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Written and Translated by:
Henry H. Jerng at

Disc 2...
      A girl comes to Laguna's place to announce his visitor, and together they head for Laine's pub which is right next door. There, Laguna reunites with Kilos who he has not seen for a year. While conversing with Laine, he converses with Kilos, and you can hear information that fills a gap in Laguna's story that was interrupted, such as what happened to Ward, a friend of the two.

After the conversation ended, you will add Kilos to the party and go to work hunting down monsters around Winhill. Remember to junction the G.F.'s and magic.

Laine and the little girl are on the second floor of the pub. After a conversation between the two ended, Laguna reports the results of his hunt to Laine. You will learn the total number of Bitebags and Gedachiks you killed. Afterwards, you will return to Laguna's room, and when he rests on the bed, you will next move to "Area D Camp".

The members of SeeD, after failing to assassinate with witch, are imprisoned. Zell, Quistis, Selphie, and Rinoa are thrown into the sa

me cell, and Squall is taken to his own separate cell. Irvine cannot be seen.

A guard comes and assaults Zell. Afterwards, he takes Rinoa away. Selection choices are shown respectively for two scenes next. One, the scene in Zell and other's room where a moomba who had brought meals (?) failed and was assaulted by a guard. Two, the scene where Squall is interrogated by a guard.

Depending on your choices, what unfolds afterwards will change subtlely.

Will you help moomba?

In the scene with Zell and others, you will choose whether or not to help moomba. If you choose to hlep, the moomba will move with Zell. If you choose not to help, he will be taken out of the room with the guard. Later, I will explain with "Help"= A1 and "Not help" = A2.

Even if you tell a lie...?
You will select whether Squall, who must endure interrogations, decide to "stay alive even if I have to tell a lie" or "it's fine even if my life ends". If you choose "Even if my life ends...", there will be 2 moombas watching when Squall regains consciousness. If you choose to tell a lie, then there will be the guard instead. Later, I will explain with "End Life" = B1 and "A Lie" = B2.

Zell and others plan their jail break, and first Zell will proceed alone to recover their weapons because their weapons were confiscated. The cell where Zell and others were imprisoned is on the 7th floor. Zell must battle against 2 opponents by himself, but they are no problem if he already has junctioned G.F. and magic.

Moomba rescues Squall
If you chose B1 in Squall's interrogation scene, after Zell recovered the weapons, a scene is inserted where Squall is helped down by moombas. When Zell and others reunite with Squall, these moombas will assist with their escape.

After Zell returned to the cell and gave back the weapons, Biggs and Wedge from the broadcast tower in Dollet show up. You impressions of them will not be much different now from the two that you battled with then.

Because status-related magic works well against them, it is a good idea to cast something like Slow, Silence, or Blind first, and then quickly draw magics (such as Regain) that you can hope to raise your junction effects. Afterwards, you can leisurely defeat them even with the usual attacks.

The camp has 12 identical floors. The one Squall is found on is the 13th floor. If you helped moomba, they will guide you. In case there is a partition between the up and down floors, you must make an entire lap around the floor. There are 2 rooms on every floor, and you can get your hands on items and such there. In addition, there are also locked rooms that you cannot enter.

Situations change depending on your 2 earlier decisions
Depending on the combination of choices you made in the 2 scenes, the scene where you reunite with Squall on the 13th floor changes. In the case you A2 and B2, the door will not open, and you will decide to "Give up" or "By force". If you choose "By force", then 2 Galbaldian soldiers will come and fight you. When you win, you will receive the key that opens the door.

If you chose A1 and B2, or A2 and B1, the door will open. However, because there are fewer moombas, the number of short cuts (removal of partitions between floors) that they make will decrease.

After you reunite with Squall on the 13th floor, you will leave Zell behind, descend to the 1st floor on ARM, and head to the door in front. Afterwards, you will go and help Zell when he is under attack, and Rinoa and Irvine will link up. This action takes place on the 8th floor. From here the party is divided into 2 teams. First, the Squall team heads up to the top floor, and second, the Irvine team heads for the floor where the ARM is. Be aware; try not to forget to change junction when your teams completely change.

Squall team- to the top floor
The team with Squall and two others head for the top floor where the escape exit is. If you choose A1 and B1 in your selections before, you can get various items from 2 moombas standing near the 13th floor stairway. The exit is further up on the 15th floor. There is a save point (hidden point) on the 14th floor.

Irvine team- to ARM
When Squall and others reach the 13th floor, next you will switch the action to the team with Irvine and 2 others. To go up to the top floor on ARM, they will go down to the 3rd floor (where ARM is) from the 8th floor. When they reach the 3rd floor, the scene switches back to the Squall team. You cannot go below 3rd floor.

When the Squall team comes to the exit on the top floor, enemies appear to block the exit passage. The enemies here are one Galbaldian officer and two GIM52A's.

It will be good to first kill the officer who uses assistance-type magic and cast Slow on the 2 GIM52A's. Even if you have no Slow in stock, you can draw some from the GIM52A's themselves. Try to prepare for the GIM52A's special attack "Micro Missiles" that can decrease your HP by half. Try to use recovery magic or item.

