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FINAL FANTASY 7 - Debug Guide
Written By: Andrew Dean

                                                              .    oo.
                                                              #  #
                                                        .:###@ # .           
                                           .-@   .    .O######.              
                                            +o  . ...0#####@o                
                                      .  : : :  8 .o######0+.                
                                     .  : @ 0 @8:@######@o8
                               .   .=o#@@@@@o#0#######.
                               . .+00@@@@@@@@#######+.
                        . . . ..OO800@@@@@@@@#######.
         . ...    :.   .=+++-oOoOO888008@@@@@@0--..
#### ###  #  #: .##  ### .=+o####+O8##08o##=#@@#####  ##  ###  #   #   # # #####
 # #  #   ## #  -##.. # .++++=#O#=oo##8O8##=#@8# # #  ## #  ## #   #   # #  # #
 # #  #   ##.# :.##.  #.+++++=#oO=oo##O88##=#O8  #    ## #   # #   #   # #  # #
 #    #   ## # . ##..:#.+=+++=#o =oo##+88##:#=+  #    ## ##  # #   #   # #  # #
 #    #   ## #:- ## .:#.=++++=#=#:oo##=O8##.#8-- #    ##  ##    ###    # #  # #
 # #  #   ####:-# .#.=#.=-.++=###oO####OO##=#..  #   #  #  ##    #     # #  # #
 ###  #   # ##--#. #. #..:+++:#.#oo#oo#OO#### .  #   #  #  ##    #     # #  # #
 # #  #   # ##:-#:.# =#:-===-.#..oo#oo#oO#:##..  #   #  #   #    #     # #  # #
 #    #   # ##:.# .#..#:= -:.:#.:oo#o8#oO#=##.   #   #  # ## #   #     # #  # #
 #    #   # ##..#### .#:..===:#=+oo####oO#=##.   #   #### #  #   #      ##  # #
 #    #   #  #..#. # .#-#:===.#=o++#o8#oO#=## .  #   #  # #  #   #      ##  # #
 #    #   #  #..#: #..#=#.==-:#-++-#o=#oo#-## .. #   #  # #  #   #      ##  # #
 #    #   #  #  #. #..#+#.=-=:#-o+-#o=#-o#:0#.   #   #  # #  #   #      ##  # #
###  ###  #  #  #  # ####.:--###=+8# 8#-o#+:#.   #   #  #  ##    #     ## #####
            :.....:.....=--=-=-===--=-=: .
        ..             -------=====-=::
      . .......:::::---------======:=+ .
       .     ..:::::::-------=-==+ :+
         . .    :.:::::-----=-=== :=   .  F F V I I
         .        ...:-:-------===:
                 .  .::-:------==.    D E B U G    G U I D E
                  .    .:-:::.      B y  A n d r e w  D e a n
                                    Version 1.6
NEW: General overhaul of the FAQ adding some new info and clearing up 
some loose ends. Enjoy!

Authors note: I'm sorry that the FAQ has ben neglected for so long, 
but I have been busy lately. I meant to release a new version a few 
weeks ago, but then Final Fantasy VIII arrived from America.. you know
how it is :). With FF8 out of the way I decided to get back to the 
FAQ and add the numerous little bits of advice I had received since 
the last update. It's actually worked out quite well, as I now I have 
enough new things to add to make the update worthwhile. 
One thing in particular I would like to draw your attention to is the 
new "How to use this guide" section. It might seem unnecessary, but 
quite a few people have clearly not found the FAQ that easy and 
intuitive to navigate - and unless you've been reading since the 
first version (or read every word) then it really is quite difficult 
to know where to find certain information (especially the Old chestnut
"How do I get Sephiroth?"). If you're new to the guide then please 
read it through and it'll make finding what you want a much more 
painless experience. Right, I'm off to play through FF8 again..

 - Andrew

SHAMELESS PLUG: Do you love Square's other RPG masterpiece, XENOGEARS?
Then check out my debug FAQ, available at the usual sites.

WANTED: I thought of an interesting idea - could anyone send me a 
dexdrive save of the debug room to put on my webspace? It would be 
useful for those who haven't got an AR/GS or have only an Xplorer 
cart. If you could do this, then please mail me about it first - I 
don't want to end up with a mail box stuffed full of 10MB of 
binaries.. Anyone who can help out please contact me.


This FAQ can ONLY be freely distributed as long as it is done so in IT'S ENTIRETY and
is unaltered. This FAQ CANNOT be used commercially or otherwise reprinted or
incorporated into any commercial medium. It is FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY.

(But judging by the effort put into the PAL conversion - i.e. zero, it is pretty
likely the games are the same. The Japanese version, however is DEFINITELY NOT the
same. Read Kao Megura's FAQ for that version (thanks for the mention BTW :) )).  


Like most Playstation owners I had bought and enjoyed Final Fantasy VII from
Squaresoft. I had played the game to death, solved every puzzle, collected
every item and found every secret, it seemed that I had would have to wait for
FF VIII for my next FF fix. But then I heard about the secret debug room. I
didn't believe it at first, and as I have the PAL version of the game I
couldn't see it for my own eyes. Then someone came up with the PAL version of
the code and it blew my mind. This must be the most comprehensive debug mode of
any game ever, it lets you start at any point in the game with any characters
and any items. I decided to catalog the confusing menus and options so that I
could actually work out ways to use it rather then just mess about with it.

All you need to access the room is a Gameshark or Action Replay cartridge, some
patience, and this guide. Included are codes for nearly every FF7 version (the 
only version that there isn't a code for is Japanese FF7 International, at least 
that I know of). I hope you enjoy reading this FAQ and have fun discovering some 
of the weird secrets of Final Fantasy VII. 


1.) The Debug Codes.
2.) The Main Debug Room. (includes 'map' of rooms).
3.) Hints And Tips (Recommended that you read first).
4.) The 10 Debug rooms.
5.) Miscellaneous (including the 'Pyramid' enemies).. 
6.) Music Player Guide.
7.) Frequently Asked Questions. (useful as a 'quickstart' guide)
8.) Credits/Copyright/Thanks..

How To Use This Guide

I'm not trying to be patronising, but it has really become noticable that some
people - far from not reading the instructions - have become confused as to the 
layout of the guide and where to find the information they want. I originally split
the guide into themed sections so that you can quickly find what you want, but as the
versions have piled up the debug rooms section has hidden the other sections away 
under hundreds of lines of options.
I intended the guide to work as follows:

Debug rooms breakdown (Sections 1-4):-
This is the bulk of the guide and simply consists of a huge list of every option
and what they do. If you've been looking through the rooms and want to know what
option X does, then look here.

Frequently Asked Questions (Section 7):-
This is possibly the most useful section of the FAQ. It is designed not only to
let you quickly see if any problems you may have had have been previously answered,
but also covering useful little tricks and tips for the debug room.

Miscellaneous (Section 5):- 
This section goes hand in hand with the FAQ section. It offers an in depth 
explanation of some useful and strange tricks in the debug rooms, as well as
providing further explanations of parts of the main debug room guide.
You see, it's simple. I hope you didn't find that too tedious or patronising,
but I figured that if by writing this I could stop another ten people asking
"How do I get Sephiroth?", then it would be worthwhile..


Now, the most important part..

+ 1.) The Debug Codes+--------------------------------------------------------------

Remember, these codes are designed for Action Replay/Gameshark cartridges and may not 
work on Xplorer or other such devices.

THE AMERICAN RELEASE DEBUG CODE                                       |
               |This code was the one that started it all. Thanks to: |
(original code)|                                                      |
8009A05C 0041  |R P G O D and C Z A R D R A G O N                     |
(Improved code)|                                                      |
8009ABF6 0041  |FF players the world over can enjoy a truly remarkable| 
               |secret. We Salute you!                                |
THE UNITED KINGDOM PAL RELEASE DEBUG CODE                             |
               |For once PAL owners were not left out, thanks to:     |
               |                                                      |
80099F2C 0041  |G U R T Y G U R T                                     |
               |                                                      |
               |the code can be used on the PAL game. This guide would| 
               |not exist without this code. Thank you!               |
THE FRENCH PAL RELEASE DEBUG CODE CODE                                |               
               |A new addition, this code was donated by:             |
               |                                                      |
8009A174 0041  |A L E X I S  H U E T                                  |
               |                                                      |
               |Now French owners can join in the fun.                |
               |Merci beaucoup!                                       |
THE JAPANESE RELEASE DEBUG CODE                                       |
               |Ironically, this was the last code I heard about.     |  
               |                                                      |
800987F4 0041  |C H A R L E S   M C D O N A L D                       |
               |                                                      |
               |created this code for the Japanese game.              |
               |Now every FF7 version is covered. Great work!         |

Code to play the terrible PAL version in NTSC (not perfect, but still better
than PAL. Can anyone fix the screen position?).

PAL to NTSC code: D0051464 0001
                  80051464 0000

===== ============
(Read this CAREFULLY before you use the code).

1. Enter the code into your GS/AR as usual. (For the N.America release, enter
both the provided codes. BTW, this new code fixes some graphical glitches.)

2. Start the game with the code active.

3. Either select 'New Game' to start in the debug room with a level 1 party, or select
'Load Game' to start with a saved party (then enter any town or 'field screen' to get 
to the debug room).

4. Once the debug room has loaded, SWITCH OFF the GS/AR (you cannot enter the other 
debug rooms otherwise).

5. To get back to the debug room, either select an option from a character in one of 
the other debug rooms with the switch on, or if you are in the actual game walk off 
any exit in the game with the switch on (as long as it dosen't lead to the world map 


========= ====== ==== ====

Several people have written to me complaining that they cannot enter 
any of the other rooms except the main debug room, despite switching 
the code off. After further investigation it seems that certain 
versions of gameshark do not disable the code properly, so the code 
is permanently on preventing access to the other rooms. If you have 
this problem (and are SURE that you have switched the code off), 
then try the following solution:

1. Load the game with the code on as usual.
2. Once you are in the debug room, talk to Yuffie and select 'MENU ON'.
3. Now save the game to your memory card.
4. Reset the Playstation.
5. Load the game up again, but this time DO NOT SWITCH ON THE CODE AT ALL.
6. Load the saved game you made earlier.

