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Strategy & Story
Written By: Henry Jerng, Phd
F I N A L    F A N T A S Y    T A C T I C S

          FAQ:  Strategy and Story
          Version 1.0, prepared on 09/07/97
          Translated by Henry Jerng 

TRANSLATOR'S NOTES:  All the information contained in the FAQ were either 
translated from the 07/04/1997 issue of THE PLAYSTATION, published by SoftBank, 
or the Final Fantasy Tactic game itself (for the Zodiac Brave Story).  Here is 
the exact reference of the source:

Writer unknown (see page 2 under "writers") (1997)  Final Fantasy Tactics Start-
Up Guide, THE PLAYSTATION published by Softbank, vol. 64, pp. 18-26, 30-33.

All credits for the articles and writing go to their original creators.  The 
full intention of creating this FAQ is just to inform and help the non-Japanese 
gamers of FFT.  
     Prior to reading the following material, please refer to the Final Fantasy 
Tactics instruction manual translation on how to play the game.  For additional 
information on job classes, abilities, weapons, armors, and others, please refer 

     Final Fantasy Tactics, Manual Translation, Ver. 01
     Final Fantasy Tactics, General FAQ, Ver. 0.3
     Final Fantasy Tactics, Abilities List, Ver. 0.3
     Final Fantasy Tactics, Item List, Ver. 0.3
     Final Fantasy Tactics, Plot Translations, Ver. 0.3

     As you will see, the translations for the Zodiac Brave Story is incomplete.  
Well, that is because that  is how far I have gotten in the game.  Wish me luck, 
and let us all get back to the game and have some fun, okay?  I hope this FAQ 
will help the beginner and the advanced players alike, in playing the game as 
well as having a much better understanding of the history and story of FFT.  If 
you have any questions, please contact me at the above e-mail address.
     Until next time.



Thank you for purchasing PlayStation
"Final Fantasy Tactics" licensed by SQUARE CO., LTD.
Please read the attached instruction thoroughly before starting the game
Please keep this instruction manual for future reference.

1 Player
Memory Card, 1 Block
SCPS 45087-8

I.  Basic Winning Tactics

     The war situation changes appreciably depending on whether or not you know 
the following basic tactics.  Of course, this is recommended reading for 
beginners of the simulation, but it is also recommended for all Final Fantasy 
Tactics players.

A.  Be watchful for the "amount of estimated damage"

     When you are trying to decide on which target to attack, you should 
definitely check the "amount of estimated damage" on the targets.  You will want 
to look right above the HP display of the side preparing for attack (the left 
side).  The numerical value with a minus sign attached is the estimated value 
for the amount of damage given to your opponent.  Furthermore, the percentage to 
the right of that number shows the hit rate.  For example, if an unit can give 
20 HP of damage in one attack with a 100% hit rate, then you can naturally 
calculate that you can kill an enemy with 60 HP with three attacks.  The big 
point is that you can still cancel the attack after you see the value once.  You 
can find out against which enemy the damage will be the biggest prior to using a 
multiple attack magic (such as fire and thunder) on the target.  
     NOTE:  The estimated damage amount can be slightly erroneous, but the 
confidence level is extremely high.  You will naturally want to make it habit of 
checking by eye, because you need to familiarize yourself with how much powerful 
is your attack ability.  Incidentally, be aware that the estimate damage screen 
does not display the damage caused by magic that designated the panel (rather 
than the unit) as its target, as well as damage from your opponent's 

B.  Aim for the enemy's back or his/her side

     First of all, let us assume that you are attacked by an enemy holding a 
weapon.  If he stuck out his weapon right in front of you, you can evade the 
attack by promptly twirling your body.  However, what would happen if you are 
attacked from the side?  You will be late in realizing the attack, and you will 
certainly get hurt.  If you are attacked from behind, so much the worse-  it is 
impossible to evade.  In Final Fantasy Tactic's battles, these situations are 
justly taken into account.  When attacking an enemy, you hit rate increases if 
you attack from the side than the front, and even more from the back than the 
side.  On the other hand, to defend your body, it is better to not show your 
back to your enemy.  After the operations are over, try to set the unit's 
heading so that it faces the enemy.

C.  Reliably defeat the enemy one person at a time

     Set concentrated attack on one enemy, and quickly reduce your enemy's war 
potential, even if by only a little.  This is a strategy you must remember the 
most because it need to be done starting at the beginning of the campaign.  For 
example, imagine you are giving damage to an enemy (a wizard), and another enemy 
(a thief) comes to help and tries to get in front of you.  In this situation, 
you ignore the thief and follow the escaping wizard.  This solution is the same 
as the computer's, and it will always begin its attack on the person with the 
smaller HP.  If the computer finds an unit on the verge of death, it will pass 
through any enemy in front of it and strike the final blow by throwing stones.  
You can diverge the damage when you are specially using a wizard, but most of 
the time be sure to focus your attacks on one person at a time without being 
     NOTE:  You can surround an enemy with relatively few people if you use the 
stage's obstacles.  It is smart to attack isolated enemies, as well as enemies 
with few HP.  By stabbing the finishing stroke with the unit of your choice, you 
can control the experience value and job point.

