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Written By: Dana Edgar (Carvey)
KEY:  [!] = Decision Point.  You will be given choices in response to
            the various interaction with the characters & environment.  
            Note that the majority of the choices encountered in 
            FFVII have a certain level of significance in the course
            of your saga.  In certain decision points, you will be 
            given only 1 chance to answer them correctly, so be aware 
            of your actions....
   [Tip!] = Tip point. (duh)  From time to time, little advises 
            on certain situations will be given, for assisting you 
            in solving certain sequence of events without completely 
            losing the game's innovative appeal due to using this
            walkthrough or "cheat" as some would say....

    [^o^] = Secret/trick point.  In the course of your epic saga, 
            there will be various opportunities to find secret artifacts,
            hidden events & sequences, or little added bonuses.  
            Some events require that you accomplish a certain sequence,
            while others are merely well hidden.  Advises & solutions 
            will be provided to help you cover as much of those secrets 
            that the wizards at Squaresoft have managed to hide within
            these 3CDs...

    [OP!] = Optional Event.  There will be several optional/side events 
            throughout the course of your journeys - none of which will 
            have any effect to the primary storyline, whether if you take 
            part in the optional side events or not.  These optional side
            events are, however, great opportunities to obtain certain 
            special artifacts or even a hidden materia or two...   
** DISK 1 ** 

[1.]---[ Inside Area 1 of Makoro Industrial Complex ]
    o Proceeding the introductory sequence, as you along with the 
      few resistance members, known as the "abaranche", leap off the 
      train, Barrett will urge you to hurry & follow.
    o Battle your way up to the outer gate of the industrial complex -
      the rest of the resistance members (Vicks, Wedge, JC) will be 
      waiting there for you.

    o Talk to Vicks.  He will then ask for you name.
      (refer to the Reference Section for details on the control 
       interface of the name screen)
      As the gate is opened and the resistance members proceed through, 
      go ahead & customize Barrett's name to your own preference, 
      or leave it as is.

    o Battle your way through the industrial levels of the Makoro 
      complex - talk to JC in order to open the 2 gates.
      Upon reaching the elevator, JC will tell you to push the 
      elevator controls.  Upon leaving the elevator, JC will 
      later stop to tell you the controls to maneuvering around 
      the ladder & beams.   (Press Circle button to leap onto ladder)
                            (Use directional pad to maneuver)
    o Upon reaching the core level of the Makoro complex, Cloud will   
      proceed to initiate the bomb.  Prepare for a battle sequence 
      w/the level boss.

    o You will then have 10 minutes to escape the Makoro complex.
      Well, what are you waiting for?  RUN!
      (Make sure not to leave anyone behind inside the complex)

    o Upon successfully making your escape, Barrett will tell everyone 
      to meet at the train station.
    o Shortly after, you will encounter Aerith for the very first time.
      (At this early point in the game, she is identified only as 
       a young girl selling flowers)
      Aerith will approach you to ask what had happened.
[!]  You will be given a choice to respond:
        Top Choice -> Tell Aerith to escape/run as well
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith not to worry...and

[!]  If you choose the bottom choice, you will be given another choice:
        Top Choice -> Show interest in Aerith's flowers
     Bottom Choice -> Nevermind

[!]  If you choose the top choice & show interest in Aerith's flowers, 
     Aerith will offer to sell you some flowers.  You can respond:

        Top Choice -> Buy the flowers for 1 Gil 
     Bottom Choice -> Do not buy

[Tip!] - If you choose to buy the flowers, there will be a little
         "bonus" scene that will occur later on at the bar in the slum 
         town of Agito w/Tifa & Marin.  

   o After Aerith gives you the flowers, proceed on through the Area 8
     city.  Guards will be lurking around -- You will even be given 
     choices if you want to confront the guards or not.
     (Choose the top choice to fight them, the bottom to run)
     (Note: You will only have a few seconds to make this decision)

   o Upon making your leaping escape onto the train & gather back 
     together w/the abaranche/resistance, talk to everyone.
     You will need to talk to JC for information on the structure 
     & foundation of Midgar (how the cities are divided into 
     8 subsections and named w/numerical area values - i.e. Area 8)
     and the Shinra corporation.  He later goes on to explain how 
     each of the 8 subsections have ID censor checkpoints which are 
     interconnected to Shinra Corp's host computer.