There is one downside to this, you cannot re-enter the main debug room
unless you load the saved game again.

+ 2.) The Main Debug Room+-----------------------------------------------------------

This is the centre of the debug mode, allowing access to all the other rooms
and also back to the game itself. To get to the debug room, simply switch on
the code and walk into any normal field screen (NOT the map screen). Remember,
ALWAYS switch off the code when you go into the map screen mode, or something
very strange will happen...

The most useful feature of this room is Yuffie. Talk to her to bring up a
general menu with the following options:

    NEXT - Next set of options.

    MENU ON - Enables all menu options (i.e Save and PHS. Thanks to 
              'EsperFF6' for that one :) ) 

    BATTLE LOCK - Disables battles. (Try wandering around the map and see what
    BATTLE UNLOCK - Enables battles again.

    MOVIE LOCK - Skips all the movies.

    MOVIE UNLOCK - Enables movies again.

    GLOBAL RESET - Resets money and party.

    FULL NAME - Puts a load of gibberish in each characters name.
                (Also creates an interesting side effect - see 
                 miscellaneous section.)

    NEW START - Restarts the game as if 'NEW GAME' was selected on the title
                screen. (THIS ONLY WORKS WITH DISK 1!)

    EXIT - Cancels

Menu 2:
    BACK - Goes back.

    SOUND RESET - Resets sound effects/music.

    FULL MATERIA - Gives you all materia (that can fit in the list)

    BATTLE999 - Special battle against some pyramids (See end of guide).


Walking off the left side of the room (Marked 11 below) results in you
returning to the game outside Midgar. It is therefore recommended that you leave

The 10 rooms are arranged in the following order:
(Room 11 is the exit.)

Room Order:

                          7     9

                     11 6         1

                          5     2


Some of the rooms have special debug keys which perform different operations.
These are outlined below:

Debug Keys:
===== ====

Room 1.
---- -

Select: Help menu for the below.
Square: "Reset Flag" - ?
L1: "Battle off" - switches off battles. Press again to re-enable.
L2: "Set Normal Party" - Gives you Cloud, Barret and Tifa in party.
R1: "Reset Flag" - ?
R2: "Default Name&No Money" - just as it says.
R2 (again): Debug Name&Debug Money" - removes all names and gives you 131071
Room 2.
---- -


Room 3.
---- -

Square: "1P" (press again for:) "2P" - This changes the options for 
all the characters in the room.
L1: "Debug [Number]" - Determines whether the game was started from 'New Game' 
or 'Load Game' option. 0 is a new game, 8 is a saved game.

Rooms 4-10 have no debug keys.

+ 3.) SOME USEFUL HINTS AND TIPS: +--------------------------------------------------

*. If you want to play a specific part of the game, put in the correct disk for
that part. Although, as you may know, you can play through FF7 on the wrong disk
usually, doing so with some debug options will crash the game rather than just 
showing the wrong films, etc.

*. Many parts of the game will be in the state that you have previously left them
in. For example, if you load up a save from the end of the game and then enter 
the debug room and go to the Temple of the Ancients, many parts will not work/not
work properly as in your game the temple no longer exists.

*. ALWAYS SWITCH OFF THE CODE IN BOSS BATTLES! Otherwise even if you win you
will see the game over screen..
This also happens in 'scripted' battles (e.g. the 2 guards in the train station at
the start of the game, or the guards when Yuffie steals your materia).

*. Take nothing for granted. Just because an option says 'cancel' or 'quit' 
dosen't mean it does..

*. Adding to the first point, in scenes where a certain character MUST be in
your party (e.g. Cait Sith at the Gold Saucer) make sure they are or the game
may behave strangely, or hang.

*. Remember, if anything goes horribly wrong you can always restart the game by 
holding all the shoulder buttons, and start and select together. Even if the game
seems to have totally gone up the wall this often still works. If not, you'll 
have to reset.. (having said that, you should always be patient, as at least a few
options appear to hang the game or just not respond to commands, but after a few 
minutes they will work again).

*. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE! Walking about with Aeris, Sephiroth and Young Cloud 
whilst using disabled materia is not likely to make the game play very reliably.. 

*. Beware of parts of the game that put Tifa or Cid in charge, as they have a 
nasty habit of messing up the debug room. This dosen't always happen, but has 
happened enough times to annoy me.

*. Options that have [] (Picture of PSX square button) or "R1 de mage" have another
function that will only be shown if you hold the corresponding button down whilst
selecting (keep it held until it has loaded).

*. If you start from a new game, avoid any thing that leads to the PHS screen, as
without any other characters you will be stuck there unless you reset the 

+ 4.) The 10 Debug Rooms+------------------------------------------------------------

Room 1. "Welcome To FinalFantasy 7 English Version"
==== =

Aeris: "Working Now" Leads to Tifa having a dream/flashback at Junon whilst she
is captive with Barret.

Sailor Barret: "7th Street" - Leads to first 'Beginner's Hall'

   Welcome Home - Leads to return to 7th Heaven after first Mako reactor
   Before Memory - Talk with Tifa about "The Promise", etc.

   Materia - Appear down stairs in hideout. Once you ride the lift/pinball
             table up the game jumps to the point where Cloud is about to walk
             out on Tifa.
   Good Morning - Next Morning Scene. Start in hideout, but everyone has
                  already gone.
   Before Battle - Sector 7 Pillar battle.

   Cancel - Cancels (obviously)

   After Memory - Same as 'materia' except you start actually talking to Tifa.

'Dressed Up' Tifa: (Ahem..)
   Leads to Party Select screen.

Train Station Guard: "Last train from Midgar"

   Cargo - Begins after you've met with Barret in the train cargo carriage,
   then leaps to the conversation with Jessie about the train ID system.

   Train 1 - Same as above except you start talking to Jessie.

   Train 2 - Second reactor train journey, scene where the alarm goes off.

   Train 3 - Car 4 of second train where AVALANCHE escape.

   Train 4 - Car 3 of train escape sequence

   Monitor - Monitor sequence with Jessie.

   Station 1 - AVALANCHE arrival back at sector 7 after first mission.

   Station 2 - Second reactor mission train journey.

   StationFlashback - Flashback of Elmyra finding Aeris.

"Honey Bee Inn" Girl: (NOTE: This seems to crash the game if you walk off the
                       screen back into town. It also changes the Config
   First Time - First visit to H.B.I asking for Tifa.

   2nd Time - Visit with members pass..

   3rd Time - Return when Cloud Dressed as woman..

   After All - Return when Shinra have occupied the inn.



   "Everyday My Works are..." - Cancels

   Got The Jyro - Resets Flag on little Bronco

   After The Meteo...TIFA - Makes Tifa Party leader

   After the Meteo...CID - Makes Cid party leader

   After the Meteo...CLOUD - Makes Cloud party leader

   Mako Under The sea - ?

   Hp&Mp 1 - Kills lead character and removes all Mp

   No Money - Removes all money.

   MoneyMoneyMoney - Gives you 365294 Gil.

   Got The keystone - Gives you Keystone Key item.

   JUNONDOC1 - Junon. Scene where party boards boat to new continent. Also
               restores default party names and removes all money.
   JUNONDOC2 - Puts you at the empty dock at Junon. In the middle of the ocean!
               Not very useful..

   ROAD1 -  Puts you in the SOLDIER base just before the main Junon town.

   (Cancel) - Cancels

   ROAD3 - Puts you in tunnel in Junon SOLDIER base. Seems to mess up as no
           characters appear.
   ROAD4 - Junon Huge materia sequence in tunnel guarded by dog. You appear
           inside a wall so this is also useless.
   ROAD5 - Another corridor leading to the Junon underwater reactor.
           Again you're stuck in the wall
   ROAD6 - Puts you in Junon shop, stuck in the counter.

   ROAD7 - Bottom of Junon liftshaft.

   ELE 1 - Puts you in the Junon underwater reactor lift (the scene with the
           secretary and guards). There seems to be no controllable character.
   ELE 2 - Puts you at top of Junon town liftshaft.

   ROOM - Same as ROAD1.

Cat: "JUNONL" (This also acts as quit)
   JUNONL1 - Junon Town street. Characters are stuck in the wall.

   JUNONL2 - Left side of Sliding Junon lift. No characters.

   JUNONL3 - Part of Junon street? Once again the characters are stuck in the
   JUNONL-W - Junon weapons shop. Amusingly you're stuck in the giant display
   JUNONL-I1 - Junon accessories shop. You're stuck in the counter. Again.

   JUNONL-I2 - Junon Item shop. This time you're stuck in a bar stool. How I
   JUNONL-INN - Appear at Junon inn. Stuck inside the owner - but try staying
                the night and.. you'll still be stuck in the owner. Oh well..
   JUNONL-PUB - Appear at Junon Shinra bar. Guess what? You're stuck in the
   JUNONL-MIN0 - Secret beginners room in Junon inn. You're stuck in the co.. -
                 but no! you're not stuck at all! Amazing!
   JUNONL-MIN1 - SOLDIER barracks. And. You. Are. Stuck. In. The. Wall.. Gaggh
   JUNONL-MIN2 - Top floor of barracks. SIAW (Stuck In A Wall, okay?)

Dolphin: "JUNONR" (Also quits)

   JUNONR1 - Junon Parade performance. Once you follow your platoon outside
             they just stand there and the game refuses to progress to the next
             scene. Useless.
   JUNONR2 - Starts outside the sliding lift. Scene is after WEAPON attacks.

   JUNONR3 - Entrance to Shinra headquarters above Junon.

   PARADE - Starts at the actual parade minigame, but then goes to sliding lift
            and characters are stuck in the wall.
   JUNONR-W - Junon Weapons shop. Stuck in the wall.

   JUNONR-PUB - Junon Pub SIAW.

   JUNONR-I - Item shop SIAW.

   JUNONR-M -  Weapon Shop SIAW.


   JUNON-MIN2 - Cat room of SOLDIER barracks SIAW.

