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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Written By: Bear Powell

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 
Final Version - Playstation
FAQ/Move List v1.04
Author: Bear "replicant" Powell
Game Testers: Bear "replicant" Powell, TKO, XmattX, izm79, and M. Mark Monroe
Compiled on September 3rd, 2000

*This FAQ/Move List is based upon information gathered about the Final Retail
Version. If you have questions about the demo or beta versions of the game, then
e-mail me and I can help you work it out. You can also look for the Demo FAQ on
gamefaqs that I posted earlier.

"This document is Copyright 2000 Bear Powell."


*This FAQ/Move List was written by Bear "replicant" Powell and is hopefully a
useful item for those who are trying to learn how to play this wonderful game.
No reproductions of this FAQ or links to this FAQ are allowed without the
expressed written consent of myself. This FAQ may also not be reproduced as part
of a Strategy Guide, Move List, or anything for monetary gain without my
consention. I can be e-mailed at ( if you would like to
add this FAQ to your site.

**Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is the sole property of Acclaim Entertainment,
Acclaim Max Sports Inc, and Z-Axis. This FAQ is in no way affiliated with these
fine companies and is only done as a tribute to what promises to be the pinnacle
of Freestyle BMX games.

***If you notice any errors in this FAQ or have any information that would
benefit other gamers of this wonderful game, then e-mail me with comments,
missing moves, hints, codes, or secrets at ( and you
will be given full credit for your additions in the future versions of this FAQ.
Thanks to everyone in advance for their assistance in making this FAQ better and
I hope it is a help to all who read it.


"Game Description for Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX"
1. Release Date: Sony Playstation - September 15th, 2000 (Subject to change.)
                 Sega Dreamcast - November 15th, 2000 (Subject to change.)
2. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (DMFB) is an extremte sports title that takes
street, dirt, and vert biking and brings it to your home and makes it more
accessible for those who love the sport. Now on those rainy days when the park
is closed you can sit back and have some fun creating new lines and trying to
set up some nice high scores. The game engine is a very tweaked version of the
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy (Not as slow. Thank God!) game engine and utilizes
the same overall graphics quality of that game as well. DMFB will differ from
most other Freestyle BMX games from the standpoint that it is not an
arcade-style game (Radikal Biker) or arcade-style game with some sim qualities
(Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX). DMFB is pretty much a Sim. Yes, you can do some
outlandish and sometimes impossible looking moves, but they are definitely
within the realm of possibility now or after playing this game some Pro's may
start to try them in RL. After about a 15-30 minute session with this game you
will find that the controls are quite intuitive and not really like any other
game available in this genre. The sheer amount of personalization you can add to
each combo is staggering, but you will have to see for yourself to fully
understand what I am saying. This is a truly amazing game and I am sure you will
have countless hours of fun with Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX.


"Revision History"
Version 1.04 - Completed Specials and move ommissions. It's seems to be complete
Version 1.03 - Revised Everything!!! (Final Retail Version)
Version 1.02 - Fixed Typos, added more secrets, and fixed incorrect move
Version 1.01 - Revised Everything! (Beta/Final Retail Version)
Version 1.00 - Original (Demo Version)


"Table of Contents"
 1. Menu Screen
 2. Pause Menu Screen
 3. Legend
 4. Controls
 5. Basic Tricks
 6. Advanced Tricks
 7. Double Tap Tricks
 8. Unique Tricks
 9. Special Tricks
10. Music Credits
11. Secrets, Codes, Hints, etc
13. Wondering


Section 1
"Menu Screen"

1.1 Choose Rider (Choose 1 of 10 riders. Also, you may be able to earn more
hidden characters.)
*These are available at the start of the game. (Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Troy
McMurray, Mike Laird, Chad Kagy, Tim Mirra,
 Kenan Harkin, Shaun Butler, Leigh Ramsdell, and Joey Garcia)
1.2 Choose Bicycle (Four Bicycles to choose from with varying benefits when all
are unlocked.)
1.3 Choose Outfit (Outfits change depending on Sponsors earned in PROQUEST.)
1.4 Choose Level (Choose 1 of 12 levels. Also, you may be able to earn more
hidden levels.)
*Greenville - Vail Trail, Greenville - Greenville Park, Greenville - The
Backyards, Woodward - Woodward Trails, Woodward - Lot 8, Woodward - Titanic, Pro
Tour - Sleepy's Ditch, Pro Tour - Eastwood Ramp Park, Pro Tour - San Jose Ramp
Club, Acclaim Max Games - Dirt, Acclaim Max Games - Street, and Acclaim Max
Games - Vert

*SESSION is a 2 minute timed run on whatever level you choose and is also used
as a way other than PROQUEST to create new records for particular levels. It's
option screens are the same as PROQUEST and everything you have earned in
PROQUEST is available for you to use in this mode.