D.  Reduce the charge time with "Standby"

     A bad habit seen with beginners is to get close to the enemy too eagerly 
and too quickly.  When starting to play, it is easy to move more and more 
forward without due considerations.  What I want to advice here is how to use 
"Standby".  Many people probably think that "Standby" is a command to end the 
unit's operations, but when you "Standby" without using any movement or action, 
your next active turn will return earlier because the charge time is not at all 
consumed.  It is probably easier to understand this if I say, instead of you not 
being active, that this is what is required to use "Haste" for one turn.  For 
priests and the like, it is convenient to often use "Standby" and try to 
increase the number of time AT returns since they do not need to move much.
     NOTE:  The charge time will fill up faster even if you do not use either 
"Movement" or "Action".  If you do not use both, it fills up the fastest.  
Because the action order changes constantly, try to diligently check the active 
turns.  To bring out the window, press the triangle button when the AT returns 
to your units.

II.  Capturing the Stages in Chapter 1:  The Meager

     I will now introduce you to the battlefields, troop arrangements, and 
tactics for the scenario battle stages.  I want you to use this as a reference 
with a peace of mind because it will not impact the story one bit.  The 
information below will be presented in the following order:

1.  Unit Objective (The level your unit should be at least at.)
2.  Winning Condition
3.  Story
4.  Battlefield
5.  Guests
6.  Enemies that Appear
7.  Tactics

A.  The Magic Town of Gariland

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 1
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat all enemies
3.  STORY:  Thieves calling themselves "Bone Brigade" are rampaging the country, 
disturbing the public peace and order.  Under order to take decisive military 
operations against the thieves, Ramuza and other military officer cadets run out 
to the battlefield.
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  It is a stage in the magic town of Gariland with rows of homes 
surrounded by waterways.  You start from the narrow streets on one side and go 
toward the enemies on the other side by climbing roofs.  When the battle ends, 
the town becomes a base where you can use the bar, shop, and warrior mediation 
place.  Before heading for the next stage, try to purchase equipments and 
supplement potions.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta
-  SQUIRE, 4:  Squires give direct attacks by first moving adjacent to the 
target and then chop with a sword.  Attack them by aiming for their backs or 
sides.  There appears to be one man who is the leader of the squires, but his 
capabilities are not different from the others.
-  CHEMIST, 1:  The chemist will recover injured comrades with potion, and he 
will participate in the attacks.  Because he will come to the frontline in no 
time, keep an eye on him as there will be many opportunities where you can kill 
him with Dileeta.
7.  TACTICS:  A Chemist Using Potions is Indispensable
     First of all, you will need to enlist a chemist into the attack team since 
chemists are the only ones that can innately use recovery items.  There are only 
two people in the beginning members, and having one chemist is just perfect.
     On this stage, the waterway divides the town into two, and the enemy is 
scattered.  Two friendly squires are allowed to go toward the direction of 
Dileeta, and Ramuza, along with the remaining friendly squire, await and attack 
the enemy approaching from the other side.  Your chemist should not move much 
from his/her starting position and stay on "Standby" to try to throw potions 
whenever needed.  If two units move while staying next to each other, they can 
manage to move without being attacked from the sides or the back.  Later, it 
should be an easy victory if you do not forget to recover your lost HPs.
     Incidentally, Dileeta, as a guest, cannot be controlled by the player.  He 
will advance rapidly toward the enemy, and you had better let him go and not 
follow him.

B.  The Mandarian Plains

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 1
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Rescue the swordsman Argas or Destroy all enemies
3.  STORY:  Ramuza's party, fresh from the first battle, heads for the Igurros 
castle because of a report.  However, in the middle of the journey, they witness 
a scene where a swordsman is under attack by the Bone Brigade.
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  The map of the plains show hardly any difference between the 
highs and the lows.  You can move without worrying about the rocks that jut out 
here and there, and anyway you should advance toward where Argas is.  
Incidentally, when this battle ends, this will be changed hereafter to a map 
used for random encounters (battles that will occur later without any 
relationship with the story's progress.)
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta
-  SQUIRE, 4 :  Average soldiers that do not have much attack power and HP.  
Because they are not set for changing attacks, you can fight without worrying.  
After they are defeated, there is an opportunity to inherit their abilities with 
their crystals.
-  THIEF, 1:  They are squires that have more or less HP.  Only thieves have the 
ability to "Steal", and attack them the best way possible.  But, there is no 
need to view them as anything special.  
-  RED PANTHER, 1: The damage that you receive from "Counter" is about 20 HP.  
Because there is no need to rapidly go after the Red Panther, you can try to 
defeat it by looking for a suitable time when you come into contact with it.  
You can infrequently get poisoned by its "Poisonous Teeth".
7.  TACTICS:  Need to Care about Red Panther's Counterattack
     Because the entire stage is flat, there is no handicapped topographical 
position.  You can freely move because the movement range is not restricted, but 
you must not forget that the same condition applies to your enemy.  Without 
moving solo, you should try to surround the enemy by staying together as much as 
     The enemy units are all of the type that set attacks after they get right 
next to you.  You can easily destroy them if you improve the tactics from the 
first fight.  However, the danger presented by the red panther is high since if 
uses "Counter".  Try to set an attack by entering the counterattack damage into 
your calculation and having a surplus in HP.
     Here, the winning condition varies by refusing to help Argas in the 
beginning.  If you choose the first choice, the battle continues even if Argas 
is defeated.  The stage clears when all the enemies are killed.  On the other 
hand, if you choose the second choice, it is game over when Argas' HP becomes 
zero.  As a conclusion, no matter which choice you make, Argas survives.  
Because the rescue is not that hard, you should be able to protect him by 
recovering his physical strength with potions.

