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Written By: G
 K    K              A            RRRRRR     TTTTTTTTTTT   IIIIIII           A
 K   K              A A           R     R         T           I             A A          OO 
 K  K              A   A          R      R        T           I            A   A        O  O 
 KKK              A     A         R     R         T           I           A     A        OO
 K  K            AAAAAAAAA        RRRRRR          T           I          AAAAAAAAA
 K   K          A         A       R     R         T           I         A         A      OO
 K    K        A           A      R      R        T           I        A           A    O  O
 K     K      A             A     R       R       T           I       A             A    OO
KKK    KKK   AAA           AAA   RRR      RRR     T        IIIIIII   AAA           AAA

			    T  H  E    W  O  R  D    O  F    F  A  T  E

	a Game Walkthrough for Atlus' newst Playstation strategy

			a CAPRICORN inc Production.

	Ok I make this brief. I am writing this because I got frustrated play Kartia and
desperately looked for anything to help a beginner through a great, but challenging game.
Finding nothing due to its recent release, I decided I would try my hand a FAQ writing
and not help myself, but maybe any of the other poor suckers, who are just as lost and
frustrated as I was.
	The FAQ is in its prelim. stage and so right concerns on the first 3 episodes of
Toxa's story. therefore, it is probably on handy to novices in the world of Kartia. But if you
expects are out there feel free to read, critique, correct and pleace get back to me so
I make start improving on this. The full FAQ for TOXA is in the works. Hope this helps,
enjoy Kartia and Good Luck!

							- G -
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _
____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

				- - - TOXA's STORY - - -
____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _
___________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _


		A gifted young knight who fights for justice

	Sex: Male
	Age 18 years old
	Place of birth: Idorus
	Occupation: (Free) Knight

		Born as a merchant's son. But rather than taking his father's job, he wanted 
		to live the life of a hero and decided to become a knight.  Toxa was a natural
		swordsman. He was anointed as a knight at the age of 18.

		He is master-less and is now living at Count Shinon's estate, a distant realtive.

		His recklessness comes from his youth. His youthful arrogance comes from a
		priviledged life with little difficulties.

		"...Toxa, the Free Knight. Nothing kept him from pursuing his dreams..."
____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

___________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

- YEAR 1043-

	Toxa's storyline opens with a conversation between a mother and daughter nearby a 
temple atlar. We soon learn the daughter Mona, special half-eleven heritage allows her to
sence "the beginning of destruction." We are the introduced to Kartia in the for of an "Orginal"
Kartia which monas mother passes on to her daughter. This Kartia with the text "nothingness can 
wipe out all of existence. Mona's mother informs her daughter that a human with the soul of an 
Elf will be led to Mona, and can unlock the "Orginal" Kartia.

	Ente Raguruzet, Beltshumeltz, Misty and a random thug. The new character immeadiately
Start talking about there evil people which consist of taking Mona form the temple undetected.
Misty takes Mona and the thug is ordered to dispose of Mona's mother like the other elves, 
leaving Raguruzet and Beltshumeltz alone to discuss their motives. We learn that Rag will use
Mona and her evil brother to create Eden, while Belt keeps the Inquirers quiet. Mentioned is the
AKueldo lead by Mona's brother. Rag leaves after being confronted by Belt, Belt who is somehow 
affiliated wiht the Rebels mutters cryptic warnings to himself about hevean and opposing you


	A group of thieves led by Misty and her ugly cohort Garum are guarding Mona. After a 
faceoff between Garum and Misty, Ele shows up mistakingly ordering the band of rogue around as
merchants. We learn Ele and her attitude are the daughter of Count Shinon, as Ele learns that 
this group wandering through her fathers estate aren't merchants. Thier cover is blown when 
Mona cries for help, and we learn that the half-elf girl is a Druid. The thieves start to attack
but Ele draws an attack Kartia and flees from the sword-wielding outlaws. In the confusin Mona 
runs as well.

