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Written By: Jim Evans

How to unlock the tracks withough cheating

First, set the difficulty to "Intermediate" and race a "Full Season", finishing in first place overall. You don't have to finish first in every race. (this applies to the following full season races also) You will have unlocked 4 tracks, for a total of 7. Stunt mode is now available (i believe) so turn it on. Do stunts as often as possible while racing for extra turbos. Now set the difficulty to "Professional", and race another Full Season, finishing first overall. This unlocks 2 more tracks, for a total of 9. Finally, with the difficulty still on Professional, race another Full Season, finishing first overall. This unlocks the final track, for a total of 10. To enable code mode, race one more Full Season at Professional difficulty, finishing first overall. (after unlocking all 10tracks) You will get a "Congratulations" screen for your rider, and will be given a code. The title screen should have changed slightly, as there is now a cartoon style bubble coming from the chick in the middle of the screen that says "Codes Enabled". See my Codes Page for all the codes you can now use. "Master" difficulty becomes available after unlocking the second set of tracks, but you don't have to use it to progress. Be sure to save as you progress!

All of the secrets

* On the "Blackwater Falls" course, you can jet THROUGH the mansion
* On "Cliffdiver", check out the tall rock column, right before the start/finish line. You can jet straight up the side of it and get massive air!
* Also on "Cliffdiver", there's a nice little shortcut right after the last grappling pole. You can jump all the way down to the bottom of those "S" turns that follow.
* To win easily on "Hammerhead", stay off the bridge altogether.
* Never get discouraged! You may be in last place, but all the riders are usually in a group, so you can go from last to first (and vice versa!) real quick.
* Master the art of uprighting your rider when he/she starts to get out of control. This is key!
* You can go backwards by stopping, and holding back on the controller. If the rider starts to fall to oneside, correct them using the control pad or the "roll" shoulder buttons.
* Once you have "Stunt Mode" enabled, TURN IT ON! It will replenish your turbos during the race, if you pull off stunts.
* Most points for a stunt is 99 New


I have found a very interesting secret(that probably wasn't meant to be a secret). I know how to get out of the cliffdiver racing track and get into the ocean! Here's how.
1. the secret is at the very start of cliffdiver so don't go anywhere when you start.
2. you have to learn how to hop around on the back of your vehicle. to do this you must press the down arrow button to go backwards slightly. a second after you see your vehicle go backwards press accelerate just enough so that your nose is almost straight up. when that happens let go of the backbutton and keep pressing the accelerate button. now you should be slightly hoping up and down.
3. you have to hop close to the start\finish sign. when your hoping and you are close press turbo and you should hop higher, and, if you aimed right you will land vertically on the start\finish sign.
4. immediatly when you land on the sign press turbo again and point the vehicle slightly to the left. you should be way up in the air and going into the middle of the island. usualy you end up in the ocean. but some times you don't and you have to do it all over again and believe you me it is very hard even to get onto the start\finish sign. when you get out, expirament, and look around at the different shapes of the clouds. on your map the arrow that shows you(not the big red one) will be of the track and still showing where you are. also if you get in the middle of the island get out of the middle through the north part of the island. and don't get to close to the bouys because they will suck you back into the track.
* This trick is VERY HARD! It took me 25 minutes to do it the first time. If you haven't gotten far in the game, prepare to be frustrated. You have to really be able to control your bike. * I lucked up and did the trick a little different than Leslie described. (by accident) You basically get your bike hoping up and down, then hit the start/finish sign vertically and drive up it. My turbo was still kickin' when I hit the sign, and I kept shooting WAAAAY up in the air, but landing on the track. I finally decided I'd try to aim a little to the left next time I shot up the sign. It worked and I landed JUST on the left side of the dirt path beyond the sign. From there I was homefree. * Some bikes are too heavy to even get the front end up, so if you can't get your favorite rider to "pop a wheelie" switch to a lighter one. (i used Technician) * It helps if you have codes enabled. Use the unlimited turbo code, and the turbo racer code. (once you get out, the area is HUGE) * You can go in and out of the track...look for a place where the track is above you. (you'll always be at "sea level" once you do the trick) * This should work on other tracks as well, although I haven't tried yet. (nightmare? :)

More Tips

On all the boards, a good way to win is to use a bike with a lot of mass and then smash into everyone right away. This will normally get you a good start.
The Best guy is Technician because he has good handling and acceleration and also has an o.k lift.
I just have one tip that may help you conserve your turbos: instead of always using a turbo at the start of each race, try just accelerating with your nose down until you pass one of the racers. Then, let the other racer hit you from behind. This will send you screaming past your competition much like a turbo. I have found this to be most effective on Joyride and Cliffdiver where having alot of turbos at the end of the track is essential.