C.  Sweeji Forest

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 2
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat all enemies.
3.  STORY:  Fencer Argas is the servent of prince Elmdoa who was abducted by the 
Bone Brigade.  Ramuza seeks for the whereabout of prince Elmdoa, and a troop of 
monsters stand in his way.
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  Because there is a pool at the center of the battlefield, the 
ground surface is uneven through its form.  Try to be careful because magic does 
not need a very wide range.  It is all right to pass through the pool, but you 
cannot stay there for too long because your mobility decreases.  Same as the 
Mandarian Plains, random encounters will occur here after this scenario ends.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta and Argas
-  BLACK GOBLIN, 1 :  His main attack is "Tackle".  There are times when it will 
use the "Rotating Punch", which is much like the monk's "Inside Rotating Fist".  
However, the power is weak and easy to miss its target.  HP is less than the 
average goblin.
-  GOBLIN, 2:  It uses exclusively "Tackle", a direct attack.  Because you 
cannot make light of the unexpected amount of damage, you should try to recover 
your HP often.  By blinding your unit with "Powder Blown to Blind the Eyes", the 
goblin will make you easy to miss in your attacks.
-  BOMB, 2:  It will suicide explode if its own HP gets low.  If you are 
engulfed by the explosion, you will receive big damage.  To defeat it will take 
a fair amount of trouble.  Make all your units mobilize together, and try to 
defeat it in one strike.
-  RED PANTHER, 1:  Uses "Claws" and "Poisonous Teeth" for direct attacks.  
Because it acts from behind the gang of goblins, if possible you will want to 
give it a lot of damage by trying to get it inside the attack magic's range.
7.  TACTICS:  Make good use of long range attack with bow and magic.
     The entire enemy line-up is monsters.  The monster units use counterattacks 
called "Counter" against your direct attack.  You ought to know that power from 
the fight at the Mandarian Plains.
     There are two ways to cope with "Counter".  One, attack from long distance 
using bow and attack magic.  Two, use "Body Blow" that makes "Counter" 
ineffective. (A squire's ability)  Try to attack in a battle array in which 
warrior units become the shield and so they can protect the wizards and archers 
positioned in the back.
     Because the enemy will charge at you by passing through the pond, prepare 
to await and attack the approaching enemy at the water's edge where a bridge 
stands.  You have made the opponent unable to come out from the pool.  Try to 
crush the goblins (the main force) here.  You want to quickly finish off the 
bomb, but you want to consider the situation if it self-exploded and prepare the 
"Phoenix's Tail" ability.

D.  Slum Streets of the Trade Town of Dortar

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 4
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat all enemy.
3.  STORY:  Ramuza and others encounter Wingraff, the boss of the Bone Brigade, 
in the slum streets.  They are thought to be looking for some clues about the 
prince, and then they are surrounded by the remnants of the Bone Brigade.
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  Narrow alleys where buildings are crowded together.  Because 
the enemy is at high places, you are at somewhat of a disadvantage.  To attack 
here by taking the initiative, using attack magic is the best bet.  It is good 
to try to shorten charge time by using "Standby".  After the battle ends, you 
can use the shop and bar in the trade town of Dortar.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta and Argas.
-  KNIGHT, 1 :  HP is about 80 (level 4), and attack power is high.  Other than 
direct attacks, sometimes he has the "Item" ability and many times he can 
recover his physical strength with potion.
-  ARCHER, 3:  "Charge", an accumulated shooting, from a high place is a threat.  
The archer sitting all by himself in the high place will not move, but the two 
archer in the back will come down to the ground under certain conditions.  Try 
to kill them with units that come out in a hurry.
-  WIZARD, 2:  Use basic attack magic such as "Fire" and "Blizzard".  Even with 
just one hit, the damage is considerably big.  As you come constructively close, 
try to kill them quickly.
7.  TACTICS:  Promptly kill the wizards close at hand
     The set-up of this stage is close to Gariland's, and movement is rather 
restricted.  The effect that this narrow battlefield causes is that it is easy 
to capture multiple enemies within the effective range of magic.  What to watch 
are the two enemy wizards.  These two units are early in the movement order and 
will try to use black magic.  After the battle begins, as soon as you can, 
target you attack magic on the knight and wizard right in front.  In the 
twinkling of an eye, if you use attack magic on the same target, the wizard will 
die, and the knight will run into a situation on the verge of death.  With this, 
you will be in a superior position.
     There is an archer on the tallest building causing trouble.  You will want 
to make a knight head for him in the beginning (try to survive with potion) and 
try to kill him early on.  You should have the main force head the enemy in the 
alley.  But, whatever you do, first kill the wizards.

E.  The Cellar of the Sand Rats (Zekuras Desert)

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 4
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat all enemy.
3.  STORY:  They tied up the remants of the defeated Bone Brigade and, as a 
result, they determine that the kidnapped prince is captured in their hideout in 
the Zekuras desert.  Ramuza and others quickly hurry to enemy territory.
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  It is a stage where you don't need to mind the topography 
because the main battlefield is the flat ground between the doors.  Before 
entering the battle, you will arrange your units by assembling a second team, 
and you will soon move toward the doors.  After this scenario battle is over, 
this location will become a stage used for random encounter whenever the Zekuras 
desert appears.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta and Argas
-  KNIGHT, 3 :  They will certainly come out to the frontline first.  The levels 
very between the three knights, but there is nothing special about their 
abilities.  Try to check them because it is likely that blizzard has more effect 
than fire, depending on the unit.
-  ARCHER, 1:  The archer's attack fly across the doors.  However, they will 
often line up with the knights and be on standby.  There is nothing to be scared 
of if your wizard step onto the frontline.
-  MONK, 2:  Although they fight bare-handed, monks' attack power are at the 
same level as knights'.  Try not to have units with little HP come close to 
them.  Try to be careful because when they are lured away by Dileeta's activity, 
they will go around the direction of the collapsed wall.
7.  TACTICS:  An easy victory if you use the narrowness of the door
     For the first time, you will divide your members in halves before the 
battle, even though it is actually better moving as one group.  The reason for 
splitting up the group is so you can best use the doors to the building in which 
the enemy is entrenched.
     The doors are extremely narrow, and only one unit can go in and out through 
them.  If you encircle the spot where the enemy exits and give it a good beating 
from three different directions, you can also force the damage to your units to 
its minimum.
     If you dam up the enemy's movement this way, the remaining enemies inside 
the building will line up to try to exit.  If you use attack magic there, you 
can give big damage to the 3 or 4 people that gather there.  If possible, you 
want to prepare about two wizards and use their MP's for only attack magic.
     If you stay vigilant against the arrows the enemy archer fires from time to 
time, you should be able to clear this stage without difficulties.