____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

___________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _


	A mystery woman (Alana if you studied your manual) describes the status of Count Shinon's
estate. She mentions the World Tree, and her surprise at there being one at the estate, since
only Shrines can raise the divine tree. She goes one to tell the that Duran, a Vigilance member
and herself travel to the estate from the town of Kainas for the World Tree purifying ceremony.

- SHINON MANSION  In front of the World Tree -

	The scene opens with two character practicing swordplay, stopped by Duran. This is our
first glimpse of our hero Toxa as he remarks about Duran serious manner. After questioned by 
Alana about his future Toxa reveals a little about himself saying he'll stay a Free Knight until
he finds his true purpose. The conversation lightens and Alana create refreshmnets for her two
companions (coffee for Toxa, Barley tea for Duran). W find out from Toxa's questioning that Alana
is a dancer from some huble family. Toxa shares his background, stating his isvthe son of a 
merchant in his village. We get our second mention of the Rebels as we find out that the Idorus 
knights left Toxa as sole gaurdian of the shinon estates to fight the Rebels in Nordia. As the 
group exchanges goodbyes, Ele interupts recalling her encounter with the thieves and the druid in
the previous scene. Toxa is joined by Duran, Alana and Ele to save the druid girl and drive the 
outlaws off the grounds.

	The scene shifts to the Thieves how have just recaptured Mona. As they dicuss their
location, our band of heros arrive on the scene. Ele acknowledges the leader as Misty and the
captive druid girl behind her. Each of the characters in turn make a heroic pre-battle remark.
And after Misty accesses the strengths of her opposition to herself and us, we get our first 
glimpse of Phantoms. Garum before leaving creates a horde of phantoms to protect Misty, while
Toxa and Alana even the score with a few of their own. Also we learna little about the logistics
of phantom battle. When Garum leaves you first battle begins.

- Count Shinon Estate / Lane -
	VICTORY CONDITION: Kill the Female Thief
	ENEMIES: 10 Phantom Miles(5 common/5 doll) & Misty the Theif.
	DEPLOYMENT: 6 Phantoms (3 common/3 doll) weilding axes and spears are set in a line 
		blocking your access to Misty who is surrounded by the other 4 (2 common/2 doll)
		all carrying swords.
	ALLIES: 6 Phantoms (3 common/3 shadow) carrying axes and spear and in front of Toxa,
		Duran, Alana and Ele. ** NOTE: this is perhaps the only time in the game that
		you'll be given Phantoms. After this its up to you to create and maintain them**
	TREASURE: None. Not even anything hidden under tree or baleds of grass

	STRATEGY: Ok boys and girls this first one isn't too difficult and you shouldn't have use 
Kartia to create anything. I can win without the aid of and magic as well. Remember save all your
Kartia, you be needing them later! First some helpful hints for those beginners: One we always 
get to go first, 2) If this is your first time playing I recomend changing you view in the Config
screen to QUARTER, as it is easier to see the ground levels. 3) To end your turn press select and 
go to PHASE CHANGE (the last icon to the right) and OK it. (I know I had trouble with this) Now
for a basic strategy let your Phantoms hang back, and let the enemies come to you. But position
your monsters the first round. Split the up into 2 distinct groups: Common Miles on the left of 
the road put according to their weapon (Axes: good when above. Spears good when below) and the 
Shadow Miles on the right side of the road. I do this because it forces the enemy to split which
is good since we dont like their Dolls and our Shadows hanging out together. As for your heros 
bring up your two heavy hitters: Toxa and Duran and assign one to each group. The ladies can be 
placed at you leisure. I usual save the for the battle around Misty. By the way, Misty and her 
pet Phantoms won't move until your on top of them. Alright by now its the end of the Second Phase.
You should be able to mop up all the Phantoms (or maybe leave one or two for some fun the next 
round). Now lazily start position your atackers for the final assult. Bring in your heros to help
with this one. And as for heros, whenever possible let the have the killing blow, because why? 
We like EXP! OK hopefully you casualities were at a minimum. After destroying Misty...surprise! 
Shes not dead. The battle is over and you collect your prizes and then the group return to the 
Castle to interogate Misty.

