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Written By: Zenodeus'

                                Strategy Guide

                           for the Sony PlayStation
                                 Version 1.4
                              January 14, 2000

=What's New=
Version 1.4 (01/15/00): most sections updated/expanded, walkthrough up to
                        the Twin Towers
Version 1.3 (01/10/00): most sections updated/expanded, "The History of Grandia" 
                        section added, walkthrough up to after the great wall
Version 1.2 (01/05/00): most sections updated/expanded, walkthrough up to
                        the Misty Forest
Version 1.1 (12/30/99): most sections updated/expanded, walkthrough up to
                        the post-wedding of Feena
Version 1.0 (12/27/99): main sections began, walkthrough up to
                        searching for Java

=Table of Contents=
I.    Introduction
II.   Walkthrough
         Disc One
            Truth or Dare
            Preparing for the Trip
            Follow the Marna Sand Road
            A Sea of Sult
            PASSing Time
            Mine O' Mines
            To the New World We Go
            Men of the Sea
            I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts
            I Claim This Land For Spain
            A Road Named Merrill
            The House That Feena Built
            In Sickness and in Health
            Nature Hike
            The Lost Continent of Atlantis
            Back in the Clubhouse
            Area 51
            ...On This Crazy Train
            Got Nectar?
            Thick as Pea Soup
            It's the End of the World as We Know It...
            Little Shop of Horrors
            Raining Cats and Dogs
            They All Have Cooties
            Joe vs. the Volcano
III.  Frequently Asked Questions
IV.   Tips for Success
V.    The History of Grandia
VI.   Magic/Skills Lists
            Elemental spells
VII.  Equipment Lists
            Body Armor
VIII. Item List
IX.   Disclaimer

Hello all, and welcome to my Grandia strategy guide.  I've written a
few guides in the past, but never one as in-depth as this project.  I
plan to have not just a complete walkthrough, but in-depth equipment
lists and game strategies as well.  The only thing I decided not to
include was a beastiary, for the simple reason that whenever you go
into a battle, you can tell their HP and know what stuff they use
afterwards.  Besides, I don't know many people who'd read that section
anyway.  I'm going to be working feverishly to complete this game (and
guide) by February so that I can play SaGa Frontier 2 and beat some of
the other RPG's I've yet to finish.  One other thing, if you have any
questions/comments, don't hesitate to e-mail me at
or just post something for me on the GameFAQs message board.  And
please read the Frequently Asked Questions section before you want to
ask me anything.  Thanks again, now on with the guide!


Recommended Level: 2
Items: 100 GP, Poison Antidote, First Aid Kit
After the CG/anime intro and the voice acted conversations, talk to
Gantz (the center boy) to get your mission: to find the remaining three
pieces of the Legendary Armor.  You can talk to him to get clues where
they are.  First up, the Shield of Light.  Go to the port and look
behind a warehouse to find a "Pot Lid".  Next, get the Warrior's Helmet
by going down a set of steps beside the river in the town.  The 
"Battered Pot" is by the wall on the other side.  Take them back to
Gantz.  He smugly says the Spirit Sword is in a locked chest in his
house.  Head there (it's in the center of town) and talk to his mother
who says his little brother Tentz has the key.  Talk to Tentz in the
village.  The little bugger lost the key by the Cafe.  Simply go
there (should be right behind him).  You'll know if you're in the right
place if Justin and Sue start crawling.  Look right by the water and
the key will be yours.  Go back to the house and open the chest to get
your reward.  Go back to Gantz to brag.  Uh-oh, they're in trouble and
you don't want to be.  Walk around the boys and get caught.  Inside the
Seagull Tavern, talk to Lilly twice and have dinner.  Talk to Lilly
during the eating a few times to hear a cool pirate story.  When you're
through, select Justin.  

Recommended Level: 2
Items: none
You can talk to Lilly the next morning to save your game.  Search 
Justin's room for some good items and money.  Leave the Tavern and 
stock up as well as you can at the General Store.  There's a little
side quest you can do now.  Talk to Maria and find her pin, located
by the Museum.  You don't get a reward, but it's a good time-waster
anyways.  Go inside the Museum and talk to the curator in the Exhibit
Hall.  Investigate the statue and break it.  Go in the curator's office
and choose the second choice when prompted (no matter what, you'll have
to admit fault).  Proceed to leave town.

Recommended Level: 2
Items: 3 Gold Pouches, Baton
A simple straightforward dungeon awaits you.  This is a perfect chance
to get become a pro at the battle system since the enemies are weak and
a recover point is at the entrance.  When you want to leave, either follow
the road or follow the compass north.

Recommended Level: 3
Items: 5 Gold Pouches, Shin Shoe, Rune Ring, Rock Ax
Enter and talk to the guard at the gate.  The letter is shown and he
lets you in.  Walk around a little bit, listen to some of the bad things
about Baal's army, and go to the north tunnel (looks like an open mouth)
to continue your "investigation".  The three witches stop you.  Choose
the third option to show them the letter.  Save and go inside.
Room B1
Head north to hear the troops being given orders and see others that are
spying.  When you come to a split path, east is the way to go.  Listen to
the witches then two groups of guards to the south.  Head east, north and
use the save/recover point.  Go north yet again.
Room B2
Follow the compass around and go around the boulders.  The path is easy
to see and shouldn't need an explanation.  Go in the ruins.
Ancient Passageway
Flip the switches on either side of the hallways until a door appears that 
you can walk through.  Go into the north door.
Room of Illusions
Walk north to the center of the room.  When you hear the spooky voice go
north yet again.  Liete appears and gives an in-depth explanation about
the past of the world of Grandia.  A new quest is revealed: head for Alent
to find the answers.  Come back out of the room.  Uh-oh!  Mullen catches
you trying to escape.  Pick any answers you want to give him about what
you were doing in the ruins.  After he's trapped, head out of the ruins.
A statue has mysteriously come to life and has its beak ready for a Justin
and Sue sandwich.  Time for the first boss fight.  Prepare!
HP: ???  (I forgot to check but it's around 300 I think)
STRATEGY: Use the almighty Critical attack to knock this feathered fiend
back on the IP gauge.  If timed right, he won't even be able to attack.
With that turkey out of the way, you're automatically placed at the
beginning of the tunnel.  Leave the military camp and go back to Parm.