     (If you talk to JC once more, he will suggest possibly giving you 
      a gift that he made. - Choose the top choice to deny it, or 
      choose the bottom choice to accept it if & when he does have it)

   o Upon reaching the train station of Area 7, Barrett will tell 
     everyone to head to the slum town of Agito.  Follow them.
[2.]---[ Slum Town of Agito: Abaranche Headquarters ]

   o Head into the bar - the rest of the Abaranche/resistance 
     members will be there, as well as Barrett's daughter (Marin)  
     and Tifa.

     After Marin mistakes you for her father, Barrett, Tifa will 
     approach you, welcoming you back.  Tifa will first ask 
     you if you had any quarrels with Barrett during your mission.
[!]  You can respond:
        Top Choice -> Tell Tifa you quarreled/argued with Barrett
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Tifa you restrained/held yourself from 
                      quarreling with Barrett

     If you chose the bottom choice, Tifa will complement you
     in a surprised manner that you are acting more mature now.
     Name screen will pop up - customize Tifa's name to your 
     own preference or leave it as is.

   o If you bought those flowers earlier from Aerith, Tifa will 
     notice the flowers.  She will be surprised that you found 
     flowers in Midgar.
[!]  You will be given a choice - You can:

        Top Choice -> Give the flowers to Tifa
     Bottom Choice -> Give the flowers to Marin (Barrett's daughter)

     (I will leave this choice up to you -- although if you really 
      must know, I chose to give them to Tifa) (^o^)

   o Walk towards the entrance of the bar - Barrett will rush in.
     After Barrett & the rest of the Abaranche members head down 
     to the secret headquarters, talk to Tifa.

     (NOTE: Depending on who you gave the flowers to, will determine 
            what Tifa will say to you.  If you chose to give the flowers 
            to Marin (Barrett's daughter), Tifa will urge you to follow
            them down to the headquarters.)

[!]  If you chose to give the flowers to Tifa, she will offer a drink  
     to you.  You can respond:

        Top Choice -> Tell Tifa you do not feel like drinking at the 
     Bottom Choise -> Tell Tifa you want a sharp/heavy shot of liquor.
   o After the light conversation, Tifa will urge you to go down to 
     the headquarters.  As Cloud & Barrett once more get into an 
     arguement, Cloud emphasizes the fact that he feels no obligation
     to neither the Shinra Corp or the Abaranche, despite the fact that 
     he once used to be a "soldier".  
   o Head back to the bar level.
     Tifa will shortly follow after you, urging you to help Barrett
     & the Abaranche against the Shinra Corp.  Cloud states, as he 
     did before, that he has no interest in whether or not the planet
     is in danger of destruction.  Tifa argues how Cloud is so easily 
     willing to part away from the long friendship they had once shared 
     since they were young children.  

[!]  In response to this, you can respond:
        Top Choice -> Tell Tifa that what she speaks of is meaningless
                      (Similar to saying "Whatever" in English)
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Tifa solemnly that there is nothing else 
                      he can do....

     (Either choice will result in the same response)

     Tifa then continues to remind Cloud of his special "promise"...
     ...a promise Cloud made 7 years ago to which he would come save
     Tifa in the case if she were to ever be in trouble...

   o Barrett will shortly come in & give Cloud the money due to him 
     for the earlier mission, as promised.  Cloud then offers to 
     take part in the next mission for double the price - 3000 gil.
   o Head up to the bar level & talk to Barrett - he will tell you that
     the next target is the Area 5 Makoro industrial complex. 
     He will then ask you to teach him how to equipt & use the materia 

[!]  You will be given a choice - you can respond:
        Top Choice -> Although it is too much work, you will explain
     Bottom Choice -> It is too much work....
     Assuming you chose the top choice, a demo sequence will start, 
     showing the steps in how to equipt & use the materia orbs.
     For further details, please refer to the "Reference Section" 
     of this guide.