	PRIZE(s): 40 Silk Kartia, 2 Texts (Stone & Skin)


	Back at the Mansion the group interogate Misty as to where her friends are holding Mona.
Misty is non-cooperative and Toxa begins to get frustrated. Duran and Alana calm Toxa down and 
take over the questioning. After a brief confrontation we hear her full name Misty Rouge and 
learn that she is the duaghter of a noble family. According to Count Shinon the Rouge family
owned the neighboring land, but 10 years before were all killed one night. Hearing that everyone
changes their minds about Misty, excpet the always compassionate Miss Ele. There Episode 1 comes
to an end. Your cna now saw your game, go over the story so far and fight in the Arena (more on
that later.)

____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

- The ARENA -

	When you enter the arena for the first time Alana will explain all the rules to you. 
Basically it flows like a normal battle, except you are given a set number of Phantoms and can't
create more and making weapons is also out. So its all about kicking butt with what you have. 
Im still unclear on a couple thing in the arena, like the gain of EXP(I gain levels in there), 
and use of Kartia, since Im not I big Arena fan. However I highly recomend it because if you claim victory
you not only get a special item or two but gain a good variety of Kartia (always a plus). One 
last note: You and the enemy are always evenly matched and everyone has swords, and the phantoms
on both side increase each time you enter.

	STRATEGY FOR CENTER POSITION: I pick on cornor and rush it, usually the one with the 
human Encryptor in it. Then I dont have to fight a 3-front battle and let the enemy come to me. 
This is only for the first Arena battle, since they change later. Not too hard. I say at least
beat this one before continuing on. Try it and see.

	STRATEGY FOR CORNOR POSITION: Hang back, but setup you phantoms so that you types can 
attack their natural enemies (ie Your Shadows moved closer to their Common) And then let them 
start coming to you. Eliminate as many Phantoms as possible before engaging the Encryptor. And
let Toxa take on that attack, since your lesser phantoms swing usually glace off his robe. The
only magic I use is maybe medicine, but feel free since you supposed to get it all back.

	PRIZE(s): The items for the first 3 Arena battles are: Firearm(great sword), Athena Helmet,
and Behead Armor(good for those bad boys, when you can get um) Also you gain Kartia, and not just
Silk either, Mithril and -gasp- World Tree. I usually get 10 silk, 6-8 Mithril and 1 World Tree
each battle.
____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

	The scene opens to a Throne Room, with blazing fire pits and complete with a plush red
carpet. The location is unknown, and in this myjestic room we meet Cross, who question a blue-
haired woman about killing her sister. The woman, Asty, confides in her "partner" that her sister
isin the way, complicating Lord Vandors love for Asty. Cross remind Asty that her sister is her 
only living family, and a cold-blooded Asty shrugs it off say its her sis's fate. After Asty 
leaves, Cross thinks to himself and us that he'll help his selfish partner THIS time, since there
is nothing he can't do.

____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

___________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _
	We are back in Count Shinon's Mansion and are first greeted to the sound of Ele's 
continuing laughter. Scolded by Toxa, Alana and her Father, Ele explains that Misty is using 
this to by time for her "gang." When question, Misty verifies Ele's statement. When Misty 
won't direct us towards her vohorts, a deal is struck, and exchange of Misty for the Druid girl.
Alana and Duran agree and Toxa is outrage, since his Knigthly values forbid dealing with thieves
and prisoners. Ele makes a comment but is again put in check by her father. After the discussion
Misty again has a silent monologue explain that Garum is setting up a trap to kill the heros.

	Duran recaps the previous conversation, saying that the hero made Misty show them the way
to the fortress and that they would exchange Misty for Mona. He also mentions Toxa bitter 
feelings toward the deal, but say that as aShrine warrior is his (Duran's) duty to protect Mona.
He also clues us in that Druids are the only persons who can raise Worl Trees. However, he
explains, the plans didn't go as they expected...