Recommended Level: 4
Items: none
First, head to the General Store and buy some new armor if you didn't
before.  You might not need new weapons, but buy them if you have a lot
of extra gold.  Time to visit your mother, as Sue gives you a not-so-
subtle hint when you enter Parm.  Do just that and have some dinner.
Talk to Lilly and Sue like normal until you're told to head for the Port
to get your answers.  Go there afterwards and talk to the men until you
find out about Java the adventurer who should have a pass to the New 
World.  His whereabouts are rumored to be the Cafe, so that's your next 
stop.  Talk to the lady standing in front.  Time to find the key to the 
place.  Go back to the Port and talk to more of the men to get the key.  
Back to the Cafe.  Talk to the girl again to give it to her.  Watch the 
little cut-scene with Baal and Mullen.  That guy reminds me of Lotor 
from Voltron for some reason.  Anyways, go inside the Cafe at night.  
Talk to the man in back to find out where Java's at, then the Cafe owner 
to get Java's wallet, the bait to get him to talk to you.  Head back to
the Seagull Tavern and have some grub with Lilly.  It's daytime after the
conversation.  Head to Parm Station (located in the southernmost part of
town) and talk to the man in front of the gate.  He'll let you by.  Go
up the stairs and hop aboard the train.

Recommended Level: 4
Items: 12 Money Pouches, 2 Grenade, Workcloth, Herbs, Def Seed, Wound Sal,
       Ok Shield, Mi Hammer, Hand Ax
When the train lets you off in the field, go to the southwest part of
the area to find Java's shack.  Enter it and get caught "stealing".
After a conversation about adventurers, Java offers the Steamer Pass in
exchange for the clearing out of a dungeon in his backyard, the Leck Mines.
Go to the west part of the area to find the mine entrance which is now
open.  Talk to Java if you want to rest or save.  Enter the mines.
Room 1
Follow the left train track all the way until you reach the next room.
Room 2
Follow the right train track.  When you get to a bridge, you can fall off
of it to get a Hand Ax below.  If you want to climb up (you'll have to if
you want to move on in the game), press the X button by the wire hanging
down and up on the D-pad to climb up.  Cross the bridge and continue
following that track.  When that ends, take the one next to it, and so on
until you see the save point.  Go into the next room.
Deepest Depths
Get all the money scattered around and go up onto the pedestal with the
orcs.  Boss fight!
HP: 385, 70, 70
STRATEGY: Kill the two orcs first with combos: you don't need them 
knocking you back on the IP gauge and doing damage.  When you're left
alone with the king, use Sue's Pufy Kick attack and Justin's V-slash.
Finish the bruiser up with Criticals.
The roof starts collapsing.  Come out of the room and watch the cart scene
with Java.  After all that, he gives you the Steamer Pass and fills you in
that adventurers have to be alone (no Sue).

Recommended Level: 5
Items: none
Get off the train, leave the station.  Justin tells Sue he has to go alone
and she runs off, coming back to kick him in the shin.  Go to the Seagull
Tavern and talk to Lilly.  End the dinner after talking to her at the table 
a few times.  The next morning, go downstairs and watch as Justin vows to 
become a better adventurer than any of his relatives.  Go to the port and
talk to the guard that always blocked your way before.  With reluctance,
he lets you by and you're free to mingle with the travelers and sailors.
When you're ready to leave, walk on the pier and talk to the ticket-taker
right in front of the ship's entrance.  Justin reads the mystery letter and
goes inside.

Recommended Level: 6
Items: none
Go below deck by entering the door right beside the bridge.  Take the
right entrance and you'll be in Steamer Passageway 2.  Explore the rooms
within and talk to a few people.  Go back to Steamer Passageway 1 and 
something that looks awfully similar to Pooey will run away from the room.
Follow it.  Up on deck, you'll find the mystery stowaway.  Talk to her twice
and to the captain twice choosing the second choice.  After being "freed" 
the friends get a job they didn't want.  When they wake up, talk to the 
first man you see to get a Cabin Key.  He'll let you save the game as well.
Go upstairs and talk to the first sailor.  Choose the first responses and
receive a Beef Jerky for your trouble.  Go to Steamer Passageway 1 then
into the second 1st Class room.  Talk to the lady and press X to clean
the bathtub.  A pitiful reward is yours, but it was worth it for the
experience of being a janitor, eh?  Head to the lounge and talk to the
gambler for a game of chance.  I picked tails and got a 100G reward but
it might be a random guess.  Up to the deck for your real work duties.
Talk to the man and find out your "mission": to scrub the deck.  I don't
think there's a way to perform to his standards, but if you really want
to know how, listen to his instructions.  Go back to the sailor's quarters
and speak to the man to rest.  The next day, scrub again and rest.  Then
back to the deck yet again.  Walk to the front of the ship and watch the
sequence introducing Feena.  Listen to all three choices about Feena's life.
The sky becomes overcast.  Go inside the bridge and talk to Feena.  Leave
it and return to the front of the ship.  Talk to Feena after her speech and
pick the third choice.  This would be a great time to go to the 2nd Class
area and stock up on accesories.

Recommended Level: 6
Items: 9 Gold Pouches, Mana Egg (from the boss), 2 Wound Sals, Adm Sword,
       Pirate Hat, Resu. Potion, Smarna
Get up on the crane (press X by the rope) and walk across to the Pirate
Ship.  Go down the hole on the right.  Use the save point as needed and
enter the west opening.  Go in the opening in the floor on the west side.
Go up the rope by the wall and into the door across the platform.  Take
the right door.  Go down the crane rope onto the box.  Follow the wood
around to the doorway, go in.  Use the save point here and then enter the
Captain's room.  Examine the diary on the desk and prepare to fight the 
third boss of the game.
HP: 592, 356, 438
STRATEGY:  Kill the right arm first since it heals the others with
normal combo attacks.  Have Feena use Burn! centered on the main body so 
that it hits everything each turn.  Take out the left arm next, then use
V-slash and Puffy Kick on the body.  An easy boss if you know what to do.
Come out of the room after the quaking.  Examine the door ahead to have
Feena pick the lock.  Go to the resting quarters after your timely escape
and sleep.  When you wake, you'll be in New Parm!