   JUNON-MIN3 - SOLDIER barracks bedroom - SIAW

   JUNON-MIN4 - Same as second part of 'JUNONR1' soldiers just stand there.

Sailor: "Submarine" (Cancels and leads to party screen)
   SubmarineDock - Red Submarine in dock SIAW.

   BridgRed - Bridge of red submarine SIAW.

   BridgeBlue - Bridge of Blue Submarine.

   SubmarineRed - Scene just before 'Bridgered'

   SubmarineBlue - Scene just before 'Bridgeblue'

   Escape - Escape from submarine dock (if you failed to get a sub)

   Minigame0 -     Submarine game at various difficulties.
   Minigame1 -
   Minigame2 -
   Minigame3 -
   Minigame4 -

Wizard: "Temple of the Ancients" (quits and leads to party screen)
   Temple - Leads to The entrance to the temple - after it's been destroyed..

   After Collapse - Almost the same as 'temple'

   Altar - At the Alter where you put the keystone. But the temple is already
           destroyed, so you can't enter!?
   Alter2 - Keystone placement scene (leading to maze).

   Temple of The Ancients - Maze section

   Shop Of The Ancients - The err, shop of the ancients basically.

   The Rock - Rolling rocks trap scene.

   The Hole Of the Time - Giant Clock Scene

   Tirano - Battle with monster at the bottom of the clockface.

   Treasure - Treasure room. you can't open the chest or leave.

   Chase - Annoying wizard chase sequence. Leaving takes you to boss battle
   Next Page - Leads to second page of locations:
   "Temple of the Ancients 2" - Leads to a nice picture of a wall. That you are stuck 
                                in. Great.  
   Mateo - Leave and then re-enter for 'Cloud going psycho' scene.
   Sephiros - Sephiroth explains his evil scheme ("nya ha ha").
   Hole1 - A blocked tunnel in the temple of the ancients (I don't remember this 
           bit..). Not much use as you are Stuck in the wall.
   Hole2 - Another tunnel in the temple. No visible characters, making this
   Boss - Scene after you have killed 'Demon's Gate' boss. 

   Mateo2 - Same as 'Mateo' option.

   Cancel - Cancels.

Costa Del Sol Barmaid: "Costa Del Sol" - Cancels
   Town - CDS at early part of the game

   Beach - Beach of CDS

   Harbor - Harbour scene

   Debug - Rufus arrives at CDS. (Seems to mess up after this.)

Sephiroth: "Mt. Corel)
   Mountain Road - Start of pathway up Mt. Corel.

   (Cancel) - Cancels
   Vally - Mt. Corel railway bridge (leading to 'Rollercoaster' section).

   Up&Down - Scene where you fall off the railway track and can climb up to 
             get some items.

   River - Bridge over the Corel river (the bridge is already lowered).

   Hole - Secret Miner's cavern under Mt. Corel. 

   PiyoPuyo - Secret Birdsnest scene.

   Bridge - Rope bridge from North Corel.

   Railway - 'Rollercoaster' railway section.

   Ballet's Memory - Barret flashback sequence of him and Dyne watching North
                     Corel burn.
   Cancel - Cancels

ROOM 2. 
==== =

Sephiroth (with Head..): CG Movie Viewer
   use   - leads to :

           South Reactor - Reactor explosion (where Cloud falls)

           (Blank space) - sector 7 pilar explosion

           NIVILHIAM tragedy - Scene where monster emerges from reactor/
                              Sephiroth kicks ass.

           (Blank Space) - Aborted rocket launch scene.

           Gold Saucer - Cable car departure/arrival. Also Round square ride

           take off Tiny Bronco - Tiny Bronco sequence.

           AERITH death - Aeris snuffs it.

           SEPHIROTH - Sephiroth/weapons awaken.

           WEAPON Attack - Attack on Junon + Highwind escape.

           CLOUD psychoanalusis - Mideel destruction/lifestream scene.

           (Blank Space) - Rocket take off.

           METEO intercept failure - escape capsule/meteor scene.

           shoot SISTER LAY - (snigger..) Firing of the 'Sister Ray'.

   cancel - cancels

   (Blank Space) - returns to main room

Fat Bloke: "KARM Town"

   cancel - cancels

   First come - Kalm when you first get there. Asks you to organise your party first.

   After Armagedon - leads to sub menu:
      Check Oldman's event?

       Yes - leads to old man quest flags as below:
       No - leads to the pub in Kalm

        old man event:
        get GUIDE BOOK - Guide Book key item
        get DESERT ROSE - Desert Rose key item
        get EARTH HARP - Earth Harp key item
        event start - sends you to Kalm pub with the selected items.

   cancel - cancels

   Meet TARCKS - outside the scene where you meet the Turks in Mithril Mine. Gives 
                 you the option of putting Aeris in your party.

   we can't go - reorganise party, then leads to Mithril mine.
                 (This seems to be a good way of getting Sephiroth)

   Last Dungeon - Gives you the option of adding the secret characters Yuffie
                  and Vincent before going to the Final dungeon. Also gives you the 
                  option of having 99 save crystals! (Each time you use one, the last 
                  one placed is lost, so you can only have one active save point)

   HIGHWAY Minigame - Lets you play the bike game (game storyline version, not at Gold

   Shinra Airship - Takes you to the crashed Gelnika.


   Decline Church - Church escape sequence.

   Forgotten Relm - Top of the City of the Ancients

   Go To Northland - Appear in City of the Ancients in a house talking to the

   Meet CID - scene before rocket launch.

   METEO intercept - same as above.

   Rocket at space - Rocket in space..

   Cancel - cancels

   Meet TARCKS -  Takes you to Gongaga village.

   Who am I? - Takes you to The City of the ancients.

Railway Guard: "TUNNEL"

   Cancel - cancels

   Tunnel - "LEVEL of TORIYAMA EVENT" (Train escape event)

             Perfect! - least distance to reactor.

             Normal - Normal distance from reactor.

             OH NO! - Miles away from reactor

   5th Reactor - AIRBUSTER ambush.

==== =

(HUGE Thanks to Ozzy151629).

Shaking Cloud:
   Ima.. - rename.. (select character to rename)

   Chokobo - Chocobo race (Gives you a new chocobo to name then starts a race).

   Jet - Play Speed Square Gold Saucer Game

   Yame - Cancel

Sword Cloud: "8Bangai" (Sector 8)

   tojikomerarechatta - Scene in tunnel after first reactor mission where Jessie
                        is setting a bomb.
   BOOM to kitamonda - Tunnel explodes from bomb.
   hajimete earith - Meet Aeris for the first time after first reactor mission.

   tobe cloud - Scene where Cloud gets trapped by troops and jumps on the train.

   hoka ga ii - Cancels.

Cloud's mum: "Movie Check"
(Thanks to everyone who emailed me about this one).

   doka~n - Disk 1: Mako reactor. Disk 2: Sephiroth/weapons awaken Disk 3:
                    scene where blocks move up the screen at the end.
   tou! - (jump!)Cloud jumping onto the train after the first reactor mission.

   dongaragashan - Scene where pillar collapses/AVALANCHE escape.

   touchaku - Gold Saucer train entering Corel.

   departu - Entering Gold Saucer.

   Sample - Scene at Junon where Cloud climbs up to the airport (camera pans back
            to show the Highwind).

   Sample -  Plays opening scene 

   Yame - Cancel.

Tifa 1 (next to Cloud's mum): "6Bangai" (Sector 6)

   Love love - Aeris visit to playground.

   7ban dokan - Recovery after pilar collapse scene.

   matte matte -  Scene after Sector 7 pilar crash.

   checkyou kouen - On the way to wall Market.

   yameta - cancel

Aeris 1 (Next to Tifa 1): Party?
    un - change party (pick any 3 members, leaders or not)
    uun - cancel

Turks Vincent: "bokujou"

   ie no naka (R1 de mage) - Talking to chocobo Bill about Sephiroth (Hold R1 
                             for the menu that you get later on in the game where 
                             you can ask for stalls, advice, etc).

   soto(R1 de mage) - Chocobo ranch at the at start of the game (Hold R1 for the
                      later version where you can actually ride Chocobos, etc).
   bobou(R1 de mage) - Chocobo barn, initial version (R1 for later version).

   (Blank Space) - Lucrecia/Sephiroth flashback. Then you appear at Kalm town as
                   Lucrecia! Unfortunately you are stuck in the wall..

   sittitai - Slaughtered Midgar Zolom scene.
   yame - Cancel.

Tifa 2 (Below T Vincent): Chokobo ijiri (Fun with Chocobos basically.)

   ST Check - Stats check. Choose the chocobo to check. (See end of guide)
              Chocobos in stables only.

   Tukamaeta - Controls the types of Chocobo in the paddock outside the Chocobo farm:
               owari - quit.
               A - Wonderful Chocobo
               B - Great Chocobo
               C - Good Chocobo
               D - So-so Chocobo 
               E - Average Chocobo
               F - Not bad Chocobo
               G - Not very good..
               H - "I really can't recommend this one."

The menu appears 4 times, once for every empty space in the paddock.
Use Vincent's options to visit the farm (hold R1).

A BIG thanks to CzarDragon for telling me that one.

   Yasai to mi ippai - Gives you all the different types of Chocobo food (nuts as well
                       as greens).

   Magego Bokujou - Go to Chocobo farm SIAW.

   Yaoya - Buy Chocobo Greens.

   Yame - Cancel.

Tifa 3 (Below Shaking Cloud): "Lasdan" (Last Dungeon)

   LAS3-1 - Start of second choice route after going  Left.
   LAS3-2 - Second screen of above, but stuck on a platform.

   LAS3-3 - Last screen of above, SIAW.
   LAS4-0 - Last screen of main Dungeon (party all together).

   LAS4-1 - Screen just before the above, SIAW.

   LAS4-2 - Floating islands before fighting Jenova.

   LAS4-3 - Last set of islands, before Jenova.

   LAS4-4 - Screen where Jenova appears.