   o Tifa will also join in your character party.
     Before heading off to the train station, explore the town 
     and purchase any supplies you may need on your journey.
[3.]---[ Train Sequence - To Area 5 Makoro industrial complex ]

   o Proceed on boarding the train - a sequence will soon take place, 
     as the Shinra's ID scanning system will burst out in full alert.
     Follow & run past each train cart within the time frame given
     or the doors will lock.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Run!

   o Upon making your leaping escape from the train, proceed down the 
     train tunnel.  You will encounter a section gated off by the 
     laser barrier.  Just to the left of it lies a small hole 
     that will lead to inside the Area 5 Makoro industrial complex.
     Go ahead & proceed in.

   o Battle your way through the corridors of the inner Makoro 
     industrial complex.  Head down to the core area of the complex, 
     similar to the place where you planted the bomb at the Area 1 
     Makoro complex.  Upon reaching there, Cloud will briefly experience
     a flashback which had taken place years ago.

   o After planting the bomb to the core, proceed to head up to the
     control center -- there, Tifa will instruct you to push the 
     botton at the same time as they do, in order for the gate to open.
     (Simply coordinate Cloud's action with Tifa & Barrett as they
      press the button.  It will take a few tries before you get it.)

   o Proceed on to the bridgecross -- you will find yourself 
     surrounded by an army of guards, met by the president of Shinra 
     himself.  Prepare yourself for a battle against the subboss, 
     "Airbuster" robot. 

   o After defeating the subboss "Airbuster" robot, a brief fmv sequence 
     will follow, as Cloud falls to the depths of the city below...

[4.]---[ Area 5 - Encounter with Aerith ]

   o Finding himself with Aerith in a chapel of Area 5 slums, 
     go ahead & talk to Aerith - in the course of the conversation, 
     she will ask you if you still remember her.

[!]  You can respond to her:
        Top Choice -> Tell Aerith you recall meeting her before
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith you do not remember
[!]  If you chose the top choice in that you recall meeting her before, 
     another set a choices will be given - you remember her as:
        Top Choice -> She was selling flowers...
     Bottom Choice -> She was drunk on the streets...

     - I hope you chose the top choice - (^o^) -
[!]  As the conversation continues, Aerith asks if you do not mind 
     talking to her more...  You can respond:
        Top Choice -> You do not mind the conversation
     Bottom Choice -> There is nothing you wish to talk about.

   o Assuming you chose the top choice, she will tell you to wait 
     a minute, as she finishes tending the flowers.  Talk to her
     once more - you both will formally introduce your names to   
     each other - the name screen will appear. 
     (customize Aerith's name to your own preference, or leave as is)
     As the Shinra guard walks into the scene, talk to Aerith once 
     more - she will ask if you will become her hired bodyguard, 
     and request that you escort her safely to her house.  As a 
     payment for Cloud's services, Aerith offers to go on a 
     date with Cloud later on.  (^o^)

   o Proceed on up towards the top of the chapel -- a sequence will 
     occur, as Aerith falls from the top ledge before making the leap.
     As the guards begin to close in on Aerith, Cloud quickly notices 
     the few barrels positioned on the beams above him.

[!]  You will be given a choice:
        Top Choice -> Tell Aerith to wait a little while.
     Middle Choice -> Tell Aerith to fight the guards.
     Bottom Choice -> Tell Aerith to run from the guards.

     (I will leave this option up to you -- I do not want to spoil 
      all the fun out of these intense moments from you, ya know.) 

   o After making your escape w/Aerith through the roof of the chapel,
     proceed on to Aerith's house, located to the far northeastern 
     part of the Area 5 slum town.

   o Upon reaching Aerith's house, you will be welcomed by Elmina, 
     Aerith's foster mother.  As Cloud then suggests that he needs
     to go to Area 7 in meeting up with Tifa, Aerith will curiously 
     question of your relationship with Tifa.  

[!]  You can response to Aerith that Tifa is:
        Top Choice -> Not your girlfriend.
     Bottom Choice -> Is your girlfriend.

     (I will leave this choice up to you) 
   o Head up to the stairs to rest.  Seeing it that he should not 
     involve Aerith into a dangerous situation, Cloud decides to 
     sneak out & head to Area 7 without her.  
     You must sneak out of the house without making any noises or
     Aerith will hear you & you will have to start over. 
     (Hint: Try not to run) 

   o Leave the slum town.  You will find Aerith waiting for you 
     at the entrance to Area 6.

   o As you approach near the entrance to Area 7, Cloud suggests
     that Aerith return to her house.  