Recommended Level: 6
Items: none
Leave the port and go into the city.  Take note of the shop and inn on the
left and right.  You can trade in the Mana Egg you just got for your first
spell.  I'd suggest giving Sue Water, so she can heal the stronger attackers
Justin and Feena.  Anyway, head inside the Adventurer's Society building in
the center of New Parm.  Talk to the secretary until you get the password.
Go in front of the office and pick the second choice.  Enter and talk to
Pakon over and over until Justin decides he doesn't want go through the bull
to become a member.  Leave the town and choose Merrill Road as your next

Recommended Level: 6
Items: 5 Gold Pouches, Mana Egg, Earrings
One thing to keep in mind here is to watch out for the spiders perching on
the cliffs above who'll gladly ambush you in a moment's notice.  Keep your
eyes open.  Go down the grassy path inbetween the rock cliffs.  When the
path branches off, go north for a bunch of items.  When the path splits yet 
again, go east then west for a Mana Egg.  When you arrive at the viewpoint,
go north then west at the junctions.  At the next viewpoint, go north and
exit the area.

Recommended Level: 7
Items: none
Go northeast and enter the cabin.  Surprise, she's not there!  Examine her
pretty panties on the clothesline and she catches Justin in the act of
perversion.  After she leaves, go outside to see what's up.  Palom won't
get over his obsession.  After Justin tries to save her, Palom's stooge
Master Chang knocks the stuffing out of you.

Recommended Level: 7
Items: 4 Gold Pouches, Shell Shield, Iron Mace, Mana Egg
Go back to the city of New Parm and to the church in the western part.
It seems the door's locked, so what to do?  Check the back shed.  Inside
it is an opening to underground which you should enter.  Go around the
straightforward path.  Turn the wheel you come across to lower the water
level and go north around the path.  Turn the next wheel and go back north.
Cross the newly uncovered path on the water.  Turn the next wheel.  Head
south into the tunnel.  Turn the wheel and go back to the stairs.  Enter
the northeast side passage down them.  Get the Mana Egg and return to the 
stairs.  Now go northwest into another passage.  Follow it up the stairs
and into another set of stairs which leads into a shaft.  Examine the
action icon by the left wall.  Enter the room and use the save point.  Get
up on the boxes and follow them to the door above.  Go inside.  You're
almost late!  Run across the wood planks to the end.  Just when you think
you've got her back, the stooge ambushes you.
HP: 738
STRATEGY: The big thing to notice about this boss is his exceptional speed.
If you don't think you'll be able to pull of a skill or spell in time, don't
select it.  Stick to mostly combos since they're fast and have the person
with the biggest gap on the IP gauge ahead of Chang do the healing (which
should be done if HP falls below 35).  Good thing his defense is pretty weak.
And victory is yours.  The gang leaves with Feena's new independence from the
Society.  Come out of Feena's house the next morning to find her taking in the
breeze.  Watch the cut-scene with Baal and Mullen.  Seems they have something
sneaky going on at the Dom Ruins which will be your next stop after the little
mini-dungeon next.

Recommended Level: 8
Items: 7 Gold Pouches, Y Medal, 2 Mana Eggs, Move Seed, Pow Fruit, Ginseng
Going through the Rangle Mountains is fairly straightforward and now is a
time you should take to buff up your magic skills.  Look at what the 
requirements are for certain skills and spells and try to get a few before
leaving.  Go straight north and follow the edge around where a Mana Egg is
ripe for the taking.  Continue around and exit the area.  Go up the cliffs.
Feena makes the party take a rest.  The next morning, feel free to use the
save point.  Now head south.  If you go farther, there will be birds resting
on the rock.  Watch out so they won't ambush you.  Go around the rock ledge
where the save point was, down the ledge.  Follow it completely around and
slide down another ledge.  Another Mana Egg is secluded here.  Keep following
the rock and it'll take you out of the forest.  Stock up on weapons, armor,
and whatever else in New Parm, then continue your journey in the Dom Ruins.

Recommended Level: 10
Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Miracle, Speed Seed, 2 Blue Pills, Holy Mace, 
       Dynamite, Herbs, Strength Seed, Jade, Resu. Potion, Mana Egg
This is quite a long dungeon, so make sure you take care of bathroom and
drink breaks beforehand.  When you enter, you'll see weird creatures 
scurrying around.  Make sure Justin's equipped with the Ax before you
decide to take any of them on, since it seems that's the only thing that
will deal any real damage.  To get out of this interesting maze, go straight
east and go around the trees to a clearing in the southeast.  Follow that
around and you'll see another clearing.  Go southeast again through the
pathway.  At yet another clearing, go straight south.  Follow the wall to
get to the next area.  Go east within the fence then step out as soon as 
you see an opening.  Go east again.  At the end of the fence, go inside the
opening and save.  Head back out and into the ruins "tunnel".  You'll fight
some orcs that'll give you a Holy Mace (the only thing that hurts ghosts)
Go south at the split path and inside the internal section of the ruins.  
Follow the path and keep to the middle to the pillars don't hit you.  Open
the door and go in.  Get on the vine and climb up (press X).  Hop off and
into the opening.  Continue into the rotunda room with a lever.  Press it
and enter the southwest door.  At the path break take the southern route
then southern again at the next one.  Follow it to the cliff outside.  If
you walk on the bridge, it will collapse.  Go in the door below and use
the save point if you wish.  Next, take the west path (the other is a 
dropoff to the first room) then east on the next one.  Step on the button
on the cliff then press the lever in the room before.  Go in the door and
press the lever at the end.  Head back into the room, out, and east.  Go 
directly across at the path break then northeast.  You'll see a vine at the
end.  Climb up it and into the next room.  On the left will be a Mana Egg.
At the next fork, pick southeast and press the lever in the next rotunda
room.  Use the save point and item stash place as necessary.  Walk ahead
and fight a pretty easy boss (should be if you have your magics around level
4 or so).
BOSS: GANYMEDE (front and back)
HP: 1500/1500
STRATEGY: Basically, just wail on the monster with attack magics.  Ones
with ranges are the ones you should choose.  Earth ones should only be
used for raising/lowering defense since it seems resistant to others.
Go ahead on the path that is now cleared into the magic room.  After a 
short conversation with Liete, Justin learns that his quest for Alent
and the lost Angelou civilization is far from over.  Come back out the
way you came.  Go across the rotunda room, down the slide, and out of
the room.  Return across the intersecting pedestals and pass the save
point.  Climb up the vine.  At the next intersection, pick north then
east out of the room.  Press the next lever.  Enter the southeast door.
Climb up the vine and out, then go straight south to leave the entrance.
When the gang thinks everything's going great, a humanoid youth is found
collapsed and hurt.  The Garlyles were in wait the whole time, it seems.