*FREERIDE is exactly what it says. Basically it is a non-timed mode where you
can hone your skills by practicing on any level with the items that you have
unlocked in PROQUEST mode.

*Same basic options as PROQUEST, but choosing alternates from Player 1 to Player
2. You must have 2 controllers plugged in for this mode to be accessible. This
mode also has fun mini-games for you and your friends to test each other at.
Also, every level is unlocked, but only bikes and outfits that you have unlocked
in PROQUEST are available for you to use.
The modes are:
4.1 Best Run - 2 Minutes (See who can get the highest score in a 2 minute run.)
4.2 High Five (A best of 5 series to see who can do the biggest single trick in
under 30 seconds.)
4.3 B-M-X (A game of HORSE similar to the basketball game version, but with
tricks instead of shots.)
4.4 Random Spot (Bust single tricks at 5 randomly chosen spots in the level. A
15 second time limit means you have to be                  quick. The winner is
the one with the highest total scaore at the end of 5 rounds.)
4.5 Wipeout (Each rider gets 3 chances to eat it. See who can inflict the most
bodily harm in a single crash.)
4.6 Longest Grind (Self-explanatory)
4.7 Highest Wall Tap (See who can Wall Tap at the highest point on the level.)
4.8 Big Air Contest (See who can go the highest in the air.)
4.9 Furthest Jump (Self-explanatory)
4.10 Longest Manual (Self-explanatory)

5. LOAD/SAVE (Memory Card)
5.1 Save - Memory Card Slot 1
5.2 Save - Memory Card Slot 2
5.3 Load - Memory Card Slot 1
5.4 Load - Memory Card Slot 2

6.1 Challenges
*Lists the necessary objectives for the Greenville and Woodward levels in all 3
modes of play.(Amateur, Pro, and Hardcore)
6.2 High Scores
*This option has records for every level in the categories of Best Game (High
Score), Trick Set (Combo Score), Single Trick, Big Air (Height), Highest Mark
(Highest Wall Tap), Longest Grind, Longest Jump, Longest Manual, and Longest
Skid (Braking Distance).
6.3 Movies
*Whenever you earn a movie for a rider you can watch it here. The Intro Movie is
available from the start, but the others you earn in PROQUEST mode. Dave Mirra
and Ryan Nyquist are the only currently known riders to have movies. Also, it is
rumored that a Super Movie is available once you complete the game with all
6.4 Credits
*A very cool movie goes along with the credits. Cool to watch and has a small
explanation in it for the blood stain on the floor of Woodward - Lot 8.

7.1 Controller
*Turn vibration off/on and choose button layout scheme from 3 pre-done choices.
7.2 Cheats
*This menu will alow you to turn individual cheats on/off in the game. You earn
these cheats by beating the game with particular characters. EXAMPLE: Shaun
Butler = Night Vision Mode (Everything is bright green like a pair of night
vision goggles.)
7.3 Color Adjust
*Color adjusting for optimal screen appearance.
7.4 Audio
    *Music - (1 = Lowest - 18 = Loudest)
    *Sound FX - (1 = Lowest - 18 = Loudest)


Section 2
"Pause Menu Screen" (Press Start button during play)
1. Continue (Go back to game)
2. View Challenges (See a listing of objectives and which ones have been
3. Options
   *Camera Type (Behind, Wide, and Above)
   *Vibration - ON/OFF
   *Tutorial Hints - ON/OFF (Pops hints on the screen about basic moves.)
   *Audio Options - SFX Volume (1-10), Music Volume (1-10), Music Track (Choose
1 of 10 tracks or no music at all)
4. Trick List (See a listing of tricks and how they are done.)
5. View Records (View records for current level)
6. End Run


Section 3
"Directions on Directional Pad or Analog Joystick"
U = Up
D = Down
L = Left
R = Right
U/L = Up and to the left
U/R = Up and to the right
D/L = Down and to the left
D/R = Down and to the right

S = Square Button
T = Triangle Button
X = X Button
O = O Button

"Move Modifiers"
+ = Press buttons at same time to complete move
, = Pause slightly after move and do next move (Should be done rapidly.)