   LAS4-42 - Scene after Jenova where the columns fly up the screen.
   Ikisaki - Lets you assign each member of the party to the 3 different groups
             possible in the final boss fight against 'Bizarro-Sephiroth'.
   Dokoitta? - Checks the group assignments as above.

   Yame - cancel

Vincent 2 (Next to Tifa 3): "Corel"
   hajime - Arrival at Corel prison.
   sonchou - Just before Cloud enters the manky old house (where Barret shoots
             the bloke hiding behind the sofa).
   dyne kessen - Dyne goes one-on-one with Barret (I pity da' fool, etc.).
   ueniikunone - Barret talks to 'Mr.Coates'. 

   yame - cancel

Aeris 2 (Left of shaking cloud): "EARITH HOME"
   1F okaasan au - Aeris arrives home with Cloud.
   1F katari haha - Cloud and chums report that Elmyra's only daughter has been 
                    abducted for use in depraven experiments by Hojo. Elmyra is not 
                    very pleased.
   2F nigeru - Scene just before Cloud has to sneak out of Aeris's house.

   2F ballet naku -  Barret cuddles Marlene. "ahhhh".

   Hoka wo ataru - Not at the moment

Yuffie 1 (Bottommost Yuffie): "ijiru"

   Love_paraijiri - Love points. How many 'love points' each character has
                     received from your actions so far in the game. Whoever has
                     the most points dates Cloud at the Gold Saucer. Even
                     Barret (No wonder he wore that sailor suit..). (BTW the odds
                     are stacked heavily in Aeris' favour, usually Cloud has to
                     act like a total bastard to 'date' Yuffie or Barret).
       earith 1ban - Maximum points to Aeris
       tifa 1ban - Maximum points to Tifa
       yufi 1ban - Maximum points to Yuffie
       Ballet 1ban - Maximum points to Barret
       Nakamiru - View totals

   Okane ippai - Lots of money (NOTE: understatement of the year..)

   Okane nasi - No Money

   G Reset -  Resets game clock, etc.

   dflname Kaeru - Changes names to the set with "Earith" and "Ballet".

   GP ippai -  Lots of GP (100000)

   member zenin - Gives you all characters.

   member yufi vin igai - Gives you all characters except Yuffie and Vincent.

   item iroiro - Gives you every characters limit break manual and 99 speed
                  and power sources. Some other goodies too.

   Yame - Cancel

Yuffie 2 (Middle Yuffie): "GS" (Gold Saucer options)
NOTE: It is best to have Cait Sith in your party for most of these locations as
when you play the game normally he would be permanently in your party.

   Hotel - Takes you to Hotel lobby.

   jet - takes you to outside Speed Square Game

   game1F - 1st room of wonder square

   game2F -  2nd room of wonder square. (Note that you can't snowboard..)

   Kanransha - Outside tour ride

   Hiroba - Theatre. You're stuck on the stage!

   eki (R1 de mage) - Leads to Gold Saucer entrance. Stangely, you can't leave.
                      (Hold R1 for the same...?) 
   Karansha naka - Tour ride with THREE people. Third character gets stuck in
                   the ticket booth afterwards..
   Tougijou - Battle Square. The special battle is unlocked !?

   Yame - cancel

Yuffie 3 (Top Yuffie): "Gold" (Gold Saucer)
NOTE: You should have Cait Sith in your party for most of these.

   Ballet Punpun - Scene where Aeris pisses off Barret at GS.

   Caitsith toujou - GS entrance before you meet Cait Sith.

   dio toujou - GS entrance before you have met Dio.

   tougijou de - Battle square massacre scene.

   kaettekita cloud - Scene in lift before chocobo race.

   under corel - Arrival in Corel prison.

   Yameta - Cancel

ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS (press square for "2p"):
=========== =======
Bottom Yuffie:
Same options as Yuffie in the main debug room.

Middle Yuffie: "date chuu to GS2"
N.B.1: If you are in an area that the 'date sequence' does not go to, go back to
the station and the date will begin.
N.B.2: See the end of the guide for a more detailed explanation of this part.

   jet - Speed square with Aeris on 'date'.

   game1F - First Wonder square arcade room with Aeris.

   game2F - Second wonder square room with Aeris.

   kanransha - Entering Round Square ride with Aeris.
   hiroba - Start of Event Square play with Aeris.

   chokobo - Chocobo Square with Aeris.

   tougijou - Battle Square with Aeris.

   mogo - Playing 'Mog's House' game (with Aeris).

   yame - Cancel.

Top Yuffie: "GS2"

   eki - Arrival at Gold Saucer. Cloud has a spasm and gets stuck.

   hotel matome - Cloud tells us "the story so far.." at the Ghost Hotel. 

   cs uragiri - End of 'date' sequence stuck in the #!%&@ ticket booth. 

   dio no tenjistu - Talking to Dio about obtaining the Keystone.

   date no osasoi - 'Date' character comes to Cloud's room.

   nigeta cs no saigo - Cait Sith gives the keystone to Tseng.

   hotel deppatu - In Cloud's room before leaving the hotel.

   yame - Cancel.
Cloud's Mum: "movie check"
   saishono - Ropeaway train goes to the Gold Saucer for the first time.

   jet - Round Square ride passing through the Speed square track.

   chokobo - Round square ride going past the Chocobo races.

   diozou - RS passing statue of Dio.

   hotel - RS passing Ghost Hotel.

   hiroba - RS passing Event Square.

   hanabi1 - Firework display.

   hanabi2 - Fireworks 2 (zoomed out camera).

   yame - Cancel.

Tifa 3:
   hokora1 - Sleeping man's cave (gives you Mithril every time?).
   hokora2 - Gongaga Weapon salesman's house (where you get Aeris's limit break).

   hokora3 - Chocobo Sage's house, SIAW.

   hokora4 - Lucrecia's cavern.
   hokora5 - Materia Cave (Mime) SIAW.

   hokora6 - Materia Cave (HP<->MP) SIAW.
   hokora7 - Materia Cave (Quadra Magic).

   hokora8 - Materia Cave (Knights Of The Round) SIAW. 

   yame - Cancels.

==== =

"For those in a hurry" - Takes you to Aeris menu
"For those with a little time" - Lets you walk around

I recommend you use the "in a hurry" menu, as otherwise the characters don't appear.

Giant Aeris: "Hello there, wanna be-hero.
              You ready for your journey?"
  "So? Where to?"

   To Mideel! - Mideel before it has been destroyed. (Characters are invisible and the 
                game often hangs).
   To Mideel Clinic! - Scene where Cloud is in hospital and Tifa is watching him 
                       (characters are invisible again..).
   To the Mideel Talk Event! - Game hangs unless you talk to the Doctor first
                               (See below).

   To the Attack Event! - In Mideel Clinic (invisible characters). 
   To the Lifestream! - Scene in clinic as the ground begins to shake..

   To the Mindzone! - Cloud sinking into the Lifestream.
   To the Spirit World! - Start of 'inside Cloud's mind' scene.

   To Spirit World2! - Middle part of Lifestream scene.
   To Spirit World3! - Scene where Young Cloud Talks with Tifa. 

   To the Spirit World again! - Destroyed Mideel.
   To Mideel after it fell! - Visit to Nibelheim in Cloud's mind (should have been the
                              above option).
   To Hades! - Sarcastic comment from Aeris..
NOTE: Choosing "For those in a hurry", produces the same results, but the bottom 
option is  now "Hold it, I need a break!", which leads to the battle with WEAPON.
The other options are the same, but seem to work much more reliably.

Nurse:  "Who're you going with?"
    Lets you change party members.

Doctor: "Take down a flag?"

   Mideel - Mideel destroyed flag(?) Switch this on to enable the "Mideel
            talk event!" option from Aeris.
   Ionia - Tifa flag?

   Materia - Huge materia?

   To the Dark Hill - Cloud and Tifa 'get it on' :)

   To the Light Hill - The morning after..

   (invisible option) - Highwind whilst Cloud and Tifa are at Mideel. 

Thanks to scrwdrvr for the "Mideel Talk Event!" tip.

==== =

Cid 1 (Middle Cid): "Colneo"  (Don Corneo)

   Ponbiki -  Don's Mansion

   Irasshai - Inside Mansion. (Nothing seems to happen).

   Tifa to goryuu - Tifa is taken to Corneo and you go in the room dressed as
                     a girl.
   Yame - cancel

Cait Sith 1 (Top CS): Change party

   Cloud Dake - Cloud Party Leader

   Tifa Dake - Tifa Party Leader

   Cid Dake - Cid Party leader

   utai iriguti - Just entering Wutai.

   yufi wo oe! - Entering Wutai persuing Yuffie.

   yufi nakamani - Scene where you first beat/meet Yuffie. (Puts you in the
                   ocean when you leave..)

   yufi nigeru1 - Scene where you are ambushed by Shinra troops after Yuffie steals
                  your materia.

   yufi nigeru2 - Same as above? (different battle camera angle..)

   meteo1 - Scene where meteor is hit by the rocket (KaBOOM..)

   meteo2 - Cosmo Canyon after above scene.

   meteo3 - Same as above, but alternative version (i.e. didn't (or maybe did)
            get the huge materia out of the rocket).

   yame - Cancels.

Cid 2 (Above Sailor):
   tifa to saikai - Cloud meets up with Tifa in the Don's mansion.

   earith to gouryuu - Aeris gets to 'meet' Corneo..
   colneo sonogo - Later on in the game in the basement of the Don's mansion
                   with Kotch tied up.   
   yame - cancel.

Cid 3 (Top right Cid): "iroiro"

   colneo kobun beya - Cloud gets to 'meet' Corneo's lackeys..
   sinra kaiden 1 - 1st set of Shinra building stairs..
   sinra kaiden 2 - 2nd set of stairs.

   sinra kaiden 3 - Last set of stairs.

   sinra 59F - 59F. Stuck in a wall.. 
   sinra elevetor - Elevator after breaking in to the shinra building (alarm goes 
                    off, etc).
   sinrabil totunyuu - Scene outside Shinra building when you first climb up there.

   sinrabil dasshutu - Shinra Building lobby, before the infamous motorbike 
                       scene :). (I think the film part dosen't work though :( ).
   yame - cancel.