[!]  You are given a choice - If Aerith says she does not want to 
     go back, how would you respond:
        Top Choice -> Take her back to her house. 
     Bottom Choice -> Take her with you to Area 7.

     (Although I chose the bottom choice & chose to take her with 
      me to Area 7, I am pretty sure the outcome will be the same 
      in either choice)
      As a little sequence is proceeded between Cloud & Aerith at the 
      playground area, a caravan with Tifa approaches the scene & 
      heads off to the slum town nearby.  Follow Aerith to the slum town.

[5.]---[ Area 6 - Inside the Slum Town & Encountering Corneo... ]

    o Explore the slum town - you will find that there are many....
      ...interesting people who inhabit this little slum town.
    o First, you will need to head to the "girl bar", located towards
      the lower southeastern end of the slum town, and talk to the 
      towns people there. 

[!]   If you talk to the manager there (the character in the big red
      vest), he will ask you if you are looking for females - 
      you can respond:
         Top Choice -> Ask him if he knows where Tifa is.
      Bottom Choice -> Tell him you have no interest in his business.

      If you chose the top choice, asking him about Tifa's whereabouts, 
      he will tell you that Don Corneo has taken her to his mansion.

    o Now head up to Corneo's mansion, located to the very top end 
      of the slum town.  Talk to the guard standing front.  As you 
      find out that only females are allowed into Corneo's mansion, 
      Aerith suggests that you alter your appearance to disguise as
      a female.
    o You must now obtain a dress for Cloud to disguise in.
      Go to the clothing shop - talk to the clerk behind the counter.
      He will tell you unless his father can stop drinking & get to 
      work more, the dress that Cloud seeks will not be completed.
    o You must now talk to the father of the clerk - he is in the 
      bar, located right across from the weapon/gun shop.

[!]   Talk to the father - once Aerith convinces him to make a dress
      for Cloud, he will ask you what type of dress you want:
         Top Choice -> A smooth dress
      Bottom Choice -> A silky dress

[!]   You will be given another set of choices:
         Top Choice -> A shiny dress
      Bottom Choice -> A well-blended dress

[Tip!] - Top Choice for 1st + either Top or Bottom for 2nd
         will get you a "cotton dress"
       - Bottom Choice for 1st + Top Choice for 2nd will get 
         you a "satin dress"
       - Bottom Choice for 1st + Bottom Choice for 2nd will get 
         you a "silk dress"

    o Now, leave the bar & head back to the clothes shop.
      The father will be there & will give you the dress.

    o Of course, a dress will not be complete without a wig, right?
      So, after Cloud gets out of the dressing room, you will need to 
      obtain the wig from the wresting arena, located below the 
      weapons/gun shop.

    o Talk to the female - she will offer to give you a wig, only 
      if you can beat her hefty brother in a fitness match.
      After she explains how to operate the buttons for this match,
      she will ask you if you understand:

[!]   You can respond:
         Top Choice -> You do not understand - please explain once more.
      Bottom Choice -> You understand - go ahead with the match.      
[Tip!] - Press the [square] button to kneel.
       - Press the [X] button to stand up.
       - Press the [circle] button to bend over & stance.
       Basically, the fitness drill here is to kneel, stand-up, & bend
       over again & again until the time has run out.  The best way to 
       beat the hefty brother in this fitness match, is to keep 
       a very steady pace of pressing the buttons in a consistant pattern
       of pressing [square], [x], & [circle] over & over.

[!]   Choosing the bottom choice, she will go on to explain that you will
      have 30 secs to beat her brother.  You will be given a choice:
         Top Choice -> Practice first before the match.
      Bottom Choice -> No practice is needed - go on with the real match.