When you are running down the passageway, the camp begins to submerge, and the passageway disappears. Because Squall is hanging on the rails, move him toward the nearest building (right direction) with the directional keys. Be aware- it is game over if you do not make it in time.

After you have made your way across safely, Irvine and others will link up with you, and everyone will leave the camp on buggies.

Squall and others discover witch Edea's plan to destroy the Gardens with missiles. However, while they are discussing their next plans, missiles aimed at Trebia are launched. Here you will form 2 teams. Squall and two others will head for Balamb Garden to make a report, and Selphie and two others will head for the missile base to stop missile launches. Squall and others plunder a Galbaldian army train. Selphie and others head for the missile base on a buggy. The missile base is located east of the camp. Because a road leads there, it is okay to follow the road.

The Selphie team disguises itself in Galbaldian army uniform that were found inside the buggy. The team then infiltrates the missile base. The entrance room has two doors that are locked, but the door on the left hand side can be unlocked by investigating a card checker at another place.

Inside the base, you will have conversations with real Galbaldian soldiers at various areas, and you will obtain information and execute your destructive handicrafts. As long as you are disguised, if does not matter how fast or slow you proceed here because you will not encounter any enemy or monster.

After you descend stairway A, head toward the floor with an equipment soldier from another passageway of the stairway. There, after you are given a message, head for the launcher hanger. After making a round trip carrying messages, you will be given the roll call to the transformer station. Then, now you can enter the tranformer station.

When you talk to the guard standing in front of the transformer station, they will say it is time to change shifts, and you will go inside.

When you find the switch box, selection choices are displayed, but it doesn't matter which one you choose. After the switch box is destroyed, and the source of electricity is down, go out of the room. Then an equipment soldier comes, and you are questioned. Select your response. If you choose "we just got here", you can continue to operate as usual since your true identity is not revealed. Next, go to the launcher hanger.

When are pressed for an answer by the equipment soldier outside the transformer room, if you choose "Battle", you will fight against 2 Galbaldian equipment soldiers. Afterwards, your disguise is blown, and you will encounter monsters when you move around. Furthermore, when you fight here, the officers inside the base are gone except for the ones in the control room. Because you cannot enter the launcher room, you should quickly head for the control room now.

Once the switch box for the power supply is destroyed, the power to the base is lost, and the launcher lift cannot move. In front of the transformer room, once you have deceived the equipment soldiers, things will be back to normal. If you come in front of the launcher hanger, you are asked by an equipment soldier that comes out from the hanger to help them push a carrier. If you quietly help, you will be told to next verify the coordinate axis of the missile, and you can now operate the control panel. If you fought in front of the transformer room, you cannot enter this room and cannot operate the control panel now.

You will alter the missile error ratio using the control panel. If you make this operation, even if a missile is fired, the possibility that the missiles hit greatly off from its target becomes high. You must have an ID to access the control panel, and depending on your actions up to now, you may not be able to control it. For a way to cope with that situation, I will explain it in a later section.

After finishing the operations on the control panel, you will talk to a guard standing in front of some stairway. Then, you will be allowed to enter the control room above. In the control room, you will fight with 2 officers and 1 soldier. Yet, they are not difficult enemies. After you defeat the enemies, you will search for the missile launch mechanism. If you interrupt the missile launch with the launch mechanism on the left hand side of the room, your mission is complete. After that, you will trigger the base's self-destruct mechanism and will just have to escape.

The self-destruct mechanism is located in the room next to the control room. Because you are activated the mechanism, you must set the time until self-destruct. The times you can choose are 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes. After setting the time, you must get out of the base, and if it is below 20 minutes you can go from a door in that room to another room which has a entrance/exit (However, it is a one way passage.) If you set it for more than 20 minutes, because this door will not open before the count goes below 20 minutes, you will have to go outside by going through the base.

If you did not operate the control panel If you activated the self-destruct mechanism and exited the building all without operating the control panel, you cannot return to the base after you have proceeded to battle BGH251F2. In short, you must already have operated the control panel, but what do you do when you fought the equipment soldier and could not operate it?

In fact, there is a way to operate the control panel after the activation of self-destruct mechanism. However, if you consider the fight against BGH251F2 that takes place afterwards, you cannot allow less than 10 minutes until self-destruct . It would be best to set the timer on long.

When you have triggered the self-destruct mechanism and returned to the entrance/exit, there is a scene with a control room soldier operating the firing mechanism. Afterwards, if you go to the control panel, the soldier will tumble down the stairway. If you converse with this soldier, he will hand over his own ID to Selphie. With this, you can operate the control panel.

A large mechanized weapon known as BGH251F2 (aka "Iron Crud") shows up to block the gate. Because there is a time limit (countdown until base self-destruct), it will be better to choose a strategy that gives continuous big damage with magic aimed at the enemy's weak point and summon G.F. After BGH512F2 is demolished, again you will battle aginst an officer and a soldier, so you will not have much rest. Of course, if the count runs out during battle, it is game over at that point. First, you will want to cast protect for all members because the enemy attack, especially the beam cannon, is powerful. And you will have 1 person summoning Quetzalcoatl and the other 2 using continuous magic attacks while under influence of Double. If you have high level electrical attack magic, you should try to use them actively.