Recommended Level: 11
Items: 2 Herbs, Antidote, 3 White Sulfa, Smelling Salts, Life Seed, Weeds
Come out of Feena's house and examine the fence to the side.  Go into the 
Herb Mountains.  There are a ton of paths you can use to find the Red Sulfa 
and it would take a few pages to write, so I'll give a simple yet effective 
strategy for finding it: work your way from the outside in towards the center.  
If you reach a dead end, back up and find another route in.  Eventually, 
you'll come to a point where you can see it off a cliff side.  Slide down 
and pick it up, then go back to the house.  The next morning, leave the
house to look for the kid.  He's playing his flute and having a good old
time, so talk to him and see what's up.  Ambush by the Garlyle Forces!

Recommended Level: 11
Items: 4 Gold Pouches, Resu. Potion, Ult Drink, Soldier Uniform, Officer 
       Uniform, Arm Saber, Army Boots, Army Dart
When you're left to roam free, examine the pipe that's glowing.  After
the guard is put down for the count, leave the room and talk to Feena,
then go into the next room.  Enter the door and grab the key from the guard.
Leave the room and proceed to get your butt handed to you by soldiers.
Pick up the key that Leen dropped, go to the next room and rescue Sue and
Feena.  Leave that room.  Go up the barrels into the air ducts and crawl
around for a while.  You can go up to "windows" and overhear what guards
are saying or fight with a few.  Eventually you'll reach a room with a lock
and eight combinations.  Unless you're unbelievably lucky, you won't get
the right code so go in the next series of ducts.  Listen to Nana, Saki,
and Mio give you more-than-subtle clues about it then go back to the lock
and enter the following: Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Down, Up.  Go
in the door, head downstairs, use the save point, enter the room.  Talk to
the humanoid then examine the crank.  Voila, it opens the cage.  Leave the
room with Ren (now the Babel syndrome is over).  In the next room, Saki
and some goons show up to make sure the creature doesn't leave the premises.
HP: 1000/110/110/110
STRATEGY: Take the privates out first with attacks that hit range or all
enemies.  Try to fit Saki in a few of those.  When they're gone, wail on her
with tons of magic and skills.
Enter the south door after you get the Master Key from her.  Now you can
unlock any doors you want and get some goodies.  Follow the path and then
Nana comes down the stairs to stop you.
HP: 900/110/110/110
STRATEGY: Use the same one as for Saki.
Enter the "warehouse" place and follow the compass to the base exit.  Make
sure to save before this though.  At the end, Mio wants to give out an early
HP: 700/110/110/110
STRATEGY: Get rid of the grunts, then just attack Mio with normal attacks.
This girl moves as fast as Master Chang and has a nasty habit of casting
spells that cause status effects.  Luckily, she doesn't have a lot of HP.
Head into the room now after saving at the point.  Go downstairs and into
the train door.

<...On This Crazy Train>
Recommended Level: 12
Items: 2 Gold Pouches, Crimson Potion, OFC Badge
Go in the next room after pulling the brake and the sequence with the
gang.  Stormtroopers (or something similar) raid the train and you'll
have to put up with a series of fights.  In the first car after
going down the rope, fight the two Private groups and move to the
next.  Fight the next group and move ahead.  In the next room, kill
the two Sergeant groups and examine the brakes.  Watch the sequence
with the girls being left out to dry and arrival into the Misty Forest.
Save at the point north.

Recommended Level: 12
Items: 7 Gold Pouches, Bao Fruit, Weak Weed
From the save point, follow the path keeping a northern bearing.  At the
first clearing, follow the trees north and then west.  At the next break,
go east and across the stepping stone on the stream.  Then go east and the
entrance to Luc Village will be seen.  Enter.  Talk to Ren at the gate and
gain two goals: find the Village Chief and talk to him, then meet Ren at 
his house.  Take some time to explore the village a little, checking out
the weapon shop, guard towers (to get a view of the whole town), the item
stash place in Ren's house, or the save point.  When you're done having fun,
go talk to the Chief in his home located in the east section of Luc.  He
says to stay in the village, you must find... a shrubbery!  Okay, so it's
really just a small bottle of nectar at the foot of a statue on the God of
Light's mountain.  Proceed there (it's the gate by the save point).

Recommended Level: 12
Items: 10 Gold Pouches, Para Charm, Life Seed, Resu. Potion, Mist Whip,
       Light Am
Inside the dungeon, continue on the path until the first split.  Go west
until you come to another one.  Pick the western one, then follow the path
under the wooden supports.  Pick west yet again at the next break and you'll
come to a pass marker.  Go north after reaching it and enter the peak area.
This path is really easy and only diverts for locations with treasures.
Grab the jar at the statues feet and run back down the mountain.  No, you
won't have to face a boss.  After the peak, go due south and follow the
tree and rock edges back to town.  Go show the Chief the shrubbery, err,
nectar.  Talk to him a total of four times.  I'd suggest going back
in the mountain to level up your magic to about 6 or so.