      (I suggest you practice first - the timing of pressing the buttons

       will require some getting used to)

      NOTE: The real match will promptly begin right after the practice.
[Tip!] - If you win, you will get a "blond wig"
       - If you tie, you will get a "chapatsu wig"
       - If you lose, you will get a "kusege wig"

[!]   After obtaining the wig, head back to the clothes shop & 
      go to the dressing room.  Aerith will ask you if you are 
      ready to change your clothes - you can respond:
         Top Choice -> You are ready to change your clothes.
      Bottom Choice -> Not ready yet.

    o If you chose to change your clothes, Aerith will change her 
      clothes as well, but note that once you change, you must proceed 
      to Corneo's mansion -- you cannot go back to the "girl bar" or 
      get the coupon from the restaurant...
    o Once disguised in your dress & wig, head up to Corneo's mansion.
      Talk to the guard - he will now let you in.  Once inside, 
      go to the dungeon room, where you will encounter Tifa.
    o Surprised at your state of appearance, Tifa will go on to explain 
      that Corneo may have some information that will come invaluable
      to them.  Head up to Corneo's office - where, Corneo will 
      choose from the 3 of you to become
[Tip!] - Corneo will choose TIFA if:  You have the cotton dress.
       - Corneo will choose AERITH if:  If you have any of these 3 or 
                                        more of the special items: 
                                          - "silk dress"
                                          - "sexy cologne"
                                          - "blond wig"
                                          - "lingerie"
                                          - "facial make-up"
       - Corneo will choose CLOUD if:  You must have all the special 
                                       items listed above.

    o Once everyone has arrived in Corneo's bedroom, Corneo will 
      confess to the Shinra's next plan in ridding the abaranche 
      of its menacing existance, along with the little slum town 
      surrounding it, through the destruction of the entire Area 7
      of Midgar.

[!]   Just as you are about to leave, Corneo will ask you,
      when should a person expect the worst in a given situation...
      You can respond: 
         Top Choice -> When a person is prepared to die. 
      Middle Choice -> When a person is winning/victorious.
      Bottom Choice -> When a person does not know what is going on.

      (Every choice will get you the same result - go ahead & pick any)

    o A sequence will follow. The president shinra has made his final 
      decision to destroy the entire Area 7 of Midgar, for the sake of 
      ridding the Abaranche....

[6.]---[ Underground Sewers and Abandoned Trains ]
    o Prepare yourself for an immediate battle with a subboss "Apusu".
    o Tifa suggests that there may still be time left to save Barrett
      and the rest of the Abaranche before the entire Area 7 is 
      literally brought down.  Battle your way through the sewers & 
      through the abandoned train station.  

[7.]---[ Abaranche - Battle to save Area 7 ]
    o By the time you reach the entrance to Area 7, Barrett & the 
      Abaranche will already have engaged in battle against the Shinra 
      army at the top of the tower. 

      (Even after that long fall, Wedge seems to still be alive....)
    o Battle your way up the tower & meet up with Barrett.
      Along the way up the tower, you will even encounter Vicks & JC 
      injured.  Upon reaching the top of the tower, prepare for 
      a brief battle with Leno - a Shinra operative who will initiate
      the destruction of Area 7.

    o A CG sequence showing the utter destruction of Area 7 will follow.
    o As Barrett expresses his rage over the death of his Abaranche 
      resistance - Vicks, Wedge, and JC - Tifa suggests that Barrett's
      daughter, Marin, may still be alive.

[8.]---[ Inside the Shinra Building... ]
    o Head off to Aerith's house.  

      (You will find Aerith's foster mother there, who will explain how 
       she encountered Aerith & her real mother some 15 years ago at the 
       train station - her mother whose dying words were for Elmina to 
       take Aerith to a safe place...and so Elmina had realized...she 
       would never see her husband again, nor did she have any children 
       of her own -- and so, there was nothing else for her to do, but 
       to take Aerith home with her...
       Elmina goes on to explain that she somehow knew Aerith was 
       different from others....Aerith retained a certain inner power -
       a power to which had interested the Shinra corp as well for their 
       own corrupt uses.  When Aerith had just brought Marin to her home 
       for safety, the Shinra operatives had taken hold of her -- 
       and Aerith had offered to be taken in exchange for Marin's 
       safe passage.)

      Upon learning of this, Barrett solemnly expresses his apology to 
      Elmina for what Aerith did for Marin.  