When 4 cylinders are destroyed, the enemy will attack by removing the limiter. Because it will continuously fire its beam cannon, be completely watchful of your HP's.

When Squall and others arrive at Balamb Garden, somehow the Garden is bustling with activity. On the way to the gate, you try to inquire about the situation from a Garden teacher, but suddenly you are pressed to decide whether you are part of the Master faction or the school principal faction.

Here, if you answered "school principal faction", you will fight against a monster. Inside, monsters frm the training facility have been released by the Master faction and are prowling around. Before entering the Garden, try to verify the party's junctions.

While they have not really grasped the situation, Squall and others in the meantime search for school principal Cid. According to an instuctor belonging to the Master faction, Cid is hidden somewhere on the 1st floor. Because it does not matter which order you take, go around every facility. If you speak to a Garden teacher, choices will be shown, and you will be forced into a fight. After the fight ends, you can enter a facility, and there are even times when you will receive items from the school principal faction. You can avoid battles depending on the place, but not fighting maybe a loss considering the gains in experience point.

If you come near the directory after making a circle around the first floor, you will find Shue taking the elevator. Follow Shue and go to the back of the 2nd floor passage (near the classroom). You will explain the situation to Shue. Because Cid is in the school principal room on the 3rd floor, go to the school principal room with the elevator. After you told Cid about the missile situation, he will tell you that there is a MD floor below ground in the Garden, and he will hand you an elevator key to descend there. On the MD floor, is there something they can do to deal with the missile attack...? Squall and others descend toward the MD floor, holding a ray of hope.

Squall and others receive a key from Cid and head for the elevator. However, the elevator stops on the way. You will investigate the switch once, and afterwards investigate the floor that Squall is standing on (an emergency exit). Exit from there and go down using stairs. The elevator drops, but this is all right because it is an automatic event.

After the electricity of the passage is turned on, open the floor hatch and then descend by heading downwards.

The MD floor is pretty deep. You will keep going downwards by using ladders on every floor and gimicks that open the floor. When you have to turn a valve, you will have 3 chances. Even if Squall fails when he tries by himself, then two people try, then three. Moreover, it will become easier to turn the valve as the number of people increases. Before going up a stair, there is a selection to see who goes, but as a result, Squall will ascend. In a room where the loose ladder crashed into, you will move a switch, and the floor opens. To go back, you will again use the ladder.

After returning using the ladder that come out, you will detach a level on the external wall and cause a ladder to drop. Because there is a lever that opens the shutter for the gangplank, you will open the shutter before heading for the gangplank. Then, you will be attacked by 2 Oil Shippers on the gangplank. There is a save point next to the lever, and so you will want to save here. After you have prepared for the battle, go to the gangplank.

The Oil Shippers have excellent mobility and quick movement, and their attack abilities are high. It is tough if there is just one, but it is even more trouble when there are two. First, it is a good idea to weaken their movement with Slow.

When you receive an Oil Shot, Darkness is added to your status. Here, avoid their direct attacks and concentrate your attacks on just one with flame magic (their weak point) or Gravity after casting Double. G.F. Ifrit is also effective, but it is painful because Ifrit will receive their powerful attacks.

Descending a ladder in the back of the shutter, you will at last arrive at the deepest part. Equipments and meters that you are not familiar with are lined up. If you play around with them properly, the giant machine will begin to suddenly move, and Squall and others are transported in one stoke to the school principal room. As a result, because of the transformation that took place on the Garden, the crisis with the missile bombing is resolved...

The factional fighting is quieted down by the arrival of the missiles. Squall thinks about the welfare of his friends who went to the missile base. When Squall walks near the directory on the 1st floor, a Garden teacher comes to tell him that the Master is calling for Squall. Afterwards, the elevator will take you directly to the Master room, and once you enter the Master room you cannot exit until you finish your fight with Norg. For that reason, before Squall leaves his dormitory or before he go to the Master room, you are advised to save.

When you descend to the Master room, you will link up with the 2 people remaining in your party. If you exchange some words with Cid, a teacher comes to call for you. Because you will be rushed to your fight with Norg, if your converstaion with Norg start, you had better verify your junctions at this point. You will hear important information concerning Garden and SeeD from Master Norg...

(Here is some actual dialogue...)
Clerk: Have you come at last? Master Norg is calling. It's good that you came. When master Norg calls, try to come within 3 seconds. Norg: Not within 3 seconds.

(This is the Garden's master? This is the Garden's operator? He is not human? If that is so, we didn't know anything. .......... It's a shock)
Norg: You, report about the witch.
(Where should I start......)

Clerk: A quick report. The results first, then a brief description of your progress.
Squall: We failed to assassinate witch Idea.
Norg: It's an emotionless report.
Squall: We confirmed a directive from school principal Cid while at Galbaldia Garden. We added Irvine Kinias as a member from Galbaldia's Garden. On a common order with Balamb Garden, we executed an order to "assassinate the witch"......
Norg: Common order!? You were deceived!

(Deceived, but!?)

