 4o. Missle Silo <<

Once in here, go straight and save your game at the save/shop point, as well as refill 
your ammo. When you are done, go through the green door to the left of the save/shop 
point. Once outside, dispose of the raptors, and keep running straight until you reach 
a flight of stairs going down. Descend the stairs and go through the door. In the room, 
run straight over to the console with the flickering light. To the left of it is a dino 
file. Pick it up and then check the computer where the flickering light is. You have now 
received the Third Energy Disk. Leave the room and a cutscene begins.

As Regina enters the next room, the Gigantosaurus smashes through the wall. Regina attacks 
it using the gas terminals which burns its face up pretty good. The cutscene finally 
ends and you are given the info needed to kill the Gigantosaurus. Run from gas terminal 
to gas terminal, pressing the switch to activate the gas and then using the stun gun to 
create the flame, hitting the Gigantosaurus. He is quite easy as long as you're quick on 
your feet. If he roars, mash on the buttons so he doesnt attack you while you're on the 
ground. After about 6-8 hits, the Gigantosaurus will fall and the platforms will raise 
so you can get to the missle.

Run all the way around the walkway to the computer console. Another puzzle, but its not 
too hard. Just remember back to the Third Energy facility puzzle. You must use your 
stungun to hit the switches whenever they turn red. When you accomplish this, the bridge 
will raise. Run across it and follow the path left until you reach an elevator. Ride it 
up and then follow the path right to reach the console to open the missile head. Now run 
over to the missile head and deactivate the missile. Good work. Now head back down the 
elevator. When you get down, walk a little foward and then watch as an FMV starts up of 
the Gigantosaurus smashing everything in its path as it tries to feed on Regina.

Regina will wake up in the middle of a room with flames burning everywhere. Save your 
game and refill your ammo, then turn around and run towards the descending stairs. Once 
at the bottom, go through the door. Run stright in the next room, but be cautious of the 
Inostrovecia lurking about. Keep running, dodging the Inostranvecia's coming at you, 
until you reach some double doors. The next room also has inostranvecia's lurking about, 
kill them if you wish, but keep running straight until you reach another set of double 
doors. You're home free...or are you?


>> 4p. The Watergate <<

When Regina gets out of the building, Dylan and David are wating for her. They all run 
to the boat, but see that the water gate is shut, thus not allowing them to pass. They 
see a valve, which could be the way to open the water gate. Dylan and David both go 
out to try and open it. David tries to move the valve while Dylan goes on top of the 
platform with a gun. As David is turnng the valve, Dylan spots a raptor coming in 
close. Its now your job to shoot the incoming raptors while he turns the valve.

When you accomplish that a cutscene begins. 


>> 4q. Habitat Support Facility <<

Your objective now is to prevent any dinosaurs from attacking the mysterious girl. 
Follow her until you reach a weird looking door. She'll open it up for you. Follow 
her through. Keep following her until you reach a fence. She will climb over it, but 
you wont be able to. Instead, run to the left where a ladder will be waiting for you. 
Climb up the ladder and jump down before any dino's can attack her. In the next room, 
the girl will run over to a control panel. You will be ambushed by some Raptors when 
you chase after her. One you get to the top though, a force field blocks you from 
getting to her. The only way to get past the force field is to press the 4 switches 
located around the room. Search for them and come back to the force field when you 
are done. Now use the control panel located a little left of the ladder to shut off 
the force field. Once the field is deactivated, go through the door. Upon entering, 
run stright foward and pick up the Superintendant's Will file. Now go through the 
door to the back of the room. Walk across the platform and into the double doors. 
keep walking straight and you'll end up in another room. Pick up the Noa's Ark Plan 
file in the middle of the room. Go towards the back of the room to a save/shop point. 
Restock on ammo and medical supplies, and also save if you wish. After that, go 
through the door and enter the huge door.