F.  Stronghold of Thieves

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 6
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat swordswoman Milurda
3.  STORY:  Ramuza, while following the remnants of the Bone Brigade, encounters 
a female swordswoman entrenched in a stronghold.  Milurda has strong feelings of 
revenge against nobilities who looked down on commoners.
- North Side:  In the stronghold stage, the stronghold is completely surrounded 
by a moat, and the enemy position is considerably higher than yours.  Because 
your mobility drops if you get into the water, try not to get close to it 
without good reason.  Any way, after this battle ends, this position becomes a 
vacant lot where nothing happens, not even random encounters or shops.
- South Side:  When you view from behind the stronghold, you will know the 
disposition of Milurda and a priest who are gathered inside.  Furthermore, you 
will see one thief who is hidden behind the stronghold.  Because it is easy to 
overlook the thief from the north side, try not to take your eyes off of the 
south side.  Incidentally, when the enemy becomes low in HP, they will retreat 
inside the stronghold.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta and Argas
-  KNIGHT MILURDA, 1:  On top of her rather high attack ability, she can also 
use "Armor Break" and "Charge".  Because she has the "Equipped Weapon Guard", 
you must attack her from her back.
-  PRIEST, 2:  Other than "Care", the priests will protect their comrades by 
casting "Protect" and "Shell".  Because their MP levels are high, they will 
become rather difficult if they have black magic.  Try to defeat them early.
-  THIEF, 3:  The thieves will repeatedly go for direct attacks because they are 
at a level where they can "Steal" on a whim.  It is important to watch out for 
"Thief of Hearts" spell because, if successfully casted, even the superior and 
powerful will fall madly in love with them.
7.  TACTICS:  Focus your aim on the priests rather than Milurda
     The enemy in this event battle will have fixed members without any 
exceptions, but the sub-abilities held by each unit will be randomized.  For 
example, the priests on this stage may or may not have black magic.  Even with 
this little change, the difficulty level can change dramatically.  Therefore, if 
you encounter the above mentioned situation with priests having black magic, you 
may want to take the tactic of resetting and try again.
     The condition for winning is defeat the boss.  Milurda will quickly come 
out to the frontline, but you should try to first defeat the priests so that her 
HP cannot be recovered.  In the case she enters the stronghold, attack with 
attack magic and bows.  Here, arming the guests with bows will make them more 
     Milurda is weak against thunder.  Try to decrease her HP with attack magic 
and make concentrated attack from her backside.

G.  The Lenaria Plateau

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 7
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat swordswoman Milurda
3.  STORY:  Milurda, who got missed at the stronghold of thieves, again 
obstructs Ramuza's way to his destination.  She, who hated nobles, rushes out to 
battle and already expects death
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  The battlefield has a variable topography.  The movement of 
your units will be begin in the plans, which will progressively change into 
hills to high walls.  If you first defeat the enemy magic users that have low 
HP, you can totally concentrate your attacks on the boss later.  After the fight 
is over, this place becomes a random encounter stage.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta
-  KNIGHT MILURDA, 1:  She is powered up from the "Stronghold of Thieves" stage.  
Her reaction is changed to "Counter", and her ability "Item" is now changed to 
"Fist Techniques".  As expected, the attack magic "Thunder" is very effective 
against her.
-  TIME SORCERER, 1:  User of the assistant magic which controls time.  She 
helps by using "Haste" which will accelerate her comrades' charge times.  She 
can also cast "Slow" to slow down your charge time, so you ought to defeat her 
with some direct attacks.
-  WIZARD, 2:  Other than "Black Magic", the wizards have the ability "Item".  
Because the two wizards tends to act together, it is possible to make the battle 
easier by casting lots of attack magic spell on them.
-  KNIGHT, 2:  They attack by the basic direct attacks.  If you get close to an 
unit standing on a high platform, you can knock them off by using attack magic 
and reaction ability.  If they run away, it is better to not go after them.
7.  TACTICS:  Avoid enemy attacks by taking the high platforms
     Because of what happened at the Igurros castle, Argas and Dileeta no longer 
will fight together.  From here and on, the only guest will be Dileeta.
     This is a stage with giant valleys that can act as barricades to movement, 
but you can often use that to your advantage by incorporating it into your 
battle strategies.  First of all, send your units that can use magic to the left 
hand side of the plateau, and then cast attack magic on the enemy wizards and 
time sorcerer.  The units that prefer direct attacks can then move forward and 
lay in waiting at a place for the knights to come down.  Your units may form the 
shake of a letter "L".
     When you arrive on the high platforms, direct attacks are often no longer 
possible.  Take your magic users there and ,without moving away from those 
spots, use the black magic to attack your enemies.  Because Milurda will come 
down by herself, you can leisurely surround her with units on the low ground.