Squall:  ...... I don't understand what you mean......
Norg:  Explain it to them.
Clerk:  Master Norg knew from early on that the president of Galbaldia and the witch joined forces.  We received consultations from the master of Galbaldia Garden.
Squall:  From the master of Galbaldia Garden......?
Norg:  Galbaldia Garden's master is my subordinate, Dodonna.
Clerk:  Yes.  The witch and the Garden have various history together.  Therefore, the witch is thought to be trying to make all the Gardens her own.  So, master Norg sent a messenger to Galbaldia Garden.  It said to defeat the witch.  As for the method, it was thought that assassination was the best way.  However......
Norg:  That shrewd Dodonna, for the sake of time, used you for the assassination.  To evade following my directions...... that shrewd, shrewd guy.
Squall:  So, Balamb Garden had nothing to do with that order.  Is that right?
Clerk:  Since you guys showed up by chance before the execution of the operation, you were used.  However, the operation failed.  The witch is still alive and......  As we expected, the witch retaliated.  The terrible missile attack was probably the witch's revenge.  Somehow, we must calm down her anger.
Squall:  Wait a second.  Then how......
Clerk:  Then we must show Balamb Garden's good faith by handing over the participants of the assassination to the witch.
Norg:  We will submit to the witch by handing over the head of SeeD!
Squall:  Wha......  Why won't we fight the witch!?  Then why are we receiving practice everyday to fight!?
Norg:  What!?  Do you want us to be defeated by the witch!  Don't you bark so loudly at me!
Clerk 1:  School principal Cid said the same thing......
Clerk 2:  He, hey
Norg:  Cid!?  That idiot Cid sent out SeeD to subjugate the witch.  What do we do if we lose?  It's the end of this Garden.  My Garden!  It's the end of my Garden.  Cid, that idiot.  I won't forgive him.  Has he forgotten who gave poor Cid money to build this Garden!?  Oh, I thought that we should hand over the head of SeeD with his head, too.  When I ordered Cid captured, those students, Cid's allies, just sat on their hands!  But this is my Garden!
Squall:  You're wrong!  This is not just yours.
Norg:  Well, what!?  Does it then belong to school principal Cid and witch Idea?  That husband and wife's!? 
Squall:  What?

(School principal and Idea are husband and wife!?  How is that?)

Norg:  Now I understand.  I know now that Cid and Idea are taking the Garden from me.  And you are Cid's subordinates.  I'll not forgive this.
Quistis:  Squall, look out!

(A big fight ensues.)

Irvine:  What happened to this?
Squall:  I don't care.  Things I don't understand have only increased.
Quistis:  But......
Squall:  Why listen to me!  I understand as little as you.  I, I don't know anything.  I don't know...... anything.  So...... I was deceived.  So...... I was used.
Quistis:  I guess so......  Hey, should we hear from school principal Cid?
Squall:  We'll go to meet the school principal.

Two signals attached to the pedestal change from green to yellow to red, and when they become red they will use their own magic attacks.  You cannot destroy them, but you can return them to green (first phase) by inflicting damage with direct attack.  While 2 people attack the signals, the remaining person will first destroy the defense shelter.  Even when Norg appears, attack with essentially the same tactics.  As for magic, Gravity is effective.  In case you cast Reflect on your allies, it will be good to set the item command on as a way to recover HP.  You can draw the G.F. Leviathon from Norg.

After defeating Norg, you will listen to a talk by school principal Cid who is in the medical office.  Because this talk complements the information gained from Norg, you will want to listen to this carefully.
	When you leave the medical office and walk near the directory, you will be told by Shue that a mysterious ship is approaching.  When you go out onto the 2nd floor observation deck, the crew from the ship speaks to you.  Because they have come to take delivery of some person, Squall and others are ordered by Cid to find and bring this person.

In the school principal room, you are asked by principal Cid to meet the stationmaster of Fisherman's Horizon (F.H.).  So you will take some party members and disembark.  You will meet the stationmaster at his home, but you will then flatly turn back.
	When you try to return to the Garden, the Galbaldian forces come to attack.  You will hear that the stationmaster Dorbu went to have a talk with the Galbaldians alone, and so Squall and others also head for the station.

In the open area in front of the station, stationmaster Dorbu tries to negotiate with the Galbaldian soldiers, but the soldiers are not interested in listening to some peace-loving weakling.  The statinmaster is attacked by the soldiers, and a battle ensues when you jump out to help him.
	In the beginning, there are just 2 opponents:  a Galbaldian officer and a soldier.  After you defeat them, the BGH251F appears again.

When the BGH251F is destroyed, it rolls down into the sea.  Then, somehow the three that went to the missile base come back up.
	The missile base team and the Garden team finally link up.  Everyone except Squall returns to the Garden, and Squall alone walks around the streets of F.H.  It is a good idea for you to walk back to the work area once.

When you return to the Garden after finishing your mission at F.H., head for the stage in the school playground because Irvine asked you to console Selphie.  When you receive a call from Cid, go to the school principal room.  There, Cid declares that they are going to war against the witch on the Garden's internal broadcast system.  And he appoints Squall as the commander.