(probably needs disk 1)   
  cosmo materia ya - Cosmo Canyon materia shop. 
  cosmo touchaku - Zoomed out view from when you first visit Cosmo Canyon.
  seto no kabe - Scene where Red XIII arrives at the statue of Seto. 
  Movie Check - DISK 1 ONLY. Plays film of Bugenhagens planet machine thingy.
  boogen jikkensitu - Boogenhagen shows off his 3D orrary thing.

  sayonara cosmo - Scene as Cloud leaves Cosmo Canyon, only to be joined by Red XIII.

  meteo go cosmo - Cosmo Canyon after the threat of Meteor.

  onegai boogen - Inside Bugenhagen's room. (He's waiting inside his machine thing).

  hyuji materia - Huge materia display.
  sayonara boogen - In Bugenhagen's room.

  ............ -  Bugenhagen 'goes away' and gives Red XIII his Ultimate Weapon.

NOTE: Some of these MUST have disk 1 in to work.
   sinra 60F - Video of guard falling asleep. Then Cloud SIAW.

   sinra 61F - 61F of Shinra building.

   sinra 64F - 64F of Shinra building (gym). No keycard, so you're stuck!
   sinra 63F - 63F of Shinra building (item maze) SIAW.

   sinra 62F - 62F (library) SIAW.

   sinrabil shoumen - Outside Shinra HQ. Then game hangs..

   sinrabil uraguti - Shinra back entrance (leading to the stairs).

   minigame - Motorbike game (This seems to run much faster than normal). Afterwards
              Cloud appears in an empty black room. Weird.
   sinrabil matane - Outside Shinra Building. SIAW.  

   yame - cancel

Cait Sith 2: (Bottom CS)
NOTE: These need disk 1 to work.
   Unpansen - In disguise on board the cargo ship to Costa Del Sol.
   corel kaisou1 - Barret flashback to the original North Corel town/Shinra meeting.
   corel kaisou2 - Shinra/townspeople meeting scene of flashback. 
   saishuukessen - End of the game. Cloud travels towards the light..
   yame - Cancels.

Aeris 1 (Closest to CS 2):

   Cloud erabeu - Cloud Chosen by Don Corneo
   Earith erabeu - Aeris chosen
   Tifa erabeu - Tifa Chosen
   Yame - Cancel

Aeris 2 (Bottom left most):

   Cloud no Baai - Cloud in Corneos' room
   Earith no Baai - Aeris in room
   Tifa no Baai - Tifa in room
   Yame - cancel

Barret 1 (Closest to Cid): "5Bangai" (Sector 5)
   kyoukai no yane - Aeris talking to Cloud on the church roof.
   yane pyon - on the roof tops with Aeris. Then SIAW..
   yane kara oriru - Cloud and Aeris jump off the last bit of the pile of junk. 
   yame - Cancel.

Barret 2 (Top left): "5Bangai2" (Sector 5 part 2)
   slum chuusin - Sector 5 main area.
   dokan - Inside the sickman's house/pipe place.  
   icchaya - Outside of main Sector 5 (when you're trying to sneak away without 
   yame - Cancel. 

==== =

Cid: Battle against Vagyrisk (SP?) then:
   Man - wall market as Cloud
   Be Girl - Wall market as Cloud in dress.

Red XIII: "Train Grave"
   MDS7ST2 - Second screen of the Train Graveyard.  
   MDS7ST1 - Party enter the start of the Train Graveyard.
   Cancel - cancels


   1 - Leads to Shinra meeting and unveiling of the 'Sister Ray'.
   2 - Firing of sister ray
   3 - After firing of Sister Ray/The death of Rufus.
   Last 0-3 - Start of North cave (leaving Highwind)

Barret: "Organaize Party?"
  This lets you choose the lead character as well as the usual support

Snow Woman
   (blank spaces)

   1. - Recovering from snowboard landing (great glacier, near some trees).

   2. - 'Ice Gate' sign at Great Glacier.
   3. - Recovering from Snowboard landing at the above sign post.

   4. - Recovering in thick forest area.

   HYOU3 - Recovering in rock valley area.

   HYOU13-1 (After) - Outside Snow Woman's cave. (After kicking her ass).
   HYOU13-1 (Before) - Outside Snow Woman's cave (before fighting her).

   HYOU5-2 - Screen with all the little icebergs to jump on.

   Cancel - Cancels. 

Cait Sith: "Climb Wire"

   WCRIMB1(with Battery) - First part of rubble climbing scene with batteries.
   WCRIMB1(without Battery) - Same as above - but guess what? You've got no batteries.
   WCRIMB2 - Last climb scene (with batteries).
   WCRIMB1 - Annoying bit where you have to jump onto the swinging pole. (with 
   Cancel - Cancels

Man With Hat: "CONDOR1"

  1. Leads to sub menu:
   1a. Entrance to Fort Condor Cloud is leader  
   1b. Entrance to Fort Condor, but Tifa is party leader.
   1c. Entrance to Fort Condor, but Cid is party leader.
   cancel - cancels.

  2. Leads to sub menu:
   2a. Fort Condor already upstairs (Cloud leader + Tifa + Cid).
   2b. Fort Condor already upstairs (Tifa leader + Young Cloud + Cid)
   2c. Fort Condor already upstairs (Cid leader + Young Cloud + Sephiroth!)
   cancel - Fort condor upstairs. (With your current party) DOSEN'T CANCEL!
  3. Leads to:
   3a. Entrance to Fort Condor (after final huge materia battle. Cloud leader +
       Cid + Tifa). 
   3b. Same as above, but Tifa is party leader (plus Cid and Young Cloud) 
   3c. Same as above, but Cid is party leader (plus Young Cloud + Sephiroth)
   cancel - Same as above but with current party
  4. Leads to:
   4a. Fort Condor (seems to be the same as option 1a.)
   4b. Fort Condor (same as option 1b.) 
   4c. Fort Condor (same as option 1c.
   cancel - Fort Condor with Cid leader, Young Cloud, and Cloud.
  5. Leads to:
   5a. Fort Condor before Huge materia battle (Cloud+Tifa+Cid).
   5b. Fort Condor before Huge materia battle (Tifa+Cid+Y.Cloud).
   5c. Fort Condor, same as above. (Cid+Y.Cloud+Sephiroth)
   cancel - Fort Condor Battle 2 (Current party).

  6. Leads to:
   6a. After winning Huge materia battle (Cloud+Tifa+Cid).  
   6b. After winning Huge materia battle (Tifa+Y.Cloud+Ci).
   6c. Same as above but with Cid+Sephiroth+Y.Cloud.
   cancel - Same as above, but with current party.
  7. After Huge materia battle talking to old man downstairs. Game hangs when you 
     talk to him.
  8. In command shed after losing a battle.
  9. ?

  10. Cancels. 

Aeris: (Sometimes this menu is a mess, and sometimes it works. Strange.) 
   MRKT1 - Top half of Wall Market at start of game. 
   MRKT2 (After) - First visit to Wall Market with Aeris 
   MRKT2 (Before) - Wall Market before 'Plate climb' scene.
   Cancel - Cancels

Options which give you:

   1. Gives you another 300 Gil.
   2. Gives you another 131072 Gil.
   3. Gives you 99 of every item.
   4. Fight against pyramids
   5. Resets items/time/party to 0 (This also lets you select all 
      menu options. DO NOT SELECT PHS WITHOUT A PARTY)!
   6. ? 
   7. ?
   8. Quit?

Yuffie: "20 Movie"
   Look - View movie (This ONLY WORKS WITH DISK 2!)
   Plus - Add one to the movie number.
   Cancel - Cancels


Play Fort Condor Minigame
1-6 or 'last one' for huge materia game version.

==== =

Little Girl:
   Allows you to add every possible character to the global party list or
   remove individual characters. This results in that character being removed
   from the PHS list as if you had not found him/her. Remember YOU CAN ONLY
   GET THE CHARACTER BACK FROM HERE by using the all members option.

   Allows you to change characters as usual, but also lets you change Cid to
party leader ("put Cid on point").

Tifa: "Going to North Corel"
   Barret of North Corel - North entrance of Corel town.
   ropeway - Gold Saucer ropeway entrance (corel side).  
   North Corel - version you get if you fsil to stop the runaway train.
   Quit - quits.

Man (Next to Tifa):
These options all work by setting flags of what has and hasn't been done by the
player. It is almost impossible to test a lot of these options fairly, as leaving
the debug room puts you by Midgar. This is a problem because you need the Highwind to
investigate the changes. Also, by using the Highwind option it sets the game to after
you have got the highwind, cancelling out options/events before it.
    Palmer - After Palmer boss fight
    Highwind - Gives you the Highwind. (look where it is..)
    Materia mission - ? 
    Cloud's revival - ?
    Rocket launch - Huge materia rocket ready to launch.
    Sister Ray - Going to stop intercept the Sister Ray.
    Train Success - ?
    Train Failure - ?
    Train Last - ?
    Quit - This DOES NOT QUIT! it sends you to N.Corel after the train
           mission, but there is no visible character on screen and you cannot
           enter any houses or exits. In short you are stuck!

Aeris: "Snowboard Game" - guess what this does..


Leads to icicle inn just before snowboard section

Yuffie: "Hydroplane event"
   Deck No.1 - Should be a scene from weapons awakening, but dosen't seem to work.
   Parachute Deck - parachuting into Midgar scene.
   bridge no. 1 - Scene before the Sister Ray is used by Hojo.
   bridge no. 2 - Scene where Reeve explains Hojo problem to Cloud.
   bridge no. 3 - Scene after Reeve is captured/Highwind heads for Midgar.
   Conference room 1 - Heidegger/Scarlet explain huge materia plan to Rufus. 
   Conference room 2 - Reeve takes control..
   Conference room 3 - Reeve gets 'busted'.  
   Send-off people - Just before parachuting into Midgar scene.