	The scene shifts to the thieves' fortress, where Toxa demands the exchange. Garum double
crosses Misty, saying he is the new leader of the thieves. HE further goes on to explain that
her organization, Akueldo, has order her dead. Again our heros yell some righteous things and
after some quick discussion the battle begins.

- Count Shinon Estate / Ruins -
	VICTORY CONDITION: Save the Druid girl Mona
	ENEMIES: 4 Phantom Miles(3 shadow/1 common), 2 Phantom Beheads(1 shadow/1 common), 1 Kyau,
 		3 Thieves & Garum
	DEPLOYMENT: 2 Miles (1 shadow/1 common) hold a sowrd and a spear, blocking the path to 
		the rest of the ruin. 2 Beheads wielding spears, further up the path blocking
		direct access to the Thieves. 3 Thieves with swords surrounding Garum at the back
		of the ruin. Finally 2 Shadow Miles around Mona, in the bacl lower right conor 
		of the battleground. Oh and 1 annoying little Kyau at the top near side of the
		closest wall
	ALLIES: Toxa, Duran, Alana and Ele. And whatever Phantoms Miles you were left with after
		the first battle with their same weapons.
	TREASURE: To better describe I'll label the battle ground as Garum being north, your 
		heros starting at the South and east and west of course have their respective
			- The 2 treasure Chest west of the wall, which are blocked by the intial
		Miles' contian an "IRON" Text (southern) and "1 Mithril Kartia" (northern).
			- The eastern most treasure chest, blocked by the barrel has a "NEEDLE"
		Text and the barrel in front of it "1 Mithril Kartia".
			- Of the 2 barrels at the east of the ruin, blocking access to Mona, the
		eastern most one (the barrel doing the blocking) contains "1 Mithril Kartia".
			- Of the two barrels in the north-west cornor of the ruins, the southern
		barrel has "10 Silk Kartia"
			- The western most crate (the one next to the barrels) of the 2 crates in
		the north-west cornor, gives you "1 Mithril Kartia" when burned.
			- The treasure chest directly to the west of Garum and his thieves, holds
		the "UP" text.
	STRATEGY: For now on before the battle starts you get an option menu, with cool stuff 
like Map Confirmation, Phantom/Weapon creation, Equip, & Phantom/Weapon deletion. I suggest now 
is a good time to make some Phantoms(your facing Shadow-type now, so you'll need some Dolls) and
outfit you heroes. My Phantom advice, you should have 3 of each type of Phantom. Never delete a
monster unless making room for a big and better one. And also for this mission you might consider
a Kyau of your own. They suck as fighters except they have an indirect attack (which means no 
counter) but they're fast & great treasure-hunters. Finally you may slowly want to start equiping
your monsters with weak swords. (Personally Ive never found use for Axes or Spear expect special
circumstances, and outfit all my allied with blades) This should take care of your pre-battle
prep. Remember now is the time to make equip for your hereos especially Toxa, since Alana is here
and can has 4 creation slots. In the next battle Alana shows up over half way through. But be 
cautious and dont over use your Kartia. If you followed this FAQ and took several trips to the
Arena, you should have around 100+ silk Kartia. Thats about it. Now on to the battle, kids. 
		Ok, I like this second battle so much more than the first, for several reasons.
1) The pre-battle prep(but than every battle has that from now on)! 2) I can send covert groups 
after chests and hidden treasure 3) Until the thieves, at the back, your enemies stand their 
ground even when attacked, with the exception of that Kyau, which should be cornored and killed
by your worthless Common Miles (they serve little purpose excpet as treasure hunters in this 
fight). 4) Finally your mission isn't slaughter, just to rescue Mona, which measn you can pick
how much battle you'd like to do. On that note there are 2 basic ways to defeat this level. 
OPTION 1) Run through and destroying everything, ultimately "killing" Garum and Mona is yours.
OPTION 2) Killing as little as possible to get to Mona. I take a path between the two, which is
neccessary to get all the treasure and aviod major casualities. So thats the strategy that
Im gonna tell ya'. (For those efficient people, or those of a more sneaky persuasion, know that 
all you have to do is kill the first 2 Miles, then burn your way along the bottom of the screen, 
to get to Mona. Kill her Phantom guards and stand next to her)
		For moderate carnage and all treasure: Start by ending their Kyau's flying career.
Why? Because they annoy me! Then marshal your forces, pitting your Shadow Miles against their 
Common to the left and your Dolls against the Shadow to the right. (special Doll fighting note:
Hopefully you've better equiped Duran, which means his Spirit Knife (with its +5 Shadow-type
Attack can be put on a Doll, making him a Shadow's worst nightmare). You should be done within
round. Now the fun part. Split your mini-army into 3 Task Forces & heres why: Task Force A, 
consisting of all your Commons and one of the Girls (I chose Alana since she can hold her own 
in battle) to go to the left(when facing the thieves) and the two treasure chests. Their mission
is of course treasure hunting. Task force B Should have all your Shadows, your most powerful Doll
and Toxa (since hes such a bad-ass) go up the middle, towards the Beheads and thieves & Garum. 
This I consider your main force will wipe out the Beheads and keep the attention of the thieves.
The last force I have Duran head the remaining Dolls (hopefully 2) to the right (when facing 
the thieves). Get treasure and then make a B-line for Mona. (Place the remaining
backup for Toxa or Duran. 
		Now coordinating all your forces is the challenge. Ideally you want to dispatch 
the Behead first, while having Task Force A poised to dart out and grab treasure. At this time
you should have Duran's group at barrel obsticles waiting for the Beheads to follow thier missing
skulls. Don't bring Toxa's group too far past where the Beheads were or Thieve might get anxious 
and come to you. As Task Force A grabs the treasure (by the way if you created a Kyau now is the
time to use it to nab that chest by Garum) Group B advances and, since both barrels in front of
C should have been burned, Duran should dispatch with the Shadow guards. When all the treasures
are gotten and all the crates burned, have Duran step next to Mona and the battle will end. 
Do this before the thieves can engage you and you walk out with little to no damage.
		Ok whichever way to beat it ("killing" Garum or saving Mona) Garum does live (no 
worries, its not for long. He flees threating victory next time. Yeah right! Toxa wants to chase, 
but after advise from Duran and Alana, they decide to return Mona to the saftey of the Shinon