Recommended Level: 13
Items: 16 Gold Pouches, Crimson Potion, 2 Cholla, Resu. Potion, 2 Bao
       Fruits, Panacea, Oracle Staff, Smarna, Ginseng, Speed Seed
Enter Ren's house and spend the night by talking to his mother.  Leave
the house after the loud noise is heard and after receiving your top
secret mission from the Chief, go back to the Mountain.  Fight Sergeants
along the way and use the same route as before to get to the peak.  After
the statue breaks and the ensuing guilt trip ends, leave the mountain.
Back in Luc, take the east exit into the Misty Forest.  A few steps into 
it, the nut is used to clear up things a little.  Use the save point if
you need it, then take these directions at the next few path breaks: east,
north, east.  You'll pass a marker.  Go east at the next break and enter
the second area.  Follow the path directly around and over the stream stone.
Take the northeast path and south across the rock over the lake.  In the
third area, take the east path.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find my way back
to the entrance to be able to write a walkthrough of this one, but keep
a generally northern track and follow the compass, and everything should
be allright.  Then you finally reach the End of the World!

Recommended Level: 14
Items: 6 Gold Pouches, Speed Seed, Agility Fruit, Gust Knife, Trust
This dungeon was pretty fun since it's totally straightforward unlike
the Misty Forest.  Push the block on the path then run away as it falls.
Cross over it and continue.  Go in the insert with the blocks overhead.
Press the left action icon.  In the next area, go up the left stairs and
onto the platform.  Take the left stairs again and another platform. Pick
the right path and examine the action icon at the end.  Camp in area 3 and
use the save and stash points as needed.  Continue.  Push the button and
get on the platform.  Push the next button and move onto the next platform.
In the next area, wait for the monster to go under the trembling block and
watch as it falls down and goes boom.  Two more platforms later, examine
the bird statue.  It comes alive and flies away (sound familiar?).  Press
the exposed button and fight the easy sucker.  Hit the next action button
and go to area 5.  Run fast through this place so you don't get crushed.
Go up the risen staircase.  Go up, press the button.  Press the next action
icon.  Camp and stash/save.  Pick the platform to the left, push the button
and run.  One more platform and an action icon later, and you're in area 7.
Pick the right platform and smack the next two buttons.  Head back down and
up the other staircase.  Run so you don't get hurt.  Press the action icon
and go up even more.  Walk straight through and press the icon.  Area 9
time.  These three birds aren't even tough enough to be called bosses.  
Whack them with some great range attack skills.  Hit the button.  Go left
and camp.  Trudge on, and behold the End of the World.  Or is it?  Check
out the machines and get a fun little ride to the bottom.

Recommended Level: 14
Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Resu. Potion, Cholla, Antidote, Bamo Fruit, Vaccine,
       Magic Fruit, Fire Charm, Power Seed, 2 Mana Eggs
Come off the rock platform via the hidden ramp onto the grass.  Begin the trek 
northward.  Follow the path around, stopping at occasional sidesteps to get 
items.  When you reach the location marker select the path just to the north.  
In the next area, run so the monster plan doesn't gobble you up.  What's this... 
Sue's shoes?  Has she fallen victim to the denizens of the land of mutants?  
Cross the fern and find another clue: Puffy!  Follow the leader.  Some buff
knight dude (there's one in every RPG) accepts your request to have a manly duel.
Don't bother wasting any MP/SP since you'll get your butt handed to you on a
silver platter with all the toppings.  Let go of the grudge and have a campfire
with marshmallows.  The next day, save in Gadwin's house (the big fish, you can't
miss it).  Examine the action icon beside some rocks.  Take note that in fights
against Rock Men coming up, knife weapons have no effect.  Anytime you come to
a low group of rocks, press X to break them.  When a plant sprouts up, use it as
a staircase.  Pass the leaf and enter area 4.  An action icon later and make
the gang run to avoid one plant.  At the break with the trees, take a left for
a Mana Egg.  Don't step on the big plant unless you get weird pleasure out of
taking damage.  One left and you're ready to enter Dight Village.

Recommended Level: 15
Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Mushroom Shield, Move Shroom, 2 Mana Eggs, Demon 
       Amulet, 2 Healthweeds, Mage Seed, Disease Charm, Confusion Charm, 
       Sickle, Hail Bow, Pirate Helmet
Do the normal weapons shop thing and chat with the local folks, then enter 
the inn for a well-deserved rest.  Jar-Jar Binks, err, Guido, is pleased to 
make your acquaintance.  Choose to rest and get woken up by Gadwin.  It's... 
raining!  What terror!  It apparently is for the citizens of Dight.  Leave 
the inn and go to the beach where everyone is gathered.  To end this insanity, 
head with Gadwin to the Typhoon Tower and retrieve the Spear of Heroes.  All 
in a day's work.  In here, let the enemies come to you.  They move fast and
the last thing you want is to be ambushed.  You can cross mushrooms and rocks 
over the acid rivers.  Go north and up the hill.  Cross the east rock and go 
north again.  There's a Mana Egg ripe for picking.  Go back down the hill and 
to the west.  Take the mushrooms to the top.  Go north and cross the mushrooms 
at the river.  North, and yet more fungi.  Go northeast and into the peak area.
Cross the mushrooms in the northwest.  Follow the path uphill.  Use the compass 
to find the structure in the center and enter it when you've finished talking 
to the friendly insectoid inhabitants of the area.  Use the save point.  From
there, go northwest to find another Mana Egg.  Press the green button on the
floor.  Go up the new staircase then take the northernmost staircase.  Slide
down the rope at the end and press the button.  Get onto the staircase and
press the switch that rotates the platform.  Head back the way you came to
the first room.  Downstairs, pass the save point and go in the other direction.
Take the red stairs.  Pick the northern one and head across and find the save
point.  I think you know what's coming up!  One staircase later and you're
forced to fight the insect king.
HP: 486/800/516/600/1071
STRATEGY: This guy is really easy and probably won't get many attacks off.
Simply wail on this creature with range skill and spell attacks.  No
problem at all.
Step on the button behind the throne.  Walk up the newly formed staircase.
Read the stone tablet at the top.  Oh darn, Gadwin can't fit in the crack
so guess who's going instead?  Read the tablet again and enter the left
mirror (Stars).  Go up the staircase and take the weapon.  In typical
ancient ruins fashion, the place collapses.  Keep a southerly track and
find the exit by following the walls.  Back in Dight, talk to the Chief on
the beach.  Go up on the nest and press X to deposit the Spear of Heroes.
Head back down and talk to Gadwin to get your next goal: enter the Twin
Towers.  Take the scenic route and pass through the Lama Mountains.

