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Written By: Psygnosis
Campaign 1

Ilegal Arms

Follow the waypoints to Egdir Dome.  You will be attacked by a single fighter.  The quickest way to kill it is to target it and fire an IR missile.  When it is dead, fly to Mitsina Dome (the spaceport).
Ignore any aircraft you see - if you engage them in battle you are likely to be killed.

Fly to the NW corner and you will see some crates.  Scan the one at the back and you will see it is illegal.  Ground Team Epsilon will then arrive.  Fly back to Devorr Dome (the dome you started in).
There are four trucks that need to be scanned.  After you scan each truck, a fighter will attack you.
You do not have to kill these if you don't want to.  

When you scan the fourth truck, it will start shooting at you.  You can kill it and complete the mission there and then, or you can take a couple of shots at it - at which point you will be told that Ground Team Epsilon is under attack.  If you fly back to the spaceport, following the waypoint, you will see two fighters attacking the Ground Team.  Kill the two fighters and the waypoint will point back to the truck which you can then kill to complete the mission (with exemplary status if you saved the Ground Team successfully).

Warehouse Raid

Stay close to the Ground Team and kill any fighters that attack them.  Again, getting a target lock and using IR missiles is the easiest way.  After you have killed all six fighters, follow the Ground Team to Egdir Dome.  Shoot the turrets quickly to avoid taking damage.  When the two cars in the warehouse escape, use the EPP to stop them.  Two fighters will attack the EPP'd cars - kill them before they kill the cars.  When the two fighters are dead, the Ground Team will pull up near to the EPP'd cars and the mission will be complete.  To achieve the secondary objective, you must kill all the fighters and all the turrets.

Surveillance Work

Follow Rogan's craft at a safe distance - if you get too close he will see you and the mission will be failed.  When you fly into Adal Dome, you will be attacked by two fighters.  You don't have to kill them, but if you do it will count towards the secondary objective.  If at any point you hear "Maintain contact with suspect", you must fly around until Rogan within visual range.  If you don't have Rogan in visual range for more than 30 seconds continuously, he will disappear and the mission will be failed.  

When Rogan lands at the first stop-off, fire a beacon at the floor.  The Ground Team will then make their way towards the beacon.  On the way, they will be attacked by two fighters.  Kill both the fighters but remember to check on Rogan's whereabouts occasionally.  When the two fighters are dead, see where Rogan is - chances are he will have landed at the second stop-off.  Three more fighters will appear and attack you.  Kill them and Rogan will take off again.

Follow Rogan to the third stop-off.  A short time after he has landed, the crates in the warehouse will explode and two fighters will emerge.  Other fighters will also appear and attack you.  Kill all the fighters.  At some point, Rogan will take off again and you must kill him.  When all the fighters are dead, the Ground Team will make their way to the warehouse.  When Rogan is also dead, the mission will be complete.  If all the fighters in the mission are dead, you will have completed the secondary objective too.

Clear the way

Follow the waypoints to Egdir dome, killing any fighters on the way.  When you rendez-vous with Tachikawa, kill all the fighters that are in the area.  When they are dead, proceed to the spaceport and start hunting for four trucks.  Don't worry about the aircraft, Tachikawa will take care of them.

As soon as you find a truck, kill it.  Time is of the essence.  When all four trucks are dead, fly to waypoint two, where you will see the Shuttle land and the mission will be complete.  If you have trouble finding the trucks, follow the Shuttle and look out for any shots coming in the Shuttle's direction.

To achieve the secondary objective, you must kill all the enemy aircraft in addition to the four trucks.

Escort the Presidents Limo

Fly to the Fortified Bunker and rendez-vous with the Limo.  Stay close to the Limo and quickly kill the three fighters that attack it.  When they are dead, fly to the first roadblock and destoy all the turrets and vehicles. 

When the roadblock has been destroyed, a fighter will appear and start attacking Tachikawa.  Kill it, and Tachikawa's Havoc will start to malfunction.  There is nothing you can do to save him.  If you follow him, you will see him crash spectacularly.  You must then proceed on your own.

Find the Limo again and stay close to it.  When you get into Finnr Dome, two fighters will attack the Limo - kill them before they kill the Limo.  Follow the Limo into Hoenir Dome.  Destroy the second roadblock.  More fighters will appear and attack the Limo.  Kill them and then escort the Limo to the Krakov HQ where the mission will be completed.

Campaign 2

Mission 6
Robot Rampage

Destroy the mining robots before they inflict too much damage.
Take off from GPHQ and follow the waypoint indicator through the dome tunnel to the first robot. 
Take out the robot before it destroys too many civilian buildings. 
A good tactic is to dodge up and down with L1 and L2 whilst shooting at the robot.
After the first one has been destroyed, go for the second one. It is on the skyroad near to the first one (follow the waypoint).
The third robot is situated in "Nar dome" - again follow waypoint or use the map.
Destroy this robot and the gang fighters before they destroy the Nanosoft compound.
You will soon receive a message informing you that robots are at the GPHQ, finish off the robot and gang fighters in Nar dome before returning to Tindr dome.
There are three robots around GPHQ, but before taking them on, now is a good time to use the rearm platform next to GPHQ.
It is a good idea not to aggravate all three robots at once, concentrate on one at a time and let other G-Police units take some of the heat.

Mission 7
Disable and protect Krakov shuttle craft.

The waypoint indicator will guide you to the three Krakov shuttles that need protecting.
Use the EPP weapon to disable the shuttles before they crash. They will then get attacked by gang fighters and bikes, destroy these before they shoot down the disabled shuttles.
The shuttles also have Krakov escort craft, disabling and protecting of all of these will complete the secondary objective.
After clearing up the gang forces in Tindr dome, you must go to Nar dome where three more shuttles once again need disabling.
Once disabled these too must be protected from attack.
Loss of more than two shuttles will result in mission failure through negligence.

Mission 8
Protect Krakov asssembly yard.

Proceed to the Krakov yard in Nama dome.
On arrival, use the waypoint indicator to locate and destroy the gang bikes. Destroy them quickly before they rig all the buildings with explosives and destroy the yard.
Once the bikes have been dealt with, protect the yard from further attack by fighters and more gang ground units.
If you run low on ammo. return to GPHQ in Tindr dome for rearming.
Once the gang forces have been driven away from the yard, track down the gang base in Modi dome and destroy all gang units in the dome.

Mission 9
Land train carrying explosives.

Follow the waypoint to a warehouse in Nama dome, where a GP ground team are under attack. Attack gang forces there until the land train breaks out of the warehouse.
The train has three carriages carrying bombs as well as numerous gun carriages. Destroy the guns on the gun carriages, being careful not to destroy the carriage too as this will explode the whole train and fail the mission.
Once the guns have been knocked out, then the bombs can be collected. To do this, hover closely above the bomb carriages, use L1 + L2 together to maintain constant height.
One bomb can be carried at a time, and must be taken to the designated safe area - follow the waypoint once a bomb is collected.
In Fadir dome, make sure the bombs are dropped off the cliff into the low area. One bomb is allowed to miss, anymore misses will result in mission failure

Mission 10
Krakov President under attack.

Follow the waypoint to the president's residence in Nar dome.
An unidentified gunboat is approaching, it must be stopped before it destroys the residence.
Shoot down some of the gunboat patrol craft before you attack the gunboat directly.
When you attack the gunboat, assign your wingmen to it - by all attacking at once, the firepower of the gunboat will be less concentrated.
Keep moving up/down and move back and forth in hover mode to avoid being hit.
Homing missiles can be fired from safe positions behind buildings etc.
Don't take too long or the residence will be destroyed.
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