	PRIZE(s): 40 Silk Kartia, 1 Mithril Kartia & 1 "WONDER" Text

	We return to the Shinon estate to find our heros fussing over Mona. The group prompted
by Count Shinon, questions Mona as the details of her capture. The conversation shifts to World
Tree and Druid politcs and we learn Druid have no concept of territory. Mona also tells the group
her parents have "returned to the earth." Toxa concludes the convo by offering Mona a place to 
in the Mansion. Before the scene breaks, Mona speaks to herself about a warm light and questions 
her morther about the mysterious Kartia user and his soul.


	We find Duran visiting a "protected" Misty. Duran questions Misty future plans and offers
her a position with Vigilance. Testy Misty snaps a Duran, believe him to trying to get info out of
her. Duran gets religious, and Misty flies inot a rage, explaining that her famliy was massacred
by Holy Men (like Duran) becasue her father was researching Phantoms. In his head Duran explains
that 10 years ago Phantoms were outlawed. Misty explains she can't be saved and tell Duran to get

	Back in the man hall from the first scene after the ruins, Duran joins Alana, Toxa and
Ele in conversation. He mentions Misty needs some time alone. Alana and Toxa sympathize. Then the
group discusses what to do with Misty and Duran decideds to wait. The conversation turns to Mona
and the information she told. Ele and Toxa start to bicker as usual. Alana breaks them up by 
changing the subject to the formation of a plan, incase the enemies return. While Toxa and Ele
argue, Alana and Duran decide to stay on. This is the first mention of the other playable char-
acter Lacryma who is watching Vigilance with Troy. They rip on Troy a bit and then eventually the
episode ends with them going to get some rest.