"Spin Modifiers"
180 = 180 Degree Rotation or Half Circle Spin
360 = 360 Degree Rotation or Full Circle Spin
540 = 540 Degree Rotation or 1 1/2 Spins
720 = 720 Degree Rotation or 2 Full Circle Spins
900 = 900 Degree Rotation or 2 1/2 Spins


Section 4

Basic Controls:
Up: Tap to start peddling bicycle
    Hold to accelerate
    Turn around(when riding backwards)
Down: Brake
Left: Turn Left
Right: Turn Right
Square: Big Air Tricks (+Directional Buttons)
Triangle: Grind (+Directional Buttons)
X: Tap to start peddling bicycle
   Turn around(when riding backwards)
   Bunny Hop (Jump)
O: Modifier Tricks (+Directional Buttons)
L1/L2: Spin Left
R1/R2: Spin Right

Section 5
"Move List"

***I have sat down and analyzed almost every trick and trick combination in the
game and I have come to the conclusion that there are too many combo trick
possibilities to fully catalog. With that in mind I will concentrate on only the
most unique tricks and useful basic combinations. There are thousands of trick
combinations possible in Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX and it will be up to you to
make the tricks you use as individual as possible. The combo system in Dave
Mirra is phenomenal when you take into account that you can take a Big Air Trick
and add a Single Modifier Trick or a Double Modifier Trick to it. You can even
use Double Modifier Big Air Trick's and add Single Modifier Tricks or Double
Modifier Trick's together to make even bigger and more hardcore moves. The mix
and match possibilities are almost endless. Your imagination is only the

Basic Tricks:
"Square Button Tricks (Big Airs)"
U+S = Table Top
D+S = Back Flip
L+S = Turn Down Air
R+S = Can Can
U/L+S = Tobaggan
U/R+S = Superman
D/L+S = Candy Bar
D/R+S = Tail Whip Air

"O Button Tricks (Modifier Airs)"
U+O = Cross Up (X-Up) 
D+O = Bar Spin
L+O = One-Footed Air
R+O = One-Handed Air
U/L+O = Rocket Air
U/R+O = Seat Grab
D/L+O = No Footer Air
D/R+O = No Hander Air

"Triangle Button Tricks (Grinds)" (Primarily done parallel to a lip, edge, or
NOTE: These tricks can be modified with O-Button Tricks to create some very cool
looking grinds worth high points.)
T = Double Peg Grind
U+T = Tooth Pick Grind
D+T = Ice Pick Grind
L+T = Smith Grind
R+T = Feeble Grind
U/L+T = Lip Slide
U/R+T = Luc-E Grind
D/L+T = Crooked Grind
D/R+T = Sprocket Grind

"Stalls" (Primarily done perpendicular to lip, edge, or rail.)
NOTE: These tricks can be modified with O-Button Tricks to create some very cool
looking lip tricks worth high points.)
T = Double Peg Stall
U+T = Tooth Pick Stall
D+T = Ice Pick Stall
U/L+T = Nose Pick Stall
D/L+T = Tail Tap
L+T = Disaster

"Addition Tricks" (Primarily done at a slight angle to flat surface like a wall
or fence and ramp, lip, and rail edges.)
L+X = Fast Plant
R+X = Wall Tap

"Manuals" (Press directions before landing from any jump, then adjust according
to balance meter.)
D,D = Manual
U,U = Nose Wheelie

"Rotation Modifiers"
***Half Cab = When riding backwards on flat ground or up a transition jump and
spin at least a 180 and you will get this modifier bonus. You can also do it
along with combo tricks to create some very cool looking runs.
***Alley Oop = This a modifer bonus that adds to tricks and combos when you land
a trick on a vertical surface very near your point of origin for starting the