H.  Windmill Cabin (Forboham Plain)

1.  UNIT OBJECTIVE:  Level 10
2.  WINNING CONDITION:  Defeat the knight Wingraff
3.  STORY:  Following the Bone Brigade, Ramuza finally confronts the thieves' 
leader, Wingraff.  Wingraff says that Milurda, who lost her life in the previous 
battle, was his younger sister...
4.  BATTLEFIELD:  The windmill looks very realistic and is a very nice backdrop, 
but you cannot hide inside the small cabin.  You will have to battle on the 
plains without advancing too much from your starting positions, and you should 
combine your attacks with care.  After the battle is over, this locale will 
become a position for random encounters, and this stage will change into the 
Forboham Plains.
5.  GUESTS:  Dileeta
-  WHITE KNIGHT WINGRAFF, 1:  Wingraff has a special job called White Knight.  
He only uses the multi-colored  "Holy Sword Technique" which, while giving a 
great deal of damage, will add other effects such as stop and death.
-  MONK, 2:  The monks have the abilities "Continuous Fists" which is quite 
critical, "Secret Monk Punch" which may cause death, and the "Wave Punch" which 
is a flying weapon, and so they are more powerful than the average monks.  If 
you find a monk able to use items, you need to kill him first.
-  KNIGHT, 1:  The knight is an average soldier using direct attacks.  If you 
get close to the knight, stop your attacks on Wingraff and first get rid of this 
knight.  Because she has the "Equipped Weapon Guard", you need to attack her 
from her back.
-  CHOCOBO, 1:  The "Choco Attack" is its normal direct attack, and "Choco Care" 
will allow the Chocobo to fight a long and hard battle by recovering HPs.  After 
the battle starts, you should quickly defeat this monster.
7.  TACTICS:  Have your units equipped with the ability "Item"
     With a strong enemy like Wingraff on the scene, clearing this stage will 
become somewhat difficult.  Because of problems with your units becoming dead or 
battle unable, you need to prepare several units with the ability to use 
"Potion" and "Phoenix's Tail".
     First, lure out the chocobo by bringing out a unit with lots of HP and 
early on the operation order list.  Because the chocobo will use "Choco Care" on 
itself and escape to the back, you should try to defeat it will the combined 
power of your units before it gets away.
     To lower the damage caused by "Holy Sword Technique", it is better to move 
your units without having them in clusters.   I understand that you want to get 
to Wingraff first, but the two monks should be defeated first.  As for the 
knight, there is not need to pay her attention especially since she works 
independently and leaves Wingraff alone most of the time.  Considering the 
amount of damage giving, the most effective material attacks are fist techniques 
and bows.  When his remaining HP drops to 30 or below, Wingraff will flee, and 
the battle will end.

III.  The Story

A.  The Zodiac Brave Story:  The First Two Chapters

     The following was directly translated from the game's Brave Story Log.  
Please excuse me for some of the awkward sentence flows since I did not have the 
time to make them sound better.  

     Several officer cadets close to graduating were summoned to the lecture 
hall of the Gariland royal academy.  A gang of thieves called the Bone Brigade 
is laying waste the Garionnu region, and a military operation to annihilate the 
gang is planned with the Northern Sky Knights at the center.  The officer cadets 
are placed in charge of the rear support.

     Ramuza was seeing a dream...
     It has been about 2 years since Balbanes Beolubu, the famous hero of the 50 
Year War, took to bed because of illness.  On his father's figure lying on the 
bed, Ramuza could not see a trace of the Northern Sky Knights commander who 
boasted the strength of 15,000 men.
     The four children met in a room to witness their father's final moments...

     Ramuza's party rescued a swordsman under attack by the Bone Brigade on the 
Mandarian Plains.  His name was Argas.  Argas was a member of the bodyguard 
knight troop of duke Elmdoa, the lord of Lanberry, and it appeared that he 
received an attack while on his way to Igurros.  The duke was abducted, and the 
bodyguards knight troop was completely wiped out except for Argas.  Argas 
petitioned for the help of the Northern Sky Knights to save the duke...

     Ramuza found his way to the city of Igurros, the capitol of the Garionnu 
region, and he quickly headed for the castle.  Daisudarg, Ramuza's eldest 
brother, was waiting at the Igurros castle.  Argas petitioned that he wanted to 
hire soldiers to destroy his comrade's enemy, and Daisudarg scathingly 
criticized Argas for his attitude...

     After his audience with Daisudarg, Ramuza came across his second elder 
brother Zalbagg the holy knight, his little sister Alma, and others in Igurros 
castle's courtyard.  Zalbagg, who was leaving to hunt down the thieves, informed 
Ramuza that a spy he sent out to gather information had cut off correspondence 
at the trade city of Dortar...

     Ramuza's party encountered the Bone Brigade in the slum streets of the 
trade city of Dortar.  At that time, he observed the knight Wingraff, the leader 
of the Bone Brigade.  The party successfully repulsed the Bone Brigade and 
questioned the captives for the place the duke was imprisoned.  Through the 
words of the captives, the one who kidnapped the duke was Gustav, the Bone 
Brigade's sub-leader.  It seemed the kidnapping was just a crime aimed for some 
ransom money.

     The party successfully attacked the "Cellar of the Sand Rats".  To rescue 
the duke, they searched the deserted house and saw an unexpected scene there.  
The scene was Wingraff trying to prevent Gustav's kidnapping of the duke.  
Gustav criticized Wingraff and lost his life at the end of a life-and-death 
battle.  Wingraff left the duke as he was and left to go somewhere...