____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _


	Alana explains the past epsidoes events, the rescue of Mona, but the lack of man power
with the Knights up north. She question these thieves apparent stockpile of Kartia and hints at
a Encrypter being involved. she explain that it would be more prosperous to steal the World 
Tree and then mentions Mona and Misty's avertion to speak on it

____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

___________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _


	We observe Mona kneeling before the World Tree as Toxa and Ele approach. Greetings are
exchanged and a breakfast dialouge about tangerine follows. Toxa and Ele constant bickering is 
only maintain by Mona calm mediation. We learn that Mona enjoys wild berries and used to go with
her brother to pick them. Toxa get Valiant and promise to get some Wild berries for Mona. Then we
learn more about the Druid way of life, that they dont use Kartia for the everyday task our hero
seems to use it for. Also Mona recited a Druid legend concerning the World Tree. When Toxa thinks
to himself, we begin to see that is sprung on the half-elf. The talk of Kartia and Mona replies
to Ele's subtle insult with patient understanding. Ele leave Toxa in thought about his future as
a Free Knight. The peaceful scene is interupted by Ele return in a panic.

	We now enter Misty's "cell" and see her contemplating her betrayal by Akueldo and her
possible enemies.(All faces we've seen before: Asty, Cross...) Just as Misty decides Garum was full
of...a spy sent by Cross shows up at her window. The spy wants to know the strengths of the hero.
Misty agrees but her price is for the spy to identify her "killer". He doesn't tell her but warns
her to flee to another country. Misty has pulls her own double-cross and screams for help. Duran 
and Alana burst in, and Misty explains that Mona is indanger. Duran is doubting but Alana gives 
her the benefit of the doubt and also invites her to join the fight. With that they leave and the
thrid battle begins.

	We first see Garum with his pet thieves and than the screen pans over to Toxa, Ele and 
Mona. A heroic Toxa orders Ele to take Mona and hide behind the World Tree despite her objections.
The after some trash talking between Garum and Toxa, the newest melee begins.

- Count Shinon Mansion / Courtyard -
	VICTORY CONDITION: Wipe out the Thieves
	ENEMIES: 4 Common Mordere, 6 Beheads (2 shadow/2 common/2 doll), 3 Thieves & Garum.
	DEPLOYMENT: The 6 Beheads weilding a variety of weapons are consoladated directly in 
		front of Toxa on the path towards Garum. Garum and his Thieves are once again 
		cowering at the opposite end of the field. And the 4 Mordere losely make up the 
		cornors of a square, straddling the dirt road and placed between the Beheads and 
	ALLIES: (This is the bad part) You have Toxa and whhatever Phantoms you have created 
		using him, which should be 4-6 Miles'. The missing mosters belong to Alana.
	TREASURE: From the 2 barrels you get "1 Mithril Kartia" and a " " Text.