"Bails and Cancels"
1. Full Bail = Press L1,L2,R1, and R2 to completely abort a trick and fall
horrifically to the floor. This is a very useful item to know in 2 Player
Wipeout Mode.
2. Hang On = Press (T) to hold on to a ramp, lip, or rail if you begin to fall
from a high place.
3. Tuck and Roll = Press the O-Button when falling to ball yourself up and
decrease the amount of damage you take from any fall.
4. Double Move Cancel (Break or Abort Trick) = During moves such as the Double
Back Flip and Double Tail Whip you can cancel the second part of the trick by
pressing the direction the trick originated from and the X-Button at the same
time. This has to be done slightly after the first part of the trick completes.
This is handy if you went for that big trick and then realized you don't have
enough air to complete it. Here is an example.
***Example: Double Back Flip (D,D+S) After the first Back Flip press (D+X) and
you will not attempt the second Back flip, but you will register as having done
a single Back Flip plus whatever appropriate modifiers.

Section 6
"Advanced Tricks"
***These are tricks that are done by combining 2 different directions along with
the Square Button or O-Button to perform linked moves. These moves are higher in
point value and when linked with modifier or linked modifier moves can create
some very impressive and high scoring combo moves.
Example 1: Tail Whip Back Flip = D/R,D+S (This is a standard S-Button Double Tap
Modified Trick.)
Example 2: One-Footed One-Handed Air = L,R+O (This is a standard O-Button Double
Modified Trick.)
Example 3:One Footed One-Handed Tail Whip Back Flip = D/R,D+S,L,R+O (This is a
Linked Dual Double Modified Trick.)
***Here are the base Double Modifier Tricks to get you started on a glorious
NOTE: Some modifier tricks can be done 2 different ways with the same outcome.
Example: Tail Whip Back Flip = D/R,D+S
         Tail Whip Back Flip = D,D/R+S

---"Square Button Tricks - Advanced"---
***Table Top Tricks***
(No S-Button Variations that are not Double Tap Tricks, Direction Reversals,
Unique Tricks, or Back Flips.)

***Back Flip Tricks***
Can Can Back Flip = R,D+S
Candy Bar Back Flip = D/L,D+S
Rocket Back Flip = U/L,D+S "You can also do a Modifier version called a Rocket
Air Back Flip (D+S,U/L+O)"
Table Top Back Flip = U,D+S
Tail Whip Back Flip = D/R,D+S
Tobaggan Back Flip = U/L,D+S
Turn Down Back Flip = L,D+S

***Turn Down Air Tricks*** (aka... Look Down Air)
Can Can Look Down = L,R+S
Candy Bar Look Down = D/L,L+S

***Can Can Tricks***
(No S-Button Variations that are not Double Tap Tricks, Direction Reversals,
Unique Tricks, or Back Flips.)

***Tobaggan Tricks***
(No S-Button Variations that are not Double Tap Tricks, Direction Reversals,
Unique Tricks, or Back Flips.)

***Superman Tricks***
(No S-Button Variations that are not Double Tap Tricks, Direction Reversals,
Unique Tricks, or Back Flips.)

***Candy Bar Air Tricks***
(No S-Button Variations that are not Double Tap Tricks, Direction Reversals,
Unique Tricks, or Back Flips.)

***Tail Whip Tricks***
(No S-Button Variations that are not Double Tap Tricks, Direction Reversals,
Unique Tricks, or Back Flips.)

---"O-Button Tricks - Advanced"---

***Cross Up (X-Up) Tricks*** 
One-Handed Cross Up = R,U+O
One-Footed Cross Up = L,U+O
No Footed Cross Up = D/L,U+O

***Bar Spin Tricks***
No Footed Bar Spin = D/L,D+O
No Handed Bar Spin = D/R,D+O
One-Footed Bar Spin = L,D+O
One-Handed Bar Spin = R,D+O

***One-Footed Air Tricks***
One-Handed One-Footer Air = R,L+O
One-Footed Cross Up = U,L+O
No Handed One-Footer Air = D/L,L+O
One-Footed Bar Spin = D,L+O

***One-Handed Air Tricks***
One-Handed One Footer Air = L,R+O
One-Handed No Footer Air = D/L,R+O
One-Handed Bar Spin = D,R+O

***Rocket Air Tricks***
Rocket Bar Spin = D,U/L+O
Rocket Cross Up = U,U/L+O
Rocket No Hander = D/R,U/L+O
Rocket One-Footer = L,U/L+O
Rocket One-Hander = R,U/L+O