     What waited at the Igurros castle were not warm words to thank them for the 
duke's rescue;  it was Daisudarg's cold scolding, condemning the violation of 
his direct order.  "Don't disgrace the Beolubu name!", said an angry Daisudarg.  
There appeared Lord Larg, the present queen's elder brother and the lord of 

     The military operation to annihilate the Bone Brigade was coming to a big 
finish.  Ramuza raided a small stronghold called commonly the "Fortress of 
Thieves" at the southern tip of Garionnu.  There he encountered a female 
     Her name was Milurda.  She was the younger sister of Wingraff, the leader 
of the Bone Brigade.  She was sharply critical of the ruling classs such as the 
nobles, and she challenged them with her anger...

     The Bone Brigade attacked the Beolubu residence at Igurros.  Because of the 
military operation of annihilation, the city was left wide open to attack since 
the defense was inadequate.  What the Bone Brigade aimed for was the 
assassination of secretary Daisudarg, Lord Larg's senior statesman.  The attack 
was seen as a success, but the assassination ended in a failed attempt due to 
the active participation of Zalbagg the holy knight.  However, they took 
Dileeta's younger sister Deeta as a hostage.

     Secretary Daisubarg, injured by the Bone Brigade's attack, informed Ramuza 
of the situation with the Bone Brigade's annihilation.  He also talk Ramuza that 
Zalbagg was making preparations for an all-out attack, and that he did not 
expect to make this all-out assault until Deeta was returned.
     Meanwhile, Argas advacated that there was no need to help the commoner's 
girl.  Dileeta was very resentful of that remark.

     Enroute for the Jeekden stronghold, Dileeta stopped his feet as he was 
enchanted by the grassy plain shining golden by the light of the setting sun.  
Dileeta questioned his won existence.  Ramuza, without replying anything, also 
felt his own powerlessness.
     Dileeta began to play a tune with the reed whistle, something that was 
taught by Balbanes when he and Ramuza were kids.

     Goragulos and Wingraff escaped from the pursuit of the Northern Sky Knights 
and hid inside a windmill cabin located in the Forboham Plains.  Wingraff 
strongly denounced the kidnapping of Deeta.  There, he received the news of 
Milurda's death.  Consumed by deep sadness and hatred, Wingraff grasped his 
sword and vowed revenge.

14.  AND I GOT AWAY...
     Snow was falling around the Jeekden stronghold.  The remnants of the 
defeated Bone Brigade have sought shelter in this stronghold, but the Northern 
Sky Knights have already laid siege to it.  Goragulos, who held Deeta hostage, 
was killed by Argas, and Deeta too lost her life.  Dileeta, after having his 
little sister killed, succeeded in killing Argas.  However, Goragulos had set 
explosives in the stronghold, and as the explosions began, the stronghold 
crumbled to ruins...

     It was about one year since the tragedy at Jeekden stronghold...
     By that time, tension was high in Evalease between Lord Larg and Lord 
Goltarna over domination after the King's death.  It has become a situation 
where war can happen just any time.  Just then, princess Ovaria was staying in a 
convent to escape the coming war, and a plan to transfer her to Garionnu was 
secretly being carries out...

     The Goltarna force has kidnapped the princess, and in the middle of heavy 
rain knight Agurias resolved to pursue the Goltarna force to take back Ovaria.  
Among the Goltarna force Ramuza saw the figure of Dileeta, his dear friend who 
he thought had died at Jeekden stronghold.  He too joined the pursuit...

     Dileeta, who had kidnapped Ovaria, was attacked by the Northern Sky Knghts 
at the Zeirekire waterfall.  In the middle of that fight, it was disclosed that 
the princess' kidnapping was a trick of Lord Larg (the second successor to the 
throne) who plans to assassinate the princess, just at a time when Lord Goltarna 
was losing his standing among the people.  Now that the evil plan has been 
revealed, Gafugarion turned out to be the enemy, and Ramuza became the princess' 

     A youngman was under attack by the Bart company in the castle city of 
Zaranda.  His name was Mustadio.  He was one of the mechanics assisting in the 
restoration of the "Lost Culture" that included the "Gun" at the mechanic city 
of Gorg.
     The young mechanic, anxious about his father's associations, was unclear 
about the reasons behind the attack.  He petitioned that they all go together to 
the Lionel Castle to seek the protection of the secretary of state Drakrowa.

     Enroute to Lionel Castle, the party sought some moment of rest.  Agarius 
was worried about the princess, and Princess Ovaria talked to her about their 
own personal histories.  During that talk, she expressed her distrust of men of 
power trying to use her for political strategies.
     Ramuza unintentionally overheard how the princess held such anxiety that 
cannot be wiped away.  He showed her how to blow the reed whistle as he 
remembered it...

     Daisudarg, who failed in his trick to kidnap Ovaria, again ordered 
Gafugarion to immdiately capture Ramuza's party and execute everyone except for 
the princess.  Naturally, his own younger brother Ramuza was not spared from 
those to be killed.
     And, from the incident at the Orbonnu convent, Daisudarg knew that there 
was someone out to interfere with his own plans...

     The secretary of state Drakrowa, who keeps his residence in Lionel Castle, 
warmly welcomed Ovaria and the others and promised to report to the pope of Lord 
Larg's plot.
     Furthermore, the secretary of state showed the "Zodiac Brave Stone", the 
holy stone of a legend in existence in Evalease since the ancient times.  The 
holy stone was related to Mustadio's case.  Ramuza bid farewell to Princess 
Ovaria as he heads for Gorg.