Man 2(at bottom): "Gaea's Cliff test"
   Gaea's cliff no.1 - 1st Freezing climb section. 
   Gaea's cliff no.2 - 2nd freezing climb section.
   Gaea's cliff 1 of 3 - 3rd freezing climb section. 
   Gaea's cliff 2 of 3 - Last climb to top of cliff.
   Base of Gaea's cliff - Outside Mr. Holzoff's house.
   Quit - cancels.

Red XIII: "Where are you going underneath Junon?"
   Under junon 1 - Junon fishing town next to the beach.
   There'll be monsters - Junon fishing town, before you've met Rufus, but
   after you've saved Priscila. 
   Dolphin Jump - 'Dolphin jump' scene (but you don't have the whistle?).
   Artificial respiration - 'CPR' scene.

Old Man:
   Crater no.1 - Start of Crater 'reunion' scene. 
   Whirlwind Maze no. 1 - Scene where Sephiroth tricks Red XIII.
   Whirlwind Maze no. 2 - Next screen on from 'Crater no. 1 '.
   Atmospheric barrier no. 1 - First 'Barrier' scene.
   Atmospheric barrier no. 2 - Second 'barrier' scene.
   Atmospheric barrier no. 3 - third 'barrier' scene.
   Quit - cancels.

==== =


   cancel - cancel.
   bone after arma - Strange. Puts you at Bone Village, after Meteor is summoned, but
                     some characters act as though it hasn't.
   san dun - Corral Valley cave climbing scene.
   sleep forest - First screen of sleeping forest.
   ancient forest - leads to the ancient forest secret area (with the frogs and 
                    flies, etc).
   lost lake - 'Music Box' area in The City of the Ancients (with the waterfall). 
   water pray - Scene where Aeris is praying before she is killed by Sephiroth.
   Aeris dead - Scene after Jenova-LIFE boss battle.
   rocket ([] first) - Scene before Palmer boss fight. (Hold square for when the party
                       first see the Tiny Bronco).
   bone first - Bone village.
   bone luna - Bone Village before you have got to the City of the Ancients.
   los in - Scene at Junon when the party realise the giant cannon is missing.

   past jenova ([] egg) - Scene where Sephiroth nearly kills Tifa/Cloud remebers
                          the truth. (Hold square for scene after Cloud has stabbed 
   join vincent - Scene where Vincent stops you and joins the party.

   shinra house vincent ([] Present) - Shinra mansion. Cloud can't get out of the 
           bed? (Hold [] for the entrance to the mansion just before the 'reunion'.)
   Shinra under ([] awake) - Shinra mansion outside of library (flashback scene)
                (Hold [] for second library visit).

   nivl reactor - Just outside of 'egg' room.

   nivl reactor out ([] with Tifa) - Arrival at Mako reactor (flashback)
                (Hold [] for Outside Mako reactor persuing Sephiroth)

   nivl mt entrance ([] past) - Mt. Nibel 'fly-by' FMV. (Hold [] for Mt. Nibel
                    flashback when Cloud and Tifa were children.)

   materia cave - Just outside of the 'materia cave' in Mt. Nibel (flashback).

   new event sininb34 - outside of S.Mansion library (leads to truck flashback). 

   new event sininb35 - Actual beginning of Zack flashback.

   new midgal - Scene where Cloud+Zack reach Midgar.

   nivgate - Zack+Cloud stagger out of Nibelheim.

   () - Cancels.

Cid: (For mako reactor scenes play on disk 1 to prevent annoying hangs.)
   opening - (Dosen't appear to work.)
   Feel Wind - leads to diamond weapon boss battle.
   gate 1 open - The scene outside the first mako reactor after leaving the station.
   T road - T road as AVALANCHE enters the first mako reactor. (Hold Square for 
            'escape' scene.)
   1reactor ([] 5reactor) - On bridge leading to first boss battle. (Hold down square 
                            for sector 5 reactor equivalent.)

   junon - Television crew press conference scene. (Hold Square for the same, 
           but with Yuffie disguised as a camera man later on. Or press R1 for Tifa 
           gas chamber escape sequence).
   () - cancel

President Shinra: (In general these will mess up quite badly if disk 2 isn't
                   inserted, so beware.)
   white - Tifa in gas chamber scene.
   white boogen(key) - Scene where the music box projects an image.
                       This refuses to work properly, if Disk 1 or 2 are 
                       inserted it messes up and shows the wrong films
                       (The orrary thing and the Gelnika taking the huge materia from
                        Junon), but if Disk 3 is inserted it works at first, then the
                        game hangs..

   white boogen(nokey) - screen before Bugenhagen examines the 'music box'. 
   before - The same as above.
   after - After 'music box' scene has been completed.
   white 2 - The same as above.
   Junonn in2 - Music box 'projection' scene. 

Man in Suit:

   Para - parachute scene? (dosen't work)
   66F - 66F of Shinra building at the start of the board meeting.
   67F - 67F as Hojo enters. (Hold square for 'captured' scene.)
   68F - Just before boss fight with HO512.
   68F2 - Scene where Red XIII first appears.
   70F - leads to:
         plate down meeting - Heidegger and Reeve talk to P.Shinra about the Sector 7 
                              pillar sabotage plan.
         caught - scene where the team are introduced to President Shinra by Rude.
         dead president - Arrival in P.Shinra's office only to find him dead.
         app rufaus - Rufus arrives outside in his helicopter.
         after heli - scene just before Rufus boss battle.
   elevetr - Scene where the turks capture everyone in the lift.
   () - cancels
Barret: Leads to one of the pathways in the final dungeon.

NOTE: A lot of these need Disk 2 inserted to work correctly.

   7 pillar - Just before you talk to Barret on Sector 7 pilar battle.
   Kolneo under - Sewers below Don Corneo's mansion.
   high way - Scene after 'Motor Ball' boss.
   5 out - Scene where party leave Midgar headed for Kalm.
   airport ([] gelnica) - Outside Highwind at airport (Disk 2 only, but seems to hang 
                          (Hold square for the Gelnika airport scene).
   after fire sephiros - Dosen't seem to work.
   jairo sky - Scene where Tiny Bronco is about to crash land.
   jairo sea - Scene where Tiny Bronco is crashed landed in the sea.
   junon cannon - scene where weapon is attacking Junon/ Barret escapes.
   junon medical - Scene after Tifa's Flashback in Junon whilst held prisoner.
   () - cancel    


Allows you to acquire individual characters and most usefully, add Aeris to the
active party list.
   Lock Cloud - Keeps cloud as party leader

==== =

Sephiroth: "Sephiroth related"
   Quit - cancels.
   from pinball - Cloud remembering truck flashback sequence.
   from Cam's inn - Truck flashback ('original' Kalm version).
   starry sky - Cloud and Tifa at the well flashback.
   gate - Sephiroth and Cloud arrive at Nibelheim.

   gate no.2 - Lifestream visit to Nibelheim. (No characters?)
   starry sky - Well flashback in Lifestream. 

   village no.2 - Nibelheim, stuck in Tifa? (ooer missus)

   truck no.2 - Dosen't seem to work.

Aeris: "Church" (sometimes this menu is a mess, sometimes it's okay).
   First of all - Cloud awakeing in the flowerbed
   Following roof incident - Inside the church with the little kids looking at
                             the flowers.
   After Aeris's death - Return to church to see the ghost of Aeris.

   Highwind (Not going) - cancel
   Shinra's highwind - Rufus and Co fly to the 'reunion'.
   Party's highwind - First scene on the captured Highwind bridge.
   Evening's highwind - same as 'Shinra's Highwind'.
   sign - Parachute deck of the Highwind, SIAW..
   passageway - Middle room of the Highwind, SIAW. 
   Conference room - Highwind conference room, Cloud apologizing..
   Chocobo - Inside Highwind Chocobo stable, SIAW.
   [Cloud's current name] Highwind - usual Highwind bridge scene. 

Tifa: "My dear hometown Nibelheim"
   village - Flashback of Nibelheim. (At town square). 

   1st floor of inn - Stuck in the kitchen.

   2nd floor of inn - Stuck in Sephiroth?

   store - Item shop SIAW.

   Cloud's house - Cloud's house (leaps to flashback version).

   Tifa's house - Leads to:
      1st floor - SIAW.
      2nd floor - SIAW.
      2nd floor window - Tifa as a child flashback.
      reminiscing - Tifa+Cloud as children flashback (the day Tifa's mother 
   1st floor of house - Bottom of house in Nibelheim. SIAW.

   2nd floor of house - Attic room of house. You're stuck, even though you are 
                        standing in the middle of the room..
   Quit - Cancels. 

Little Girl (With Pigtails): "Goodbye to party members Cloud"
Zack flashback scene.

Cait Sith: "Tragedy of Nibelheim" (also quit)
   Part 1 - Sephiroth's version of Nibelheim events..
   Part 2 - Sephiroth shows Cloud the truth..

Red haired Man: "Global Reset"
   Yes - resets time
   no - cancels
   ended reflecting on the past - ?

Doctor: "Present day Nibelheim"
   Go - Nibelheim SIAW.
   Don't go - Cancels.

(says nothing..)


   1. (Game hangs)
   2. Puts Cloud in Party
   3. Puts Barret in party
   4. Puts Aeris in party
   5. Puts Red XIII in party
   6. Puts Yuffie in party
   7. Puts Cait Sith in party
   8. Puts Vincent in party
   9. Puts Cid in party.
   10. Makes young Cloud party leader
   11. Makes Cloud party leader.
   12. Makes Tifa party leader.
   13. Makes Cid party leader.
   14. Quit

   quit - Cancels.

   TRNAD51 - Scene just after Cloud gives Sephiroth the black materia.

   TRNAD52 - scene before Cloud gives Sephiroth the black materia.

   TRNAD53 - Very strange. Gives the message "Northen Cave 5-3". Then SIAW.

   BLACKBGD - At entrance to northen cave/Highwind.

Highwind Crew Member:
   quit - Cancels.

   regular hours - After getting Cloud back, heading to junon on the Highwind.

   star's scream - Cid makes his rousing speech .. :) (on Highwind)

   weapon appears - Diamond weapon attacks Midgar (Highwind).

