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Written By: Martin (A.P.I)

Secret Areas:

There are 23 Team Dolls hidden within the walls of this massive game and if you find 10, then you will be given the power to leap from the water like a Dolphin. Collect four more Team Dolls and you will obtain the power to fly which allows you to collect the remaining 9 items. Each doll has a picture of a developer posted onto it's face and when all have been collected the game will be truly complete

Team Doll Locations

1. Sunken Palace of Khnum

At the end of the level take the left exit and swim all the way through tunnel until you see a Full Health globe. Blow up the wall behind the globe and activate the switch. A secret room will be revealed next to the camel at the end of the level.

2. Sobeks Pass.

Blow wall behind the symbol of earth and click the switch. If you return to the room with the symbol on the wall (near the start) and blow up the opposite wall at high level, it will reveal a secret room where the doll can be found.

3. Sobek Mountain Shrine.

When you reach the lava pit that has a number of raised platforms, blow up the wall over the first platform.

4. Magma Fields.

At the start of the level, lob a bomb into the first pit on the right. Click the switch and then drop into the core where a doll will be revealed.

5. Horus Peak.

When you reach the section where you have to run over the collapsing platforms, float over the lava monster at the end of the platforms and blast a hole into the lava-fall.

6. Set Arena

When you reach the lava pool drop down onto the ledge below and click the switch. Bomb the two pillars and float over to the full ammo globe. Blast the wall behind and follow the trail.

7. Nile Gorge

Jump over the camel at the end of the level and blow up the wall behind.

8. Canyons of Chaos.

Leap high into the air at the start and hover over the lava canyon until to are faced with a stone bridge. Gently lower under the bridge and float underneath to the other side. Look behind you at the other side of the bridge and bomb the wall. You will need to float to the two gold doors to leap again to a new height that will allow you to enter. Inside you will need to perform difficult maneuverers to reach this doll.

9. Kilmaat Haunt.

Offer up the feather and the scepter to the tomb stones and then return to the area where the Full Health globe is situated. Enter the room that has opened behind the globe to reveal another doll.

10. Tomb of Ramses.

Defeat the final boss but DO NOT USE ANY OF THE BOMBS. When you return to the tomb of Ramses and follow the corridor that blows open until you reach the area where the chopper is waiting. On the wall to the left of the final opening there is a mark on the wall. Blow open all the walls to reveal the final doll that can be reached with normal powers. Beware, as there are about 20 walls to blow up and once is a dummy wall. You will need every single bomb to complete this.

Dolphin Power

1. Tomb of Ramses

Return to the first level and to the right of the door where the first switch is located, you will see a small crack on the wall. Blow open to reveal secret area.

2. Karnak Sanctuary

Hover over the green lava and blow a hole in the wall under the bridge where the Full Health and Ammo globes are. Enter and reap your rewards.

3. Hecket Marsh

At the end of the level blow up the wall opposite the camel to reveal a well. Swim inside to reveal yet another doll.

4. Kilmaat Colony

Enter the other room in the area where the time door is situated. Hover over the lava and blow the wall to your left. Enter the pool and perform dolphin leaps to your prize.

Vulture Power

1. Karnak.

Near the end of the level there is a pool of water that leads to the tunnel at the end. Throw a bomb at the top of the waterfall and another inside to reveal another pool where the doll lies.

2. Deserted Slave Camp

Activate the floor switch near the transmitter part ( accessed by blowing a hole in the wall opposite the Full Ammo globe) and a opening will appear in the roof of the top level hexagonal room (there are four hexagonal rooms joined together on the map).

3. Selkis Path

Just in front of the camel, at the end of the level, stand on the lava's edge and look up. Now off you fly but watch out for the fireballs.

4. Selkis Burrow

Go through the first door and down the stairs. Bomb the wall opposite the second door to reveal a switch, which reveals another switch. This switch open a hole in the floor at the top of the stairs. Drop a bomb in and drop down and follow the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is a shaft to fly up where the next doll lies.

5. Anum mines

Enter the Earth room and bomb the purple ceiling in the centre of the room to reveal another access.

6. Set Palace

Drop down into the first lava area that you come to and throw a bomb underneath the bridge. This will open up another opening where the doll is situated.

7. Cavern of Peril

At the end of the level throw a bomb at the wall adjacent the camel and click the switch. Return up to the higher level and fly up to the second bridge where the Full Ammo is situated. The door will have now opened.

8. Thoth Treasure Reliquary.

Drop a bomb onto the floor where the anklets were lying at the end of the level. Drop down the hole and collect your penultimate Team Doll.

9. Kilmaat Arena

The final Team Doll lies on the bottom loop of the area where the Exhumed body of King Ramses is found. Collect this final Doll and use the power of flight to head straight off to the pub for a well deserved pint.

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