Selphie and others hear that Squall is appointed as the commander and plan a band concert to wish him luck.
	The misic sheets for 2 songs they originally prepared got mixed up, and you will have to discriminate them by listening to an actual performance.  And then you will decide everyone's musical instruments.  If you listen, you will understand which ones to choose, but if you cannot tell, then the combinations of instruments is described below.  It does not matter who plays which instrument.

Music A:  Guitar, Fiddle, Flute, Tap
Music B:  Electric Guitar, Electric Base, Sacks, Piano

Squall is invited by Rinoa and walks to the concert.  While the music is performed by their friends, Rinoa tells Squall how everyone honestly feels.
	the conversation between Rinoa and Squall subtlely changes depending on the combination of instruments you chose earlier and the music they perform.  The way the conversation ends differs depending on the atmosphere of the music.  Below are simple explanations for the possible musics, respectively, but Music C is what happens when instruments for A and B are mixed up.

Music A:  It is "happy music" for Rinoa's thoughts.  There are no strange misunderstandings between Rinoa and Squall, and their conversation progresses smoothly.  Squall joins in, and feelings are calm and peaceful.
Music B:  The details of the conversation gets a little choppy.
Music C:  Rinoa is really irritable.  The conversation comes to the worst.  What happened to telling Squall about everyone's feelings...

Now is a good opportunity to explore the village of Shumi located on the northernmost continent.

The city of Balamb is under the control of the Galbaldian army, and you cannot go in and out freely.  Once you go in, you will not be able to go out, but if you help the child in front of the rental car get in touch with the person on the outside (talk to the guard, then go toward the side), afterwards the child will guide you to the outside.
	The city's hotel becomes the enemy's headquarter, so you cannot use it.  You can rest and save in Zell's room.

You will be told you the guard at the rental car that you can meet the commanding officer at the hotel, but to enter the hotel, you must first find the commander.  It seems that the commander is always sleeping while claiming that he is patrolling.  After you have gone around and collected informaton, it seems that he is at the port fishing today.
	The procedure for finding the commander is as follows.  The basic discovery route is like this.

1.  At the port...
	When you go to the port, you will learn from the soldier with the search dog that the commander caught a fish and is cooking and eating it somewhere.  Because he is said to be cooking his fish and he did not return to the hotel, you can imagine he is using a residential home somewhere.
2.  At Zell's home...
	In the city of Balamb, there are only 2 average civilian homes (excluding the shop).  One of them is Zell's  home.  When you try to ask Zell's mother, she will tell you that a big man came and cooked his fish.  Moreover, the fish's "terrible odor" has filled the entire house.
3.  When you follow the search dog...
	It seems that the "terrible odor" deeply covered Squall and others.  When you again go to the port and approach the search dog, the dog gets a whif of Squall and other's smell and runs away.  If you chase after it, the dog goes inside the station.  If you lose track of the dog along the way, you will come back to the port after you go to the station once.  And if you talk to the dog once again...

What was chased out by the search dog from the train is Raijin.  When Squall and others chase after Raifin and come before the hotel, it leaks out that he has been playing hooky and neglecting his duties, and Raijin is beat and driven out of the hotel by the commanding officer.
	Here, you will battle against Raijin and 2 soldiers.  If it is just Raijin, he is not a very hard enemy.  Blind and Slow are effective.

After defeating Raijin, you will be allowed into the hotel.  Inside, you will fight against Raijin and Fuujin.  Blind is effective against Raijin, as expected.  First, defeat Raijin with concentrated attacks.  You can draw the G.F. Pandemonium from Fuujin.  When Fuujin is on the verge of death, she will call out a skill called "Smash", and it will in one hit decimate your HP to 1.

Because of Selphie's wish, you will visit Trabia Garden, Selphie's old Garden.  As expected, it was destroyed by the missile attack.  Selphie goes in first, and Squall and others enter the Garden too.  Under the image of an gargoyle, Selphie is enjoying her reunion with old friends.  Squall and others say that they will wait for Selphie at the playing field.

After Selphie shows up, the team members harden their determination to fight against the witch.  However, Rinoa speaks about her uneasiness toward fighting.  She may lose friends...  Irvine speaks out about the same uneasiness he himself has, why he fights, and especially the unexpected facts that are his reason for fighting.
	Squall and others try to visit the orphanage Irvine talked about, leaving Trabia behind.

At last, the Galbaldia Garden under Edea's control sets out for an all-out attack.  The person in charge of leading the Galbaldian army into battle is Seifer.
	Squall announces the emergency situation with the internal broadcast system from the school principal room and then prepares the battle arrangements.  And, to ambush attack the invading Galbaldian forces, you will take directions by dividing into 2 teams.

You will form a team without Zell and Rinoa, and then head to the playground to give directions.  When you do, you will prepare the arrangement by giving out directions for Zell.  Rinoa too links up with Zell, and because Squall is called to the bridge, he will head for the bridge while entrusting the situation here to Zell and others.
	In order to deal with the Galbaldian soldiers that are coming aboard one after another, the Zell team runs to the playground.  Suddenly the ground crumbles, and Rinoa falls to a cliff.

The Zell team meets up with the Squall team that heads to the gate.  They tell about Rinoa's crisis.  However, at the same time, enemy appears at the gate, and futhermore they receive an announcement that a teenage class is under attack at the classroom.  Squall dispatches his mean in this manner:  Squall himself and 2 others head for the classroom, 1 person is left behind to assist Shue in defending the gate, and 1 person heads out to rescue Rinoa.