   What happened to Sephiroth? - Heading to the Northen Cave (Highwind)

   On the final day - Cloud tells everyone to go home..

   everyone came home. - The party all rejoin Cloud and Tifa on the Highwind.

   called from the last dungeon - On Highwind at the end of the game.

ROOM 10.
==== ==

Vincent: "pary make"
   (change last character to X)
   cancel - Cancels.
   SPGATE - underwater reactor SIAW
   SPIPE 1 - In glass tunnel leading to the underwater reactor.
   SPIPE 2 - End of glass tunnel. SIAW.

   SEMKIN 1 - Inside pressure lift. SIAW.
   SEMKIN 2 - Stuck on Red Submarine in reactor.

   SEMKIN 8 - Underwater reactor scene before boss fight.
   SEMKIN 3 - Main scene of underwater reactor. SIAW.

   SEMKIN 4 - The reactor chimney. SIAW.

   SEMKIN 5 - Huge Materia loaded into red submarine. SIAW.

   SEMKIN 6 - Before boarding submarine. SIAW.

   SEMKIN 7 - Shinra troops on the run. SIAW.

            - cancel.
   Cancel - cancels
   Tucks union - Turks on holiday in Wutai on/off.
   DATIO 1 - stuck in a painful looking area of Dao-Chao, Wutai. The 
             Turks are there too.
   DATIO 2 - Stuck on Dao-Chao.   

   DATIO 3 - Dao-Chao. SIAW.

   DATIO 4 - Stuck in D-C again.

   DATIO 5 - D-C SIAW.

   DATIO 6 - D-C SIAW.

   DATIO 7 - On top of 'saluting' fingers at D-C. SIAW.

   DATIO 8 - Fire Cave, Dao-Chao. SIAW.

   5TOWER - Bottom of the 'Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods'.  

Middle Person:
   Quit - Cancels.
   next page - Page 2 of options.
   BLACKBGH - An empty black room. Excellent.

   BLACKBGI - Appear back in the same debug room..

   TUNNEL 6 - Railway tunnels in the 'Siege on Midgar' part. 

   MD8 6 - Outside trapdoor leading to under Midgar. SIAW.

   MD8 B1 - Sector 8 ladder maze, SIAW. 

   MD8 B2 - Sector 8 Ladder maze second part. SIAW.

   MD8 32 - Sector 8 below walkway to the Sister Ray. SIAW.

   MD8 BRDG2 - Before you fight the 'Proud Clod'. SIAW.

   TUNNEL 4 - Really weird. In the train tunnels, trapped behind a closed door, but
              if you keep going you can get to another tunnel.

   TUNNEL 5 - Sector 8 train tunnel, SIAW.


   prepage - back to page 1.
   CANON 1 - Walkway to the Sister Ray. SIAW.

   CANON 2 - Hojo preparing the Sister Ray.

   MTCRL 2 - Outside Mt. Corel Mako Reactor (Huge materia scene).

   ZCOAL 1 - Coal train Engineers platform. SIAW.

   ZCOAL 2 - Coal Train crash scene.

   ZCOAL 3 - Fight against train driver.

   4SBWY 22 - Crawling through air duct into Sector 8 train tunnels.

Aeris: "player change"

    cloud - puts Cloud in lead

    tifa - Tifa is leader

    cid - the same, but with Cid.

    cancel - cancels.

Barret: "materia max"
    Yes - Gives you a load of Bahamut materias (the game appears to hang, but 
          be patient and it should respond again).  
    No - cancel.
Cait Sith:
   cancel - cancels.

   LAS2 1 - Final dungeon. 'Left' path, at the fork in the road.

   LAS2 2 - First screen of 'watery' route.

   LAS2 3 - Second screen of 'watery' route. SIAW.

   LAS2 4 - In the middle of the 'glowing crater' (mega all materia). SIAW.

   LAS0 6 - End of the 'vertical descent' section of the FD.

   LAS0 7 - Side tunnel of above section. SIAW.

   LAS0 8 - Start of 'right' path. SIAW.
   MOGU 1 - Play 'Mog House' game. Then leads to Gold Saucer.

Save Point:

Lets you save in the debug room.

ROOM 11. Exits the debug room and makes party appear just outside of 
==== ==  Midgar.

+ 5.) Miscellaneous: +---------------------------------------------------------------


One of the most amusing things you can do in FF7 is 'date' all the female characters,
as well as Barret (NO, it's NOT like that :) ). Usually it requires you to be kind/
unkind to different characters to decide which of them you will go with. Each time you
choose certain options you are adding or subtracting to each characters total of how
many 'love points' they have recieved from your actions. 
By using the debug room you can bypass playing through the game and skip right to the
'good stuff'. The only problem is which character is chosen.
In view of this I formulated a plan of how to 'date' each character:

1. Go to room 3.

2. Talk to the Aeris on the far right.

3. Select "un" and choose Cloud, the character you want to go with (out of Aeris,
Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret), and finally "inai".

4. Press the square button (you should see "2P" appear)

5. Talk to the top Yuffie. Choose "date no osasoi".

6. Et Voila!

You can do this the hard way by setting the number of points for each character,
but I can't seem to get Barret this way.

*. Chocobo stats:

It is extremely difficult to work out what all the statistics in the Chocobo
screen menu mean, but here is what I have found:

TSP: Maximum Stamina

TS: Current Stamina

SPP: Maximum Speed

SP: Current Speed

ST: ? (maybe this is stamina after all)

AC: Acceleration?

T: Intelligence (out of 100).

LOY: Loyalty. How well the Chocobo behaves (100 is best).

CHR: ?


SEX: 0 Male
     1 Female

COL: (Colour)
     0 Normal
     1 Green
     2 Blue
     3 Black
     6 Gold

CL: Number of times Chocobo has been ridden in a race (or races won?).

R: ? (Always seems to be 2)

*. Weird Things:

Something extremely strange and interesting:

1. Enter the debug room through the 'New Game' option.
2. Go to room 2.
3. Talk to the Sailor and select 'shinra airship'.
4. now go outside..

Not only are you not in the submarine, but you are piloting the Key of the 
Ancients! Even stranger, you can actually ride over the edges of the ocean cliffs
and sail over the land. Somewhat pointlessly the topography of the normal map has
been roughly preserved, so you can sail over the whole of the landscape. The map
in the bottom of the screen dosen't appear to work properly, as it seems that there
are exact copies of the sea floor scattered around the place. It would be interesting 
to see whether there are any other areas you can explore that are not usually accessible.

Thanks to 'Sanagi' for this. (Seems to be an expert at finding weird things :) ).

Start a New game and go to room 4. Talk to the nurse and select "I'm starting over"
Now select "princess" This turns you into the giant Aeris.

Again, thanks to Sanagi for that.

*. Room 4 has lots of strange in jokes. In particular, try walking on the
talking floor, or choosing "To Hades!", from the Giant Aeris menu.
(Presumably due to the tedium of constant bug testing..)


My good friend Vishy discovered an interesting side effect of the 
"full name" option:-

In the Main Debug room, talk to Yuffie and choose "FULL NAME". This 
will mess up the characters names, but more importantly mess up the 
weapon and armor statistics..

Now when you return back to the game you will be practically 
invincible. Every attack made apon you by the enemy will miss, or if 
they are lucky enough to actually hit you then the damage will 
actually HEAL you like using elemental defence! I haven't tested this 
out that thoroughly yet, (like against instant death attacks) but it 
definitely deflects ANY kind of physical attack and I think all the 
magic attacks. In theory this should also work on enemies such as the 
WEAPONS and even Sephiroth! I haven't tested this yet, but it 
certainly seems concievable. Thanks a lot Vish!

*. The Pyramids...

PYRAMID (real name is unknown)

HP: 10
MP: 200
EXP: 500000
GIL: 500000
AP: 10000

Appear in a group of 5.
The Pyramids do not attack or respond at all to the player. they are 
very easy to destroy, but only physically disappear when instant death
is used on them (This has led to the misconception that they are 
extremely tough, but in reality they are easily beaten but don't 
disappear). Obviously you must hit every single pyramid to win the 
match. This is an incredibly easy way to earn levels in seconds. You 
can build up a party of level 1 characters up to level 99 in under one
minute. Using 'Exp plus' materia makes the process even faster.

Pyramid properties:-

The pyramids can be manipulated but have no attacks. 
Cannot be morphed or stolen from.
Can be poisoned - but dies straight away anyway..
Can be silenced.
Can be confused! - they spin around.
Cannot be 'mini'ed or 'toad'ed
Can be 'beserk'ed - turn red.
Can be sent to sleep.
You can use the enemy skill 'L4 suicide' on them (I expect the reason why
they are at level 4 is for testing this).
Can be 'sense'ed.
Can be killed by 'instant death' attacks.

Each Pyramid gives you a Turbo Ether when killed.

Zach Fisher mailed me with a strange observation. He found that if you
attacked the Pyramid in the far back row (middle) the battle would end
immediately, without even touching the other pyramids. I experimented 
with this and I found that as he said, you could win by just attacking
the back pyramid. What was stranger though, was that if you attack any
other pyramid first and then attacked the back pyramid you would 
still have to defeat all 5 pyramids to win.

Use this little tip and you can earn levels even faster than before. 


As you probably know, you can use the debug room to add Sephiroth to 
your party. However, getting him and making use of him can be 
difficult. Here are some usefull tips:


The basic question. The best way to get Sephiroth is to do the 

1. Load up the game with the code on. USE DISK 1 and select "NEW GAME".
The reason for this is that if you enter the debug room with Vincent 
in your party, then it makes your probability of getting Sephiroth to 
plummet to almost nothing (it is nearly impossible to get Sephiroth 
once you have Vincent, or even reach a part of the game where you 
Could get Vincent).

2. Go to debug room 2 and talk to Sephiroth and choose his bottom 
(blank) option. Now you'll be back in the main debug room. 

3. Check the menu screen and if you see the name Sephiroth and his 
portrait, then the chances are that you have got a 'working' 
Sephiroth. Now you can do whatever you want with him.