***Seat Grab Tricks***
One-Handed Seat Grab = R,U/R+O
One-Footed Seat Grab = L,U/R+O
No Footed Seat Grab = D/L,U/R+O
Bar Spin Seat Grab = D,U/R+O

***No Footer Air Tricks***
No Footed Cross Up = U,D/L+O
No Footed Bar Spin = D,D/L+O
No Handed One-Footer Air = L,D/L+O
One-Handed No Footer Air = R,D/L+O

***No Hander Air Tricks***
No Handed Bar Spin = D,D/R+O
No Handed One-Footer Air = L,D/L+O

"Sidenote on O-Button Modifier Tricks"
***Peg Grab***
*Some of you who have played the Demo of Dave Mirra might be wondering what
happened to the "Peg Grab" and so do I. The Rocket Air as a Modifier Trick is
not a good substitute.


Section 7
"Double Tap Tricks"
Bar Spin to Bar Spin Back = D,D+O
Cross Down (X-Down) = U,U+O
Double Back Flip = D,D+S
Double Seat Grab = U/R,U/R+O
Double Tail Whip = D/R,D/R+S
Front Flip = F,F+S
No Footed Can Can = R,R+S
Suicide No-Hander = D/R,D/R+O
Superman Indian = U/R,U/R+S
Switch Footer = L,L+O
Switch Hander = R,R+O
Un-Turndown = L,L+S


Section 8
***Unique Tricks***
Bus Driver = R,D+O
Crotch Rocket = U/L,U/R+O
Decade Air = R,L+S
Even Girls Have A Crotch Rocket = Rocket Air, Double Seat Grab
Flail = Front Flip+360
Flair = Back Flip+180
Flip Driver = Back Flip, Bar Spin
Indian Air = D/L,D/L+O
Super Flip = U/R,D+S
Truck Driver = Bar Spin+360
Nothing = D/R,D/L+O

***Now that you have all of the Basic-Unique Tricks outlined here, then it is
time for you to mix and match them until you find your favorite moves or moves
you are comfortable with. The possibilities of modified tricks and combos are
endless. Your imagination will be your only hindrance at getting the coolest
moves possible to become reality on your screen. Enjoy!


Section 9
"Special Tricks" - These tricks are character specific and a bit hard to pull
off with out alot of air and practice.

1. Dave Mirra - Triple Back Flip = D,D,D+S
              - Double Seat Grab Superman Indian = R,U/R,R+S

2. Ryan Nyquist - Seat Grab No Footed Can Can = R,R,U/R+S
                - No Handed Bar Spin Back Flip = D,D,D/R+S

3. Troy McMurray - Bar Spin Seat Grab Can Can = R,R,D+S
                 - No Hander One Footer Candy Bar Back Flip = D,D/L,L+S

4. Mike Laird - No Footer Double Tail Whip = D/R,D/R,D/R+S
              - No Hander Tail Whip Back Flip = D,D/R,D/R+S

5. Chad Kagy - Double Seat Grab Superman = U/R,L,L+S
             - Bus Driver Superman = U/R,D,D+S

6. Tim Mirra - Double Peg Grab Back Flip = D,U,D+S
             - Can Can Back Flip = U,D,U+S (Not really a Special Move. Just an
alternative way to do the move.)

7. Kenan Harkin - Decade Back Flip = R,L,D+S
                - Double Seat Grab Decade = R,L,U/R+S

8. Shaun Butler - Super Flip Seat Grab = D,U/R,U/R+S
                - One Foot Table Top = U,L,L+S

9. Leigh Ramsdell - Double Front Flip = U,U,U+S
                  - One Hander Decade = R,L,R+S

10. Joey Garcia - Bus Driver Double Tail Whip = D/R,D/R,R+S
                - No Footed One Hander Can Can = L,D,R+S

11. Slim Jim - One Hand One Foot Can Can Back Flip = L,D,R+S
             - Rocket No Hander Tobaggan = R,U,L+S

12. Amish Boy - Crotch Rocket Back Flip = L,D,R+S
              - No Footed One Hander Superman = R,U,L+S

Section 10
"Music Credits"
*Shown in the order of Band - Song

 1. 59 Times the Pain - Got it all in sight
 2. Cypress Hill - Dust
 3. Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
 4. Dropkick Murphy's - Never Alone
 5. Pennywise - Greed
 6. Rancid - Maxwell Murder
 7. Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down
 8. Sublime - What I got
 9. Swingin Utters - Stupid Lullabies
10. Primer 55 - Loose


Section 11
"Secrets, Codes, Hints, etc."