Recommended Level: 18
Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Yellow Pill, Sil Orb, Healthweed, Dragon Killer, 
       Eye Stone
Head southwest up the hill, cross the green bridge and onto the west path.
In the next area, camp and watch the cutscene with Mullen and Leen.  They're
always up to no good.  Follow the path and onto the cart.  Take the eastern
most cart next, then the south one and ride the others to the exit.  In Gumbo
Village, go to the Chief's house in the western part.  It seems there's a
lot of paranoid people here.  Choose the first choice when talking to him.
Leave the Greeting Tent, talk to a few lovers, and then back to the Chief.
Choose to rest.  Leave the inn and head back to the Greeting Tent.  Talk
to the Chief yet again.  For the perfect festival finale, Justin and Feena
have to... be sacrificed???  They aren't too thrilled about it either.
A catapult ride later and the two get stuck on the volcano and must kill a
dragon to survive.  

Recommended Level: 18
Items: 14 Gold Pouches, 2 Healthweeds, Blue Potion, Mana Egg, Dragon Scales,
       Def Seed, Gem Chain
From where they land, take the south path and get a Mana Egg.  Come back
and now take the path north and west of the save point.  See the marker and
continue past it to reach the next area.  Go up, use the action icon on the
boulder and follow that sucker down to the bottom.  Sue and Gadwin hook up
with the guys again.  At the next marker, take the northwest path and then
the northern branch.  Head northeast and cross the log bridge.  Go north up
the path.  To dodge the steam gun, run past it after it fires twice in a
row.  Into the Crater.  Continue on the path upward, use the save point, and
take the south path.  Uh-oh, the camera position switches.  This can only mean
one thing.  Here it is!
HP: 2150
STRATEGY: This guy's even easier than the Serpent.  Simply use critical skill
attacks on the part of the body that is higher on the IP gauge.  When you're
out of SP, wail on him with ice magic.  Make sure not to use fire though.
Head back down the erupting mountain.  Back in the village, enter the gate.
Choose to leave the tent.  Go to the pier.  That thing's taken up, so then
go to the little islet over the bridge in the west.  So... romantic *sniff*.
Now onto the serious stuff: the Twin Towers.

=Frequently Asked Questions=
Q. Is GameFAQs the only place I can find this guide?
A. No sirree, it's also located at my website, Gaming Fortress
   (, at my friend Hiei's 
   Grandia shrine (, and at Videogame Strategies (

Q. Why did you put all the lists after the walkthrough?
A. Because I know it's a pain to go through the junk to get to the
   gold and decided to reverse the situation.

Q. How often will you update?
A. I'll do another version of the guide every seven hours of the game
   or so.  Since I'm gonna be starting a new college semester in 
   January, updates might not come as often as I'd like.  Expect
   around one per week.

Q. I'm stuck at this one part on Disc Two...
A. Well, I feel sorry for you because I'm not even close to there yet!
   The information in this guide will be the highest point to where I'm
   at in the game.

Q. Why don't you tell me where the items are?
A. It's my belief that the best part of any RPG dungeon is the
   exploration and as such, have a little fun and find them yourself!
   I will tell where important ones are though.

Q. Your guide seems pretty dull.  Couldn't you spice it up a bit?
A. I'm doing my best to write this thing as spoiler-free as possible
   and sacrifices have to be made.  Plus, I bet you have much better
   things to do than read my FAQ like a novel.

Q. I found something you missed.  Can I send it in?
A. I appreciate the offer, but I won't put anything you send me in the
   guide, simply because I can't verify it.  The only exceptions will
   be battle strategies or general tips and you'll get credit for it.

=Tips for Success=
-Talk to everybody more than once.  You'll get funny bits and useful
-Search everywhere and everything.  Items are hidden in the most
 unusual spots in the game.
-Remember in battle, the IP gauge is your friend.  Know when's the
 right time to attack, defend, and cast spells.
-Try your hardest not to be ambushed before a battle.  The enemies may
 get two or more attacks off before you can do a thing.
-Keep an eye on the compass and where your characters are so you don't
 get lost.
-A good strategy for getting tougher is using a ton of magic spells in
 battles (to increase magic exp) then run real quick to a save/recover
-Switch weapon types occasionally to keep a good balance in necessary
-Boss strategies: using Critical attacks will knock the bruisers back
 on the IP gauge and may not even let them attack.  I beat the first
 boss using this method and didn't get hit ONCE.

These tips are from Doomsayer13 (
-Raising magic is hard, especially the early stages of water magic so
 what I did was always use "Heal" in my menu to heal my party and then
 replenish my MP at a save point.
-You get more magic experience by hitting groups rather than single enemies.
 You also increase your maximum SP and MP by increasing the star ratings on
 your specials (the max is five stars).