The Squall team battles against 4 elite soldiers in the classroom.  After you defeated them and made the teenage class evacuate the room, you will receive a call from Dr. Kadowaki and then head for the principal's room.
	The enemy attack becomes calm for a moment, but you cannot endure another wave of attacks.  Squall decides that, as a desperate measure, they will board the enemy ship from here and shift to offense.  The friends entrusts Squall with rescuing Rinoa before rushing to the enemy ship.  Under Kadowaki's direction, Squall announces to all students to challenge the enemy to a final fight.

When you descend to the 2nd floor on the elevator, you will be asked by a female student in charge of the teenage class to find a teenage named Mark.  When you proceed to the back of the passage, you will find the teenager Mark.  After you talk to him and he runs away toward the elevator, a paratrooper infiltrates the ship from the observation deck.  Squall is tossed against the wall and receives damage.
	From here, Squall's HP gauge is displayed on the lower left hand side of the screen.  This is used for the fist fight action sequence during your descent.  You cannot avoid the very first hit, and you must receive damage there.

When Squall has his back pushed up against the emergency hatch, if you press the circle button, selection choices will appear.  There if you choose "look around' and the motion ends, another selection choice will appear if you press the circle button again.  Next, choose "push the emergency hatch".  Then, when the paratrooper rams you, the hatch will open at the same time, and both people will fly out of the Garden.
	If you choose other actions for these two choices, you will be attacked by the enemey and receive damage.  Because there is an action fight after this, unnecessary damage should be limited to a minimum.

While hanging from the flying unit, you will action battle with the soldier.  It is an exciting event where you fight each other by punching, kicking, and guarding, and the one whose HP runs out first falls down.
	Because the enemy is actively attacking, you should defend and fight back with quick and carefully timed kicks.  Because the enemy too may be on guard when you are making your attack, you will need to attack with a timing so that he is not guarding.  Furthermore, be careful with his desperate attacks that can cause the HP display to disappear when you receive damage.  In the case you do not win somehow, try continuously kicking from the start.

After the paratrooper falls off, the flying unit will coincidentally fly toward the cliff that Rinoa is grabbing onto.  Squall rescues Rinoa.
	When you run toward the left hand side of the screen once on the ground, you will reach the entrance for Galbaldia Garden.  Here, you will decide whether or not you will take Rinoa with you, but no matter what you choose, this will not change the result.  When Squall and Rinoa enter the Garden, they will meet up with their friends in a passageway, and you will form active parties.  In this party, you will use it to fight the witch.

You can get various card keys 1 to 3 from students in 3 different classrooms.  The card keys can open doors that have number of lock that they correspond to.  When you get card key 3, you can unlock the elevator.  If you ride the elevator, you can go to the master room where witch Edea is.  Before that, get G.F. Cereberos.

Cereberos' special characteristic is the magical attack that uses Triple.  If Cereberos casts Triple to itself, you should immediately neutralize it with Dispel.  For your attacks, first use a chain of Gravity.  Then cut down Cereberos' HP little by little in a reasonable way, and use magic that are not flame-related because Cereberos will absort it.

In the master room, you will fight against Seifer in front of Edea.  Because his attack ability is high and he can use flame-related magic, it is good to use Protect and Reflect.  When his HP is down to half, Seifer will use a skill called "Strength".  Be prepared to use Recover because you will receive big damage.

After you defest Seifer in the master room, Edea heads for the large lecture hall.  There, you will fight with Edea.
	When the battle begins, first you will fight Seifer again.  After you defeat Seifer, Edea makes your move.  Edea's attacks consist of powerful magic.  Even if you cast Reflect, she will extinguish it with Dispel.  If you do not make a quick opposition, victory may be difficult.  You can draw G.F. Alexander from Edea.

End of Disk 2

To be continued...  However, for now, here is a small segment of dialogue from Disk 3, where Squall and others finally meet Laguna in the capitol of Esta.  This dialogue is very important in the game because it describes much of what happened in past in FFVIII, as well as what is to come... 
	Squall and others walk into the office of the president of Esta and receive a little surprise...

(and...... that figure in the back is probably......)
(What is this country.....)
Ward:  ............
Laguna:  Oh, understood!  Hey-!  We've met before, Mr. Elves!  Aren't you the one that popped in my head?  That's what I heard from Elleorne.  It felt something like, oh, rustling inside my head.  During battles, I could fight amazingly with incomprehensible powers.  So, whenever that happened, we said that Mr. Elves have come.  Oh, I'm Laguna.  Laguna Loire, president of Esta.  I am sure we'll get along quite well.  Well, well, if the situation wasn't so serious, we can chat more leisurely.  Oh well, I guess it'll be all right if just for a short while.  So, how should we conduct this talk?
Kilos:  When president Laguna is asked to talk, you guys don't move.  Then you can ask your questions, and president Laguna will answer them.
Laguna:  You, you look like you're really full of thoughts.
Squall:  That's fine.