     The crystal excavated under the mechanic city of Gorg was the legendary 
holy stone "Zodiac Stone".  Mustadio's father, mechanic instructor Besrodio, 
feared that someone may use the holy stone for evil purposes, entrusted the holy 
stone to his son to hide it in a safe place.
     When Mustadio received the holy stone, the hands of the Bart company 
pursued him...

     Secretary of state Drakrowa was the person who schemed to plunder the holy 
stones of Gorg by controlling the Bart company.
     Through Mustadio's ready wit, the party succeeded in rescuing Besrodio 
without handing the holy stone over to enemy hands, but Ovaria and Agarius are 
with the secretary of state...
     To save them, Ramuza brought along the holy stone and hurried to Lionel 

     The party again met Dileeta at the trade city of Wargilis.  Dileeta advised 
to take hands off everything concerning Ovaria and the holy stones, and he 
hinted at the existence of a mind that laid behind all this chaos.
     "At times, you cannot limit youself to the best methods to produce the 
right results..."  These words left by Dileeta as they parted ways distressed 

     Daisudarg and secretary of state Drakrowa exchanged a secret agreement to 
get their hands on the princess and the holy stones.  Gafugarion, dispatched by 
Daisudarg, planned to use Ovaria as a lure and kill Ramuza and the others who 
knew the truth behind the plunder  of holy stones and the kidnapping of the 
     Meanwhile, Bart company's Rudoveehi, who failed to accomplish his duty with 
the "Zodiac Brave Stone", went under the secretary's punishment...

     Ovaria was confined to a room inside Lionel Castle, and she met Dileeta 
again.  Ovaria rebuked Dileeta just as he passed in front of the secretary of 
state Drakrowa.  The secretary and a man appeared in front of Ovaria.
     As Ovaria continue to resist, the mysterious knight named Vorumalff tells a 
shocking piece of fact...

     Dileeta showed up taking Ovaria to the Zeltania castle, home of Lord 
Goltarna.  Dileeta was promoted as one of the Lord's top-ranking advisors for 
being the head planner of the princess' kidnapping.  Furthermore, he proposed to 
proceed to the royal capitol of Ruzaria by leading the Southern Sky Knights.
     Lord Larg too mobilized the Northern Sky Knights.  The great disturbance 
known as the "Lion War" began here to divide Evalease into two.

     Three months after the rise of the "Lion War".  Along with the enlargement 
of the battle line, the fighting intensified day by day as the parties fail to 
make headway in the war situation.  Both Larg and Goltarna's armies gradually 
grow more and more exhausted.
     Ramuza suggest negotiations for peace with the general of the Southern Sky 
Knights, who apparently is lamenting the populace's groans about the growing 
hunger and heavy taxation...

     Enroute to the royal capitol Ruzaria, the party rescued a youngman who was 
attacked by thieves at the coal-mining town of Golland.  The astrologer named 
Orran reacted to the name Ramuza Beolubu for some reason.
     Orran courteously declined an offer to travel together and left, suggesting 
that they shall meet again...