Why bother getting Sephiroth? Aside from looking good, Sephiroth has a
useful trick up his sleeve - he's invincible. Although his attacks are
not that powerful, Sephiroth cannot be hurt by ANYTHING. In fact, I 
think the only thing that can hurt him is Ruby WEAPON's "whirlsand" 
attack (and this only removes him from battle). Having trouble beating
the WEAPON's? Then try using Sephiroth and sit back and wait.. It'll 
take a LONG while, but eventually he'll beat them - on his own if need
This highlights a major advantage/disadvantage of sephiroth - you 
can't control his actions in battle. No matter what you do, Sephiroth 
will always just attack, and use magic where appropriate. There is no 
way to control him yourself.

Actually, that's not quite true..


I received a mail from Lau Zhen-Jock, who found a way of actually 
controlling Sephiroth in battles. He said that if you kill Sephiroth 
in a battle, and then revive him after wards, then he'll be under your
control like a 'normal' character. I'm sure by now you'll be shouting 
"but you can't kill him, he's invincible!", and you'd be right. Here's
the clever part - you have to use a Gameshark code to reduce his HP to
nothing. I still haven't tried this yet (I haven't got a PAL code to 
do this yet..), but I know of several codes that allow you to kill off
the party member in a certain position in battle for the American 
version, so try one of these and see if it works. Don't forget to turn
it off afterwards when you bring him back to life, though..

Can someone else confirm this please? (and/or point me to a site with 
some codes for PAL FF7 that do this).

I would confirm it myself, but I was so caught up in FF8, I forgot 
about this until this update. 

I'll include further information in a later update.

+ 6.) Music Player Guide+------------------------------------------------------------

Unfortunately, there is no music player in the debug room. But now you have the next
best thing. 

Alrighty then, here we go:
Song                           | Where?  | Who?                     |
Chocobo 'Surf' Theme           | Room 4. | N/A                      |
Costa Del Sol Theme            | Room 1. | Bikini Girl.             |     
FF 'Requiem' Tune              | Room 1. | N/A                      |
Final Dungeon Theme            | Room 1. | Talk to Rude thrice.     |
Another Final Dungeon Tune     | Room 9. | N/A                      |
Highwind Theme (Short version) | Room 1. | Talk to Rude four times. |
'Worried' version of Highwind/ | Room 1. | Talk to Rude twice.      |
FF7 theme.                     |         |                          |
Initial World map Theme        | Room 1. | Sephiroth.               |
Mt. Corel Theme                | Room 10.| N/A                      |
Rufus Parade Theme             | Room 1. | Dog.                     |
                               | Room 1. | Cat.                     |
                               | Room 1. | Dolphin.                 | 
Temple of the Ancients Theme   | Room 1. | Wizard.                  |
Tifa's theme                   | Room 1. | Sailor Barret.           |
Tiny Bronco Theme              | Room 1. | Rude.                    |
Underwater tune                | Room 1. | Sailor.                  |
Uneasy tune/Train tune         | Room 1. | Train Guard.             |
'Worried' Shinra Theme         | Room 6. | Reeve.                   |
Wall Market theme              | Room 1. | Honey Bee Inn girl.      |
                               | Room 6. | N/A                      |

+ 7.) Frequently Asked Questions+----------------------------------------------------


Q. I want to resurrect Aeris. How do I do it?

A: There are several ways, but this is the most reliable:

   1. Enter room 9.
   2. Talk to Barret.
   3. Choose the fifth option from the invisible menu (push down four times).
   You Now have Aeris back! To get her in top condition you'll have to do this:

   Limit break Manual:
   4. Go to room 3.
   5. Talk to the bottom Yuffie. Select "item iroiro" for Aeris's limit break.

   Maximum stats:
   6. in the main debug room talk to Yuffie and choose "BATTLE999" and kill the
   pyramids until Aeris reaches level 99 (takes about 4 turns without 'Exp plus'
   7. Give her loads of the Power and Speed sources you'll have got from Yuffie.

   Best Weapon:
   8. Go to Tifa in room 6. Select option 3. Now you can give Aeris the 
   Umbrella, her best weapon. Note that it has NO Materia slots at 
   all, however.


Q. I want to play as Sephiroth. How?

A: It is very difficult to get a reliable Sephiroth (ie. actually appears in
battles, etc.), but try this:

   1. Go to room 2.
   2. Talk to the Sailor and choose last Dungeon. (If you go back to the debug
      room you may lose Sephiroth)
   3. Get back in the Highwind and have fun with Sephiroth!
NOTE: this can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it will work perfectly, other 
times it won't.

Also, try reading the 'Miscellaneous' section for more info on this.


Q. I Want A Gold Chocobo. How do I cheat?

A: Tsk. Do the following:
(Make sure you have an empty Chocobo stable first).
   1. Go to room 2.
   2. Talk to the fat bloke. Choose "After Armegedon"
   3. Choose "yes", then "get DESERT ROSE", and finally "event start".
   4. Go outside and into the nearest house and go upstairs.
   5. Talk to the old man twice. Talk to the Chocobo, and he's yours!


Q. I want the Guide book/I want the items you get for killing weapon(s), but I
   can't be bothered to kill them..

A: Do the same as for the last question, but select get [item name] for all the

Q. I want character X/Y/Z's limit break. Where can I get 'em?

A: Here:

   1. Go to room 3.
   2. Talk to the bottom Yuffie. Choose "item iroiro". Simple.

Q. How can I get all those 'source' things?

A: Do the same as for the above question To get speed and power sources. Or do 
   the same as the question below to get 99 of all of them:

Q. How can I get every item?

A: Talk to Tifa in room 6. Select option 3.


Q. I want to watch all the excellent CGI films. How do I do it?

A: There are several film viewers, but they are very unreliable and unfriendly 
to use. The best ones IMHO are:

    1. Go to room 2 and talk to sephiroth and select 'use'. This is the best player
    (IMHO) as it plays the films with the correct music and follows past any cuts in 
    the film, etc. It also checks for the correct disk for once as well.

    2. Go to room 6 and talk with Yuffie. ONLY DO THIS WITH DISK 2 INSERTED (I can't 
    get it to work with any other disk). Choosing 'plus' skips a film.

There are others, but they either play only 1 or 2 specific films or crash badly.


Q. I want to play X/Y minigame. Where are they?

   Highway Bike Game: Room 2. Talk to the sailor. Select "HIGHWAY minigame"
                      Room 5. Talk to Dyne, and select minigame.
   Submarine Game: Room 1. Talk to the sailor and select "minigame X".
   The number X is the game version (difficulty).

   Snowboarding Game: Room 7, talk to Aeris.

   Fort Condor Battle game: Go to room 6. Talk to the wrestler. 1-6 changes the 
   difficulty, and 'last one' is the Huge materia version (hardest).


Q. I want to listen to all the music. Is there a music player?

A: No. Try looking in the 'miscellaneous' section for some music locations.

Q. The characters have all been given stupid names like 'Princess' or 'Ballet'.
How the hell do I change them back?

A: Try going to a different debug room to change them back, or do the following:

   1. Go to room 3 and talk to the shaking Cloud.
   2. Select 'ima..'
   3. Choose your character to rename. 


Q. Can I change my onscreen character to someone else? Like Sephiroth?

A: This is possible, but totally unreliable. 

   1. Going to room 3 will turn Cloud into Cloud with his sword drawn. 

   2. You can make Tifa and Cid as leaders as would happen in some parts of the 
      game normally. 

   3. It is possible to appear as Sephiroth holding Jenova's head, but I haven't 
      been able to repeat this. 

   4. Also selecting a certain option will return you to the game looking like Lucretia, 
   but unfortunatley you are stuck in a wall making this useless..

   5. It is possible to appear as the giant Aeris in room 4.

Q. Yuck! The debug room graphics are all messed up. I won't stand for this, how do I
change it back!?

A: If you have the N.American version, use the improved code as well as the old one. 
If not, try going to room 2, talking to Sephiroth and selecting the bottom invisible option.

Q. What the hell is the strange mess you see when you go to the world map with the 
switch on?

A: This makes the game display the world map with the 'snow wasteland' effect seen in 
   the Great Glacier section of the game. you cannot control the camera or enter 
   any town, you can only walk around and fight random battles. If you start a new 
   game and end up here you see the instructions that you receive when you get here in 
   the game proper. The only way out of here is to reset the game (L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start),
   or switch off the Playstation and start again. 
You can avoid this screen appearing by using the improved code for the American version.


Q. I want to date Tifa/Yuffie/Barret. How?

A: Try looking in the 'miscellaneous' section for a guide to this.  

That's all for now..

+ 8.) Credits/Copyright Notice/Thanks/etc..+------------------------------------------

This FAQ was written totally by Andrew Dean. This guide is all my own work and
is simply a compilation of everything I have found. As such it may not
necessarily be accurate, and so does not claim to be 100% correct, although the upmost
measures were taken to be accurate.

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likely to say no, I would just like to know where it's been spread to so I
can send you updates as they become available.

If you use information from this FAQ (in particular UNIQUE information), then please
give me some credit. (Especially if the information happens to be wrong. 
For example..)

Remember, this is my work. I DO NOT expect to see it copied word for word in some
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for making FF fans' days the world over.
And once more - thank you!

Rosemary - for being my 'Official Action Replay Cartridge Switch Operator'. :)

Hawk Chadwick and 'Dave452345' for pointing out that you CAN watch Cloud's Mum's movies.

EsperFF6 for the use of the 'menu on' option. 

'Ozzy151629' for discovering the use of the "2P" option.

Sanagi for finding some VERY weird stuff :).

CzarDragon (again) for working out the Chocobo paddock option.
                   (and the new debug code). 
Scrwdrvr for the "Mideel Talk Event" tip.

Zach Fisher for more info on quickly beating the pyramids.

Lau Zhen-Jock for finding the way of controlling Sephiroth in battles.
              Why not visit his website :) (address above)

Vishy Nagalingham for finding the "Super armor" trick seemingly hours 
after I told him about the FAQ. (And Vish - Don't try to print this 
version out, it's even longer than the last one :) )


Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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