=The History of Grandia=
I thought it might be interesting to enlighten a few of you readers about
what a hard struggle this wonderful game went through to get in your good
ol' PlayStation.  Back in 1996, the PlayStation and Saturn were going head
to head in the "next-generation" console wars.  There weren't really any
blockbuster games out for either one.  The Nintendo 64 had just been
announced a few months earlier and hype was building to a fever pitch
for the expected killer system.  Developers were less than happy about
the N's decision to stick with cartridge format.  With the introduction
of FMV and polygon animations taking up a lot of space, the CD systems
were beginning to look intriguing.  One company in particular was very 
quiet about its future plans: Square Co., Ltd.  They had released a tech
demo for the Nintendo 64/Project Reality that familiarized their software
developers with the basics of 3D engines.  It showed some characters from
Final Fantasy VI in a battle scene.  The gaming press jumped all over this
as a sign that the Final Fantasy series would indeed continue on Nintendo
systems.  A short time later, Square made the shocking decision that no,
Final Fantasy VII would be for the Sony PlayStation.  A collective "are
you nuts???" was felt by the crowd and the company explained that cartridges
just couldn't handle what they had in mind: CG backgrounds interspersed with
CG full-motion video, a grand epic.  The announcement was disappointing but
made sense.  Then the next question popped up: but why the PlayStation?
That answer was a little less clear.  Sony had sold more systems and Sega's
rushed platform was lacking in developmental ease.  Saturn owners were very
disappointed that Square had "turned" on them.  All was not a loss though.
A low-profile company named Game Arts announced they would beat Square at
their own game of creating spectacular RPG's with one certain release in 
the next year: Grandia.  Game Arts was known for making RPG's with an
emphasis on character and emotion over graphics and huge budgets.  They
had released a few games for the Sega CD, the most notable ones being the
Lunar games (The Silver Star and Eternal Blue) and one for the Saturn which
was less than impressive (Magic School).  Saturn owners rejoiced and threw
it back in the faces of loyal Sony buyers.  1997 came and both Final Fantasy
VII and Grandia were released.  The difference in sales figures was huge:
Final Fantasy VII racked up over 3 million in Japan that year while Grandia
couldn't even top 1 million.  The winner of that competition was clear as
far as sales went, but Saturn owners weren't broken-hearted at all.  What 
they had was arguably the best RPG to date and no 3-disc quest could come
close to the feeling they had when playing Grandia.  A year and a half went
by, and just as Square was announcing Final Fantasy VIII, Game Arts had
another surprise: Grandia would be ported to the PlayStation.  The Sega
Saturn was losing a lot of steam at that time and Game Arts was hoping the
port would achieve the sales figures expectations they had when they
originally announced the game.  June of 1999 came and the game was a success
but by no means a blockbuster.  Meanwhile, importers in America fell in love
with the game's deep magic and combat systems and all eyes were on Working
Designs to translate the game on the Saturn.  They had done such a wonderful
job on other Game Arts games, so why not?  Working Designs wouldn't comment
for a long time on their plans to or to not bring the game over.  When the
game was announced for PlayStation release it seemed more likely than ever
that now it would come to the US at last.  The company ended their relationship
with Sega on less-than-amicable terms after the E3 of '98.  The pleading
was rejected by WD though, claiming that they'd love to do it but the amount
of text in the game would make sure it would not see publication in the US
for about two years.  That's actually an accurate statement considering Lunar:
Silver Star Story Complete was delayed for a year.  Fans were in depression
again.  Then at E3 of 1999, for some reason, Sony Computer Entertainment
America was showing movies of... you guessed it, Grandia!  That was their formal
announcement to translate the title for US release with an expected release
date of August.  Work on the title was coming along slower than expected so 
the new date was set for October 27th.  The game shipped on time and we now
have it in our hands.  It's a shame it won't get the attention it deserved 
due to the release of other heavy-hitters in the fourth quarter as Final 
Fantasy VIII and the apparent lack of interest of hyping the game through
television advertisement.  Heck, it was in December issues of magazines
that even magazine ads began running.  The true definition of a "sleeper hit".

=Magic/Skills List=
*notes: not all members may be able to master all the spells of a certain
 element, Et=Earth, Wr=Water, Fr=Fire, Wd=Wind

Elemental Magics
      Burn!     MP 1   Fire 1     level 1      range attack
      Burnflame MP 4   Fire 4     level 2      range attack
      Heal      MP 1   Water 1    level 1      restores small amt. of HP
      Snooze    MP 2   Water 3    level 1      puts all enemies to sleep
      All Heal  MP 4   Water 5    level 2      restores HP to entire party
      Howl      MP 2   Wind 1     level 1      range attack
      Howlslash MP 6   Wind 6     level 1      attacks all enemies
      Diggin'   MP 1   Earth 1    level 1      raises defense of entire party
      Def Loss  MP 3   Earth 6    level 1      lowers defense of all enemies
      Tremor    MP 3   Earth 3    level 2      range attack
      Boom!     MP 7   Et 7/Fr 6  level 1      range attack
      Crackle   MP 2   Wd 3/Wr 2  level 1      attacks one enemy
      Cure      MP 1   Wr 3/Et 2  level 1      cure poison
      Wow!      MP 3   Et 5/Fr 5  level 1      raises attack power
      Zap!      MP 11  Fr 5/Wd 4  level 1      range attack
   V-Slash      SP 14      Sword 1        attacks one enemy
   W-Break      SP 20      Swrd 6/Mace 4  attacks one enemy
   Shockwave    SP 30      Mace 7/ Ax 5   range attack
   Mid Air Cut  SP 32      Mace 10/Ax 12  attacks one enemy
   Lotus Cut    SP 32      Swrd 12/Fr 8   attacks one enemy
   Puffy Kick   SP 8       Bow 1          attacks one enemy
   "Rah-Rah"    SP 18      Bow 1/Mace 1   restores some HP for everyone
   Whacker      SP 30      Mace 7         range attack
   Fire Away    SP 28      Bow 10         attacks all enemies
   Yawn         SP 5       Mace 10/Wr 3   range attack, puts enemies to sleep
   Knifehurl    SP 10      Knife 3        attacks one enemy
   Para Whip    SP 15      Whip 4         attacks and paralyzes one enemy
   Random Hurl  SP 28      Knife 10       attacks all enemies
   Fly Cut      SP 14      Sword 4        range attack
   Erupt Cut    SP 24      Sw 8/Et 3/Fr 3 attacks one enemy
   Dragon Cut   SP 45      Sw16/Et 7/Fr 6 attacks all enemies