***Hidden Character 1: Slim Jim***
To get this character you have to beat the game with any character. Hardcore
Objectives are not necessary to beat the game.
He is a weirdo and you may know him from the Slim Jim commercial. "EAT ME!!!"

***Hidden Character 2: Amish Boy***
To get this character you have to beat the game with every starting character
(ALL 10). He is amish boy.

***Hidden Bike: Secret Bike***
Beat the game with any character to obtain their respectiver Secret Bike. Fully
maxed stats and more make this a monster where every trick is possible.

***Hidden Movies***
Beat the game with Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist to unlock footage of these guys
in real life busting out hardcore. Rumors abound of a Super Movie that is
unlocked when the game is beaten with all riders.

***Hidden Modes***
Beating the game with characters other than Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, and Slim
Jim will unlock modes modes available in the CHEAT MENU ( At Menu Screen choose
Options and then choose Cheats). Here is a listing of what characters open which
 1. Dave Mirra - Dave Mirra Movie (Very Short movie of Dave ripping it up.)
 2. Ryan Nyquist - Ryan Nyquist Movie (Very Short movie of Ryan schooling some
fools as well.)
 3. Troy McMurray - Exorcist Mode (Your head spins just like Linda Blair!)
 4. Mike Laird - First Person Cam (You see what the biker sees. Very
disorienting sometimes.)
 5. Chad Kagy - Bike Suspension Mode (Suppose to alter suspension on bike. Not
very noticeable.)
 6. Tim Mirra  - Silly Grunt Mode (Umm.....silly grunts....NEXT!!!)
 7. Kenan Harkin - Sticky Crash Mode (You stick...voila.)
 8. Shaun Butler - Night Vision Mode (Everything is shown in a cool green color
like a pair of night vision goggles.)
 9. Leigh Ramsdell - Big Crash Mode (When you crash it just keeps on crashing
wildly. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!)
10. Joey Garcia - Ghost Rider Mode (Invisible rider. Hard to keep things
straight when you can't see yourself.)
11. Slim Jim - Promo for Online Contest (The online contest sponsored by
12. Amish Boy - Movie of Programmer. The guy in the cast at the Z-Axis part of
the intro. (He does one jump. Kinda Lame!)

***Glitch: Infinite Stall Points***
Using the Secret Bike land in a stall (Double Peg and Toothpick are best.) and
if you feel a slight slow-mo feeling take over, just adjust left and right to
keep your balance. Use only slight taps to keep from overcompensating. I have
done over a million points myself with this and I heard of a Z-Axis person doing
over 3.7 Million with this glitch. Is it suppose to be a trick? I doubt it.


Section 12

XmattX - Thanks for helping make this FAQ possible with your support. He is also
proving to be a worthy opponent as of late.
M. Mark Monroe - Thanks for helping with this FAQ and being the only worthy
opponent I have thus far.
TKO - Thanks for the help with this FAQ and for teaching me how to Manual
successfully and always doing the goofiest tricks.
izm79 - Special Shout Out for helping me get better at that stupid rail-to-rail
objective in the Greenville Backyards.
Acclaim Entertainment, Acclaim Max Sports Inc, and Z-Axis - You guys have
brought us one of the coolest games ever!! Thanks.
Everyone who enjoys Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX - Keep on ridin' and let the tricks
flow from your soul.
Everyone on the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX gamefaqs Message Board! Especially,
izm79 and GTGO for helping out the newbies.
Bear "replicant" Powell - I have played more and typed more about this game,
than most people on the Z-Axis Development Team. ^_^


Section 13
1. What are "G Turns"?
How in the heck do you do a "G Turn"?
When you beat the game it tells you that "G Turns" are cool and look good when
you do them.
I've gotten clues from people, but no sure way of doing them.

2. What is the mysterious Hidden Mode I hear was cut out of the final version
because Acclaim did not feel it was appropriate to be included in the game?
Did it get cut out?
Rumor says it would remind you of Half Life: Counter Strike when you unlock it.
My curiosity is very piqued.



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