	About the operation to defeat Altimisha?  (X)
	Tell me about Laine.
	What are you doing here?

Laguna:  Oh, getting right to the main question?  SeeD people are truly hard workers.
Odyne:  Is it my turn?
Laguna:  Ah, please.  Make it short and easy to understand.
Odyne:  I will talk the way I want to!  You certainly have heard various things from witch Idea.  Witch Altimisha from the future will possess a witch from this time.  In short her body remains in the future, while she sends her consciousness to this time.  What does that resemble?  What?
Squall:  It resembles how Elleorne sends our consciousness to the past.
Odyne:  Very clever!  At first, I thought that there must be people in the future with the mysterious power like Elleorne's, who is sending the witch to this time.  Well, well, well, well!  In fact, that was wrong!  The way the witch of the future is coming here is...... do you want to hear?

	Let me hear it.  (X)
	No need because it seems long

Odyne:  Well, well, well, well!  This was a secret that I think will surprise you.....  It is all thanks to me!  I used to research Elleorne's mysterious power.  I analyzed the minute electrical current flowing thru Elleorne's brain and broke it down into patterns.  If it could be made into patterns, it was easy to duplicate it in a machine.  Right now, it is a toy-like machine, but after repeated improvements it will become an excellent machine by witch Altimisha's time.  In short, there is a machine in the future that can duplicate Elleorne's mysterious power.  The one that developed this machine's basis is me.  In fact, I gave a name to this machine.  "Junction Machine Elleorne"!
Squall:  Junction Machine Elleorne.
Laguna:  That's right.
Squall:  Because of that name, witch Altimisha knew of Elleorne's existence.
Lagune:  That is why the witch is after Elle.  It's a shame, but somehow Odyne is responsible.
Odyne:  Did I do it?!  Did I do it?!  Let me continue my talk!  Indeed......  It's useless to defeat witch Altimisha of the future when we cannot kill her body in the future.  So, if we cannot go to the future, we cannot do anything.  We cannot go to the future because we're tied by time.  Ordinarily we cannot go.  However, this time is special.  That is because witch Altimisha's aim is the compression of time.  Altimisha will compress time with magic.  In some way, Altimisha will profit from the compression of time.  I have thoughts about it, but that doesn't really matter right now!  I will try to reason that from Altimisha's activities here.  In order for Altimisha to come to this time, she must possess a witch from this time.  Furthermore, to try to find Elleorne in her time, it was necessary to go to the past.  It that's so, it is expected that her time is already compressed.  So that she will utilize this!  In this age, there are two witches:  witch Rinoa and witch Adel.  At this time, witch Adel appears to have not awaken.  If she is awake, Laguna and I will probably trouble you with this.  Probably witch Adel is beginning to wake up inside that Lunatic Pandora.  If Adel is completely awake, Altimisha will be delighted and enter into Adel's body.  This will be horrible.  Adel is a powerful witch.  If Adel's consciousness is won over by Altimisha, Adel will first turn this time into nonsense.  Therefore, we'll use witch Rinoa as Altimisha's tool.  
		The following is my explanation of our operation.  First, enter Lunatic Pandora.  Because Elleorne is detained there, you must first rescue her.  Next, before witch Adel wakes up, you must completely destroy her.  This way, Rinoa is the only witch of our time.  Then we will wait for Altimisha to possess Rinoa.  When Altimisha comes, it will be Elleorne's turn.  Elleorne will send Rinoa and Altimisha into the past.  Elleorne will send Rinoa and Altimisha into the witches she herself knows about.  They are Idea and Adel.  Well, we'll leave that to Elleorne.  After going to the past, Altimisha will use her time compression magic.  Of course, there will be some effects on our time.  That's something I don't understand, but if she feels the effect, Elleorne will cut off and separate Rinoa and Altimisha from the past.  Rinoa will return to this time, and Altimisha will return to her own time.  What remains is a world that is compressed in time.  Past-present-future will be together.  Everything will be a mess.  You guys will move this world with compressed time toward the direction of the future.  If you escape from the time-compressed world, you will find Altimisha's time.  Then, it all depends on you guys.
Laguna:  Then, you've heard the operation?  I too didn't understand it too well......  Do you accept the mission?

	I guess so
	I want to hear about various things  (X)

	What about Elleorne.

Laguna:  What a hard life she's had.  Don't you think so?  When Elleorne was about two-years-old, there was a hunt for a girl in Esta.  When the Esta soldiers appeared in Winhill, Elle's parents resisted and were killed.  Ah, the hunt for a girl was for witch Adel, the ruler of Esta, to find a successor.  Afterwards, she was raised by my neighbor Laine, and she became friends with me......  You probably knew?  There was once again a hunt for a girl in Esta.  Although I was there, Elle was taken away.  In my life, that was the one thing I most regret.  So, I just went out to help Elle and sent her back to Winhill, and this time Laine soon died.  As it was, I sent her to an orphange.
Squall:  Why didn't you take her with you?
Laguna:  Of course I did that!  Look, I only know this afterwards, but.....  oldman Odyne became aware of Elleorne's mysterious powers and researched it.  I groped at every possible effort.  The operators of that orphanage were Cid Kramer and his wife Idea.  You probably know these two people well?  To protect Elleorne, the Kramer couple took Elle from the orphanage.  I heard that they prepared a ship for that purpose.  I really want to thank them for that.  Before lone, that ship became like an orphanage, and Elle was living on that ship while making children's tales.  She said that her life aboard the ship was very happy, but how it was really......?  Is there anything in this world more ordinary in her happiness?  She spent more than 10 years on that boat?  Then recently, her boat was attacked by Galbaldia.  Esta's ship wen to help, and she found her way back to me.  It was chance, pure chance.  If we did not meet, what would have happened.  Because I went to space at that time, Elleorne came too.  Elle had grown up......  There I heard various things......  She probably returned from space safely?  The recoery team for our escape pods was a step late.  Elleorne had been taken away by the Galbaldia army to inside that Lunatic Pandora.  I must save her.  You, lend me your help.  Humph......