      (Barrett goes on to explain his reasoning for leaving Marin behind 
       during the battle -- he wishes to be with Marin more often, but 
       should he be with her, he cannot fight the Shinra corp.  
       And if he does not fight, the planet will die -- and so, he 
       explains how he finds himself in an endless turmoil between being 
       with Marin & saving the planet...)

[!] o Head up the stairs.  Talk to Barrett - he will tell you that
      he will join you to help fight against the Shinra corp to  
      save Aerith at any cost.  Marin will then suggest that Aerith 
      may actually be in love with you (Cloud).  You can repond:
         Top Choice -> Tell Marin you do not know anything about it.
      Bottom Choice -> Tell Marin it would be nice if it were true.

      (I will leave this option up to you)

[!] o Go to the next room over - an option will be given to you 
      if you want to rest or not:
         Top Choice -> Rest.
      Bottom Choice -> Do not rest.

    o Head downstairs & towards the entrance of the house.
      After everyone has gathered back together, Tifa will 
      suggests to go back to the Slum Town (wall market).  Go.

    o Head up towards the northern end of the slum town -- 
      you will encounter a bunch of children running about.
      Follow them - they will lead you to a wall w/a pipe 
      structure up through the middle.  If you talk to the 
      child sitting in front of the pipe, he will tell you that 
      the pipe leads up to the upper levels of Midgar, specifically
      to the Shinra Corp Building.

    o Climb the pipe.  Towards the top of the pipes, you will 
      find a battery outlet, which will open up a passage for you 
      to proceed.  Since you will now need a set of batteries, 
      climb back down to the surface.
    o Go to the weapon/gun shop.  Talk to the blacksmith on the 
      left side -- he will offer to sell 3 batteries to you for 300 gil.
      (Choose the top choice to buy)
      After buying them, head back up the pipes & use the battery 
      on the outlets.  Proceed on through the various obstacles.
      There will be 3 battery points you will need to cover.
      (Note: Press the [circle] button to jump onto the swinging wire)
      (Note: It may take some time before you correctly position 
             yourself to jump.  Ignore the messages that keep on 
             popping up repeatedly -- they are just instructions 
             on how to jump on to the swinging wire)
    o Once you finally get to the Shinra Corp Building, Barrett will 
      explain that Aerith has probably imprisoned in the upper levels
      of the building (60-68th level).   Tifa & Barrett will briefly 
      get into an arguement in how they should approach inside the 

      Barrett's Method: Bum Rush through the front door & battle your 
                        way up to the 60th or so floor.
      Tifa's Method: Secretly sneek in through the back stairs, without
                     the suspicion of the guards.

[!]   You will be given a choice.  You can either:
         Top Choice -> Bum Rush in through the front.
      Bottom Choice -> Go in secretly through the back stairs.

      (I will leave this up to you -- however going through the front 
       will probably gain you more experience points & items, although 
       it will be quite a tedious task.)
    o Any path you choose to proceed up the building, you will end up 
      at the 59th floor regardless.  Upon reaching the 59th floor, 
      battle against the 3 guards -- one of them will drop a key for the
      60th floor.

    o Proceed on to the tube elevator -- choose the 60th floor.
    o Upon reaching the 60th floor, go to the left control operating 
      room - you will have to coordinate each person to successfully
      cross over to the other side without being caught.  
      Time your movements carefully & accordingly.

[Tip!] - Move only when the guards are crossing & in motion.
         Once Cloud crosses over, you will have to press the [circle]
         button to signal the others when to move.

    o Proceed on up the stairs to the 61st floor.
      You will find yourself in the building's "refresh floor", with 
      several other wandering characters.

[!] o Talk to one of the characters walking around.
      One of them will suspiciously ask what you are doing here -
      You can respond:
         Top Choice -> Ask him where Aerith is held.
      Bottom Choice -> Don't answer him.

      Choose the bottom choice, and he will give you the access key 
      to the 62nd floor.
o Now head up the stairs once more, up to the 62nd floor.
o You will notice that the 62nd floor has 4 different colored
      chambers, each containing 3 sets of bookshel

Walkthrough Submitted By: Dana Edgar (Carvey)
In case you were wondering this Walktrough took 
me like 3 hours to do and there are no lies in it.
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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