	STRATEGY: Ok getting through this one without casualties will put some hair on your chest.
Yes, fans, this one rates a BIATCH on G's scale of battle fun. And to make matters worse, Toxa is
a lousey creator, having only 3 Kartia spaces; not worth the waste of Kartia since later you'll
get Alana who spits out Bastard Swords in her sleep. However, there is a bright side, if you can
survive and Im sure you all can, Toxa gets reinforcementsafter defeating the Behead. And then the
massacre begins. OK as for pre-battle Prep and Phantoms I can't tell you much since it all 
depnds on how you've played and what you created so far. However. I came into the battle with 5
measly Mile (3 Shadow, 2 Doll) which left Toxa with one free Phantom. So I created a Behead to 
make up for my lack of commons. You just have to balance your creation against what you have and
what you face. Now I sad before Toxa was a bad creator, since his weapons are always 1 less than
and of Alana's however I had around 150 silk and 50 mirtril and decide that my Miles would work
those Beheads. I equiped my Miles fully with Ogre wear (Leather robe + Goblin) to lessen the 
blows and spread around the weapons I already possessed. Once everyone was armed to the teeth
(from trips to the arena I my Behead was a tank with its Behead Spear & Armor) I saved and then
began the battle.
		Now these Beheads aren't so generous as to stand still while you position so make
you first Turn count. And remember the barrels just below the stairs, burn them after the initial
danger has passed for some goodies. Hang back and depoly your mosters into groups if possible
and seperate, with Toxa as the central link. You know you win if your Miles give/counter as good 
as they get. Now just hammer away (not literally, better have your swords on) at them and you
might make it through with all you creatures intact. You salvation enters from the north with
Duran, Alana and Misty and the rest of your Phantoms. By this time I had 2 Thieves sprinting 
across the path towards Toxa's forces. Duran comes just in time to intercept the Thieves. Finish
the Behead battle and then heal up (and fire those barrels) with Toxa and have the new allies
push south dispatching the Common Mordere thats in the way. From thn on its up to Duran and co.
handle the Thieves. Watch for the Morderes, they may move if you get too close. Garum and his
gang, pick on your poor Miles for the quick kill mostly avoiding the heros. Disptach as many
Thieves as quickly as possible, before taking of Garum. He just heals his wounded when neccessary.
From Toxas group whoever's to low to battle, can be sent to the north-east cornor. The rest 
should link up, killing the north-east Mordere along the way. When all the Thieves are gone,
surround Garum with your best fighters (HEROES) and wail on him. He'll just heel, when you fail
to kill him. After that clean up the 2 remaining Morderes which are easy since they dont counter. 
Use you heros if you worried about losing anymore Monsters. And thats the battle. I haven't been
able to win without at least 2-3 Miles taking one for the team. Its sad, but you can move on to
large and headless things. Also if you didn't before and/or have the Kartia exploit Alana
and outfit your heros in Iron +2.
	Eventhough it say Wipe out thieves you need to kill everything. Once thats done, some
dialouge begin. With everyone owning their lives to Misty. Misty in turn asks a favor, and is
allowed to talk to a still living Garum. With the battle officialy ends and you claim you

	PRIZE(s): 40 Silk Kartia, 3 Mithril Kartia and 2 Texts ( )

	Still in the courtyard, a angry Misty demands Garum tell her who behind the plot to kill
her. We learn that it was her sister's order (That should trigger a bell, from some prior scene)
and then a robe figure appears roasts poor ugly Garum with a comet shower. The heroes search for
the source of the attack and see our old friend Cross who mentions his partner Asty before running
off. Alana restrains Toxa from running off, and they decide that that "encryptor" was definately
and enemy. Misty question Garum even though he's a crispy critter and the scene ends with Misty
in desparing confusing.

	We are now take back to the main room in the Shinon estate, where Mona is thanking Misty.
Again everyone thanks Misty and making her feel good because she saved the Druid, making up for
intially kidnapping her. After more bickering from Ele, Duran extends the invitaiton for Misty
to jion Vigilance and after a pause Misty accepts. Before celebrations can occur, the party leaves
to double check the estate. ele moves to follow but is oppressed by the man! Well learn that
Ele yearns for freedom.

	Duran and Misty return back to the Lane, where they all met, and split up. Misty is then
confronted by Zakuro who makes Garum look like a supermodel. After chatting, we learn that to
become a memember of Akeuldo Zakuro has to destroy Vigilance of Kainas as per crosses order.
Zakuro who is oblivious that the Rebels want her dead, offers her a partnership in the assult, 
she rejects. With that Zakuro leaves. And Misty's consciene gets the better of her. She runs back
Duran and the heros to tell the the ill news. And here ends Episode 6 and this Beginner's FAQ.

	I hope that this helped several of you out there. I wish I had something to help me 
through the first couple battles. If you can think of anything I missed or better strategies
PLEASE let me know. I plan on updating this to a full FAQ and could use and info and help
you'd like to give. Thanks for reading.
							- G -

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