	Let me hear about Laine.

Laguna:  Laine's story...... One of these days.  No, no.  It's no good.  If I talked about it, my memory will disappear......

	What are you doing here?

Laguna:  You surely know how I came to be here?
Squall:  In the very beginning, you were a nonserious Galbaldian solder.  I didn't like you because of your irresponsiblity.  I understood that you three were great friends.  But you changed after you went to Winhill.  And after Elleorne was kidnapped to Esta, you left for your journey. 
Laguna:  It was to bring back Elleorne.  I looked for a way to get into Esta while writing articles for magazines, appearing in movies, and earning money.
Squall:  Somehow you entered Esta and took back Elleorne.
Laguna:  Mr. Elve gave me help from time to time.  Thanks alot.
Squall:  What I don't understand is...... why are you the president of Esta?
Laguna:  Do you want to know?  It'll be a fairly long talk.

	Let me hear it.  (X)
	I don't like long talks.

Laguna:  You'll listen?  You want to hear?  Okay, I'll let you hear.  Well, it was good if I just returned Elleorne, but as expected I was not troubled by just that.  What can I say.  Esta was a country ruled by the witch Adel and had a genius, but not very human, named Odyne.  To make matters worse, they were both interested in Elleorne.  Well, I couldn't leave yet.

(A scene in Odyne's lab)

Odyne:  Adel is angry.  My research will stop as it is.

(He was an oldman who thought really only about his own research.  However, while following Adel's order and conducted research on witches, he made various discoveries.  It was a device to control magic (an equipment to seal it).  It may even defeat Adel.  More than anything, I thought of it as something that can help me help Elleorne.  And I had to repay the anti-Adel people for their help.  We were comrades, and we discussed a plan.  One.....  what to do about the giant pillar that became a giant destructive weapon.  It was so Adel cannot call the monsters from the moon and bring about an annihilation situation like what happened with Sentra.  Two.....  To release Esta from Adel's control.  We practiced and practiced our operation.  From the beginning, it was an idea we were clear on of course.  We again..... returned to Lunatic Pandora's research installation. Our goal was just one thing......  By following Odyne's direction and controlling the panel, I moved the giant pillar.  By setting its route and stopping point in the sea, it was good-bype to the giant pillar.  

Laguna:  Wow-

(This was the easy part......  Of course, this was leaked out to Adel.  We assembled for the final decisive battle against Adel.  Just as we predicted, Adel appeared.)

Adel:  What happened?
Laguna:  We have followed the criminals who made the giant pillar move.
Adel:  Where?
Laguna:  Inside.  And they've got Elleorne as a hostage......

(I knew that if I brought up the name Elleorne, she would easily go inside.)

Adel:  Did you think that I'll fall for this cheap trick?

(Adel...... was aware that the Elleorne she saw was a program.  But, it was too late......)

Laguna:  Now!  Kilos, Ward!!  Hahahaha!  You witch!

(The cause of Adel's defeat was carelessness.  Although she was a witch, she was first a human.  Somehow we succeeded......  but we weren't interested in having such a horrible witch being on display all the time......  To put a cover on a stinky thing......  To take a disgusting thing far away......  Yes, we tried to fly her to a far away place.....  A boundless, far-away place...... to Space......)

Laguna:  Well, it was roughtly such a feeling.  However, things were really terrible after that.  There was a big heated debate about what to do with this country without Adel.  They said I was a hero because of the trouble I went through, and before I knew it I was made the president.  And Odyne began to riot saying that because he's Odyne he should be allowed to continue his research on Elleorne.  It was a mistake to think of returning Elleorne to Laine.  Laine had died, and Elle was sent to an orphanage......  At that time, if I had at least sent Elle to Winhill myself, I could have met Laine......  Laine died.  Elleorne's whereabout unknown.  I was busy with the president's work.  I stayed here, considering that, this, that, this.  I didn't know anything, and so time passed away. ......Well, everything was my own doing.  Good or bad, it was because of me.

Laguna:  Ah, okay.  Good reply.  I'll be waiting!

      Oh, finally, another reminder. FFVIII was produced by Squaresoft and reserves all rights to materials associated with the game. Most of the material within this FAQ was translated from Squaresoft's Official FFVIII Express Strategy Book. Squaresoft's Official FFVIII Express Strategy Book retains all copyright to its material.

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