Here are some hints to unlock all tracks and enable codes

. Keep trying!, I thought it was impossible but I've got all 10 tracks now. The Technican is who I used, Axiom team I think. Set Race to two laps! much easier. Set difficulty to intermediate level for blue tracks and professional level for the rest or you are wasting your time. Study the map closely. Take the shortest line, not necessarily the easiest. Usually turbo at the start and stay with the leaders, but only turbo on straightaways. Turning slows your turbo down. Joyride. Turbo at start. Turbo after last grapple. Turbo twice on last two after freeway sections. Should get first. Blackwater Falls. Cut through Mansion doors to gain lots of time. Turbo at bottom of falls around the left turn at least twice. If you roll to the side (R2 or L2) on the ramp, you can turbo under the checkpoint sign without losing your head. Suicide Swamp. Turbo at start. Turbo when returning to start line and over whoopty dos section then turbo back over them. Winable track. This will unlock four more tracks. Hammerhead. Very, very easy. Stay off highway the whole time. Use Turbo on straightaways on the water. Don't go on till your in first. Cliffdiver. Tricky but has shortcuts. Turbo at start. Turbo over water on beach section. On grapples, use Right tight turn and left roll while grappling (i.e. R1 and L2 on right turn) This will keep you from being pulled over sideways. At last grapple, go straight over cliff and all turns and you'll land at the bottom checkpoint. Use last two turbos over cliff and then in water. With practice on grapples, can easily be in the top five. Ice Crusher. Takes a little practice but keep nose down on most of the track to maximize speed but watch for rasied ice slabs on one side of each block. Save two turbos for last uphill section before finish and stay left. Also very winnable if you know the track. Cypress Run. Very tough track. Stay close in the beginning with turbos. If you are capable of winning the other tracks, it doesn't matter where you finish. (I finished in 15th on this track when I won the championship) At this point, you can turn on Stunt mode. Do it!!! Change to pro level too. If you roll or flip or a combination, you'll get more turbos. This makes it alot easier. Any big air on any track, a trick should be done. Willpower. Not too tough really. Turbo around banked corner. Do tricks in the air and you have four turbos during the lap. Watch out for turboing before tunnels. Turbo up hills before grapples. Turn while in the air before you get to the grapple and you'll pass people like the are standing still. Snow Blind. It is suicide swamp on ice. Roll to the side under tunnels or bite it. Save three turbos till you go over start line. Use last three on last section before and after the second suicide turn. A turbo on the last straightaway will fly you all the way to first. If you can win, and you deifintely should win, Joyride, Suicide Swamp Hammerhead and Snow Blind, and if you are close on everything but Cypress Run, you won't have to win the last track at all to win a full season. Nightmare. Only played it ten times and it is very very tough to stay on it with speed. If you've got a big enough lead on the tourney when you get here, you can finish in th and still unlock the codes. Remember. Win full season on intermediate. Win Full season at pro (two more ice tracks). Win it again on pro for Nightmare track. Win it a third time at pro, incluiding Nightmare, for codes enabled ( it will show in the title screen). By this time, you can win half the tracks without trying. I finished all ten at pro in about a hour total. Keep trying!!! Three days ago I thought it was impossible. If you can't do well on a track, save, move on and see if you have enough of a lead from the others you can win. Enjoy!
For those who have trouble going around the grapples in Cypress Run (myself included), I have found a short cut that can shave a few seconds off your time. After the first grapple at the Serpentine Cut, steer your bike toward the tall reeds between the Butter Finger sign and the left wall. Run full speed to the reeds (don t use turbo or you might end up where yo u don t to). Just when you are about to hit the reeds, steer left and pull the nose up. If you do it right, you ll be way up in the air (with a chance to do the stunt), pass the wall and land right before the next check point heading in the right direction! Even if you are knocked off the bike, chances are your bike went pass the wall and you get to resume where your bike landed. I ve done this successfully several times using Shirow and save myself 3 grapple turns.
One more tip for those who would like to stay ahead of the pack instead of following it: after the first check point, leave the pack and follow the yellow balls on your left side. You ll find that there are much less traffic hazards there. Try pressing against the left border while going through the swamp where a lot of trees and stumps are. Just watch out for that last stump before the second check point. Many times I come up ahead of the pack using this route.

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