=Equipment Lists=

Adm Sword       +14 attack
Arm Saber       +22 attack
Army Dart       +18 attack
Azure Knife     +25 attack, water property
Baton           +7 attack
Dragon Ax       +38 attack, -10 movement
Dragon Killer   +26 attack, good against dragons
Fire Rod        +25 attack, fire property
Fish Bow        +25 attack
Fish Sword      +29 attack
Flint Bow       +20 attack
Flint Knife     +20 attack
Frog Ax         +28 attack
Gale Whip       +27 attack, wind property
Great Sword     +16 attack
Gust Knife      +24 attack, wind property
Hail Bow        +20 attack, blizzard property
Hand Ax         +10 attack, -3 movement
Hatchet         +18 attack
Himmler         +24 attack
Holy Mace       +20 attack
Hunting Bow     +16 attack
Hunting Knife   +18 attack
Iron Mace       +19 attack, -10 action
Leather Whip    +9 attack
Metal Bat       +10 attack
Mi Hammer       +11 attack
Mist Whip       +20 attack, good against "nebulous monsters"
Oracle Staff    +22 attack, cures confusion
Paring Knife    +9 attack
Rainstaff       +26 attack, water property, Snooze ability
Rock Ax         +8 attack
Sickle          +25 attack
Thorn Whip      +15 attack
Toy Bow         +5 attack
Wood Ax         +23 attack
Wooden Sword    +7 attack
Wood Pole       +5 attack

Adventure       +2 defense
Apron           +1 defense
BMB Armor       +6 defense
Breastplate     +6 defense
Dragon Vest     +14 defense, +2 fire resistance
Fairy Robe      +10 defense, +2 resistance confusion/sleep
Fish Armor      +12 defense
Frog Shirt      +10 defense, +1 water resistance
Shell Armor     +8 defense
Skull Armor     +15 defense
Sports Wear     +4 defense
Sun Best        +4 defense
Thick Armor     +12 defense
Workcloth       +3 defense

Cut Board       +1 defense
Dragon Gauntlet +5 defense
Es Shield       +7 defense
Lt Gloves       +2 defense
Magic Mirror    +13 defense
Mittens         +1 defense
Mushroom Shield +9 defense, +1 plague resistance
Ok Shield       +3 defense
Pot Lid         +1 defense
Sea Shield      +8 defense
Shell Shield    +5 defense

Barrette        +3 defense
Battered Pot    +1 defense
Climb Hat       +5 defense
Cowboy Hat      +4 defense
Fl Ribbon       +2 defense
Goggles         +2 defense
Pearl Helmet    +7 defense
Pirate Hat      +4 defense
Pirate's Helm   +12 defense
Ribbon          +1 defense
Stonehead       +9 defense

Army Boots      +2 defense, +15 movement
A Sneaker       +48 movement
Dragon Boots    +4 defense, +5 movement
Dress Shoes     +30 action
Hunting Boots   +1 defense, +30 movement
Leather Greaves +1 defense, +17 movement
Mach Boot       +5 defense, +30 movement
Odd Clogs       +3 defense
Shin Shoe       +35 movement
Sneakers        +35 movement

Ancestor Amulet +4 plague resistance
Confusion Charm +3 confusion resistance
Demon Amulet    +5 defense, +1 magic resistance to all
Dise Charm      +3 plague resistance
Dragon Scales   prevents all damage below 10
Earrings        +1 defense, +3 poison resistance
Eye Stone       speeds up spell casting
Fire Charm      +4 fire resistance
Gem Chain       +1 combo attack chance
Hero Badge      +2 action
Jade Charm      +2 attack
Jade Ring       +2 sleep and confusion resistance
Light Am        +1 magic resistance
Mama Am         +2 defense
Metalfrog       +3 magic/movement block resistance
OFC Badge       +15 action
Para Charm      raises resistance agains paralysis
Raincoat        prevents sleep
Rune Ring       +1 defense, slows IP loss
Spectacle       +2 critical resistance
Tree Am         reduces SP needed for skills
Wind Charm      +4 wind defense
Y Medal         restores SP during attacks

=Item List=
Agility Fruit   +3 Agility
Antidote        cures poison status
Bamboo Sh       restores 20 HP
Bamo Fruit      restores 4 level 2 MP
Banana          restores 12 HP
Bandage         restores 50 HP
Bao Fruit       restores 10 SP
Beef Jerky      restores 60 HP
Blizzard Scroll 280 HP blizzard attack to all enemies
Blue Pill       restores 20 MP (all levels) to party
Cholla          restores 3 Level 1 MP to party
Coconut         restores 80 HP
Crimson Potn.   restores 150 HP to all party members
Def Seed        +1 Vitality
Dry Fish        restores 40 HP
Dynamite        70 HP range attack
Firewood        80 HP range attack, good against plants
First Aid       restores 60 HP to all party members
Gale Scroll     120 HP wind attack
Ginseng         restores 40 HP
Grenade         30 HP fire range attack
Health Weed     restores 80 HP
Herbs           restores 15 HP
Holy Fire       30 HP range attack, good against ghosts
Life Seed       +3 maximum HP
Lightning       150 HP lightning attack to all enemies
Mage Seed       +1 maximum MP levels 1-3
Mana Egg        used to buy magic in shops
Mikeroma        restores 50 HP to party
Miracle         restores 5 MP (all levels) to party
Move Break      unblocks moves
Move Seed       +2 maximum SP
Move Shroom     +3 action, affects range of allies
Panacea         cures all status effects
Para. Ointment  cures paralysis
Power Fruit     +2 maximum HP
Power Seed      +1 Strength
Power Shroom    +3 attack power
Resu. Potion    revives one ally
Roach Bomb      60 HP damage range attack, good against insects
Sil Orb         blocks magic
Smarna          -1 defense on all enemies
Smelling Salts  cures confusion
Snooze Scroll   puts all enemies to sleep
Speed Seed      +1 Wit
Spell Break     unblocks magic
Squid Gut       restores 20 SP
Strength Seed   +1 Strength
Sweets          restores 10 HP
Truffle         confuse an enemy
Trust           speeds up IP, permanent
Vaccine         cures plague
Weak Weed       -2 attack on one enemy
Weeds           restores 1 HP
White Sulfa     restores 35 HP
Wound Sal       restores 40 HP
Yellow Pill     restores 30 SP
Zap! Book       180 HP lightning range attack

This strategy guide is copyright (C)1999 Zenodeus.  Any use of this
guide for profit and plagiarism is against the law.  Grandia is
copyright (C)1999 Game Arts.


Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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