Go down the steps and walk foward. A cutscene begins. After the cutscene ends, follow 
the girl to the next door and go in. Upon entering, another cutscene begins. When 
the cutscene ends, run left towards the bridge. Now start running across the bridge 
as fast as you can. If you are still on it when the Gigantosaurus smashes it, game 
over. If you successfully manage to survive, keep going stright to the console right 
in front of the bridge. A cutscene will start showing you that the exit has been blocked 
off. Turn on the terminal you're at now, this will start the anti-sattelite up. Now turn 
left and run stright towards the screen on the wall. Turn it on, now communications are 
active between the facility and the satellite. Now get ready for a long run. Follow the 
path all the way to the right. Keep going until you reach another computer terminal on 
the wall. Turn it on, now the coordinates have been set. Run back to the main terminal. 
Be prepared to get hit alot when running back, this dino doesnt want to die. When you 
reach the main terminal, fire the weapon. Good work.


>> 4r. The Escape <<

From the main terminal, run east to the door that was previously blocked.
Thats it, now just sit back and watch the ending.


>> 4s. The Ending <<

Check out the ending movie at my site if you're interested.

By the way, good work!


>>> 5. Cheats <<<

These cheats were taken from Please give credit where do.

Unlock Dino Coliseum 
Beat the game one time to unlock the Dino Coliseum. Here you can fight against all of 
the dinosaurs found in the game in coliseum style pit fighting. 

Unlock Dino Duel 
After you buy Rick, Gail and the Tank for the Extra Crisis games at the player Entry 
screen, you will get a new row of dinosaurs you can choose from. Use your Extinct 
points to buy dinosaurs and fight them in Dino Duel. 

Pricing for usage in the Coliseum
You'll need this much money to buy this dinosaur and use him in the Coliseum or the 
Dino Duel. 

Rick: 100,000 Extinct Points
Gail: 100,000 Extinct Points
Tank: 120,000 Extinct Points
Oviraptor: 150,000 Extinct Points
Velociraptor: 150,000 Extinct Points
Inostrancevia: 160,000 Extinct Points
Allosaurus: 180,000 Extinct Points
Tyrannosaurus Rex: 150,000 Extinct Points
Triceratops: 200,000 Extinct Points
Compsognathus: 250,000 Extinct Points

Unlock The EPS Platinum Card (pssst…that means Unlimited Ammo!!!) 
Complete the game and collect all 11 Dino files. Once you've done that you can see the 
EPS Platinum card at the Save Screen. Now the next time you play the game you'll have 
Unlimited Ammo. No longer will you have buy ammo or magazines. 

Unlock Triceratops and Compsagnathus 
In Hard Mode the Triceratops and the Compsagnathus become available once you've 
purchased all the other dinosaurs for Dino Duel and Dino Coliseum.


>>> 6. Gameshark Codes <<<

These codes were taken from

Unlock Dino Extra Mode:     800aeca80101
Go into the Option menu     800aecae0101 
at the stasrt of the game,
and exit it and all will 
show up.

Unlock All Characters (Dino Extra Mode): 800aeaceffff 

Max Score: 800aee10e0ff

Stop the Timer: 800aecb40000

Inf. Health (Travel Mode): 800b53ca00b4

99 Combo Hit (Trav. Mode): 800b53dc0063

99 Hit Combo: 800ae3700063

Infinite Hemostat: 800aeddc0009

Infinite Med. Pak. M: 800aee0c0009

Infinite Med Pak L: 800aee000009

Infinite Resusc. Pak: 800aedd00009

Infinite Double Handed Machine Ammo: 800aed4c0063
Infinite Hand Gun Ammo: 800aecec0063
Infinite Solid Cannon Ammo: 800aed280063
Infinite Flamewall: 800aed340063
Infinite Solid Cannon Ammo: 800aed280063

Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo: 800aed940063  

Infinite Chainmine Ammo: 800aed880063  

Infinite AquaGrenade Ammo: 800aed700063  

Infinite Hv. Mchn. Gun Ammo: 800aed580063

Infinite Missle Pod Ammo: 800aed640063  

Infinite Sub Machine Gun Ammo: 800aed400063

Infinite AntiTank R. Ammo: 800aed7c0063  

Infinite Flame Thrower: 800aed400063
Infinite Shotgun Ammo: 800aece00063


>> 7. Special Thanks <<

Rombie: For making the top ASCII logo. Visit his site at
CJayC: For putting this Guide up on his site.
Capcom: For making the game.
CocaCola: For supporting me through all those late nights.

                              This Dino Crisis 2 Guide is 
                               Copyright © TWalton 2000


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