B.  A dictionary of the names, things, events, people, and places of Final 
Fantasy Tactics
(in alphabetical order)

6 Great Rulers,
     The 6 great manors within the same country ruled by Evalease's princes.
     Lord Larg-  Garionnu
     Lord Goltarna-  Zerutenia
     Duke Elmdoa-  Lanberry
     Cardinal Drakrowa-  Lionel
     Ruler Balintin-  Forboham
50 Year War,
     War that once took place between Evalease and Ordaria. 
     It ended with a peace pact, but in reality Evalease lost.
Agurias Orks,
     Female commander of the bodyguard troops guarding Princess Ovaria.  
     She is stong, in all honesty.  
Alma Beolubu,
     Ramuza's younger sister born of the same mother.
     Along with Dileeta's little sister (Deeta), she attends the Igurros 
aristocratic academy.
Arazulan, JD,
     Historian with special research interest in Evalease's Middle Ages. 
     He is the narrator in the world of FFT.  Many literary works.
Argas Sadalfas,
     Squire of the Lanberry imperial guard knight troops who joined the duke 
Elmdoa's bodyguards.
Atkarsha, the royal family of,
     The legitimate royal family of Evalease.  Birth family of Princess Ovaria.
Balintin, ruler
     The ruler of Forboham in Evalease.
Balbanes Beolubu,
     Ramuza's father.  Worked in the 50 Year War as the captain of the Northern 
Sky Knights.
     Worked for a peaceful resolution of the 50 Year War.  Afterwards, he became 
ill and died.
Bone Brigade,
     After the 50 Year War, a thief organization that appeared near the Garionnu 
Bone Knight Troops,
     Volunteer corp organized near the end of the 50 Year War comprised of 
common folks.
Cellar of the Sand Rats,
     Located between the trading city of Dortar and the Zekuras desert.  The 
hideout of the Bone Brigade.
     It seems to be the home to some residents of the desert.
Citizens of the Desert,
     The people who lived on the periphery of the Zekuras desert.  Details 
Daisudarg Beolubu,
     Ramuza's eldest brother from a different mother.
     Military strategist that Lord Larg trusts and relies upon  the most.
     Tutorial mode's instructor.  He is kind and polite, but his talks are 
verbose (just my opinion).
     He does not show up in the game itself.  Incidentally, he did not have a 
name one month before the
     game's release.
Dexmalda Goltarna,
     Lord Golarna
Deeta Hyrall,
     Dileeta's younger sister.  Lives in the same Beolubu family as her brother.
     She attended the Igurros aristocratic school with Alma.
Dileeta Hyrall,
     The son of the horse keeper who works for the Beolubu family. 
     Grew up with Ramuza.  Afterwards, he became the hero that resolved the Lion 
War and became the
     King of Evalease.
Denamda the First,
     The founding king of Evalease.
Drakrowa, cardinal
     One of the leaders of Evalease.  The ruler of Lionel.
Durai White Book,
     A history book concerning the Lion War that was discovered generations 
     A new interpretation of the book is given by Arazulam.
Elmdoa , the duke
     Lord of Lanberry.  During his journey to visit Igurros castle, he was 
kidnapped by the Bone Brigade.
     Kingdom located on the continent of the same name.
Evalease Unification War,
     A war that occurred before the Holy Yurdra Empire was formed.
     One of the sovereign territories of Evalease.  Ruled by Balintin.
Gaff Gafugarion,
     Leader of the mercenary soldier team that was employed as Princess Ovaria's 
     during the kidnapping incident.
Goltarnia, Lord,
     Lord of Zeltenea, younger cousin of the deceased king.
     At the Evalease deliberation assembly, he was appointed the regency of the 
new king.
    Big city located in the Garionnu region.  It has the Royal Magic School and 
Royal Officer Academy.
Gariland Royal Officer Academy,
     The only military school in Evalease.  It is designed to develop officers 
for the Norther Sky Knights.
Gariland Training Grounds,
     Soldier training ground established during the Evalease internal dispute 
     It eventually became the Officer Academy.
     The region ruled by Lord Larg, located in the central area of the Evalease 
     It has the magical city of Gariland and such.
Goragulos LaVain,
     Member of the Bone Brigade.  Impertinent.
Gustav Malgeriff,
     The sub-leader of the Bone Brigade.  Impertinent guy.
Holy Youdora Empire,
     Name of an empire that existed before the Evalease monarchy was 
Igurros castle,
     Lord Larg's residential castle located in the northwestern part of the 
Garionnu region.
     A substantial capitol of Garionnu that is modeled after the royal city of 
     One of the sovereign territory in the eastern part of Evalease.  Ruled by 
Lanberry Guard Knight Troop,
     Elmdoa's personal bodyguards.
Larg, Lord,
     The ruler of Garionnu, as the real brother of queen Ruvaria.  He runs the 
Northern Sky Knights.
Leofornes, the castle of,
     Located in Forboham, the resident castle of Balintin.
Leonard, prince,
     Prince of Ordaria during the 50 Year War.
Lion War,
     Evalease's internal struggle war. 
     One year after the end of the 50 Year War, as Princess Ovaria happens to 
get kidnapped, Lord Larg of
     Garionnu and Lord Goltarna of Zeltenia clash militarily.
     A sovereign territory of Evalease.  Ruled by cardinal Drakrowa.
Mesdrama Elmdoa,
Milurda Forzu,
     Swordwoman of the Bone Brigade.  Little sister of its leader, Wingraff.
Mustadio Bunanza,
     A character that has a curious job called mechanic.  He has a gun.
Officer Academy,
     Gariland Royal Officer Academy.
Omdoria Atkarsha,
     Omdoria the third.
     He was defeated in the 50 Year War.  King of Evalease, father of Orinas.
     A country located east of Evalease.  The nation that opposed Evalease in 
the 50 Year War.
Orinas Atkarsha,
     The king of Evalease when the kidnapping of Princess Ovaria occurred.
Orran Durai,
     Astrologer that Ramuza encounters at some point.
Ovaria Atkarsha,
     Princess of Evalease who was suddenly kidnapped.  She is under the 
protection of Lord Larg.
Puzzle of the Lion War,
     Arazulam's book.
Ramuza Beolubu,
     Hero.  The third son in the Beolubu family.
     You can change his name in the beginning of the game, but not the sex.
     A military country located to the northwest of Evalease across the Larner 
     In the 50 Year War, it sided with Ordaria against Evalease.
Royal Magic School,
     A magic research institute located in Garionnu in the western part of 
Ruvaria Atkarsha,
     Queen of King Omdaria III of Evalease, mother of Orinas
     Lord Larg's real sister
     Royal territory located in the northwestern section of Evalease.
     Evalease's capitol.
Sid-Rufus Orlando,
     Captain of the Southern Sky Knights.
     During the 50 Year War, he was a hero who celebrated meritorious service 
along with the Northern
     Sky Knights led by Balbanes Beolubu.
Simon Pen Lakishu,
    Theologian who was the head of the Orbonnu convent.  Princess Ovaria's 
Southern Sky Knights,
     Zeltania's Knight troop under the direction of Lord Goltarna.
     It is sharply against the Northern Sky Knight troop led by Lord Larg.
Sweeji Forest,
     Forest area located between the magical city of Gariland and the trade city 
of Dortar.
Wingraff Forzu,
     The Bone Brigade's leader.  A good man.
Zalbagg Beolubu,
    Ramuza's second eldest brother from a different mother. 
    Now, the group leader of the Northern Sky Knights.
Zekuras Desert,
     The desert of death that spreads widely east of Gariland.
     Territory of Ordaria.  Faces the national boundary with Evalease.
     It became the trigger for the 50 Year War.
     Ruled by Lord Goltarna.  It is on the eastern part of the Evalease 
Zodiac Brave Stone,
     A mysterious crystal that 12 brave men tried to possess.
Zodiac Brave Story,
     A long time ago, the magicians tried to destroy the world. 
     It is a tale about 12 brave soldiers that stood up against the magicians 
and won.

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